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					Color. Learn & Play Offers One-of-a-Kind Education and Entertainment
                 for Young Athletes Across the Globe

                      Author and coach, Lynn Toomey gears kids up for whatever sports
                       they love to play with a unique series of activity memory books

Lunenburg, MASS, November 11, 2010. Oftentimes, young children are pushed into the world of sports without any
understanding of the sport they’re playing. Written by Lynn Toomey a lifelong athlete, coach, author and entrepreneur,
Color. Learn & Play is new series of activity memory books that gives young athletes a jump-start on the basics of their
favorite sport with simple, easy to understand language and engaging illustrations. Integrating reading, coloring, drawing,
writing, games, and journaling, Color. Learn & Play (C.L.A.P.) also gives children special pages to record milestones and
highlights from their sports season, as well as blank pages for pasting photos and mementos. As a result, child athletes not
only have a valuable “interactive” learning tool, but they’re able to create a memory book for all of their favorite sports that
can be cherished for years to come.

With 41 million athletes under the age of 12 in the United States alone, Toomey has designed the entire series to engage
children on all levels of learning and interactivity to improve their knowledge of the sports they play, as well as make it
more fun to play…the ultimate goal of any youth sports program. Not to be overlooked is helping parents who are not
familiar with a given sport so that they can learn too. Toomey explains, “I came up with the idea of C.L.A.P. when I was
trying to explain basketball to my twin 6 year olds before their first practice. Through my creative enrichment business, The
Let’s Gogh Company, I’ve had first hand experience using drawing, coloring, reading and writing to improve a child's
comprehension of a given topic. I figured why not use this same concept for teaching sports? We’re engaging both sides of
the brain for an ultimate learning experience. To my knowledge, there’s nothing else in the market like Color. Learn &

Coloring is a favorite pastime, and really affordable entertainment for young children (a big plus for parents struggling to
buy “educational” toys in a down economy). In addition, C.L.A.P. books are designed to improve fine motor, creativity,
reading and literacy skills, while appealing to different types of learners. For coaches who are challenged by teaching
children as young as three and four a sport like soccer, C.L.A.P. books are extremely valuable. For parents who aren’t
familiar with the basics of sports, C.L.A.P. books are indispensable as well.

“The ultimate goal of Color. Learn & Play is for children to have fun learning about the world of sports, giving them
inspiration to get out there and play, while also promoting healthy, active lifestyles. If we can also teach child about sports
basics, teamwork, sportsmanship and competition, then we've done our job. I've always believed that you can learn almost
everything you need in life by playing sports. One of my favorite benefits of this series, is the ability to capture all of those
early childhood sports memories in a unique book, designed and created by them. It’s kind of like scrapbook meets coloring
book meets how-to picture book… a win-win for everybody.”

Team Toomey has its Basketball and All About Sports books finished and ready to order online at the company’s website.
Just released is an All About Sports book for Athletes with Physical Disabilities featuring Paralympian Anjali Forber-Pratt.
This book is designed to give children who have physical obstacles to overcome inspiration by learning about Anjali’s
incredible journey and success, as well as educating them on the sports they can play. The book gives an overview of
Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Racing, Downhill Skiing and Sled Hockey. Like the other books, children can read and
learn, color, write, play games and record memories. On the drawing board are books for soccer, baseball, softball, tennis,
football, ice hockey, golf, volleyball, triathlons and a book for athletes with special needs. With content ranging from: How
the Sport Got its Start: to the Basics of the Sport; to Designing Your Own Uniform; to Learning What it Means to Be a
Good Sport; to Writing a Story About Your Season; and Having a Great Place to Store All Those Team Photos and much
more, Color. Learn & Play is sure to score a slam-dunk with young athletes (and parents) everywhere. The company is also
offering a unique Sports Memory Keeper and a line of “Play” apparel as well.

Color. Learn & Play is soliciting corporate co-branding and sponsorship partners, partnerships with professional, semi-
professional and collegiate sports teams, wholesale programs to retailers, fundraising to non-profit sports organizations and
direct sales to soccer moms everywhere! To learn more about Color. Learn & Play, contact Lynn Toomey, Captain of the
Color. Learn & Play team at: 1.877.ART.GOGH, 978.833.6067 or via email at: To place an
order, visit: [ __title__ Color. Learn and Play website].

About Lynn Toomey
Lynn Toomey, is an entrepreneur, athlete, coach, artist, wife and mother of three children. She is the chief creativity officer
of The Let’s Gogh Company ( a mobile creative enrichment and entertainment services
company now offering a worldwide licensing program. She is also the Captain of the Color. Learn & Play team
( Lynn has more than 25 years experience launching products and companies, and has
more than 35 years experience playing and coaching sports. If you would like to connect with Lynn, she can be reached
while cooking dinner, helping with homework, cleaning the house, playing hoops, or checking emails from customers at:

About Anjali Forber-Pratt
Anjali Forber-Pratt was born in Calcutta (now known as Kolkata), India. Anjali lived in an orphanage for two and half
months before being adopted by her loving family from Natick, MA. Two months after arriving in the United States, she
contracted an illness resulting in the diagnosis of transverse myelitis, a neurological disorder that affects the spinal cord.
The disorder left her paralyzed from the waist down. What some people would view as a tragedy, Anjali would come to
view as a positive life-altering event. Through years of hard work and determination, Anjali excelled in the world of sports
for children with physical disabilities. In the 2008 Paralympics, she won the bronze medal in the 400-meter sprint. She
currently holds the world record for the 400-meter sprint and will be participating in the World Championships in January,
2011 in New Zealand. For more on Anjali visit:

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