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Get into SciCity – New Zealand’s
new learning environment.                                   

Explore, Create, DISCOVER!                                     E-learning
SciCity is a rich learning environment that utilises           SciCity is an excellent form of e-learning that utilises sound
innovative new technology to engage young New                  pedagogy as specified in the revised New Zealand
Zealanders in ongoing interactive experiences. This online     Curriculum. SciCity assists “…in the making of connections
resource has direct links to the revised New Zealand           by enabling students to enter and explore new learning
Curriculum. In particular it achieves success by               environments, overcoming barriers of distance and time”,
approaching many hard to reach curriculum areas in a fun       and facilitates “…shared learning by enabling students to
and creative way.                                              join or create communities of learners that extend well
                                                               beyond the classroom”.
For the Classroom
SciCity is a safe, online environment for young New            Motivating
Zealanders. Through their interactions with SciCity your       SciCity is well suited to be a stand-alone project or to be
students will explore educative environments as they           integrated as part of a progressive, wider class project.
develop their essential skills of communication and critical   Students are encouraged by rewards to seek knowledge
analysis. They will increase their confidence in using         and skills, and to achieve success by establishing their very
information and communication technologies as they             own virtual information and communication technology
retrieve and process information. Presentation of their        business within SciCity. They will be motivated to return to
findings, as an documentory video to a viewing audience,       build on their success within the project and gain more
allows them to receive feedback within a safe and              rewards for their work. SciCity can be undertaken either
supportive community of learners.                              co-operatively or as an individual activity, with the game
                                                               context, offering the element of competition.

                                                               SciCity is a choice-only interactive environment. This allows
                                                               students to explore SciCity unheeded while fully
                                                               eliminating the undesirable aspects of many online
                                                               communication systems.

                                                               SciCity Activity
                                                               This resource contains a number of curriculum linked
                                                               activities. The first is an example of one way that SciCity can
                                                               be used in support of work undertaken within the
                                                               Technological Knowledge strand of the New Zealand
                                                               Technology Curriculum. There are many other possibilities.

                                                               Ask your students to describe the Internet and the many
                                                               ways this technology is used: for email and messaging, to
                                                               research and share information, to buy and sell things, and
                                                               to play games.

                                                               Start the computer session with students signing-up for
                                                               SciCity. As your students are signing-up and exploring
                                                               SciCity, completion of the attached activity sheet is
                                                               encouraged. Discuss concepts such as ‘passwords’: why
                                                               do you need one? Why is it an important part of Internet

                                                               Finally, lead students into the Technology Shop where
                                                               educative information describing Internet technology is
SciCity Resource                                               provided to increase the knowledge of students in this
                                                               increasingly important area of ICT.
Join up for SciCity!
Activity Sheet Guide
Students can answer the questions from
                                                            7. What is a ‘user name’? Why is it good not to use your
copies of the activity sheet on the next
                                                            real name?
                                                            A ‘user name’ is a one-of-a-kind special name used by a
1. What is the Internet?                                    website to recognise you. If everyone used their real
                                                            name, people with the same name would confuse the
A network of computers. Computers connected to each         computer system. Also your real name could be used to
other around the world.                                     get more information about you. A ‘user name’ can be
                                                            used to protect you.
2. What are the many ways people can use the Internet?

To research, to email, to chat with others, to watch        8. What is an ‘avatar’? Can you think of something in the
movies, to play games etc                                   real world that you can use in a similar way to the way you
                                                            use an avatar?
3. What are some of the things you find on a website?
                                                            An ‘avatar’ is a ‘virtual you’ on the Internet. It can be as
Information, writing, colours, graphics, drawings,          simple as a small picture or drawing that represents you,
photographs, animations, movies and games.                  or it can be like a computer puppet that you control – just
                                                            like a character in a computer game. In the real world we
4. What is the main way to get from page to page on a       use dolls, puppets and board game tokens in a similar
website?                                                    way - in snakes and ladders we say “I went up a ladder”
                                                            and “I went down a snake”.
By clicking on a link with the mouse.
                                                            9. Can you find the email address for SciCity somewhere
5. What is a ‘link’?                                        on the website?

A ‘link’ is an area of the webpage that when clicked will   The email address for most websites can be found in the
open a new page or a new website.                           ‘Contact us’ page. Ours is:

6. What is a ‘password’? Why is it important to keep your   10. What does an Internet ‘server’ do?
password secret?
                                                            A ‘server’ is a computer that sends websites, music and TV
A ‘password’ is a secret code that people use to keep       programmes to other computers. There are two types of
information safe on the Internet. Passwords can also be     computers that make up the Internet - Servers and Clients.
used to check that people are who they say they are, for    When you type in a web address or click on a link, your
example: when banking online. It is important to keep       computer becomes a Client asking for information. Then
your password secret to stop others from pretending to      a Server will serve you the information you asked for. It’s a
be you on the Internet.                                     bit like a waiter serving you the meal you ordered. More
                                                            information about ICT is found in the Tech Store in SciCity.
         Join up for SciCity!
SciCity Activity Sheet
Answer these questions as you join up for SciCity:

1.    What is the Internet?

2.    What are the many ways people can use the Internet?

3.    What are some of the things you find on a website?

4.    What is the main way to get from page to page on a website?

5.    What is a ‘link’?

6.    What is a ‘password’?
      Why is it important to keep your password secret?

7.    What is a ‘user name’?
      Why is it good not to use your real name?

8.    What is an ‘avatar’?
      Can you think of something in the real world that you can use
      in a similar way to the way you use an avatar?

9.    Can you find the email address for SciCity somewhere on the

10.   What does an Internet ‘server’ do?
Mission Control!
Activity Sheet Guide
Explore the SciCity immersive mission                           Movie Maker Activity!
environments, accessed from the Mission                         As they explore these real-word based environments,
                                                                students record footage of their discoveries. Editing and
Control area of SciCity. This activity can                      arranging the footage enables students to develop critical
be used in support of work undertaken                           thinking and problem solving skills. And it’s fun! The
within the English Curriculum.                                  result is their very own short documentary movie, which
                                                                they can broadcast over the Internet for others to watch!
Suggested Strands:
Speaking, Writing and Presenting, and                           Skill Building
                                                                Through their interactions with SciCity your students will
Listening, Reading and Viewing.                                 develop their essential skills of communication and critical
Levels 2-4.                                                     analysis. They will increase their confidence in using
                                                                information and communication technologies as they
While exploring SciCity, students will engage with              retrieve and process information. Presentation of their
real-world based environments. These realistic interactive      findings, as a movie to a viewing audience, allows them to
environments have great themes:                                 receive feedback within a safe and supportive community
                                                                of learners.
• Antarctica –Take a trip south to Antarctica and visit Scott
Base, icebergs and penguins.
                                                                Peer assessment works very effectively within SciCity, with
• Weather and the atmosphere – fascinating atmospheric
                                                                opportunity for students to view the work of others, offer
phenomena, the dangers of violent weather patterns, the
                                                                feedback and use their increasing understandings of the
effects of pollution, and meteorological technology are
                                                                ingredients necessary to create their own virtual media
investigated in this environment.
                                                                empire! Teachers can also view and assess students’
                                                                progress throughout the process by searching for
• Tangata Whenua – Go back in time and explore
                                                                students’ User names and viewing their movies. A record
pre-European Māori food gathering in the Tangata
                                                                of the number of times a student has undertaken to
Whenua mission; snare a bird, net an eel and ride the
                                                                improve movies is displayed in their Movie Menu as the
white-water rapids in a mokihi (river canoe)
                                                                number of ‘takes’ which will help you gauge their skills of
                                                                critical analysis.
• New Zealand nature – students will discover the
vulnerability of native forest and birds under threat from
introduced species, as well as the unique features of New
Zealand native animals.

• New technology – students will investigate how
everyday technology works, from cell phones to the
Internet, from GPS to hard drives. This topic is well
supported throughout SciCity, which has a very strong
ICT focus.
                          Mission Control!
SciCity Activity Sheet
Answer these questions as you explore
and make movies in SciCity:
1. Enter SciCity and Log on.
2. Go to the mission control area.
3. Choose an environment to explore. Name it here:

4. Capture footage of your discoveries along the way.
   Which discovery was hardest to find?

Use the Movie Editor to discover the answers to these questions:

Go Exploring Underwater!
Which of these living things creates its food using sunlight?

   A. Phytoplankton
   B. Zooplankton
   C. Giant Squid

Fly Up into the Atmosphere!
If I was a meteorologist and wanted to gather information about temperature
and water vapour over large areas of the atmosphere, what would I use?

   A. A telescope
   B. A satellite
   C. A thermometer

   Now, use Movie Editor to add fun, interesting facts and informative
statements. Create a title, an ending, and add special effects.

   Explain why you used the special effect you chose. How do you think it enhanced your movie?
SciCity Projects
Community and Technology
The following projects are linked directly                Cooperation
to the Social Studies Curriculum in                       A lasting community needs people who can cooperate.
support of the conceptual strands: The                    Sometimes rules are put in place to enable a group of
                                                          people to work and cooperate together. Some rules are
Economic World, and Identity, Culture                     written and some are not. Can you think of examples of
and Organisation. Levels 2-4.                             each of these?

SciCity can also be utilised within the                   Talk to students about the rules in a community.
Technology Curriculum: Characteristics                    Scaffolding questions could include:
                                                          · What makes a community run smoothly?
of   Technology,    and    Technological                  · What are things you are not allowed to do by law?
Systems. Level 2-4.                                       · What are things you are not allowed to do socially? E.g.
                                                            you cannot shout in a library - why?
SciCity is an online community where students have the    · Who makes these rules?
opportunity to build an information and communication     · Are they fair?
technology business, earn and spend virtual SciCity       · Are they necessary?
Dollars as rewards for achievements and together          · What do you need to do to ‘fit’ into a community or
contribute to each others’ success. It is a great           social group?
environment to study communities and learn how they       · Are these the same for virtual communities?
are formed, why they are important and how people in
communities can help each other.                          Who makes the rules? Leaders play an important role in
                                                          allowing for smooth cooperation.
Project one:
What is a Community?                                      Activity
                                                          Come up with three of your own rules for the class, or for
Discussion                                                your town of city.
Start by brainstorming with your students the following   Include one that would be great for you but may not
question:                                                 necessarily be fair to others,
What is a community?                                      and one that is great for others but may not be so great for
How does living within a community help to make our       yourself.
lives easier? What are the benefits to being part of a    Which of these rules would be best for you to use in a
community? (Chart their responses)                        campaign speech earning you the job as class captain? Or
                                                          a government politician?
                                                          (Remember you need to be able to follow through!)

A lasting community has people who can: Now that we have looked at rules, let’s take another look
                                        at our requirements for a lasting community.
· Cooperate
· Trade
· Communicate
Community and Technology continued
Trade Activity                                               Discussion
A lasting community needs people who can trade.              · Through communication cooperation and trade can take
· Have students write up a list of ALL the products and      ·The method people use to communicate with each other
services they might use in one day. Prompt them to             is changing through technology
consider: transport, books, clothes, food, heating,          · In the past, communication over distance required long
electricity and communication etc.                             periods of time

·Divide the class into groups, each group specialising in    Divide the class into two villages, who live 1000 kilometres
one category of product or service.                          apart. Each student is to choose a secret object, then
                                                             without naming it, directly describe its features to
·Give each group an old telephone book, some old             someone from the other village. Writing about it in a letter
magazines and papers. Ask them to gather information         to their cousin in the other village is a good way to run this
about the local businesses which are associated with their   activity. The other villager on receipt of the letter must
product including the materials and services required to     attempt to draw and name what the item is.
make it e.g. within a clothing category: skilled
manufacturers, importers, screen printers, advertisers and   Following the exercise above discuss how easy or difficult
retail outlets would be identified.                          it was and then brainstorm how information may be
                                                             communicated today over such a long distance. End the
·Students use the information and pictures they have         session with a discussion comparing the effectiveness of
collected to build a mind-map showing the network of         communication today with that of past times and the
trade and services and how they are connected to their       impact of this faster communication.
category of product or service.

·The group are then required to present what they
discovered, conveying to the other members of the class
the number of different associated businesses and their
connections to their product category.

Use the students’ results to discuss that a community is
made up of a diverse group of people doing different                          Dear Cousin,
things. Explain that people earn money from their jobs
and then they spend that money at businesses where                            Today I found
other people work. This is how a community provides for
its needs.
Homework Project
Have students interview a grown-up member of their                            Its Shape:
family or a family friend about their job.

· What do you do?                                                             Its Colour:
· What kinds of people use your business?
· Where do you like to spend you money?
· Where do you have to spend your money?
                                                                              Its Size:
Collate the students’ findings in a giant map of local
business and industry.
                                                                              Its Use:
Communication Activity
A lasting community needs people who can
communicate. From “Pass the salt” to “Watch out!” to
“I’m happy” to “I’ll upload the Hypertext Mark-up
Language in the morning”, communication plays a vital
role within communities.
Community and Technology continued
                                                               SciCity Technology
Project two:                                                   Introduce SciCity to your class. Your whole class can logon
                                                               to SciCity together. Within SciCity students are able to
The Internet                                                   communicate with each other through a choice-based
                                                               communication system, invest in ICT technology items
Historically a community was very different than it is
                                                               that will help them earn virtual SciCity dollars, and buy
today. People usually lived their whole lives in one village
                                                               rewards for their virtual home.
or town that had everything they needed, with food,
services, friends and family around them. Today
                                                               SciCity can be seen as a safe model of the Internet,
technology has expanded the distance and diversity of
                                                               reflecting its value as technology that allows for
                                                               communication, trade, and cooperation throughout the
Information and communication technology has changed
the way we can form communities.

The Internet can be thought of as a community-building         SciCity Activity
tool. Through the Internet people are able to connect          Get your students to catagorise their activities and
with people all over the world forming a ‘global village’      interactions within SciCity into a Communication /Trade
through:                                                       /Cooperation Venn diagram.

· Cooperation                                                  ICT activity
· Trade                                                        Have students design their own idea of the ultimate piece
· Communication                                                of technology for global communication, trade and
                                                               cooperation. They can make a poster or picture of it, write
                                                               a description of it or actually build a model and explain
                                                               what it can do to the class.

                                                               It could be a machine or it could be software that runs on
                                                               a computer.


                                TRADE                          COMMUNICATION