MOVEMENT 121 – Movement for Actors by suchenfz


									                                       Spring 2009
                                   Golden West College
                    Theater Arts G188 Body Movement for Actors (65908)
                       Monday and Wednesday 2:20 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.
                                     Room: Village P

                           Instructor: Martie Ramm (Engle)
                                 Phone: 714-895-8223
                              Office: Communications 101
                                      Office Hours:
                      Monday and Wednesday 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
                            Wednesday 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                                    or by appointment



To enhance the actor’s physical ability to communicate on stage through the use of basic
movement skills, focusing on physical awareness, movement improvisation, choreography, and
stage combat.

Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to:
    Define the key to the physicality of authentic and believable acting.
    Explore and react to sound and movement in order to create a fresh theatrical experience
      and realize full character creation.
    Demonstrate optimal conditioning of an actor’s body as it relates to theatrical work.
    Have a greater understanding of movement, dance, movement improvisation, stage
      combat, and character development through actual movement exercises.
    Explore the results of breathing, relaxation, good posture, and fitness.

Please Note:
    1. Theater Arts G188 is a movement/acting/stage combat/dance/movement
        improvisation course that can require strenuous physical activity.
    2. Participation in this course will require physical exertion, physical contact, and
        physical interaction with others at each class session.
    3. Students must be able to personally, physically and kinesthetically execute all steps,
        stretches, movements and techniques taught in each class session.
    4. If a student cannot comply with these requirements, student will be required to drop
        or will be dropped from this course.
    5. Students are required to inform instructor in the first class session they attend of
        any physical or health restrictions that might prevent full personal, physical or
        kinesthetic participation in this course. If the instructor feels these restrictions
        would prevent full compliance with the course description and syllabus, student will
        be required to drop or will be dropped from this course.
Dress Code
All students must come prepared to move. Student must wear appropriate clothing (sweats,
exercise clothes, leotards, tights, tennis shoes, dance shoes, etc). No tight or constricting
clothing (such as jeans, khakis, short or long skirts), sandals, flip-flops or any open-toed shoes
are acceptable. It is also recommended that men wear tee shirts with sleeves. Tank tops for men
are discouraged.

If a student is not properly dressed to move/stretch/dance, the student will be asked to sit and will
not receive full credit for participation that day.

Optional Text
     Potter, Nicole. MOVEMENT FOR ACTORS, Allsworth Press, New York

Course Requirements

Total Semester Points – 100 points
       Class Participation – 60 points.
           Enthusiastic attendance and participation in all class work is expected.
       Homework – 16 points (8 assignments @ 2 points each)
           All homework documents must be free of spelling and/or grammatical errors.
              Instructor will not grade and will return to student any homework assignments
              that contain spelling and/or grammatical errors. College level work pertaining to
              spelling, punctuation, and grammar is expected on all assignments.
       Review #1 – 8 points
       Review #2 – 8 points
       Final Examination – 8 points

Semester Grade -- Total Semester Points – 100 points
    If you score between 90-100 points, you will receive an A
    If you score between 80-89 points, you will receive a B
    If you score between 70-79 points, you will receive a C
    If you score between 60-69 points, you will receive a D
    If you score 59 points or below, you will receive an F

Grading for Final examination (worth 8 points of your semester grade)
Quiz will have a 100-point total score.
    If you score between 90-100 points on the quiz, you will receive 8 points
    If you score between 80-89 points on the quiz, you will receive 6 points
    If you score between 70-79 points on the quiz, you will receive 5 points
    If you score between 60-69 points on the quiz, you will receive 4 points
    If you score between 50-59 points on the quiz, you will receive 3 points
    If you score at 49 or below you will receive 0 points

No late work or make-up work will be accepted.

Theatrical Review # 1 and Review # 2                            Due Monday May 11
   (Reviews may be turned in at anytime throughout the semester prior to due date)

        Student is required to personally attend two (2) Golden West College Theater Arts
         department productions then write a minimum two-page review of each production.
        If the Golden West College Theater Arts department is not presenting a production this
         semester, student can review another college or university production or a professional

The Golden West College Theater Arts department productions this semester are:
       “Rashomon” (Drama)                                              March 6 -- 15
       “Beyond Therapy” (Comedy)                                         May 1 -- 10

Written critiques of theatrical productions must:
  1. Follow the review guidelines (handout)
  2. Be written in essay format. Do not write reviews in bullet point format.
  3. Indicate the date the production was viewed, the name of the theater, provide the seat
      location (row, seat and section number) and have the program or ticket stub from the
      performance attached to the review. Student will lose points if the program or ticket stub
      is not attached.
  4. Have titles of plays written in bold or underlined or in italics or in “quotes.” Student
      will lose points if titles are not properly displayed.
  5. Include every point listed under “Facts about the play or musical” and should include
      every point listed under each subsequent heading.
  6. List the character name along with the full name of the actor playing that character. For
      each subsequent mention of a character, please include the last name of the actor playing
      that character in the performance you viewed.
  7. Reflect the personal thoughts of the student and are to be personally written by the
      student. Using quotes or other text from published or internet reviews, publicity
      information, or press releases from the theatrical production reviewed or from other
      theatrical productions, internet sources, films or television versions of the same live
      theatrical production is not allowed. Student is to write their own thoughts using these
  8. Be a minimum of two pages, 12-point font, double-spaced, with no spelling or
      grammatical errors.
  9. Be submitted before deadline. No late work will be accepted.

    Student may submit a review of a live theatrical production they have seen within the 3-
      months prior to the start date of this course.
    Student may not review a high school production, children’s theater productions (where
      the majority of performers are under age 18) or production produced for or by any
      religious organization.
    Student may not review a live theatrical production where they are a member of the cast,
      orchestra, stage or costume crew. Student can only review a production viewed in its
      entirety as a member of the audience. Students who are members of the cast or crew of a
      Golden West College Theater Arts department production this semester should ask
      instructor for an alternate review assignment.

For extra credit (5 points per additional review), you may attend and review no more than two
(2) additional productions.

Information about Golden West College Theater Arts department productions this semester can
be found at

Tickets can be ordered online at

The Theater Arts Department Box Office telephone number is 714-895-8150. If no one is there,
leave a message asking for the tickets to the performance you wish to attend and they will call
you back.

There are opportunities to work as an usher at Golden West College Theater Arts department
productions in exchange for free attendance at the performance in which you work. Please see
instructor for details.

Additional Information

         It is the student’s responsibility to drop courses they are no longer attending. Withdrawal is not
an automatic process. The student is responsible for officially withdrawing, through the Admissions and
Records Office, to avoid receiving “F” or “NP” (no-pass) grades. Instructor is required to issue a final
grade for any student still on the roster at the end of the semester.
         Upon entering Golden West College, the student assumes the responsibility of completing each
course in which he/she is registered. A college student is expected to attend all sessions of the classes in
which he/she is enrolled. An instructor may drop a student for excessive absences when the instructor
determines that, due to absences, the student may not successfully complete the course. Students who
miss the first meeting of the class may also be dropped. Students who are dropped by their instructors for
missing the first class meeting or for excessive absences should verify the instructor drop with the
Admissions Office in order to avoid grade penalties and to comply with critical drop dates as specified.
After a student has been dropped from the class for unexcused absences, appeal for reinstatement will be
considered only under extenuating circumstances.
         Please see Golden West College withdrawal policy found in the college catalogue for further

        It is the responsibility of every student to know the Golden West College/Coast Community
College District Student Code of Conduct. It can be found in the Golden West College Catalogue --
Rights, Responsibilities, Policies and Regulations and online at the Golden West College Home Page
under Catalogue -- Rights, Responsibilities, Policies and Regulations.

         Golden West College is a Smoke Free Campus. Smoking is permitted in campus
parking lots but prohibited in all college buildings, vehicles, indoor and outdoor facilities,
interior bus stops, designated campus entrances, and all open areas. All smoking
materials including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and other apparatus used to smoke organic
and non-organic materials must be extinguished and/or properly disposed of in the ash
receptacles located in the parking lots before entering our smoke free campus.

         Golden West College maintains a Public Safety Department with personnel available 24 hours a day. Anyone
may report any criminal or non-criminal activity, or emergency, by calling (714) 895-8924 or (714) 895-8999 for
emergencies (or by dialing 911). The Public Safety Department is located at the west end of the campus at the
entrance of the Golden West Street parking lot, and is open between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday
through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Additional information regarding the Golden West College
Public Safety Department and their services can be obtained by

       A person may call the College Emergency Hotline (714) 895-8170 for information regarding
emergency campus closures or when the State issues a potential stage three alert for power outages.


COUNSELING -- (714) 895-8799
Golden West College counseling services assist students in reaching their educational/
career goals by offering:
• Orientation for a successful college experience.
• Career counseling to help clarify career and academic goals.
• Assistance with course selection and program planning.
• Information for transferring to other colleges and universities.
• Personal counseling to assist students with achieving their career and
academic goals.
• Special workshops and seminars on a variety of educational, career, and
personal topics.
To arrange to speak with a counselor call (714) 895-8799, come by the Counseling Center
located in the Administration Building or email at:

TRANSFER CENTER -- (714) 895-8794
The Transfer Center is dedicated to helping students transfer successfully to a four-year
university. The Transfer Center serves as a resource center for potential transfer students. The following
services are provided:
• A complete library of college and university catalogs
• Transfer and testing applications
• General Education and major articulation
• Individual appointments with a Counselor
• Individual university appointments
• Transfer reference books on scholarships and colleges/universities
• Transfer fairs, university tours, workshops, etc.
You can visit the website at for an
updated calendar of events. If you want to receive email regarding transfer information
you can fill-out the “Transfer Center Information Request” form located in the Transfer
Center web page. For more information or if you have questions, please visit the
Transfer Center located in the east wing of the Administration Building, or call (714)
895-8794. Hours: M-TH (8:00am – 7pm) & Friday (8:00am – 3:00pm)


       Students, faculty, and community members are encouraged to use the resources of the Golden
West College Library to locate information to meet their educational, vocational, social, and cultural

goals. Librarians instruct and assist in the use of the library and are on duty all times that the library is
open. In addition, library classes are available to instruct students in the use of print and online resources
for research and class assignments.
         The library’s materials collection is comprised of approximately 62,000 books, a magazine
browsing collection, full-text online databases, e-books, Internet computers, and non-print (videotapes
and compact disks) items. The library provides quick and easy access to timely materials. Other facilities
include photocopiers, a group study area, resources for physically challenged students, and the
Technology Learning Center (TLC).

        The Student Success Center is located in Library 130, across from Forum II. The
primary focus of the center is to promote student success by providing all students
access to the following three open labs:

        • STUDENT COMPUTER CENTER: (714) 892-7711 ext. 50111
        The Student Computer Center is a computer laboratory that provides high-speed Internet access,
        color printing, scanners with card readers, CD-RW-DVD combo, Microsoft Office 2007, as well
        as eleven Macintosh computers fully loaded with the most current Digital Art’s software. The
        Student Computer Center also offers faxing and copying services at a minimal charge to students.
        To use the Student Computer Center, students must register for Learning Skills 920-2 and pay a
        materials fee of $8, which includes a CD w/case, headphones, and 20 black and
        white printouts per day.

         THE WRITING AND READING CENTER -- (714) 895-8303 or

        The Writing and Reading Center offers many short courses that help students improve their
        reading and writing skills. The courses focus on understanding college-level texts, writing essays
        and research papers, and improving vocabulary and grammar skills. All courses include one-on-
        one tutoring with experienced instructors. Each course can be taken for units of credit, and all
        courses are open for enrollment until week 12 of the semester. Fee varies from course to course.

        CENTER -- (714) 895-8322
        The High Tech Center is a specialized computer lab that provides adaptive computer hardware
        and software for students registered through the GWC ACE office. Individual assistance is
        provided on an as needed basis. Students must register for Learning Skills 927 and pay a
        materials fee of $8.00.
        Adaptive programs include:
        ZoomText, Kurzweil 1000 (Scan/Read software for blind students), Kurzweil 3000
        (Scan/Read software for learning disabled students), JAWS, Dragon Naturally
        Speaking, Telesensory CCTV (Close Circuit TV System), adaptive keyboard and
        mouse, large monitors and adjustable workstations.
        The Resource Center provides remedial courses that students can take to improve
        their skills in reading, language, math and working skills. Students can take a .5 or
        1 unit course depending on their needs. Registration fees are based on the number
        of units.

        TUTORIAL AND LEARNING CENTER -- 714-895-8904
        Academic support is available to all GWC students in the classes for which they are currently
        enrolled. The Tutorial and Learning Center provides the following services:
        • Group tutorials
        • Drop-in tutoring

        • Individual appointments
        • Online tutoring
        • Community tutoring
        Additional support services include review sessions before major exams, study skills videos, self-
        help pamphlets and literature. The Tutorial and Learning Center is located in the Library
        Building, South Side, Room 100-D. For hours and additional information, please call 714-895-

        The Math Center is comprised of two computer labs that primarily support remedial mathematics
        courses (Math G005, G008, G010 and G030). The labs are located in rooms 219 and 227 of the
        Math/Science Building.

         The Online Instruction Department supports online learning and instruction by providing students
with technical support for online education, and assisting faculty in developing and maintaining their
courses within the Blackboard learning system. The online instruction format provides a unique
opportunity for those students in need of a more flexible schedule, reaches a new generation of computer-
savvy learners, and supports the Accessibility Guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Located
between Cosmetology and the Student Health Center, the New Media Center is home to the Online
Instruction team. Walk-ins are welcome from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and the team
may be contacted for phone support from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 714-895-8389.

        Golden West College offers students with disabilities a variety of support services to ensure equal
access to instruction. If students have a verified disability, they are encouraged to request assistance from
the Accessibility Center for Education (ACE). Available services include but are not limited to:
• Registration Assistance
• Sign Language Interpreters
• Alternative Media
• Specialized Counseling
• Notetaking Services
• Readers/Writers
• Specialized Tutoring
• Early Registration
• Special Education Courses
• Adaptive Physical Education Courses
• Resource Center (New and improved)
• High Tech Center (New and improved)
• Disability resource information and referrals
For additional information regarding eligibility for any of the above services, please call (714) 895-8721
(Voice), (714) 895-8350 (TDD). The ACE is located in Forum II, Room 105.


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