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									                                                                                       Laguna Niguel, CA
 PAMELA FAYE COCA                                                              

 Pamela Coca is a technical writer, highly experienced in document design, website creation, and
 the development of software/hardware manuals, training courses, product videos, and online help.
 Coca, an ex-nurse with extensive knowledge and experience in the practice and economics of
 modern medicine, has a proven track record of delivering on-time and within scope.

 • Able to write engaging, interactive content on           • Self-starter; works well with little
   technical as well as non-technical topics.                 supervision
                                                            • Skilled at clarifying complicated material.
 • Ability to distill large amounts of information into
   accurate, concise, people-friendly chunks.               • Thomas Barker, Professor of Technical
                                                              Writing at Texas Tech University,
 • At least 30%-40% faster than the average
                                                              included two of my quick-cards in his text
   technical writer.
                                                              book, Writing Software Documentation.
 • Holder of International Press Card from the
                                                            • Winner of numerous awards for websites
   International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).
                                                              and quick-reference cards.
Compressus Inc., Tustin, CA and Washington, DC                                              2/08-Present

                           As the sole technical writer for a medical software development company,
                           I am responsible for the design, creation, and distribution of all end-user
                           documentation for the MEDxConnect product suite. From my virtual
                           office, I
                               Create user manuals in FrameMaker and use Technical
                               Communication Suite to bring them into RoboHelp for generation as
                               online help. I extract sections of the original book and place in
                               InDesign to create quick-reference cards, thus realizing three outputs
                               from a single-source. To date: Nine user manuals, nine online help
                               files and 42 quick reference cards (not including revisions).
                               Created three Captivate product demos for display on large screens at
                               tradeshows and for delivery to prospective clients.
                               Maintain both Compressus websites and have written policies and
                               procedures, designed icons, created data sheets and release notes,
                               edited compliance documentation, and performed on-site training.

Southern California Edison, Rosemead and San Onofre, CA                                     12/05-07/07

                          Contracted to IT, Corporate Security, Corporate Communications and
                          Nuclear Communications in one of America’s largest utility companies.
                          Granted a high-level nuclear security clearance, I provided 80-90% of
                          photographs used in all of the publications. I created the following:
                             Focus (6-page glossy, full color) was a monthly print publication that I
                             designed and created. I did the interviews/research, wrote the articles,
                             took the photos, handled the layout, and delivered it to the printer.
                             Solely created the weekly print newspaper (4-page b&w) As the
                                                                                    Laguna Niguel, CA
  PAMELA FAYE COCA                                                          

                           Turbine Turns for the nuclear facility. I determined the content,
                           researched/wrote the articles, photographed the people/places,
                           performed layout, and delivered it to the printer.
                           During a nuclear outage, the Turbine Turns dropped to monthly and I’d
                           also create the Daily Outage Report (2-page b&w print) newspaper. I
                           did all research/interviews, writing, photos, and layout.
                           Created the IT Monitor, a monthly information technology publication.
                           I was tasked with determining what had to be written, researching the
                           subject, writing the content, performing layout and taking it all through
                           an extremely strict approval/publication process before placing it nline.
                           Worked on: Edison News, Corporate Security Investigator’s Manual,
                           DCMS Trust Domains project, Operations Management Process
                           Integration (OMPI), IM Logic project, and Security Awareness projects.

Ameriquest/AMC Mortgage Services, Irvine and Orange, CA                  10/04-06/05, 10/03-03/04

                            Launched 5000+ page intranet with Documentum; included system
                            troubleshooting as well as creating/revising/implementing the site.
                            Created RoboHelp P&Ps for the Information Design Dept.
                            Designed, helped create and implement, using Documentum, the
                            intranet (My Ameriquest) for Ameriquest Mortgage Co.

St. Joseph Health System, Southern California                                         03/04-10/04

                           Created PACS Administrator Manual and quick reference cards for
                           physicians, radiologists, system admins, nurses, and film librarians.
                           Performed DD DICOM CD Burner Workstation implementation,
                           troubleshooting, documentation, and training.
                           Designed hospital workflow analysis and documented procedures for all
                           radiology departments.

     MS Windows, Internet, intranets, Mac OS, CMS, Web 2.0
     Adobe Acrobat, Bridge, Captivate, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, FrameMaker, Illustrator,
     PageMaker, InDesign, PhotoShop, RoboHelp, Technical Communication Suite.
     Microsoft Office (Word/Access/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook), Project, Visio
     Axialis, CuteFTP Pro, DemoShield, Documentum, Fuji Synapse (PACS), Lotus, Snagit, Winzip

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