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									LD4 CASE NEWS:
February 2011 Vol. 13 No. 02
US v. BVNH Case # 5:09-CR-00027

Tomorrow, March 7, 2011, an epic battle begins in Federal District Court. BVNH - one
lone stubborn individual American vs. the might and fright of the US government - was
charged with counterfeiting (Sec 485 and 486) after the FBI confiscated over 9 TONS of
gold, silver, platinum and copper over three years ago. The lines are clearly drawn
between an individual's freedom, to come up with creative ways, such as barter to deal
with government mismanagement of our economy and its continued nullification of our
Constitution. Verdict expected within 30 days.

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!
Table of Contents:
1. LD4 Trial Commences
2. Everything is UP!
3. Freedom's Phoenix Article
4. Ron Paul Declines to Testify
5. Greenspan Supports Gold Standard…
6. Monetary Revolution
7. Chilling Cartoon from 1934!
8. Unofficial Historical Article on LD
9. Link to Subscribe to LDN

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

1. LD4 Trial Commences
BVNH contends that he has invented a new monetary device that is not prohibited by
the law and that an individual can issue his own private voluntary barter currency
(PVBC). Of course the gov disagrees. Unfortunately for the gov, it has no basis for its
case. The truth is that the gov simply does not like the politically active national
NORFED organization and its patriotic mission to "return America to a value based
currency - one Liberty Dollar at a time" and has done everything possible, including
arresting its principals to try and kill the Liberty Dollar.

But the gov has not stopped the Free Dollar Movement. A couple of dozen different
currencies have already sprung up from the NORFED seeds. People have taken the
issuance of money into their own hands because they are not happy with the failing
non-Federal non-Reserve IOU Note and want something better. Something with value!
While the gov assumed that the NORFED arrestees would cop a plea like the 95% of all
people arrested. NO! That did not happen. Now the gov must prove beyond a
reasonable doubt to the satisfaction of twelve jurors in the Statesville Division of the
Western District of North Carolina that BVNH counterfeited US coins.
If the charges were not so serious, it would be laughable that anybody could confuse
the one ounce Silver Liberty with a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar or an Ike
dollar! But that is the basis of the gov case! But it is even more bizarre. The gov would
have the jury believe that a whopping 2-1/2 inch diameter Silver Liberty could be
confused with the "current money." Think that is incredibly dumb? Well they also "think"
that the statue of King Kamehameha on the Hawaii Dala looks like a US coin and it is
counterfeit too!

This gov has some very serious problems and it should solve those problems. It should
not waste taxpayers' money on such a wrong-headed trial. Unfortunately, the gov is not
very bright and what they will do and have done since NORFED introduced the Liberty
Dollar on October 1, 1998 is inadvertently popularize alternate currencies as the US
dollar tanks. It almost seems like a plan to secretly support a value based currency but
that would give the gov more credit than it deserves.

One thing is for sure. This landmark monetary case of the century will be decided one
way or the other. Either the jury will cherish the American individualistic spirit or BVNH
will mistakenly go to prison. It is an all or nothing. BVNH feels morally bound as a citizen
of a Republic to do what he thinks is best for the country. He "thinks" that our country
deserves a better money than the gov is providing. Hope you can stop by the Federal
District Court in Statesville, North Carolina, as the trial will not be televised. Running
time is approx. one month.

PS: I am very pleased to hear that some people are coming from as far away as
California for the trial! Please remember that you have a 30 day window to attend.

2. Everything is UP!
Metals are up. Commodities are up. Premiums are up. Sales are up. Stock market is up. Oil is up. Jobless
claims are up. Margins are up. Food Stamps are up. Deficit is UP! And to no surprise, inflation is UP!
Meanwhile, YOUR money is tanking unless you are holding value.

APMEX premiums are up. The premium over spot on a single one ounce house-brand silver round has
risen from $1.50 a year ago to $2.69 a few months ago and is now $2.99. DOUBLE. Premium on US Mint
Silver Eagles was less than $2.00 a year ago. A few months ago it went to $4.19 and is now $4.39! Hell,
when NORFED started, silver was UNDER $5.00 an ounce and that was just a few years ago. Silver is
still a tremendous buy… even at $30 or $40 or more!

US Mint Sells Record 6.4 Million Ounces Of Silver In January 2011

Stock Market Up, Up and Away

Comex gold, silver margins raised 50%

The Global Commodity Equity Index Hits 27 Month High

World Gold Council

Treasury says Fed deficit is EXPLODING!
Food Stamps Hits an All Time High

Hyperinflation Momentum Picking Up by James Turk

3. Freedom's Phoenix Article
On Thursday, February 24, 2011 the Freedom's Phoenix Global Edition featured the upcoming LD4 Trial.

The Liberty Dollar 4 - Criminal Trial Starts on March 7, 2011
Written by Sierra Hancock

"Ambushed, attacked and robbed in 2007, indicted in 2009, re-indicted in 2010, by the vile despicable
bastiches of the DOJ/FBI/IRS, the Liberty Dollar 4, now the Liberty Dollar 1, will be tried criminally in
federal court in Statesville, North Carolina on March 7th, 2011. Statesville is the county seat of Iredell
County, North Carolina and is in the center of the western part of the state." Please click HERE for the
whole article.

4. Ron Paul Declines to Testify
Not worthy of comment.

5. Greenspan Supports Gold Standard…
Gold Standard Fully Supported By.... Alan Greenspan!?
By Tyler Durden on 01/21/2011 - 11:58

You read that right. After such establishment "luminaries" as World Bank president Robert Zoellick [1],
Warren Buffett's father Howard [2], Jim Grant [3], and, most recently, Kansas City Fed president Thomas
Hoenig [4], all voiced their support for a return to a gold standard, the most recent addition to the motley
group of contrite voodoo shamans is none other than the man who is single handedly responsible for
America's addiction to cheap toxic credit, who spawned such destroyers of the middle class as the current
Chair Creature, and who currently is the chief advisor in John Paulson's crusade to gobble up every
ounce of deliverable physical in the world: former Fed Chairman - Alan Greenspan!

In an interview with Fox Business, the man who refuses to go away into that good night: "We have at this
particular stage a fiat money which is essentially money printed by a government and it's usually a central
bank which is authorized to do so. Some mechanism has got to be in place that restricts the amount of
money which is produced, either a gold standard or a currency board, because unless you do that all of
history suggest that inflation will take hold with very deleterious effects on economic activity... "There are
numbers of us, myself included, who strongly believe that we did very well in the 1870 to 1914 period with
an international gold standard."

And a further stunner: Greenspan himself wonders if we really need a central bank. Now our only
question: why couldn't the maestro speak as clearly and coherently during his tenure that resulted in our
current near-terminal financial state. And as a reminder, courtesy of Dylan Grice [5], if and when we do
get a return to a gold standard there would be a need to reindex the monetary base to a real time
equivalent price of gold, putting the price of the precious metal at about $6,300: "The US owns nearly
263m troy ounces of gold (the world's biggest holder) while the Fed's monetary base is $1.7 trillion. So
the price of gold at which the US dollars would be fully gold-backed is currently around $6,300." Click
HERE for the article.

Please note I am opposed to any "Gold Standard" operated by the government. As noted economist Dr.
Richard H. Timberlake said:
Gold standards were put in place by governments, and, in all but a very few cases, they have been
managed by governments. A gold standard, especially "the" gold standard administered by a Treasury or
central bank, is an illusory solution to monetary mischief. It would be just as subject to government
tampering as any other institution managed by the state. Many statist central bankers, in fact, embrace a
"gold standard" because it serves as a respectable cover for their traditional hands-on control. No, no
"gold standard," please.

I prefer the new "Organic Gold Standard" owned by the people. Please click HERE for more info.

6. How to Abolish the Fed and Convert to Gold as Money
David Redick, a businessman and president of Forward-USA, has launched his own "Monetary
Revolution." Please click HERE for your invitation.

7. Chilling Cartoon from 1934!
Click HERE

8. Unofficial Historical Article on Liberty Dollar
Federal Government Closes down Liberty Dollar
By Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative Reporter

9. Link to Subscribe to LDN
Please use this link to subscribe or unsubscribe to the Liberty Dollar Newsletter.

Closing Remarks:
This will be the last Newsletter until after the trial. When the trial is over
you will get an announcement. Either We the People will win and I will
immediately make plans to redeem any paper or digital currency you are
holding. Or that I lost and will go to prison. Either way the bullion and
numismatic value of your Liberty Dollars will continue to appreciate until
your wrongfully seized property is returned by another court action. Of
course, I prefer the former and hope that all Americans' money will
appreciate. Time will tell very shortly. My fate is in the hands of the jury.

I continue to believe that it is only by adopting a free and independent
currency that provides us with "just weights and measures" will we be able
to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a
peaceful and prosperous society.

Thank you for all your efforts to return America to value - one dollar at a

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor

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