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                                                            Annual Report 2009-2010

          “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: The old has gone, the new has
          come! All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the
          ministry of reconciliation...we are therefore Christ’s ambassadors.” (from 2 Cor.5:17-20)
Dear Friends:

Diaconal Ministries Canada cares deeply that God is calling His church to care about
communities and neighbourhoods. The life and ministry of Jesus anchors DMC’s vision of
Transforming Communities in Christ! We praise God that churches across Canada continue to
reach out to their communities in creative ways.

Deacons provide critical leadership and are catalysts in the “body” of Christ to spearhead the
movement of the church into rural, suburban or urban communities. While the focus may be a
“conversation circle” for refugees, a sports program for neighbourhood youth, or a community
garden, the relationship-building with others continues the ministry that Jesus began.

We are pleased to present you with our Annual Report for 2009-10. It is our hope that these
stories inspire your diaconate/church to begin another new initiative in the year ahead. Do you
have a vision or a dream for engaging your community, equipping deacons, or encouraging
justice? We would love to talk to you!!

Our staff, Diaconal Ministry Developers, committee and board members across the country
welcome opportunities to meet with you to plan new ways to be the church at work. The DMC
network is your network.

Our ministry is possible because of your support through Diaconal Ministry Shares, the
Operation Manna offering and church offerings. We thank you for your partnership in the
gospel in 2009-10, and for the year ahead.

Hans Kater (National Director) & Mark Bassie (Board Chair)

  Our Mission Statement:
  To inspire, equip and encourage deacons, churches and their partners
  in transforming communities with the love of Christ.
                                                                          building community
Multiplying Ministry                                                                      Gil gave us advice on many aspects of “The
                                                                                          Mess,” and we spent several weeks praying
                                                                                          about where God was leading. As a result,
In July 2008, I met Gil Clelland                                                          “The Mess” in Kingston started in November
at Huron SERVE where he spoke                                                             and operates as a drop-in centre. God is
about his ministry in London and shared                                                   good!
several stories. Gil talked about “The
Mess,” an Operation Manna-supported                                                       I was also inspired by Gil’s newsletters and
ministry that offers food, art-making                                                     started creating my own about “the Mess”
and community to street-level youth. I                                                    in Kingston. I send it to people who I know
am an artist and have a love for people                                                   will pray for this ministry. One of these
who are hurting. God used Gil’s stories                                                   people is a family friend who lives in
to speak to my heart. In July 2009, I   was able to experience first- hand some           Orillia. She was moved by the updates
                                        of Gil’s ministry at the street level. God        and asked me for permission to forward
                                        used this to convict me to look into, and         them on to key leaders in her church. Last
                                        spend much time in prayer about starting          May, at a Classis Quinte Missional Clusters
                                        “The Mess” in Kingston.                           meeting, I talked to Pam DeWilde, then
                                                                                          DMC’s National Ministry Developer, and
                                         In September, 2009, my friend and fellow         learned that Orillia had begun to talk
                                         artist, Sandi Dodds approached me about          about starting a similar ministry. Isn’t it
                                         starting an art group at Kingston Christian      amazing how God is at work even when we
                                         School. I shared with her my sense of            don’t realize?
                                         calling to start an art ministry at the street              -Mechele te Brake
                                         level. Sandi was very excited as well.

2009-2010            A Community Opportunity
                     Scan (COS) helps a church get
                                                         Last Year                 Operation Manna (OM) is a
                                                                                    national program of DMC.
                                                                                                                     THANK-YOU to 176        There are 17 OM
                                                         • 12 CRC churches                                           churches that took an   partners across Canada.
 Highlights          to know its neighbours by
                                                           had conversations
                                                                                    It turns your church’s           offering for OM.        3 post-COS churches
                     discovering opportunities to                                   support into funding and
                                                           about a COS                                                                       applied for OM grants.,
                     partner with churches,                                         support for other churches       PRAISE GOD that
                                                         • 10 CRC churches                                                                   there were 14 renewals
                     organizations, and people in                                   as they become involved in       those offerings
                                                           completed a COS                                                                   and 3 new applications.
                     the community.                                                 community ministry.              totaled $221,001!
                                                                         equipping deacons
DMDs Walk With Diaconates                     DOEs from Coast to Coast                                                 2009-2010 Highlights
At one of my workshops for the Central        Days of Encouragement (DOEs) are
Alberta Parkland churches, I read a           held annually across Canada to                                           Last year, Days of
                                devotion                                                                               Encouragement were held in
                                              refresh, encourage and equip
                                from the                                                                               Ancaster, Ottawa & Edmonton.
                                              participants for ministry. They also
                                              build community, present vision for                                      A workbook called “Deacons on
                                              ministry, offer a safe place for                                         the Move” was posted at
                                the Agenda
                                by Jesse      conversations on difficult topics, and                         
                                Schut. The    provide an inclusive environment.                                        These “field-tested” resources
                                                                                years, and celebrated with a           are helping deacons in their
                                 next day I                                     special Michael Card concert.
                                              2009 marked a milestone for the                                          commitment to ministry, and
an email from a deacon in Rocky               Ancaster DOE. It began in 1959 as Participants felt that “God’s Spirit   encouraging them to develop
                                              the All Ontario Diaconal          was alive” and evident that day        their gifts for ministry.
Mountain House. They had very much
appreciated the devotion, and asked me        Conference, a gathering of a few  and that it was an amazing
                                                                                                                       Diaconal Ministry Developers
if I could give them suggestions for          deacons at Mount Hamilton CRC.    opportunity to “share with
                                                                                                                       (DMDs) are equipped to help
devotions to be used for their monthly        Last year, Ancaster DOE           committed and inspired people of       deacons, through workshops and
meetings. It is a real privilege to help      participants praised God for 50   faith.”                                conversations, to discover their
deacons to grow closer in their                                                                                        gifts and develop their
relationship with God and each other by                                                                                leadership skills.
providing them with resources. Then they
can minister to their congregations and                                                                                Active DMDs: 20 (1 new)
community. I think that is what serving                                                                                53 Canadian CRCs were visited
our wonderful God is all about: helping                                                                                by DMDs last year, in addition to
each other grow closer to Him.                                                                                         the many visits made by DMC
     -Louisa Vande Bunte, Diaconal                                                                                     staff. These visits stimulate vision
     Ministry Developer, Classis Alberta                                                                               for ministry and provide
     North                                                                                                             opportunities and equipping for
                                                                                                                       greater skill development.
                                                 encouraging justice
The area of justice is not new for DMC         want to ensure that they have the same
-it is something that is close to our          rights and privileges that we enjoy. We
                                                                                               “And what
hearts. If you and your church are             want to ensure that the challenges of their
involved in your community, justice is         situation don’t impact how they are               does the
not new for you either.                        treated.                                               Lord
                                                                                               require of
You don’t have to look far to see lives,       It starts with learning. And that’s where      you? To act
situations, and contexts where we need         DMC’s justice materials start too. But            justly, to
to encourage justice. You know about           once you have a better understanding,          love mercy
the challenges of reconciliation with          what do you do then?
                                                                                             and to walk
Aboriginal people; maybe you know
of a single Mom who struggles to               Check out for      humbly with
support herself and her child. What            information and action steps so that you       your God.”
about the availability of affordable           may encourage justice as you walk with          Micah 6:8
housing in your community? There are           your neighbour.
other situations: people who are
marginalized because of mental health           For now, you will find DMC’s
issues or physical disabilities., or skilled    justice resources under the
refugees who cannot find meaningful             “Diaconal Ministry” tab on
employment.                                     the home page.
                                                We are redesigning the
Whenever we love our neighbour in               website to give justice
tangible ways, and want to walk with
                                                materials higher visibility.
them in ministry and relationship, we
                             On-line at , you will
    2009-2010                find information on 8 people groups who often
                             experience injustice. In the past year, DMC
     Highlights              continued to update and promote these materials
                             to help churches understand their call to do
                             justice. In the coming year, we hope to add more
                             resources for churches and individuals to access.
                   resources                      Where DMC’s
                                                  resources went
                                                                   Diaconal Ministry Developer
                                                                       (DMD) Services: 7%
                                                                       Community Ministry
                                                                     Development Services,
                                                                    Education & Partnerships:
                                                                    Operation Manna Grants:
                                                                         Promotion: 3%
                                                                   Boards and Committees: 3%
                                                                      Services, Operation &
                                                                          General: 8%
                                                                        DMC Staff: 39%
                                                                       Operation Manna
 Diaconal Ministry Shares: 51%                                         Management: 8%

    Operation Manna: 42%
      Church Offerings: 5%
    Individual Donations:1%
           Other:1%              Where DMC’s
                                 resources came
                    Chair:        Mark Bassie           (Classis Niagara)
                    Vice Chair:   Joe Doef              (Classis Alberta North)
                    Treasurer:    Simon Apperloo        (Classis AB South/Sask)
DMC’s               Secretary:    Arlene Bennink        (Classis Hamilton)

Board                             Mary Blydorp
                                  MaryAnn Kingma
                                                        (Classis Huron)
                                                        (Classis Chatham)
Of                                John Richey
                                  Mike Schoonhoven
                                                        (Classis BC SE)
                                                        (Classis Toronto)
Directors                         Elna Siebring
                                  Barry Thompson
                                                        (Classis Eastern Canada)
                                                        (Classis Quinte)
                                  Melissa Van Dyk       (Classis BC NW)
                                  Paul Voortman         (Classis Superior)

Classis AB North:   Peter Ages, Louisa Vande Bunte
Classis AB South:   Jean deBeer, George Lubberts
Classis BC:
Classis Chatham:
                    Gerrit Keegstra, Gordon Pierik, Ron Vanden Brink, Gary Veeneman
                    Ron DeSmit, John Klein-Geltink, Diane Plug
Classis Hamilton:
Classis Huron:
                    Tammy Heidbuurt, Harmene Sytsma
                    Len Bakelaar, Fred VanderSterre
Classis Niagara:    Al Bezuyen, Karin Vermeer                                                                   Developers
Classis Quinte:     Bev De Vries, Renee Page
Classis Toronto:    Caroline Versteeg

                     Farewell to a Friend and
                     Co-Worker                                               Hans Kater          National Director
                     Pam DeWilde, DMC staff for                              Madeline Robins     Executive Assistant
                     8 ½ years, will be missed by                            Katie Karsten       Regional Diaconal Ministry Developer
                     her colleagues and the many
                     Operation Manna partner
                                                         DMC                 Fred VanderSterre
                                                                             Henry Bosch
                                                                                                 Regional Diaconal Ministry Developer
                                                                                                 Regional Diaconal Ministry Developer
                     ministries she impacted in her
                     role as a Community Ministry
                                                         Staff               Tammy Heidbuurt
                                                                                                 Community Ministry Developer West
                                                                                                 Community Ministry Developer East
                     Developer. We pray that                                 Marcia Mantel       Communications Coordinator
                     God will bless her richly as
                     she serves Him elsewhere.
Cover Photos
Top (left) and Bottom (right): Participants of Operation Manna-funded Rose City Kidz
Top (middle): Workshop leader at the Ancaster Day of Encouragement
Top (right): Operation Manna funds a number of ministries for single Moms and their babies
Bottom (left): Wingham’s Operation Manna-funded CARS ministry
Bottom (right): Operation Manna-funded community garden in Calgary
Page 1
Top: Tammy Heidbuurt, Community Ministry Developer, addresses attendees at Ministry Networking Day
Bottom: DMC’s National Director, Hans Kater
Page 2 (Building Community)
Left: Participant at Operation Manna-funded The Mess in Kingston
Middle: Operation Manna-funded CARS ministry in Wingham
Right (top): Participant at Operation Manna-funded Rose City Kidz
Right (bottom): 2010 Operation Manna brochure cover
Page 3 (Equipping Deacons)
Left: DMC’s Henry Bosch (in black), Regional Diaconal Ministry Developer, leads a workshop
Middle: Worship at the Ancaster Day of Encouragement
Right (top): Workshop at the Ancaster Day of Encouragement
Right (bottom): Brochure celebrating 50 years of the Ancaster Day of Encouragement
Page 4 (Justice)
All: Photos depicting the various people groups that DMC focuses on in the justice section of our website (
Page 5 (Resources)
Top: DMC’s Katie Karsten talks to Diaconal Ministry Developers at their annual gathering.
Bottom: Operation Manna-funded Lockside Cove Café in St. Catharines, Ontario
Page 6
Top: Part of the large crowd of Ancaster Day of Encouragement registrants
Bottom: former staff person, Pam DeWilde