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									                       Links to Smart Cars Information
                           And Other Useful Sites

Sites of General Engineering Interest
        • Excellent site to learn about significant figures

Useful Program
       • Convert program (ZIP file)
       • Convert program (EXE file)
       • Convert README file

Smart Cars: Energy and Cars
      • The Car Engine - How It Works
      • DaimlerChrysler Automotive Fuel Cells

Smart Cars: Computer and Cars
      • Electronics and Computers in the Control of Car Engines
      • The Periodic Table

Smart Cars: Transportation Infrastructure and Cars
      • Intelligent Transportation Systems and Fuel-Efficient Automobile Engines

History of Technology articles by Frank Wicks at Union College

          "Between the Horse and Car," Feature Article, July 2003 [new window][preview]
          Mechanical Engineering "100 Years of Flight," Dec. 2003 -- "Trial by Flyer,"
           Feature Article [new window][preview
          Mechanical Engineering magazine's "100 Years of Flight" supplement, Dec.
           2003 [new window][preview]
          First flights [new window][preview]
          Trailblazer into space [new window][preview]
          Full circuit [new window][preview]
          "Nuclear Navy," Feature Article, January 2004
          Where on Earth? [new window][preview
          How George Westinghouse changed the world [new window][preview
          Renaissance tool man [new window][preview
          "The Remarkable Henry Ford," Feature Article, May 2003 [new window][preview]
          the legacy of the cutaway man
          "Picture This," Feature Article, July 2004 [new window][preview
          "A Model Mission," Feature Article, December 2004

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