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					Green Marketing
Developments in the Indian
Automobile Sector
 ‘Green Marketing ’ encompasses activities designed to
 generate & facilitate human needs so that the satiation
 of these needs would leave minimal negative impact
 on the natural environment. With the growing
 awareness on global warming, pollution & other
 environmental issues, companies & consumers are
 increasingly switching to green products & services,
 thereby, creating a platform for sustainable
 development. The present article unfolds some of the
 green marketing initiatives undertaken by 10
 companies in the Indian automobile sector.
           Literature Review
 Fundamental incompatibilities b/w sustainability &
  strategic marketing planning processes are the key factors
  for the development of green products in the automobile
  sector (Peattie, 1999). Bansal & Roth (2000) have discussed
  3 motivations for automobile companies to go green. These
  are competitiveness, legitimization & ecological
  responsibility. However Chen C has been of a different
  opinion. He holds that eco-product development & strict
  environmental standards are insufficient to save the
  environment. Regulation by itself would be inadequate to
  create a market for fuel-efficient vehicle. Legislation or
  economic incentives might help; however manufacturers
  are not highly optimistic about green consumption rate
  accelerating in future.
 Lin (2003) argued that improvement in the public
 transportation systems, stronger emission control &
 technology innovation by way of environmental
 friendly automobile engines, would drive towards
 sustainable transportation development. The
 intension to replace automobiles was observed among
 the consumers due to environmental concern.
 Production of eco- friendly cars has also been
 supported by Praveen & David (1998).
Statement of the Problem
 Business are entering a new era of green marketing that
  will focus lesson companies own environmental credentials
  & more on promoting the way in which products can help
  customers reduce their carbon impact. The panel of
  marketing experts in Base Show in London had predicted
  that the year 2010 would see a shift in the companies
  environmental advertising & communications strategies.
  However no significant initiative by automobile companies
  has been noticed till date. The effects of greenhouse
  emissions on our environment have been realized. Climate
  is on the verge of change. It is therefore high time to take
  suitable action & develop some strategies, before things go
  out of control.
 Secondary literature is extensively drawn from in- house
  &proprietary sources available on various websites. The
  other sources include research papers published in online
  & printed journals news agencies, newspapers etc. the
  literature has been cross checked & validated to provide the
  latest & unambiguous information. The literature sourced
  has further been edited & categorized to make it suitable to
  study the considered objective. The cases of the companies
  to draw inferences have been chosen through convenience
  sampling. This exploratory research investigates the
  existing state of initiatives taken by the different companies
  to protect the environment.
Green Marketing initiatives by
Indian Automobile Corporate
1. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd: Focusing on fuel efficient
     green car
2.   Hyundai Blue-Will, an Eco friendly hybrid car
3.   Bajaj India: Making the next generation vehicle
4.   Mahindra & Mahindra: Launch Bio-Diesel tractor
     & electric car
5.   Tata Motors Ltd, to build electric, hybrid cars on
     nano platform
6. Ashok Leyland Ltd: Progressive low emission
7.    Hindustan Motors Ltd’s Cedia select
8.    Reva Electric car company: India’s first electric car
      goes on green overdrive
9.    Green Electric Vehicles Pvt.Ltd: Dedicated to save
10.   General Motors India Pvt Ltd, to launch electric
      car E-spark
     Findings & Conclusions
 It is evident from the above discussion that the Indian
 automobile sector has started to realize the
 importance of green products & green marketing in
 order to save the environment. It is also due to
 economic compulsion such as rising petroleum prices
 & the fear that petroleum products might be
 exhausted in the near future that the companies are
 focusing on the development of alternative fuel
 sources which meet the requirements of not only the
 environment but also the economy.

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