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									                                            Wycliffe College
                                          Children’s Ministry
                                      Professor: Dr. Elaine Becker
                                         Phone : 519-537-1086

                                         Syllabus – Winter 2010
                             Saturdays Jan 16, Feb 6, Feb 27, Mar 13, Mar 27
                                         9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00

Course Description:
       This course builds a biblical foundation and formulates a rationale for ministry to children.
       Practical approaches for establishing and operating programs that respond to the spiritual needs
       and developmental stages of children are taken into account. The nurture of the whole person
       within his or her own context is foundational. Topics also included are: biblical values and
       today’s culture, responding to children in crisis and categories of “special needs” children.

Course Objectives

        The participants will:
                          a) Understand the developmental stages of children cognitively, emotionally,
                               socially, physically, and spiritually
                          b) Understand the relationship between child development and ministry to
                          c) Understand the value of literature to the healthy development of children
                          d) Clarify their understanding of and vision for ministry to children and their
                          e) Understand the issues for special needs children, in ministry programs
                          f) Understand the various aspects of children in crisis in today’s culture
                          g) Understand the grieving process of children.
                          h) Understand the connection between biblical and theological issues and the
                               concerns of children in today’s world
                          i) Explore and analyse models of children’s ministry
                          j) Be able to plan and carry out a ministry program that serves the needs of a
                               specific group of children.

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       practices. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books. 2008.

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Attendance and Tardiness

        Prompt attendance of all classes is expected since they form a key part of the course. Come
        prepared for class discussion by reading in advance the assigned readings. If you must miss a
        class, please inform the instructor in advance.

Assignments and Grading
Observation Assignment
Attend at least two worship services of congregations other than your own. They may be congregations of
the same denomination or not. The participant is to make field observation notes as to the way in which
ministry is conducted for children and families. Observation is to be made as a stranger seeking a place of
worship. How would the needs of a family with young children be met in this particular setting? What
family friendly things were observable and in what way did the developmental needs of the children seem
to be taken into consideration. The student will write a 10 to 12 page report giving the details of how and
when the field observation was made. Observations as to developmental behaviours of children observed
should be included. The findings and analysis should comprise the greater portion of the paper with a
section indicating what you learned in this exercise. (A Grading Guideline will be provided) 25%
Due February 27th.

Research Paper
Choose a current issue facing children and families today. Write a paper discussing the significance of this
topic to ministry. The paper should be 15 to 20 pages. Discuss why the topic is of importance to those
engaged in Children’s ministries, what is being done and how the church can be a part of assisting or aiding
in this matter. What does theology have to say to this issue? How has an understanding of this topic altered
or helped you formulate your vision or mission of ministry?

These papers will be presented in class on March 13th. The written papers will be due that class
(A Grading Guideline will be provided) 30%

Ministry Application
Utilizing what you have learned about special needs of children and their developmental stages as well as
their capacity for spiritual development, choose and age group and develop an outline for a spiritual
adventure as a ministry program for that age group. This should incorporate or reflect as much of the
course content as possible as it relates to practical application of the same in a local ministry.
Presentation of these papers will be made last day of class. And the written paper will be due at the same
time. March 27th.
(A Grading Guideline will be provided) 35 %

Class Attendance and Participation
Participants will be graded on their ability to engage in class discussion having read the material in advance
of class. Pop quizzes may be given periodically during class time on the readings.

Course Outline:
Will be provided later

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