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Lakes Area Youth Soccer League_


									                          Lakes Area Youth Soccer League/
                            Oakland Vipers Soccer Club

June 21, 2008

Dear Parents and Players,

Thank you for trying out for the Lakes Area Youth Soccer League/Oakland Vipers
Soccer Club. We officially go by the name of Lakes Area Vipers in league play. You
have already met two of our coaches, Osama Aly and Jose Garcia, who have been in
charge of these very professional sessions. These coaches have truly enjoyed working
with kids eager to learn new skills and play competitive soccer. It has been a win/win
success for everyone.

The coaches still have to make a determination as to the number of teams that can be
formed with the players that have tried out. This determination is first based on the
age and gender with three rules: 1) No child can play in an age bracket below the
official classification based on the August 1 cutoff date; 2) Girls are permitted to play
on a boy’s team, but not the other way around; 3) Younger players can play up in an
older age bracket.

With respect to team considerations, U11-U12 teams play 8 v 8, meaning there are
eight players on the field against another team with 8 players. The maximum number
of players on such teams is 14. All players are given game playing time of one-half of
the game. U10 teams play 6 v 6 with a 10 player maximum. U13 teams play 11 v 11
with an 18 player maximum. Consideration has to be given for substitutes but player
commitment at practices and games is very important. A lack of commitment will
void the game play requirement, as will violations of the league/team code of conduct.

       For the 2008-9 soccer season, the Vipers anticipate preseason training, two
practices a week during fall and spring, 10 WSSL games in each of the fall and spring
seasons, and an indoor season with 16-20 games and weekly indoor practice. A fall
and spring state or regional tournament is also planned. Age, soccer skill level and the
number of players on a team have to determine the cost and extent of the programs for
each girls or boys team formed.
      To cover the LAYSL and Vipers anticipated costs for the 2008-2009 soccer
season, the financial commitment per player is estimated to be $795.00. This is subject
to change depending on the cost of indoor facilities, the number of tournaments and the
number of players per team. A Vipers team member must also purchase a Vipers
game uniform (two jerseys with Vipers logo, shorts and two pairs of socks, $100.00).
A warm-up suit with logo and a Vipers bag are optional but recommended. They cost
an additional $150.00.

      Parents of children selected for a Vipers team can make one payment of
$795.00, or payments of $395.00 at registration and the balance in September 2008.
Uniforms must be paid at the time of ordering. Should extra costs be needed, they will
be explained and passed on to parents.

        If your child is not selected for placement on a Vipers team, it simply means the
Vipers were unable to form a viable-sized team to include your child’s age, gender and
skill level. Playing on a LAYSL recreation level team is your next choice and you are
encouraged to do so. Get information at for the fall 2008 season.

      If your child is selected for placement on a Vipers team, we will be holding a
Vipers registration meeting for parents and players on Wednesday, June 25, at the
Raben field pavilion by the baseball field. Boys meet at 7:00 p.m. and girls 8:00 p.m.
At the meeting you will need to provide or do the following:

      1.   Bring a copy of a birth certificate or passport showing proof of age.
      2.   Bring a recent school-sized picture of your child.
      3.   Fill out a LAYSL registration form.
      4.   Fill out a WSSL registration form.
      5.   Fill out an Oakland Vipers Soccer Club registration form.
      6.   Make a deposit or payment commitment made out to Oakland Vipers.
      7.   Provide uniform size and order a uniform

      If you have any questions, feel free to call any of the coaches, Osama Aly at
586-489-5454 or Jose Garcia at 248-363-2715. Or you can e-mail me at If you can’t make the parent’s meeting, you must contact the
Vipers. There is a strict time limit for submitting team applications to the league.

      Thanks again for trying out for the Lakes Area Vipers for the 2008-9 season.


      Evans Koukios
      Manager, Lakes Area Vipers

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