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PNA Centennial Dancers Handbook 2010-2011 - Purpose of the PNA


Centennial Dancers
Purpose of the PNA Centennial Dancers:

We are a non profit organization whose sole purpose is to promote and expand the
appreciation of the Polish Heritage. Our goal is to support and participate in
activities of Centennial Dancers, PNA, and the Polish-American Community.


Participation is open to all children between ages 3-18 as of September 30. All
dancers are encouraged to be a PNA member.

Parents' Responsibility:

To provide support and respect for the Board of Directors and the Choreographer,
agree to serve on committees when asked and provide supervision of their children
before and after class to insure orderly practices occur weekly. Please check in when
dropping your child off for any hand outs or special announcements. Each family is
to work two- 4 hour shifts at the only mandatory fund raiser – Plymouth Fall Fest.
Fall Fest is always the weekend after Labor Day, the dancers dance on Saturday of
that weekend. Parents are also responsible to encourage their children to participate
in all group activities and performances.

Financial Obligations:

All families are required to meet financial obligations on a timely basis. No dancer
will be allowed to start classes until the registration fee and form is received. All
payments for tuition are to be paid by the due date. Tuition balance must be
paid by February 1st.    If this is not met, the dancers will not be allowed to
continue with PNA Centennial Dancers. Costume rental charges are due one month
following recital.

Dancer Responsibility:

By dancing with Centennial Dancers, you are committing yourself to the group.
The dance year begins in September that is when you are expected to attend
weekly dance practices. If you cannot make 100% of the practices, then you
cannot make the commitment needed for Centennial Dancers. All dancers are to
participate in group activities and performances.
Required Dance Attire:

No street shoes are allowed on the dance practice floor!!!
Students are required to wear the following dance attire to weekly practices:
Boys: Black shorts/sweat pants. Red Centennial Shirt, Black ballet/jazz shoes.
Girls: Black practice skirts, Red Centennial Shirt, Black/Red Tights, and black
ballet/jazz shoes, with hair pulled back, no dangling earrings, bracelets, or rings are
permitted, since this is a health hazard.

Each student shall own his/her „Centennial Dance Costume”.
Boys:     red/white striped pants (not tight fitting)
           white button up shirt
           red ribbon tie
           red vest
           black boots/black shoes w/boot spats.
Girls:    Centennial ribbon skirt w/red tap pants
          white tights (NO NYLONS)
          white Centennial blouse
           petticoat slip – all groups, ethnic slip – group IV& V
.         Centennial headpiece
           Polish vest usually a dark colored background with sequined designs
           red shoes with strap – group I, black shoes with strap – groups II & III,
           black character shoes – group IV &V (No Heals Greater Than 1”)
Some items can be purchased directly from Centennial using the costume order


The Choreographer and/or Director shall take attendance records at weekly
practices and performances. These records will be entered into the students‟ file. A
review will take place to determine eligibility for Recital and Presentation Ball. If a
dancer does not attend 75 % of the practices or does not attend walk on or dress
rehearsal, they will lose their privilege to dance at recital. If a dancer is late for
recital they will be allowed to dance for the Finale only.

Excused Absences:

For an absence to be considered “excused” you need to contact the Choreographer
or the Director in writing as soon as possible. We will not allow walk on or dress
rehearsals as an excused absence. A death of a grandparent or a member of the
immediate family, hospitalization of the student, illness of the student (only with a
doctors note) or attendance of a Sacramental Obligation - - First Communion,
Reconciliation, Confirmation of the student.

Presentation Ball:

The purpose of any ball sponsored any PNA or Centennial Dancers is to honor and
recognize “Graduate” students for their „years of dedication and active
participation, not only at recitals, but performances and activities‟.

Requirements to be presented as a Debutante or Squire:
It is recommended the “Graduate” has danced 5 years with Centennial
PNA Member in good standing
Dance the Junior and Senior years
Dance 3 out of the 4 years in High School.
Be an active participant in all Centennial events, including recitals, performances,
parades and practices.
Students not meeting these requirements will not be presented, but will receive
recognition at the recital.


Students are recognized by receiving merit awards along with ribbons for their 1-5
years, trophies for 1-4 years, year pins for 6-15 years. Special recognition is given to
5, 10, 15 year dancers at the recital; 5 years – Eagle Charm, 10 years Centennial
Dancers Charms, 15 years – a Special gift from Poland

Disciplinary Actions:

The Board of Directors and /or the Choreographer may take disciplinary action
and/or dismiss a student and/or family from the group for any of the following

-Any student/parent showing disrespect, using foul and/or abusive language or
gestures, participating in any deliberate physical act resulting in harm towards the
staff, Board of Directors, Choreographer, or other students or families: causing
disruptions during classes, group activities, refusing to follow group policies.

-Any students refusing to follow instructions or refusing to actively participate
during practice, attend practice on a regular, weekly basis, wear appropriate
practice and/or performance attire, being argumentative or disrespectful to Board
of Directors, Choreographer, or room mom, creating practice disruptions, creating
unsafe conditions for fellow students during practice.
-Any student/parents caught participating in mischievous actions such as
inappropriately using bathrooms, tampering with bulletin boards/objects on walls,
telephones, making illegal 911 calls, coloring and/or drawing graffiti on
walls/furniture at any rental facility or performance premises.

   Any student/parents caught participating in theft; vandalism or any other
   destructive action to any rental facility, automobile, or personal property shall
   be immediately dismissed from the group. All tuition monies paid will be

   Any student caught in possession of or using any illegal substance will be
   reported to the proper authorities. If any student arrives to a PNA, or
   Centennial, or any polish activity while under the influence of an illegal
   substance they will be reported to the proper authorities.


In the event that the PNA Centennial Dancers (PCD) or media takes pictures/video
in an effort to promote in local or national publications or on the PCD web site,
Ad/program booklets or Recital video/DVD you will need to inform the Board of
Directors or the Choreographer in writing if you request to have your child‟s
image/name not used.

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