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									OHSAS 18001 Certification
Improving The Health Of Your Business

Managing    occupational health and safety       What are the basic requirements?
(OH&S) issues in the workplace represents        Every organisation is different and will
an enormous challenge.             Effectively   consequently have its own set of procedures.
managing these issues means taking account       In order to achieve health and safety
not only of legal requirements, but also the     certification (or quality or environment for that
well-being of your personnel in their working    matter), any company must be able to
environment.                                     demonstrate its ability to:
                                                       Set performance standards
Why develop an OH&S system?                            Measure its achievements
      To comply with legislation, such as             Take corrective action
       the Health & Safety at Work, etc Act
       1974                                            Identify areas for improvement on a
                                                        continual basis.
      To implement a health & safety policy
      To continually improve the policy to
       reflect the reality of the workplace      What will an OHSAS 18001 audit cover?

An effective OH&S policy is a means of                 Policy statement
managing risk, by ensuring that operations             Planning
are properly documented and controlled, and
that everyone is aware of their own                    Legal & other requirements
responsibilities. When properly implemented,           Objectives
an OH&S system will automatically lead to
continual improvement.                                 Management systems
                                                       Structure & responsibility
Many organisations already have some                   Training, awareness & competence
sort of system in place; why take the extra
step of certification?                                 Consultation & communication
Certifying your system means subjecting your           Documentation
processes to scrutiny by independent third             Document & Data control
party assessors.       Using their in-depth
industry knowledge and experience, our                 Operational control
assessors address the unique health and
                                                       Emergency preparedness & response
safety issues facing each organisation. They
can help you identify areas for improvement            Performance measurement & monitoring
and potential synergies with your other
management systems, such as environment.               Accidents; corrective & preventive action
They can help you to make your system                  Records & record management
much more comprehensive and efficient.
                                                       Management review
What about integrated systems?                      The AFAQ-EAQA certification process
Safety, the environment and quality are all         Certification usually follows the following
unified by the concept of risk. Using three         steps, but just as no two companies are the
separate management systems within one              same, no two certifications are the same.
organisation is clearly time-consuming,             Contact us to discuss your organisation’s
expensive and inefficient. By integrating your      needs in more detail.
management systems, you can align your
objectives and activities, saving both time
and money.                                                 Company                   AFAQ-EAQA
OHSAS 18001 systems are compatible with
both   quality    (ISO     9001:2000)   and               Requests a
environmental management systems (ISO                       quote
14001), as all three follow a process-based
                                                                                   Quote prepared
OHSAS 18001 is not yet recognised as an
                                                         accepted: full
accredited international standard (e.g. ISO
9001:2000). As such, we cannot offer UKAS-
accredited certification. However, AFAQ-
EAQA can offer combined audits and                                                     Initial visit
certification for any or all three of the
major areas of certification:
      Health and Safety
      Quality
      Environment

AFAQ-EAQA forms part of one of the largest
accredited certification bodies in the world,
certifying organisations to internationally
recognised standards such as ISO
9001:2000 and ISO 14001. As part of the
AFAQ Group, we have issued over 20,000
certificates in more than 60 countries and
have offices worldwide.

Originating in the UK electricity industry thirty
years ago, we have registered some of the
world’s most significant power industry
players, including the first power station to                                             AFAQ-EAQA
certify to environmental standards.                                                          Europoint
                                                                                  5-11 Lavington Street
Our activities extend beyond power and the                                            London SE1 0NZ
utilities. Through AFAQ, we can provide                                                             UK
expert auditors and certification services in all                            Tel: +44 (0)20 7922 1628
sectors. Visit our website for more                                          Fax: +44 (0)20 7922 1628
information: www.eaqa.co.uk.                                              email: marketing@eaqa.co.uk

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