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King Tut-Ankh-Amun


									King Tut-Ankh-Amun

  By Bowdre Fortson
               a.k.a King Tut
   Pharaoh who accomplished little in his life
   Most recognized and most famous pharaoh
   Most famous because of his elaborate
    treasure and the discovery of his tomb
       Finding King Tut’s Tomb
   Major discovery of the 19th century
   Discovered November 4. 1922
   Valley of the Kings
   Howard Carter
   Made Headlines across the world
   Discovered and remained hidden from robbers
    for thousands of years.
   Reveled an elaborate lifestyle that many people
    can only dream about as well as providing clues
    and insight into King Tut’s life and how he lived.
           Tutankhamen’s Life
   Given the throne at a young age
   8 or 9 years old when this happened
   Akhenaten is believed to be his father
   Birth name Tutankhamen was Tutankhaton
    which meant “Living Image of the Aten.
   Mother might be Kiya
   Spent younger years hunting, swimming and
   Tomb revealed he liked board games
   Probably found politics unexciting and
    went out about his environment enjoying
    leisurely activities
   Ignorant view about his father’s teachings
    and politics
   After his father’s death he was given the
   Married to his half-sister
    Ankhensenpaaton, daughter of Nefertiti
    and Akhenaten
    Change of Gods and Names

   The worship of one god- The Aton
   Few years later Tut started to bring back
    gods that were forbidden by Akhenaten
   Changed his name to Tutankhamen
   Changed wife’s name to Ankhesenamun
          Politics and Decisions
   Threw lavish parties to
    show his support for
   Could not make many
   His vizier Aye likely
    made major decisions
    for him.
   Ay and Hermhad were
    probably the sole drive
    behind the throne
            Coming to the End
   Tenth year of reign Egypt was at war with the
   Tut suddenly died
   Had not left a male heir to the throne and the
    children that he did have were stillborn.
   Ay, who was a high official in Akhenaten’s court
    staked his claim as pharaoh. Ruled only for 4
    years and died.
   Tut died around the age of 18 or 19

   Information from
   Pictures from a search in Google

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