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									King Tutankhamen
 King Tut is not
  famous for
  anything he
  did during his
  reign, he is
  famous for
  all the
  treasures of
  his that were
  found in his
King Tut’s Family
          Father was
           Akhenaton who was
           a famous pharaoh
           because he
          changed Egypt from
          polytheists to
          Mother was a
          named Kiya
          Stepmother was
          His wife was
           Ankesenpaaten, who
           was also his half-
          He had two
           daughters who both
His Childhood
        He was taught
         to worship
         one god-Aten
        Played ball,
         and with
         animal toys
        Played leap
         frog and piggy
        Played with
    He hunted and
    Archery, spear
     throwing and
     riding chariots
 Ate at low tables and used
  fingers to eat
 Ate beef, goat, antelope,
  gazelle, pelican, and fish
 Ate bread that was flavored
  with honey, nuts and dates
 Drank beer and wine
His Palace
      He was raised in a
       brand new palace
       in Armana
      Tiles covered the
      The palace had
       courtyards, dining
       rooms, kitchens,
       servants rooms
      Outside of the
       palace was
       stables, ponds,
       His Schooling
 He attended Prince School
 Received lessons in math,
  reading, writing, history,
  geometry, astronomy, music,
  science and medicine
           His Clothes

 He wore the finest linen which was draped
  around his body
 The higher the status, the more clothes
  and makeup they wore
 He wore a lot of eye makeup
 Wore a lot of jewelry
           His Hair
 Children had shaved heads
  except for one long lock that
  hung at the side.
 When he hit puberty his “lock of
  Youth” was shaved
 1343 BC Tutankhamen was born
 1334 BC Tut was made pharaoh of Egypt
  when he was only 9 years old
 1334 BC Tut married his half-sister
 1331 BC Restored Egypt to polytheism
 1330 BC- 1325 BC Tut and his wife had 2
  children, both are stillborn
     1325 BC Tut died at
      the age of 19. He
      reigned for just 9
      years and his death
      remains a mystery
     1922 AD Howard
      discoverers Tut’s
     1925 AD The inner
      coffin is opened
      revealing his Tut’s
Can you identify some of
   these artifacts??

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