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									                                     Modesto Junior College
                         College Council Meeting Minutes
                                            July 26, 2010

Present:      Mike Adams, Julie Berg, Wendy Griffiths-Bender, Bill Kaiser for George
              Boodrookas, Gaither Loewenstein, Joan Van Kuren, Barbara Wells, Gary
              Whitfield, Adam Webber (ASMJC)

Absent:       George Boodrookas, Jillian Daly, Rosanne Faughn, Bob Nadell, Adrienne Peek,
              Karen Walters Dunlap, Sam Pierstorff (Faculty Consultant to the Board)

Guests:       Susie Agostini, Martha Robles


1. Review of Minutes

Action Item

       The minutes of June 28, 2010 were given thumbs up approval.

2. Review of Agenda

       Gaither Loewenstein reviewed the agenda with members.


3. Introductions

There were introductions around the table as the new president, Gaither Loewenstein
introduced himself. He briefly went over the role of College Council and other bodies on


4. Accreditation/Institutional Effectiveness

Mike Adams reported that AIE is mostly planning for the workshop on August 16. He stated
that because of summer, the committee is not doing a lot of items and has just been deciding
the timeline for program review and that type of thing. The intention for the workshop is to
reaffirm the mission of the college and strategic plan and perhaps choosing some of the goals
and getting ourselves prepared for the coming year. AIE is setting the agenda for the

5. Enrollment

Mike Adams reported that most all sections are full at this point for Fall 2010.

6. Proposed District Registration Procedure for Priority Registration

Susie Agostini, Dean of Matriculation, Admissions & Records distributed detailed information
regarding the proposed registration procedure for priority registration. Susie stated that MJC’s
registration right now is pretty streamlined, assigning registration dates and times from priority
#1 through priority # 7. A decision was made last semester to have bachelor degree students
no longer penalized for having a degree. So many bachelor degree students were coming
back, especially nursing students who could not get into the program. The proposed
registration procedure is generic because it is for both Columbia College and MJC. The
purpose at this meeting is for members to take these procedures back to their constituents for
review. Some changes needs to be discussed in constituent groups to make sure if it is going
to benefit or harm students. Susie asked, with the exception of DSPS, should these special
populations be limited on the priority registration. There is concern that the larger the priority
group becomes, the more students are in the priority system, the more likely classes are going
to close on the first day of registration.

Susie added: The way the process works now is, once a student has 99 units, they never gain
priority. If units were dropped to 80, you need to think about who do we affect? For example,
if a student comes in needing to be remediated that is 29 units right there.

The new system is based on a formula that allows students who exceed 80 units (proposed
maximum) to maintain some priority until they reach 160 units. For example:

A student who has completed 120 units; their appointment would be calculated as follows:

160-120=40 units - Their appointment would be the same as students who have completed 40
units. (The greater the number of units beyond 80, the later the appointment will be.)

Gaither Loewenstein recommended that the procedure be kept simple – responding to the law
and keeping in mind that we will never satisfy everyone but that we can strive for a fair and
consistent set of priority registration procedures. He suggested limiting priority registration to
DSPS and EOPS students and those who are required to take full time loads and have class
scheduling constraints such as student athletes.

The new proposal would no longer give high school students priority registration. As soon as a
student graduates from high school, then those MJC units (completed while attending high
school) would count and the student would bump up in priority. Only local units would count.

Columbia College will start looking at this when they start in the fall.

Action Item

Members will take information back to their constituent groups and forward input to Susie
Agostini or Bob Nadell. Gaither Loewenstein suggested EOPS, Veterans and student athletes
for priority registration and receiving input from constituents bringing back to the president.

7. Payment Requirement to Fall 2010 registration to be able to buy parking permit for
   Summer 2010

Gaither Loewenstein will take care of this for next year. There were extenuating
circumstances this year due to the short time between summer and fall.


8. Planning & Budget Committee (PBC)

Mike Adams reported that at the past two PBC meetings, he feels that the group is addressing
organizational challenges. PBC is proposing that an instructional faculty priority list be created
with faculty added to IAC and a similar process in the student services and administrative
areas. Hiring and equipment will be prioritized by these three groups who forward their
respective lists to PBC. PBC was trying to do all the work previously. These lists will come to
PBC for a hearing and PBC will have the right to rearrange the list and final approval will be
given to the president.

Gaither Loewenstein clarified that the information will be on a flow chart with dates when things
will happen. These councils will give their list in late October to PBC. PBC will hold a hearing
and can rearrange the list and present to the president. If the president hires, for example, 1,
2, 3 & 19, he will disclose why he made the decision to hire number 19.

Gaither Loewenstein will have a PBC group appointed to help write an educational plan for
Patterson as the college needs to have a plan.

9. Measure E

Gary Whitfield reported that the infrastructure on west campus underground utilities is
proceeding. The central building for power and HVAC for science and Allied Health is around
the outfield of softball. The Allied Health building is looking good. The Ag Pavilion is looking
good and is a sizeable project. The softball field is almost complete. The restroom,
concession stand, press box and storage are in phase two. Student Services building is slowly
moving along and trees are the issue right now. Water will be out in several buildings next
Friday. August 18 – 20, North Drive will be closed down. The Science Community Center
should start construction soon. Founders Hall bids open August 3 with construction expected
September 15th. The Library is still being looked at. Art building remodel’s health and safety
issue is still trying to be corrected. There are other modifications for compliance that will have
to be paid for by MJC. Remodeling of buildings is over budget due to electrical costs.

Gaither Loewenstein added a concern that he did not see secondary effect costs or plans on
the budget for vacated space. He is trying to get a handle on what is going to be vacated and
needs and costs. He pointed out that it is going to be expensive for remodeling of these old
buildings when you start in with the work. The college is going to have to capture any savings
there might be for these secondary costs.

Gary Whitfield reported that the district is looking at a site in Turlock. Gaither added that it is
called land banking for future use. This site will be explored more thoroughly later this week.

10. Facilities/Capital Construction Committee

Gary Whitfield reported that at the next meeting, parking space formula based on the number
of seats that Becky Crow develops is going to be discussed.


This agenda item will only appear on an as needed basis. There were no items for today’s


Academic Senate
Mike Adams said that the only thing really happening over the past month is an outgrowth of
final resolutions. The Senate passed on faculty hiring procedures. He has been meeting with
Brian Green from Columbia College and has reached the point where he thinks MJC and
Columbia are both on the same page with the exception of a minor item. Technically, faculty
hiring should go to the district. The Senate will take this item to our campus and then to the
district. Probably later this week MJC administrators and deans will have a chance to give
their approval. The expectation is to take to the district in September with whatever finalized
document everyone is on the same page with and come back to our local Senate.

Barbara Wells added that Institutional Day is coming up and hosted by the Arts Division. It is
going to be really interesting with quite a presentation on assessment by our president.
Teachers will be training teachers for the faculty leadership training. There will be a kick-off
event and notices have gone out to faculty. Mike added that the Staff Resources Advisory
Committee’s first meeting will be August 4. Barbara added that this committee is for
everything campus-wide for staff development and everything ties back into assessment and

No report.

Julie Berg reported that conference is next week with several members attending.

Bill Kaiser reported that IAC had a special meeting with Gaither Loewenstein to meet him and
had a chance to ask questions and learned a lot.

Student Services
Martha Robles reported that the interim dean for Counseling, Dean Tsuruda, started last week.
The dean of Admissions & Records and Special Programs’ advertising has gone out. The
evaluating process has been worked on since last year and she hopes to have a new
document by September.

Susie Agostini reported that StartSmart is ending this week and is serving approximately 1,500
new students. Later this week new student registration starts comprised of all new students
who did not go through StartSmart. StartSmart is in its fourth year and information Nora

Seronello in Research has provided is the StartSmart students end up registering in more
units, persist at the end of the semester in greater numbers, and register for the next semester.
It has been a really good program for students. A clearing house is being implemented for
transfer and enrollment verification requests so students can do everything online. The west
campus admission office is moving into the business office and using one of those windows.

Adam Webber reported that ASMJC will be arranging a fundraiser to coincide with the lunch
portion of Institute Day and is finalizing all arrangements. Six out of seven executive positions
are filled. Five out of ten Senate positions are filled. Interviews to recruit for the remaining five
positions are ongoing. Seventeen clubs participated in the fireworks booth which garnered a
$4,500 net profit. ASMJC split half of the profit with the clubs. Four back-to-back meetings
were held regarding the budget that was approved on Thursday. The activities sticker booklet
was approved with about 100 businesses agreeing to a 10 – 20% discount for students with an
activities sticker card.

Gary Whitfield added that ASMJC went in partnership with Prime Shine for the shuttle buses.





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