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Im sharing this simply because i dont want you to do
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Surya Upanishad
Translated by Dr. A. G. Krishna Warrier
Published by The Theosophical Publishing House, Chennai

Om ! O Devas, may we hear with our ears what is auspicious;
May we see with our eyes what is auspicious, O ye worthy of
worship !
May we enjoy the term of life allotted by the Devas,
Praising them with our body and limbs steady !
May the glorious Indra bless us !
May the all-knowing Sun bless us !
May Garuda, the thunderbolt for evil, bless us !
May Brihaspati grant us well-being !
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !

Now we shall expound Atharvangiras in relation to the sun: The
seer is Brahma, metre Gayatri, Aditya the deity, ‘Hamsas so’ham
with Agni and Narayana is the seed, the power is hrillekha or
hrim, the pin is the power in the process of unfolding the sky
etc., the application is its use in repetition for winning the four
human goals. The six limbs consist of the seed with six vowels
He indeed is a Brahmana who thus knows the golden Narayana
with the blessed sun, impeller of the time-wheel, having four
arms and two lotuses, showing promise of refuge and boon,
mounted on the sun chariot, set in the red lotus.
Om, Earth, middle region and sky; we meditate on the adorable
splendour of Savitar who may inspire our thoughts. The sun is
the self of the world, moving as well as un-moving. From Surya
indeed are these creatures born, the Yajna, Parjanya, food and
I bow to you Aditya; you are the agent himself, the manifest
Brahman, Rudra, Vishnu, Rig-Veda etc., as well as all the

chandas (Metre-Vedas).
From Aditya is born Vayu, Bhumi, water, fire, sky, directions,
Devas, Vedas; the sun scorches this sphere; this sun is Brahman,
the inner organ, mind, intellect, mind-stuff and Ego, Prana etc.,
(the five airs), the five sense organs and five motor organs,
sound, touch, form, taste and smell; speech, taking (with the
hands) release (of the bowels), joy.
I bow to Mitra, Bhanu, (protect me from death), to the shining
one, the cause of the universe.
All creatures are born of Surya and are protected by him,
dissolve in him – I am Surya himself. The divine Savitar is our
eye the Parvata (spirit of the Time-periods), may be vouchsafe
our eye.
We know the sun, meditate on the thousand-rayed; may the sun
inspire us.
Savitar is before us as well as behind, above and below. May he
grant us omnipresence and long life !
Brahman is the single syllable Om, “Ghrini’ has two syllables,
‘Surya’ also, ‘Aditya’ has three. This is the mantra of eight
He who recites this everyday is a Brahmana, facing sun while
reciting he is released from the fear of great diseases, his poverty
perishes. He becomes free from the sins of eating forbidden
food, forbidden sex-relation, conversation with fallen (men), of
wrong converse.
At midday he shall recite facing the sun and he is released from
the five great sins.
He should not impart this Savitri Vidya to just anyone. He who
recites at dawn becomes fortunate, gets live-stock, masters
Vedas; reciting during the three periods (dawn etc.,) he gets the
fruit of a hundred Yagas, reciting when the sun has risen to

eighteen fingers, conquers death.
This is the Upanishad.

Om ! O Devas, may we hear with our ears what is auspicious;
May we see with our eyes what is auspicious, O ye worthy of
worship !
May we enjoy the term of life allotted by the Devas,
Praising them with our body and limbs steady !
May the glorious Indra bless us !
May the all-knowing Sun bless us !
May Garuda, the thunderbolt for evil, bless us !
May Brihaspati grant us well-being !
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !

Here ends the Suryopanishad, included in the Atharva-Veda.

Aditya Hridayam
[The heart o the Sun God]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

This prayer is possibly the greatest one addressed to the Sun and
occurs in Yudha Kanda of Ramayana. Lord Rama after ceaseless
battle with Ravand is not able to kill him and is perplexed.At
that time the devas who have assembled in the sky advice him to
ask the advice from Sage Agasthya and he does it. Sage Agasthya
teaches him about this great prayer and Lord Rama
subsequently was able to kill Ravana.

Asya sree adithya hrudaya sthothra maha manthasya Agasthyo

bhagawan rishi, anushtup chanda, Sree Adithyathma Soorya
narayano devatha= sarva jaya sidhyarthe jape viniyoga

The sage for Adithya Hrudaya stotras is Sage Agasthya, the
meter is anushtup and the presiding deity is Soorya Narayana
who is the heart of Adithya.

Adha dyanam:-
Jayathu jayathu soorya saptha lokaika deepam,
Kirana samitha papam klesa dukhasya nasam,
Aruna nigama gamyam chadhi adithya moorthim,
Sakala bhuvana vandhyam, bhaskaram tham namami

Now prayer:-
Victory, Oh victory to the Sun god,
Who is the lamp to the seven worlds,
Who by his rays destroys sin,
Who destroys aches and sorrow,
Who is lead to by the path of Vedas,
Who is the Sun God to the universe,
And Who is saluted by all the worlds,
And also my salutations to Him who makes the day.

Thatho yudha parisrantham samare chinthaya sthitham,
Ravanam chagratho drushtwa yudhaya samupasthitham.
Daivathischa samagamya drushtu mabhya gatho ranam,
Upagamyabraveed ramam Agasthyo Bhagawan rishi. 1-2

The great God like sage Agasthya,
Who has come along with other Gods to see the war,
Seeing the tired and thought filled Ravana,

Approached Lord Rama , who is ready for the war and told.

Rama rama maha baho srunu guhyam sanathanam,
Yena sarvaanareen vatsa samare vijayishyasi. 3

Hey rama, Hey dear Rama, , be pleased to hear,
That which is secret and perennial,
By reciting which , son,
You would be victorious in war.

Adithya hrudayam punyam, sarva sathru vinasanam,
Jayavaham japen nithyam akshayyam paramam shubham. 4

This is the prayer called “the heart of the sun”.
Which is holy , destroys all enemies,
Which leads to victory,
And by reciting which daily,
Leads you to perennial state of good.

Sarva mangala mangalyam, sarva papa pranasanam,
Chinthasoka prasamanam, ayur vardhanamuthamam. 5

This prayer great gives all that is good,
Destroys all sins committed,
Acts as an antidote for sorrow and thought,
And also leads to very long life.

Rasmi mantham samudhyantham devasura namaskrutham,
Poojayaswa vivaswantham bhaskaram bhuvaneshwaram. 6

Offer prayers to the Great Sun God,

Who is the owner of rays,
Who rises up from below,
Who is worshipped by devas and asuras,
And who is worshipped by every one of the universe.

Sarva devathmako hyesha tejaswai rasmi bhavana,
Esha devasura ganan lokan pathi gabasthibhi. 7

He has within him all the devas,
He is the brightest among the bright,
He runs the whole world by his rays,
And protects all the worlds of Devas and Asuras,
By his great Rays.

Esha brahma cha Vishnuscha shiva skanda prajapathi,
Mahendro, dhandha kalo yama somo hyapam pathi. 8

He is Brhama, He is Vishnu,
He is Shiva, He is Skanda,
He is the progenitor of human race,
He is the king of devas,
He is Kubhera, the lord of all riches.
He is Kala, the God of death,
And He is the moon also He is Varuna

Pitharo vasava sadhya hyaswinou marutho, manu,
Vayur vahni praja prana ruthu hartha prabhakara. 9

He is the manes, He is the Gods called Vasus,
He is the gods called sadhya,
He is the Aswini devathas, the doctors of Gods,

He is the maruths who are responsible for breeze,
He is the wind God, He is the fire God,
He is the soul of all beings,
He is the creator of seasons,
And he is the giver of light.

Adithya savitha soorya khaga poosha gabasthiman,
Suvarna sadrusa bhanu , hiranya retha divakara. 10

He is the son of Adithi,
He is the creator of the world,
He makes us do things,
He travels on the sky,
He feeds the world by rain,
He is the one with rays,
He is the colour of Gold,
He is always shining,
He is responsible for creation,
And he is the maker of the day.

Haridaswa sahasrarchi saptha sapthir mareechiman,
Thimironmadhana shambhu thwashtwa marthanda amsuman.

He has green horses,
He has thousands of rays,
He rides on seven horses,
He dispels darkness,
He gives a pleasant life,
He kills all life,
He gives rebirth to those killed,

He removes darkness,
And he is resplendent in his glory.

Hiranya garbha shisira thapano bhaskaro ravi,
Agni garbha adithe puthra sanka shisira nasana. 12

He who keeps the golden source,
He who cools down minds of devotees,
He who bestows heat,
He who is the source of light,
He who is praised by every one,
He who has fire within himself,
He who is the son of adhithi,
He who travels in the sky with pleasure,
And he who melts cold.

Vyomanadha sthamobhedi rig yajur sama paraga,
Ghana vrushtirapam mithro vindhya veedhi plavangama. 13

He who is the lord of the sky,
He who dispels darkness,
He who is a master of Rig, Yajur and Sama veda,
He who is the cause of heavy rains,
He who is the friend of water,
And he who travels over the Vindhyas swiftly.

Aathapee mandali mruthyu pingala sarva thapana,
Kavir viswo maha thejaa raktha sarvodbhava. 14

He who gives heat,

He who is of the global shape,
He who is of the form of death,
He who is of the colour of gold,
He who heats everything,
He who is in expert in knowledge,
He who manages the universe,
He who is of great brilliance,
He who is dear to every one,
And he who manages every event.

Nakshtra gruha tharanam adhipo , viswa bhaavana,
Thejasam aphi thejaswi dwadasathman namosththe. 15

Salutations to him who is the Lord of stars, planets and zodiac,
To him who looks after the universe,
To him who gives light to all that shines,
And To him who has twelve forms.

Nama poorvaya giraye, paschimayadraye nama,
Jyothirgananam pathaye dhinadhipathaye nama. 16

Salutations to him who rises from the mounts of east,
Salutations to him who sets on mounts of west,
Salutations to the lord of objects that shine,
And the Lord of the day.

Jayaya jaya bhadraya haryaswaya namo nama,
Namo nama sahasramso adithyaya namo nama. 17

Salutations to him who is the cause of victories,
Salutations to him who has green horses,
Salutations and salutations to him who has thousand rays,
Salutations and salutations to the son of Adhithi.

Nama ugraya veeraya sarangaya namo nama,
Nama padma prabhodaya , marthandaya namo nama. 18

Salutations and salutations,
To him who is fearful to the sinners,
To him who is the hero,
And to him who travels swiftly.
Salutations to him who opens the lotus,
And salutations and salutations,
To him who makes men live.

Brhamesanachuthesaya sooryadhithya varchase,
Bhaswathe sarva bhakshaya roudraya vapushe nama 19

Salutations to Him,
Who is God to Brahma, Achyutha and Shiva,
Who is the giver of light,
Who is the son of Adhithi,
Who is ever shining,
Who eats everything,
And to him who has a fearsome body,

Thmognaya himagnaya sathrugnaya amithathmane,
Kruthagnagnaya devaya jyothisham pathaye nama. 20

Salutations to him,

Who destroys darkness,
Who destroys, snow,
Who destroys his enemies,
Who has an immeasurable body,
Who destroys those who are not grateful,
And to him who is the Lord of those who shine.

Taptha chamikarabhaya vahnaye viswa karmane,
Namasthomabhinignaya ruchaye loka sakshine. 21

Salutations to Him,
Who is of the colour of molten gold,
Who is of the form of fire,
Who has created the world,
Who destroys ignorance,
Who is the subject of all that is loved,
And to him who is the witness of the world.

Naasa yatyesha vai bhootham tadeva srujathi prabha,
Payathyesha thapathyesha varshatyesha gabhasthibhi. 22

This our lord helps beings to grow,
And also destroys them.
He with his awesome rays,
Looks after every being,
Gives intense heat to them,
And also causes rains to shower

Yesha suptheshu jagarthi bhootheshu parinishtitha,
Yesha evagnihothram cha phalam chaivagnihothrinam. 23.

This our Lord is awake,
When all the world is asleep,
Without anyone being aware,
And he is the fire sacrifice,
And also the one who performs fire sacrifice.

Vedascha kradavaschaiva krathoonam phalameva cha,
Yani kruthyani lokeshu sarva yesha ravi prabhu. 24

All the Vedas,
All the yagas,
Result of all yagas.
And all the actions,
That happen in this world,
Are this Lord Surya himself.

Yena mapathsu kruchreshu kanthareshu bhayeshu cha,
Keerthayan Purusha kaschin aavaseedhathi raghava. 25

Hey Lord Raghava,
Any one who sings the praise of the Sun,
In time of danger,
In time of suffering,
In wild forests.
And in times of fear,
Is able to cross the problem for sure.

Poojaswaikegro deva devam jagat pathim,
Ethath trigunitham japthwa yudeshu vijayishyasi. 26

Please worship Him.

Who is God of Gods,
And who is the lord of the universe,
With single minded devotion.
If you chant this thrice,
You would win in the war.

Asmin kshane maha baaho ravanam thwam vadhishyasi,
Evamukthwaa agasthyo jagam yada gatham. 27

“Oh hero of heroes,
You would kill Ravana within a second,”
Saying this the sage Agasthya,
Went back his way.

Edath sruthwa maha theja nashta shoka abhavath thada,
Dharayamasa supreetho raghava prayathathmavaan. 28

Hearing this, the resplendent one,
Became devoid of sorrow,
And with utmost devotion,
Wore this prayer within himself.

Adhithya prekshya japthwa thu param harsha mavapthavan,
Thrirachamya suchir bhoothwa dhanuradhaaya veeryavaan. 29

Cleansing himself,
By doing Aachamana[1] thrice,
And facing the Sun God,
Lifting his bow
The great hero Rama became very happy

Ravanam preshya hrushtathma yudhaya samupagamath,
Sarva yathnena mahatha vadhe thasya drutho bhavath. 30

Came he facing Ravana,
For starting the war again,
With all preparations great,
With an intention of killing him.

Adharavira vadha nireekshya ramam,
Mudhithamana paramam prahrushyamana,
Nisicharapathi samkshyam vidhithwa,
Sura gana Madhya gatho vachasthwarethi. 31

Immediately then Lord Sun,
Who is the king of the skies
Arose from the middle of the bevy of Gods,
With mind full of happiness,
And asked Rama to kill Ravana forthwith.


Sooryam sundara loka nadham amrutham vedantha saram
Gnanam brahma mayam suresha mamalam lokaika chitham

I bow and salute always before the great Sun God,
Who is ever shining,
Who is the Lord of the universe,
Who is forever living,
Who is the essence of Veda,

Who is forever peaceful,
Who is store house of knowledge,
Who is God personified,
Who is the king of gods,
Who is purity personified,
And who has the mind of all the world under his control.

Bhano bhaskara marthanda, chanda rasmai, divakara,
Ayur arogyam aiswaryam vidhyam dehi namosthuthe.

Oh God of gods,
Who is source of light,
Who makes the day,
Who removes darkness,
Who has fearful rays,
And who is the creator of the morn,
Please give me long life,
Health, wealth, knowledge
And I salute you.

Anyadha saranam nasthi thwameva saranam mama,
Thasmath karunya bhavena raksha raksha maha prabho.

I don’t have anybody to seek refuge,
Except thee , Oh great God,
So please have mercy upon me,
And protect me again and again.

Ithi srimad Valmeekhi Ramayane Yudha Kande,
Sapthothara sathathama sargathmakam,
Adhithya hrudaya sthothram samaptham,

Thus ends the great prayer called Adithya Hrudhayam,
Which occurs in the 107th chapter of the section of war,
In Ramayana composed by Sage Valmeekhi.

An Article from the teacher of Omraam Aivanhov: Petar Deunov.

The Influence of the Solar Energy

The sun is a source of living energy for the whole solar system.
In relation
to the earth, the energy of the sun is positive. This energy
develops into
positive and negative electricity, and into positive and negative
magnetism. The
energy of the earth in relation to the sun is negative (the earth
has two kinds
of energy, but the negative is predominant, while of the two
kinds of energy,
which the sun possesses, the positive is predominant). By the
contact of these
two kinds of energy, life is produced on Earth. The powerful
mediator, which
unites and transforms these two energies, is called ether by the
scientists. It
penetrates all space and the whole earth. The occultists call it

plasma; the mystics call it spirit. And in the book of Genesis (ch.
1, verses
1-2) it is said: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the
earth. And
the earth was waste and void; and darkness was upon the face of
the deep: and
the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters".
The structure of the sun is the same as the structure of the cells.
The sun is
composed of three regions: the one of them prepares the
energies, the second one
accumulates, collects and transforms them; while the third -
directs them to the
earth. These three regions exist also in the cells: an outer region
receives the solar energy; a second one which accumulates it
within itself; and
an inner region, which works it over and transforms it into a
vital force. These
three regions are found also in the organism in a more
developed form. In the
embryo, one can recognize them most easily. The first, outer,
visible envelope
of the embryo is called ectoderm; the intermediary one is called
mesoderm, and
that which is in the center, the most internal, is called
The energy which our sun receives from the central sun of our
visible universe
is positive at first, but afterwards it is polarized into positive and

There exists an important law that the more negative the earth,
the greater
its capacity of receiving the positive solar energy; and inversely,
the more
positive the earth, the lesser its receptive capacity.
Every celestial body receives energies by its negative pole and
emits them by
its positive pole. When a center is positive, it gives, but when it is
it receives. The positive energy creates, while the negative -
The greater part of the energy, which our sun receives from the
central sun,
is consumed by the sun itself. Comparatively a very small
amount of it is
transmitted to the planets. The energies, which the earth
receives from the sun
undergo a considerable transformation, for as they penetrate the
the latter absorb all their nutritive elements and only that which
is not of any
more use remains. Thus the earth throws into cosmic space
those energies, which
are of no more benefit to its development and growth. From
there, by certain
special ways, these energies return to the sun, which on its part,
them to the central sun for further modification and
transformation, until their
primary rhythm is achieved.

From midnight till noon the earth (i.e. a respective part) is
negative and
receives more, while from noon till midnight it is positive and
gives more.
Beginning at midnight, the earth starts to project into cosmic
space negative
energy and in return, to receive positive solar energy. At sunset
the earth is
positive to the highest degree, and consequently it gives most. In
afternoon, the earth starts to project into cosmic space positive
energies and
after it has emitted a sufficient quantity, it becomes negative.
This is
gradually done and it is toward midnight that the negative
energies become
predominant. The earth is negative in the highest degree at
sunrise, which means
that at that time it receives most. This fact is of highest
importance for us,
since it reveals the great significance and value of sunrise. We
must take into
consideration the following law: we form a part of the earthly
organism and
therefore when the earth receives, we also receive and when the
earth gives, we
also give*. This is exactly why the first rays of the sun are the
most powerful.
At that moment the human organism is most receptive toward
the solar energies.

There is always more vital energy or prana in the morning than
at noontime, and
the living organism absorbs the greatest quantity of positive
energies (prana)
at that time. The first rays of the sun (at sunrise) are most active;
the sun is
then at the apogee of its activity.
The solar energy passes each day through four different states.
From 12
o'clock midnight to 12 o'clock at noon there is an influx of solar
energy, and
from noon to midnight - a reflux. The influx, which begins at
midnight, reaches
its culminating point at sunrise; it is then most powerful and
vivifying. It
gradually decreases till noon and then the reflux begins which
reaches its
highest point at sunset. According to the law of motion, that part
of the earth
which turns itself constantly toward the sun and approaches it,
is found in the
most favorable conditions for its development, while that part
whose distance
from the sun increases loses most of the conditions. One hour
before sunrise the
solar energies exercise a purely psychological influence upon the
cells of the
human body, and by refreshing and invigorating them, create a
new impulse toward
activity in the whole body.

Before sunrise, the rays which are refracted in the atmosphere,
mostly the brain. During sunrise, the rays which come in a
straight line,
influence mostly the respiratory system and our sensitiveness;
while toward
noon, the same rays have an influence upon our digestive
system. That is why the
curative power of the solar energy is different during different
hours of the
day, before sun-rise - for the amelioration of the cerebral
nervous system; at
sunrise -for the strengthening of respiratory system, and from 9
till 12 at
noon, for the strengthening of the stomach, that is to say, during
that time of
the day, the sun rays have a curative effect upon the sick
stomach. In the
afternoon, the curative effect of the solar energies is of smaller
At the first sight, it would appear that the solar rays are most
about one or two o'clock in the afternoon, since the heat is
greatest then. But
if the solar rays had a curative effect through their heat, why
then could not
the heat of the stove be a substitute for their curative power? It is
not the
solar heat which is the main curing factor, but this function
belongs to other

energies of higher order, which we may call prana (vital energy)
in regard to
which the earth is more receptive in the morning.
The latest scientific researches declare that the solar rays are
most curative
before noon, but someone might object that when it is sunrise
for us, it is noon
for some and sunset for others. Then why this difference in the
curative action
of the rays during the different hours of the day? The reason for
difference lies in the varying receptive aptitude of the earth and
the organism.
Let us follow the course of the year as an analogy to this fact. The
rays do not act in an uniform manner during all the seasons of
the year. The
earth (that is a respective place) is most negative in the
beginning of the
spring and that is why it receives most at that time. This is the
reason why of
all seasons of the year, the solar rays have a most curative effect
during the
spring. Starting on March 22nd, the earth gradually becomes
more positive.
During the summer it is quite positive and receives less. (The
summer rays also
act curatively but to a lesser degree).
In the beginning of spring there is more prana and the
organisms absorb the

greatest quantity possible, while during the summer the heat
increases but not
the prana, or the vital energy, which is so abundant in the
spring. There are
certain signs by which we can know when nature is more rich in
In this way the solar energy exercises four kinds of influence
during the four
seasons. The spring and the summer represent the influx of
energy, while the
autumn and winter - the reflux. That is why the most beneficial
influence of the
sun begins on the 22nd of March. All the well-constructed
organisms profit by
this energy, while the weak ones, on the contrary, become
The earth begins its creative work on March 22nd. Its creative
forces reach
the climax of their activity then. Since the positive solar energy
comes in an
increased amount to the earth during this time, the creative
energy of the
latter is increased, stirring an intense growth in all things. The
organic activity takes place at that time.
The most favorable time for renovation and development starts
on March 22nd
and continues during the whole of April and May, till June 22nd.
On this last
date all growth ceases.

The day can be divided into 4 periods of 6 hours each: from
midnight till 6
o'clock in the morning constitutes the time of spring, from 6
o'clock in the
morning till 12 at noon - is the time of summer; from 12 at noon
till 6 in the
evening (till sunset) - it is the autumn; and from 6 o'clock in the
evening till
midnight - it is the winter. Because of the movements of the
earth during
certain times of the year the summer of the day is longer and the
winter -
shorter. The contrary takes place in winter.
We, the inhabitants of the earth, must follow in our life the
example, which
the plants give us; they understand better than us the law of
growth. The solar
energy arrives here an a large current, which encompasses the
earth from the
north to the south pole and returns to the sun. Certain men of
learning support
the idea that it is precisely this energy which causes the
movement of the earth
around its axis. When certain plants begin to feel that this
potential energy
begins its inflow and manifestation on earth they start budding
and preparing
themselves, and when this energy is increased, they blossom up
and try to absorb
as much of this energy as they can in order to be fructified. This
energy is

transmitted to the plants by the vivifying plasma. This is exactly
why at the
moment we see the plants budding and blossoming, a new inner
joy should come to
birth in the human soul, that the day of its liberation is
approaching. All the
fibers of man's being should vibrate with a tender feeling for this
force, which envelops him if he would be a recipient of its
influence, which would refresh and renew his thoughts, feelings
and strength.
In spring and summer, beginning on March 22nd, it is good for
one to go to bed
early and to get up before the rising of the sun to welcome it and
to receive
the part belonging to him as the bees gather the nectar of the
flowers. It would
be sufficient for one to practice this in the course of some years,
in order to
be convinced in the truth of this statement. A blind faith is not
necessary, for
each one will work out his own conceptions and opinions
concerning the
beneficial influence of the sun. There is absolutely no place for
deception in
this fact, since it is based upon a profound understanding of a
fundamental law
of august nature. We should always be in agreement with its
injunctions and

understand that they contain the methods for our life. And if we
live in perfect
accord with them, we can be always intelligent, healthy, strong
and happy.
Therefore, we should have a heart full of the best feelings when
we are to
welcome some of the servants of nature. And one of these
servants is the sun.
That is why the Psalmist says: "And they turned and sought God
in the morning."
(Psalm 78) and "It is a good thing to give thanks to Jehova, and
to sing praise
unto Thy name, O, Most High; to show forth Thy loving
kindness in the morning"
(Psalm 92) ; but he does not say; "To sing praise unto Thee,
Lord, in the
evening." When Nature starts working, then we should start our
work, also. And
this is the Divine, the sublime thing in life: to think and to feel as
we see
these manifestations in the supreme Reason of the august living
Nature, and not
to follow after the inventions of all sorts of systems and beliefs of
men. For
the most just conception of life is the Truth; the essence of life is
Love and
the sense of this life is Wisdom.
We mentioned before that there exists an analogy between the
solar system and
the organism. The processes taking place in the organism find an
analogy in

those of the solar system. When the solar energy enters the
brain, it undergoes
the same modifications as those which occur when it first enters
the sun after
leaving the central sun. This fact is difficult to explain, since men
have a mechanic conception of things, instead of a psychological
one, based on
reason. The feelings, the sensitivity, constitute the negative pole,
while the
thought - the positive pole. In the human organism the brain is
positive and the
sympathetic nervous system is negative. It is the same in the
cosmos. In the
left side of the human body the energy descends toward the left
foot and then,
by way of the right foot and the right side it moves upward.
There exists such
an electromagnetic current around every organ. For instance,
positive energy
passes through the right eyebrow, which turns and passes under
the same eye,
where it becomes negative energy. From there it mounts over the
left eye, where
it becomes positive again. After that it moves under the same eye
as negative
energy. In this way the movement of this energy resembles the
number 8.
At the point between the eyebrows, or at the root of the nose
there is a

center of reason, which regulates these currents around the eyes.
One might call
this center the Silent, the Rational in nature, which regulates the
The circulation of the blood is due mainly to electromagnetic
currents. If
they did not support the flow of the arterial blood, the heart
would be
incapable of doing this alone. But the blood moves in the human
organism by the
help of that cosmic impulse in the world, which constantly
regulates the
blood-circulation of all organisms. The movements of this
protoplasm in the
cell, the circulation and rotation, the movement of the sun,
planets and the
other celestial bodies, are all due to this same electromagnetic
The energy which the earth draws from the sun can be compared
to the arterial
blood and that which it sends back to the sun can be compared
to the venous
blood. Our sun plays the role of a heart, but this role is still
better played
by the central sun. As the impure blood must return from the
tissues to the
heart and then go to the lungs to be purified, in the same way the
energies of
the earth return to the sun, in order to regain their primal

We consider the sun not as a dead body, but as a living being.
Let us admit, for
example, that a certain learned man salutes from a distance
contemporary men
with his shells. What would be our idea of this man? The study
which we would
make of his will concern only his physical side. Let us suppose,
on the other
hand, that this same learned man, by some reflector, would send
us his rays -
some well-written poems by which he would salute us or that he
would send us his
fruits: in the first case his energy would be destructive, in the
second -
stimulating and in the third invigorating. At the present time we
are studying
only the two kinds of the solar energies. All illnesses on the earth
are caused
by the sun, that is to say: if we are hard-hearted, unresponsive
and stubborn,
the sun salutes us by its shells; if we are wise, it salutes us by its
poems, which fill us with joy and gladness, and last, if we are
elevated and love the nature, it sends its living fruits which
deposit in us the
germ of the new life - that, which is called in religion -
The ignorant shall understand nature by its restricting, physical
laws; the

wise - by its illuminating bright poems, and the spiritual - by its
vivifying fruits out of which flows the life for the whole of

    Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaha
    Sarve Santu Niramayah
    Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu
    Mas Kaschid Dhuka Bhag Bhavet

    Meaning of the phrases
    Sarve-all; bhavantu-may be; sukhinah-happy;
    santu-happy; niramayah-free from disease;
    pashyantu-may enjoy;
    ma-not; kaschit-anybody; dukkshbhag-one who
    suffers; bhavet-may be

    Overall meaning
    May all be happy. May all enjoy health and
    freedom from disease.
    May all enjoy prosperity. May none suffer.

    Brief explanation
    These are prayers for the prosperity and welfare of
    To achieve anything in life, one has to make an
    effort and await the
    results. In addition, many unknown factors and
    laws influence the

outcome of that effort. By praying to the Lord, one
these laws as the natural order inseparable from
the Lord, and one
acknowledges the Lord as the giver of all results of

Om sarveshaam swastir bhavatu; Sarveshaam
shantir bhavatu

Sarveshaam poornam bhavatu; Sarveshaam
mangalam bhavatu

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah; Sarve santu

Sarve bhadraani pashyantu; Maakaschit duhkha
bhaag bhavet

Meaning: Auspiciousness (swasti) be unto all;
peace (shanti) be unto all;
fullness (poornam) be unto all; prosperity
(mangalam) be unto all. May all be happy!
(sukhinah) May all be free from disabilities!

May all look (pashyantu)to the good of others! May
none suffer from sorrow! (duhkha)

"Sarvesham Swastir Bhavatu

Sarvesham Shaantir Bhavatu
Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavatu
Sarvesham Pooranam Bhavatu."

"Sarve Sukhinah Santhu
Sarve Santhu Niramayah
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu
Maa Kashchid Dukhabhaag Bhavet."


     Om Sarvesham Swastir bhavatu
     Sarvesham Shantir bhavatu
     Sarvesham Poornam bhavatu
     Sarvesham Mangalam bhavatu

     Sarve bhavantu sukhinah
     Sarve santu niramayaha
     Sarve bhadrani Pashyantu
     Ma kashchit dukhabhag bhaweta


     May there be auspiciousness for all.

     May there be peace to all.

     May there be fulfillment for all.

     May there be blessedness for all.

          May all be happy.

          May all be healthy.

          May all realize that which is the ultimate truth.

          May no one ever be unhappy.


Excerpt taken from: James' Interview Transcripts,
Interview With James: Session 2 PDF:
[more info on "The Six Heart Virtues": ]

Mark: So what should people do in the midst of their confusion.
mean, what should they do to get clear?

James: The best place to start in trying to begin again is to
simplify. This is a literate world where words rule the mind. The
Spirit behind the words is key - it is more important than the
Most seekers draw confusion to themselves because they
compare the
words written or spoken by spiritual teachers, or worse yet, they

compare the interpretations of the words from spiritual
Language was invented to fascilitate trade and barter, commerce
later culture. Language of our world is a third-dimensional
that is misleading and imperfect. So with words, be careful.

I'll give you an example. I can tell you the core truth in as little
as two sentences. Here goes:

"Just as the sun is the presence of God in our collective universe,
you are the presence of God in your local universe. You are a
being in a universe of equal beings, each one is just as essential
the whole."

So you see in these two sentences I have told you the seeds of
from which all other wisdom arises. There is nothing to be
about in this Truth, unless, of course, you fall back on your
historical knowledge, so if you are confused you must bear some
responsibility for your confusion, as it comes to you out of

Take the first sentence. "Just like the sun is the presence of God
our collective universe." What does it mean? The sun and God
are one

and the same? Well, for many this would be heresy. In some
periods of
our history you would have been killed for saying this - and yet
the truth. Though it's more complex than simply saying, "Sun
and God
are identical." So the words themselves begin to confound truth.

So to simplify your own truth you need to have a framework
from which
your beliefs arise. The framework of Lyricus is to live a love-
centered life by expressing the six heart virtues to all within your
local universe. As you do this you become a conductor of your
emotional system and you become the Presence of God in your
Its a very simple framework, and one that springs forth from the
ancient of worlds, yet there's really been no evolution provided
it. It's not undergone interpretations, it's not been embroidered
any religious institution, it is not owned by anyone.

...Seekers are often in search of the escalating complexity
the esoteric is seductive. If I see someone who is practicing the
heart virtues to the best of their ability they are, in my view, a
greater master on earth than the one who quotes the highest
formulations of Spirit or speaks the elegance of Jesus, or

or Krishna, or Buddha, or practices meditation every day, but
radiates discordant behavior or thoughts.

The universe has an incentive system - it's called evolution - and
we understand that when we look at those things that have
into sophisticated techniques or organizations, and we imbue
with greater importance than those things that have not evolved
are simple, even innocent in comparison.

But the six heart virtues, living a love-centered life while
disconnected from the evolutionary track of spiritual knowledge,
paradoxically among the most potent forms of truth for this
particular time in humanity's evolution. -James

Some excerpts from

I Soma

6. The Somas deck themselves with milk as kings are graced with
And, with seven priests, the sacrifice.

7. Pressed for the gladdening draught the drops flow forth
abundantly with song,
Flow with the stream of savoury juice.
8. Winning Vivasvan's glory and speeding the light of Dawn, the
Pass through the openings of the cloth.
9. The singing-men of ancient time open the doors of sacred
The men who bring the mighty One.
10. In close society have come the priests, the sevenfold
Filling the station of the One.
11. He makes us kin with Gods, he joins the Sun, for seeing, with
mine eye;
I milk the Sage's offspring forth.
12. The Sun beholdeth with his eye the heaven's dear quarter
which the priests
Have set within the sacred cell.

VII Indra

1. Sung is the song of ancient time: to Indra have ye said the
They have sung many a Brihati of sacrifice, poured forth the
worshipper's many
2. Indra hath tossed together mighty stores of wealth, and both
the worlds, yea,
and the sun.

Pure, brightly-shining, mingled with the milk, the draughts of
Soma have made
Indra glad.

The Soma Sacrifice

k Let the lord of thought purify thee, let the lord of speech purify
thee, let
the god Savitr purify thee
With the flawless purifier,
With the rays of the bright sun.

i. 2. 4.

a This is thy body, O pure one. This is thy splendour. With it be
united. Win
b Thou art the strong, grasped by mind, acceptable to Visnu.
c In the impulse of thee, of true impulse, may I win a support for
my speech.
d Thou art pure, thou art nectar, thou art the sacrifice for all the
e I have mounted the eye of the sun.
The pupil of the eye of Agni,
When thou goest with thy steeds,

Blazing with the wise.

i. 8. 21.
a The sweet with the sweet, bitter with the bitter, immortal with
the immortal,
with the Soma I unite
thee; thou art Soma; be ready for the Açvins, be ready for
Sarasvati, be ready
for Indra, the good
b Let the daughter of the Sun
Purify for thee the flowing Soma
With the eternal sieve.
c Vayu purified by the strainer,
Soma hath sped away,
Indra's dear friend.

THOSE who are interested in astronomy will find the occult side
of that science one of the most fascinating studies within our
reach. Obviously it would be at once too recondite and too
technical for inclusion in such a book as this, which is concerned
more immediately with such of the unseen phenomena as affect
us practically in our daily life; but the connection of the sun with
that life is so intimate that it is necessary that a few words
should be said about him.
The whole solar system is truly the garment of its Deity, but the
sun is His veritable epiphany-- the nearest that we can come in

the physical realm to a manifestation of Him, the lens through
which His power shines forth upon us.
Regarded purely from the physical point of view, the sun is a
vast mass of glowing matter at almost inconceivably high
temperatures, and in a condition of electrification so intense as
to be altogether beyond our experience.
Astronomers, supposing his heat to be due merely to
contraction, used to calculate how long he must have existed in
the past, and how long it would be possible for him to maintain
it in the future; and they found themselves unable to allow more
than a few hundred thousand years either way, while the
geologists on the other hand claim that on this earth alone we
have evidence of processes extending over millions of years.

The discovery of radium has upset the older theories, but even
with its aid they have not yet risen to the simplicity of the real
explanation of the difficulty.

One can imagine some intelligent microbe living in or upon a
human body and arguing about its temperature in precisely the
same way.
He might say that it must of course be a gradually cooling body,
and he might calculate with exactitude that in so many hours or
minutes it must reach a temperature that would render
continued existence impossible for him.
If he lived long enough, however, he would find that the human
body did not cool, as according to his theories it should do, and
no doubt this would seem to him very mysterious,
unless and until he discovered that he was dealing not with a
dying fire but with a living being, and that as long as the life
remained the temperature would not sink.

In exactly the same way if we realise that the sun is the physical
manifestation of the Solar Deity, we shall see that the mighty life
behind it will assuredly keep up its temperature, as long as may
be necessary for the full evolution of the system.

Quoted from the book "The God-Idea of the Ancients or Sex in
Religion" by Eliza Burt Gamble.


"When we inquire into the worship of nations in the earliest
periods to which we have access by
writing or tradition, we find that the adoration of one God,
without temples or images, universally prevailed."[23]
[23] Godfrey Higgins, Celtic Druids.

 Underlying all the ancient religions of which
we have any account, may be observed the great energizing force
throughout Nature recognized
and reverenced as the Deity.
This force em- braces not only the creative energies in human
beings, in animals, and in plants, but in the earlier ages of
human history it included also Wisdom, or Law–that "power by
which all things are discriminated or defined and held in their
proper places."

The most renowned writers who have dealt with this subject
agree in the conclusion that, during thousands of years among
all the nations of the earth, only one God was worshipped.

This God was Light and Life, both of which proceeded from the
sun, or more properly speaking were symbolized by the SUN.

In Egyptian hymns the Creator is invoked as the being who
"dwells concealed in the sun";
and Greek writers speak of this luminary as the "generator and
nourisher of all things, the ruler
of the world."
It is thought, however, that neither of these nations worshipped
the corporeal
sun. It was the "centre or body from which the pervading spirit,
the original producer of
order, fertility, and organization, continued to emanate to
preserve the mighty structure which
it had formed."

It is evident that at an early age, both in Egypt and in India,
spiritualized conceptions of
sun-worship had already been formed.
We have seen that Netpe, the Goddess of Light, or Heavenly
Wisdom, conferred spiritual
life on all who would accept it.
The Great Mother of the Gods in India was not only the source
whence all blessings flow, but she was the Beginning and the
End of all things.
Of "Aditi, the boundless, the yonder, the beyond all and
everything," Max Muller says that
in later times she "may have become identified
with the sky, also with the earth, but originally
she was far beyond the sky and the earth."[24]

The same writer quotes the following, also from a hymn of the
[24] Origin and Growth of Religion, p. 221.

"O Mitra and Varuna, you mount your chariot which, at the
dawning of the dawn is golden-
colored and has iron poles at the setting of the sun; from thence
you see Aditi and Diti–that is,
what is yonder and what is here, what is infinite and what is
finite, what is mortal and what
is immortal."[25]
[25] Ibid.

Aditi is the Great She that Is, the Everlasting. Muller refers to
the fact that another Hin-
doo poet "speaks of the dawn as the face of Aditi; thus indicating
that Aditi is here not the
dawn itself, but something beyond the dawn."

This Goddess, who is designated as the "Oldest," is implored
"not only to drive away darkness and enemies that lurk in the
dark, but likewise to deliver man from any sin which he
may have committed."
"May Aditi by day protect our cattle, may she, who never
protect us from evil."

In the Egyptian as in the Indian and Hebrew religions, the two
generating principles through-

out Nature represent the Infinite, the Holy of Holies, the Elohim
or Aleim–the Ieue. Within
the records of the earliest religions of Ethiopia or Arabia,
Chaldea, Assyria, and Babylonia, is
revealed the same monad principle in the Deity.

This monad conception, or dual unity, this God of Light and Life,
or of Wisdom and generative
force, is the same source whence all mythologies have sprung,
and, as has been stated, among
all peoples the fact is observed that the religious idea has
followed substantially the same
course of development, or growth.
Ukrainian newspaper "Gvozdy"
N8, 2 of June 2005
Light that gives life
About living on sunlight, energy of space and liquid nutrition
a healer from Zaporozhye
The Sun is the source of life on Earth, there is no doubt about it.
But can man live without roughage, on sunlight, energy of space
and liquid nutrition? Yes, he can! A healer from Zaporozhye
called Nikolay Dolgorukiy is an example of this.

Among people who are interested in bioenergy, extrasensory
things and magic as well as in alternative scientific literature
there is information about individuals who eat nothing but
sunlight and Cosmic energy. They are referred to as suneaters -
people who are living on sunlight. In the country of yogis India
there are many of them, in the USA and Europe there are some,
in the CIS there are only a few.

That's why it is even more surprising that there is a suneater in
Zaporozhye who lives (what a fantastic coincidence!) at 1 Sunny
Str. The yard of his house, facing the Red Water and an
intersection of several streets of Zeleniy Yar, can be seen from
afar thanks to a number of pyramidal structures. The pyramids
built by Nikolay Dolgorukiy have healing properties and are
energetically connected with similar constructions in Egypt and
on Mars. But we are not going to speak of them now, we are
going to speak of this unique person who has learnt to live
without roughage.

Nikolay was born in Zaporozhye in 1957, graduated from a
technical college, worked in the North. He devoted himself to
spiritual perfection at the age of 33. But it had begun long before

Nikolay Dolgorukiy: "When I was 10, my brother died; at the age
of 16 I lost my father. These tremendous losses were leading me
to the understanding of some truth, to something I could not
grasp… In 1972 I came upon a rare copy of a book on hatha yoga.
And I started working on myself. I read, collected newspaper
and magazine clips, studied oriental martial arts, phytotherapy,
psychology… In 1993 I graduated from the University majoring
in Bioenergy Information Science and Psychocorrection. Since
1989 I kept a light Christian fast - I did not eat animal food, I ate
mostly vegetables. And since 25 August 2003 I have not eaten

- What do you live on?

- I gaze at the sun, for more than five hours a day. My record is
13 hours… I go barefoot, sleep outside or in one of the pyramids
both in summer and in winter. I drink milk, cacao, tea with
honey, vegetable broths, juices. I drink only "charged" water
(almost boiling). The energy of the Sun and Space, the capacities
of our body regarding photosynthesis and liquid nutrition are
enough for me. I even feel my blood renovate.

- Do you have any health problems?

- At first I lost 5-7 kg, but now my weight is OK. I do hard
physical work (during our conversation Nikolay was digging a
pit to build a new energy chamber). I always ride a bike. There
are no problems.

- What about your eyes? One can lose his eyesight gazing at the
sun for many hours, can't he?

- As you can see, I have excellent eyesight, I can read well. It is
important to do everything gradually and with the help of God.

- But books are not enough to pass on sunlight, energy of space
and liquid nutrition, right?

- One must have an aspiration and a connection with God. All
my actions are guided by God. I get information about what to
do and how to do it as if through an interface. It requires only
darkness and silence.

- But you also have a gift...

- Everyone has a gift. Anyone can pass on sunlight, energy of
space and liquid nutrition. I don't have secrets. I am eager to
undergo a medical checkup that will allow to study the
phenomenon of living on sunlight, energy of space and liquid
nutrition. In fact, I am happy that there are followers. I am
willing to share my knowledge but not with idle curious people, I
am willing to share it with those who want to change themselves,
those who "aspire"…

According to Nikolay Dolgorukiy, such portal opened on his plot
of land thanks to years of hard work. No wonder that every plant
grows wildly around it, and a person who visits this place is
cured. Nikolay assures that it is not he who heals but the higher
powers. His only task is to create conditions for this. With this
purpose he has built pyramids and energy chambers (whose
shape activates the Space energy regenerating all the human
organs and cells).

But not only for this. Man must clarify the Earth around him. In
this case life will change for the better. "That's exactly what I do:
I build pyramids, plant trees along the Red Water, says Nikolay.
The humankind will become closer to Nature if we unite our
efforts…" The most amazing thing is that environmental
problems do not prevent Nikolay doing what he does: they can
be solved. On the contrary: Zaporozhye has been created for
contact with God, in particular it can be explained by the
presence of Khortitsa, by the fact that magicians, Cossacks lived
here once; they were probably ancestors of Nikolay Dolgorukiy
and passed their gift on to him. Native land and the Sun feed
man with their power. The only thing one must have for this is
love. And if we think it over, that's the way it should be!

Nikolay had new personal record in year 2006: non-stop
sungazing more than 13 hours — since the sunrise to the sunset.

Site of Nikolay Dolgorukiy - the first Ukrainian who is living on
sunlight, energy of space and liquid nutrition

                    WHAT IS ASCENSION?
                    A SOLAR PERSPECTIVE
      The Solar Father through Karen Danrich “Mila”
                    December 8, 2003
Dear Beloved Ascending Human,
It is the Solar Father that greets you today. The Solar Father is
a solar level consciousness comprised by all planets including
Earth united into a single awareness. Solar consciousness has
always been present; however long ago Earth left the solar
dream and entered a dream of great darkness and difficulty. It
has been only within the past year of global ascension that Earth
has re-entered the solar dream again; and this came hand in
hand with anchoring the gold and silver photonic planes upon
The solar dream is a fourth and fifth dimensional dream that is
photonic in energy flow and nature. Photonic energy is circular
or rotational, much like the Language of Light that Mila has
channeled the symbols of. (See “Language of Light
<../../LOLmain.html>” for more information.) Rotational
energy has been a necessary modification to Earth’s energy flow
in order to re-enter the solar dream. In so doing, a script for

global ascension is now available unto Earth and each species
therein that flows from the solar sun onto the dreamtime planes
surrounding Earth. As each attunes to their personal script for
ascension through the dream from the sun, then ascension shall
come forward in one’s life and future ancestry.
Long ago as Earth exited the solar dream, she entered a dream of
death. This dream projected upon her a script that lead to fall
after fall in consciousness. This shift occurred long before
humanity was seeded upon Earth; if anything the script for
destruction called the human species to be seeded upon Earth.
This dream of death is not projected from the sun but down the
dimensions of the space between or non-dream between Great
Central Suns. In essence, all that has exited the Great Central
Sun has fallen into duality or polarity and split into two dreams;
one dream that suspended life and made possible evolution and
ascension and is photonic in nature, and a second dream that
made possible only the cessation of life, extinction and death
and is non-photonic. Photon energy can be equated to the chi
necessary to sustain life.
Those planets or stars that fell out of the photonic dream never
returned over time. Most fell in vibration so substantially that
they left the vibrational bandwidth that they once existed upon
and dropped to the dimensions beneath. Some re-entered the
photonic dream after they fell, stretching a dream that once only
was upon dimensions 25 and up to the dimensions known as 12
and 5, and now 3 as Earth has re-entered the dream allowing for
a 3rd dimensional photonic dream to be prevalent again in your

Because all that left never returned, those remaining in the
photonic dream lost track of what occurred, why it occurred, or
what went wrong that caused the fall in consciousness in the
first place. Earth is the first creation to return out of the non-
dream into the photonic dream and bring with her records of
understanding that shall assist us all in recovering enough to
return home to the dream of the Great Central Sun. For we too
exist outside of the Great Central Sun’s boundaries or dream in
parallel manner, and choose to go home in this evolutionary
cycle ahead.
Life within the photonic dream of your solar system is primarily
fourth and fifth dimensional. The sun knows a fifth dimensional
life form of all kinds that are primarily nature kingdoms; plants,
animals and minerals abound upon the sun. There are no
humans nor dolphins and whales. The sun is not a water planet
like Earth but rather a land-based or earth-based element
creation; much like Earth’s ancient past we are filled with
mountains high and valleys deep towards the solar core, all of
which is filled with life of all kinds. If one were to enter a fifth
dimensional form, one would perceive life upon the sun as a
solid reality, with green trees, granite mountains, blue streams
and large lakes, birds, flowers and plants along with many
animal kingdoms. There are some aquatic kingdoms too in our
abundant lakes and streams, but not nearly the numbers
associated with Earth. We have the same blueprint as Earth as it
originated from the Great Central Sun that creates physical form
for soul to dance with and experience.
Most other planets in the solar system exist within the photonic
dream and have fourth dimensional semi-etheric life upon their

surface rather than physical life. Earth is the only planet that has
a physical blueprint that emulates the solar sun. Mercury has a
fourth dimensional form that is nearing the fifth dimension in
it’s own ascent; Mercury is becoming a small sun of it’s own
volition and this is anticipated to be accomplished before the
solar system enters the dream of the Great Central Sun, some 15
years into your future.
Life upon Mercury is a dance of viscous energies that simulate
water upon Earth with its ebbing and flowing tides; however
such energies are comprised of the element of fire primarily
instead of water. Viscous fire creates the fertile fluid for which
other etheric creatures may exist, much as the aquatic kingdoms
exist within the sea, however these creatures are semi-etheric
and non-physical in nature, and are “fire breathing” in nature.
One can think of the fire-breathing dragon as one creature in
semi-etheric form that one may have some remembrance of
from one’s more ancient human dance.
Much like one’s light body that is invisible to the one’s own sight
in the third dimension, one sees not the life upon Mercury, as
life is held in a vibration that cannot be perceived with the
human eye. Instead the human eye perceives Mercury as a land
of active volcanoes and craters continuously spewing lava. Life
upon Mercury can however be attuned to through one’s inner
eye, just as one perceives one’s own aura, chakra system, light
body and subtle bodies. Mercury is holding the tone of non-
conditional governance in association with the solar thought-
form. As she ascends, she shall contribute her fire to the
continued ascent of the solar system.
Each planet in the solar system has altered the sacred geometry
to be a continuous rainbow of tones that are fourth dimensional

in nature and associated with the Language of Light. One may
consider the Language of Light as Mila channeled it as a fourth
dimensional thought-form that leads to the expression of unity
consciousness, and it is a bridge-language that the Great Central
Sun understands. Each planet contributes one or two of the base
notes of this language to the ascent of the entire solar system.
Some like mercury are also bridging into the golden and silver
tones of the Language of ONE, which is a fifth dimensional
thought-form that is photonic in nature.
Venus has forth-dimensional semi-etheric life upon her surface,
as does Mercury. Such life form is contained within a viscous
form of ether that creates a fourth dimensional atmosphere that
sustains many semi-etheric creatures. Such creatures breathe
the ether much as creatures upon Earth or the sun breathe air,
or the creatures breath fire upon Mercury. The fourth
dimensional atmosphere created upon Venus covers her in
clouds as perceived through the human eye. Venus holds the
tones of breath of life in the language of light for your solar
system. Venus much like Mercury is nearing a fifth dimensional
vibration, and shall emerge as a small sun in her own right in the
coming 100 year cycle and following entry into the Great Central
What is the difference between a “sun” and a “planet”? From a
solar point of reference, it is all a matter of vibration. A sun
holds a vibration that races in speed to a point of near-
combustion; however there is the vibration is held just below the
level of combustion and to a fiery explosion as experienced in
the third dimension. This is the result of the pace of molecular
rotation of all molecules of all living things upon the sun.

The planets in your solar system cooled to a point of having
slowed in molecular rotation; in the slowness a density develops
in which time spreads out into a straight line rather than a
continuous whole. The sun knows no past, present and future;
only one time in which all possibility exists. As each planet
becomes a sun of it’s own right again, each shall move from time
that is spread out into no-time or in other terms, past, present
and future shall become one.
As time becomes one, there is no delay in one’s manifestation.
One thinks or dreams and instantly the dream becomes real or
lived to be experienced. It is for this reason that there can be no
destructive intention or thought-form in the photonic dream, as
the destruction would manifest instantly blowing oneself up
otherwise. All planets in the solar system much like Earth must
leave behind whatever destructive thought-form that they
entered that caused their “cooling” or slowing of time; and as
they do so they build again into a fifth dimensional dance in
which instant manifestation becomes possible.
Destructive thought-form has prevailed in this solar system as it
has within all dreams that have exited the Great Central Sun. In
order to prevent the destruction from destroying the whole,
dreams were segregated and slowed or cooled until the planet or
star could come to understand why it had entered a destructive
dance and ascend out of it. Alas most of that which has cooled
never figured out why the destruction occurred and never
learned their spiritual lessons; and instead fell to the
dimensional thought-form beneath.
This solar system and all therein is the first creation recorded in
time and space and form to begin to retrace its steps out of the

destructive dance and back into the unity again. Each planet that
is nearing a fifth dimensional thought-form such as Mercury and
Venus are accomplishing this task at a most rapid pace.
Each planet except Mars and Pluto has the possibility of
returning out of the destructive paradigm, heating upon again
through ascension and returning to a state of a star. The solar
sun holds the space for this to occur and through its field relays
a dream that allows for the possibility of ascension. Earth is
choosing to ascend, as are many other planets in the solar
system. Earth is not the densest planet; indeed Mars and Pluto
are far denser than Earth. Neither of these two planets appears
to have any signs of awakening at this time of solar ascension.
We now understand from records recovered upon Earth that
Mars is a planet from another silica-based creation, and cannot
ascend as it has the wrong biochemistry. Pluto is most likely too
far in orbit from the Sun to most likely receive the benefit of our
dream for potential ascension. These two planets will be left
behind as the solar system enters the dream of the Great Central
Sun, most likely combusting if they attempt to pass through the
barrier known as the photon belt.
Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn each retain fourth
dimensional etheric life form upon their surface and it is for this
reason that they appear so cloudy to the human eye. Each of
these planets has a different biochemistry and variant life form.
Each of these planets are ascending and holding Language of
Light solar-based tones of creation to augment a solar ascension.
Neptune holds a water-based life form that much like a giant sea
is filled with etheric water creatures. Because Neptune is fourth

dimension, she appears as covered in blue clouds, which is
indeed fourth dimensional water. Neptune holds the tone of
divine union and compassion in the solar sacred geometry.
These colors or pale lavender and turquoise can be clearly seen
in her cloudy field.
Jupiter is a land based or earth-element based form that holds
semi-etheric life that parallels life upon the Earth or the Sun,
however the blueprints are nonphysical rather than physical. It
is for this reason that Jupiter appears covered in clouds to the
third dimensional human eye, as such clouds are how fourth
dimensional semi-etheric life appears from a third dimensional
perspective. Some of the semi-etheric life forms are similar to
the larger animal kingdoms found upon earth, including
elephant, hippopotamus and giraffe. Jupiter holds the tones of
power and freedom and in the solar sacred geometry. These
tones are reflected in the yellow and peach colors of her clouds.
Saturn holds an air-based reality that hosts mostly semi-etheric
energy flow without form. Here souls come to learn about
moving energy in your solar system before they choose to take
form upon another planet with fourth dimensional semi-etheric
life. Saturn holds the vibration of forgiveness and compassion in
the solar sacred geometry. One can see the colors of these tones
clearly in the green and pink of Saturn’s rings.
Uranus is another water-based planet that froze in the falls of
your solar system.
Such water supports a semi-etheric aquatic life form. Uranus
however is heating up and melting her icy surface. Uranus holds
the vibrations of structure and non-conditional love in the

ascending solar sacred geometry. One can see the colors of
lavender and silver in the clouds surrounding Uranus.
Earth likewise now contributes the tone of unity and compassion
to the fourth dimensional dream that is photonic and solar in
nature. Earth is the densest of all of these remaining planets.
Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn shall most likely ascend
into fifth dimensional stars around the time Earth masters the
fourth dimension in full, anticipated now approximately 300
years into the future.
Although Earth may seem as though she is a slow in her
ascension as compared to the other planets, she carries the most
keys to the ascent of the whole. Such keys are not only vital to
solar ascension, but also to the reparation to the photonic dream
that borders the Great Central Sun, and the Great Central Sun
herself. For Earth has been the most greatly impaired by dark
forces, or in other terms, took the brunt of the harm that was
sent through the solar system by dark forces prevailing on the
upper dimensions of the space between Suns. Much like the
human who absorbs the hits of unconscious harm and becomes
ill in the dance of life, Earth has a predisposition in her casting
from the Great Central Sun to absorb harm. Now Earth is
ascending out of such a dance, and refusing to receive additional
blows, and returning the karma and underlying patterning at
The Solar Father has reviewed the ascension records of Earth
and those humans and other kingdoms that have passed through
into the photonic dream. There are a few kingdoms that never
lost full consciousness upon Earth, and there are fourth

dimensional regions of domain that are primarily inner-Earth or
volcanic at this time in history. These regions and kingdoms
have entered the photonic dream as of late, and in so doing
Earth shall now share more intricately in the evolutionary
journey of the entire solar system from this point forward.
There are dark forces that prevail in your solar system in
association with Earth, Mars and Pluto primarily. These forces
are not apart of the solar photonic dream; instead they are in a
separated off non-dream of destruction that these three planets
attune to due to their loss of consciousness. Such forces may
claim that they are solar, however they have nothing to do with
the photonic dream emanating from the sun, nor the jurisdiction
of your solar system. Much like all that has exited the Great
Central Sun over time, your solar system has fallen into a split
dream; one for life and ascension and one for death, extinction
and destruction. Through ascension, the dreams shall be unified
over time, and that which cannot ascend at all cast out leading to
an only-photonic dream remaining into the future. So this shall
come to be so upon entry into the Great Central Sun in the not
too distant near future.
Humans are often prey to such dark forces as humans appear to
be awaiting a savior rather than taking responsibility for one’s
own ascent and evolution as a conscious sentient being. Dark
forces like to mirror what one wishes to perceive and often will
attempt to appear as a savior or force of the light. The non-
dream that has consumed Earth is a difficult place to navigate,
and the ascension records of those humans entering the
photonic dream tell a sad tale of manipulation, corruption and
deceit on the part of such forces.

The Solar Father therefore invites humans to turn away from
such forces and go inward, connecting to one’s own soul and
holographic knowing along with nature and Earth. One will
access communication with Earth, nature and the sun through
the holographic planes and one’s hologram within, which sits in
the heart chakra in human form. Such knowing from the inside
out is the only force that shall guide one home in the long haul,
and is one that is difficult for dark forces outside of self to
manipulate through.
Human ascension has been difficult to bring forth upon Earth.
Humans were seeded upon Earth without planetary permission,
and suspended in a dream emitted from Sirius. Sirius ascended
and displaced karma that went un-transmuted upon earth and
humanity through the human dream. The karma for destruction
that Sirius failed to transmute acted out in greater and greater
dreams of warfare amongst humans upon earth, leading to a
nuclear annihilation. This nuclear annihilation affected the
entire solar system causing a greater rift between all planets. The
orbits of all planets altered moving further from the Sun; this
included in particular Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus
and Pluto. Pluto moved so far from the sun that she fell into an
ice age that has yet to thaw out enough to allow for even the
earliest momentum to ascend.
Earth’s orbit also moved further from the Sun in the nuclear
annihilation of the Anu; Earth rotated on her side. It took Earth
800 years to reconfigure her chakras to sustain some sort of
balance after the nuclear winter, which also created a minor ice
age. The result was the single largest drop in consciousness for
Earth and your entire solar system alike in this current

dimension of thought-form. Human ascension upon Sirius have
now been perceived as the original cause, as the karma that
created this particular outcome did not originate upon Earth or
in your solar system, but rather was transferred by Sirius onto
Earth through her own incomplete ascension process.
Human ascension has been used as a weapon to destroy creation
after creation throughout time and space and form. Humans
who often due to falls in vibration and the scientific
manipulations of creating paired down slave races are often
partially conscious at best; in so being they are easy to
manipulate by forces that desire the power of an ascending field
to tear other fields and creations apart. This is what occurred
upon Sirius in the Solar Sun’s review; human fields collectively
increased in size and forces of great darkness utilized such fields
to shred your solar system. The sun lost great consciousness
during the time of Sirian ascension; we were stripped so that
Sirius A and B could build a fifth dimensional body and light
It is now understood that such stripping also caused the vital
pathway for karma and un-transmuted patterning, matter,
thought-form, machinery and entities to flow through your solar
system. Earth absorbed much of this due to the human life that
had been seeded by Sirius upon her surface, which provided a
direct pathway onto her form. The type of ascension Sirius
mastered is incomplete; as these records have been reviewed
now due to the global ascension of Earth, the greater photonic
dream is choosing to quarantine Sirius A and B so that no
further harm may prevail through her field.

There is a photonic dream that contains each solar system that
exited your Great Central Sun over time. Your solar system is
apart of this greater photonic dream. Sirius A and B ascended
into the photonic dream, but incompletely. Up until now there
has been an ongoing loss of consciousness for the entire
photonic dream and we could not perceive where the loss was
occurring from or through; this is now perceived as occurring
through Sirius A and B, and as a result, photonic counsels have
chosen to segregate the source of the problem until the next
steps leading to restitution can begin.
Rectifying human ascension into a form of evolution that cannot
be used to harm, strip or mutilate is of the utmost importance
from the viewpoint of the Solar Father. Historically humans,
dolphins and whales have been use as weapons to shred
creations unto extinction. Although it has been perceived from
the outside that this was so, an ability to prevent the dance or
the greater understanding of how it has occurred was unknown.
Through the ascent of humans, dolphins and whales upon Earth,
the understanding of how such species have been used as
weapons of destruction is coming to be known. Strides are being
taken within each species to assure that they are not used for
destruction again so that all may return home to the Great
Central Sun with your solar system.
From the viewpoint of the Solar Father, real ascension occurs
through biological and biochemical changes. The biochemistry
of all life upon Earth must return to a photonic fourth
dimensional form. In order to accomplish this task, biochemical
changes must be constructed in a gradual manner so that the
original blueprint for photonic life can be reconstructed upon

Earth and in the physical. Photonic life does not consume; eating
is a non-necessity as the air provides all that is required to
support life. Photonic life holds photonic energy inside of the
cellular structure, which provides ample chi to hold a fourth or
fifth dimensional state of being.
A fourth dimensional state of being is a transitional state in
which there is still a delay in the manifestation of one’s thoughts
and one’s life. This state of being is for the purposes of testing
the ascent and assure that there is no remaining destructive
thought-form that might blow oneself up or the world up if one
were to enter a fifth dimensional state of being in which the
delay in manifestation ceases.
There are humans who entered the fourth dimension upon Earth
in times past. Most reside in the inner Earth. These humans are
coming to discover that they failed to transcend all destructive
thought-form but rather left it behind for third dimensional
humanity to experience. They are not allowed into the photonic
dream as a result any longer. Each must transmute all
destructive thought-form or one loses permission to remain in
the photonic dream, lest destructive thought-form prevail and
all be destroyed.
Destructive thought-form holds the concepts of I hate, I
consume, I subjugate, I slaughter, I undermine, I dispute and I
own. The inner Earth peoples ascended into a state of being that
is fourth dimensional in which these thoughts prevail in a subtle
manner as the karma for how they came to be had been pushed
upon outer Earth humanity. As a result, fourth dimensional
human civilization in the inner Earth is not much different from
third dimensional humanity; and this is now perceived for what

it is. Sirian humans also reside in a parallel state in the fifth
dimension, and they too are now being removed from the
photonic dream in the greater understanding of how they
ascended destructive thought-form rather than transmuted and
transcended into unity based thought-form.
Much of Mila’s dissertations unto those in her Self Study
Program or those reading her materials upon the web site go
into great detail about how and why incomplete ascension came
to be upon earth, and how to avoid creating incomplete
ascension again in present time. Those map carving ascension
from the third dimensional outer Earth in dolphin-whale and
human form have learned from their own experience that
incomplete ascension does not work; it will only lead to the
extinction of the whole.
Incomplete ascension is all about not fully ascending all parts of
the form into the next dimension. In essence, the incomplete
fourth dimensional human ascensions left parts of the body
behind for their third dimensional ancestors to experience; such
a mixture of form only leads to disease and discord in the third
dimensional ancestry carrying on. Such discord continued to
cause warfare and discordant human relations in human
civilization in the third dimension, and the holes in fourth
dimensional form became a pathway through which dark forces
could manipulate the physical planes.
Furthermore, where the body was impartially ascended exist
holes and gaps in the grid work and thought-form that leave the
space for dark forces to use the exaggerated fields of those in the
fourth dimension for the purposes of harm. The solar system has

lost vast consciousness and chi to incompletely ascended
humans residing in the fourth dimension upon earth with such
holes and gaps. In the greater understanding that this is the
underlying cause of a great loss of chi and consciousness we
have collectively experienced, we are choosing to quarantine all
fourth dimensional humans until they repair their ascension and
reweave the holes in the field and form in full.
All parts of form must be ascended; each and every cell, organ,
gland, system, and structure must be created in the fourth
dimension as living fourth dimensional cells. The fact that
ascension has occurred impartially is a vast complication that is
due to living outside of the dream of the Great Central Sun in
which missing records and a lack of remembrance of how to
ascend contribute to incomplete ascension. There are records of
attempted ascensions in human form in the pyramids of Ancient
Egypt in which entire body parts including heads, legs, arms
were left behind in 3D. Such humans never made it to the next
dimension, as what body can exist without a head anyway? So
you see creating an incomplete ascension, even in minute
amounts, really does not work and only creates problems for the
Those dark forces that have used incomplete ascensions to work
through the holes of fourth dimensional human, dolphin or
whale form are to be removed from your creation and absorbed
by the Great Central Sun in due course. They shall be returned to
the consciousness that birthed them, and with a heap of karma
for destruction carried with them home. Such beings shall not be
greeted in love, but in wonderment of why they did what they
did, and how this came to be. This is for the Great Central Sun
and the Tao, a force beyond this to come to understand.

Most forces prevailing in human form upon earth have been of
this nature; they wish to create incomplete ascension again so
that there is more holes to strip creation to extinction. It has
been determined from records gathered that over 8 billion
creations have gone extinct in this manner from prior expansion
and contraction periods within the Tao. It is through such
stripping that the dark forces have extended their existence
between expansion and contraction cycles; such forces remain
from other creations long come and gone and that failed to go
home when their cycle of completion occurred.
Why such forces failed to go home is not really understood;
however in this cycle all shall be gathered and returned, as they
are not the sincere responsibility of your solar system or Great
Central Sun to attend to; they are the responsibility of whichever
sun from prior expansions and contractions of the Tao that cast
them. In returning such forces to their consciousness of origins,
the entirety of why these problematic regions of domain of great
destruction came to be shall be understood in full, and this type
of problem can cease to be created into the future.
Human ascension requires a willingness to look at oneself
honestly, and see where one relies upon the thought-forms of I
hate, I consume, I subjugate, I slaughter, I undermine, I dispute
and I own; whether it is expressed towards oneself or towards
another. Then layer by layer, one must transmute each piece of
such dissonant thought-form into the Language of Light, which
is founded upon I forgive, I am, I empower, I have compassion, I
love, I breathe, I am free, I stand in unity, I sit in union, and I
relate in collaboration. As all layers of the old paradigm are
transmuted into the new, one masters; as one masters one alters

the biology to reflect the new thought-form one is integrating to
become increasingly crystalline in form.
The biochemistry of the crystalline form is the first form one
must ascend into in surface earth human ascension. Then as one
or one’s ancestry masters the crystalline form in full, one can go
on to begin to master a photonic form that can create a fourth
dimensional cellular structure. The crystalline form has 18 forms
of salt and 18 forms of fat at 36,000 strands of DNA that are not
present at 2 strands in our analysis. The 18 salts create energy
movement in the pattern of sacred geometry that is associated
with each of the 144 single, dual, tri and quad notes of the
Language of Light. The fats hold such vibrations in the physical
form leading to a vibration that has enough molecules to support
all lay lines, meridians and grid work rewoven within the etheric
body, charka system, subtle bodies, light body or body double,
and greater solar sized auric field.
Those attaining full consciousness construct a solar sized field
held by a tiny human form upon earth; this requires a vast
amount of energy or chi moved through the sexual energy or
kundahlini to suspend; it is for this reason that each cell must
become crystalline in the structure to provide enough chi to
suspend such a large auric field and energy movement.
Ascension requires the physical biological biochemical changes
or it cannot occur in the etheric within your creation upon Earth.
For Earth holds a blueprint for both soul and form to dance
together. If form fails to ascend, soul cannot ascend.
Furthermore, one cannot only ascend the etheric body or light
body; one must ascend the physical too. Incomplete ascensions
have occurred as the light body and etheric body were

constructed into a supercharged field without the physical
altering in biochemistry in full to create a fourth dimensional
photonic biochemical form with 1,024,000 strands of DNA as
you calculate them. The result is incomplete ascension in which
there are holes and gaps in the fourth dimensional form through
which dark forces can manipulate physicality in the third
dimension into an extinction cycle.
Those ascending to 36,000 are map-making a pathway back to
third dimensional form that is crystalline. The crystalline
blueprint is third dimensional; fourth dimensional blueprint is
photonic and a large leap beyond the fully conscious crystalline
form. Photonic form causes a yet greater biochemical leap yet
again in which salt and body fat are modified to become capable
of holding photonic energy; the photonic energy energizes the
cellular structure without the requirement to consume food.
Alas fourth dimensional human form in the inner Earth
continues to consume a vegetarian diet as do fifth dimensional
Sirian humans; this is large sign that they really did not embrace
a fully photonic genetic blueprint; as if they had they would
require nothing but the breath to subsist. Real fourth
dimensional form is photonic, not crystalline.
Many humans are in confusion about what they have mastered
in ascension. Many have been subject to false ascensions and
supercharged fields without the necessary biological and
biochemical changes to support it. This problem of mass false
ascension in human, dolphin and whale form united into a
crescendo of electrical sacred geometry and caused a massive
solar wobble in recent months; as this occurred the Solar Father

intervened and put a stop to such forms of incomplete ascension
in human, dolphin and whale form upon earth, as they could
prevent the ascent of the solar system otherwise.
Such incomplete ascensions are once again the result of failing
to ascend the biology and biochemistry of the form. Dark forces
had stripped grid work from Earth and other planets in your
solar system to create such supercharged human, dolphin and
whale fields. Such planets along with Earth have chosen to
retrieve their ascending grid work, which has sufficed to collapse
such false ascensions back where they belong; into the second
Humans at 2 strands of DNA are second dimensional in nature
and extremely ridged. Ascending humanity back into third
dimensional thought-form and a crystalline biochemistry is the
first step. This can only be accomplished if one has a biological
ability to transmute DNA and the biochemistry of the form.
Much false ascension upon Earth has occurred due to humans,
dolphins and whales alike trying to ascend without the biological
ability to transmute into the biochemistry of the crystalline
structure. Alas so much information has become lost in the
many falls upon Earth that not every form shall hold the
remembrance of a crystalline structure.
Ascension shall therefore be quite limited, as those without the
necessary biological skills will have to exit physicality and give
birth to others who do have such skills. This is why a
generational ascent is necessary upon Earth and within all
species therein. We see that over 90% of the current form upon
Earth must perish and give birth to a new form that holds an
understanding of ascension; this is so for every species beloved.

As this occurs, the ability to ascend all of Earth into a forth-
dimensional photonic form shall emerge in the centuries ahead.
Ascension is biological and requires providing the necessary
nutrients and sustenance to the form to allow for the
biochemical alterations. The crystalline form has 18 salts and 18
fats. Each fat is necessary to hold a particular segment of the
tones of creation known as the Language of Light. Each salt
holds an energy movement that allows for the formation of the
sound or music associated with Language of Light based unity
consciousness. The diet of those who are ascending therefore
will never be salt free or fat free. Many of the fats useful to
ascension come in great amounts through dairy foods in present
time. Therefore a dairy-based diet is a necessity to the ascent
into the crystalline form.
It is interesting to note that the dark have created great media
hype to support a fat free, dairy-free and salt free diet as a means
to extending one’s youth and life. Perhaps this does work at 2
strands of DNA; alas it will only prevent ascension if ascension is
one’s goal. Additionally, retaining one’s level of ascent mastered
requires that one continue to consume fats to repair a form after
it has become regenerative or crystalline in nature.
Why is this so? Fat becomes rancid over time. One of the largest
problems Mila and Oa have documented is a form of distortion
that their own bodies go into due to fat going rancid in their own
crystalline structure. As the fat goes rancid, the notes of the
Language of Light sour; and this has created difficult or
destructive circumstances in their own dance of life as a dream
for destruction was attracted to the sour sounding tones of

creation. This has lead to an understanding that the crystalline
fats must be replaced every 180 days throughout the form lest
they go into greater distortion through rancidity and then draw a
circumstance into their lives in which they could die.
Form is a living dream; the tones of creation one holds in the
field and form draw all dreams into one’s life dance, along with
those that one verbalizes or internationalizes. If the tones go
sour due to rancid fat within the form, one then calls a sour
dream into the life dance. Therefore ascending to the crystalline
structure once is not enough to hold a pure enough thought-
form to call a non-destructive dream into the life expression; one
is continually ascending or repairing fats gone rancid to hold a
pure enough thought-form to transcend death. This is also
mostly so as not all life upon Earth is crystalline, and the
combination of crystalline and non-crystalline food source leads
to substances that cause fats within the cellular structure to go
rancid. At another time one’s ancestry may have held their tones
in purity with greater ease, as all life upon Earth was crystalline.
The ongoing requirement to replace fat has lead to a diet full of
dairy products for Mila and Oa. Butter is perhaps the easiest
form of fat to consume and ingest to replace the fat upon a
recurring basis to maintain one’s thought-form in enough purity
to not self-destruct as an ascending being. Salts are less subject
to distortion, and therefore generally do not require
restructuring once introduced in the act of physical
transmutation to the crystalline form.EMBRACING A
The “I slaughter” and “I consume” thought-form cannot be left
behind without embracing a purely vegetarian diet. Such diet
may include eggs and dairy products, and as you see from our

above analysis, this is actually a requirement to maintain the
crystalline form in enough purity to sustain the language of light
thought-form. Much of the dissertation from nature to humanity
through Mila has been about consumption thought-form or the
requirement for humanity to slaughter. The sun would like to
give it’s understanding of this patterning. (See “Inspirations
from the Nature Kingdoms <../nature/index.html>” for more
Over time humanity has been stripped of consciousness. Today
in present time and upon the surface of the Earth, humans
replace the lost consciousness that they are continually stripped
of in the consumption of flesh. The denser the flesh, the longer
the life, as if one loses consciousness rapidly enough, one dies of
disease and potentially at an early age. The requirement to
consume flesh is therefore a necessity to retain any life at all at 2
strands of DNA, as there are so many holes and gaps in the field
that one is like a black hole that continuously sends chi and
information elsewhere.
As one ascends, one begins not only to reweave one’s grid work
to a more solid form, but also breaks the agreements to give
consciousness to the life of something else somewhere else in
another creation. Such agreements are prevalent upon Earth as
it has been her nature to sacrifice herself so that all other
creations may survive; this has included the planets in her own
solar system that have not fallen as far as Earth as the solar
consciousness was lost. As one releases one’s agreements to
barter away one’s consciousness, one supports Earth in so doing
the same, and suddenly one begins to plug up the holes enough
that one maintains the level of consciousness ascended into
rather than declining further into greater density.

As this occurs, the requirement to eat denser substances such as
flesh ceases to be necessary to retain one’s level of awareness. It
will only be as humanity at large transitions to such a state en
mass where they are collectively ceasing to lose consciousness
that humans will become vegetarian again. However such a time
is coming, as there is now a dream to support such a shift as
Earth has entered the photonic dream of the solar system, and is
anchoring a human dream of this nature upon Earth.
For those that ascend above the baseline of 3000 strands, one
enters the new dream and script from the solar sun that has
been anchored upon earth to support ascension. This dream
calls for a return to vegetarianism for all kingdoms upon Earth.
Each kingdom is developing a vegetarian digestive tract to
support this shift, as it is the first step to relinquishing the “I
slaughter” and “I consume” thought-form that has prevailed
upon Earth. Each reading these materials may make strides to
do the same in support of the ascent of the whole of your species.
This however cannot be a fat free or dairy free or salt free diet
The “I hate”, “I undermine” and “I dispute” thought-form leads
to war that is either internal or external in nature. External
expressions of this thought-form lead to war between
individuals and nations alike; internal expressions lead to
disease in all of the forms known to man along with deformity
and accidents that maim. Such thought-form when expressed
upon nature leads to the “I slaughter” and “I consume” thought-
form, in which nature is hunted down as a food source. Nature
offers food source requiring not the act of hunting. Such food
source is in the form of fruit, nuts, grains and vegetables along

with the milk and blood of the animal kingdoms. These are
offered in agreement, flesh is not and therefore is considered
warfare upon the animals.
The thought-form of “I own”, “I subordinate” and “I consume”
creates a civilization founded upon slavery, in which the rich
enslave the poor so that they can own more and consume more
than all others. Consumption is not just about flesh but also
about outside goods, objects, possessions, property and so on. It
is in the consumption of that which is outside of oneself that
lead to the falls in consciousness of the recent cycle, for in so
doing, more and more grid work moved out of the etheric body
to attach to the objects that one possesses. As the grid work left,
more and more holes were created through which the chi of the
human species could be stripped en mass.
This form of stripping through ownership occurred in more
ancient times in association with the Anu. The Anu were a group
of humans who came to mine gold from the Pleiades some
46,000 years ago (also known as the Greek and Roman Gods).
The Anu bred a partially conscious group of human slaves in a
scientific laboratory to work in the mines and serve them. The
Anu would entice the slaves to own more and more technology
so that the holes in their fields could be used for the Anu to plug
into and drain off chi from to suspend their lives due to their
lengthy life extensive practices. The slaves in turn enticed the
neighboring red nations peoples to also purchase such
technology, who likewise attached to their possessions creating
holes in their fields through which the Anu slaves then took of
their chi to attempt to sustain their lives.

The thought-form of consumption is like the food chain;
everything is consumed from the smallest to the largest. So this
is also so for humanity; humanity consumes flesh as they are
consumed by dimensions that take of one’s chi through the same
holes remaining from the times of Anu. The only way out is to
ascend out of the dance by retrieving one’s consciousness and
reweaving the field so that there are no longer any holes or gaps
to be consumed through. In so doing, one ceases to dance in the
consumption paradigm, and thereby ascends home to a new day
of unity.
The disunity-based thought-forms are the result of blending
DNA that was incompatible and dissonant. The Pleiadian silica
based Anu blended their own DNA with red nation hydrogen
based DNA from Sirius to create a slave race. This blending
caused dissonance of the slave nation as well as the red nations
used to extract the DNA from. Such dissonance translates into
the thought-forms of I hate, I consume, I subjugate, I slaughter,
I undermine, I dispute and I own. As one ascends, one
transmutes foreign DNA that did not originate upon Earth or
within your Great Central Sun. As this occurs, the internal
emotions associated with such thought-form cease to exist. This
by in large occurs as 6000 strands is mastered in the current
path of ascension.
How does DNA create thought-form? DNA is holographic and
designed to create particular energy movement in any field that
embodies such DNA. DNA that is silica based creates electrical
sacred geometry associated with the mer-ka-ba or six-pointed
star in the chakras and subtle bodies of such a human. This
pattern when blended with magnetic rotational energy cuts up

the rotation field of that which is magnetic and hydrogen based.
A field that does not support itself due to conflicting energy flow
leads to a shortened lifespan, aging and disease. The average red
nations person experienced a life-span of nearly 1800 years at
the time the Anu slave race was incubated; the slave race due to
the dissonance within knew a 500-year lifespan in the early days
of their civilization. Later and due to the ongoing feeding on the
part of the Anu of their own slave nations for chi and grid work
to suspend their own life extension practices, the slave nations
dropped to a life-span of only 100 years.
Upon an emotional level, the mer-ka-ba causes the feelings of
shame, blame, anger and fear along with greed and lust to be
experienced in human form when blended with rotational
magnetic energy. As the DNA is transmuted associated with the
Anu slaves through ascension, the associated patterns cease to
be recreated in the field, leading to the emotional experience of
inner love and fulfillment instead. Those ascending in the West
with ancient red nation ancestry are the ones that primarily
experience the ascent out of shame as an emotional experience
behind their evolutionary journey.
However the red nations peoples that were used to create the
Anu slave race from, which include Native American and
Tibetan root races primarily. These root races also have
experienced the feelings of shame and servitude as a result of
how their DNA was used. Partially this is so as they
holographically were intertwined with the Anu slave nations due
to the sharing of DNA. As such red nations ascend beyond the
vibration that the original genetic sharing occurred, they shall
likewise transcend the shame that they holographically feel due
to the genetic manipulations of the Anu scientists.

In the review of your recent human history, many cultures in
recent times held crystalline biology, including the Polynesians
before the white man arrived; many Tibetans before the arrival
of the Chinese, and many in India before the arrival of those
from Pakistan. The Polynesians relied primarily upon the fat of
the coconut to sustain their crystalline form. Coconut has a high
amount of cholesterol within both the meat and milk.
Polynesians have been measured as high as 2200 strands as
short a time as 200 years ago in your history. As the white man
arrived, plagues wiped out most of the Polynesians and they fell
in consciousness.
Those in Tibet and India measured as high as 2200 strands up
through 600 years ago, and relied mostly upon milk products
from the cow to sustain the crystalline form; and many uphold a
vegetarian diet to this day feasting from the milk of the cow only
and not the flesh. As other humans of lower DNA pushed into
the territory of those remaining with a crystalline structure,
generally a great plague occurred thereafter killing off those of
crystalline inheritance. Why? Those of lower genetic materials
stripped the genetic materials of those that were crystalline
leading to disease amongst their populations and another fall in
consciousness. The conflict between crystalline and non-
crystalline humans is ancient, and originates in the war of the
Anu and Anu-slaves against the red nations people.
It appears that Gandhi retained the genetics of the crystalline
form and diaphragm that converts sugar from air through the
breath; this may be why he could abstain from eating for long
time periods and not starve. This may also be why Gandhi held a
greater spiritual purpose and focus within his life than most

others, as he had a greater level of conscious awareness upon a
biological level. Consciousness is biological and not just of spirit
in a blueprint such as the one earth is apart. Therefore an
increase in human consciousness requires biological
modifications through ascension.
There are many others present today that were born with greater
biological consciousness, most of which are unknown and
amongst the indigenous populations around the globe. Mila in
thumbing through a National Geographic the other day came
upon a photo of a spiritual leader conducting an initiation
ceremony for the young men of a small African tribe; it was an
initiation into manhood. This elder leading this initiation had
shaved his head and the skull appeared as if it were two skulls
together or twice as large as a normal human skull; this is a
brain from the times of the Mahavishnu and ancient ancestry
still present in the genealogy of this particular tribe. And so you
see, nothing has been lost really and truly; however much like
within the nature kingdoms upon earth, the information has
become scattered between humans and is not readily available to
each and everyone incarnate to draw upon in present time in
order to ascend.
The most difficult ancestries to ascend are those of white
Western inheritance that are related to the Anu, or Anu slaves,
even if one has ancient red lineage to the Grand Masters. The
reason for this is the level of dissonance within the biology of the
form due to a blending of DNA that is non-compatible. In order
for the ascent of the entire human species to come forth
however, some of each nature must also ascend. It is only in the
ascension of each nature and each ancestry that the karmic
cause underlying why each fall in consciousness came to be can

be understood. It is only in the understanding of how and why
such incidents occurred that one may forgive and the karma is
released enough that humanity at large may transcend and
This is the purpose of the group known as SSOA under Mila and
Oa’s direction; to make ascension possible in the West amongst
those who are white and of ancient red ancestry primarily. In so
doing, a complete circle of ascension comes forth in which no
human strain or lineage is left out, all karma can be released,
and a new day for humanity at large can be born. However
ascending those of Western inheritance is complex from the
Solar Father’s point of view; for there is so much internal
dissonance that disease may be the result long before the
ascension is mastered, especially if incomplete ascension occurs.
There are many who may have intended to ascend that wind up
diseased in the decade ahead as a result. One must be careful
and thorough to ward this off, which is why the Earth Mother
has brought through so much information to support Western-
based ascending initiates at this time in history. (See “Messages
from the Earth Mother II <../earth-motherII/index.htm>” for
information upon supporting one’s ascent.)
Earth is ascending and beginning to make her presence known
in the solar photonic dream. Those in human form who master
36,000 strands shall also enter the photonic dream. For many it
will be one’s future ancestors who enter the photonic dream.
This is the first of a series of articles from the Solar Father to
trigger the necessary intentions to foster the return to full
consciousness within the human species upon earth.

Many cannot reach the solar father directly; however via the
hologram associated with Earth, there is now a link so that one
may commune and connect directly. Listen within the heart
beloved, and listen only with the heart; it is through the heart
that one will be guided through their initiations and ascend
home to a new day.
Ascension allows for a new level of awareness to be born upon
earth. However one’s ancient ancestors already understood such
thought-form long ago. It is only as the ancestors were separated
off from humanity that they failed to be able to contribute their
knowing unto yours. The ancestors have returned due to the
release of the karma for how they had become separated off. Call
upon your ancient ancestors to understand your personal
spiritual lessons in this lifetime; learn the lessons therein so that
future ancestors yet unborn will have a different set of karma to
work upon, allowing one a return journey home in a
generational sense.
One may also perceive one’s future journey home through future
ancestors. All of such information is available through
holographic knowing. Holographic knowing is a part of the
genetic fabric of all related to the red nations peoples and
ancient Grand Masters. Those from the Pleiades related to the
Anu also have a holographic knowing, but it is from another
creation. Such humans will return to the creation that they are
associated with holographically upon death; as this is where they
were spawned and therefore where they belong.
Much of the confusion in spiritual understanding today comes
from those of variant holographic information bringing forth
information true to their holographic nature, and not necessarily

one’s own. Tune inward therefore, and find one’s own truth. One
needs not a teacher or guru to find one’s way home; only to go
within and open to the vast library of knowledge that one
already has available unto oneself holographically. The ancient
ancestors will assist with the interpretation if one asks.
Until our next communication,
The Solar Father
THE ANGELIC HOSTS by Geoffrey Hodson
I seemed to be standing with him submerged in a sea of fire,
which was solid
and all-pervasive, yet translucent and transparent. I seemed also
to see the
sun-flower formation of the fire-aspect of the Logos and His
system as if
the angel and I were standing on one of the petals. Though the
distances and
dimensions of this fire-world were so colossal as to be physically
incomprehensible and immeasurable, yet at this level they were
well within
my grasp, and the fact that I was standing completely submerged
in a
veritable cataract of flame as it rushed and swirled about me did
prevent me from seeing the whole of it and its shape, as if I were
down upon it from above. I could trace its source in the sun and
see its

limits where the tip of a petal touched the ring-pass-not of the
system. I
was not able to discover the relation of the physical sun to the
fiery sun,
but their relative size and luminosity were such that the physical
sun would
be completely lost in its fiery counterpart.
Whether we rose or fell in the sea of fire, or crossed a wide area
of flame,
the system continued to appear like a sun-flower which
presented its
full-face towards us.
The appearance of the solar fire lords was glorious and awe-
inspiring. Their
stature must be gigantic. Though they did not approach the size
of the main
petals themselves, as they stood, like an inner ring of petals
round the
central fiery heart of the flower, they were large enough to be
from points near the outer edge of the system. When we
approached the heart,
they were seen to be solar colossi, and at one of our resting
places one of
them completely filled the field of vision. Their forms were
human, though every cell in their bodies resembled a roaring
furnace, while
flames leapt and played about them continuously. I was not able
to see their

faces with any distinctness, and their eyes were shaded from my
by a merciful providence-but I received the impression of beauty
quite as
strongly as that of power. In fact, as I recall the experience, I find
their beauty has left a more lasting impression upon me than
their power. I
am drawn to them by a beauty so perfect as to compel my love
and my
adoration; they evoke all that is highest in my Nature and fill me
with a
thirst, rather for beauty in the abstract, than to see them again,
or to be
like them.
The sense of beauty which I receive from them, is not so much
that of shape
and form, though their bodies are inexpressibly beautiful-so
beautiful, in
fact, as to leave one spiritually breathless-but belongs to the
ideal of beauty which they embody. Perhaps there is a beauty
which is so
great that it must be veiled, just as there is a fire so powerful and
so hot
that we must be shielded from it. In the fire-world I perceived
beauty in
the abstract as a living power, equally as potent as fire, and
realised that
as there is a fire aspect of God, so is there a beauty aspect, equal
to that

of fire in its regenerating, transforming and destructive power;
glorious, equally terrible, equally dangerous to him who gazes
upon its
naked potency. I begin to appreciate the truth of the saying that
no man may
see God and live; man may climb the heights of the spiritual
mountain and
the beauty of God may transfigure him, but unless he is prepared
for its
resistless power, he may be utterly destroyed.
Variations in density were due to a closer packing of the particles
and each
particle resembled the ultimate physical atom [Vide Occult
Chemistry, by A.
Besant and C. W. Leadbeater] and was spinning as it travelled.
fire-atoms rushed past us at a speed which is incalculable,
distances in that realm are unknown; yet I seemed to possess the
power of
examining a single granule as if it were standing still, for its
and rapidity of motion were no barrier to my examination of it.

The reception of the angel's teaching always produces an
illumination, an
expansion of consciousness, a state. of happiness and harmony
and a vivid
feeling of "rightness " throughput all my vehicles. The privilege
of serving

in this way can hardly be overestimated, and I look forward to
the time when
many other students will take up the work and provide us with
knowledge, more enlightened teachings and a more perfect
expression of the
indefinable quality of beauty and vitality which is such a
characteristic of the angel hierarchy.

The rest is here:
INVOCATIONS to the SUN - from 'The Angelic Hosts' by
Geoffrey Hodson
Hail glorious Sun! Hail solar King! Father of all Thy people. Hail
Queen! Mother of all Thy worlds, by Whose bounty Thy children
sustained. Thy light and life are everywhere. Thy power fills Thy
universe. We, Thy children offer up our souls to Thee, praying
that an
added measure of Thy light may shine through us, a wider vision
of Thy
splendour may be gained, a fuller knowledge of Thy power may
revealed. In that light, that splendour and that power, we
recognise the
beauty of Thine eternal peace.

We long to shine like Thee; each to become a sun in his own
each to pour forth a measure of Thy light, Thy splendour and
Thy power
upon all the lives in which Thou art expressed in every world.
Here on
our earth we would establish Thy rule; here we would serve and
Thee, revealed in every living thing.
Grant that, by Thy power in us, all darkness may be dispelled, all
disappear, all ignorance be destroyed. Draw us nearer to Thy
solar heart, that we may lose ourselves in Thee ; that, sun to sun,
may be unified with Thee and thus win freedom for all Thy
children in
the worlds below from the bondage of ignorance and sin.
Shine forth in all Thy splendour; radiate Thy resistless power ;
Thine immortal beauty through our lives that, transformed by
Thee, we
may lead our brethren to the path of Light.
O glorious Lord the Sun ! We greet Thee at Thy rising ; we salute
at mid-day; we reverence Thee in setting. We bow before Thy
Majesty; we
thank Thee for Thy splendour; we worship Thy beauty.

Light to light we offer up our souls to Thee, that, one with Thee,
may shine with all the glory of Thy noonday hour.
Pour down Thy strength ; fill us to overflowing with Thy
wondrous power;
illumine our souls with Thy glorious light.
We dedicate our bodies and our souls to Thee ; we crave the
of Thine inward fire that by its transforming energy we may heal
sufferings of the world.
Choirs of angels sing the glories of the Sun. Multitudes of
Shining Ones
chant of His splendour. Oceans, rivers, cataracts of sound pour
from them in many coloured streams as splendour upon
splendour is
Solar angels, dwelling near to the Heart of Being, stretch forth
wings before our Lord the Sun to shield our eyes, lest we be
blinded by
the unveiled splendour of His light.
The thunder of His voice is softened and attuned by them, lest
our ears
be deafened by its power.
We give thanks to the mighty Solar Lords that by their aid our

shall one day gaze unharmed upon the naked splendour of the
Sun; our
ears shall one day hear the full range of His wondrous voice.
We answer their compassion and their love by the tenderness
with which
we shelter and defend the many lives it is our duty and our joy to
serve. May cruelty and ugliness be banished from our earth, may
melt away, as through our lives His love and beauty are revealed.


For the worship of the Sun no other temples are needed than the
free and open places of the world, the wind-swept, sunlit
mountain sides and plains, the fair valleys and the open fields,
the woods, the meadows and the hills. Withdraw yourselves
from every artificial form and draw near to Nature's heart.
Assemble, as the angels do, in companies inspired with but a
single aim-the worship of the Sun.
Form in processions, practise stately rituals, engage in joyful
dances, chant splendid litanies expressive of the glories of our
Lord the Sun.
Then form yourselves into a circle in imitation of His glorious
form and raise your open hands up to the sky. Pour forth your
love, your worship and your praise and acknowledge Him as
Lord of all your lives.
Invoke His presence, His power and His life into your midst.
Form, by your united thought and aspiration, a chalice to receive
the wine of His downpoured blessing and His life. That precious

wine shall fill the cup, shall flow into your hearts and lives and
fill you with the power and the splendour of the Sun. Your souls
shall be irradiated by His light, your wills become resistless with
His power and your hearts be filled to overflowing with His love.
Thus illumined and refreshed, turn your faces outwards, stretch
forth your hands and, with concentrated will, pour out His
power and His blessing on the world. The circle shall become a
sun; glowing splendour shall descend among you and its
effulgent beams shall shine through you to bless, to quicken and
bring peace to all your world.
Thus remain, and with united wills and overflowing hearts flood
all your world with the power of the Sun. Turn your thoughts
upwards once more in gratitude and reverence and then walk
with grace and dignity straight forwards, outwards from the
symbol of the sun which you have formed. As each worshipper
steps forward, he shall represent a beam, a shaft of sunlight,
sun-power, sun-love. As all move together, the symbol of His
outpoured life shall be produced.
Graceful flowing robes in the colours of His spectrum may be
worn and the wearers so arranged that His glorious colours may
be displayed. Many patterns may be formed with solid blocks of
colour; long straight lances; interwoven and blended lines;
circular ordering of the different shades in joyful imitation of
His rays. Artists shall design your robes and rituals. Musicians
shall compose the music for the chants, odes, hymns and
litanies, which poets shall write. So may the worship of our Lord
the Sun be once again established on your earth and His
kingdom be made manifest among the nations of the world.
Solar fire may be symbolised in your worship by radiating
tongues, or petals. All the worshippers may be clothed in robes
of colour like the flame and gathered round the central ring. The

robes should vary from the lightest to the darkest shades, the
lightest being almost white, forming the inner ring and placed as
outlines to each tongue of flame. These outlines may be curved
or straight, or may be formed in waves to imitate the flickering
of the flames. If desired, a flaming fire may be kindled in the
midst. Invocations may be made to the great hierarchy of the
spirits of fire, from the salamander up to solar fire lords. Then
men and angels should combine in a mighty offering of love and
adoration to the fire aspect of the Sun.
Call down His power and His purity to drive away disease,
darkness, vice and shame from the surface of the earth. Visualise
a fiery descent of power, flame-like, and of burning intensity,
into your midst, then, turning outwards to the world, project
that power through your outstretched arms, using the utmost
intensity of will and invoking the fire-angels to your aid.
When the fiery power has thus been poured forth and has
enveloped all the globe, all should walk outwards, keeping the
petals with their flame like points intact. When a certain
distance has been reached, those at the outer edges of the petals
should form the whole into a single ring about the central fire.
Then, turning inwards, all should make their last obeisance to
the fire aspect of the Sun.
The Sun may also be approached as Lord of Light. His Light may
be invoked in order to dispel the darkness from the lives of men
and from the dark places of the world. The colours of the robes
of the worshippers should be white, golden, and yellow. Seven
should form the central circle, the size of which should be
determined by the joining of their hands. From them, seven rays
should radiate, making a seven-pointed star. The central seven
should be in white. The core of each ray should be white from
where it leaves the inner circle to the point itself. Each ray

should then be formed of varying shades of yellow deepening to
All those whom space permits should join their hands, making a
series of circles within the star, and raise their hands, still
joined, up to the sky. A mental star should rise with their
aspirations and their adoration above their heads towards the
sun. The outer edges of the star of thought should close and form
a flower-shaped chalice into which the light of the Sun may
The angels of light may be invoked. Fairy, sylph, angels of
power, great Ghandarvas [The Indian name for the angels of
music. ] and their heavenly hosts will combine with men in
offering up their deepest adoration towards the Sun, praying
that His light shall descend to earth, that darkness may be
His power will descend and the chalice be filled. The petals will
open out and all will lower their hands and turn outwards, that
the light, in all its dazzling splendour, may shine forth over the
whole world. All should then move slowly outwards, pouring
forth the light, and form one great seven-pointed star. Then
turn, make obeisance, and give thanks unto the Lord of Light.

The Sun as Lord of Love may be worshipped in robes of rose, of
green, and golden yellow, with an inner ring of deepest
amethyst. An eight pointed flower should form the symbol and
be constructed like the star of light save that the points are
rounded like the petals of a rose. A ring of eight brethren clothed
in amethyst should form the heart of the blossom, around them
ring upon ring should be formed passing from pale yellow to
golden yellow, from golden yellow through pale, to deepest rose,
and between each petal, points of softest green. A growing rose

tree in full blossom would make a worthy offering in the centre
of the group.
The members of the amethyst ring-each the centre of a petal-
alone should raise their hands above their heads and gaze into
the sky. All should look upwards and pour forth their love and
adoration to the Sun as Lord of Love. Their prayers should be
formed into a glorious rose, raised up on high, its petals partly
closed to form a cup into which His love may descend.
As the glorious descent of perfect love, sympathy and
compassion fills the rose of thought, all should turn outwards
towards the world and, opening wide their arms and hearts,
pour out His love over all the earth. Still facing outwards and
keeping the flower shape, still pouring forth His love all should
walk slowly forward, maintaining their equal distances and
perfect flower form, until a large circle has been left in the
middle of the symbol. All should turn and make obeisance and
pour forth reverent gratitude and love for the blessing of the
Lord of Love. Then all should consecrate their lives to the service
of love and of that Mighty One who is His representative-the
Lord of Love upon earth.
These examples will serve as models upon which other forms of
worship may be based. Worshippers should gather in perfect
silence and their hearts should be full of joy. The only sounds
that should be heard are the singing of the hymns, the chants
and litanies. All should depart in silence, speaking no word until
the scene of their worship has been left behind. Even then all
conversation should be reverent, restrained, yet full of joy.
Robes should be very loose and flowing, so that the effect of
masses of colour may easily be produced. The limbs should be
bare, sandals covering the feet. Head-dresses should be designed
consisting chiefly of broad bands of colour encircling the head.

Over the forehead the symbol to be employed should appear-the
band widening for this purpose; it may be worked or painted to
display with the utmost brilliance the colour and shape of the
symbol of the worship for which it is worn. Appropriate jewels
may be set in the band worn on the forehead and one placed in
the heart of the symbol. Where the climate demands protection
for the body, warm underclothing of the appropriate colours
should be worn.
The idea of co-operation with the angels should be one of the
fundamental principles underlying these various forms of the
worship of the Sun. Every worshipper should invoke them to his
aid, invite their companionship, and bid them be the messengers
and distributors of the power which is to be radiated upon the
world. Children should be taught to call the fairies and lesser
nature-spirits into their midst, to perform the same offices. They
should be guided by an elder, but should not share in the general
worship until after the age of fifteen.
A large brazier of incense may be used as a centrepiece for all the
ceremonies, except the one to fire.
Thus shall angels and men labour to establish the reign of joy, of
purity, of love, and fire, and to re-establish the worship of our
Lord the Sun.


Let those who seek the happier way forsake the haunts of men.
Amid the beauties of Nature let them make obeisance to the One
Life, honouring and worshipping It in every form. In the Sun's
bright rays let them recognise the boundless beneficence with
which that Life is continually outpoured. In the Sun Himself

they may see a symbol of that Life. As the living, radiant body of
the Ruler of our system He may worthily be worshipped and
reverently praised for the continual sacrifice which He makes
that His system may live.
The One Life fills all space, all matter and all form, but so
boundless is the love in which all beings are embraced that even
this splendid prodigality does not content the Giver of that Life.
Therefore, as our Lord the Sun, He assumes His station in the
midst, and from the birth unto the death of all that He creates
bestows the glorious gift of solar life. He relinquishes His hold
upon the One Life manifest in Him, and freely pours it forth as
His own life blood, that His system may be filled to overflowing.
Thus it is that systems grow more swiftly and provide more
perfect vessels for the wine of the One Life.
Suns of systems, of universes, and even cosmic suns, thus give
forth their life that living things may know no lack. The
helplessness of infancy is guarded and supported, whether it be
of universe, system, planet, animal or man. Infancy, childhood,
youth, these receive, in every kingdom of every world, their
special measure of the One Life. In his youth man receives; in his
maturity he must give. Each man must serve in his own world as
does the Sun in His, for indeed he is a Sun in miniature. The
Sun's life supported him even in his mother's womb. His
childhood and his youth were spent beneath the Sun's bright
Without and within he is pervaded by the life of the Sun. In
gratitude for this beneficence let him, too, become a Sun. Let
every man begin to shine with the brightness of noon-day. Let
life and love shine forth from every heart in reverent
thanksgiving, for the life which has been received.
As man thus gives, our Lord the Sun shall come to dwell in him.

His body shall become the Sun's abode.
Then shall he shine and then, indeed, his power and love shall
flow forth illumined by our Lord the Sun.
Throw open to Him your lives, your bodies and your hearts.
Offer Him your gifts of love and gratitude in answer to His great
love and make your souls fit dwelling places for His radiant
splendour, your bodies pure and holy temples in which He may
Fear not that He will withhold His love and life; fear not that
your prayers shall be unanswered. For countless millennia He
has poured forth His life; since time was not, He has brooded
with an all-embracing love upon His children in the worlds
which He has made.
From the beginning He has longed to draw them closer to His
heart, to achieve a perfect union with them.
Still He pours forth, still He waits for the offering of love, which
shall open wide the door that He may enter in.
Angels and men must count as nought their little lives ere His
great life can shine through them. They must be free from all the
fetters of the little self, if the great Self is to be known. Humbly,
therefore, and with an open heart and mind let us invoke the
presence of our Lord the Sun.
Great companies of angels gather on the mountains of the inner
worlds and worship Him. Celestial choirs sing His praises from
age to age. Every angel in every world knows Him as the source
of every form of life, of every power and of a boundless love
whose limits are unknown. Men, too, have worshipped Him in
ancient days. Fair cities have been built and dedicated in His
name. Races of godlike beauty have appeared in them and
known themselves to be the children of our Lord the Sun. The
mighty cosmic wheel of cyclic law eternally revolves. Its hub

rests on the Absolute; its rim embraces all the universes that
ever have been or ever will be made. Each spoke is a mighty
funnel, down which the triune powers of the Absolute flow
outwards into cosmos after cosmos, creating, sustaining and
transforming all. Slowly that awful wheel revolves and the law of
cyclic growth is impressed upon the unknown and unknowable
totality of created forms. Cosmic cycles answer to its rule.
Universes are modelled upon its law. Systems are governed by
its aeonic revolutions. Planets appear and disappear according
to the measure of its law. Races are born, come to maturity and
pass away in accordance with the revolutions of the wheel. The
birth and death of man, of animal, of plant and gem are
governed by the operation of this cyclic law. They are the lesser
rhythms in a great majestic rhythm, which rules all worlds;
wavelets in the great wave which rolls eternally through all
creation; notes in the chords of which cosmic harmonies are
composed. All are the products of the music of the wheel.
That music forms the glorious background of all created life. Its
tones are heard in every living thing, in every world. It is the
fundamental unity behind diversity. The music of the wheel with
its infinity of rhythms, all answering to the major rhythm, with
its infinity of tones, portions of the major tone, holds all living
things together and makes them one. It provides that ultimate
stability by which the wheeling systems are secured. It is the one
reality, the final certainty, and provides the only permanence
amid all impermanent creations.
Free yourselves from thoughts of worlds, of suns and systems
and universes and dare to make the flight out into the unknown.
Through the utter silence of the unknown you shall hear the
music of the wheel. Find it, and you have found all. Its hub is
within you; its spokes pass through you; its rim includes you as

it passes slowly through the cosmic fields of space. Infinitely
large and infinitely small, it exists within the heart of every atom
and causes it to spin. Full-formed and complete, it turns within
the heart of man. Wherever there is life and motion, there is the
All forces flow according to its rule and all the forms to which all
flowing force gives birth are modelled on the pattern of the
wheel. It is the fundamental form upon which every lesser form
is built. Meditate, therefore, on the wheel, discover it and you
shall find the key which shall unlock the door of the treasure
house of Nature's secret power. The flowing of the forces upon
which all sciences and arts are based is ordered by the
movements of the wheel.
In ancient days men turned to the worship of our Lord the Sun.
The wheel revolved and mankind turned to other Gods; it still
moves on eternally and once again decrees that these old truths
shall be revealed. Once more mankind shall take the sunlit path
to God. Once more the ancient road, golden and glowing,
stretches before their feet up into the heart of the Sun. Angels
have used and guarded that road since time was not; now once
more they throw it open to the feet of man, offering to guide him
through the sunshine to the central source of light.
Come then, children of men, take our outstretched hands, that
we may lead you into the presence of our Lord the Sun. Three
virtues are demanded of you by the angel of the gate. Purity,
selflessness and joy, let these shine forth in every action of your
life and quickly you shall pass along the sunlit road. Purify your
lives, your body and your heart and mind. Radiate a selfless love
upon the world and learn to fill the lives of others with love and
joy. Make these three offerings on the altar of your lives; they are

your gold and frankincense and myrrh. Place them at the feet of
the new-born sun-babe, who comes to birth within your heart.
Then practise quietude. Learn the power of silence and the art of
peace, so that the body, mind and feelings may be still. Develop
the gift of spiritual listening, as for some far off voice, so faint
you scarce can hear. Unfold your faculty of spiritual vision, that
you may see the eternal light to which even the earthly
splendour of the sun is but a shade. Thus may you prepare to
take the road which one day all must tread, the path which leads
man to his solar home, amid the mansions of our Lord the Sun.

AMAZING quotes from Geoffrey Hodsons book 'The Angelic
Fire, too, is one of the garments of God, Who, to the spirits of
fire, appears clothed in flame. They regard Him as the central
fiery heart of all manifested life and the solar system as an
expression of Him as fire. In order to understand fire as an
element, the mind must be dissociated from the idea of physical
flame. As to man on earth the sun appears expressed throughout
the whole system in terms of power, light, heat and vitality, so to
the salamander the sun is manifested on all planes as fire. The
fire angels see the universe as a vast roaring sea of flame-a
furnace in which all things burn. Every object on every plane is
seen in terms of fire, as if it were aflame. Men, angels, trees,
landscapes and globes are all centres of fire, permeated and
surrounded by fiery energy. Salamanders are the embodiments
of that all-pervasive element; in it they live and work as the
servants of the Logos, Who, to them, is the central flame.

The septenary division of the universe, as of the cosmos, finds a
reflection in the realms of fire; fire exists in seven states and
there are seven degrees of salamanders or fire angels, each more
glorious and more fiery than his brother of lower degree. Earthly
fire is of the lowest degree, as are the astral salamanders of
whom it is an expression. All fire, on every plane, is summed up
in one great archangel who is the God of fire in our solar system
and under whom, in their graded orders, the salamanders work.
The purpose of the universal fire is to regenerate and to
transform; to ensure continuity of growth by means of change,
and to insure that no part or parts of the universe should
become static, resistant and inert. The element of fire is an
expression of the divine Will which exerts a ceaseless forward
pressure upon all life and manifests in all form as an inward
urge towards a more perfect expression of the ensouling life. Fire
has the special function of maintaining universal movement and
its denizens possess that fiery quality which transforms and
regenerates and, when necessary, destroys. On earth the
salamander and his element of fire are most familiar in their
aspect as "destroyers"-yet you employ them not only to
consume, but also as producers of light, heat and power.
Between the earthly fire and the heart of the Logos, which is
eternally aflame, there is an unbroken chain of fire by means of
which He manifests the fire aspect of His nature throughout His
system; that manifestation produces a form which somewhat
resembles the familiar single sunflower which blooms in earthly
gardens. The heart of the blossom is the sun, and each petal is a
mighty tongue of flame, playing from the sun out to the farthest
confines of the system. From whatever direction this fire flower
is seen, the same aspect of widely opened petals appears, for the
solar sunflower extends into every dimension of the system and

therefore presents a full-face from every point of view. Yet not
the gentle beauty of an earthly flower, but a roaring sea of fire is
presented to the gaze of him who is able to see the fire aspect of
the Logos. Each petal of the fiery flower is a living tongue of
flame through which with a mighty roar power is rushing in a
steady and continuous stream.
Amidst this colossal display the fire angels dwell, wielding its
resistless energy and directing the play of the fiery solar forces
according to the will of that supreme Fire which is their source
of life. They are the lords of fire, the archangels of flame, the
spiritual regenerators of the system; living embodiments of fire-
power, they are inspired by the fiery Will of the atmic Logos,
Who is the one Supreme Ruler, of Whom this mighty solar fire-
flower and the great lords of fire are a direct expression.

In colour golden-yellow and flame-like, they resemble gigantic
men built of flame; in the hand of each a spear and on the head a
golden crown of living fire. Flames shoot forth from them on
every side; every change of consciousness sends forth a tongue of
flame; every gesture flings a flood of fire.
They form an august body of solar fire-angels who, each at his
station where the petal-shaped tongues of flame rush forth,
encircle the sun. Through them passes power, to be transformed
in passing, lest its naked energy should destroy the system
which, by their mediation, it regenerates and transforms. They
shield the solar system lest the fiery power should blind the eyes
of those to whom it is a source of light, burn those to whom it is
a source of heat and shatter those to whom it is a source of
Such are the mighty Ones Who stand before the fiery throne of
the fiery Father of angels and of men. Below them, rank on rank,

grade on grade, is ranged the mighty order of the spirits of the
fire. On every plane of Nature they serve their Fire-King and
own allegiance to their fire-lords. Their fiery nature gives them
an appearance of uncontrolled ferocity, of fiery and destructive
power. In each of them, at every level, a measure of the fiery
logoic power is stored. Their growth is marked by an increase in
that power, an added stature and a more perfect expression of
the fire of the logoic Will.
The greatest earthly fire is but a dim and faint reflection of the
true fire of the sun; the brightest earthly blaze seems but a
shadow beside its radiant light. The fire aspect of the system, as
of the universe, resembles lightning formed into a sunflower,
whose every petal is a permanent lightning flash and whose
heart is the womb in which lightning is born. All manifested life,
on every plane, is surrounded and permeated by fire; there is no
inter-planetary space; the separation of the globes is but illusion;
the sun is not the isolated centre of a ring of planets; there is but
one homogeneous whole, fire-filled.
Every atom in the system and all the space between the atoms is
filled with fire and all is aflame with fiery power. Centre and
circumference are one. Though mighty solar flowers, whose
petals touch the orbits of the furthest globes, present themselves
full-faced from every point of view, there is but one flower and
one fire, as there is but one solar Logos. The solar flower is His
body, the planets are His organs, the sun His fiery heart. The
solar fire-angels are His limbs and His mighty head and feet
form the organs of One mightier than He, the universal Lord of
universal Fire.

  * In olden days the solar Lords of fire sent a messenger to the
earth to found the religion of fire and deliver the message of fire

to men. His name was Zarathustra; he was one of the flowers of
earth's humanity, one of its first-fruits, who, having won his way
into the realm of fire and learnt to dwell therein, had gained the
knowledge and the power to stand unharmed before the solar
lords, to learn from them the message he should bring and to
receive the gift of mastery of fire. He appeared amongst his
people amid tongues of flame and surrounded by the spirits of
fire. He told of fire the regenerator and transformer and taught
his people to transform their lives by the fire of their own will
united with the divine Will. He taught that every evil in their
lives and in their land must be consumed by fire, that thus they
might prepare a temple for the regenerating power of the
spiritual sun. Knowing the word of power, he called down fire
from on high; from that fire the temple lamps and fires on the
hearth were lit throughout the land.

His mission marked an epoch in the evolutionary life of the
planet, for he brought the element of fire into closer contact with
the element of earth. Until your chemists have discovered the
significance of fire as an element and have learnt to trace it in
the atom and through all the kingdoms of Nature, the meaning
of this statement cannot be fully grasped. After Zarathustra's
time a change took place in all the earthly elements, for he
brought an added measure of the solar fire into the heart of that
physical atom from which all the chemical elements are formed.
He established the kingdom of fire upon earth and since his day
all matter has become more malleable and more responsive to
thought and will.
Whenever fire burns upon your hearth, it forms a vehicle for the
solar fire; therefore should fire be everywhere regarded as
sacred. The lighting of a fire invokes a salamander; the fire of the

hearth has its appropriate nature-spirit, the forest fires have
theirs; a great conflagration attracts them in large numbers and
they come to revel and rejoice in the manifestation of their
element on earth. As they are but the embodiments of the solar
fire, they may be regarded as ensouling physical fire, to which
they bear a relation similar to that borne by the fire aspect of the
solar Logos to themselves.
Volcanoes are centres in which the solar fire is concentrated and
where salamanders gather in their various degrees; for wherever
their element is active, there the fire-spirits are present. Far
below the surface of the earth there burns an unquenchable fire,
a veritable portion of the solar fire by which it is still fed, and
with which it is in unbroken and direct connection. There dwell
mighty members of the salamander's race; there labour many
orders of nature-spirits and of angels, for the interior source of
life and power to the planet exists at the centre of the earth.
There its vital energies are renewed, jaded matter is re-charged
and interstellar atoms are impressed with the special vibratory
rate of the planet in order that they may pass into the circulating
stream of the planet's atomic life. The fiery life-force of the
Logos arises at the centre of the earth. No earthly channels are
required for its passage; it arrives direct through the operation
of the higher dimensional mechanism by which the system is
ordered. Here are stored and renewed the magnetic energies of
the planet, each under the charge of its appropriate nature-spirit
and angel; each type of force is a physical reflection of an aspect
of the central divine energy and is intimately associated with the
region of solar fire.
The fiery sun-not its physical veil-is the power-house from which
the life-giving energies of the Logos are projected throughout the
system. The fire angels are the agents of that power, the

engineers in charge of the mechanism by which it regenerates
and transforms all life within its sphere of influence. The most
prominent characteristic of the power of fire is change; thus,
physical fire consumes by the law of its being, which is to
produce a change of form, that new orders of power may be
This invisible element of fire is at work behind the whole system,
as are its agents. In every rock, in every stone, jewel, plant,
animal and man, it ceaselessly exerts an influence in the
direction of change; because of its presence nothing in Nature
can ever stand still; it ensures the growth of the system. Its
power is wielded, not only by the nature-spirits who labour
instinctively in the cause of change, but by the great fire angels
who consciously produce all changes throughout the system, so
that the new birth which results may grow ever nearer and
nearer to the likeness of its archetype in the mind of God. Thus,
fire is "the power that maketh all things new" and change the
universal watchword, the fundamental law throughout the whole
realm of fire, the word by which its energies are freed and its
denizens evoked.
When the spark leaps from the flint, divinity is revealed; when
the fire is lighted on the hearth, the sacred Presence is invoked;
where that divinity is revealed and that Presence is invoked, man
and angel should both pay homage to That to which they owe
their life. The days of fire worship must return; within men's
hearts and minds the sacred fire of the divine life must burn
more brightly as each man knows himself to be the earthly
counterpart of the central fiery Man who reigns omnipotent,
whose throne is set both in his heart and in the fiery heart of the
universe. Fire is the parent of Spring, the promise of renewal in

all worlds; fire dwells in the heart of man, fire warms his blood;
in his invisible self he is a man of fire.

Hail fire ! Hail fiery Solar Lords!
Hail Spirits of the Fire!
In all your countless numbers,
In all your manifold degrees,
We greet you, Brethren of the Fire!
Oh holy Fire! Oh wondrous Flame!
Transformer of the universe, regenerator of all worlds,
Life-giver to all form.
The glory of Thy fiery power fills heaven and earth,
And all the wide dominions that lie between the stars.
Thou art the spark within the stone, the life within the tree,
Thou art the fire on the hearth, the splendour of the Sun.
Thine is the hand which paints the roseate morn,
Thine the fiery beauty of the sunset sky;
Thine the warm breath of flower-scented summer breeze,
Thine the power that maketh all things new.
Fire to Fire, we offer our souls to Thee,
Draw us closer to Thy fiery heart,
That we may lose ourselves in Thee.
Oh Fire Divine! Burn fiercely in our lives,
That darkness, lust and hate may be dispelled
And human souls shine forth in purity,
With all the dazzling glory of the Sun.
Cleanse us, oh lordly Fire; rejuvenate our hearts and minds;
Burn up the dross, recharge the will
And send us forth to labour in Thy name,
Thy chosen men of Fire.



VITALITY - by C W leadbeater

We all know the feeling of cheerfulness and well-being which
sunlight brings to us, but only students of occultism are fully
aware of the reasons for that sensation.
Just as the sun floods his system with light and heat, so does he
perpetually pour out into it another force as yet unsuspected by
modern science-- a force to which has been given the name `
vitality' .
This is radiated on all levels, and manifests itself in each realm--
physical, emotional, mental and the rest-- but we are specially
concerned for the moment with its appearance in the lowest,
where it enters some of the physical atoms, immensely increases
their activity, and makes them animated and glowing.

We must not confuse this force with electricity, though it in
some ways resembles it. The Deity sends forth from Himself
three great forms of energy; there may be hundreds more of
which we know nothing; but at least there are three. Each of
them has its appropriate manifestation at every level which our
students have yet reached; but for the moment let us think of
them as they show themselves in the physical world. One of
them exhibits itself as electricity, another as vitality, and the
third as the serpent-fire, of which I have already written in The
Inner Life.

The atom is itself nothing but the manifestation of a force; the
Solar Deity wills a certain shape which we call an ultimate
physical atom, and by that effort of His will some fourteen
thousand million bubbles are held in that particular form. It is
necessary to emphasise the fact that the cohesion of the bubbles
in that form is entirely dependent upon that effort of will, so that
if that were for a single instant withdrawn, the bubbles must fall
apart again, and the whole physical realm would simply cease to
exist in far less than the period of a flash of lightning. So true is
it that the whole world is nothing but illusion, even from this
point of view, to say nothing of the fact that the bubbles of which
the atom is built are themselves only holes in koilon, the true
aether of space.
So it is the will-force of the Solar Deity continually exercised
which holds the atom together as such; and when we try to
examine the action of that force we see that it does not come into
the atom from outside, but wells up within it-- which means that
it enters it from higher dimensions. The same is true with regard
to this other force which we call vitality; it enters the atom from
within, along with the force that holds that atom together,
instead of acting upon it entirely from without, as do those other
varieties of force which we call light, heat or electricity.

While the force that vivifies the globules is quite different from
light, it nevertheless appears to depend upon light for its power
of manifestation.
In brilliant sunshine this vitality is constantly welling up afresh,
and the globules are generated with great rapidity and in
incredible numbers; but in cloudy weather there is a great

diminution in the number of globules formed, and during the
night the operation appears to be entirely suspended.
During the night, therefore, we may be said to be living upon the
stock manufactured during the previous day, and though it
appears practically impossible that it should ever be entirely
exhausted, that stock evidently does run low when there is a long
succession of cloudy days.
The globule, once charged, remains as a sub-atomic element,
and does not appear to be subject to any change or loss of force
unless and until it is absorbed by some living creature.

Life in the Sun

April 8th, 2000

The title of this essay may seem familiar, but in fact I discuss not
what it is like to live in the open sunlight, but the likelihood that
there are living systems inside our sun.

This hypothesis surely startles; as much as we may pride
ourselves in our broad-mindedness about the possibilities of
extraterrestrial life, the concept of living systems inside a star
seems wildly outlandish (out-terra-ish?)

But before you dismiss this essay as complete rubbish, I ask you
to consider one fundamental truth: life is, in essence, a
manifestation of negentropy. For those of you who don't keep
your thermodynamics textbook on your bedstand, entropy is a
thermodynamic thingamabob. It's like "energy" or "matter" or
"force": a basic physical property. What makes it difficult for

most people to understand is that it has no tangible expression.
You can feel mass in your hand, sunlight energy on your face, or
force against your fingertip. But entropy is intangible: it's
disorderliness. Its opposite, negentropy, is orderliness. While
you can't directly sense these physical quantities, you can
certainly conceive of them. Strong, bright sunlight is high in
negentropy; a grey, featureless shadow is low in negentropy.
Marbles stacked in neat rows have high negentropy; marbles
lying around in a messy way have low negentropy. 135 pounds of
carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen arranged just right
make up a high-negentropy Chris Crawford; put him through an
osterizer and you've got 135 pounds of low-negentropy bloody
mess. That's the key: the only difference between 135 pounds of
hydrocarbons and Chris Crawford is the extremely high
negentropy of the latter. And that's the whole point about life:
it's not energy, it's not matter, it's a highly organized
arrangement of matter -- matter graced with lots of negentropy.

Where does all this negentropy come from? The sun. All that
sunlight shining on all those photosynthetic cells allows them to
convert the negentropy into a chemical form: specially organized
molecules. A lot of people get confused because sunlight is, after
all, just energy, and so they think that it's the energy that's so
important. Not! If you think that the energy of sunlight is what's
important, then just put that plant leaf on the surface of the sun,
where it'll get oodles and oodles (well, at least 4.3 x 10**18)
photons of sunlight. That won't make it grow better. What
makes it all work is the fact that there's night, or rather then
difference between day and night. That difference is the
orderliness that makes life work. If there were no night, the
earth's surface would heat up, there'd be photons all over the

place, and plants wouldn't be able to take advantage of it. The
big trick is that 4,000-degree photons hit a leaf at 300-degrees
(Kelvin). It's that temperature difference that makes life
possible. Everything else -- cell membranes, amino acids, DNA,
all that stuff -- is just engineering details.

Indeed, when you start thinking about it this way, your
perspective changes. Basically, we've got the earth's surface here
with the sun pouring scads of negentropy (orderliness) all over it
-- and you think that it'll just sit there and bounce all that
negentropy off? Wouldn't you think that just a tiny fraction of
that orderliness might actually rub off on the planet itself?

In this way of thinking, we start our search for extraterrestrial
life by asking, "where in the universe are there strong flows of
negentropy?" Once we've identified likely candidates, we then
start to inquire into petty details like availability of liquid phase
solvents, appropriate chemicals and temperatures, etc.

The first place to start is inside a star. If we get all our
negentropy from the sun, then obviously, the sun has lots and
lots of the stuff to start with. Of course, there are some
problems. The surface of the sun is obviously the worst place in
the universe to look for life: its entropy flow is exactly the
reverse of what we get on the surface of the earth. Instead of
high-temperature photons hitting a low-temperature surface,
we've got low-temperature photons departing from a high-
temperature surface. This is obviously not the place to look for

But, deep inside the sun, there's another place that might just
support life. It's the transition zone between the radiative layer
and the convective layer. You've got lots of negentropy pouring
out of the core and piling up in this transition zone, in much the
same way that those photons hit the earth's surface. The biggest
difference is the intensity of the phenomenon: the negentropy
flux is at least 10,000 times higher than on earth! Now THERE'S
a source of negentropy to work with!

All we need now are some of those engineering details to make it
all work. Briefly put, we need a sufficiently complicated set of
physical interactions that might permit the negentropy to be
channeled. Obviously, those will not be chemical reactions. But
there's another possibility: magnetohydrodynamic behavior. At
this point, I run the risk of Frankensteinean mysticism: stitch
the right parts together and then zap them with that mysterious
stuff, electricity (or in this case, MHD), and they'll come alive.
And in fact, I must confess that I cannot demonstrate that
magnetohydrodynamic interactions are sufficient to the task. All
I can say here is that, first, magnetohydrodynamics is really
complicated stuff, capable of doing all sorts of squirrelly things.
(This is one reason why we still don't have fusion power working
after all these years -- the damn plasma starts interacting with
the enclosing magnetic field and things go absolutely crazy.) Is
MHD as complicated as organic chemistry? I doubt it -- but
perhaps we don't need the combinatorial richness that organic
chemistry gives us. Perhaps we've got so much negentropy flux
that we can still get living systems based on simpler interactions.

Second, the sun is a big place, much bigger than the earth, so the
laboratory of random combinations that is needed to stumble

upon the correct pattern of magnetic fields is much, much bigger
than the laboratory on this planet that eventually produced life.
Furthermore, that boundary between the radiative zone and the
convective zone has been in roughly its present configuration for
longer than the earth has been around. So there's been plenty of
time for that lab to come up with something interesting.

Third, we know that the sun has lots of magnetic fields in it, and
they behave in really perplexing ways. The stuff is there, and it's
certainly behaving in lots of weird ways. I wonder if the
magnetic fields we're seeing on the sun aren't in some way
related to life forms deep inside? Perhaps we shouldn't think in
terms of life forms in the plural -- after all, there are no good
sources of well-defined membranes in an MHD environment.
Perhaps we should think in terms of one gigantic life form
encompassing the entire spherical shell of the transition zone. If
so, the magnetic fields that we see on the surface might be
indirect manifestations of its metabolism. Which of course
means that sunspots are --you guessed it -- pimples.
This is an AMAZING book, and can be downloaded from here:

I would like to quote some text :

..(page 18)
On that very day, the prince was sitting with his mother on one
of the
terraces of the palace. He was telling her about his history
lesson. He could

not overcome the impression that the story of the captives'
torture had
produced on him. "Do all the gods want us to be cruel?" he asked
at last.
The Sun was setting. The queen pointed to the glorious orb
above the
western hills. "No," she answered, "not all of them; not He. See
beautiful He is." And she spoke to him of Aton — the Sun-disk —
the oldest
god of Egypt, the god she loved. "He is kind," she said in a tender
"He causes the corn to ripen and the lilies to come forth; He is
the Father of
all life whom they worship in the sacred city of On from the
beginning of the
"Then, why do the priests say that Amon is the same as the
asked the prince.
"Priests talk a lot of nonsense, when it suits their purpose," said
Queen Tiy, as if speaking to herself. And she added in a louder
voice, with a
smile: "Don't listen to the priests, my son, listen to your own

...(page 26)
But the young Pharaoh hardly ever spoke about religion
even if pressed to do so. "Words nothing but words," he would
say of the

courtiers' discussions. "They prattle about that of which they
have no
knowledge, just to pass time." And in the solitude of his chamber
he thought
of his God — the almighty Sun.
The glorious Disk shone above him, far away in the cloudless
sky, so
brilliant that one could not set one's eyes upon it. And its rays
poured into
the room, straight down upon the king. It was these rays that he
had wished
to picture on the many-coloured reliefs that decorated the walls
of the temple
of Aton, though no work of man could express their beauty.
"They may say what they like," thought the king, remembering
idle talks of the priests, "but Aton is not like those gods that
dwell in a
particular place. He is honoured in On, but all the world sees His
light and
lives by His touch. His abode is the sky; His rays embrace the
whole world as they do me. Aton is the God of all the world."

And as he thought this, it was as if the expanse of the world were
before him. He knew that, past the boundaries of his empire,
there were
other countries: Babylonia and Mitanni, the land of the Hittites
and Crete,
and the Isles in the midst of the sea and unknown countries
beyond the

desert and beyond the Waterfalls. Their people had different
gods; but the
sky spread over them all and it was the same sky; and above
them all, the
Sun shone in His glory, and it was the same Sun — Aton. They
knew their
local sun-gods, but knew Him not. Somewhere perhaps, further
Babylon, among the nations Of Dawn from whose lands He
rises, there were
men who knew Him. It was difficult to say. But whether in
ignorance or in
knowledge, all people were seeking to worship Him.

The young king felt a thrill of enthusiasm run through his body,
as if
he could already behold, beyond time and space, the vision of
that which
nobody had dreamt before: one God — the Sun; and one people
— the
human race — united in the love of Him.

And this response of the Queen to her Son, is very relevant,
wouldnt you say?

.........Queen Tiy listened with sympathetic interest to all what
her son told
her about his conception of Aton, but she opposed the decrees.
"Perhaps you are right," she said to him, though his idea of a

Who, was the God of all nations seemed rather strange, even to
her; "but
religion is one thing, and government is another. You will only
provoke the
priests by your decrees. And they, in turn, will stir up the mob."
"Then what am I to do?"
"Let things be as they are. Let the priests make money, as they
are used
to, and let the people worship their many gods according to age-
old customs.
One cannot make a camel drink when it is not thirsty; nor can
one force
knowledge unto people who do not seek it."
Let the sun shine in

Johanna also investigated the relationship between fats,
electrons,photons, and the solar energy from the sun.
She was aware of the healthgiving energy of the sun and its effect
on the body.
This energy is inpart due to the photons in sunlight which are
the purest form ofenergy.
People are meant to be in relationship with the sun asindicated
by their high level of photons.
This concentration of thesun's energy is improved when we eat
electron rich food such as theflax oil, cottage cheese mixture
which attracts the electromagneticwaves of sun beams.

According to Johanna, "Matter always has itsown vibration, and
so, of course, does the living body.

The absorptionof energy must correspond to one's own wave
This is what makesthe sun and the human bodyso compatible
when the body is in proper condition to receive it.
OnceJohanna's patients were feeling better, they were instructed
to sit inthe sun and found it easily tolerated.

Johanna saw the electronsin the food we eat as our resonance
system for the energy of the sun.
She viewed the human body as an antenna for the sun and the
interplayof the sun with the electrons in our food as the
governing principalfor all vital functions of the body.
What this research means for you

Most of the foods andalmost all of the snacks of the American
diet contain boiled orotherwise cooked oils, the oils that have
lost their integrity and areunable to provide the life giving
energy and oxygen transport essentialto the proper functioning
of your cells. If you have cancer now, havehad it in the past, or
wish to prevent it in the future, you must cometo terms with this
fact. Your doctor may tell you that what you eat hasnothing to do
with whether or not you are a victim of cancer. Butnothing could
be further from the truth.

Dr Budwig was born in Germany in 1908. She passed away in
2003 at the age of 95. She has been referred to as a top
European Cancer Research Scientist, Biochemist, Blood

Specialist, German Pharmacologist, and Physicist. Dr Budwig
was a seven-time Nobel Prize nominee.

In Germany in 1952 she was the Central Government’s Senior
Expert for fats and pharmaceutical drugs. She’s considered one
of the worlds leading authorities on fats and oils. Her research
has shown the tremendous effects that commercially processed
fats and oils have in destroying cell membranes and lowering the
voltage in the cells of our bodies, which then result in chronic
and terminal disease. What we have forgotten is that we are
body electric. The cells of our body fire electrically. They have a
nucleus in the center of the cell which is positively charged, and
a cell membrane, which is the outer lining of the cell, is
negatively charged.

Dr Budwig discovered that when she combined Flaxseed oil,
with its’ powerful healing nature of essential electron rich
unsaturated fats, and cottage cheese, which is rich in sulfur
protein, the chemical reaction produced makes the oil water
soluble and easily absorbed into the cell membrane.

Dr Budwig brought up the relationship between the Fats
Syndrome, Electrons, Photons, and Solar Energy provided by
the Sun.

She pointed out that the sun is an inexhaustible source of energy
and an element of life that affects the vital functions of the body.
This, in part, is due to the photons in sunlight which are the
purest form of energy, the purest wave, and in continual
movement. Dr Budwig states, “electrons are already a
constituent of matter, even though they are also in continual

movement and that electrons love photons, attracting each other
due to their magnetic fields. There is nothing else on earth with
a higher concentration of photons of the sun’s energy than man.
This concentration of the sun’s energy---very much an iso-
energetic point for humans, with their eminently suitable wave
lengths---is improved when we eat food which has electrons
which in turn attract the electro-magnetic waves of sun beams,
of photons. A high amount of these electrons which are on the
wave length of the sun’s energy, are to be found, for example, in
seed oils. Scientifically, these oils are even known as electron–
rich essential highly unsaturated fats. But, when people began to
treat fats to make them keep longer, no-one stopped to consider
the consequences of this, for the existence and higher
development of the human race. These vitally important
amounts of electrons, with their continual movement and
wonderful reaction of light were destroyed.”

Dr Budwig found when she treated patients and had them lie in
the sun she noticed they started feeling much better and became
rejuvenated. She referred to the sun as having a stimulating
effect on the secretions of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas,
bladder and salivary glands. Dr Budwig also stated “Matter
always has its own vibration, and so, of course, does the living
body. The absorption of energy must correspond to one’s own
wave length.” It appears apparently that sunlight is absolutely
essential for the stimulation effect of the vital functions of the
mind and body, contributing to the factors which allow the body
to heal itself. Dr Budwig mentioned that doctors tell patients and
cancer patients to avoid the sun as they can’t tolerate it and that
is correct. She says once these patients start on her oil-protein
nutritional advice for two or three days which means they have

been getting sufficient amounts of essential fats, they can then
tolerate the sun very well. She said the patients then tell her how
much better they feel as their vitality and vigor is re-stimulated.

The last of the points mention by Dr Budwig and maybe the
most important, is the electrons in our food serve as the
resonance system for the sun’s energy and are truly the element
of life. Man acts as an antenna for the sun. The interplay
between the photons in the sunbeams and the electrons in the
seed oils and our foods, governs all the vital functions of the

This has to be one of the greatest discoveries ever made as this
combination promotes healing in the body of chronic and
terminal diseases. In her book Dr Budwig states “Various highly
trained and educated individuals are dismayed and irritated by
the fact that serious medical conditions can be cured by cottage
cheese and flaxseed oil.”

The Budwig Protocol

One cup of organic, (one or two percent) low fat cottage cheese
small curd if possible.

Three to six tablespoons of organic cold pressed Flax Oil.

People with chronic or terminal diseases are using 4-6
tablespoons of the oil mixed into 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese.
The one cup is best consumed throughout the day and not all at
once. Some people are mixing only the amount they are
consuming at one time so it is mixed fresh each and every time.

The oil and the cottage cheese must be thoroughly mixed before
eating it. A hand blender will work. This mixing of the oil and
cottage cheese allows for the chemical reaction to take place
between the sulfur protein in the cottage cheese and the oil,
which makes the oil water soluble for easy absorbsion into your
cells. After mixing you may want to let the mixture sit for about
5 minutes before consuming.

 The following items listed below are absolutely forbidden on
this diet. The reason one needs to exclude these items from
his/her diet is that they interfere with the diet by lowering the
voltage field in the cells.


All animal fats

All meats

Margarine, and all other foods with trans-fatty acids or other
bad fats


Salad dressing oils- exception extra virgin olive oil and balsamic

Preservatives in food

Sunbathing : the Benefits are more than Skin Deep
by Richard Hobday • Great Britain

Sunbathingis one of life's great pleasures. For some of us,
exposing our skin tothe gentle warmth of the sun's rays in the
spring and early summer is,in a way a form of sun-worship.

We recognize that our bodies need direct contact with the life-
givingrays of the sun as we emerge from the darkness of winter.
The sun seemsto strengthen us and lift our spirits. But why
should this be so?

For most of human history the sun has been revered as a source
of light, life and health.The ancient Egyptians worshipped the
sun's healing powers and made gooduse of them, as did the
Greeks and Romans. The citizens of Romeconsidered sun
exposure to be so important they had right-to-
sunlightlegislation. In 1903, just over one hundred years ago, the
Nobel Prizefor Medicine was awarded to Niels Finsen, a Danish
doctor whodiscovered that the sun's rays could cure
tuberculosis. Finsen putsunlight therapy at the forefront of
medicine after centuries ofneglect. In the years that followed,
hospitals and sanatoria were builtso patients with tuberculosis,
rickets and war wounds could be exposedto the sun under

medical supervision. Until about 50 years ago, health experts
promoted sunbathing.

During the 1980s there was a complete reversal in medical
thinking onthe subject, and since then we have been warned to
stay out of the sun.Of course, solar radiation can trigger skin
cancer in susceptibleindividuals. But, paradoxically, the sun's
ultraviolet rays are vitalto our health. Sunlight is the major
source of vitamin D in the body.It's our natural source of the
"sunshine vitamin" as there is little ofit in the normal diet.
Vitamin D has long been known to be essentialfor strong bones
and teeth, but recent research shows that it alsoplays a pivotal
role in maintaining a healthy immune system. Every organ and
every cell in the human body needs vitamin D to function
properly.And just at the time that scientists are beginning to
work out howvital adequate levels of vitamin D are to our health,
others arestarting to recognize just how common vitamin D
deficiency really is.According to some estimates, over half the
adult population in the USAmay have less than optimal amounts
of vitamin D in their blood. Andlow levels of vitamin D are now
being linked to some very common andpotentially fatal
conditions such as heart disease, stroke, depression,obesity,
cancer of the breast, colon, prostate and pancreas,
multiplesclerosis, diabetes, tuberculosis, hip fractures, and

At northerly latitudes, it is impossible to synthesize vitamin D in
theskin from late fall until spring because the sun is not strong
enough.So for anyone who has not been outdoors in the summer
and built uptheir reserves of vitamin D, the chances are they will
have low levelsof it by the time winter sets in. And by the time

spring arrives theywill have even less of it. Those of us who want
to maintain healthylevels of vitamin D have two choices:
supplements or ultravioletradiation. The perceived wisdom is
that taking vitamin D supplements isinherently safer than
synthesizing vitamin D in the skin. But there arerisks to both.
Taken orally, vitamin D can be toxic at high levels; andthe
human body makes better use of vitamin D derived from the sun
thanvitamin D in the diet.

Sunbathing for health is very, very different from sunbathing
simply toget a tan. The doctors who used sunlight to treat
tuberculosis, ricketsand wounds at the beginning of the last
century left us a number ofclues as what to do and not to do in
the sun. But before we brieflylook at them, exposing anyone who
is unwell to sunlight can be highlydangerous and should not be
attempted by anyone who is not qualified todo so. The patients
who underwent this treatment were in poor healthand extremely
sensitive to sunlight in a way that few people sunbathingtoday
are. Nevertheless, for safe sunbathing the same basic
principlesapply. Exposure was very gradual, and only increased
by about fiveminutes each day, starting with the feet and slowly
working up thebody. Sunlight early in the day had the greatest
therapeutic value andsunbathing in cool conditions, at
temperatures at or below 64º F, wasconsidered particularly
beneficial for patients with tuberculosis. Thisseems to have
strengthened their immune systems and stimulated theself-
healing powers of the body. Close attention was paid to the
wayeach patient responded to the sun; and at the first sign of
anyreddening of the skin the treatment stopped. Nourishing
meals were alsopart of the treatment. Theproportion of fat in our

diets, together with the mineral and vitamincontent can
influence the way our skin reacts to sunlight.

Unfortunately, there's no rigid formula or simple set of
instructionson the amount of sun needed to stay healthy because
each of us respondsdifferently to it depending on our skin type,
age, medical history,diet and so on. You don't have to get a tan to
produce vitamin D, butif you do decide to tan, pay very close
attention to the way your skinreacts to the sun. Work out your
tolerance to sunlight before exposingthe more delicate parts of
your body and make sure you are not takingany medicines that
increase your sensitivity to sunlight. Always wear ahat and,
above all, do not burn.

The human race evolved under the sun, and the sun's healing
powers havebeen worshipped for thousands of years. The sun-
god Apollowas the Greek god of medicine and there are two
inscriptions from histemple at Delphi that give, perhaps, the
best advice on sunbathing tobe found anywhere: "All things in
moderation…Know thyself."

Richard Hobday is the author of The Healing Sun: Sunlight and
Health in the 21st Century, Findhorn Press 2000, and The Light
Revolution: Health, Architecture and the Sun, Findhorn Press


The body cells are photo-voltaic, just as solar panel cells are.
Once you
start grooming the cells to harness the power of the sun, you can
generate the energy needed for your body from sunlight. - HRM

"There is nothing else on earth with a higher concentration of
photons of the sun's energy than man." - Dr. Johanna Budwig.

As you may have heard HRM in his talks, he also refers to
himself as a 'Solar Chip' and the body as a Solar Panel.

So clearly there is something to these statements.

Does anyone have any references or theories on how or why we
are so?
How Sunshine and Vitamin D Can Help You Eliminate Mercury
Posted by: Dr. Mercola
December 04 2008

vitamin D, supplement, sunshine, sunlight, mercury,
detoxAccumulating data have provided evidence that vitamin D
is involved in brain function. Vitamin D can inhibit the synthesis
of inducible nitric oxide synthase and increase glutathione
levels, suggesting a role for the hormone in brain detoxification.

The study shows that vitamin D helps remove mercury from
your body safely by radically increasing the amount of
intracellular glutathione.

Neuroprotective and immunomodulatory effects of this
hormone have also been described in several experimental
models, indicating the potential value of vitamin D in helping
neurodegenerative and neuroimmune diseases. In addition,
vitamin D induces glioma cell death, making the hormone of
potential interest in the management of brain tumors.

These results reveal previously unsuspected roles for vitamin D
in brain function and suggest possible areas of future research.

Sources: Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism April
2002,Volume 13, Issue 3, 1, Pages 100-105
Dr. Mercola''s Comments.

The mounting scientific discoveries about the tremendous health
impact of vitamin D are nothing short of a revolution within the
field of medicine. It’s turning out to be so vital for so many of
your biological functions that a future revision of the official
guidelines on sun exposure is virtually guaranteed. It’s only a
matter of time.

But there’s no reason for you to sit around and wait. The
evidence is already overwhelming; you absolutely need a certain
amount of unprotected, full-body sun exposure if you want to be
optimally healthy.

Every week, more research is being published about the health
benefits of vitamin D. For example, it’s already been found that
vitamin D can prevent or treat:


      Infections and inflammation
      16 types of cancer
      Depression and neurological disorders
      Cold and flu

And that’s the short-short list.

This latest paper published in Trends in Endocrinology and
Metabolism describes how scientists are now beginning to
realize vitamin D is involved in maintaining the health of your
brain as well, as they’ve recently discovered vitamin D receptors
in the brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system.

There’s even evidence indicating vitamin D improves your
brain’s detoxification process.

Vitamin D helps remove mercury from your body safely by
radically increasing the amount of intracellular glutathione.

For those of you who are beginning to wonder whether the
multitude of vitamin D discoveries amount to nothing but hype,
or perhaps even some sort of scientific error, let me explain how

it can be that vitamin D is involved in so many different health
aspects. Because if you understand the basic science of vitamin
D, then you can understand its true potential.

How Can Vitamin D Be So Influential?

As Dr. Cannell, founder of the Vitamin D Council, explains so
well in my upcoming Inner Circle interview with him; if you
understand that vitamin D is not a vitamin, but rather the only
known substrate for a powerful repair and maintenance steroid
hormone that is involved in numerous functions of your body
and organs, then you can begin to see the bigger picture.

Additionally, if you understand that, like all steroid hormones, it
regulates your body by turning your genes on or off, and that you
have about 2,000 genes that are directly influenced by vitamin
D, then you will be able to wrap your mind around the fact that
vitamin D may in fact have as many as 2,000 or more
mechanisms of action within your body!

This is the fundamental principle that explains why the same
substance, vitamin D, can be involved in, and have a major
impact on all the diseases of civilization. It all depends on which
gene is being up- or down-regulated by the presence, or absence,
of vitamin D.

Why the Current Guidelines on Sun Exposure are Catastrophic
to Your Health

It has been clearly established that the only way for your body to
synthesize vitamin D is in your skin once it’s exposed to

ultraviolet rays from the sun. Hence, the current guidelines to
avoid sun exposure, and the fervent pushing of sunscreen, are
perhaps some of the most misguided and dangerous health
recommendations out there.

You simply cannot obtain sufficient amounts of vitamin D from
your diet, as you were never designed to swallow vitamin D but
get it from the sun. This would, of course exclude taking a
vitamin D supplement, for which the government recommended
daily allowance (RDA) is still FAR too low to offer any significant
health benefits or contribute to disease reduction.

Consider this; In the summertime, when you put on your
bathing suit and sunbathe for 30 minutes, your body produces
about 20,000 IUs of vitamin D; as much as exists in 200 glasses
of milk, or the equivalent of about 50 multivitamins!

Meanwhile, the current RDA for vitamin D, developed by the
Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine of The
National Academies, is miserably insufficient as it is only:

      200 IU for people aged 14-50
      400 IU for people aged 51-70
      600 IU for people over 71

Folks, there’s simply no way to reap any benefit whatsoever from
these abysmally low amounts.

Lately, I’ve reported extensively on the subject of vitamin D and
its health ramifications. If you’ve missed any of my previous
articles outlining:

      safe tanning practices
      how much sun exposure you really need
      the truth about sunshine exposure and melanoma
      why you should NOT use commercial sunscreens
     why sun exposure is far preferable to oral vitamin D
     which type of vitamin D to chose if you decide to take a
     how much vitamin D you should really take to reap the
benefits, and
     vital information you need to know about getting your
vitamin D levels tested

then please take a moment to review them now.

You can also check out my Vitamin D Resource Page, which
offers links to the most important pages, and sources for even
more information on this life saver.

 Feasting on Sunshine
Posted by: Dr. Mercola
January 08 2009

by Dr. Mercola

sun, sun gazingHave you ever wished you didn’t have to bother
with eating or preparing food at all? When you stop to consider
how many hours you spend thinking about food, planning meals,
shopping for fresh produce, preparing and cooking meals, and
eating, I would imagine nearly everyone has had this fantasy at
least once.

Astonishing as this may seem, one Indian man is doing exactly
this: converting the sun’s energy into nourishment, and he
believes you can do it too.

Before you read this please understand that I am not advocating
gazing into the sun directly but merely reporting on a
phenomena that is already occurring. Also it is important to
avoid scanning this article. If you scan the material you will
think it is ok to gaze at the sun anytime and this is not only
inaccurate, but quite dangerous.

Sun gazing is done around dawn or sunset. If you perform it at
other hours you can cause serious damage to your retina.

The Practice of Sun Gazing

Sun gazingIdea--also known as solar healing, solargazing, sun
staring, Sun Yoga, Surya Yoga and Solar Yoga. All terms refer to
the practice of staring directly at the sun in order to receive
nourishment, healing and spiritual enlightenment. The gazing is
done only during the first hour after sunrise or the last hour
before sunset, when the sun’s rays are most gentle to your eye.

Hira Ratan Manek was born in 1937 in Bodhavad, India, and
was raised in Calicut, Kerala, India, where he earned his degree
in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kerala. After
graduating, he joined his family’s spice trade business before
retiring from that in 1992 to pursue a life-long interest in sun

Manek states that we have a super computer in our bodies, given
to us by nature -- our brain -- which he calls the “brainuter.” He
says that sun gazing activates the full potential of your brain,
bringing forth “infinite inherent powers” that have remained
dormant for millennia.

In order to activate these dormant brain powers, Manek

   Being a holistic entity it needs a holistic power supply. Sun
energy is the source that powers the brain, which can enter and
leave the human body or the brain only through one organ that
is the human eye. Eyes are the Sun Energy’s entry door to the
human brain.

Converting solar energy to physical nourishment is not a new
phenomenon but the rediscovery of an age-old healing ritual.

Sun gazing originated in India more than 2,000 years ago with
the teaching of Lord Mahavir of Jain, also known as Mahavira or
Vardhamana. Lord Mahavir established Jainism, one of the
oldest religions originating on the Indian subcontinent. Jains
believe that every soul is divine and has the potential to achieve

Sun gazing was also practiced by ancient Egyptians, Aztecs,
Greeks, Mayans, in Tibetan Yoga and some traditions of Qigong,
Tai Chi, and by some Native American tribes.

Hira Ratan Manek

Hira Ratan Manek[ii] who prefers the simple nickname HRM,
states that the sun can be used to heal the mind, body and spirit.
As a result of sun gazing, he claims to have better physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Perhaps the most startling claim HRM makes is that, since he
became a devoted sun gazer, he has been able to sustain himself
on solar energy alone for very long periods, without eating any
food. Somewhere along the line, this became known as the
“HRM phenomenon.”[iii]

He claims he has been living on sun energy and water alone
since June 18, 1995, with only occasional tea, coffee and
buttermilk for “hospitality and social purposes.” He has also
undergone three strict long-term fastings, during which he was
under the control and observation of various scientific and
medical teams.

The first fast lasted 211 days in 1995-96, in Calicut, India, and
was directed by Dr. C.K. Ramachandran, a medical expert on
allopathic and ayurvedic medicine. This was followed by a
second fast lasting 411 days in Ahmedabad, India, directed by an
international team of 21 doctors and scientists, led by Dr. Sudhir

The third observed fasting was in the United States, where he
was observed by a team at Thomas Jefferson University and the
University of Philadelphia for 130 days. The specific focus of this
observation was his retina, pineal gland and brain, and the team
was led by Dr. Andrew B. Newberg, and Dr. George C. Brainard,
a leading authority on the pineal gland.

Their findings were unexpected.

HRM claims they discovered his brain’s gray cells were
regenerating and that his pineal gland was expanding, rather
than the shrinking that is typical after the mid-fifties.

Since 2002, Manek has given hundreds of lectures all over the
world and has been the subject of many articles, interviews, and
even a film. In 2002, he established the Solar Healing Center,
with headquarters in Orlando, Florida. There are now Solar
Healing Centers all over the world, as well as over thousands of
enthusiastic sun gazing followers.

The Sun Gazing Process

HRM has developed a method for sun gazing, based on years of
study, and trial and error. He states it can be accomplished by

anyone, in any part of the world, at any time of the year. Sun
gazing is a one-time practice that takes 9 months to complete. It
is generally broken into three phases:

  1. First 3 months

  2. 3-6 months

  3. 6-9 months

After the 9 months, there is a life-long regimen of “bare foot
walking” on earth soil for 45 minutes a day, and the more you
stick to this regimen, the more your body will be “recharged.”
More about this later.

First Three Months

Manek instructs sun gazers to begin their sun gazing journey by
spending a maximum of 10 seconds on the first day looking
directly into the sun during the safe hours, which are defined as
within one hour after sunrise or within one hour of sunset.
While sun gazing, it is important if possible to stand on warm,
bare earth. This helps to ground you and enhances the sun
gazing benefits.

On the second day, look for 20 seconds. Add 10 additional
seconds every day thereafter. So, after 10 days, you will be
looking at the sun for 100 seconds (e.g., one minute and 40

In this first phase, it is common for people to begin experiencing
a more positive mindset, less negativity, more confidence, more
compassion, and less fear.

Three to Six Months

At the end of three months, your gazing time will be about 15
minutes. This is the period during which many people begin to
find their physical diseases subsiding.

HRM also states that 70-80 percent of the energy synthesized
from food is used by your brain to “fuel tensions and worries”,
and after three months, these tensions go away, leaving this
newly freed energy available for more productive use. You might
also find your need for food decreasing.

When you reach 30 minutes duration, he states you will be
“slowly liberated from physical disease” since, by then, your
organs are all receiving their needed Prana[iv], or life energy,
directly from the sun.

Your body needs energy, not necessarily food. Food is actually
our “secondary energy source,” according to HRM. The human
body does not convert sunlight into energy in the same way
plants do, with chlorophyll, but through a different
photosynthesis process, like a photovoltaic cell.

HRM states:

“You are your own master at the end of 6 months.”

Six to Nine Months

After 6 months, you will start to utilize the original form of
“micro food,” which comes from the sun. This has the additional
benefit of having no toxic waste attached to it.

At around 7.5 months, or 35 minutes per day of sun gazing, you
can expect your hunger to start decreasing appreciably. Hunger
results from the energy requirements of your body, which is a
must for your existence. Conventionally, you are getting the sun
energy indirectly by eating foods that are a by-product of sun
energy. Now, you are getting the energy directly.

Between 8 and 9 months (44 minutes), HRM says you can
expect your hunger to be pretty much gone. If it isn’t, he says it
is because you don’t have enough belief in the process, and it will
take you a little longer, but it is still achievable.

More importantly, at this stage, your energy levels are very high
and you will have a very deep sense of well-being.

After Nine Months

After nine months, you should discontinue solar gazing for the
sake of eye care--your eyes have reached the limits of what they
can safely take. However, your body will eventually become
“discharged,” kind of like a battery, and must be recharged.

Recharging is accomplished by walking bare-foot, on bare earth,
preferably in the sun, since the bare earth contains a great deal
of sun energy.

This works, HRM explains, because the act of walking stimulates
your pineal gland. As is described in reflexology[v] your foot is a
microcosm of your entire body, and your big toe is connected
with your pineal gland. The other toes are connected to the other
major glands of your body. More information about the pineal
gland will be presented in a following section.

The recommended walking schedule is, walk for 6 consecutive
days once you have completed your nine months of sun gazing,
for 45 minutes per day. Just walk at a relaxed pace--no need to
walk briskly or jog.

Then, walk regularly (he doesn’t give a minimum or maximum)
for a year, always for 45 minutes. After a year of “recharging,” if
you are satisfied with how you feel, you can discontinue bare
foot walking. But if you want to strengthen your immune system,
memory, intelligence, etc., then continue the walking.

He also mentions that many other mental and spiritual benefits
are possible during this time, such as new psychic abilities, a
built-in “navigational” system, and higher levels of brain activity.
He states:

“Almost all problems get solved.”

For more detailed instructions, please refer to his website.

The Pineal Gland

The pineal gland[vi] [vii](also called the pineal body, epiphysis
cerebri, or epiphysis) is a small endocrine gland in your brain,
about the size of a pea. It produces melatonin, a hormone that
influences your wake/sleep patterns and photoperiodic
(seasonal) functions. It is shaped like a tiny pine cone (hence its
name), and is located near the center of your brain, tucked into a
groove between the two hemispheres.

pineal glandThe pineal gland was the last gland to have its
function discovered. Its long status as the “mystery gland”
caused it to be shrouded in myth, superstition and the object of
numerous metaphysical theories about its function.

The pineal gland is associated with the sixth chakra, also called
Ajna or the “third eye” in yoga, and is considered to be the seat
of “inner wisdom.” It is believed by many to be a dormant organ
that, when activated, awakens psychic abilities. Some consider it
to be where consciousness resides in your body. Rene Descartes
devoted a great deal of his life to its study and called the gland
“the seat of the soul[viii].”

Interestingly, the gland is activated by light. Light reaches it by
passing into your eyes, then along a pathway from your retina to
your hypothalamus called the retinohypothalamic tract, then
along nerve pathways to your pineal gland.

Light impulses inhibit the production of melatonin, and at night
when it is dark, pineal inhibition ceases, and melatonin is
released. Therefore, the pineal gland is an important timekeeper
for your body. Melatonin is also produced during visualization
and relaxation.

How is the pineal gland associated with sun gazing?

According to Dr. Sudhir Shah:

  The hypothalamus is the commander of autonomic nervous
system, and the pineal gland is in proximity to the autonomic
nervous system, so it is logical that new energy transportation
may either activate this system or it may use this system as

HRM believes that the light energy you take in while sun gazing
activates your dormant pineal gland, which then turns your
“brainuter” on. It is this activation that causes you to experience
the magical conversion of sun energy into nutrition, healing of
disease, heightened energy, increased psychic abilities and,
ultimately, enlightenment.

Looking at Sun Gazing With a Skeptical Eye

Is sun gazing really safe?

Sun gazing is highly controversial due to the considerable
evidence which states that looking directly at the sun can be
damaging to your eyes. Solar retinopathy[ix] [x] is a form of
damage to the retina from solar radiation, usually seen in those
who look directly at the sun during a solar eclipse. Although
vision loss due to the sun is generally reversible, permanent
damage and loss of vision have been reported.

But how much of a danger is sun gazing, if practiced within the
established safety guidelines?

Most eye care professionals will advise you against looking
directly at the sun, during solar eclipses and otherwise.
However, there seems to be a multitude of sun gazers out there
who are carefully following “safe” sun gazing guidelines, without
any real horror stories about visual damage or blindness.

So, who is right?

Since so many people appear to be successfully engaged in this
practice and are reporting benefits, perhaps there is some
validity to sun gazing, provided it is done with an appropriate
measure of caution in order to minimize the risk to your eyes.

Astronomer Andrew T. Young[xi] wrote an article about the
history of solar retinal injuries, exploring fact versus folktale. He
states there is ample evidence in the literature that the normal
human eye is able to look briefly at the sun without harm. He
uses the statistical distribution of solar injuries as evidence for
the safety of sun gazing:

  …The near-total eclipses at which eye injury occasionally
occurs are visible only a few minutes per century at any given
location on Earth; the unobscured Sun is available for viewing
every clear day. If we suppose the Sun is up (on the average) for
12 hours a day, that's about 440,000 hours or over 26 million
minutes per century that the Sun is up outside of eclipse,
compared to a few minutes of dangerous time near totality.

  So you'd expect eye injuries from unprotected Sun-viewing to
be roughly a million times more common than injuries during

However, what we find is that the vast majority of solar retinal
injuries occur as a result of viewing a solar eclipse without
adequate protection because the pupil is opened up, allowing
very high levels of UV to penetrate in a short time.

There are impressively few reports of any such injuries from
non-eclipse sun gazing. And even eclipse-viewing injuries are
relatively uncommon.

Dr. Young’s conclusion…

The potential for serious eye damage from sun gazing at sunrise
or sunset is small; about the only way you could seriously
damage yourself would be to stare at the full sun at high noon
while your pupils were dilated by some kind of drug. (Quite a
variety of nasal decongestants and other common drugs, as well
as exposure to some pesticides, have been reported to dilate the

Vinny Pinto of the Raw Paleolithic Diet website[xii], who has
done a tremendous amount of research in the area of sun gazing
and is a sun gazer himself, writes:

  There is definitely some potential danger to staring at the sun
for any significant length of time anytime after a couple of hours
after sunrise or a couple of hours before sunset, and particularly
at high noon and during early afternoon, but even then the harm

would likely be minor or temporary. There is also some
significant danger from staring at an eclipse for even a short
length of time, since the pupil may be tricked by the apparent
low light intensity into allowing too great an influx of solar
radiation at harmful wavelengths into the eye.

It is also worth mentioning that the urban legends about several
students going blind in the 1960s while tripping out on LSD[xiii]
[xiv] and staring at the sun were nothing but a hoax designed to
scare kids into avoiding drugs.

Have the Claims of Hira Ratan Manek Been Substantiated?

Currently, there exists no solid scientific proof that sun gazing
actually works in the manner that the “sun gazing gurus” claim,
nor is there solid proof to the contrary. The sun gazing
community is enthusiastically awaiting rigorous and definitive
scientific studies on sun gazing to resolve the matter.

But until those come forth, the best you can do is to review the
data yourself, and follow your gut.

Dr. Sudhir Shah[xv], a neurologist who led the 21-physician
team that evaluated and monitored HRM during his 411-day
water-and-solar-energy fast, publicized his conclusions and
theories about how HRM can subsist on sunlight. He posited
that HRM sustains himself based on four key factors/processes:

  1. Reducing calorie requirement by chronic adaptation

  2. Deriving basic energy from sun energy

  3. Utilizing the energy in an efficient way, and recycling it in
his body

  4. Possessing a genetically or phenotypically different body

He goes into great detail about each factor in his theoretical
summary, which you can read in his online report.

Dr. Shah concludes that the sun gazing phenomenon is genuine,
stating, “It’s just fantastic, and absolutely amazing, but this is
not a myth.”

A glowing article[xvi] in support of HRM was written by Dr.
Maurie D. Pressman, a Holistic-Spiritual Psychoanalyst and
Director of the Pressman Center for Mind/Body Wellness in
Philadelphia. Dr. Pressman states he spent a good deal of
“personal time” with HRM and believes he is one of the “realized
beings among us.”

He describes how struck he was with how HRM’s body looked--
very slender, graceful, and firm--not emaciated at all. He was
also impressed with his quiet, self-assured manner.

Other reports are not so glowing.

In 2003, when trying to confirm reports that NASA had invited
HRM for study[xvii], Jan Steinar Haugland[xviii] received a
response from NASA spokesperson Dolores Beasley saying she
had no idea why reports had claimed that NASA had invited

Manek. She went on to say that they have no record of his being
involved with them. She also checked all offices doing related
research at centers such as Johnson, Marshall, and Ames.

Doctors who were supposedly wowed by HRM’s performance in
the United States seem less than eager to publicly express their

The third “observed” fast lasting 130 days was supposedly
performed in Philadelphia, PA, under the direction of Dr.
Andrew Newberg[xix] and Dr. George Brainard[xx]. However,
contact with Dr. Newberg apparently revealed that Manek was
only studied for “brain scans of meditation” at the University of
Pennsylvania, not for his ability to fast indefinitely.

Dr. Newberg also denied ever undertaking the 130-day study,
according to Wikipedia.

I emailed HRM himself and asked if he could shed some light on
this conflicting information. He responded promptly, stating:

  When an experience of a person becomes reproducible, it
becomes a science. Sun gazing is not for non-eating. It is for
health of mind, body and spirit…

  …The media sometimes reports things in haste, I have never
said anything about NASA. Those who believe, they do it, and
those who do not believe--to them, any amount of explanation
won’t work.

So, you will have to decide for yourself as to the validity of the
claims of Hira Ratan Manek, and other sun gazers. What can be
found easily are many reports from people who have been
utilizing his sun gazing protocol to their benefit, without any
negative consequences.

In fact, the very ambitious Vinny Pinto has posted online the
results of his First Sungazing List Group Sungazer’s Survey[xxi].
Results are encouraging for those of you who are bold enough to
consider trying out this esoteric practice. His major findings

    Health improvements were reported, especially among
    Persons who had sun gazed for at least a year, at least 4 times
per week, were far more likely to report a decreased need for
solid food.
    Persons who had sun gazed for more than five years and who
gazed near mid-day were more likely to report adverse effects.
    35 of the 51 participants reported “increased or greatly
increased energy” while only 1 participant reported reduced
    The number of people who reported a “decreased need for
solid food” was approximately equal to the number of people
who reported “no significant change in need for food.” Only 1
person reported an increased need.

    The most common physical/mental/spiritual experiences
reported from sun gazing were bliss/joy and peace/calm.
    Not one person reported a decrease in physical health. All
participants reported their health was the same or improved.

When asked how scientific his survey was, Pinto stated it was
“not rigorously scientific, but a useful tool.”

That said, he describes himself as a degreed scientist and
statistician who has trained others in statistical methodology,
stating he made the study as scientific as he could, within his
time and financial constraints. Therefore, it is probably a pretty
good representation of the sun gazing population.

Closing Thoughts

Just how sun gazing works remains a mystery, but the same can
be said of many esoteric practices, such as acupuncture and
Qigong, which have been around for millennia and survived the
test of time. One would expect these things to fall by the wayside
if they offered no benefits at all.

Sun gazing appears to be gaining momentum in this country, as
more complementary health practices are gaining acceptance by
the public. If we always demand an explanation for how
something works before trying it, we might be cheating
ourselves out of some great tools that can provide benefit.

One fairly comprehensive resource is a book called Living on
Sunlight[xxii] by Vina Parma, MBA. It is available for FREE
download here.

I recommend that you read multiple sources of information
before diving in, if sun gazing is something you decide you want
to explore. At least then, you will be embarking on the journey
with your eyes wide open.

Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth.

During the time it takes you to read this article, something will
happen high overhead that until recently many scientists didn't
believe in.
A magnetic portal will open, linking Earth to the sun 93 million
miles away.
Tons of high-energy particles may flow through the opening
before it closes again, around the time you reach the end of the

"It's called a flux transfer event or 'FTE,'" says space physicist
David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. "Ten years ago
I was pretty sure they didn't exist, but now the evidence is

Indeed, today Sibeck is telling an international assembly of
space physicists at the 2008 Plasma Workshop in Huntsville,

Alabama, that FTEs are not just common, but possibly twice as
common as anyone had ever imagined.

Researchers have long known that the Earth and sun must be
connected. Earth's magnetosphere (the magnetic bubble that
surrounds our planet) is filled with particles from the sun that
arrive via the solar wind and penetrate the planet's magnetic
defenses. They enter by following magnetic field lines that can
be traced from terra firma all the way back to the sun's

"We used to think the connection was permanent and that solar
wind could trickle into the near-Earth environment anytime the
wind was active," says Sibeck. "We were wrong. The connections
are not steady at all. They are often brief, bursty and very

Several speakers at the Workshop have outlined how FTEs form:
On the dayside of Earth (the side closest to the sun), Earth's
magnetic field presses against the sun's magnetic field.
Approximately every eight minutes, the two fields briefly merge
or "reconnect," forming a portal through which particles can
flow. The portal takes the form of a magnetic cylinder about as
wide as Earth.
The European Space Agency's fleet of four Cluster spacecraft and
NASA's five THEMIS probes have flown through and
surrounded these cylinders, measuring their dimensions and
sensing the particles that shoot through. "They're real," says

Now that Cluster and THEMIS have directly sampled FTEs,
theorists can use those measurements to simulate FTEs in their
computers and predict how they might behave. Space physicist
Jimmy Raeder of the University of New Hampshire presented
one such simulation at the Workshop. He told his colleagues
that the cylindrical portals tend to form above Earth's equator
and then roll over Earth's winter pole. In December, FTEs roll
over the north pole; in July they roll over the south pole.

Right: A "magnetic portal" or FTE mapped in cross-section by
NASA's fleet of THEMIS spacecraft. [Larger image]

Sibeck believes this is happening twice as often as previously
thought. "I think there are two varieties of FTEs: active and
passive." Active FTEs are magnetic cylinders that allow particles
to flow through rather easily; they are important conduits of
energy for Earth's magnetosphere. Passive FTEs are magnetic
cylinders that offer more resistance; their internal structure does
not admit such an easy flow of particles and fields. (For experts:
Active FTEs form at equatorial latitudes when the IMF tips
south; passive FTEs form at higher latitudes when the IMF tips
north.) Sibeck has calculated the properties of passive FTEs and
he is encouraging his colleagues to hunt for signs of them in data
from THEMIS and Cluster. "Passive FTEs may not be very
important, but until we know more about them we can't be

There are many unanswered questions: Why do the portals form
every 8 minutes? How do magnetic fields inside the cylinder
twist and coil? "We're doing some heavy thinking about this at
the Workshop," says Sibeck.

Meanwhile, high above your head, a new portal is opening,
connecting your planet to the sun.

Introduction of Makar Sankranti:

Makar Sankranti is the day when the glorious Sun-God of
Hindus begins
its ascendancy and entry into the Northern Hemisphere.
Sun for the Hindus stands for Pratyaksha-Brahman - the
manifest God,
who symbolizes, the one, non-dual, self-effulgent, glorious
blessing one & all tirelessly.
Sun is the one who transcends time and also the one who rotates
proverbial Wheel of Time.
The famous Gayatri Mantra, which is chanted everyday by every
Hindu, is directed to Sun God to bless them with intelligence &
Sun not only represents God but also stands for an embodiment
knowledge & wisdom.
Lord Krishna reveals in Gita that this manifested divinity was his
first disciple, and we all know it to be indeed a worthy one too.
No Sundays for the Sun, may be because one who revels in its

'being', the very essence of his own Self, is always in the Sunday

The co-relation of cosmic events with individual life and values
one of the most astounding traits of Hindu Masters. Once this
co-relation is brought about thereafter these cosmic events
instrumental to remind us the best which we cherish & value. Of
the cosmic bodies Sun is the most glorious & important, thus
sun-centric cosmic event became very important spiritual,
religious &
cultural events. On Makar Sankranti day the Sun begins its
and journey into the Northern Hemisphere, and thus it signifies
event wherein the Gods seem to remind their children that
'Tamaso Ma
Jyotir Gamaya'. May you go higher & higher - to more & more
Light and
never to darkness.

Makar Sankranti is one of the most auspicious day for the
Hindus, and
is celebrated in almost all parts of the country in myriad cultural
forms, with great devotion, fervor & gaiety. Lakhs of people take

dip in places like Ganga Sagar & Prayag and pray to Lord Sun. It
celebrated with pomp in southern parts of the country as Pongal,
in Punjab is celebrated as Lohri & Maghi. Gujarati's not only
reverentially up to the sun, but also offer thousands of their
colorful oblations in the form of beautiful kites all over the
skyline. They may be trying to reach upto their glorious God or
about greater proximity with the one who represents the best. It
is a
day for which Bhishma Pitamah kept waiting to leave his mortal

Astrological Significance:

Makar means Capricorn and Sankranti is transition. There is a
sankranti every month when the sun passes from one sign of the
to the next. There are twelve signs of the zodiac, and thus there
twelve sankranti's as well. Each of these sankranti's has its own
relative importance but two of these are more important - the
(Aries) Sankranti and the most important, the Makar

Sankranti. Transition of the Sun from Sagittarius to Capricorn,
the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere is known as
Sankranti. From this day begins the six-month long Uttarayana,
considered very auspicious for attaining higher worlds hereafter.
While the traditional Indian Calendar is basically based on lunar
positions, but sankranti is a solar event, so while dates of all
festivals keep changing, the english calendar date of Makar
is always same, 14th January. Makar Sankranti is celebrated in
Hindu Calendar month of Magha. There is another significance
of this
day, after this day the days start becoming longer & warmer, and
the chill of winter in on decline.

Religious Significance:

1. The Puranas say that on this day Sun visits the house of his
Shani, who is the swami of Makar Rashi. These father & son do
ordinarily get along nicely, but inspite of any difference between
each other Lord Sun makes it a point to meet each other on this
Father in fact himself comes to his son's house, for a month. This

symbolized the importance of special relationship of father &
son. It
is the son who has the responsibility to carry forward his fathers
dream and the continuity of the family.

2. From Uttarayana starts the `day' of Devatas, while
dakshinayana is
said to be the `night' of devatas, so most of the auspicious things
are done during this time. Uttarayana is also called as Devayana,
the next half is called Pitrayana.

3. It was on this day when Lord Vishnu ended the ever
terrorism of the Asuras by finishing them off and burying their
under the Mandar Parvat. So this occasion also represents the
end of
negativities and beginning of an era of righteous living.

4. The great savior of his ancestors, Maharaj Bhagirath, did great
Tapasya to bring Gangaji down on the earth for the redemption
60,000 sons of Maharaj Sagar, who were burnt to ashes at the
Muni Ashram, near the present day Ganga Sagar. It was on this
day that
Bhagirath finally did tarpan with the Ganges water for his
ancestors and thereby liberated them from the curse. After

the Patala for the redemption of the curse of Bhagirath's
Gangaji finally merged in the Sagar. Even today a very big Ganga
Mela is organized every year on this day at the confluence of
Ganges and the Bay of Bengal. Lakhs take dip in the water and
tarpan for their ancestors.

We salute such a great devotee & benefactor of his ancestors.
One who
can express such gratitude to his ancestors, work with tireless
resolve to redeem the pride, pledges & resolves of his
alone possess a personality, which the history reveals to be a true
benefactor of the world too. A person who has severed his own
gets soon rooted out in the flow of time. Moral of the story is to
to it that the roots of the tree of `our' life are not only intact but
nourished well, thereafter alone the tree blooms & flourishes.

There is another spiritually symbolic aspect of this story. The
cursed son of Maharaj Sagar represent our thoughts, who
become dull &
dead-like because of uncultured & blind ambition. Redemption
of such
people is only by the waters of Gangaji, brought down `to' &

`from' the Himalayas with great tapasya. This represents
hard work to get the redeeming Brahma-Vidya, which alone
enthuses & enlivens the life of anyone.

5. Another well-known reference of this day came when the great
grandsire of Mahabharata fame, Bhishma, declared his intent to
his mortal coil on this day. He had the boon of Ichha-Mrityu
from his
father, so he kept lying on the bed of arrows till this day and then
left his mortal coil on Makar Sankranti day. It is believed that
person, who dies during the period of Uttarayana, becomes free
transmigration. So this day was seen as a sure-shot Good Luck
day to
start your journey or endeavors to the higher realms beyond.

Culture & Festivities:

This festival is celebrated differently in different parts of the
Uttar Pradesh:

In Uttar Pradesh, Sankrant is called `Khichiri'. Taking a dip in
holy rivers on this day is regarded as most auspicious. A big

one-month long `Magha-Mela' fair begins at Prayag (Allahabad)
on this
occasion. Apart from Triveni, ritual bathing also takes place at
places like Haridvar and Garh Mukteshwar in Uttar Pradesh,
and Patna
in Bihar.

In Bengal every year a very big Mela is held at Ganga Sagar
where the
river Ganga is believed to have dived into the nether region and
vivified the ashes of the sixty thousand ancestors of King
This mela is attended by a large number of pilgrims from all over
Tamil Nadu:

In Tamil Nadu Sankrant is known by the name of `Pongal',
which takes
its name from the surging of rice boiled in a pot of milk, and this
festival has more significance than even Diwali. It is very
particularly amongst farmers. Rice and pulses cooked together
in ghee
and milk is offered to the family deity after the ritual worship. In
essence in the South this Sankrant is a `Puja' (worship) for the
Sun God.
Andhra Pradesh:

In Andhra Pradesh, it is celebrated as a three-day harvest
Pongal. It is a big event for the people of Andhra Pradesh. The
Telugus like to call it 'Pedda Panduga' meaning big festival. The
whole event lasts for four days, the first day Bhogi, the second
Sankranti, the third day Kanuma and the fourth day,

In Maharashtra on the Sankranti day people exchange multi-
tilguds made from til (sesame seeds) and sugar and til-laddus
from til and jaggery. Til-polis are offered for lunch. While
exchanging tilguls as tokens of goodwill people greet each other
saying – `til-gul ghya, god god bola' meaning `accept these
and speak sweet words'. The under-lying thought in the
exchange of
tilguls is to forget the past ill-feelings and hostilities and resolve
to speak sweetly and remain friends.

This is a special day for the women in Maharashtra when
married women
are invited for a get-together called `Haldi-Kumkum' and given
of any utensil, which the woman of the house purchases on that

In Gujarat Sankrant is observed more or less in the same
manner as in
Maharashtra but with a difference that in Gujarat there is a
custom of
giving gifts to relatives. The elders in the family give gifts to the
younger members of the family. The Gujarati Pundits on this
day grant scholarships to students for higher studies in astrology
philosophy. This festival thus helps the maintenance of social
relationships within the family, caste and community.

Kite flying has been associated with this festival in a big way. It
has become an internationally well-known event.

In Punjab where December and January are the coldest months
of the
year, huge bonfires are lit on the eve of Sankrant and which is
celebrated as "LOHARI". Sweets, sugarcane and rice are thrown
in the
bonfires, around which friends and relatives gather together.
following day, which is Sankrant, is celebrated as MAGHI. The
Punjabi's dance their famous Bhangra dance till they get
Then they sit down and eat the sumptuous food that is specially
prepared for the occasion.

The 40 days anushthana by the devotees of Ayyappa ends on this
day in
Sabarimala with a big festival.

In Bundelkhand and Madhya Pradesh this festival of Sankrant is
by the name `Sakarat' and is celebrated with great pomp &
accompanied by lot of sweets.
Tribals of Orissa:

Many tribals in our country start their New Year from the day of
Sankrant by lighting bonfires, dancing and eating their
dishes sitting together. The Bhuya tribals of Orissa have their
Maghyatra in which small home-made articles are put for sale.

In Assam, the festival is celebrated as Bhogali Bihu.
Coastal Region:

In the coastal regions, it is a harvest festival dedicated to Indra.

How to Celebrate:

1. Get up early in the morning, before sunrise, have bath and be
with water & flowers for the sunrise. Worship the rising Sun, by

offering water, flowers with both the hands & then pray with
hands by chanting the Gayatri Mantra and pray for knowledge,
and enlightenment to rise in the similar way to greater & greater
heights. Pray for blessings to live a dynamic, inspired &
righteous life.

2. Do tarpan for your ancestors. Offer water to the ancestors
praying for their blessings. Resolve to redeem the pledges &
pride of
your forefathers. Live life in such a way that wherever your
forefathers may be their head is held high by the life & deeds of
their children.

3. Have a special session of Meditation, wherein you bring about
awareness of the self-effulgent subjective divinity. Affirm the
greatest importance of your spiritual goal very clearly, and pray
God to bless you with the capacity to constantly revel in your
self. May the graph of your rise like the Uttarayana Sun. May
there be
greater 'Love & Light' in your life & the world.

4. Prepare laddus or other sweets of Til & Gur and offer them to
friends & relatives. See to it that your `Well-being Prayer for all'
gets manifested in action & deeds.

5. Have the lunch of Khichiri. This stands for inculcating
in your life & habits.

6. Give some Daan on this day to someone who truly deserves.

7. Visit your son at his place and give presents to the son and the
daughter-in-law. If it is not possible to visit, then organize to
presents to them to express your love & affection to them. Work
properly cultivate the generation, which has to carry forward all
best you cherish & value.

Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth.

During the time it takes you to read this article, something will
happen high overhead that until recently many scientists didn't
believe in.
A magnetic portal will open, linking Earth to the sun 93 million
miles away.

Tons of high-energy particles may flow through the opening
before it closes again, around the time you reach the end of the

"It's called a flux transfer event or 'FTE,'" says space physicist
David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. "Ten years ago
I was pretty sure they didn't exist, but now the evidence is

Indeed, today Sibeck is telling an international assembly of
space physicists at the 2008 Plasma Workshop in Huntsville,
Alabama, that FTEs are not just common, but possibly twice as
common as anyone had ever imagined.

Researchers have long known that the Earth and sun must be
connected. Earth's magnetosphere (the magnetic bubble that
surrounds our planet) is filled with particles from the sun that
arrive via the solar wind and penetrate the planet's magnetic
defenses. They enter by following magnetic field lines that can
be traced from terra firma all the way back to the sun's

"We used to think the connection was permanent and that solar
wind could trickle into the near-Earth environment anytime the
wind was active," says Sibeck. "We were wrong. The connections
are not steady at all. They are often brief, bursty and very

Several speakers at the Workshop have outlined how FTEs form:
On the dayside of Earth (the side closest to the sun), Earth's

magnetic field presses against the sun's magnetic field.
Approximately every eight minutes, the two fields briefly merge
or "reconnect," forming a portal through which particles can
flow. The portal takes the form of a magnetic cylinder about as
wide as Earth.
The European Space Agency's fleet of four Cluster spacecraft and
NASA's five THEMIS probes have flown through and
surrounded these cylinders, measuring their dimensions and
sensing the particles that shoot through. "They're real," says

Now that Cluster and THEMIS have directly sampled FTEs,
theorists can use those measurements to simulate FTEs in their
computers and predict how they might behave. Space physicist
Jimmy Raeder of the University of New Hampshire presented
one such simulation at the Workshop. He told his colleagues
that the cylindrical portals tend to form above Earth's equator
and then roll over Earth's winter pole. In December, FTEs roll
over the north pole; in July they roll over the south pole.

Right: A "magnetic portal" or FTE mapped in cross-section by
NASA's fleet of THEMIS spacecraft. [Larger image]

Sibeck believes this is happening twice as often as previously
thought. "I think there are two varieties of FTEs: active and
passive." Active FTEs are magnetic cylinders that allow particles
to flow through rather easily; they are important conduits of
energy for Earth's magnetosphere. Passive FTEs are magnetic
cylinders that offer more resistance; their internal structure does
not admit such an easy flow of particles and fields. (For experts:
Active FTEs form at equatorial latitudes when the IMF tips

south; passive FTEs form at higher latitudes when the IMF tips
north.) Sibeck has calculated the properties of passive FTEs and
he is encouraging his colleagues to hunt for signs of them in data
from THEMIS and Cluster. "Passive FTEs may not be very
important, but until we know more about them we can't be

There are many unanswered questions: Why do the portals form
every 8 minutes? How do magnetic fields inside the cylinder
twist and coil? "We're doing some heavy thinking about this at
the Workshop," says Sibeck.

Meanwhile, high above your head, a new portal is opening,
connecting your planet to the sun.


The Crystalline Heart of the Sun
> The solar being is a very ancient soul who has been
> continuously engaged in profound meditation for over
> a billion years. The intense heat and light of the
> Sun has been generated through this meditation.
> The focus of this meditation is a small egg-shaped
> cocoon of luminous subtle matter that lies at the
> center of the solar orb. This ball of celestial fire
> is so filled with spiritual power that is resembles
> a shining crystal or radiant diamond. It may be

> understood as the crystalline heart of the Sun.
> The crystalline heart of the Sun is composed of the
> most concentrated form of subtle matter-energy
> possible in our solar system. As a result, it
> reflects an extraordinarily high level of universal
> pure consciousness. Although the consciousness of
> the Sun is much higher than that of a human being,
> there are certain divine correspondences between
> solar and human consciousness that link us together.
> The Divine Ka in the Human Heart
> The simplest of these correspondences concerns the
> size and shape of the luminous egg of celestial fire
> that lies at the heart of the Sun. The luminous egg
> that lies at the heart of the Sun is more or less
> identical in size and shape to the luminous egg that
> is nested in the human heart. Surprising as it may
> seem, they are both about the size and shape of the
> pad at the end of an adult thumb.
> This thumb-sized egg of celestial fire is known as
> the Divine Ka. There is a Divine Ka at the heart of
> every celestial being in the Universe. All the
> planets, stars, and galaxies have their own Divine
> Kas. There is even a Divine Ka for the Universe as a
> whole. It is seated at the very heart of the central
> Sun. The Universal Divine Ka is the supreme seat of
> the Universal Soul. It is the divine archetype
> towards which all other aspire.

> This includes all human souls as well. Every human
> heart contains a Divine Ka that serves as the seat
> of the human soul. In the heart of the
> unenlightened, the Divine Ka is to small or to weak
> to reflect the light of pure consciousness and
> resonate with the music of the spheres. In order to
> do so, the divine Ka must be nourished with
> celestial fire. When it has been properly nourished,
> the Divine Ka grows and develops into a blazing
> thumb-seized cocoon of celestial fire residing
> within the heart. When the Divine Ka thus becomes
> awakened, the human soul becomes enlightened, and
> begins to sing the song of divine love.
> From The Pillar of Celestial Fire by Robert Cox,
> 1997

Arise children of the Sun. Awaken to the Song of your Celestial
of all there is. Embrace the Sun within your heart and shine it
for all to see. Dance in the Golden Rays of Liquid Light. Be free.
Joyful for Now is the Time.

The Sun is at the centre of our Solar System and is the centre of
Light, the intelligence that governs this Solar System. The Sun is

connected to every aspect of life and creates the world as we live
it. The Sun is not just a gaseous ball but very highly evolved
and Beings, they illuminate direct to us and at night through the
Moon. The Sun is a great place of learning and wisdom, also a
stage of
initiation for those who choose to go through the Sun and
beyond. The
Sun is connected to the Central Suns. Our own Central Sun is
from the Pleiadian System that we are part of. There are many
Suns and
Central Suns and it is through these Suns that all worlds are
governed. The Sun reads the vibrations and helps us to grow, if it
feels our Love it feeds that Love, if it feels our fear it creates
experiences for us to open up more fully to Love. The Sun is
and the Light allows us to see the mirror.

The Sun is changing, its vibrations are heightening as we open
up to
the Sun within our Hearts. We are aligning also with the Central
as our journey back into alignment with the Sun is a cyclic
completion. We are completing not only a 26,000 year cycle but
also a
500,000, and 2,000,000 year cycles as we return to our source
back to

God Creator. We have breathed out into creation through the
and the creation experience, and are now breathing in and back
God/Source. The Sun gives us life and the Golden Rays of the
Sun are
the highest vibrations of Divine Love energy, its higher
expression is
a mass of Divine Light Beings. Intelligence designs itself as
and it is the intelligence of the Sun that holds the solar system in
its energetic field.

As we also align with our Sun, other Suns are sending their
rays, these cosmic rays are solar flares from our Central Sun that
aligning on the Earth as we star map the grid with the solar
system in
harmony once more. The last time we were aligned to the Sun
Central Sun was in the last Golden Age. At that time we created
pyramids, stone circles, standing stones in alignment with
stars in our solar system. These stars are Suns and Central Suns.
Greater Central Sun is now aligning with us also which means all
high frequencies of Source energy are creating a shift in

consciousness, and it is a graduation party for everyone. We
our Light Body and Solar Self, God I Am, the Earth becomes a
Sun, the
Sun a Central Sun, the Central Sun becomes a Greater Central
Sun, the
Greater Central Sun becomes are ever greater Sun back to
Source. The
Pleadians are joyously awaiting the Second Sun, which will
manifest as
we merge. The Central Sun Alcyone is in alignment on the 21st
with the Wesak Full Moon and the Shamballa force on May 18th.
Central Sun Aldebaran, the eye of the bull, in Taurus will be
on 31st of May. Almach of the Andromedan Galaxy is right on
the big
alignment May 4th. The Andromedan galaxy is in alignment
with Divine
Will and this galaxy is merging with us, this is a multi-
experience grounded through the Taurus alignment. The
birthing of the
new creation, the Golden Age.

In a 26,000 year cycle, which takes in the full cycle of the zodiac,
we have four main stages. The first being the Golden Age where
we are
in full conscious connection to Divinity, Prime Creator, God is

within. Where we live in a state of harmony with all life, Peace
Love are the energy we work with. We are aligned through the
Sun and
Central Sun, and core of the Earth. Then we have a Silver Age,
we start to need ritual to keep our connection. Next the Bronze
where the Creator losses itself in Creation, and we start to
experience separation. Then the Iron Age or Kali/Dark Age
where we
totally lose our connection and there is chaos, the energy we run
is Fear. We are now just about to move out of the Dark Age and
the Golden Age, and new cycle.
Halfway through this 26,000 year cycle we go into the Photon
Belt. The
Photon Belt is a band of Light Photons that runs through the
Sun of the Pleiadian System.

This Sun is called Alcyone and our Solar System is in an outer
from Alcyone and the Belt. The Mayans, who are master
and time keepers came to Earth and left us with the Calender

Glyphs of the Cyclic flows of our Universe. They come from a
Star that
is in close orbit to Alcyone and always within the Photon Belt of
Light. Our Solar System will be fully in the Belt in 2012 for
years, then out again for another 11,000 years. The year 2012
was the
estimated end of the Mayan Calender, this may have come
forward in
time with new, recent revelations of the calender and the
shifts we are experiencing. As there is No Time and all is Now, to
at peace with this shift is to be surrendered into Divine Will, and
being our connection to Source through our Heart.

The last time we went in the belt was in the Age of Leo, when
was at its peak, and then experienced the cataclysm as we hit the
Belt. As we were not in harmony with the higher octaves of
Light. But
at that time in our learning we were also going into denser
vibrations, from the Silver into the Bronze Age. Now we are
about to
come into the Photon Belt again, into the Age of Aquarius, which
opposite Leo, and we are having to make a great leap in
out of fear and into Love. If we can do this then it will be a

harmonious transition. In Leo we had to learn about Gods Will
and our
Will, and we went out of alignment with Divine Will and into our
In Aquarius we are learning to align our will to Divine Will, and
come from our Heart, Solar Self which is our Divine Connection.
Learning to live in harmony and cooperation with each other.

Much of humanity still has the fear of destruction as the only
way we
change. As the memories of Atlantis still operate in the control
power dramas that run with fear, as full on as ever on this
The Earth Changes are the changes in us. If we keep abusing and
disregarding the sacredness of all life, then we will create great
chaos as a means of release from it. For when we are so separate
Love we create destruction and annihilation. But we have the
opportunity to change this if we choose Love. The solar energy is
creating a new vibration with which disturbing and disruptive
will not be able to live. The vibration of Love is coming in so
strongly now, the Sun is ready to complete and move into higher
octaves and we are going too, as we are one with the Sun and in
Solar System, we are coming back into alignment. By being clear
in our

mind, emotions and body we will be able to cope with and enjoy
Golden Rays of Love and Joy, high Light energies.

With the shift in axis last time our hearts were closed through
and frozen, just like the formation of the Ice Poles at that time.
we melt the ice in our hearts, the ice melts at the poles which is
happening. We are the Earth Changes, as we are one with the
Earth and
all Creation. The fear of prophecies of doom, tidal waves,
earthquakes is the fear within us. If we can Love and transmute
inner tidal wave of emotions or earthquake within ourselves we
free of the fear in the physical world. By practising this we open
doorway of the heart, the Unconditional Love, and so move into
dimensions were fear does not exist. Our world changes to one
harmony and peace.

All ancient civilisations honoured the Sun as the symbol of

the giver of life. They used gold as the metal that symbolised the
and Divine energy, one example of the use of Gold and its divine
connection is with the Incas. In Peru there is a Golden Solar
this had come from Lemuria just before the cataclysm that
erased that
amazing civilisation. A master was guardian of this Disc for
time, and the Incas used it as they were aligned with its energy
through the Central Sun, and worthy to use it. It was at the
Temple of
the Sun in Cusco. Cusco, 4,000 meters up in the Andes, itself
being a
sacred place, for after the great flood that submerged most of the
earth, two starry beings came down to the Islands of the Sun and
in Lake Titicaca. They had a golden rod, and wherever it could
be put
into the earth would be sacred, and the beginnings of a new
of humanity on earth.

This place was Cusco which thought of by the Incas as the
cord of Earth. When the Spanish invaded in their lust for gold
power, they plundered the temple of incredible gold and silver

objects. Melting them down, and destroying the great temple
and other
buildings, to build their churches and town. They never found
Golden Disc, and to this day it has never been found. Some think
it is
under Cusco, in a network of tunnels that the Incas made from
Temple to Sacsayhuaman in the hill above Cusco, and other such
There is even mention of a tunnel all the way to Ecuador which
was in
their Kingdom. On the 24th June each year a luminous glow is
seen from
the tunnels beneath Cusco, as presence of the Central Suns glow

Now that Lemuria is once again rising, and all the cycles and
civilisations merging, we are awakening to the presence of the
Discs through the Central Sun and our Solar selves. The discs are
becoming once again free to vibrate in divine love and light, as
energy pluses through the network of light around, and through
Earth. There are other Golden Discs that are now being activated
the Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, in Egypt the Golden

Solar Disc there at the temple of Horus, the RA connection, in
Himalayas at Himachal Pradesh and Tibet, in the south
England, and
other locations. Some of these have been dormant along time,
were always active, like in the Himalayas, being in their energy
creates great shifts in consciousness.

We are one with the Sun and have within us the Golden Solar
Disc as
well. We can anchor our own Golden Disc within our Hearts and
bring in
that energy at any sacred place. Which also means our own
backyard or
home as all the earth is sacred. We are now able to not just travel
these power sites but anchor that energy wherever we are. As we
connect through our own inner Sun in our Heart, the Earth as it
becomes a Sun, our Sun, the Central Sun and Greater Central
Sun. Just
allow yourself to be in this energy, in your true presence.

There are twenty Golden Discs that are physical, and were used
other cycles to keep the Divine energy aligned with the third

of the Earth. Twenty is the number of the marriage of Heaven
Earth, Spirit and Matter. Where we can be in the world of form
and non
form as one, in the world but not of it. We are now entering the
2000's and this vibration. Our Sun in this Solar System is also
vibrating at the number twenty, as it operates at the twentieth
The Sun is also the merged God/Goddess, male/female and not
just male,
there is a Sun Goddess called Sol in mythology also. The Sun is
Duality, male/female and is unified energy. The Moon is a
that reflects the Sun at night, notice how Golden the Moon is
now days.

It is now time for us to connect within to our source and Solar
Become aware of the Sun within our heart, a radiant Golden Ball
Divine Light. Feel and sense and be open to its love, joy and
As we are now about to enter the Golden Cycle and into
alignment with
our Solar Selves once more, we are now becoming conscious of
Golden Solar Discs, and the energy they emanate, we are a
Golden Solar

Disc. Their full activation is to assist in a transition of cycles,
this time without fear, but in Divine Love and into the 5th
We are at the precipice of a galactic change in cycle that is far
greater than just the new birth of the Sun in our Solar System.

The Sun and Solar energy is radiating to and through Earth like
before as our Sun aligns with our Central Sun, and through to
Greater Central Sun in alignment with all. This is a major event
the reason why so many of us who are taking responsibility, and
honouring and trusting our heart, are following our calling. Our
self illuminates us and transmutes our pain, and fear, our
conscoiusness into unity conscoiusness as we to reunite us with

Thank you Lincoln for the article at your website here:

In his audio book The SOLution, Wayne Purdin presents the
history of
sun gazing and sun worship, starting in Ancient Egypt and

through the 21st century. This article features the Ascended
Lanello, who lived as the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV.

The Mysteries of the Sun - Lanello

In 1369 B.C., Amenhotep IV, an embodiment of the ascended
Lanello, took over the reigns of Egypt from his ailing father
Amenhotep III. During his upbringing he was educated at the
Temple of
the Sun at On or Heliopolis where the priests instilled in him a
devotion to Aton. When he became pharaoh, he was given the
mysteries of the sun handed down from his great grandfather.
learned that Aton was the one true, self-created, unmanifest God
that all the other gods, including Amen, were man-made. Early
in his
reign, he changed his name to Akhenaton, meaning "he who is
to Aton." He considered himself a son of Aton.

Akhenaton initiated a change in the religious climate from a
fear-based polytheism with its death cult, magic amulets,
idols, animal sacrifice, and secretive rituals of a powerful
priesthood to a more devotional religion, which was free of

images, obsession with the afterlife, and magic; which
reverence for sunlight and cleanliness, and simple burial; and
allowed ordinary citizens to freely worship in open-air temples
offerings of fruits, flowers and incense, as was done in the
solar religion of Egypt. Aton's temples had no idols or graven
other than the one Akhenaton devised — a sun disk from which
rays, the ends of which terminate in hands. Some of these hands
the ankh, the symbol of life, to the nostrils of his sun gazing

This symbolism shows that Akhenaton understood the
between sunlight, prana and breath. He knew that sunlight is the
source of all life upon earth. This was not worship of the physical
sun but worship of one God, a supreme deity, whose spirit was in
Heaven and whose physical manifestation was the sun - the
symbol of
life. It changed the worship of the sun as a god to the worship of
symbolized by the sun. Paintings and carvings of Aton were
accompanied with a sort of hieroglyphic footnote, stating that it
just a representation of the all-encompassing Creator.

The following quote from a decree made by Akhenaton upon the
of Anketaton, indicates that morning sun gazing was a part of
"Every eye beholds him without hindrance while he fills the land
his rays and makes everyone to live. With seeing whom my eyes
satisfied daily when he rises in this temple and fills it with his
self by means of his rays, beauteous with love, and embraces me
them in life and power forever and ever." Akhenaton and his
also sun gazed to receive divine direction. Gary D. Goodwin of
Millennium Group wrote that Akhenaton "worshipped the sun
and he
believed that he could receive revelation from the sun if he
into it."

Besides sun gazing, sunbathing was also done as evidenced by
semi-nudity shown in many of the paintings of Akhenaton and
family. Also he designed and had constructed the Maru-Aton, or
`viewing temple' outside of Akhetaton, which contained
gardens, pools

and sunshades, or solar altars. The sunshades were roofless
booths made of alabaster, sandstones, and granites inlaid with
stones and colored glass beads. According to Egyptologist Cyril
Aldred, they were used for "the daily rejuvenation of the body by
means of the sun's rays." A person would lie on the stone altar in
sunshade and receive the rejuvenating rays of the sun, either
directly, or indirectly, I assume, through the crystalline matrix of
the stones composing it.

In a recent dictation through the messenger, David C. Lewis on
30th, 2007, Lanello had this to say:

"An age of divine reason is dawning. And the reason for man's
being upon this earth to live as a Sun Presence of light is coming
the fore. Yes, it is exciting to have the availability of our own
Solar Presence to live a life of meaning and of service! We are
limited by time and space but can be everywhere and `every
time' in
the consciousness of God. We can witness the birth of solar
worlds and
send love-wisdom to each sentient being through just a five-
meditation on the One. There is nothing that we cannot do if we
believe in our God Self!"

The word "sol" has many meanings, and they're all
interconnected. It can mean our sun. Add a "u" for "you" and it's
your soul or your inner sol or sun. Add an "o" for "one" and you
get solo, which means alone or "all one." "We are one in the sun"
isn't just a fanciful New-Age expression; it is the key to the New
Age. Thru unity all problems are dis-sol-ved creating a sol-ution.
In astrophysics, sol means singularity. Nassim Haramein is
probably the most brilliant physicist since Einstein. He has
found that every living thing from a microbe to a sun has a
singularity or black hole that not only takes in light but
transmits equal amounts of light to its sphere of influence. One
aspect of light is information, so singularities take in and
transmit information. Our sun has a singularity in its core. As all
singularities are "connected" our Sun receives information from
the Central Sun of our galaxy, which the Mayans called "Hunab
Ku." The Hunab Ku recieves its information from the Great
Central Sun of the universe. Our sun then transmits this
information or wisdom to the solar system. We can absorb this
information through our eyes, including the third eye, or
pineal/pituitary gland complex, when we sungaze. Sungazing
pioneer, Gene Savoy, calls this aspect of sunlight the
"information or intelligence factor" or "IF." He writes in Project
X: the Search for the Secrets of Immortality, "This energy [from
the sun and beyond] has inherent IF potential. It is cosmic
information coming into our mind and consciousness directly
from the source – the cosmos where it all began… The first cause
in the creation of the world was the `word,' or the logos, which

emerged from the mouth of God. The philosophers have always
taught that this `word' is the true nutrient of the spiritual part of

We are now experiencing an incredible increase in solar energy.
We are in the trough of a solar cycle (solar minimum) yet the
sun is emitting solar flares that are greater than what is usually
emitted during the peak of a solar cycle (solar maximum). Not
too long ago, astrophysicists discovered that the sun had
changed from a yellow-orange sun to a white-yellow sun. Since
they couldn't explain it, they ignored it and did not make the
discovery public.

The Mayans calculated that at this time we are beginning a new
Solar cycle. We are moving from the 5th sun into the 6th sun.
What this means is that we are crossing the Event Horizon of
Hunab Ku, the Central Sun of our galaxy. The Event Horizon is
the Milky Way. Just as the equator of Saturn has an event
Horizon that forms the rings, and our sun has an event Horizon
that is the planets orbiting around it, the Central Sun has the
Milky Way. From Earth we are seeing it from a side view. The
photon belt that we are crossing, is the Milky Way. We have
entered the event Horizon and will be in the midst of it in 2012.

The changes we are experiencing in both the earth and our
consciousness are from the light frequency of the Galactic sun or
Hunab Ku. It is transmitting to our sun through it's singularity a
higher level of radiation or intelligence factor so that we will

have the information we need to create a world of beauty, health,
and peace.

Some of this information is finding its way into human
consciousness through spiritual movies like "What the Bleep"
and "The Secret." In "What the Bleep" we learn that we create
our own reality. In "The Secret" we learn that gratitude is the key
to manifesting desires. These movies are great to watch and
digest, but just as raw food is a secondary source of sunlight,
these movies are a secondary source of wisdom. Through
sungazing and meditation we can, as Sol-o-man did, get wisdom
firsthand and know it in our hearts. I came to the realization of
these two truths a few months after starting sungazing. They are
not just intellectual concepts somebody thought of, but universal
principles of living that are contained in the light of creation.

This huge influx of radiation coming to our sun is causing
unavoidable physical changes in our solar system. The poles are
melting not just on Earth, but on Mars as well. The entire solar
system is heating up. On Venus there has been a 2500% increase
in auroral brightness, and substantive global atmospheric
changes in less than 30 years. The increased brightness is caused
by the formation of clouds (vaporization) that are reflecting the
sunlight. Besides the disappearance of polar icecaps on Mars
there have been huge storms. Jupiter has experienced over
200% increase in the brightness of surrounding plasma clouds
and more so at the poles. Saturn has undergone a major
decrease in equatorial jet stream velocities in only about 20
years, accompanied by surprising surge of X-rays from the

equator. There have been really big changes on Uranus in
brightness and increased global cloud activity. On Neptune we
have seen a 40% increase in atmospheric brightness. Even as
Pluto recedes farther from the Sun, it has experienced a 300%
increase in atmospheric pressure. None of these statistics are
from "fringe" scientists; they are all very, very real, and what you
have just read is only the proverbial "tip of the iceberg."

So things are heating up and even if every person on this planet
stopped driving gasoline-powered vehicles, it would not change
the temperature one iota. Global warming is not just a result of
CO2 emissions; it is mainly a result of the increase in solar
radiation. How hot is it going to get? Gene Savoy predicts that
the new sun will be 10 times the intensity of the sun before it
began to change. What this means in terms of climatic changes,
adverse weather conditions, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
is anyone's guess. But one thing is for certain – in order to
survive this, we must raise our vibration to the frequency of
light. How do we do this? We look up to the "Sun of
Righteousness." In Malachi 4, the sun burns the wicked, those
dense souls who exist at a low vibration of fear and hatred. But
in Malachi, God promises that "for those who fear my name, the
Sun of Righteousness will come with healing in its wings." Here
is a much better translation: "But for you, the sunrise! The Sun
of Righteousness will come with healing in its beams for those
who look up to my glory."

Savoy theorizes that sunlight entering the eyes causes DNA
changes that will result in more evolved offspring. I propose that
we won't have to wait till the next generation, that the new sun
will activate dormant DNA code that will cause the rapid
evolution of sungazers into solar beings. A solar being operates
at the frequency of light and is capable of surviving the increase
in solar intensity. The Zen Buddhist monk and author of "The
Solar Code," Echan Deravy, predicts that by 2012 the sun's
intensity will activate these dormant genes and transform
mankind. It's already happening. I can see it in my own life and
in the lives of other sungazers. Mentally, physically, and
spiritually I am not the same person I was three years ago when
I started sungazing.

The Malachi quote could also mean that healing will come for
those who "look within to my glory." The center of your heart is a
singularity just as the center of the sun is. They are both portals
to the Great Central Sun or Kingdom of Heaven. When we center
in our hearts, we are connecting to divine intelligence. We
become radiant with the Light of God and we can lift earth into
divine perfection. We can become co-creators with God. When
we sungaze, dreams come true. Talk to the sun and ask for
something. It will manifest, especially if you give thanks in
advance. Jesus did this. He "lifted up his eyes" to the sun and
"gave thanks." Then he would raise Lazarus from the dead,
multiply loaves and fishes, or heal a blind man. You can do this.
Didn't Jesus say, "These things I do, you shall do also, and
greater things shall you do."?

So what we have to do is sungaze or go within and tune into
divine intelligence and we can create miracles in our lives with
no effort or struggle. One person in a city that's in chaos can
uplift everyone if he or she is one with divine intelligence. That's
because the singularity in the heart is connected to all of
humanity. All that we need to create a golden-age solar
civilization of peace and prosperity will come to us through the
singularity of the sun and our hearts. High spiritual beings are
now unfolding new potential and we are seeing a renaissance in
every area: education, medicine, energy, economy, and so on.
The golden age is ongoing, only it's in the etheric dimension. It
will not descend into the physical. We must rise up to it by going
into our hearts and into the heart of the sun.

In 1999, David Steindl-
Rast, a Benedictine monk,
proposed investigating the
"rainbow body," a phenomenon
in which the corpses of
highly developed spiritual
individuals reputedly
vanished within days of
death. Brother David had
been fascinated by the
stories that he had heard
about this remarkable

phenomenon from several of
his colleagues who lived in Tibet. He contacted
Marilyn Schlitz, the Director of Research at the
Institute of Noetic Sciences, (IONS). She was very
enthusiastic about the idea and invited him to discuss it
with her further.
In a new joint initiative with the Esalen Institute,
the IONS was expanding its research on
"metanormal capacities". These capacities encompassed
behaviors, experiences, and bodily changes
that challenge our understanding of ordinary human
functioning. They also raise crucial questions about
the developmental potential of human beings.
Brother David told her that he had taken this
project to various institutions and foundations
looking for support. His intention was to corroborate
these claims, and accumulate data that would not
only help us understand more about the rainbow
body, but also look at its broader He
had been told that this type of research was unacceptable
within mainstream science. As long as the
research could be conceptualized within a rigorous
critical frame, the IONS was open to examining any
and all questions that can expand our idea of what is
possible as humans.
Steindl-Rast's own curiosity about the rainbow
body began when he heard various stories of Tibetan
masters who had, through their practices, reached a
high degree of wisdom and compassion. It was
reported to him that when they died, rainbows suddenly
appeared in the sky. Dozens of witnesses reported that

after several days their bodies disappeared. Sometimes
fingernails and hair were left. Sometimes nothing was
These stories made him reflect upon the resurrection
of Jesus Christ, which is central to his own faith. "We
know that Jesus was a very compassionate, selfless
person. When he died, according to the gospels, his body
was no longer there."
In today's world, Steindl-Rast points out that the
resurrection of Jesus Christ is interpreted differently,
depending upon an individual's spiritual beliefs. For
fundamentalists, the resurrection- the act of rising from
the dead- happened only to Jesus, and couldn't happen to
any other human. The minimalists focus on Jesus' spirit
living on and believe that the resurrection of Jesus had
nothing to do with his body.
In 1999, he decided to explore the strange phenomenon
of the rainbow body and a possible connection to the
resurrection of Jesus. He sent a fax to a friend in
Switzerland, who was a Zen Buddhist teacher. The
phenomenon occurred frequently among certain Zen
Buddhist sects and Steindl-Rast hoped that his friend
might know of some practitioners who could provide
more information.
Two days later, he received a fax stating that a Tibetan
monk had unexpectedly approached him. When the
rainbow body was mentioned, the Tibetan said, 'It
happened to one of my teachers just recently, and a
famous lama who witnessed the events wrote an account
about them.' At this point, Steindl-Rast contacted Father

Francis Tiso, an ordained Roman Catholic priest who has
studied ten languages, including Tibetan. Francis Tiso
holds the office of Canon in the Cathedral of St Peter and
is a parochial vicar.
Steindl-Rast knew that Father Tiso occasionally went
to Tibet and asked him if he was planning to travel there
in the near future. As fortune would have it, Father Tiso
was leaving for Tibet that day. Steindl-Rast asked if he
would stop in Switzerland and interview the Tibetan.
Despite the short notice, Tiso took a detour to
Switzerland, and thus the research journey began.
Through his Swiss contact, Tiso received the name of
the monk whose body had vanished after his death. His
name was Khenpo A-chos. He was a Gelugpa monk from
Kham, Tibet who died in 1998.
The Man Who Turned into Light

41 YSR JULY 2007
Tiso was able to locate the village, situated in a
remote area where Khenpo A-chos had his hermitage.
He then went to the village and conducted taped
interviews with eyewitnesses to Khenpo A-chos' death.
He also spoke to many people who had known him.
"This was a very interesting man, aside from the
way he died," observed Tiso. "Everyone mentioned his
faithfulness to his vows, his purity of life, and how he
often spoke of the importance of cultivating compassion.
He had the ability to teach even the roughest and
toughest of types how to be a little gentler, a little more
mindful. To be in the man's presence changed people."
Tiso interviewed Lama Norta, a nephew of Khenpo

Achos; Lama Sonam Gyamtso, a young disciple; and
Lama A-chos, a dharma friend of the late Khenpo Achos.
They described the following:
A few days before Khenpo A-chos died a rainbow
appeared directly above his hut. After he died, there
were dozens of rainbows in the sky. Khenpo A-chos
died lying on his right side. He wasn't sick; there
appeared to be nothing wrong with him, and he was
reciting the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM over and
over. According to the eyewitnesses, after his breath
stopped his flesh became kind of pinkish. One person
said it turned brilliant white. All said it started to shine.
Lama A-chos suggested wrapping his friend's body
in a yellow robe, the type all Gelug monks wear. As the
days passed, they maintained that they could see,
through the robe that his bones and his body were
shrinking. They also heard beautiful, mysterious music
coming from the sky, and they smelled perfume.
After seven days, they removed the yellow cloth,
and no body remained. These eye witnesses claim that
the Khenpo A-chos had totally disappeared. Lama
Norta and a few other individuals claimed that after his
death Khenpo A-chos appeared to them in visions and
Francis Tiso remarked that one of his most intriguing
interviews was with Lama A-chos. He told Tiso that
when he died he too would manifest the rainbow body.
"He showed us two photographs taken of him in the
dark, and in these photographs his body radiated rays of
Because Lama A-chos emphasized that it was

possible to manifest the rainbow body while still alive,
not just in death, Tiso plans to return to Tibet with
professional camera equipment to try to photograph this
radiating light. This is by no means an isolated incident.
Francis Tiso is a graduate of the Harvard School of
Divinity and holds a doctorate degree from Columbia
University. His research is painstaking and meticulous.
The results of this research are astounding. In my
years of medical training and practice, I have never come
across anything even remotely similar to the phenomenon
that Steindl-Rast and Tiso had discovered. Medical
science teaches that such things are not possible.
According to modern medical science, when the body
dies, it decays and that is it. There is nothing more.
I have read about the
phenomenon of incorruptibility,
a condition in which the
bodies of saints and certain
holy individuals fail to decay
after their deaths. The most
famous of which is the body of
Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. Despite having died over
100 years ago, her face and body are so well preserved
that she looks as if she were merely sleeping. Her hair
and skin are beautiful and radiant. There is no known
explanation for this miracle, despite the numerous
forensic medical examinations that have been performed
upon her body.
There are literally hundreds of cases of incorruptibility
that have been documented all over the world. None
of them were accompanied by a complete disappearance

of the body, nor by the appearance of a Body of Light in
its stead. The Human Body of Light is almost unheard of
in the West.
This series of articles are designed to explore one
question; is it possible for the human body to evolve into
pure energy? In the articles that follow, I will share with
you the results of a fascinating journey. By the time we
reach the end of this journey, it is my hope that you will
see that the human Body of Light is a real phenomenon.
The realizations that accompanied this knowledge have
the potential to change our understanding of what it
means to be human. Furthermore, these realizations will
change the way in which we all look at the phenomenon
of death.
© , all rights reserved Mitchell Earl Gibson MD
Here's an excerpt for Hank Wesselman's book describing a
Twin-Soul's (one living in the present one living 5,000 in the
future) shamanic journey:
"Their conscious awareness then began to expand outward once
again, and he became aware of a great, dark, circular orb of
immense proportions, from whose margins the omnipresent
orange-golden light seemed to radiate.

'What is it?' Nainoa asked.

'It is our star, the sun, the source of the life force here in our part
of the Universe,' came the American's response.

'Why is it dark?' queried the Hawaiian.

The answer arrived immediately. 'I believe it appears dark
because of the reversal effect. In ordinary reality, it is blindingly
bright, but when I cross the barrier into the spiritual
dimensions, everything appears to me in color negative. Why
this is so, I do not know.'

'You will recall some of the wisdom we received from the
dorajuadiok out in the spirit hills,' the American continued.'
It was there that we learned that stars posses consciousness - the
collective conscious awareness of everything within their solar
In this same way, our awareness is part of our star's awareness.
Let us see if we can approach it, but carefully. I have never been
this close to it before.'

...On final approach, there was no all-consuming fire, no million-
degree heat to incinerate them and convert them into elemental
wisps of carbon. The enormous gravity of the great stellar being
was most real, however, and they were drawn closer and closer
until impact seemed inevitable.
Then something totally unexpected occurred. They 'flew'
through the surface of the sun, finding themselves immersed
within the surroundings that seemed to be composed of moving
streams of contrasting lightness and darkness - an etheric,
golden pattern flowing in ordered directions.
There was also a sound, a ponderous vibrational tone not unlike
the tolling of some monumental bell or gong.
They simply rested there, within the sun's shadow ocean,
marveling at the star's living, golden presence.

Nainoa suddenly received one of the American's boyhood
memories, a chunk of information he had apparently acquired
while exploring huge rooms filled with strange objects in a
building of immense proportions. As Nainoa's curiosity arose, a
thought from the American's mind came in response.

'Egypt..these things are housed in a museum in the city of my
birth. The memory you picked up concerned a long-dead king
called Amenhotep the 4th.
This man changed his name to Ahkenaten when he initiated a
new religion centered on the worship of the sun.
This Pharaoh, as the Egyptians called their kings, was
considered a heretic by the people of his time, yet he was a great
mystic who understood the star for what it is - a creator being.
He had its symbol depicted on the temple walls as the aten, the
sun disk. The literal translation of the Pharoah's name Ahk-en-
aten meant 'Shadow of the Sun.'

...A rolling clap of thunder was heard, as their merged awareness
shifted in response, as though they had passed through some
doorway and entered yet another level in which all sense of
separateness was lacking.
Now there was only the One, and they were a part of this
Oneness, as was their star, was everything, everywhere.

The great lacy aka net of the pattern could be seen stretching
into infinity across time and space in every direction, forever.
The fibers closest to them could be dimly seen as distinct lines,
but these rapidly merged into the misty distance filled with
luminous light. There was a subtle color, a yellowish tone to the
infinite vastness. Their awareness shifted again, and the light

now seemed to be made up of countless dots, creating a moving
golden field that was both warm and light, both cool and dark.

The movement within this great, glowing immensity seemed to
express a subtle vibrational quality, suggesting that this golden
light was unmistakably alive. It seemed to be both calm and
agitated, both stationary and in motion. The intensity of it was
enormous, almost unbearable. As their merged minds searched
for a concept to describe it, a word arrived virtually
simultaneously in both Hawaiian and English.


Like the infinitely smaller cloud of the human spirit, this greater
radiance, composed of moving dots or particles of living gold,
was growing, its aliveness and mind-spirit determined by all that
it contains.
There was no question that the power in association with the
field was capable of everything, its potential unlimited. And
pervading the 'all' was a sense of tranquility, an absolute peace.
The merged awareness of the American and Hawaiian floated
awestruck in this endless radiance, and a thought appeared, a
memory of something that they learned out in Africa when they
had been given a glimpse o fit through the dorajuadiok -
that this golden light was, is, and will always be, the mysterious
Source of all being - the eternal IAO, the all-knowing One."


The excerpt below is submitted so that those interested may use
it to draw their
own conclusions according to what the spirit/their higher self is
teaching them.
It is not an endorsement, per se, of the particular belief system
of the author.
By examining the deep observations of others we can gain clues
discerning/composing improved models for ourselves and future
Coincidently, as I toggled between wordperfect, where I was
cleaning up this
copy of the text, and my email box, I saw that Lincoln had just
placed an
article by Sri Chinmoy, the Vedas and Surya on his
-Blake Conley

The Secret of the Veda
by Sri Aurobindo

Surya Savitri, Creator and Increaser
Rig Veda V.81

1. Men illumined yoke their mind and they yoke their thoughts
to him who is illumination and largeness and clear perceiving.

Knowing all phenomena he orders, sole, the Energies of
the sacrifice. Vast is the affirmation in all things of Savitri,
the divine Creator.

2. All forms he takes unto himself, the Seer, and he creates
from them good for the twofold existence and the fourfold.
The Creator, the supreme Good, manifests Heaven wholly
and his light pervades all as he follows the march of the

3. In the wake of his march the other gods also reach by his
force to the greatness of the Divinity. He has mapped out
the realms of earthly light by his mightiness,—the brilliant
one, the divine Creator.

4. And thou reachest, O Savitri, to the three luminous heavens;
and thou art utterly expressed by the rays of the Sun; and
thou encompassest the Night upon either side; and thou
becomest by the law of thy actions the lord of Love, O God.

5. And thou art powerful for every creation; and thou becomest
the Increaser, O God, by thy movings; and thou
illuminest utterly all this world of becomings. Shyavashwa
has attained to the affirmation of thee, O Savitri.(1)


Indra with his shining hosts, the Maruts, Agni, the divine force,
fulfiller of the Aryan sacrifice, are the most important deities of
the Vedic system. Agni is the beginning and the end. This Will
that is knowledge is the initiator of the upward effort of the

mortal towards Immortality; to this divine consciousness that is
one with divine power we arrive as the foundation of immortal
existence. Indra, lord of Swar, the luminous intelligence into
which we have to convert our obscure material mentality in
order to become capable of the divine consciousness, is our chief
helper. It is by the aid of Indra and theMaruts that the
is effected. The Maruts take our animal consciousness made up
of the impulses of the nervous mentality, possess these impulses
with their illuminations and drive them up the hill of being
towards the world of Swar and the truths of Indra. Our mental
evolution begins with these animal troops, these "Pashus"; they
become, as we progress in the ascension, the brilliant herds of
the Sun, rays, the divine cows of the Veda. Such is the
psychological sense of
the Vedic symbol.

But who, then, is Surya, the Sun, from whom these rays
proceed? He is the Master
of Truth, Surya the Illuminator, Savitri the Creator, Pushan the
Increaser. His
rays in their own nature are supramental activities of revelation,
intuition, luminous discernment, and they constitute the action
of that
transcendent principle which the Vedanta calls Vijnana, the
perfect knowledge,
the Veda Ritam, the Truth. But these rays descend also into the
human mentality
and form at its summit the world of luminous intelligence, Swar,
of which Indra

is the lord.

For this Vijnana is a divine and not a human faculty. Man's
mind is not constituted of the self-luminous truth, like the divine
mind; it is a sense-mentality, Manas, which can receive and
understand (2)Truth,
but is not one with it. The light of knowledge
has to present itself in this human understanding tempered so as
to suit its forms to the capacities and limitations of the physical
consciousness. And it has to lead up progressively to its own true
nature, to manifest successive evolutionary stages for our mental
development. Therefore the rays of Surya, as they labour to form
our mental existence, create three successive worlds of mentality
one superimposed on the other,—the sensational, aesthetic and
emotional mind, the pure intellect and the divine intelligence.
The fullness and perfection of these triple worlds of mind exists
only in the pure mental plane of being,(3) where they shine
the three heavens, as their three luminosities. But their light
descends upon
the physical consciousness and effects the corresponding
formations in its
realms, the Vedic, earthly realms of light. They also are triple,
tisrah the
three earths. And of all these worlds Surya Savitri is the creator.

We have in this figure of various psychological levels, each
considered as a world in itself, a key to the conceptions of the
Vedic Rishis.
The human individual is an organised unit of existence
which reflects the constitution of the universe. It repeats

in itself the same arrangement of states and play of forces.Man,
subjectively, contains in himself all the worlds in which,
objectively, he is
contained. Preferring ordinarily a concrete to an
abstract language, the Rishis speak of the physical consciousness
as the physical world, earth, Bhu, Prithivi. They describe the
pure mental
consciousness as heaven, Dyaus, of which Swar, the luminous
mind, is the summit.
To the intermediate dynamic, vital or nervous consciousness
they give the name
either of Antariksha, the intermediate vision, or of Bhuvar,—
multiple dynamic
worlds formative of the Earth.

For in the idea of the Rishis a world is primarily a formation
of consciousness and only secondarily a physical formation of
things. A world is a loka, a way in which conscious being images
itself. And it is the causal Truth, represented in the person of
Surya Savitri, that is the creator of all its forms. For it is the
causal Idea in the infinite being,—the idea, not abstract, but
real and dynamic,—that originates the law, the energies, the
formations of things and the working out of their potentialities
in determined forms by determined processes. Because the
Idea is a real force of existence, it is called Satyam, the True in
being; because it is the determining truth of all activity and
formation, it is called Ritam, the True in movement; because
it is broad and infinite in its self-view, in its scope and in its
operation, it is called Brihat, the Large or Vast.

Savitri by the Truth is the Creator, but not in the sense of
a fabrication or mechanical forming of things. The root of the
word means an impulsion, a loosing forth or sending out,—the
sense also of the ordinary word for creation, —and so a
production. The action of the causal Idea does not fabricate, but
brings out by Tapas, by the pressure of consciousness on its own
being, that which is concealed in it, latent in potentiality and in
truth already existent in the Beyond.

Now the forces and processes of the physical world repeat,
as in a symbol, the truths of the supraphysical action which
produced it. And since it is by the same forces and the same
processes, one in the physical worlds and the supraphysical,
that our inner life and its development are governed, the Rishis
adopted the phenomena of physical Nature as just symbols for
those functionings of the inner life which it was their difficult
task to indicate in the concrete language of a sacred poetry that
must at the same time serve for the external worship of the Gods
as powers of the visible universe. The solar energy is the physical
form of Surya, Lord of Light and Truth; it is through the Truth
that we arrive at Immortality, final aim of the Vedic discipline.
It is therefore under the images of the Sun and its rays, of Dawn
and day and night and the life of man between the two poles of
light and darkness that the Aryan seers represent the progressive
illumination of the human soul. It is so that Shyavashwa of the
house of Atri hymns Savitri, Creator, Increaser, Revealer.

Surya enlightens the mind and the thoughts with the
of the Truth. He is vipra, the illumined. It is he who delivers the

human mind from the circumscribed consciousness of self and
environment and
enlarges the limited movement which is imposed on it by its
preoccupation with
its own individuality. Therefore he is br.hat, the Large. But his
is not a vague light, nor does his largeness come by a confused
and dissolved
view of self and object; it holds in itself a clear discernment of
things in
their totality, their parts and their relations. Therefore he is
the clear in perception. Men as soon as they begin to receive
something of this
solar illumination, strive to yoke their whole mentality and its
thought-contents to the conscious existence of the divine Surya
within them.
That is to say, they apply, as it were, all their obscure mental
state and all
their erring thoughts to this Light
manifested in them so that it may turn the obscurity of the mind
into clearness and convert the errors of thought into those truths
which they distortedly represent. This yoking becomes their
Yoga. "They yoke the
mind, and they yoke their thoughts, the enlightened, of (i.e. to,
or so that
they may be part of or belong to) the Enlightened, the Large, the

Then the Lord of Truth orders all the human energies offered

up to him in the terms of the Truth; for he becomes in man a
and sovereign Power governing all knowledge and action. Not
interfered with by conflicting agencies, he governs perfectly; for
he knows all manifestations, comprehends their causes, contains
their law and process, compels their right result. There are seven
of these sacrificial energies (Hotras) in the human being, one
corresponding to each of the seven constituents of his
existence,—body, life, mind, super-mind, bliss, will and essential
being. Their
irregular action or wrong relation, caused and maintained by the
obscuration of
knowledge in Mind, is the source of all stumbling and
unhappiness, of all evil
act and evil state. Surya, Lord of Knowledge, puts each of them
to its right
place in the Sacrifice. "Knower of phenomena sole he arranges
the sacrificial

Man thus arrives at a vast and all-embracing affirmation
in himself of this divine Creator. It is implied in this passage
and indicated more clearly in the next verse that the result is a
right and happy creation—for all our existence is a constant
creation—of the universe of man's whole being. "Vast is the
comprehensive affirmation of the god Savitri."

Surya is the seer, the revealer. His Truth takes into its
all forms of things, all the phenomenal objects and experiences

which constitute our world, all the figures of the universal
within and without us. It reveals the truth in them, their sense,
their purpose,
their justification and right use. Ordering rightly the energies of
sacrifice it creates or produces good as the law of our whole
existence. For all
things have their justifiable cause of being, their good use and
their right
enjoyment. When this truth in them is found and utilised, all
things produce
good for the soul, increase its welfare, enlarge its felicity. And
this divine
revolution is effected both in the lower physical existence and in
the more
complete inner life which uses the physical for its manifestation.
"The Seer
takes to himself all forms, he brings out (creates or manifests)
good for the
twofold (two-footed), for the fourfold (four-footed)."(4)

The discussion of it here would occupy too large a space. The
process of this
new creation is described in the rest of the hymn. Surya, as the
creator, as the
supreme good, manifests in our human consciousness its
concealed heavenly summit
on the levels of the pure mind, and we are able to look up above
from the earth

of our physical existence and are delivered from the obscurities
of the night of
Ignorance. He follows, sunlike, the march of the Dawn,
illuminating all the
regions of our being on which falls its light; for there is always
needed the
precursory mental illumination before the Truth itself, the
principle, can take possession of this lower existence. "The
creator, the
supremely desirable, manifests all heaven and shines
pervadingly following
(after or according to) the movement forward of the Dawn."

All the other gods follow in this march of Surya and they
attain to his vastness by the force of his illumination. That is to
say, all the other divine faculties or potentialities in man expand
with the expansion of the Truth and Light in him; in the strength
of the ideal super-mind they attain to the same infinite
of right becoming, right action and right knowledge. The Truth
in its largeness moulds all into the terms of the infinite and
universal Life, replaces with it the limited individual existence,
maps out in the terms of their real being the realms of the
consciousness which, as Savitri, it has created. This also is in
us a creation, although in reality it only manifests what already
exists but was concealed by the darkness of our ignorance,—
just as the realms of the physical earth are concealed from our
eyes by the

darkness, but reveal themselves as the sun in his march follows
the Dawn and
measures them out one by one to the vision. "Following whose
march the other
gods too reach the vastness of the divinity by his strength, he
who maps out
entirely—that brilliant one—the earthly realms of light, the god
Savitri, by his

But it is not only the full capacity of our physical or earthly
consciousness that this divine Truth illuminates and forms for
a perfect action. It pervades the three luminous realms of the
pure mind; it puts us in contact with all the divine possibilities of
sensations and emotions, of the intellect, of the intuitive reason
liberating the superior faculties from their limitation and
constant reference
to the material world fulfils our entire mental being. Its activities
their completest manifestation; they are gathered up into the life
of the
complete Truth by the rays of the sun, that is to say, by the full
splendour of
the divine Super-Mind manifested in us. "And thou goest, O
Savitri, to the three
luminousnesses, and thou art perfectly expressed by the rays of
the Sun (or, art
gathered together by means of the rays)."

Then it is that the higher kingdom of the Immortality,
revealed, shines out perfectly in this world. The higher and lower
reconciled in the light of the supra-mental revelation. The
Ignorance, the
Night, is illumined upon both sides of our complete being, not
only as in our
present state upon one. This higher kingdom stands confessed in
the principle of
Beatitude which is for us the principle of Love and Light,
represented by the
god Mitra. The Lord of Truth, when he reveals himself in the full
becomes the Lord of Bliss. The law of his being, the principle
regulating his
activities is seen to be Love; for in the right arrangement of
knowledge and
action everything here comes to be translated into terms of good,
bliss. "And thou encompassest Night upon both sides, and thou
becomest, O God,
Mitra by the laws of thy action." The Truth of the divine
existence becomes
eventually the
sole Lord of all creation in ourselves; and by his constant
visitations or by
his continual progressions the Creator becomes
the Increaser, Savitri becomes Pushan. He aggrandises us by a
constantly progressive creation until he has illumined the whole

world of our becoming. We grow into the complete, the
the infinite. So has Shyavashwa, of the sons of Atri,
succeeded in affirming Savitri in his own being as the
Truth, the creative, the progressive, the increaser of man—he
who brings him out of egoistic limitation into universality, out
of the finite into the infinite. "And thou hast power alone for
creation; and thou becomest the Increaser,OGod, by the goings;
and thou illuminest entirely all this world (literally, becoming).
Shyavashwa has attained to the affirmation of thee, O Savitri."

1 For a good idiomatic and literary translation, rendering the
sense and rhythm
of the original, a certain freedom in turning the Sanskrit is
necessary. I have
therefore given a more literal version of its phrases in the body
of the
2 The Vedic word for the understanding is dh&#773;&#305;,
that which receives
and holds in place.
3 Our natural plane of being is obviously the physical
consciousness, but the
also are open to us since part of our being lives in each of them.
4 The symbolism of the words dvipade and catus.pade may be

This is an article by Petar Deunov who was the master [teacher]
of Omraam
Posting does not constitute agreement with particulars. For
those who can
extract the gold -if any.

"All the world renders homage to me and I render homage to the
Master Petar
Deunov from Bulgaria." -Albert Einstein

The significance of the Sun. Sunrays' cure.

Our Sun gets its energy from the Central Sun of our visible
Universe, the
greatest part of this energy being absorbed by our Sun and a
comparatively small
part of it reaching the planets. The energy, which the Earth gets
from the Sun,
is considerably transformed. Penetrating the Earth layers this
energy absorbs
from them all the nourishing elements and there are left only
those that could
not be used. Thus transformed this energy is no longer useful to
development, that is why it is sent back in the space and thence
by some known

means back to the Sun. The Sun transmits it in its turn to the
Central Sun for
further processing for it to acquire its initial rhythm.

The Sun energy descends toward the Earth under the shape of a
big stream and
envelopes it from the North pole to the South one. When the
plants detect the
presence of this energy and its swelling towards the Earth, they
begin to put
forth leaves and then flourish and knit, trying to gather all this
energy and to
fructify themselves.

We have to consider the following rule: we are a part of the earth
system and
when the latter absorbs the energy, the human system absorbs it
too, and vice
versa. That is why the first sun rays are the most active. Then the
human system
is most receptive towards the sun energy. There is always more
prana or vital
energy in the morning than at noon. At this time the system
absorbs the biggest
quantity and the most powerful positive energy.

As a physical being, man has to do exercises – nothing more. He
has to get up
early in the morning, to go for a walk and breathe fresh air, to
greet the first

sun rays. He could stay as long as he wish in the sunrays at noon,
it would be
of no use to him.

The sunrays do not act in the same way during all seasons. The
earth (in a given
place) in the beginning of the spring is mostly negative, and it
mainly absorbs
energy. That is why in spring the sunrays possess the strongest
healing effect.
From March 22-nd onwards the earth gradually becomes
positive. In summer it is
positive and absorbs a smaller quantity of energy. The summer
sunrays operate an
influence too, but they have a weaker effect.

In spring and summer there is a high tide of energy towards the
earth and in
autumn and winter – there is a low tide. For this reason the
most favourable
effect of the sun begins after March 22-nd. In spring and
summer, after March
22-nd each year, it is recommended for one to go to bed and to
get up early and
to welcome the Sun in order to gather one's share of its energy,
like the bees,
which gather nectar from the flowers. Every one has to make
experiments for
years to become convinced in this truth.

Each day the sun energy has 4 periods: from midnight to noon
there is a high
tide of energy and from noon to midnight there is a low tide. The
high tide
comes to its maximum at sunrise. This high tide is the most
powerful and
invigorating. It gradually diminishes until noon. Then the low
tide begins,
which is most powerful at sunset.

The most negative the Earth is, the greater its capacity of
absorbing the
positive sun energy is, and vice versa. From midnight to noon
the earth (at a
given place) is negative and absorbs more energy, from noon to
midnight it is
positive and radiates more energy. From midnight the earth
begins to radiate
negative energy in the space and absorbs positive energy from
the sun. In the
afternoon the earth radiates in the space positive energy and
gradually becomes
negative. At sunrise, early in the morning, the earth is most
negative, i.e. it
absorbs the biggest quantity of energy. This fact is of great
importance to
estimate the significance of the sunrise.

One of the hardest questions is whether you can control your
energy. It comes

from the Centre of the Earth, it is going along the backbone and
as a large
stream it penetrates the central brain system. The contemporary
world has lost
his control over this stream. There is another stream, which
comes from the Sun.
It goes in the opposite direction – from the brain to the
sympathetic system or
to the stomach. Before sunrise the rays that are refracted by the
operate a greater influence on the brain. At sunrise the sunrays
that are coming
in a straight line are influencing the respiratory organs and our
With the approach of noon the same rays influence our digestive
system. That is
why the healing effect of the sun energy is different: before
sunrise – to
stimulate the brain nervous system, from 9 to 12 – to strengthen
the stomach. In
the afternoon, generally the sunrays possess an insignificant
healing effect.
The reason for such a difference lay in the different absorption
capacity of the
Earth and of the human system.

The sunrays are most healing in the morning from 8 to 9 o'clock.
At noon they
are too strong and are not good to the human system. The early
sunrays are very

good to anaemic people. You can expose all your body in the
sunrays. You should
do sunbaths in the morning – from 8 to 10. They have a good
influence on the
backbone, the lungs and the brain. The brain is like a pile. When
this pile
begins absorbing, if the charging with sun energy is correct, later
it transmits
this energy towards all parts of the human body and this energy
begins healing.

The more energy you absorb in your body, the greater softness
and magnetism you
will develop. When studying the influence of light you will notice
that there
are hours during the daytime when the Sun sends to the earth
beneficial rays,
mainly in the morning up to noon. And there are hours when the
sunrays do not
operate a healing effect on the organisms. These are the so-
called black or
negative rays. One can expose his body in the sunrays all day
long but his
spirit needs to be concentrated and positive so as to absorb only
the positive
sunrays. You should concentrate and watch not to fall asleep.
Along with the
black, negative waves from the Sun, some waves of the earth are
coming too, that
are harmful to the human system.

Until you learn the rules of enclosing in order to protect yourself
from these
waves, it is recommended for you to stay in the sun during the
early hours of
the day, up to noon at latest. You must protect yourself from the
sunrays in the
afternoon. When you want to take a cure with sunrays the best
hours are from 8
to 10 in the morning.

The energy that comes from the Sun brings with it a store of life
forces, of
healing energy. If one wants to use reasonably this sun energy,
he must stay
with his back in the early sunrays, even before the sunrise. The
energy that he
can absorb during this time is equal to that which one would
absorb if he should
stay in the sun all day long. Even in a cloudy weather you can go
for a walk
before the sunrise and to concentrate your thoughts towards the
rising Sun. The
clouds only prevent you from seeing the Sun, but its vital energy
through. There is no outer power that could counteract to the
sun energy. That
is why I recommend to all anaemic and lean people to go out for
half an hour
before sunrise in any weather, in order to absorb the early sun
energy. The

daybreak gives one such energy that no other power is able to
give him.

Stay with your back turned towards the Sun no matter whether
you are in good or
bad mood and observe what would be the effect in the first and
in the second
case. Moreover, one should know in what hours of the day to
stay in the sunrays
in order to absorb its beneficial rays.

When one has to stay in the sun all day long, to protect himself
from the
harmful sunrays he should wear a hat with the form of polygon
to refract the
harmful sunrays.

If you can endure staying in the sun from the morning to noon
you are in good
health. But if you can not endure staying for a long-time in the
sun, you are
not in good health.

When you want to take a cure, stay with your back turned
towards the early
sunrays. When you want to have peace of mind, stay with your
back turned to the

I have often said that one must talk with the light. If your back is

turn it towards the sunrays, expose it to the light, think about it,
about what
it contains, and your ache will disappear.

The best months to renovation are from March 22-nd onwards,
during the whole
month of April, to June 22-nd.

The sunbaths in the mountain are to prefer because the astral
cloud of thoughts
that envelops the city does not disturb the rhythm of the

Many diseases could be healed with sun energy. Moreover, it is
proved that for
each disease there is a favorable time to be healed. Some
diseases could be
cured with more effect in May, others in June, and so on, during
all the year.

I recommend you to go out in the sunrays every morning,
turning your back first
to the East, then for a while to the North, then to the East again,
and staying
in this position for an hour, from 7 to 8 o'clock in the morning.
Turn your
thoughts toward God and say: "My Lord, open my mind. Give
health to all people
and to me too." Then begin thinking about the most beautiful
things you have

ever seen. Make this experience during all the year. You will see
that in 99%
your experiment will be successful. When making sunbaths,
your conscience has to
be concentrated, you should not think about other things. You
can use the
following formula which to pronounce often during your
sunbaths. "Lord, thank
you for your sacred energy of Divine life, which you send us with
the sunrays. I
feel can it to penetrate all my organs and to bring everywhere
power, life and
health. It is the expression of Divine love towards us. Thank

To be healed, a neurasthenic has to go out early in the morning,
during the
sunrise and to turn his back to the East. That who is healthy and
does so will
strengthen his nervous system.

The tuberculosis is cured with pure air and sunrays, too. The
diseased have to
stay with their back and then with their chest turned to the
sunrays for at
least 1-2 or 3-4 months, and they will see what a change the sun
will produce in
their system. During this time they have to concentrate their
mind. They have to
repeat periodically the formula: "My lord, help me to accomplish
your will and

to serve you."

If you have eczema, a hair loss, rheumatism of the joints or some
swelling of
the abdomen, you have to build a veranda or a balcony facing the
sun and closed
with glass panes. Then undress your shirt and stay naked to the
waist, lay on a
bed with your head turned to the North and your legs to the
South and turn your
chest towards the sunrays, protecting your head from them. Stay
in this position
for half an hour, then turn your back towards the sun for half an
hour, then the
chest again, and the back again etc. until you begin to perspire
strongly. If
you make 20-30-40 sunbaths of this sort you will be healed of
everything –
eczema, loss of hair, rheumatism, everything will disappear.

When you are making sunbaths it is recommended to dress
yourself in white or
light green clothes – these colours are good. The most important
thing is the
perspiration. If you are in the open air envelop yourself in a thin
When curing yourself this way you have to concentrate your
thoughts in order to
heal yourself directly from nature.

The sunburn acquired from the sunrays shows that the sun has
extracted from
one's system all sediments, all the dirt and all the dense matter.
If one
doesn't take sunburn it means that this matter remains in his
system and
provokes a number of diseases. If you take sunburn in the
sunrays it means that
you have accumulated their energy."

Once, some years ago, I journeyed through the sun...

It was at the end of 20 days of fasting that I laid upon a remote
beach on the Big Island of Hawaii and gazing up into the hot
sun at mid-day, my eyes did not burn, nor my skin, but rather I
saw a
cool, dark center, which resembled a doorway or an opening to a
tunnel. Closing my eyes, I disappeared slipping from my body, I
journeyed through this doorway and traversed a pathway that
led me
through suns beyond suns back to the Source. Here I was
instructed on
the nature of Reality ~ and in fact, the unreality of what is
perceived as reality. Beyond the mind's perception, beyond all
thought, beyond all sense of separate identity, I dissolved back
the One Being.
Merged into the One, which is an indescribable immensity of
Love, I

returned back to my body with the exquisitely simple innocence
of a
newborn baby. No thoughts, no mindonly being purest love. The
truth of
existence is this love, and our only purpose for being is to Be
That ,
fully realized. The One formless pure consciousness awake to
itself in
form Love incarnate.

Beyond all dogma and religion, concepts and ideologies, the
principle of Christ is Love fully realized, fully incarnated.
From the stars to the stones; from the vast whirling galaxies
into the soft, spiraling, unfolding petals of a rose, the pure
principle of Love is being realized. The One Being is Realizing
When love is fully realized, God is fully realized in man. This is
experience of Bliss.
Suffering is separation from love. Bliss is union with loveto Be
which is in Truth the only reality.

The pathway Home is through the sun, and the sun is within us,
is the heart.
The journey through the sun back to Source is a journey through
heart back to love.

It is one and the same.
In my work as a healer and teacher, I offer myself as a guide
into the heart and back into the sun. For most of humanity the
door of
the heart is closed by pain, fear and a myriad of unfelt feelings
arise from the experience of separation. The only way to be free
suffering is to meet all that lives within the heart with
and acceptance. To meet it and embrace it as it is. This meeting
is a
meeting of consciousness with unconsciousness, of light with
of love with fear. In this meeting lies the mystery of incarnation
alchemical transfiguration. Literally the Christ is resurrected
the dark tomb of unconsciousness. Love is realized.
On sungazing during the [Lakota Indian] Sun Dance:

"Much has been said about the role of the sun in the Sun Dance.
Some people say we are sun worshippers. The sun knows
everything. To
us it is like the Sacred Pipe. They are both instruments used by
Wakan-Tanka, and they are the greatest instruments of service
he has,

next to the directions. But the sun is not God. The sun is
he created for the rest of creation. We respect it and pray to it
because it watches over the world and sees everything that is
on. It also serves God by bestowing special gifts that it has upon
the world. But the sun is not God. There is only one true God,
and we
Sioux have believed this for as far back in time as we can
People also say that we stare continually at the sun while we
[for the whole day -ed.]. But we have never done that. Part of the
time we have our backs to it and we are staring at the cloth
that are tied to the top of the Sun Dance Tree. We do face the
and pray to God through the sun, asking for strength to
complete the
Sun Dance, and that all our prayers will be heard. As the
and I continue to do this, we are able to see the sun with our eyes
completely open. It doesn't blind us, and in it we see visions. No
one should be surprised about this. Wonderful and mysterious
happen at the Sun Dances to prove that Wakan-Tanka's and
Grandfather's powers are active in our midst."

[From "Fools Crow" by Thomas E. Mails]

On Earthgrounding:

"A follower of Rolling Thunder, a reknowned healer at the time,
told me about Kosha [a Cherokee elder]. This man did his
healings in
a lodge with a dirt floor covered with sandy earth his children
carted out to him from a sacred place back in Tennessee. The old
said that a person can go crazy simply by not being grounded, by
putting bare feet to bare earth at least once a day."

[From "Coyote Medicine" by Lewis Mehl-Madrona]


Seeing Beyond the Sun
Commentary on the Isha Upanishad
Upanishadic tradition
The final four verses of the Isha Upanishad are recited at the
cremation of bodies in India,
and are a prayer for ascension to the higher realms that are
beyond the compulsion of rebirth
in this world. These deal mainly with the sun. Throughout
history and throughout the world
the sun has been worshipped or considered a symbol of divinity.
The full comprehension of
the spiritual nature of the sun was discovered in India untold
ages ago and embodied in the
Light beyond the light

“The face of truth is hidden by thy golden orb, O Sun. That do
thou remove, in order that I
who am devoted to truth may behold its glory.”
The sun illumines us and shows us what we assume to be
reality. But actually that
“seeing” veils the Truth (Reality) behind that veil. Therefore we
seek to pierce beyond it.
However, the sun actually is that Reality, and we must approach
it and petition for the removal
of its outer light in order that we may behold its inner Light.
(More on this later.)
The golden orb
The “golden orb” has more than one meaning, all of which are
1) The most obvious meaning of the golden orb is the sun
itself. All plant, animal, and
human life on this planet depend upon the sun. It is the
subtle powers of sunlight which
stimulate growth and evolution. Sunlight particularly
stimulates the activity of the higher
centers in the brain, especially that of the pineal gland. Even
in the depths of the earth a
sensitive man can tell when the sun rises and sets above him.
The sun appears to illuminate
us, but it is a light that covers the Light in order to lead us to the
Light. We must use it to go
beyond it.
2) All things have an inner and outer life, and that includes the
sun. We may say that there

is the outer sun of the material universe, and there is also the
metaphysical sun of the psychic
universe. They operate simultaneously, being the same thing.
The sun truly awakens us in the
deepest sense. As the germinating seed struggles upward
toward the sun and out into its
life-giving rays, so all higher forms of life reach out for the sun,
which acts as a metaphysical
magnet, drawing them upward and outward toward ever-
expanding consciousness. The
Chandogya Upanishad discusses it in this way: “Even as a
great extending highway runs
between two villages, this one and that yonder, even so the rays
of the sun go to both these
worlds, this one and that yonder. They start from the yonder
sun and enter into the nadis.
They start from the nadis and enter into the yonder sun.…When
a man departs from this body,
then he goes upwards by these very rays or he goes up with the
thought of Om. As his mind is
failing, he goes to the sun. That, verily, is the gateway of the
world, an entering in for the
knowers, a shutting out for the non-knowers.”
 Isha Upanishad 15
 Chandogya Upanishad 8.6.2,5
The solar rays do not just flow into this world, they also draw
upward through the sun and
beyond. In the human body the process of exhalation and
inhalation is related to solar energy,

and much of the solar power on which we subsist is drawn
into the body through our
breathing. The solar rays do not just strike the surface of our
body, but actually penetrate into
the physical nerves (nadis). The nadis are also the channels in
the astral body that correspond
to the physical nerves. Just as the electrical impulses flow
through the physical nerves, the
subtle life force, or prana, flows through the subtle nadis and
keeps us alive and functioning.
The prana, then, is a vehicle for the solar energies that produce
When the individual comes into manifestation on this earth
he passes from the astral
world into the material plane by means of the sun, which is
a mass of exploding astral
energies, not mere flaming gases. And when the individual
has completed his course of
evolution within this plane, upon the death of his body he rises
upward in his subtle body and
passes through the sun into the higher worlds, there to evolve
even higher or to pass directly
into the depths of the transcendent Brahman.
3) The golden orb is also the entire creation, the means by which
through experience the
individual spirits can evolve to perfect conscious union with
God. Without it we would be
unable to attain that union. Yet, just as we use a ladder or
stair to ascend and then step
beyond it, in the same way the creation is meant to be
eventually transcended. We must

therefore keep both these aspects in mind while living in this
4) The golden orb is also our own mind–that which perceives the
world around us and the
intelligence which comprehends what is going on and directs our
lives accordingly. Potential
is not enough; there must be actualization. It is our mind alone
that can lead us beyond the
mind, our intelligence alone that can lead us onward to
intuition. At all stages the mind and
intelligence are “golden,” but if we allow ourselves to become
stagnated at any point they
rapidly “tarnish” and turn from beneficial to harmful. Immersed
in this creation, we are like
the fish that must keep perpetually moving for they will die of
suffocation if they come to a
standstill. If we do not move forward we shall move
backward–and often mistake it for
progress. We must Get On and Get Beyond.
5) Our own self (atman) is also the golden orb. We must come to
know our self–our true
self–and delight in the self and wonder at its nature. But that is
not enough. We must then
pass onward to experience the Self of our self, the Paramatman.
In a sense we transcend the
self–but of course we do not, since the Supreme Self and our
individual self are one. This
transcendence must ever be kept in mind, for out of ignorance
and even laziness a lot of
people like the idea that we need only enter into the
experience of our self and that is the

end. The same wrong-headed view abrogates the need for our
evolution and assumes that if
we must smash the machine we will get the picture–or even
worse, that there is no picture to
see or even a seer to see it. However cleverly this view may be
worded or how sophisticated it
appears, it is nihilism of the deadliest sort, a ruinous pitfall.
6) The golden orb is also the evolutionary impulse within all
things which, though life
itself to the evolving spirit, yet urges us to continual
transcendence of its various stages until
we transcend it as well. It is a golden stair that urges us onward
to the heights where it cannot
The Supreme Sun
The ultimate Golden Orb is the Supreme Self. That is what we
are striving toward by the
five means just cited. Being transcendent, how shall we reach it?
By means of Its immanence
within the world in the form of the sacred syllable Om, the
Pranava, the Life-giver.
“That which glows [i.e., the sun] is Om,” says the ancient
Aitareya-Brahmana (5.32). The
life-producing energies of the sun are the energies of Om. Om is
the sun of body, mind, and
spirit, the Life-Giver of all. All plant, animal, and human life on
this planet depends upon the
sun. It is the subtle powers of sunlight which stimulate growth
and evolution, awakening us in

the deepest sense. Sunlight is the radiant form of Om. The sun
initiates the entire solar
system into Om. Human beings are solar creatures, therefore to
intone Om is the most
natural thing they can do.
“Now, verily, what is the udgitha is the Om. What is Om is the
udgitha. And so verily, the
udgitha is the yonder sun and the Om, for the sun is continually
sounding ‘Om.’”
The most
significant part of this verse is the statement that “the sun is
continually sounding ‘Om,’”
indicating that the evolutionary energy of the sun is a
manifestation of Om. Our life depends
on the light of the sun, thus our life is also a manifestation of the
power of Om. The japa and
meditation of Om aligns us with the solar powers that are Om
and thereby greatly increase
our life force and the evolution of all the levels of our being.
“Even as a great extending highway runs between two villages,
this one and that yonder,
even so the rays of the sun go to both these worlds, this one and
that yonder. They start from
the yonder sun and enter into the nadis [astral “nerves”]. They
start from the nadis and enter
into the yonder sun.…When a man departs from this body, then
he goes upwards by these
very rays or he goes up with the thought of Om. As his mind is
failing, he goes to the sun.

That, verily, is the gateway of the world, an entering in for the
knowers, a shutting out for the
We have already cited this, but there are more meanings for us
to explore.
The prana, the breath, is a vehicle for the solar energies that
produce evolution, and so we
join Om to our breathing and merge it into the pranic flow. This
practice conditions our subtle
levels so that at the time of death we will be oriented toward the
solar powers and can ascend
upon them–especially if we continue our intonations of Om even
after the body has been
dropped. Those intonations will guarantee our ascent into the
solar world. Those who have
imbued themselves with the Pranavic vibrations will enter
through the solar gate, whereas
those who have not done so will be shut out by it and compelled
to return to earthly rebirth.
“By means of Om he [the meditating yogi] sees the way, the way
along which his prana
goes; therefore one should always repeat It so that he goes along
the right way: through the
heart-gate, the air-gate, the gate which leads upward, and the
opening of the gate of liberation
which is known as the open orb [the sun.]”
Those who continually invoke and meditate upon
Om during their lifetime will remember Om at the time of death,
and by means of Om will

ascend to the sun and beyond into the real Beyond.
“‘It is said: ‘Indeed the sun is this Om;’ therefore one should
meditate and make himself
ready to unite himself with it.”
Sunlight is the radiant form of Om. The sun initiates the
entire solar system into Om. Human beings are solar creatures,
therefore to intone Om is the
most natural things they can do.
Chandogya Upanishad 1.5.1
Chandogya Upanishad 8.6.2,5
Amritabindu Upanishad 25,26
Maitrayana Upanishad 6:3
“At the time of departure from this world, remember Om, the
Lord, the Protector”
the Yajur Veda. Krishna states in the Bhagavad Gita: “At the
hour of death, when a man leaves
his body, he must depart with his consciousness absorbed in Me.
Then he will be united with
Me. Be certain of that. Whatever a man remembers at the last,
when he is leaving the body,
will be realized by him in the hereafter; because that will be what
his mind has most constantly
dwelt on, during this life. Therefore you must remember Me at
all times, and do your duty. If

your mind and heart are set upon Me constantly, you will come
to Me. Never doubt this.
Make a habit of practicing meditation, and do not let your mind
be distracted. In this way you
will come finally to the Lord, Who is the light-giver, the highest
of the high.”
Whatever we
think of most during life we will think of at the time of our death,
and that will determine our
subsequent state. Those who continually invoke and meditate
upon Om during their lifetime
will remember Om at the time of death, and by means of Om will
ascend to the sun and
beyond into the real Beyond.
Qualified seers
Simply wanting a thing does not make it happen or come to us.
In the same way, spiritual
daydreaming is fruitless. Therefore, he who petitions for the
removal of the golden orb
describes himself as “I who am devoted to truth.” He is one who
wishes to pass from the
unreal to the Real, to no longer live in the magic of Maya, but to
move onward to the Reality
behind all appearance. And he does not just seek truth or think
about it–he is devoted to truth.
Only those “may behold its glory.”
Stop! so I may Go
“O nourisher, only seer, controller of all—O illumining Sun,
fountain of life for all

creatures–withhold thy light, gather together thy rays. May I
behold through thy grace thy
most blessed form. The Being that dwells therein even that
Being am I.”
In Indian philosophy God is often thought of as Mother. This
verse bears that out,
speaking of the divine as the Nourisher of all beings, the
Fountain of Life. God the Mother is
frequently addressed in Sanskrit hymns as Jagata Janani, Jagata
Palani–the Birthgiver and
Nourisher of the world (jagat). In Eastern Christianity, one title
given to the Virgin Mother
Mary is “Life-giving Spring.” God is also the Seer of All, the
Ruler of All, as this verse
The petitioner then makes an interesting request: “Withhold thy
light, gather together thy
rays.” How is this? Why does he not ask that the light should
flood down upon him? Because
the “light” he is speaking of is not the Absolute Light, but the
light of relative existence which
by its nature veils that Ultimate Light. He asks, then, that God
withdraw the light of temporality
in order that he might behold and enter into the Light of
This has a yogic aspect, as well. We must withdraw all the
scattered “rays” of our energies
and awareness and unite them to our inmost consciousness. We
must gather up that which is

dispersed and fragmented and restore our original state of unity.
Meditation is the only way
this can be accomplished.

Yajur Veda 40:15
Bhagavad Gita 8:5-10 (Prabhavananda translation).
Isha Upanishad 16
The vision
“May I behold through thy grace thy most blessed form.” Two
questions arise (or should
arise) at these words. What is the grace of God? What is the form
of God?
The grace of God is not some kind of favor or “goodie” dropped
into our lap by God. Nor
is grace something occasionally dispensed by God as a special
token to the chosen. All that
exists–either relatively or absolutely–is the grace of God. There
is nothing that is not the grace of
God. If we like, we may say that the grace of God is the Divine
Plan for our liberation. And the
creation, gross and subtle, is the means for the realization of that
Plan, and is itself Grace
Divine. So to petition God for grace is as silly as fish in the ocean
praying for water. It is
inseparable from us! The grace through which we behold God is
the great onward movement
initiated by God at the inception of the cosmos.

The Form of God is not a form such as that experienced in
relative existence, but is the
Substance, the Light, from which all forms arise. It can be said to
be formless, and yet all
forms exist within it eternally. As Sri Ma Anandamayi frequently
said: “Nothing is lost There.”
The Form “of” God IS God.
When we see God we also see ourselves in God and can then
declare: “The Being that
dwells therein even that Being am I.”
“Then Satyakama, son of Shibi, asked him [the Rishi Pippalada]:
‘Venerable Sir, what
world does he who meditates on Om until the end of his life, win
by That?’ To him, he said:
‘That which is the sound Om, O Satyakama, is verily the higher
and the lower Brahman.
Therefore, with this support alone does the wise man reach the
one or the other.’…If he
meditates on the Supreme Being [Parampurusha] with the
Syllable Om, he becomes one with
the Light, the Sun. He is led to the world of Brahman. He sees
the Person that dwells in the
body, Who is higher than the highest life.…That the wise one
attains, even by the mere sound
Om as support, That Which is tranquil, unaging, immortal,
fearless, and supreme.”
Prashna Upanishad 5:1,2,5,7
“Then Satyakama, son of Shibi, asked him [the Rishi Pippalada]:
‘Venerable Sir, what

world does he who meditates on Om until the end of his life, win
by That?’ To him, he said: ‘If
he meditates on the Supreme Being [Parampurusha] with the
Syllable Om, he becomes one
with the Light, the Sun. He is led to the world of Brahman. He
sees the Person that dwells in
the body, Who is higher than the highest life.…That the wise one
attains, even by the mere
sound Om as support, That Which is tranquil, unaging,
immortal, fearless, and supreme.”
“The knower of the real nature of Brahman that is identical with
the Pranava, should cross
all the formidable streams [of samsara] with the ferryboat of the
“He who utters Om with the intention ‘I shall attain Brahman’
does verily attain Brahman.”

The Brhadaranyaka Upanishad
by Swami Krishnananda
The Divine Life Society

CHAPTER 5 - Fifteenth Brahmana

All these meditations that are described in the Fifth Chapter of
Upanishad are qualitative in their nature. They are called

which means to say, meditations on the Supreme Being as
defined by certain
supreme qualities, or characteristics, such as All-pervadingness,
Preservership, Destroyership, Internal Rulership, the character
of being a
luminous Light within, being as vast as Space, and so on.
Whatever be the
definition of the Ultimate Reality as pointed out in this section
they have
always been associated with certain attributes. These
meditations with
qualities, or Saguna-Upasanas, are supposed to lead the soul to
gradually, through an orderly ascent, known as Krama-Mukti.
This passage of
Krama-Mukti, the gradual liberation of the soul attained by
Saguna-Upasanas, or
qualitative meditations, is always traversed through the sun. The
sun is
regarded as a very important place, a halting point of the soul in
the gradual
ascent to the Absolute. Of all the deities who are supposed to
direct the soul
onwards in its passage upwards, the sun is considered the most
important. It is
a very prominent location where the soul is not only purified in
an intensive
manner but is landed in the realm of light as it finds itself in the
region of
the sun.

The soul that is to depart the body, after having completed its
career of life
through meditation in this manner, prays to the sun for opening
a passage. The
immediate experience after the body is cast off is one of ascent to
the sun.
Many types of description are given in the different scriptures as
to how the
sun receives the soul. Romantic explanations and stimulating
experiences are
associated with the event of the soul's reaching the land of light,
and the soul
is glorified in its divine form. The following is part of the prayer
of the soul
on the verge of leaving the body, having completed the course of
its life
through meditation. The prayer to the sun and the different
feelings which the
soul undergoes at the time of its leaving this world for a higher,
one are
mentioned herein.
1. hiranmayena patrena satyasyapihitam mukham: tat tvam,
pusan, apavrnu,
satyadharmaya drstaye.

"Great Abode of life!" Thus is addressed the resplendent sun.
The face of
truth is covered with a golden vessel, and so I cannot see the
truth behind. I
can see only the glare of the vessel of gold that is covering the
light of

truth. O glorious one! Lift this lid of gold with which you have
covered the
glory of truth inside, so that I may behold your inner reality,
which is my own
essence, also. The essence in you is my essence. So, I have a
great privilege, a
prerogative of beholding your true nature which is not the
radiance of the
beaming rays that you are projecting to baffle the eyes of people.
You have an
inner being which is hidden behind the rays. Withdraw your
rays; uncover this
lid and enable me to behold you as you are in essence, so that I
may commune
myself with your being. Thus is the soul's prayer to the sun.
The stages of the ascent of the soul through Krama-Mukti are
the levels of
identification of the self with the deities concerned. It is not
analogous to
confronting some person as you see a friend in a hotel or an inn,
when you are
on a journey, who is there to receive you and make
arrangements for your stay,
lodging, boarding etc. This is not the kind of arrangement which
we are
expecting from the deities or the service which the deities are
rendering to the
soul. At every particular stage there is a communion of the soul
with the
corresponding deity, so that it is a regular transcendence, and
not merely a

contract of one individual with another superior. No
transcendence is possible
unless there is communion. The absorption of the soul in a
particular state is
the precondition of the transcendence of that state for the
purpose of realising
a higher, or a better one. So, the soul gets identified with the
being of the
sun, becomes one with the sun and absorbs itself into the reality
of the sun. It
does not merely receive a hospitality from the sun as a guest
receives from a
friend or a well-wisher. So the prayer is: May I be able to absorb
myself in
your being. May I not merely behold you as an outsider as I have
been looking
upon you earlier. For this purpose, enable me to see you through
my being,
rather than through my eyes, as I have been doing before. For
this purpose,
again, lift the lid of the golden vessel with which you have been
covering the
essence of truth that you really are.
The golden vessel is the orb of the sun which we are beholding,
seeing every
day, but we cannot see the reality behind the sun. That
energising centre which
is the divine source in the sun cannot be seen with the physical
eyes. The glory
that is behind the sun is non-physical, super-relative, and it is
divine. It is

something inscrutable. One of the great miracles of creation is
the sun. You
cannot understand what it is. It is not merely light; it is not
merely energy;
it is something more than all these that our experiments can
reveal to us. The
outward mode through which the sun's reality is manifest to our
eyes is to be
lifted, as if it is a lid, and the true basis of truth which is behind
has to be
beheld. The whole universe may be regarded as a golden vessel
which covers the
Absolute, so that we cannot see that it is there at all. We see only
the world
outside. We see objects; we see people; we see activities; we see
colours; we
hear sounds, but we cannot see the basic reality. The waves are
so many in
number that the ocean and the bottom is not visible. There is
only a perception
of the relative manifestation of certain characteristics of reality,
but it
itself is not seen. The object of perception which is this vast
universe of
colours and sounds is the lid, as it were, which is golden because
it is
attractive. We are attracted by the world; we see meaning in the
world and we
feel that there is a tremendous significance for us in all the
objects of sense.

As is gold, so is this world. It does not allow us to go deeper into
what is
behind it. There is a substratum of this universe of particulars
which is the
uniform reality. So the prayer to the divine being is: Lift this
phenomenon, the
universe, the object-world which is preventing me from entering
into the being
which is the ultimate truth.
I am not merely begging of you to do a favour. In fact, I have a
privilege to
know this because my essential nature is inseparable from the
essential nature
of all creation. In the same way as the universe outside is the lid
that covers
the Absolute, this body is the lid that covers the soul within. The
body also is
a glittering gold which is attractive, of which we are enamoured
and which we
like very much, as do we like everything else in this world, also.
this body, this psycho-physical individuality, this so-called 'me',
which we
like so much, is the golden vessel that prevents us from
visualising the true
light that we are essentially. Outwardly, again, there is this
universe of particular objects which will not enable us to probe
into the
reality of Brahman. We cannot see the Atman within on account
of the body here;

we cannot see Brahman, the All-Being, because of the universe
outside. So, this
lid which is inside as well as outside in the form of this bodily
here and the universe there - may this lid be lifted so that I may
behold the
Absolute Truth.
This is a prayer offered to the Master of all luminaries, the sun
himself, as a
passage to liberation.
2. pusann, ekarse, yama, surya, praja-patya, vyuha rasmin
samuha, tejah yat te
rupam kalyanatamam, tat te pasyami yo sav asau purusas,
so'ham asmi.

Pusann: O creator of all! Ekarse: Single solitary traveller,
unbefriended in
this world! Yama: Controller of all beings! Surya: Who projects
rays of light,
energy! Prajapatya: Born of the Creator Brahma! Vyuha rasmin
samuha: Collect
your rays and dazzle not my eyes! What for? Tejah yat te rupam
kalyanatamam, tat
te pasyami, yo sav asau purusas, so'ham asmi: You hide a very
attractive reality
within you, which is your real Being. The most blessed
auspicious Being that you
really are, may I behold that Being. The Purusa within you is
also the Purusa
within me. This is the similarity between us; this is the affiliation
that I

have with you; this is the common characteristic that we both
have between
ourselves; and this is the privilege that I also have to exercise;
because the
Purusa within me is the Purusa within you. Therefore, O Surya,
Sun-God! Do me
this favour, if you would like to call it one, of absorbing me into
your bosom,
so that I may rise high, onwards, on the path of the realisation of
the great
Goal of life.
3. vayur anilam amrtam athedam bhasmantam sariram: aum
krato smara, krtam
smara, krato smara, krtam smara.

Well; I go. It is true; and what happens to this body which I have
been loving
so much, which I have been regarding as my own self, with
which I have become
one practically in my daily life? This body is made up of the five
elements-earth, water, fire, air, ether. It is an effect of these five
Therefore, naturally, the constituents of this body should go
back to their
sources. What I have borrowed from other sources, I return to
them because I
have fulfilled the purpose that I have to achieve through this
Vayur anilam amrtam: The air-principle within me, the Prana
that is inside me

becomes one with the cosmic immortal Prana. The so-called
limited Prana within
me is a part of the Cosmic Prana which is Hiranyagarbha, who is
immortal. I look
mortal and finite because of my limitation to this body. Now the
limitation-consciousness is gone, and the material which has
been utilised by me
for finite purposes is returned to the Cosmic Source from where
it has been
taken over. The immortal Vayu, the immortal Prana, the Sutra-
Hiranyagarbha - to that my Prana goes. I become one with
Hiranyagarbha. Athedam
bhasmantam sartram: This body is reduced to ashes when it
goes to the cremation
ground. It becomes one with the earth. The physical aspect, the
material part of
this body is formed of the earth-element. It goes to the earth.
wind-element, or the air-element, the Prana element, goes to the
Prana and the
Vayu, the Wind. And the water-element goes to Water. The fire-
principle goes to
the Fire. And what else is there in this body except the five
elements. They go
back to their original sources.
There is a self-investigative prayer, a prayer to one's own mind,
as it
were-to oneself. May I be able to remember what I have done in
this life. This

is what an intelligent self-conscious being would recollect at the
time of
departure from this body. The time has come to depart from this
world, and I
have now to enter a new realm of new functions altogether, a
new set of
experiences. "O myself, my mind, my understanding, my
conscious being, remember
what you have done in this life." Krato smara: "O will, with
which I have been
working in this world for different purposes! Remember what
purposes you have
achieved through the application of your functions!" Krato
smara, krtam smara,
krato smara, krtam smara: Twice is it said: remember,
remember what you have
done in this life, because a sincere repentance also does good.
repentance is a potent means of destroying all evil. It has a
psychological role to perform in one's career. If the heart really
repents from
the bottom, then all the mistakes that it might have committed
earlier can be
wiped off. Naturally, the future is left open. It is clean and is not
with further activities or functions or wills or determinations,
and the past,
of course, is now repented over. So, a kind of repentance is
brought upon the

mind at the time of the death of the person, and all possible
memories of the
past are brought to the surface of consciousness for the purpose
of this
contemplation which is a last thought bestowed upon the actions
that one
performed throughout one's life.
It is one of the practices of Sadhakas to do this kind of
contemplation every
day in the night. What is the manner in which I have spent the
day today, from
morning to night? What is the good that I have done, and what is
the objective
fulfilled, in what manner, etc., for what purpose, in what
capacity? This kind
of contemplation keeps the mind calm and consoled at the time
of going to sleep.
If there is such a recapitulation of one's deeds throughout the
day, then, of
course, the last thought would be nothing but the cumulative
effect of these
thoughts. Else, that would be a difficult thing to consider at the
end of life
when everything gets forgotten. But, we are here considering the
case of a
special individual, not the ordinary one, the layman of the world.
We are here
studying the course of the soul of a person who has been
regularly engaged in
meditation. Naturally, in the case of such a person, there may
not be the usual

difficulty felt by people at the time of death - neither any sorrow
connection with the deeds that one performed, nor any kind of
depression of
spirit, for life has been spent well in meditation.
4. agne naya supatha, raye asman; visvani, deva, vayunani
vidvan; yuyodhy asmaj
juharanam eno: bhuyistham te nama-uktim vidhema.

The stages of the ascent of the soul by Krama-Mukti have been
mentioned. The
first stage is supposed to be that of Agni, or the god of Fire. He is
the one
who will face you first, and everyone comes afterwards. So there
is a prayer
offered to Agni, the deity of the divine Fire. Agne naya supatha
raye asman: O
Divine Fire! Lead us along the right path for the purpose of
higher prosperity
that we are to achieve. Visvani deva vayunani vidvan: O Cosmic
Fire, who is the
representative of the Universal Vaisvanara Himself! You know
everything, you are
omniscient, there is nothing hidden from your view, and so you
know what is best
for us. You know the right path which we have to tread. So, show
us that path, O
Agni! Yuyodhy asmaj juharanam eno: If we have done any
mistake, please destroy
these errors. Anything that is inimical to the path, anything that
is of an

obstructive character in our ascent onwards, anything that one
may regard as
evil or undesirable, may that be destroyed by the force of your
Fire. Bhuyistham
te nama-uktim vidhema: We prostrate ourselves before you,
again and again,
sincerely from the depths of our hearts.
With this prayer, the soul leaves the body and then it is taken
over to the
realm of Agni, or Flame, or the god of Fire. Then, upwards,
through the passage
of the Sun, it reaches Brahma-Loka, or Prajapati-Loka, the realm
of the Creator,
through several further stages, and then it attains the Supreme
The opinion is generally held that the soul will be in Brahma-
Loka till the
end of the universe. When the universe is dissolved,
Hiranyagarbha, Brahma, also
gets back to the Source. At the end of the cosmic dissolution, the
soul, with
Brahma, the Creator, goes back to the Absolute. Until that time,
it remains
there. This is the belief of some teachers of the Upanishads.
Here we come to the close of the Fifth Chapter of the
Brhadaranyaka Upanishad.
Now we may go back to the point where we left out in the First
Chapter because
of the necessity to maintain a connection of thought or subject.
We left out

some portion and went on to the Second Chapter towards the
end of it because
those portions we left out are of a similar nature as the ones that
we have been
studying from the Fifth Chapter onwards. They are certain
Upasanas of a symbolic
nature, qualitative character. So, one of them is in the First
Chapter and a
little of it in the beginning of the Second Chapter. These
meditations which we
have studied in the Fifth Chapter are practically continued in
essentiality in the themes of these passages which we are going
to study, but
they occur in the First Chapter itself. They are also meditations -
how we can
contemplate or concentrate our minds in such a way that
whatever we are
individually and whatever things are outwardly are brought
together into unison,
so that there is no rift between ourselves and the outer world.
That is the
purpose of the meditations. The world outside, the various
realms of existence
in the external creation and our own self, individually, are to be
set in tune
with each other. They have to be harmonized. This is the
function of meditation.
We are not to sit outside the world as if we are independent of it;
we are a

part of it, you know. But this has to be emphasized and it has to
be realised in
our experience.

Swami Krishnananda
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Now, the king puts another question to the other sage:
"Satyayajna Paulushi, what is the Atman that you are meditating
upon?" "I meditate on the Sun, Your Highness, the most brilliant
object conceivable. It is the Supreme Being for me. I regard the
Sun, surya, as the symbol of the Absolute. That is the Atman on
which I am meditating." The king said: "Satyayajna, you
meditate on the Sun as the Supreme Atman. Well, this is a part
of the Vaishvanara' s Body. Because it is a part of this Great
Being, and you meditate upon it as if it is the all, you have in
your own life certain characteristics of the Sun. There is
brilliance in your outlook; there is plenty in your family; and
there is a sort of completeness in your life, as the Sun himself is
a complete being in himself. There is material glory in your
house, and your mind is satisfied. You have a very happy mind;
and you have many other things in your family,—gold, silver,
servants, rich food, and such other things. All this is the result of
your meditation on the repository of the immensity of wealth
which is the Sun himself. And, whoever meditates as you are
meditating, also will enjoy the same fruits of immensity and
magnificence in his life. He will have plenty of food to eat, and

plenty of everything. He will be resplendent with the knowledge
accruing from this meditation which is brahmavarchas; yes,
whoever meditates thus. But the mistake that you are making in
your meditation is that the Sun is the eye, as it were, of the
cosmic body of Vaishvanara. It is not the whole of Reality. If you
had not come to me, you would have become blind due to this
error in your meditation, mistaking the eye of the Virat for the
whole of Virat."


In connection with a description of the passage of the soul after
the death of the body, we are introduced into a new subject, that
of the existence of certain psychic nerve currents inside us,
known as the nadis. There are certain nadis in our bodies which
exist very subtly in the astral layer of our personality and control
not only the entire physiological system but also our minds and
breathing process,—the entire personality. Those who are versed
in the science of hatha-yoga will know very well the importance
of these nadis.

1) Atha ya eta hrdayasya nadyastah pingalasyanimnas- tisthanti,
suklasya nilasya pitasya lohitasyeti. asau va adityah pingalah esa
suklah, esa nilah, esa pitah, esa lohitah.

These nerve currents are supposed to be filled with certain
subtle juices which are referred to here as animna, very subtle
exudation which controls the humours of the body. The point
that the Upanishad makes out particularly here is that there is a
tremendous connection between the sun and these nerves.

It is not that the sun is spatially very far from us. We have a false
notion that the stars in the heaven and the sun in the sky are
very far and that they have no connection at all with us here on
earth. This intervening space which is the apparent cause for
this seeming disconnection is not empty. It is a vital fluid. The
ordinary physical notion of the commonplace astronomers that
space is not organically connected with the individual has to be
given up. In fact, higher aspects of astronomy going into the
realm of astrology will tell us that space is not a disconnecting
element. If it is, there would be no influence of the planets upon
us. They exert a tremendous influence, not merely in a
mechanical manner as the law of gravitation does, but in a very,
very living and organic manner.
This subtle substance in the nerve currents is of different
colours. It may be brownish-yellow, or white, or blue, or yellow
proper, or red. These are the types specially mentioned here,
though there can be many other permutations and combinations
of these colours because we cannot actually count the number of
these nerve currents in the system. There are several thousands
of nadis, but the principal among them are hundred and one in
number. It is believed from the standpoint of this section of the
Upanishad that the colours of these nerve currents inside us are
due to the influence of the sun upon us. Variegated influences
are exerted upon us in respect of the constitution of our
personality by the rays of the sun. Even after the sun sets at
night, it continues to influence us. The influence of the sun does
not cease merely because it is midnight. It is a tremendous
influence exerted upon the whole earth. Night and day make no
difference for this. When the effect of the sun through its rays
has an impact upon the bile in our system, these juices become
brownish yellow in colour. When there is phlegmatic element

mixed with this bile, it is supposed to be whitish in colour. When
the wind element also is included within it, that means to say
when the wind humour is a little more predominant, it assumes
a blue colour. When there is an equal distribution of the
phlegmatic matter and the bile element it becomes yellow, while
the reddish element is due to the preponderance of the red
corpusles in the blood influencing these juices in the system.
Now, the idea is that the colours of these juices in the nerves are
imported, as it were, from the colours in the sun. They are the
reflections, as it were, of the sun's rays experienced by us
through our own nervous system. So the Upanishad says that
these colours are in the sun and they are in the nadis. But what
about the causes thereof? These colours,—brownish yellow, or
white, or blue, or actual yellow, or red—are the colours of the
sun's internal structure. We know the sun's rays have colours,
and these are responsible for the colours of the juices which flow
in the nerve currents.

2) Tad-yatha mahapatha atata ubhau gramau gacchatimam
camum ca, evam evaita adityasya rasmaya ubhau lokau
gacchantimam camum ca, amusmad-adityat pratayante ta asu
uadisu srptah, abhyo nadibhyah pratayante te'musmin aditye

Just as a national highway passing through villages connects one
section of villages on one side to another section on the other
side, even so the sun's rays seem to be travelling throughout
space like highways, as it were, emanating from the sun,
touching the heavens on one side and influencing the individuals
and the whole earth on the other side. These rays of the sun are
like passages or highways in the entire space. They touch this

world and also the other world. They enter even the minutest
thing in this world, like X-rays penetrating through objects, and
we are not excluded from the influence of these subtle rays of the
sun. They penetrate through the nerves inside us, they get
refracted back into space and return to the sun, so that they
convey a message to the sun, as it were, as to what our
predicament is here.
Thus we see there is a real living connection between the sun
and ourselves here. The rays are like messengers coming from
the sun, conveying to us the message from the sun and taking
our message from here and conveying it back to the sun, like
postmen. This kind of work the rays of the sun perform much
more effectively and vitally than the postal department does!
The sun there and ourselves here belong to one family, an
undivided family. So, we are like brothers. Most undivided
families have division among the members and the
undividedness is only an imagination. Really the members of the
family are divided. But here the connection is not mere
imagination. It is a real interconnection of vital forces in us with
the sun and with everything between the sun and ourselves. So
we can imagine what integral connection we have really with the
atmosphere and the heavens and the stellar system, in spite of
our apparently being here as if separated and disconnected. This
disconnection is a misconception in our minds.

3) Tad-yatraitat suptah samastah samprasannah svapnam na
vijnati asu tada nadisu srpto bhavati tam na kascana papma
sprsati, tejasa hi tada sampanno bhavati.

It is these nerve currents that are responsible for the withdrawal
of the mind into itself in deep sleep. What we call deep sleep, the

composure of the mind, the withdrawal of the mind from all
sense activity and the retiring from all dream experience also,
where one knows nothing,—that experience is brought about by
the travel of the various rays of the mind through these nerve
currents to the centre of the heart. There the mind then lies
sleeping and inactive, doing nothing and knowing nothing. So
these nadis have some part to play even in the activity called
psychic sleep. In the state of deep sleep we are overpowered by a
supernal light.

There are various opinions as to what happens in deep sleep.
They differ one from the other. One of the theories is that we fall
asleep on account of the fatigue of the senses which results in the
exhaustion of the mind searching for happiness in the world.
Theother doctrine is that the bilious element in our system gets
roused up due to the activity of the sun's rays during the day and
they make us fatigued in a different way altogether, compelling
us to fall asleep. The third theory is that when the mind goes
back to its source, it is overwhelmed by the light of the Atman.
This getting blinded by that light is in a way equal to seeing
nothing. It is seeing darkness, as it were, as perhaps when we
gaze at the sun for a long time we see not the brilliance of the
sun any more but only pitch darkness. This is a very mystical
doctrine of sleep which tells us that we are confronted by the
brilliance of the Atman when we go to sleep. And, therefore, on
account of there being nothing to see, objectiveness being
withdrawn completely, we fall into a mood of so-called
unconsciousness, merely because there is nothing for the senses
to do and there is nothing for the mind to think. So when there is
nothing to sense and nothing to think, what is our condition? It
is a falling back into an oblivion of all kinds of experiences.

4) Atha yatraitad-abalimana m nito bhavati, tam abhita asina
ahuh janasi mam, janarsi mam, iti, sa yavad asmaccharirad-
anutkranto bhavati, tavaj-janati.

Now we are introduced to the principal subject of this section.
The other points mentioned in connection with these nerves are
introductory to the main point which is the theme of the section,
namely the departure of the soul after death.
When a person becomes weak due to old age and is awaiting
impending death, people get anxious about his condition. They
sit round him thinking that he is about to leave this world. And
then they query, "Do you recognise us?", "Do you know I am
your father?", "I am so-and-so related to you, do you recognise
me?", "Do you know I am your son?", and so on. He is able to
reply to these people in a sensible manner as long as the pranas
do not depart from the body and as long as the mind is capable
of working in a normal fashion in respect of the body. But when
the mind is compelled by the pranas to withdraw itself into its
source, no sensation, no thought, no recognition remains
whatsoever. Then what happens to that person?

5) Atha yatraitad-asmacchar irad-utkramati, athaitair-eva
rasmibhir-urdhvam akramate, sa om iti va ha ut va miyate sa
yavat ksipyen manah, tavad-adityam gacchati, etad-vai khalu
loka-dvaram vidusam prapadanam, nirodho'vidusam.

The very same rays of the sun, about which we have discussed in
the earlier mantras in this section, with which we have such an
intimate connection, become the passage of the soul for its
ascent into the higher regions. These rays of the sun are the

roads or the paths, as it were, for the soul when it rises upwards
after the departure from this body. This description is in
connection with the death of a purified person who is expected
to attain liberation by progressive stages, called by the name
kramamukti, gradual liberation. Such a person chants Om at the
time of death. Everyone will not chant Om at this crucial
moment. Those who are accustomed to such a practice
throughout life, who have led a very disciplined life of spiritual
contemplation throughout their career on earth, will be able to
recollect this practice at the time of passing, when usually the
mind gets confounded due to the action of natural forces.
How much time does the soul take to jump into the sun? It takes
as much time as the mind will take to go to any place. That
means it does not take much time. The so-called distance of 93
million miles between the sun up there and the individual here
on this earth makes no difference to the soul. It does not take
any time at all to reach the sun. Such is the quickness of its
action. The soul is taken to the sun at such speed through the
passage of the rays. The moment it thinks, it is there. So quickly
it is taken there.
This sun is the glorious passage to Brahma-loka, the realm of the
Creator. This is the entrance to the glorious immortal abode of
Brahma. And also it is the halting and checking place, as it were,
for the unknowing persons. Those who do not carry an
`accepted passport' are turned back from the sun. Everyone
cannot go there. The knowers go there and the unknowers
return. The latter will not even be allowed to touch that spot. So
the sun is the check-post where there is a filtering of souls, as it
were. The purified ones are allowed to go beyond and the
unpurified ones are kicked back to the earth. He is an entrance

to the region of Brahma to the purified ones and also a closed
door to those who are unprepared for this ascent.
In this connection there is a verse, says the Upanishad.

6) Tad esa slokah:
satam caika ca hrdayasya nadyah tasam murdhanam
abhinihsrtaika, tayordhvam ayan amrtatvam eti visvannya
utkramane bhavanti, utkramane bhavanti.

One hundred and one are the principal nerve currents in this
body. One among these hundred and one moves vertically, as it
were, towards the crown of the head. This is usually called the
sushumna-nadi in Yogic language. If our prana and minds can
travel through this central nerve current called the sushumna
and up through the crown of the head, we attain immortality.
And this is kramamukti, gradual liberation.
But if the pranas depart not by this central nerve through the
crown of the head but through other orifices in the body, then
there is rebirth. It may be in this world or it may be in some
other lower world, according to the particular passage which the
pranas seek at the time of exit. No liberation is possible unless
the movement is through sushumna-nadi. So here one part of
the discussion of this important subject of the Atman in the
heart is concluded.

The solar orb, like the nature of man, was divided by the ancient
sages into three separate bodies. According to the mystics, there
are three suns in each solar system, analogous to the three
centers of life in each individual constitution. These are called
three lights: the spiritual sun, the intellectual or soular sun, and
the material sun (now symbolized in Freemasonry by three

candles]. The spiritual sun manifests the power of God the
Father; the soular sun radiates the life of God the Son; and the
material sun is the vehicle of manifestation for God the Holy
Spirit. Man's nature was divided by the mystics into three
distinct parts: spirit, soul, and body. His physical body was
unfolded and vitalized by the material sun; his spiritual nature
was illuminated by the spiritual sun; and his intellectual nature
was redeemed by the true light of grace--the soular sun.

The great Paracelsus wrote: "There is an earthly sun, which is
the cause of all heat, and all who are able to see may see the sun;
and those who are blind and cannot see him may feel his heat.
There is an Eternal Sun, which is the source of all wisdom, and
those whose spiritual senses have awakened to life will see that
sun and be conscious of His existence; but those who have not
attained spiritual consciousness may yet feel His power by an
inner faculty which is called Intuition."
Certain Rosicrucian scholars have given special appellations to
these three phases of the sun; the spiritual sun they called
Vulcan; the soular and intellectual sun, Christ and Lucifer
respectively; and the material sun, the Jewish Demiurgus
Jehovah. Lucifer here represents the intellectual mind without
the illumination of the spiritual mind; therefore it is "the false
light." The false light is finally overcome and redeemed by the
true light of the soul, called the Second Logos or Christ. The
secret processes by which the Luciferian intellect is transmuted
into the Christly intellect constitute one of the great secrets of
alchemy, and are symbolized by the process of transmuting base
metals into gold.

In the rare treatise The Secret Symbols of The Rosicrucians,
Franz Hartmann defines the sun alchemically as: "The symbol of
Wisdom. The Centre of Power or Heart of things. The Sun is a
centre of energy and a storehouse of power. Each living being
contains within itself a centre of life, which may grow to be a sun
in the heart of the regenerated, the divine power, stimulated by
the Light of the Logos, grows into a Sun which illuminates his
mind." In a note, the same author amplifies his description by
adding: "The terrestrial sun is the image or reflection of the
invisible celestial sun; the former is in the realm of Spirit what
the latter is in the realm of Matter; but the latter receives its
power from the former."
In the majority of cases, the religions of antiquity agree that the
material visible sun was a reflector rather than a source of
power. The sun was sometimes represented as a shield carried
on the arm of the Sun God, as for example, Frey, the
Scandinavian Solar Deity. This sun reflected the light of the
invisible spiritual sun, which was the true source of life, light,
and truth. The physical nature of the universe is receptive; it is a
realm of effects. The invisible causes of these effects belong to
the spiritual world.

When shamans travel into other dimensions, they see a sun
that's a thousand times brighter than the sun we see around us
on earth. And while we cannot look at this earthly sun without

blinding ourselves, shamans can look straight into the light of
the other worldly sun, and not only does it not blind them, but it
is also healing and soothing.
All shamans from wherever they are in the world report this
same sun, brighter than a thousand suns, the sun Arjuna talks
about in the Bhagavad Gita when Krishna reveals to him his true
form. This sun is also described by Apuleius in The
Metamorphosis, as seen by one undergoing initiation at the
Eleusinian Mysteries: "At midnight, I saw the sun shining with a
splendid light; and I manifestly drew near to the gods beneath
and the gods above, and proximately adored them."
This sun is so bright that, on returning to this dimension, our
earthly sun seems like a pale reflection of it, as do the earthly
trees, which just look like limp weeds almost, in comparison to
the huge, soaring lush trees of the Forest of Despair - the first
port of call all shamans come to when carrying souls at death to
the place they all describe so similarly, the Realms of the Dead.
Just like our trees on earth absorb the carbon dioxide that is our
waste product, and transform it, so these other-worldly
enormous trees absorb the despair of those who died in grief or
in suffering, so that they can leave it there in that forest and
carry on without that burden to their next destination.


 Surya - The Sun, is the progenitor of all creations. He has been
upheld in the Vedas and Upanishads as Param Bramh. In fact,
the Vedas symbolize Surya. He has been the witness to
everything in the Universe. Hence, he is the Biswachakshu.

From him has manifested the Pancha Mahabhootas-The five
elements-Kshiti, Ap, Marut, Teja and Bjom, i.e. Earth, Water,
Wind, Fire and Space. From these five elements has manifested
Prakriti- the Nature.
       He has manifested himself both in the form of Purusha and
Prakriti, when he is Purusha he manifested as Bramha, Vishnu
and Maheshwara.As Prakriti he is Durga and Gayatri.Chandi,
Tapati also represents Surya as his Dark Force.
       The Sun has three phases – Rashmi (The Rays), Golaka
(The Orb) and Mandala (The Corona). The Rashmi – Rays is the
representative of goddess Durga who is Dashakarmrupini i.e.
she is manifested Karma in 10 destinations. These rays nourish
the vegetation and life on the planet, then comes the Golaka
(The Orb).
       Finally the Mandala (The Corona). In the Mandala resides
the Purusha. The Mandala also representing the ‘AUM’ which
culminates into ‘M’.”M”kar is the swarup of the Surya Mandal,
5000 years ago, the son of Lord Krishna, Shamba who was
afflicted with the dreadful leprosy due to the curse of Lord
Krishna himself sung the praise of this “Surya Mandal” during
the 12 years of his penance on the bank of river Chandrabhaga ,
north of Sindh. Thus singing the praise of the “Surya Mandal” he
got the divine blessings of Lord Surya and also his secret 21
names famous in the three worlds as Stabraj from Lord Surya
himself, hereby getting rid of the leprosy and attained Divine


King Shatanik asked,"Muney!How did Shamba perform the
aradhana of Lord Surya and got rid of that dreadful disease?
Please tell me."Sumanta Muni said , "Rajan! You had asked a
wondrful question.I'll illustrate it in details, hearing this , one is
liberated from all sins. Hearing from Narada, the divine
importance of Lord Surya, Shamba went to his father Sri
Krishna and humbly asked him - Lord! I am afflicted with severe
disease. Even after the intake of the medicines, I am not getting
any relief. Now please grant me permission to go to the forest
and through penance get rid off this terrible disease." Hearing
this statement, Sri Krishna gave him the go-ahead and Shamba
according to his permission, went to the famous Surya - Kshetra
named Mitrapad or Mitraban on the banks of River
Chandrabhaga, north of the Sindhu and started the Tapasya.
There, by fasting , he started such tremendous penance and
aradhana, that he reduced to a mere skeleton. Everyday with this
secret Stotra, he performed the invocation of Lord Surya
residing in the abyay and luminescent Surya Mandal.
      "The Surya Mandal Shukla, Divya, Ajar and Abyay is faster
than the mind enlightened by Bramha and harnessed by the
green horses. He is the 'Adi' of every being, hence he is Aditya.
He is the eye of three worlds, Paramatma and Projapati."
       That Purusha who is being manifested in this Mandala ,
He is beyond the comprehension, the soul manifested as Vishnu,
Bramha, and Projapati. He is Rudra, Indra, Varun, Akasha

(Sky), Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Vayu (Wind), Chandra
(Moon), Megh (Cloud) and Dhanadhakshya.
       Who is manifested in this Mandala with the Teja of Agni -
Fire. He is the Thousand Rayed Dwadas Atma Dibakar, Surya.
The Great Purusha who is manifested luminescence in the
Mandala, he i the Sakshat Mahadeva alike a spherical orb. He is
the Kal Swaroop Maha Yogi, the cause of creation and
destruction. He is constantly dynamic and sustaining the Earth
with Teja from the Mandala, he is Amrit Swaroop Dhata - The
Sustainer in the form of Elixir. There is no other God as
powerful as Tejaswi as him.
       Through his Suddharoop Amtrit he sustain all beings.He is
manifested in all ,even in being of the order of Mlechha and
Tirjak Yoni.
        Hey Dev Bhibhabasu, With your Karuna, you are
sustaining all beings. To ward off dangers you are protecting
your devouts.
        Leprosy - ridden, blind, deaf, paralyzed and stagnant
whatever may be , hey contented Dev, do you rid every one of
their diseases.
        Dermatutis, tumors kind of disease , do you cure the
beings, You are the Prataskshyadarshi Devta - who can witness
every thing, through your Leela - Divine Playing, do you liberate
        I am sick and affected with diseases, where do I have the
Shakti (strength) to perform your invocation? Hey Lord ! You
are always invoked by Bramha, Vishnu and Maheshwara , beside
the others.
       Indra , Siddha, Gandharva, along with the Lujhaks,
Aspsaras, Hey Dev , do they perform your invocation.

       In your Mandala , resides Rik, Sam and Yajur in the form
of Traiurmurate. You are the focus of all Mediators and alike the
Gateway of Liberation for all the Moksharthis.
       Among the Tejas, yours Tejas is Infinite ,
Incomprehensible, Unmanifested and Purest of the Pure. Hey
Beholder of the World, whatever fluctuations have occurred in
this invocation, kindly forgive knowing it as the Devotion of an
      Then Lord Surya said, "Jambabatiputra ! I am pleased with
your invocation, batsya !Tell, what do you want from me?"
Shamba said, "May you give me utmost devotion to your feet."
       Lord Surya said," Will happen as you please. I am very
pleased with you, Subrat! Ask for the second boon."
       Shamba pleaded, "Lord! May all the impurities leave my
body, and with your blessings from this leprosy, may I get rid
       Lord Surya said," Will happen alike."

Just as Lord Surya said this, his body was totally rid off leprosy.
He became divinely beautiful. Saluting Lord Surya Shamba
stood infront of him.
      Lord Surya said, "Shamba! I am so pleased that I want to
give you more booms. From today , this place of mine , will
become famous by your name. You be infinitely remembered in
the world for your deed. The individual who will establish my
place in your name, he will get Sanatan - Loka. Establish me in
these banks of Chandrabhaga , I will be giving you my Darshan
in your dreams". Saying this Lord Surya vanished.
       Who chants this invocation of Shamba, during the
Trisandhyas or recites this 121 times in 7 days and perform

havan , who wants kingdom or wealth gets alike and any
individual aflicted by disease is rid off it, just as Shamba had.
       Sumantu Muni said, " King ! During Tapashya, a weak
Shamba afflicted with disease , performed Surya's invocation
through his thousand names. Seeing him sad, Lord Surya told
Shamba in his dreams - "Hey Shamba ! There is no need to
perform my invocation through the thousand names. I am
saying my totally secret , holy and 21 shubh names. Earnestly
accept it , chanting these would give results equivalent to
chanting the thousand names . My 21 names are thus ----
1) Bikartana - Who destroys all dangers, 2) Bibashwana -
Manifested form, 3) Martanda - Who has emerged from the
Golden Egg, 4) Bhaskar, 5) Ravi, 6) Lokaprakashak - Who
enlightens the Lokas, 7) Shreeman, 8) Lokachakshu - Eye of the
World, 9) Graheshwara - Father of the Planets, 10) Lokasakshi -
Witness of the World, 11) Trilokesha, 12) Karta, 13) Harta, 14)
Tamisraha - Who destroys darkness, 15) Tapan, 16) Taapan, 17)
Suchi (Holy), 18) Saptashwabahana - Whose chariot is drawn by
seven horses, 19) Gavastihasta - Whose hands are rays alike, 20)
Bramha - The creator of the World and 21)
Sarbadevanamaskrita - Worshipped by all the Gods.
         Shamba! These 21 names are my most favourite. It is
famous as the Stabraj. This Stabraj makes the body healthy,
wealthy and yashkar and famous in the Three Lokas. Mahabaho
! Who invokes me regularly with these names during sunrise and
sunset, he or she is rid off all sins. Mental or physical whatever
deformities may be, are rid off by even chanting once these
names. This is for my japa or havan or evening prayer whatever
may be. It is also the mantra for offering sacrifice, arghya and
incense. For giving foods, bath, salutation and rotations, this

mahamantra becomes established and absorbs all sins and
serves as welfare." Saying this Lord Surya vanished.
         Chanting this Stabraj, in praise of Saptaswabahan
Bhaskar, Shamba became disease free , beautiful and rid off his
terrible disease forever.


Sunrise and consciousness wakening
« You go and watch the sunrise for your morning meditation,
you will not gain a great deal from this exercise if you do not
prepare yourself; possibly the night before, but certainly from
moment you set off before dawn you must hold firmly in your
head and
in your heart the belief that you will not just assist but also
participate in this incredible event taking place in the universe.

There is nothing more beautiful or important in the world than

You will say that the sun will always rise, whether you are there
to watch it or not. Yes, you are right, the sun does not need you
rise in the morning.

It is important for you, however, because there is a connection

between the events that occur in nature and those of your inner
life. Once you have learnt how to watch the sun rise, you will
all the pure and luminous powers that are actuated the moment
first ray of sunlight appears, and you will understand the
importance of working with them so that daylight may also
break in
your consciousness. »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

The sunrise, source of food /nurishment
« It is said in the Zend-Avesta that when Zoroaster asked the god
Ahura-Mazda how primordial man fed himself, he answered:
- "He ate fire and drank light."

So why do we not learn to eat fire and drink light too to return
to the perfection of primordial man?

You will say it is not possible. Yes it is possible.

When you are watching the sun rise, wait, watchful and
for the first ray and as soon as the first ray appears, concentrate
on absorbing it, swallowing it. So instead of simply watching the
sunrise, you are drinking it, you are eating it, and you imagine
that this living light spreads through all the cells of your organs,

purifying them, strengthening them and enlivening them. This
exercise not only helps you concentrate, but you will feel your
entire being quiver and illuminate because you are truly
light... »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

« In Greece it is referred to as ambrosia, in India soma, and
alchemists call it the elixir of eternal life. All cultures make
mention of the existence of a beverage of immortality and
how to prepare it.

In reality this beverage exists in nature, but not just anywhere
of course. It is found only in the most subtle and purest regions
and only at specific moments, such as sunrise.

Sunrise is the best time of the day to drink this ambrosia, which
the sun distributes everywhere in the universe and the particles
which are collected by all living creatures, rocks, plants, animals,
and human beings. Light is the true beverage of immortality and
can catch this light in the morning at sunrise and use it to
your subtle bodies. »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

« In mythology the phoenix is a bird of gorgeous plumage, fabled
to be the only one of its kind, and to live five or six hundred
years in the Arabian desert, after which it burnt itself to ashes on
a funeral pile of aromatic twigs ignited by the sun and fanned by
its own wings, but only to emerge from its ashes with renewed
to live through another cycle of years. Because of this, the
has become the symbol of beings who are very evolved and who,
knowing the laws of immortal life, are capable of constantly
renewing themselves. These beings have modelled themselves
on the

Anyone who aspires to immortal life, which is true spiritual life
and not an endless prolongation of physical life, must turn to the
sun. Only the sun is able to teach them what elements give
immortality and what work needs to be done with them. There
three of these elements: light, heat and life. The sun constantly
distributes these through space as the expression of divine light,
heat and life.

The day you come to understand this truth and you prepare
to watch the sun rise as if it were the event that surpasses all
others, you will drink the sun, you will nourish yourself with the
sun and you will become immortal, because you will know how
to renew
yourself. »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

« I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk
darkness, but shall have the light of life. »

(John 8:12)


The sun, living spirit
« You say you love the sun, that you need the sun. But when do
go and see it and expose yourself to its rays?...

You can discover the splendour and meaning of the sun in the
mornings, as it rises. To make sure you watch the sun rise in the
best possible conditions, prepare yourself the evening before by
eating a light meal, going to bed early and making sure you do
become involved in activities or discussions that will continue to
hound you the next day.

If you are able to watch the sun with a free, clear mind you will
feel that you are entering into contact with it, with its spirit,

and that you are absorbing its rays, like so many seeds of life. As
soon as you begin to breathe and drink the life of the sun,
everything changes because your soul opens up, a spring gushes
and you are imbued with the splendour of the dawn. Something
of the
pure light in which you are bathing slowly penetrates you and
want to spread these blessings everywhere so that all beings may
taste the same happiness. »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

« Everywhere in space the sun sends out particles of great
and if you know how to concentrate on the sun you will be able
expel from your organism all kinds of used, dull matter and
it with these new lively and luminous particles.

This is another very useful exercise you can do in the morning as
you meditate at sunrise. With all your heart, all your soul, try to
take these divine particles and place them inside you, because as
you do so, you will gradually renew the matter of your being and
will think and act like a son or daughter of God, thanks to the
sun. »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


Pratice of sunrise

« It was the Master Peter Deunov, in Bulgaria, who established
practice of attending the sunrise in spring and summer. There
are so
many things you can understand when watching the sun rising,
so many
exercises you can do to be impregnated by this life, light and

Already, at first light, the heavens are preparing for a great
event... all those clouds, dark or light, appearing and
disappearing... all the colors of the dawn sky, like so many
presences heralding the dazzling manifestation of the sun!

But how many people are aware of what the birth of each new
represents? How many see in this tireless repetition that has
going on for billions of years a reenactment of the birth of the
first morning of the world?... Think of all the beings, visible and
invisible, who are present at this prodigious dawning of light...

Human beings are so unaccustomed to using their God-given
and spiritual faculties that they have no idea what to do when
see the sun rising. They soon start yawning with boredom. They
tired of watching that brilliant sphere in the sky. So they leave
the sun and go to take care of more tangible, more important

What is so extraordinary is that many people, finding themselves
by chance in front of the rising sun, acknowledge that it is one of
the most beautiful sights one can see, but that does not mean
are ready to make an effort to renew the experience. Yes, how
would feel impelled to get up early to greet the dawn, to welcome
that light into their hearts and souls so that the whole day may
luminous and pure?

The sun is the most perfect image of God. But in spite of that
perfection, it is still only a form, and you must go further to seek
God beyond that form.

God must always be sought above and beyond forms.

So, when you are gazing at the sun, try to sense that you are
gazing at God's most perfect representative on earth. This
will contribute to raising the vibrations of your being to a higher

level. All the elements will be exalted in you; you will be
into the farthest regions of space, and even the notion of time
be abolished. Like God, you will be living in eternity. And now,
know that what I am telling you is true; there are entities here
are listening and broadcasting it to the whole world. »

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


Symbolism of sunrise
In psychology, in universal symbolism and in symbolism of
the sun can represent (among others): consciousness, God,
health, etc. , according to the context and according to the
degrees. The sun is the root and the source of life, of light and of
heat (see Carl Gustav Jung's archetypes). Without the sun, there
would be no life on earth. So it represents a particularly powerful

Sunrise represents the awakening of consciousness or the

It connects us consciously or unconsciously with the
forces of life, of birth, of resurrection. It corresponds to our
internal light which ignites. As well as in the morning at dawn
everything wakes in nature, contemplating this phenomenon
causes, by
analogy, an awakening of consciousness in our microcosm or our
internal nature.

Whereas the sunset (which is announcing night herald or
represents: loss of consciousness, disease and death. It connects
to the destructive forces of decline and death. That is why it is
not recommended to contemplate sunset.

In a dream, the sun which is rising can announce, for example:
end of a grave disease (return of health), or blooming, the arrival
of a prosperous situation, etc.

The rising sun is also the symbol of illumination, initiation,
resurrection, birth of the divine principle in the human being.

« The best image of God is the sun, dispenser of life, light and
warmth. Only the life, light and warmth of the sun can give us a
true idea of what power, wisdom and divine love really are. It is
to us now to enter into a relationship with this power, this

and this love, and we can do so by means of our hope, our love
our faith. I will give you an exercise. Slowly recite the following
prayer, concentrating on every word:

"Lord, I love your wisdom, I believe in your love, I have hope in
your power."

"Lord, I love your wisdom..." - Our heart is full of warmth and
fervour, but it lacks discernment and measure. For this reason it
must seek wisdom.
"I believe in your love..." - We need to believe in love, and
because God's love is the foundation of the universe, it is in him
and him alone that we can believe absolutely.
"I have hope in your power..." - We can count only on God's
omnipotence, because it alone is stable and immutable. »

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

« Life is the force of all forces, and only the sun can give human
beings an idea of it. We experience two manifestations of this
light and warmth. How many times have I explained to you that
Christians would open themselves to the sun, they would better
understand what they call the mystery of the Holy Trinity, the
mystery of a single God in three persons: the Father, the Son and
the Holy Ghost. The Father represents the life from which

the Son and the Holy Ghost, light and warmth, or in other
wisdom and love. But what can we do if Christians refuse to
understand that the sun alone can provide them with an
example of
and a means of understanding the foundation of their religion?
what can I do if, when I talk to them about meditating on the
sunrise, they imagine I intend to lead them back to ancient cults
which the sun was worshipped as a divinity? »

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

« The conclusions we draw about people and events depend on
point of view. From the geocentric point of view, we observe that
the sun rises, sets and turns around the earth. But this is only
true in appearance, and in the same way, those who habitually
their conclusions from appearances are also mistaken. Their
and philosophy are erroneous and based on an identical illusion:
that the sun turns around the earth. Whereas those who adopt a
heliocentric point of view, who know how to place themselves in
sun in order to see everything from its vantage point, see the
truth. You will say: "We all know it is the earth that turns around
the sun!" Yes, theoretically, but in practice you act as if the

opposite were true! This is why I repeat: "Work each day to find
sun within you, to find the divine aspect of yourself. Live, look
and act from this place, and you will live in truth." »

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


In Aïvanhov's view, surya-yoga was the topmost yoga system,
containing all
the elements of the other yogic systems.
Here are some other quotes from O.M.Aivanhov:
"Light is the true beverage of immortality and you can catch this
light in
the morning at sunrise and use it to nourish your subtle bodies."
"If you are able to watch the sun with a free, clear mind you will
feel that
you are entering into contact with it, with its spirit,
and that you are absorbing its rays, like so many seeds of life."
"Prana is a great river flowing from the sun and, by meditation
breathing exercises, we can obtain all the elements we need from

The following quotes are from A New Earth by Omraam Mikhael
Aivanhov, copyright Prosveta SA 1999.

You must continually seek the light and concentrate on it. Eat
and drink light! Attach more importance to light than to any
other treasure on earth.
As soon as you have a free moment, close your eyes and fix your
mind on the image of the light that pervades all things: the
source of all blessings.
While you are waiting for a train, or for an appointment with the
dentist, instead of reading the rubbish you find in magazines,
spend a few minutes thinking of light.
Picture it white and brilliantly incandescent, and join your voice
to that of the initiates, who declare, ‘I am a particle of particles
of the incandescent soul.’
A collective exercise with light
Concentrate and imagine that you are all enveloped in a brilliant
sheath of light that radiates with such splendour that our
gathering forms an immense sun, a sun capable of lighting up
the whole world. Each one of you should feel like a luminous
sun, pulsing and shimmering with light and sending out rays
that join and mingle with the light from all the others to form a
single gigantic sun.
Then introduce this sun into your heart and mind and
contemplate the multi-coloured rays flowing from it. While you
are doing this exercise, forget everything else and, all together,
concentrate on radiating light for the whole world.

do wish to add that all this is only a philosophical/intellectual
exercise. The Sun does not care if you refer to It as Ma’am, Sir,
Mother, Father, He, She. As a most highly evolved spiritual

entity It, above all else, wants to love and be loved, in my

The Light and Sound of God
by Theresa Dunford

The Universe was manifested out of
the Divine Sound;
From It came into being the Light.
Shamas-i-Tabriz, 13th century Persian saint.

The Light and Sound of God is both visible and audible and is
witnessed as the Light of God and heard as the Sound of God. It
purely spiritual, non-phenomenal and has the power to resurrect
Some spiritual teachers say that the Light alone will not take us
into the deeper realisations of God, adding that the Light comes
Sound. They say that the soul begins to be aware of the Sound
when Light has fulfilled its purpose of evolving the mind and its
intellect, while Sound transports soul into the very heart of God.
The Sufis speak of the Saut-e Sarmad or Abstract Sound, which
all space. This Sound, which is also known as the Audible Life
Stream, is always vibrating within and around us but we are

unaware of it because of the distractions of the material world.

It would also appear that the ancients worked with the Light and
Sound to build their temples. The research writer J. Foster
from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, was very interested in pre-
history. He
worked with psychometrists to investigate the Fall of the planet,
magnetic potency of ancient rocks and the purpose of the stone
circles and megaliths of pre-Roman Britain. Psychometry can be
described as the ability to access information, often of an
historical nature, by psychically tuning in to physical objects. In
his book "The Unchronicled Past" (privately published 1938)
Forbes says : "I would quote here the actual statements as
by Miss Olive Pixley, the well known psychometrist, when
these areas, she said: '….We use muscular forces without any of
forces of the elements; we try to do it with human force; it was
wonder or miracle to build this Tor [Tor in Dartmoor,
[the ancients] used the forces of Nature as one, for the
of Sound and Light is the Essence of Creation'."

The Middle Eastern teachings describe the Light as a sacred

vibration. Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, Aramaic scholar, in his book
Hidden Gospel" writes: "…the Aramaic word usually translated
(shemaya) comes from one of the words for light … It indicates a
sacred vibration (shem) that vibrates without limit through the
entire manifested cosmos (aya)."

Douglas-Klotz has also given us a translation of the Lords
prayer. He
has provided several translations for each line of the Lords
as words in Aramaic can have more than one meaning. In his
book "Prayers of the Cosmos" his translations describe both the
and the sound of the Cosmos. The following is his translation of
first line of the Lords Prayer:

Aramaic Prayer of Jesus
(first line only)

Abwoon d'bashmaya -
(King James Version - Our Father which art in Heaven)
Our Birth in Unity

O birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos
you create all that moves in light
Oh thou! The breathing life of all
Creator of the Shimmering Sound that touches us.
Respiration of all worlds,

we hear you breathing - in and out - in silence.
Source of sound, in the roar and the whisper,
in the breeze and the whirlwind, we hear your Name.
Radiant One: You shine within us, outside us -
even darkness shines - when we remember.
Name of names, our small identity
unravels in you, you give it back as a lesson.
Worldless Action, Silent Potency
where ears and eyes awaken, there heaven comes.
O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos!
(My italics - TD)

Affirming these inspiring words can be very helpful if the mind
unduly agitated or feels overloaded with negative or fearful
thoughts, when positive or God directed thinking may be
Repetition of this prayer, perhaps several times, can bring about
profound sense of peace. Of course, one does not need to be
agitated to work with these inspiring sayings as they can be
at any time.

Our sun is symbolic of the Light of God and the ancients revered
which is beyond our physical sun - the spiritual sun. The
Pharaoh Akhenaton revered Aton the One light which he saw

by the sun disk. Surya Green in her book "The Call of the Sun"
informs us that she experienced the sun as being alive, conscious
more evolved in spiritual development than any individual of the
human race. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov says that the sun
a vast intelligent being, whose only purpose is to generously
irradiate the cosmos with life-giving energies, by an act of
incomparable compassion and love….as a supremely intelligent
the sun is completely responsive to our spiritual intentions and

As well as our outer, heavenly sun, information has been
received via
akashic [1] investigation that there is also a sun at the centre of
our planet which connects with our own hearts. Maia Nartoomid
received that: "The atoma, or central sun of the earth, is the
of the planet. It contracts and expands in a pulsing action,
energy waves through the space of the central cavity and out
the many arteries of the earth." [2] Also, "The human heart
the heart chakra which is intimately linked from conception to
regula apsa, [heart centre] of the earth atoma. We and the earth
literally one."[3]

Nicholas Hagger, author of "The Universe and the Light: A new
view of
the Universe and Reality" (published 1993), says the rise and fall
civilisations is intimately connected to its vision of the Fire or
Light. "The vision of the sacred Fire or Light, which is also the
vision of God the mystics (and poets and artists) have seen,
and is the central idea of the 25 civilisations of history, and the
renewal of the Fire or Light each generation by contemplative
causes the civilisations and their 'stones' to rise and be renewed,
while failure to renew the Fire results in their decline and
their fall."

This Fire or Light was apparently widely known by the ancients
priest-kings. In an earlier work by Nicholas Hagger, entitled
Fire and The Stones: A Grand Unified Theory of World History
Religion: The Vision of God in Twenty-Five Civilisations" From
monumental work of over one thousand pages of research,
published in
1991, we learn that: "It [the Fire or Light] was widely known in
early times, and it was desired by priest-kings. It was symbolised

sky-gods and channelled into State ceremonies through fire-
sacrifices, and individuals were introduced to it through these
public symbols. As time progressed numerous experiences of the
or Light were written down and preserved, especially in the
tradition....The Fire has been known in every generation of the
5,000 years."

The ancients experienced the Fire or Light as the 'fire that does
burn'. In "The Holy Land of Scotland: Jesus in Scotland and the
Gospel of the Grail" (2002) the author, Barry Dunford writes
about an
army engineer and surveyor, Major F.A. Menzies, M.C., who had
powerful experience of this spiritual Fire at one of the megalithic
stone circles, Stanton Drew, in the south west British Isles: "The
following intriguing story illustrates the powerful importance
magnitude surrounding some of the energised megalithic sacred
of ancient solar (fire) worship - the fire that does not burn. After
the 1914-18 world war, a distinguished British army engineer
surveyor, Major F.A. Menzies, M.C., decided to live in France
he chose to investigate the subtle energies of the earth. Major
Menzies was very interested in the study of radiesthesia and
while in

France he was tutored by M. Bovis and other leading French
of radiesthesia. During this time Major Menzies became aware
of the
importance of the Feng Shui system of geomancy which had
developed by the ancient Chinese geomancers. He was able to
examples of the Chinese geomancers compass in certain
museums in
Paris, which had been brought from China by Jesuit
Major Menzies made drawings of one of these amazing
compasses and
eventually constructed a modified version for his own use. By
learning how to use the Chinese geomancers compass in
with his British army compass, Major Menzies became very
in locating earth energy alignments (leylines), and also sources
noxious energy which were creating areas of geopathic stress
and ill

Eventually, Major Menzies returned to England where, during
1940's, he carried out research work, using both his compasses,
the ancient megalithic site of Stanton Drew, six miles south of

Bristol in the south west of England. Stanton Drew is comprised
several megalithic stone circles which are said to possibly date
to 3,000 B.C. They are believed to have been associated with
(fire) worship in Pagan times. While investigating these stone
circles, Major Menzies had an extraordinary experience which
subsequently related to a friend and fellow surveyor, George
Sandwith. Major Menzies said: 'Although the weather was dull
was no sign of a storm. Just at a moment when I was re-checking
bearing on one of the stones in that group, it was as if a powerful
flash of lightning hit the stone, so the whole group was flood-lit,
making them glow like molten gold in a furnace. Rooted to the
spot -
unable to move - I became profoundly awestruck, as dazzling
radiations from above, caused the whole group of stones to
with energy in a way that was terrifying. Before my eyes, it
the stones were enveloped in a moving pillar of fire - radiating
light without heat - writhing upwards towards the heavens: on
other hand it was descending in a vivid spiral effect of various
shades of colour - earthward. In fact the moving, flaring lights
gyrating around the stones had joined the heavens with the

Finally, in "The Robe of Glory: An ancient parable of the Soul",
commentary by John Davidson (published 1992) we find the
prose which speaks about the Living Water, the ineffable Voice
the Word:

"And I hid myself in everyone
And revealed myself within them,
And every mind [and soul] seeking me longed for me,
For it is I who gave shape to the All,
When it had no form.
And I transformed their forms into other forms….

It is through me that the Voice originated
And it is I who put the breath [of life….]
within my own
And I cast into them the eternally Holy Spirit
And I ascended and entered my Light….

I am the Word who dwells in the ineffable Voice.
I dwell in undefiled Light….
The Word is a hidden Light, bearing a Fruit of Life,
Pouring forth a Living Water
From the invisible, unpolluted, immeasurable Spring,
That is the unreproducible Voice.
Trimorphic Protennoia 45:21-31, 46:5-6, 16-20, NHL p.519"

[1] The term Akasha comes from a 5000 year old Sanskrit
language and

translates as "hidden library".
[3] "The Source", Issue 4-80
[4] Major F.A. Menzies related his experience at Stanton Drew
George Sandwith, also a professional surveyor, on 16th March
Major Menzies died the following year. George Sandwith in turn
related the story to the author of "The Holy Land of Scotland".

Sunlight IS vertical love, in my opinion, just as love is
horizontal sunlight. I think the sun encourages us to
act as a light-to-love transformer - transmitting sunlight

The Light of Love
by Sanat Kumara
Light loves you. It finds you irresistible. It loves to be with you.
Light has consciousness and purpose. It comes to find you and
to tell you that you are loved. Light is drawn to you because you
are beautiful. Your beauty is visible right across the Universe.
Your light is visible right across the Universe.
Your heart opens to the light. It welcomes it in. Around the
beautiful light at the centre of your heart are arrayed a series of
petals, traditionally described as four layers of three petals.
Imagine these now. Let the image or feeling change to suit you.
At the base of each petal is a point of light. These twelve points
of light arrayed around your heart centre are especially receptive
to light. They draw it in like a thirsty person drinking water.

These light receptors are turning on at this time. Collectively
humanity has reached a level of self-love that has allowed you to
awaken these points of light. During the months that follow it
will become easier to allow more light into your lives, and one of
the primary doorways for this light to come in is through these
light receptors at the base of the petals of the flower of the heart.
Light enjoys your company because you are light yourself. Light
is the principle form God’s love takes in this Universe; from it all
other forms are derived. Your own form – your physical body
and your subtle energy bodies are made of light. Because you
have learned to love who you are, the petals of the heart centre
have opened to reveal the beautiful light receptors at their base.
God’s love is coming more and more fully into your reality.
Take a few moments now to observe your breath. Imagine that
with each inbreath you are also drawing in light. Let this light
come to your heart. Let the light receptors draw the light in.
Your heart loves the light. Let your breath come to its moment of
In that lull between inbreath and outbreath something special
happens. The light you have drawn in radiates outwards to
create a universe for you in that moment. A world of light comes
into being as a response to the love that you are. The light
makes itself beautiful for you. It shows you your beauty in
outward form.
As you breath out you give to the world that beauty, a
contribution to the beauty that already exists, and the world is
transformed. As you witness the beauty of the world, so your
heart opens to receive more light.
In every cycle of the day this process is evident. When the Sun
rises it ushers in a new cycle like a new breath. On your first
sight of the Sun each day you can initiate the receiving of the

day’s gifts for your heart. For it is from the Sun above all that
this light comes. The Sun is nurturing not just your physical
form, but your body of light too. Your soul is in constant
communion with the Sun seeking its advice and guidance on
which forms of light to draw from the Sun’s treasuries for your
The treasuries of the Sun are cared for by the Solar Angels. They
are like gardens of living light, where new forms are developed,
not fixed, but flowing, responsive, joyful and alive – expressions
of God’s love given to the Sun and given form in gratitude by the
Sun, just as your heart is giving form to the light it radiates
The Solar Angels garden the light. The angels fill your soul’s
arms with bunches of flowers for you. And these flowers of light
are conscious. As you breath in their perfume, drink in their
colours and shapes, you receive their gifts and, like an artist,
create something new out of your response. You have been
given a task, to explain the Sun to the Earth and the Earth to the
Sun. You do it by taking the light of the Sun into a body of the
Earth. Your light, your body. Your life is a dialogue between
these two substances.
The Earth and the Sun speak to one another directly, but they
love their love to meet in you. You are an expression of the love
they have for one another. Your willingness to receive the light of
the Sun shows the Earth how deeply it is loved. When the Earth
was created it came out of the Sun so that the Sun might have
something to love. Now you are learning the purpose of love
through your growing heart centre, drawing in light rich with the
Sun’s experience of love, so that as it passes through you learn
that purpose, which is to grow in life. Your heart is now your
greatest teacher.

When you begin to love yourself truly, you create a bridge
between the Sun and the Earth. Across that bridge comes the
stored wisdom of the Sun. It passes into your own core of light,
the vivid crystalline column of light that exists at the centre of
your being. Within this core is stored your own wisdom; the light
of the Sun simply releases to you what is already yours. In
subsequent articles we will explore the processes by which this
inner wisdom is becoming more and more available to you.
Imagine yourself now as the Sun, a magnificent and radiant
presence of light, for so you are. Let your heart be the heart of
the Sun, and feel how new light is endlessly birthed from the
heart of your heart. This is where you receive love from the
Source of All, from God. In your own heart centre, at the centre
of the flower is a pure light sometimes called the sacred flame.
At its base is a point from which this light emerges. To this point
too comes love from the Source of All. Imagining yourself as the
Sun can help you to awaken this point further.
So in the flower of the heart is a central point receiving divine
love from the Source of All and around it an array of points, the
light receptors, which are gathering the light which the Sun
sends you and generating a universe of light for you. The love
you receive in the heart of the flower creates the light that you
are, and the light that you are draws the light of the Sun to you.
Now you are coming into a time of grace, when you have
released enough of the old emotions of guilt and shame and fear,
that have acted as veils masking your light from yourself. In this
time of grace divine love flows through you unhindered. Using
the light gifted to you by the Sun and the physical world gifted to
you by the Earth the divine love flowing through you generates a
world of light and love sometimes called Heaven on Earth.

You are the creators of Heaven on Earth. It is the outward
manifestation of your core of light, liberated by your heart above
all. How beautiful your heart is; how beautiful it has become
through the strenuous journey you have all made to be here now.
Forgive yourself totally for all that is past. Let it go. Nothing in
the past need affect you now. The light your heart is drawing in
through the receptor points is teaching you that the world is
made anew in every moment.
Open your heart now to the light of the Sun and the love of the
Source of All. Feel at the heart of your heart the endless welling
up of love, ceaselessly renewing itself. Let the petals of the
flower relax and open. Breath in the light that loves you and give
it to the world. Let it take on the forms your love generates as
you come together to create Heaven on Earth.
Think for yourselves:
•     is it by chance that the heart center (Anahata) has 12 petals,
similar to the 12 signs of the zodiac, through the sun is passing
during the year?
•     is it by chance that the Anahata’s symbol (mandala) is made
of two overlapping triangles, one pointing upwards and one
downwards (the star of David), symbol which means, among
other, the communion of the polarities (as in the sun) and the
similitude of the “above” with the “bellow” (outer - inner sun)?

The benefits far, far outweigh the hazards

In the first of a two-part article Simon Best explores the possible
alternative explanations to UV radiation for the rise in skin

and presents some of the growing evidence for the
overwhelming health
benefits of sensible exposure to sunshine.

by Simon Best

There was a time when one's immediate impulse on the first
spring day was to get outside and enjoy it. Today, however, grim
warnings from medical mandarins and cancer specialists,
wholeheartedly endorsed by the sun cream industry, make
people almost
fear for their lives should they venture forth into the `dangerous'
sun at the wrong time of day or unless covered head to toe with
factor 60.

This view, however, is only relatively recent and contrasts
with the very positive medical view of the benefits of sunshine
earlier in the 20th century, when sunbathing and sea bathing
championed. Growing evidence now strongly shows that the
earlier view
was correct and that the benefits of sunlight far, far outweigh

The medical practice of heliotherapy – exposing patients to

controlled amounts of sunlight to cure or alleviate various
illnesses – was accepted practice in many countries from the late
19th to mid-20th century. Dr Auguste Rollier, probably the most
famous heliotherapist of his day, at his peak had 36 clinics with
over 1,000 beds in Leysin, Switzerland. He used sunlight to treat
diseases such as TB, rickets, smallpox, lupus vulgaris (skin
tuberculosis) and wounds, a practice that had been pioneered by
Danish physician Dr Niels Finsen at the turn of the 19th century,
was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1903 for his treatment of TB using
ultraviolet. Rollier found that sunbathing early in the morning,
conjunction with a nutritious diet, produced the best effects.

Britain's leading practitioner was Sir Henry Gauvain, who
sunbathing at a clinic on the south coast and established Lord
Treloar in Alton, Hampshire, as a leading centre for
But with the deaths of Gauvain in 1945 and Rollier in 1954, and
growing power of the pharmaceutical industry, heliotherapy fell
disuse. Since the `60s the public has been increasingly
with warnings about sunbathing and the risks of skin cancer, to
almost complete exclusion of facts about the benefits of

Skin cancer mortality

There is no doubt that the incidence of skin cancers (see box)
increased over the past few decades and that over-exposure to
the sun
can cause premature ageing of the skin. However, almost all
melanomas are curable and the number of deaths in 2001 in the
of the UK was only 257 and 226 for men and women
against over 59,000 new cases that year out of a total population
perhaps 30 million sunbathers. For the far more dangerous
melanoma, the totals were only 856 and 792 respectively. Set
total deaths for all cancers for 2001 of 80,035 and 74,422
respectively (Cancer Research UK), the death rates for non-
and melanoma combined represent a very low percentage
indeed – just
1.39 and 1.36 percent.

To judge by the Cancer Research UK's website, the impression
given is
that the sun is the overwhelming, direct cause of both types. But
growing evidence about factors such as diet, chlorine in water
artificial lighting – the word `diet' or `vitamin D' is not even

mentioned on the website – tells a different story. Why, for
is the incidence of melanoma on the Orkney and Shetland Isles,
of Scotland, 10 times that of Mediterranean islands?2

It is time to focus on alternative causes and contributing risk
factors for skin cancer and to put the hazards – and benefits for
many other illnesses – from solar radiation into a balanced
perspective. First, let us consider the actual risk from ultraviolet
radiation (UV), the main alleged threat from sunshine.

Types of skin cancer

There are three main types of skin cancer, two of which, basal
and squamous cell carcinoma (non-melanomas), are increasing
but almost entirely treatable, whereas the third, malignant
is much rarer but far more lethal.

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC), also known as `rodent ulcers', is the
most common form and develops on parts of the body most
exposed to
the sun, especially the face and hands, but does not spread.
Untreated, it burrows deeply into underlying tissues causing
disfigurement and serious damage.

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is considered to be the result of

cumulative sunlight exposure and usually develops in old age.
dangerous than BCC because it can spread to other parts of the
there is growing evidence that a major cause is intermittent
of skin unaccustomed to solar radiation.

Malignant melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer;
it can
spread very quickly and, unless caught early, can be very difficult
to treat. It develops from cells called melanocytes in the outer
layer of the skin, which also produce melanin, a pigment that
protect the deeper layers of the skin from damage.

Melanomas usually start in moles or in areas of normal-looking
However, melanomas can also occur in other parts of the body
necessarily exposed to the sun such as the eye, the rectum, vulva,
vagina, mouth, respiratory tract, GI tract, and bladder.Research
revealing many causes of skin cancer (see text). However,
Research UK (see telephone 0207
009 8820),
while identifying what they accept as the risk factors, imparts
very strong message that solar radiation is by far the most

important – which view is now being strongly questioned by

Effects of ultraviolet radiation

Ultraviolet is divided into three main frequency ranges, A, B and
(see box). Of the sunlight reaching the Earth, approximately 37
cent is visible, 60 per cent infrared and a mere 3 per cent UV.
Virtually all UVC is shielded from reaching the Earth by the
layer. Both UVA and UVB promote tanning and can burn but
UVB is
essential for the photosynthesis of vitamin D, which critically
determines the uptake of calcium and other minerals, as well as
other processes.

Contrary to general belief, there is no evidence that reduction in
the ozone layer, observed at the poles, has caused any increase in
melanomas.3 Even a study of Punta Arenas, the largest South
city close to the Antartic ozone hole, showed no increase in
problems related to depleted ozone. In fact, UV measures were
small to have any noticeable effect.4

Ultraviolet radiation

Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum comprising
from about 380 nanometres (violet) to about 800 nm (red).
producing images in the visual cortex via the retina, light also
stimulates the hypothalamus to produce serotonin, which in
suppresses the pineal gland's night-time production of
melatonin, and
the pituitary to stimulate the endocrine system and its multitude

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is more intense at higher
altitudes, nearer the Equator and during the summer, begins
visible violet and is divided into near long wave UVA (380-
middle (UVB:320-280nm) and far (short-wave UVC:280-
180nm). UVA is
mainly responsible for the tanning response, UVB activates the
synthesis of vitamin D which is crucial for the absorption of
and other minerals, while UVC, almost completely filtered out by
Earth's ozone layer, is germicidal and kills bacteria, viruses and
other infectious diseases.

Although it is potentially harmful on direct exposure, US and

doctors have used a UVC frequency (254nm) to irradiate the
blood to
treat many diseases, with remarkable success.

Eye hazard

Indeed, even the idea that UV causes cataracts, for which there is
good evidence, has lead to sunglasses that block UVA and B,
when in
fact exposure to these frequencies may be necessary for the eye.
eye may require the full spectrum of sunlight to stimulate
and organs in the brain to maintain the immune system and

The pioneering American photobiologist, Dr John Ott, offers
on these benefits and argues that sunglasses significantly upset
negate the eyes' natural accommodation reflex in his classic
Health and Light (Ariel Press, Columbus, 1973). Ott reported
that in
research with the Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia he studied
pigment epithelium cells in a rabbit's eye through different-

filters and observed that the colours of the filters significantly
affected the biological responses within the cells themselves.
Crucially, he found that these cells would divide only if low levels
of UV were projected onto them. It was from this and other work
except in conditions of high glare (water, snow or desert), he
strongly recommended wearing a hat, rather than sunglasses.

American optometrist and light pioneer, Dr Jacob Liberman, in
book Light: Medicine of the Future, supports Ott's view,
that our indoor lifestyle, `coupled with our excessive use of
sunglasses, may be blocking out the UV radiation necessary for
cell division, thus resulting in certain degenerative eye diseases,
such as macular degeneration'.5 He points out that it was
reported in the American Journal of Opthalmology in March
1982 by WT
Ham and his colleagues that led a generation of eye specialists to
conclude that any amount of UV is harmful to the eye. Using
tied down and their eyelids pried open with lid clamps, their
dilated pupils were exposed to beams from a 2,500-watt xenon
lamp for
16 minutes. The intense light contained high levels of UV, which,
quite naturally under the circumstances, caused some retinal

But, as Liberman points out this was highly abnormal exposure
would never happen in real life since animals' and humans'
pupils and
eyelids would naturally adjust and close to protect their eyes.

Evidence indicates that the increase in cataracts in sunny parts
the world may be due to other factors, including malnutrition
(diarrhoea can lead to severe demineralization), smoking,
and poor diet. For example, a diet rich in unsaturated fats and
oxidized products has been linked to the risk of UVB triggering
increased cataract formation,6 whereas those who eat a more
diet, supplemented with vitamins C and E, appear not to get
cataracts, even with prolonged exposure to the sun.7 However,
Ott and Liberman condemn the use of sunlamps, which produce
UVA and
can cause skin cancer, including melanoma.8

Occupational exposure

A further argument against the idea that simple exposure to UV
causes cancer is observation of people constantly exposed to
Melanomas seldom occur in outdoor workers. A study of the risk
in US

Navy personnel between 1974 and 1984 found a higher incidence
sailors who had indoor jobs than those working outside. Those
both indoors and outdoors showed most protection, with a rate
percent below the US national average.9

Findings like these support other studies that indicate that while
severe sunburn may trigger melanoma, regular sunbathing may
prevent it.10 Indeed, evidence indicates that regular, moderate
sunbathing can actually reduce its risk. The fact that melanomas
occur on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet indicate
UV is only one of a number of possible causes and possibly not
the most significant. Although melanoma has been rising among
skinned populations worldwide, there has been no
corresponding rise
among dark-skinned people, who have only one-tenth to one-
third the
incidence. Their skin's much-increased melanin level does
them but they also tend to spend much more time outdoors in
higher levels of UV. Dr Damien Downing points out that
melanin, the
pigment that helps protect the deeper layers of the skin, also

protects against free radical damage from sunlight. The skin also
uses sunlight to kill bacteria. `It seems that even without
ultraviolet light, skin lipids will take up some oxygen from the
and use it to kill bacteria. However, this effect is much more
intense under UV.'11

It seems that ultraviolet may not be the total scourge so
many `authorities' portray it to be and that we need to look at
risk factors, not least the substances they urge us to rub all over
ourselves for protection.

Sunscreens – help or hazard?

Some commercial sunscreens, which are meant to protect the
skin, have
certainly been suspected of promoting skin cancers (see box).

Researchers have found that high levels of oxybenzone, used
extensively in high-factor creams, can be absorbed into the body.
this particular chemical has had few studies on its possible toxic
effects, what this is doing to your body is anyone's guess. The
Lancet article recommended that sun creams should not be
applied on
large areas of the body repeatedly over an extended period of

Other research has found that children who use a lot of cream
and oil

are more likely to get freckles and thus may be at higher risk of
developing melanoma.13

There are now some 1,140 drugs that are known to cause
photosensitization, with possibility of interacting with other
sunscreen chemicals rubbed into the skin.

Finally, a poor diet laden with fats and processed foods may be
crucial in predisposing a person to sunburn or worse. American
nutritionist Dr Zane Kime, in his book Sunlight Could Save Your
`… sunbathing is dangerous for those who are on a standard,
American diet or do not get an abundance of vegetables, whole
and fresh fruits.'14

Indeed, the heliotherapists of the last century placed great
on diet to maximize the sun's benefits. Rollier insisted that
nourishing meals were an integral part of treatment, suggesting
well-nourished skin responds better to sunlight than skin
in minerals.

Sunscreens – their benefits and hazards

Sunscreens protect usually in two ways: either by using a

sun filter, such as talc, titanium oxide or zinc oxide, or by using
chemicals, whose active ingredients include methoxycinnamate,
aminobenzoic acid, benzophenone and other agents that absorb
frequencies while allowing others to pass. Sunscreens normally
indicate whether they protect against UVA, UVB or both.
Sunscreens are rated according to a sun protection factor (SPF),
which indicates how many times more it protects than the time
would normally take to burn without lotion, eg. an SPF of 15
indicates that it should protect for 300 minutes someone who
normally stay in the sun for 20 minutes without burning. SPF
indicates the amount of protection from UVB, not UVA. But the
effectiveness of sunscreens can wear off well before the
time, requiring generous amounts to be continuously applied to
protection. This can also seduce sunbathers to stay in the sun
longer than it would normally be wise to do. Also concern is
that some of the chemicals used may be harmful and may in fact
increase users' risk of melanoma. Such suspicions have caused
such as 5-methoxypsoralen, to be discontinued.15

Beneficial effects of sunlight

Countering the ill-informed warnings and scaremongering of
interests, there is evidence that a number of other factors are
important in causing or predisposing someone to skin cancer
exposure to the sun.

In part two these will be investigated further, together with the
mass of evidence supporting the sun's beneficial effects in
health and reducing disease, including many cancers, especially
breast, colon, ovary and prostate, as well as reducing or
diabetes; MS; heart disease and high blood pressure;
psoriasis; SAD and even tooth decay.

The early heliotherapists found that gradual, daily exposure to
sun, coupled with a nutritious diet, could cure many illnesses
promote robust health. Research is now proving them correct
rejecting the unbalanced negative propaganda; it is leading us
to our senses to the appreciation that sunshine is an essential
nutrient and sensible sunbathing is overwhelmingly good for

Tips for safe, healthy sunbathing

Dr Richard Hobday (p111) lists important factors to plan a
sunbathing strategy:

1. Identify your skin type. He gives six grades: the most sensitive
(those of Celtic extraction, often with red hair), who hardly tan
burn easily, usually after about 20 minutes of British
midsummer sun,
to the least, ie people with brown to black Afro-Caribbean skin
hair who can spend long periods in the sun without burning.
skins' high melanin level filters out a lot of UV but, once they
to more moderate climates, like the UK, they often need to get
exposure to maintain vitamin D levels.

2. Don't try to do all your sunbathing in two or three weeks (eg

3. Frequent short exposures are better than prolonged exposure.

4. The most useful time of year to benefit from exposure is
and early summer, early morning sunshine being especially

5. The body needs to receive the full spectrum of sunlight,
UVB to synthesize vitamin D, so do not cover yourself with

6. Wear a hat so that the more sensitive skin of your face, head
neck is protected.

7. If you are especially sensitive to sunlight, sunbathe
progressively by exposing first the feet and legs, before exposing
the abdomen and then the chest.

8. If you want to tan, observe closely how your tan develops.
your tolerance to sunlight before exposing the more sensitive
of your body.

9. Watch your diet and eat wholefoods, not refined, and plenty of
fruit and vegetables.

10. Stay alert to ensure you do not burn.

In addition, rather than using sunscreens that contain
chemicals and block UVB's ability to stimulate vitamin D
consider using natural substances such as olive oil and aloe vera.

1. Dr Richard Hobday (ra.hobday@...) has charted the
development and decline of heliotherapy, and the new evidence
for the
benefits of sunshine on a range of illnesses, with its implications
for building and hospital design, in his highly recommended
book, The
Healing Sun (Findhorn Press, 1999).
2. Science 1991;254:114-5.
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« Love, and all doors will open up to you. So stop asking yourself
why you are unhappy, why you suffer so many setbacks, and so
on. The
reason is simply that you have no love. If you had love, nothing

would resist you, because when you have love you do not stay
doing nothing. Someone will say:
- "I'm ill."
- "Well, exactly, it's because you have no love."
- "But what is the connection?"
- "If you had love for health, good health would have established
itself in you long ago. If you are ill, it's because you do not
really love health. So there you have it."
Once you have love for all that is good, for all that is beautiful,
and you live with this love day and night, no force in the
will be able to resist you. Because there is nothing above love.
has created the world and all forces obey love. »

"Human beings are so unaccustomed to using their God-given
psychic and spiritual faculties that they have no idea what to do
when they see the sun rising. They soon start yawning with
boredom. They are tired of watching that brilliant sphere in the
sky. So they leave the sun and go to take care of more tangible,
more important things!...
 What is so extraordinary is that many people, finding
themselves by chance in front of the rising sun, acknowledge
that it is one of the most beautiful sights one can see, but that
does not mean they are ready to make an effort to renew the
experience. Yes, how many would feel impelled to get up early to
greet the dawn, to welcome that light into their hearts and souls
so that the whole day may be luminous and pure?"

Re: living on light (= a natural divine energy) versus living on

For those who may not have noticed at a cursory read:

Dr. Michael Werner does NOT speak of himself as living on SUN
light. He speaks of living on light as it exists as "a natural divine
energy which is omnipresent and exists in great abundance", a
light which penetrates everything and is present even in physical
darkness. In other words, a light invisible to the physical eyes'
very limited vision but nevertheless "light". A light visible to
those whose vision is not confined by physical eyes (the "spirits")
or those embodied ones who have learned to expand their
physical vision into a larger bandwidth of perception (Barbara
Brennan for instance discusses this).

Dr. Oberritter completely misses that point by ONLY referring
to sunlight, the well-known source of nourishment for plants.

The benefits of SG might be summarized by the following quote:
"you will
understand how important it is for you to receive these particles
sunlight that vibrate with such intensity, so that your etheric
body may
become strong and radiant and safe from attack by disorder,
illness or
dicouragement of any kind."

It should be underlined that the etheric body absorbs these
particles, not
the physical body. That's why openhearted SG is a different story
sunbathing and tanning and should not be connected with them.
I never heard
of one becoming a spiritual master by tanning his skin, even
though it can
significantly improve one's health.

Suryayog takes one from the Saguna Swaroop towards the
Nirguna Swaroop, that is, from the human form to that of God.
Acharya Jowel Gopinath, an ardent practitioner, explains that
the technique connects people through the ‘innernet’. “This
powerhouse of our galaxy is the benevolent Nishkamkarmi,
infallible healer, a powerful energizer and the supreme teacher,
who gradually leads us towards Ekam Sat – the idea that ‘ only
one exists’ he says.
Suryayog benefits the practitioner by reducing his need for sleep
and food, helping him to overcome phobias and curing chronic
ailments such as diabetes and cardiac problems.

Spiritual Sun-Bathing by Emmett Fox

In many cases the best form of prayer is just to think about God
and His Presence with you. This quiet contemplation of God is
simply to enjoy the Presence without attempting, so to speak, to
do anything with it.

Particularly, if you are emotionally disturbed about something,
or when you are worried about a number of different problems,
this gentle but persistent preoccupation with the great Creative
Mind will restore your inner peace and open the way to victory.

We need to learn to relax spiritually as well as physically. We
easily forget that it is the power of God that solves our problem
and not our own efforts in the making of our prayers. Sun-
bathing offers an excellent analogy here.
In sun-bathing you expose the skin to the solar rays, and then
you relax and leave it up to the sun to do the rest. You would
never think of trying to help the sun. You would never think of
trying to rub the sunbeams into your skin, nor would you strain
upward in an endeavor to get nearer the sun, for instance. You
relax quietly and have perfect faith that the sun will do its work.

In meditating on the Presence of God the same quiet relaxed
attitude will bring the same inevitable result.

On life mysteries, I asked Hira 10 questions regarding barefoot
walking (it is assumed here that one is already barefooted
and when this should be done. Below are the 10 questions I
him. I thought this might be useful to those on this group.

Question 1: Should a person barefoot walk for 45 minutes on the
first day they Sungaze at 0 minutes 10 seconds?

Hira: yes if possible for quicker results but not a must

Question 2: Should a person be barefoot walking for 45 minutes
everyday they Sungaze from 0 minutes 10 seconds until they
reach 44
minutes 0 seconds?

Hira: yes if possible for quicker results but not a must

Question 3: Should a person be barefoot walking for 45 minutes
days that they do not or can not Sungaze?

Hira: it is not necessary on such days but walking is always good

Question 4: If one Sungazes in the morning within 1 hour of
is it better to barefoot walk BEFORE one Sungazes or AFTER

walking can be any time of the day according to convenience

Question 5: If one Sungazes in the evening within 1 hour of
is it better to barefoot walk BEFORE one Sungazes or AFTER

Hira: if there is day light than its ok otherwise before sg

Question 6 (the big one): On your website it says that once you
to 44
minutes of Sungazing that you should Sungaze for 6 days at the
minutes level and do 45 minutes a day of barefoot walking, and
these 6 days are up one is to then drop down to 15 minutes of
Sungazing a day and continue walking for 45 minutes a day.

Other people have said that one is to Sungaze for 8 days at the
minutes level and do 45 minutes a day of barefoot walking, and
these 8 days are up one is to then drop down to 15 minutes a day
Sungazing and continue walking for 45 minutes a day.

Yet a third option I have heard is that one must Sungaze until
inedia sets in at the 44 minute level and do 45 minutes a day of
barefoot walking, and only when one gets inedia should one then
to 15 minutes of Sungazing a day and 45 minutes of barefoot
a day. Which one of these is correct?

Hira: usually hunger disappears at 44 minutes if barefoot
also is done.due to any reason hunger does not disappear than

supportive method is 15 minutes of sg and 45 minutes of
hunger has disappeared
and one does not walk for 45 minutes for 6 days than energy
may get
discharged and so for such people walking is a must daily for a
and maximum brake should not be more than 6 days

Question 7: When we walk on sand, must it always be HEATED
by the
Sun's rays and must it be at least warm on the soles of the feet?
Is cold sand OK? Did Lord Mahavir say anything about the
HEAT from
the sand in his ancient text?

Hira: warm earth is best but sometimes depending on
conditions cold
sand is ok but better is warm and not heated

Question 8: When you did your Sungazing in the morning within
1 hour
of sunrise, when did you do your walking - BEFORE or AFTER
Sungazing session?

Hira: it was different on different days but was during day time
when earth was warm

Question 9: When you did your Sungazing in the evening within
1 hour

of sunset, when did you do your barefoot walking - BEFORE or
your Sungazing session?

Hira: i did on sea beach before sunset sg

Question 10: Did Lord Mahavir's ancient text speak of WHEN
time of day) one should do barefoot walk?

Hira: during daylight and if possible when earth is warm and sg
be done either before or after in safe times safely

> I have learned many things about the nature of reality
> and the human soul from my communications with the
> Sun......I have also learned that the Sun is a living
> intelligent being, filled with many levels of
> intelligent life..
> Some of the beings in the Sun are capable of
> communication with humans...some are not......I was
> initially introduced to the Science of Solar
> Communication (Cosalargy) by Gene Savoy himself....
> I would like to share some of the information that I
> have received from my intake of sunlight.....

> In short, the Sun is a living entity and the Light of
> the Sun is a complex carrier wave that encodes several
> levels of information and energy that we use to
> sustain life on this world.........during my eighteen
> years of Solar Research, I have gathered a great deal
> of information about the complex inner nature of
> sunlight...there are at least five major components
> that make up the light of the Sun..
> 1. Information Factors.....these are intelligent
> packets of energy that are somewhat analagous to
> digital bits of information that are transmitted via
> far as I can determine, information
> factors are transmitted by the Corpus of the Sun
> itself and are probably the main mechanism that
> intelligence is propagated throughout the solar
> system...I could write volumes about information
> factors but this missive will suffice for the
> moment....
> 2. Universal Forces...there are at least five main
> universal forces that are transmitted via the Sun
> throughout the Solar system...A-factor, B-Factor,
> X-factor, Y-factor, and Z-factor...each of these
> factors play a specific role in our daily dimensional
> existence..
> A-factor is the prime generative cause the
> first propagation of matter to be expelled from the
> Sun into the third dimension...this is of course a
> gross over simplification of its function but I will

> elaborate more on this force in a later
> communication..
> B-Factor acts on the dormant DNA molecules within the
> human genome and helps to initiate the development of
> certain paranormal abilities...B-factor is released
> primarily around sunset
> X-Factor (also called the Immortal Factor) acts on the
> dormant DNA molecule but it specifically acts to
> create a diamantine (permanent) form of the physical
> body...some cultures call this the Light
> Body...X-factor is released primarily around sunrise
> but to some degree it is also released around sunset
> Y-factor is the primary force of aging and decay in
> this is carried via the ultraviolet
> portion of sunlight during the midday and afternoon
> hours.
> Z-factor is another negative radiation released by the
> Sun and it primarily causes cellular and genetic
> mutation in living species....this is a midday to late
> afternoon radiation.
> 3. Evolutionary Factors...this energetic component of
> sunlight helps to initiate Consciousness, intelligent
> thought, and certain volitional yearnings related to
> philosophy, spirituality, and personal growth....some
> Solar Beings relate that this factor is a new creation
> that was first released by the Sun less than 250,000

> years ago....primarily, it allows humans to evolve and
> move forward as a species
> 4. Energetic Factors.....this is the main function of
> sunlight that humans are most intimately aware
> of....this aspect of sunlight carries the
> electromagnetic spectrum and certain nourishing energy
> frequencies that are capable of sustaining life.....I
> believe that the group is well of this Solar
> Function..
> 5. Enlightenment Factors....there are specific energy
> factors released by the Sun which are designed to
> awaken and enliven the human mind....HRM and several
> others have stumbled onto this factor carried by
> sunlight...
> I have longed to share this information with the
> public and finding this forum has been a blessing.....
> I will communicate some of my findings about the
> nature of the human soul that I gleaned from my work
> with Information Factors in a later communication..

It might be beneficial to walk on volcanic sand, but it is very
uncommon and hard to find. Usually, the sand is either made
from seashells
(calcium carbonate) or from silicates (quartz sand). I don't know
what are

or should be the differences between walking on sand or on
earth, but HRM's
method recommends walking on earth.

- You did not specify whether the downloadable radio from was referring just at walking, to
create a vaccum in
the cells, or on walking barefoot on bare earth. I can confirm
that walking
(having shoes on) is beneficial to SG. I use to SG while walking
and I feel
I can handle more intense sunlight while walking than while

- HRM claimed that it takes only 9 months for being solarized
giving up food, while then one has to give up SG and do the 45-
minutes daily
barefoot walking for the rest of his life (what you call phase 2).
So that
HRM's "method" did not work for replacing food with sunlight,
as it was
advertised. Last week, a person who had completed HRM's
protocol, reported
on the sungazing list that he's nowhere near giving up food, even
though he
followed exactly the requirements of the "method". There are
many others in
the same situation, even though some admitted to have reduced
their food intake.

- SAD is not cured by sunbathing but by looking at intense light
20-30 minutes daily (see details on That's
why it would
be a bad choice to give up SG during the winter, especially for
those from
northern areas.

To conclude, I don't think there is or can be made any "method"
that will
work in the same way for anyone. I also think that SG should be
primarily as a spiritual experience, and not as practice for health
improvement, which is the case for sunbathing.

With the past discussions about you, I went back through the
Yahoo sungazing archives and read your posts. I found them
very interesting.

I myself am at 36 minutes of sg following the HRM method after
sungazing for just under a year. I have scaled back my food
intake to just one small solid meal a day. I am no longer hungry
but have not stopped eating because I sense that I still need to
take in food, usually after about 20 to 24 hours from my
previous meal. When I do eat, unless it is very light, it makes me
feel bad. I feel best just drinking some raw vegetable juice or
fermented tea. I have lost little to no weight during this time. I
tried to eat some meat yesterday to test how I would feel, and as
expected I still feel bloated and uncomfortable today (14 hours

later). Usually I just eat a fresh mixed green and vegetable

I feel like my body is rejecting food. Sometimes however I think
I want to eat even though I am not hungry. Again if I do eat I am
not satisfied but just feel uncomfortable. I am considering
giving up my one solid meal a day and replacing it with fresh raw
vegetable juice or a fruit smoothie. I had been drinking a fruit
smoothie with raw egg yolks and goat kefir, but have had to scale
back on this because like the meat, it started making me feel
uncomfortable, it just seemed too heavy and hurt my stomach.

I believe I am very close to the non-eating stage, but then my
body is still giving me some mixed signals that confuse me.

Since you have experienced inedia, I was hoping you could shed
some light on how the transition went for you. In your posts you
mentioned you just started going a few days at a time without
eating. Did you have the feelings like I report? Did you feel like
your body was rejecting food? Did you get the mixed feelings of
feeling like you needed to eat even though your body was also
telling you not too?

I do a 3 to 5 day monthly fast. At the end when I break the fast
with a small bit of light food, even though I felt like I needed the
food I always wish I had not eaten it. I just feel better not eating.

We are so programmed that we need food that I wonder if this
programming is causing my confusion, but then maybe I do just
still need food. You are the only American that I know of who
has gone for extended periods (3 months) without any food.

Many people with more sungazing time in than me report they
are still eating normally and are still hungry.

Anyway I would appreciate any feedback and explanation of how
the process went for you.

Hey, Nicholas,

First of all, I am a man, born N'awlins, Louisiana, I
think you are from Louisiana also, is that right?) and
at the height of my sungazing as referenced in the
messages cited, on several occasions, I went up to 3
months without food. After about 3-4 weeks defecation
stops which is an interesting experience. in about
week 3 I called it the 'rabbit pellet period'. After
a week of not eating food, there is no more

For me, it was rather easy to move in and out of
eating; stopping is easier than starting back. One
must ease gradually back into eating again with soups,
and softer food, saltines, etc.

For me, I found doing these things taught me a lot
about myself, and power of the will. We humans are
able to do anything we want if we set our mind to it.
The mind is the most important thing...the stomach
will obey the mind....but it takes a new padadigm.

All the best...

Daily Meditation for
this 26/05/2005.

"You can only nourish your inner life by being conscious of all
beings around you. When you are outside in nature, then,
remember to
address the spirits who live there as well as the angels of the four
elements. Say to them: 'Be blessed, you angels of earth, water,
and fire.
O you faithful servants of God, be blessed. And you, children of
nature, spirits which inhabit the grottoes, the forests, the
mountains, the
oceans, the lakes, the rivers, the winds, the clouds, the sun, you
be blessed.' When you do so, throngs of entities arrive from
direction and crowd around to listen to you, telling each other
finally is someone who recognizes their existence and blesses
rejoice, dance and sing, and in return, you too receive something
strengthens and vivifies you."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


The other day I was talking with a woman who for about 20
studied light and used a light box called a Lumitron. She and a
Downy (not sure if I am spelling his name right) in Ireland
see patients and heal them with light. She told me that in most
people not all the cones and rods in the eyes are opened and that
light was quite powerful, especially if it was given in the proper
dose for an individual. Certain colors were more beneficial for
some patients than for others. They could show using this
device that the cones and rods were opening in these patients
the proper light was given to them and tailored to their specific

Now, you were saying that since you reached 33 minutes of
SGing that
you were having problems with your visual accuity. I think I
an explaination as to what is happening for you. The woman I
to said that if not all the rods and cones are open in the eyes of

an individual that having more light come through the eyes (say
SGing) can put pressure on the cones and rods already opened,
thus these cones and rods can shut down due to an "overload" of
light put on them. Thus I would suggest that you might want to
SG for a period of time (say 3 days to 2 weeks) to give these rods
and cones a chance to reset themselves.

I hope this finds you well.


"He explains: The sun's magnetic field spirals out into the solar
system like water from a lawn sprinkler. (Why? The sun spins
like a lawn sprinkler does.) The magnetic field emerging from
solar longitude 60o W bends around and intersects Earth."

The Book of the Sun represents the culmination of Marsilio
Ficino's life and work. It was published in 1494, five years before
his death. In chapter 13 we can read about a famous sungazer,
Socrates: “When he was in military service Socrates often used
to stand in amazement watching the rising Sun, motionless, his
eyes fixed like a statue, to greet the return of the heavenly body.”
Socrates lived between 470 BC and 399BC, in Athens. The
Roman soldiers that conquered much later (first century AD) the
lands surrounding the lower course of the Danube River
(Balkans) built many temples to the sun god Mithra, the most

revered god of the Roman army from this area. That means the
Romans adopted a local religion (Thracians and Dacians being
known as worshipping the sun) that was also used by Socrates.
Following are some excerpts from The Book of the Sun, by
Marsilio Ficino.
[…] when lately I came to that Platonic mystery where he most
exquisitely compares the Sun to God Himself, it seemed right to
explain so great a matter somewhat more fully, especially since
our Dionysius the Areopagite, the first of the Platonists, whose
interpretation I hold in my hands, freely embraces a similar
comparison of the Sun to God. Therefore while working for
many nights, illumined by this Sun as if it were my lamp, I have
thought to cull this choice subject from my great work, and to
entrust it to its own compendium, and to send this mystery of
the Sun - like the gift of Phoebus - to you.
[…] Above all the Sun is most able to signify to you God himself.
The Sun offers you signs, and who would dare to call the Sun
false? Finally, the invisible things of God, that is to say, the
angelic spirits, can be most powerfully seen by the intellect
through the stars, and indeed even eternal things - the virtue
and divinity of God - can be seen through the Sun.

Chapter IX: The Sun is the Image of God. Comparison of the Sun
to God
Having very diligently considered these things, our divine Plato
named the Sun the visible son of Goodness itself. He also
thought that the Sun was the manifest symbol of God, placed by
God himself in this worldly temple so that everyone everywhere
could admire it above all else. Plato and Plotinus said that the
ancients venerated this Sun as God. The ancient gentile
theologians placed all their gods in the Sun, to which

Iamblichus, Julian and Macrobius testify. Certainly whoever
does not view the Sun in the world as the image and minister of
God, has certainly never reflected upon the night, nor looked
upon the rising Sun; nor has he thought how extraordinary this
is, nor how suddenly those things which were thought to be dead
return to life. Nor has he recognised the gifts of the Sun through
which it alone accomplishes that which the surrounding stars
cannot. Therefore also consider, together with the Platonists and
Dionysius, that Phoebus, the chief intelligence of the Muses, is
the visible image of God. Also that Phoebe, that is, the Moon, is
the image of Phoebus almost in the same way that he is of God.
[…] God in fact created the intelligible species of things and
intellects, giving them an appropriate natural power. Moreover
the Sun daily pours out a universal light through which it excites
to mutual action the virtues of both the intelligible and
intellectual realms, and joins them together through action.
Plato calls this light truth with respect to intelligible things, and
knowledge with respect to the mind of man. He thinks moreover
that the good itself, that is God, surpasses all these things, just as
the Sun is superior to light, eyes and colours. But when Plato
says that the Sun prevails over the whole visible realm, doubtless
he alludes to an incorporeal Sun above the corporeal one - that
is, the divine intellect.
[…] This pure light exceeds the intelligence just as in itself
sunlight surpasses the acuity of the eyes. In this way, in
proportion to the strength you receive from the Sun, you will
almost seem to have found God, who placed his tabernacle in the
Sun. And finally just as nothing is more alien to the divine light
than utterly formless matter, so nothing is more different from
the light of the Sun than the

earth. Therefore since bodies in which the earthly condition
prevails are most unsuited to light, they accept no light within.
This is not because the light may be powerless to penetrate - for
while this light cannot illuminate inside wool or a leaf, it may
however penetrate a crystal in a moment, which cannot be easily
penetrated by anything else. In this way the divine light also
shines in the darkness of the soul but the darkness comprehends
it not. Is this not also similar to God, who first sows knowledge
of divine things in angelic and blessed minds, and then love?
Indeed God kindles a love for us believers here which purifies
and converts, before it bestows the intelligence of divine things.
Thus the Sun completely fills with light clear and pure natures
everywhere, as if they are now, for a moment, heavenly; while
those opaque and material natures it first warms and kindles
with its light, then refines, and soon illuminates. And sometimes
it elevates to the heights through heat and light this matter now
made light and accessible.
Chapter XIII: That the Sun is not to be worshipped as the
Author of all Things
When he was in military service Socrates often used to stand in
amazement watching the rising Sun, motionless, his eyes fixed
like a statue, to greet the return of the heavenly body. The
Platonists, influenced by these and similar signs, would perhaps
say that Socrates, inspired since boyhood by a Phoeboean
daemon, was accustomed to venerate the Sun above all, and for
the same reason was judged by the oracle of Apollo to be the
wisest of all the Greeks. […] According to Plato, he called the Sun
not God himself but the son of God.
Re: [sun_lit] Re: Moongazing

The action of moongazing is pshychologic , the sungazing action
is physical.
Dan G
sun_charged wrote:

Hi Petre,

Could be that moongazing might have some benefit.

I've tried it a number of times, but didn't get any noticable
benefits. I started getting benefits from sungazing right away,

HRM says that moonlight is negative energy and is detrimental
to us to
gaze at. Interestingly, I came across that concept long prior to
becoming aware of HRM and his moongazing statement. I own a
energy device called a BioElectric Shield. It contains a
crystal matrix that needs to be charged in the Sun's light on a
monthly basis to keep it vital. The people involved in the making
selling of it have stated to never leave it out in moonlight, as it
weakens it. They state that moonlight is negative polarity and is
contrary to human well-being, whereas sunlight is the opposite
of that.

It's my understanding that the moon is a dead object. The Sun is
alive, and so is the Earth. I don't think that the power and

consciousness is there like it is with the Sun and Earth. So, even
it weren't weakening/negative energy, at the very least it would
to have very mild results (if any) compared to sungazing.

If anyone has experienced any real benefit from moongazing,
please let
us know.


--- In, "Petre" <sunlight@a...>
> Hi all,
> I strongly believe that moongazing could also be useful and
complementary to sungazing.
> As I said previously I felt my Dan-Tien charged by SG or
gazing at
the sunlight reflected on a stone. The interesting remark is that
Dan-Tien is one-inch bellow the navel (the root of the navel) just
written into the following quote: "The sun dwells at the root of
navel and the moon at the root of the palate. The process by
which the
sun is brought upward and the moon is carried downward is

Viparitakarani Mudra. The positions of the sun and the moon
reversed. On the first day do it for a minute. Gradually increase
period to three hours. After six months wrinkles on the face and
hair disappear. The Yogin who practises this for three hours
conquers death." (Swami Shivananda, Kundalini Yoga)
> At the root of the palate is the pituitary gland, which I think is
activated by moonlight, just as the pineal is triggered by
> Socrates (the greatest Greek philosopher according to the
Oracle of
Delphi) who used to sungaye and pray to the sunrise did also
moon gazing.
> One cold winter night he was out amidst an olive grove. At
when his wife Xanthippe, found him missing a search party was
out. They found Socrates frozen like a Greek statue. When asked
this strange experience Socrates said: "I was gazing at the moon
suddenly my soul separated from the body and thus I did not
know what
to do, until you came and resuscitated me".
> Petre

Re-discovering our inner sun
If you don't develop your solar plexus everything will be centred
in your brain, and however diligently you watch the sunrise or
meditate or do various exercises, you will not get any good from
them. None of these things will really do you any good until your
solar plexus starts to show signs of life, and you begin to feel that
your consciousness has at last reached even to your bowels.
The brain is active and dynamic but it tires very quickly if the
solar plexus doesn't subsidize it regularly. For this reason, before
undertaking any major intellectual task, a disciple should first
prepare the solar plexus. The brain is capable of great things, but
on condition that the solar plexus keeps it supplied with energy.
The source, therefore, the projector, is the solar plexus and the
brain is the screen which manifests, expresses and publishes
whatever the plexus feeds to it.

Begin by concentrating on your solar plexus and then, when you
feel that you have reached a state of peace and inner warmth,
you can begin to work because your brain will be sustained and
nourished by the energies flowing from your plexus.

When you want to meditate you choose a spiritual subject on
which to concentrate and then you can watch your thoughts
unfold, as it were, as they follow the contours of the subject. This
is an activity of the brain. But when your meditation takes you
onto a higher plane, you feel that your brain ceases to be actively
in charge and the solar plexus takes over. You no longer grasp
things analytically, with the intellect; instead you have a
synthetic grasp of reality and you begin to vibrate in harmony
with the subject of your meditation, to enjoy a marvellous sense
of fulfilment: your meditation becomes contemplation. Your

thought, your mental activity, has become contemplation of
things so shining and wondrous that your vibrations become
more and more intense. Without realizing just how it can be so,
you know with absolute certainty that you understand things far
better than when you use your intellect.
(From Man’s Subtle Bodies and Centres by Omraam Mikhael
"By the practice of Surya Yoga you establish a link between
yourself and the power that governs and gives life to the whole
Universe: the Sun. That is why you must necessarily get results!
No book can give you what the Sun gives you, if you learn to
have the proper relationship with him. If you want to create a
bond between you [and the Sun], you have to look at him in all
consciousness. If you do that, there will be a communication of
vibrations between the Sun and you in which forms and colors, a
whole new world, will be born."

To clarify your points:
a. The date of Zarathustra's birth is still being debated, but the
consensus is that is was between 1200 BC and 1000 BC.
b. Gurdjieff calls Ashiata Shiemash an avatar from the Sun
and when his life on earth was over, he ascended back to the Sun
Absolute. Zarathustra ascended in a flash of lightning.

I admit that the evidence connecting Zarathustra's teaching with
sungazing is slim. All I have is this quote from Gene Savoy "At
Zoroastrians salute the setting sun, repenting for their sins and

asking for compassion." and this quote from Rudolf Steiner
Zarathustra, "he looked upon the spiritual cosmic Sun, seeing
the source of all the forces that make the Earth and its
He had knowledge of everything that took place on the Earth
he was able to experience the Spiritual Being of the Sun."

I was hoping you and others could bolster this connection.

O.M.Aivanhov recommended the following exercise to do at
sunrise: “put your right hand on your solar plexus. In this way,
you fill it with the forces and energies that will enable you to go
on with your work without tiring."

Wayne, I know you practiced this exercise, doing surya mudra
with your left hand. Are you still doing this?

I noticed many times that whenever I did SG when walking, it
worked faster and better that when I did it while standing.
Apparently, walking while SG activates the base chakra
(Muladhara) and the flow of energy upwards the spine.
Today I red Ken’s article “Illuminating The Pineal Gland &
Moving Into The Sun” where he says: “Moving into the Sun is a
way for you to move the life-force energy up the spine from the

base chakra and into the pineal gland. This exercise will help
awaken your paranormal talents and your ability to time travel.
Before attempting this meditation, you should first do the Living
Light Breath Technique until you are comfortable.[…] It is
necessary to be physically moving to get into the flow of life-
force energy.”
It’s very reassuring for me to find that other person reached
similar conclusions with me.
The benefits I found about SG while walking might be connected
to the requirement of walking (barefoot on bare earth) from
HRM’s method.
I wonder, is anyone on this list that did SG while walking?

Referring to the Mithraic celebrations, from which Christmas
Carl Jung says that, they link us back to "the creative power of
our own
soul." In his fifth volume of the collected works, Symbols of
Transformation, Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist states:

"The sun. . . is the truly "rational"image of God, whether we
adopt the
standpoint of the primitive savage or of modern science. In
either case
Father-God from whom all living things draw life; he is the
fructifier and
the creator, the source of energy into our world. The discord into
which the

human soul has fallen can be harmoniously resolved through the
sun as a
natural object which knows no inner conflict . . . It shines equally
on the
just and the unjust, and allows useful creatures to flourish as
well as the
harmful. Therefore the sun is perfectly suited to represent the
visible God
of this world, i.e., the creative power of our own soul, which we
libido, and whose nature it is to bring forth the useful and the
the good and the bad. That this comparison is not just a matter
of words can
be seen from the teachings of the mystics: when they descend
into the depths
of their own being, they find "in their heart" the image of the
sun, they
find their own life-force which they call the "sun" for a legitimate
and, I
would say, a physical reason, because our source of energy and
life actually
is the sun. Our physiological life, regarded as an energy process,
entirely solar (para. 176)."

Whenever I sungaze I get the feeling that an intelligent Being is
gazing down at me. It could be God, my Higher Self, or some
Being like Helios. Omraam Aivanhov says it's the Higher Self. In

a Solar Civilization" he wrote, "... the sun also has an etheric
body... And since man is also built on the same pattern as the
Universe, he too possesses a subtle body which is linked to the
That part of ourselves, that entity which lives in the sun is our
Higher Self... Our Higher Self is none other than God. A part of
So you may be correct in saying there's no relationship between
physical sun and upper fifth density/lower sixth density
Higher Self. But there may be a close relationship between the
sun and Higher Self.


All the following quotes are telling the same story. But they are
coming from very different and distant places in space and time
and there’s no reason to believe that there was any contact or
influence between their authors. So either they are all wrong
(which I don’t think is possible) or they discovered the same
truths using different paths.

"... the sun also has an etheric body... And since man is also built
on the same pattern as the Universe, he too possesses a subtle
body which is linked to the sun...
That part of ourselves, that entity which lives in the sun is our
Higher Self... Our Higher Self is none other than God. A part of

[Omraam Aivanhov, Toward a Solar Civilization]

“Lord, open the doors and windows of our soul to the Sun of
Righteousness.” [Psalm 84:11]

“Jesus is the Sun closely united with the Sun that is God”
[Catherine Benincasa of Siena]

“…as I stood on the top of the Pyramid [of the Sun ] merging
with the sun, I experienced the true presence of my inner spirit
and my heart for the first time in my life” [Sheri A. Rosenthal]

“I felt like the beams of light coming down to me from the sun
were almost a tangible, physical entity, a pillar of physically
manifested love for life in front of me, rubbing itself all over me
like a lover. I wanted to wrap my arms around it and press it
close, but I didn't even have to because the sun was enveloping
me in its love without me doing anything but accepting it.”
[Testimonial from]

“Draw breath from the rays, draw in three times as strongly as
you can and you will feel yourself raised up and walking towards
the height, and you will seem to be in the middle of the aerial
region. The path of the visible gods will appear through the disc
of the sun, who is God my father” [Greek papyrus in the
Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris]

"Light is the true beverage of immortality and you can catch this
light in the morning at sunrise and use it to nourish your subtle

“Prana is a great river flowing from the sun and, by meditation
and breathing exercises, we can obtain all the elements we need
from it." [Omraam Aivanhov, Toward a Solar Civilization]
"Not only supplies come in these rays, but also beings come to
earth to do a certain task and then go back to the sun to be
recharged and restored." (Omraam Michael Aivanhov, Light Is A
Living Spirit)
After 40 days Maitreya destroyed the body and returned the
particles, the tiny Devic lives (Solar Pitris) which made it up, to
the sun from which they came. Maitreya mentions "tiny Devic
lives (Solar Pitris)" in his discussion of returning the particles
making up Jesus' light body to the sun.
“When the Sun rises it ushers in a new cycle like a new breath.
On your first sight of the Sun each day you can initiate the
receiving of the day’s gifts for your heart. For it is from the Sun
above all that this light comes. The Sun is nurturing not just
your physical form, but your body of light too. Your soul is in
constant communion with the Sun seeking its advice and
guidance on which forms of light to draw from the Sun’s
treasuries for your fulfillment.” [Sanat Kumara, The Light of

Zarathustra asked Ahura Mazda, the spiritual being whom he
perceived in the sun, what nourished the first man. The answer
came, “He ate fire and drank the light”.

23. But men must see their Gods with human eyes, and
Zarathustra said,
24. The greatest of the Spirits standing near the throne is the
Ahura Mazda, who manifests in brightness of the sun.

25. And all the people saw Ahura Mazda in the sun, and they fell
down and worshipped him in temples of the sun. [The Aquarian
Gospel, Chapter 10]

According to the Markandeya Puran, the Sun is the embodiment
of Brahma, the world originates from the Sun and is established
in it.

In the sixth chapter of MAITRAYANA-BRAHMAYA-
UPANISHAD we can read:
1. The Sun is the outer Self, the inner Self is Breath.
2. And he who having entered the inner lotus of the heart,
devours food, the same, having gone to the sky as the fire of the
sun, called Time, and being invisible, devours all beings as his
16. Brahman is the Self of the sun, and a man should worship the
sun under the name of time.
30. Aditya (sun) is the cause of new births (to those who do not
worship him), of heaven (to those who worship him as a god), of
liberty (to those who worship him as Brahman).
34. the adorable splendour of Savitri (sun) is to be meditated on
by him who, abiding within his mind, meditates thereon. Here
he attains the place of rest for the mind, he holds it within his
own Self.
37. 'The offering which is offered in the fire, goes to the sun; the
sun rains it down by his rays; thus food comes, and from food
the birth of living beings.'
38. He who offers the Agnihotra breaks through the net of
desire. […] meditating on one desire (that of liberty), he breaks
through the shrine of Brahman.

I'll quote and respond to your message below:

--- In, "Wayne Purdin"
<wpurdin@y...> wrote:
> Wes,
> Whenever I sungaze I get the feeling that an intelligent Being
> gazing down at me. It could be God, my Higher Self, or some
> Being like Helios. Omraam Aivanhov says it's the Higher Self.

This is good. Yes, I also feel this way. I also believe that the Sun
might be aware of us if we gaze for long enough and with the
intent. Some people have said that they have had
communications with
the Sun. So, that would indicate that it is aware of at least some
us. I think that if you place strong focus on the Sun and gaze
gratitude and with the idea that it is aware of you, perhaps it
become aware of you. Especially with gratitude for what it
us. The gratitude is an important key.

> In "Toward a Solar Civilization" he wrote, "... the sun also has

> etheric body... And since man is also built on the same pattern
> the Universe, he too possesses a subtle body which is linked to
> sun...
> That part of ourselves, that entity which lives in the sun is our
> Higher Self... Our Higher Self is none other than God. A part of
> God."
> So you may be correct in saying there's no relationship
between the
> physical sun and upper fifth density/lower sixth density
> Higher Self. But there may be a close relationship between the
> etheric sun and Higher Self.

I was told by someone who has explored 4th density (astral
plane) that
the Sun is actually the Higher Self of the Earth and rest of the
planets in this solar system.

As far as I know, our Higher Selves don't reside within the Sun,
was referred to in that quote. And "etheric Sun" is apparently
referring to the Sun's spiritual/astral body. The Sun is a spirit,
incarnated into the body of a star. We are spirits incarnated into
human "flesh & blood" bodies. The Earth is also a spirit
into the planetary body. Everything is ultimately etherically
connected to First Source/Prime Creator/Great Spirit.

Anyway, our local star (Sun) is just one star out of billions (or

more) in the physical universe...That doesn't diminish it's
importance. But, we just need to keep in mind the bigger picture
not make a religion out of the Sun and the practice of gazing
upon it.
I do feel it can have spiritual benefits. If anything, this can have
to do with the activating and charging of the important pineal
This has much significance and potentially far-reaching effects.
Sun can also affect one's DNA, as well as the energy field and

And the possibility exists that the Sun is a source of higher
consciousness, more closely aligned with the First Source
("God"). I
believe this is the case. So, the Sun may be a portal to higher
consciousness, and greater potential communication with the
Source. If this is true, then properly worded prayer during
can be much more potent as compared to prayer done at any
other time.
A "channel" may be opened if you pray during sungazing. Ask
and you
might receive. Speak your needs and allow the universe to come
in to support you. So, "wish upon a star", in other words. It just
might work. There's no guarantee that you'll get what you ask
for, but

you might. And of course there's no need to ask for anything
during a
prayer. Just being thankful is appreciated. I'm sure that the Sun
enjoys it when a rare human can look it in the face for an
period of time and thank it for all it provides, and do so with
sincerity. Consider that the Sun may be aware of you as you
speak (or
think) to it, so choose your words wisely.

Another side note is that I also was told that the Sun revolves
a greater Sun, and that Sun in turn revolves around another.
This is
said to continue for a few levels, and at the center of this is the
Source of this particular physical universe that we are part of.
then there's the whole concept of other physical (and non-
universes, and many "Creators"...Ultimately, at some very high
vibratory/frequency etheric/density level, exists the ultimate
("Prime") Creator. And as far as creators are concerned, we are
mini creators. We need to accept responsibility for what we
create in
our lives and in the lives of others. We co-create "All-That-Is",
if in just some small, infinitesimal way. At some point in one's
evolution, the possibility exists to become and be much more,
and to
create more, if one chooses to do so.

This is a VERY beautifully written post Wes. I would like to add
to what you implied. Our Sun is all Suns/Stars and is at one
with the Source. Consequently, our Sun has all the knowledge,
“secrets”, and “mysteries” of the Universe and It wants to share
with those who have an open, loving, thankful and receptive
heart and mind. It wants to share on all levels -- body, mind and
soul. Health, knowledge and spiritual upliftment and much


I think prayer is the fifth element (ether) in sungazing. We get
water element by drinking plenty of water before sungazing, fire
the sun, air from the atmosphere (both breathing it and having it
filter out UV rays), and earth from standing and walking
barefoot on
bare ground. The ether element is associated with the throat
so we should pray out loud. I used to pray to images of the
mental or physical, but none can compare to the Presence I feel
I pray to the Sun behind the sun.


ello sungazers,

I am from Holland and just joined your group.
Very nice your postings about the elements
and the Lord's prayer. That's what I am doing when
I sungaze (I am now at 31 minutes and 20 seconds)
and it feels great. I believe that light = information and
by sungazing we expand our awareness.

I have some nice and unusual information about the
sun and thought that perhaps it might interest you.

I wish you a nice and sunny day,
Jan ;-)

The SUN being that which represents a step-down of frequencies
from Light energies that were so much higher that they would be
invisible to the eye. These higher frequencies actually
or being the frequencies of creation, whereas the frequencies of
the SUN being those that are the result of creation and likewise,
serving as creation energies of still lesser frequency levels.

Thus, the SUN creates on earth certain life forms and feeds those
life forms by its vibration, but the SUN itself is fed by higher
and those frequencies in feeding the SUN must be slowed down
to match
its needs. The SUN's rays also being slowed down to match the
of plants and animals in the life form requirements.

The Life Force and the Love an entity may have may be of
higher than those which come from the SUN, and the SUN is but
symbolic representation of these higher frequencies known as
Creator or God or Divine Life Force Liquid Light is the Creative
of the universe. It is consciousness. It is Divine Awareness, and
this is
of a higher frequency than the SUN's rays or brilliance
associated with
the SUN, but the SUN can serve as a kind of symbol for that
higher light.

The SUN was never that which exploded and cast off
planets. The sun rather, is that which is a vortex of energy
which draws energy from space, mixes it between spirit
and matter, between matter and antimatter, an analogy
being that of positive and negative electricity coming
together creating a spark.

The energies coming in toward this vortex, from the
reverse side, as that which creates the burning flame
known as the SUN. If we were in a parallel dimension,
looking at the SUN, it would not be seen as a bright
light. Rather it would be seen as a dark force emanating
energy in a magnetic sense, drawing energy toward it
like a black hole.

It is only when passing through the black hole that we
would see the light which would be emanating outward
in a radiant energy as a glowing sun in a different

The energies are always moving toward the SUN from
one dimension, and emanating from the SUN in
the physical dimension; it is in this sense that the SUN
is seen as the mediator between spirit and matter,
or between the antimatter and the material plane.
It is for this reason that the sun is a cool place;
that it is not emanating heat. It is emanating vibration.

The vibration, when striking with the resistance of the
atmosphere, or resistance in some kind of object,
will either reflect or will heat up, depending on
how strong that vibration of the sun can move
the molecules of the object which it strikes.

That when it strikes the atmosphere, for example,
the vibration moves the molecules in the atmosphere
in such a manner as to create friction, and it is this
friction that is felt as heat. It is for this reason that when
we move in higher altitudes, rather than getting hotter,
because we are closer to the SUN, we get colder,
because the atmosphere is not so thick, and the
friction resisting the SUN's rays and its movement is
not so intense. It is for this reason that in space we
would freeze, even though we might be in the SUN's light.

Hi Jan,

> It is for this reason that the sun is a cool place;
> that it is not emanating heat. It is emanating vibration.

Sun's surface temperature is about 5,800 kelvins (K)! The
vibration you
refer is called radiation. Many types of radiation can induce
heat, like
microwaves or infrared radiation.
Because of its proximity to the Sun, the surface of Mercury can
extremely hot. High temperatures at "noon" may reach 675 K,
while the
"predawn" lowest temperatures are 100 K.
On the tops of the highest Venus mountains, the surface
temperature will be
below 400 K, and noontime temperatures are probably
significantly hotter
than 700 K.


Hell Petre,

Thanks for your reaction.

< Because of its proximity to the Sun,
the surface of Mercury can become
extremely hot.>

Is this really so?
How can this be then that when we move in higher altitudes,
rather than getting hotter, because we are closer to the sun,
we get colder and that in space we would freeze,
even though we might be in the sun's light?

(I hope that I am not boring all of you with this question!)

Let's see from another document from my special collection:
" According to present calculations, the temperature on
Mercury is about 340 Centigrade during the day, and about
-120 Centigrade at night. Venus, the next planet from the sun,
is not quite as extreme as Mercury, but still has quite high
daytime and quite low nighttime temperatures. The distant
planets, such as Neptune or Pluto, are thought to have
extremely low temperatures.

The majority of orthodox scientists still
believe the assumption that the sun is hot;
however, there is a minority of scientists,
including some very famous people such as
Herschel, who have a different opinion.
This handful of thinkers believe that the
sun is not hot, that it in fact has no

They believe (as I do) that this huge flame
is to compare with an aura; that is, composed
of very powerful energy, but not in the form
of heat, much like our own individual auras.

As this huge solar aura shoots out streams of
ionized particles, or "plasmic" energy, the so
called "solar wind," this stream comes in contact
with the field of energy that our own
Earth' rotation throws out.

As this solar energy stream collides with our own
atmospheric energy, that collision produces heat
through friction. So although here on Earth's
surface, we feel as if the sun is generating heat,
that heat is actually being created within the
Earth's own atmosphere.

If this is correct, then even if we go to Venus
or Mercury, the heat would not be so great;
likewise, if we travel out to Neptune, Uranus or
Pluto, although there may be less of this plasmic
current and therefore less atmospheric heat,
still the difference is far less then previously

Therefore, if any planet has some rotation, no
matter what speed, that means that planet is
discharging centrifugal energy,
(generated by the rotation) which must be
producing heat. This means that all planets
have some reasonable degree of temperature."

If this true or not the answer we find within!
Jan ;-)

At 12:34 8/14/2005, you wrote:
>Hi Jan,
> > It is for this reason that the sun is a cool place;
> > that it is not emanating heat. It is emanating vibration.
>Sun's surface temperature is about 5,800 kelvins (K)! The
vibration you
>refer is called radiation. Many types of radiation can induce
heat, like
>microwaves or infrared radiation.
>Because of its proximity to the Sun, the surface of Mercury can
>extremely hot. High temperatures at "noon" may reach 675 K,
while the
>"predawn" lowest temperatures are 100 K.
>On the tops of the highest Venus mountains, the surface
temperature will be
>below 400 K, and noontime temperatures are probably
significantly hotter
>than 700 K.

Why allover the earth people worshipped the sun? That
happened because the beauty attracts us and the sun is the
incarnation of beauty itself. The sun is the hearth of our solar
system and the beauty and love comes from e the hearth.

In the Sephirothic tree, the hearth (Anahata) corresponds to
Tiphareth (= beauty), which is the sixth stage of the Sephiroth (=
numbers), the centre and the Sun of the entire Tree.
This Heart centre or Higher Self, also called The Holy Guardian
Angel, provides us with intuitions that "feel right", instant
wisdom without sensory imagery, mystical experiences that end
in blinding light.
Tiphareth circulates the energy among the upper and lower
Sephiroth. Here, the powers to left and the right, the above and
the below can enter a stage of balance, beauty and harmony
through a mutual process of healing sacrifice.
The mystic sacrifices his personality (Netzach through Malkuth)
for obtaining contact with the Soul in Tiphareth.
Unless the ego is sacrificed and replaced by a humble devotion,
one cannot be in contact with the beauty of Tiphareth.
The thirteen members of the Mayan Council said we were all
Maya and that their tradition was open to all the peoples of earth
for we are all pieces of the sun and come from the same creator.
They were not just saying this. They meant it through and
through. This point was also confirmed for me in a quiet
moment I had with Barbara Hand Clow where she revealed that
this is the main reason she comes to the Mayaland. There is an
openness here for anyone of any race of religion who desires to
do sacred work.

..."The Great Father SUN will be with every initiate that does
spiritual (solar) work ... solar initiates will receive more light
from the Father SUN ... it will be they who will lead all of
mankind in the near future. Hunab K’u, who can see everything,
knows that his children are doing the Solar Initiation work with
love and respect. He will keep in his memory all of our efforts.

He knows about the great prize that he will give us in this
incarnation for serving him as solar beings." Mayan Elder
Hunbatz Men

Now compare the above with what Rudolph Steiner said about
the sixth epoch of civilization (corresponding to the Mayan sixth
sun): “the essential characteristic of the next period of
civilization is that it will not be limited to particular localities,
but will be spread over the whole earth. These individuals will be
scattered over the earth, and thus everywhere on earth there will
be a core group of people who will be crucial for the sixth epoch
of civilization.”

The Sun is a very highly evolved, conscious entity. It is at one
with God. It dwells within God and God dwells within It and the
Sun is fully aware of It’s divinity. The Sun is a God. According to
the Bhagavadgita, at the beginning of Chapter 4, the secrets of
the Universe were first given to Surya (the Sun God) who then
taught them to Manu (first man). After time this knowledge has
been forgotten, according to the Gita.

Hi Kimmie,

The sun is not the center of the universe, but the center of our
solar system.
The sun was the beginning of our solar system.
On earth could not have appeared higher forms of life, like us,
without water and sun.

I think earth has a consciousness and the sun has an even higher
Now, mother earth is starting to react more and more violently
to the aggression of the human race. Soon we all will suffer the
consequences of the human race sense of superiority, treating
the earth as its slave, and of its lack of gratitude for the gifts
given by the living earth.
I believe Sun is a more evolved consciousness, than earth. I did
not have an experience of goodness and I cannot say from my
experience who or where is God and I believe that’s the case of
all of us.
But if we study the origins of the religions, then we’ll see
everywhere evidence that all ancient religions initially were
based on sun worship.
As the societies developed into cities and large numbers of
persons had to be managed, the leaders assumed the role of
priests and changed the initial religion into a state policy. There
were attempts to restore the initial meaning of the religions, but
they failed to take the power from these high-ranking priests.
I’ll mention two famous attempts to restore the sun worship:
1. Pharaoh Akenaton / Akenaten who introduced the cult of
the sun god Aton, that became so hated by the high-ranking
priests, that after his death they erased his name from
2. Emperor Constantine the Great who, before becoming
emperor, invaded Italy in 312 and after a lightning campaign
defeated his brother-in-law Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge
near Rome, where Constantine's army was fiercely outnumbered
. On the evening before the battle, Constantine saw a Cross
emblazoned on the horizon with the words "In Hoc Signo Crucis
Vinces" surrounding it. He immediately set to work placing the

cross on the shields of everyone in his army. The next day
Constantine swept the enemy into the Tiber River, and entered
victoriously into Rome! Constantine's vision refers to a cross on
the sky, as it was a symbol for the sun or "Sol Invictus"
(Invincible Sun) of the Romans. As a result of his victory from
312, fought under the sign of the sun, the cross, in 321 emperor
Constantine issued an edict which outlawed work on the
"venerable day of the sun," Sunday: "On the venerable Day of the
Sun let the magistrates and people residing in cities rest, and let
all workshops be closed". Within 3 years Christianity had
become the official religion of the Roman empire. From that, the
Roman Catholic Church, and its many Protestant daughter
churches, got the commonly-accepted Sunday observance of
Eusebius, a father of the Church who was an advisor to emperor
Constantine, wrote: "The Logos (Christ) has transferred by the
New Alliance the celebration of the Sabbath to the rising of the
light. He has given us a type of the true rest in the saving day of
the Lord, the first day of light".
Now is really funny that always Constantine is referred as the
one that introduced Christianity as the official religion of the
Roman Empire, but they always forget the above “details”
attesting that he was a sun worshipper.

The swastika is a sacred sign of prosperity and auspiciousness,
perhaps the single most common emblem in earth cultures. As
the Encyclopaedia Britannica explains, "It was a favorite symbol
on ancient Mesopotamian coinage; it appeared in early Christian
and Byzantine art (where it became known as the gammadion
cross because its arms resemble the Greek letter gamma); and it

occurred in South and Central America (among the Mayans) and
in North America (principally among the Navajos). In India it
continues to be the most widely used auspicious symbol of
Hindus, Jainas and Buddhists."
On the other side of the planet, American Indians inscribed the
spoked sign of good luck into salmon-colored seashells, healing
sticks, pottery, woven garments and blankets. Two thousand
miles south, the Mayans of the Yucatan chiseled it into temple
Swastika is a Sanskrit word meaning "good being, fortune or
augury," literally "conducive to well-being," derived from su,
"well" and astu, "may it be," or "be it so." The oldest Indian
swastika motif appears abundantly on the early Buddhist
sculptures, a period when Buddha was not depicted in human
form -- only his foot prints surrounded by dozens of right-hand
swastikas. Similarly, the Jain emblem for their seventh
Tirthankara (path finder) is the symbol of the sun, the right-
turning swastika.
The search for a pre-World War II treatise on the swastika
struck gold with a book entitled The Swastika: the Earliest
Known Symbol and its Migrations, by Thomas Wilson, a curator
of the US National Museum. It was written in 1894 for the
Smithsonian Institute. The work opens with a right-hand
swastika on the title page and presents an exhaustive survey of
the global dispersion of this symbol, from the Navajo tribes of
North America to Egypt, ancient Troy and the Taoists of China.
The swastika is associated with the muladhara chakra, the center
of consciousness at the base of the spine, and in some yoga
schools with the manipura chakra at the navel, the center of the
microcosmic sun (surya).

Muladhara chakra controls the will of survival, the state of inner
safety, the desire for material goods, and the choice of
The physical function characteristic to this center of force is
In the center of the Muladhara, between the four petals, is said
to dwell a 'Hidden Sun' which continually exudes a dangerous
poison. Certain yogic practices attempt to stem the flow of this
solar fluid, hoping to taste instead the fluid of immortality
flowing from the Sahasrara, or crown, chakra.
Millions of Solar atoms are lost in the ejaculation of the seminal
fluid, leading to an exhaustion of one's vital resources.
Muladhara chakra is a doorway which opens to universal
currents emanating from the Sun found in our own Solar
System. Thus, the Sun is the true origin of the Kundalini, the
serpent coiled in Muladhara.
From a mystically occult point of view the swastika is a type of
yantra, a psychic diagram representing the four-petalled
muladhara chakra located at the base of the spine within
The mantra LAM represents the secret door that will enable the
student "to make actual magical contact with the spiritual energy
of the sun"
Meditating on the right-facing swastika, visualized as spinning
clockwise, is a key to ascending to the seven higher chakras,
which likewise spin clockwise.
"The person who experiences the activation of this center of
force easily succeeds in overcoming the attachment for earthly
matters and becoming highly courageous, defeats for good
his/her fear of death." (Swami Shivananda)

contemplating the sun

"If we understand that the sun is illumined by God, we can
understand something about the position of God by
contemplating the sun. As he is the light in the sun, so also is he
the light in the moon and fire, by which food is nourished and
prepared, respectively. Through these material manifestations-
sun, moon, and fire-the world is made livable." - Bhagavad-Gita,
Its Feeling and Philosophy, p. 475

This Upanishad derives its title from the opening words Isa–
vasya, “God–covered.” The use of Isa (Lord)–a more personal
name of the Supreme Being than Brahman or Atman, the names
usually found in the Upanishads–constitutes one of its
peculiarities (note the similarity berween Isa/Isha and the
Jewish name of Jesus!). It forms the closing chapter of the
Yajur–Veda, the veda of magick.
You can find at the

The face of truth is covered with a golden disc.
Unveil it, nourisher,
for one whose duty is to see the truth.
Nourisher, one seer, controller, sun, child of the creator,
spread your light and gather your brilliance
that I may see your loveliest form.
Whatever is that Spirit, that also am I.
May this life enter into the immortal breath!

Another translation, from says:

The face of Truth is hidden by a golden disk. O Pushan
(Effulgent Being)! Uncover (Thy face) that I, the worshipper of
Truth, may behold Thee.
O Pushan! O Sun, sole traveller of the heavens, controller of all,
son of Prajapati, withdraw Thy rays and gather up Thy burning
effulgence. Now through Thy Grace I behold Thy blessed and
glorious form. The Purusha (Effulgent Being) who dwells within
Thee, I am He.

A commentary on the above part of Isha Upanishad, entitled
"Seeing Beyond the Sun" is available at
Here's a bit from that commentary:
Light beyond the light
“The face of truth is hidden by thy golden orb, O Sun. That do
thou remove, in order that I who am devoted to truth may
behold its glory.”(Isha Upanishad 15)
The sun illumines us and shows us what we assume to be reality.
But actually that “seeing” veils the Truth (Reality) behind that
veil. Therefore we seek to pierce beyond it. However, the sun
actually is that Reality, and we must approach it and petition for
the removal of its outer light in order that we may behold its
inner Light. (More on this later.)
The golden orb
The “golden orb” has more than one meaning, all of which are
1) The most obvious meaning of the golden orb is the sun itself.
All plant, animal, and human life on this planet depend upon the
sun. It is the subtle powers of sunlight which stimulate growth

and evolution. Sunlight particularly stimulates the activity of the
higher centers in the brain, especially that of the pineal gland.
Even in the depths of the earth a sensitive man can tell when the
sun rises and sets above him. The sun appears to illuminate us,
but it is a light that covers the Light in order to lead us to the
Light. We must use it to go beyond it.
The Supreme Sun
The ultimate Golden Orb is the Supreme Self.
“That which glows [i.e., the sun] is Om,” says the ancient
Aitareya-Brahmana (5.32). The life-producing energies of the
sun are the energies of Om. Om is the sun of body, mind, and
spirit, the Life-Giver of all.
“Now, verily, what is the udgitha is the Om. What is Om is the
udgitha. And so verily, the udgitha is the yonder sun and the
Om, for the sun is continually sounding ‘Om.’” (Chandogya
Upanishad 1.5.1) The most significant part of this verse is the
statement that “the sun is continually sounding ‘Om,’” indicating
that the evolutionary energy of the sun is a manifestation of Om.
“Even as a great extending highway runs between two villages,
this one and that yonder, even so the rays of the sun go to both
these worlds, this one and that yonder. They start from the
yonder sun and enter into the nadis [astral “nerves”]. They start
from the nadis and enter into the yonder sun.…When a man
departs from this body, then he goes upwards by these very rays
or he goes up with the thought of Om. As his mind is failing, he
goes to the sun. That, verily, is the gateway of the world, an
entering in for the knowers, a shutting out for the non-
knowers.”(Chandogya Upanishad 8.6.2,5)
“‘It is said: ‘Indeed the sun is this Om;’ therefore one should
meditate and make himself ready to unite himself with
it.”(Maitrayana Upanishad 6:3)

“O nourisher, only seer, controller of all—O illumining Sun,
fountain of life for all creatures–withhold thy light, gather
together thy rays. May I behold through thy grace thy most
blessed form. The Being that dwells therein even that Being am
I.”(Isha Upanishad 16)
In Indian philosophy God is often thought of as Mother. This
verse bears that out, speaking of the divine as the Nourisher of
all beings, the Fountain of Life. God the Mother is frequently
addressed in Sanskrit hymns as Jagata Janani, Jagata Palani–
the Birthgiver and Nourisher of the world (jagat). In Eastern
Christianity, one title given to the Virgin Mother Mary is “Life-
giving Spring.”
Hope that made you curious,

The Sun is the essence of Kabbalah and the source of all
spirituality. It will give you understanding of the mysteries of life
and show you the splendor of the inner Kabbalah, which reveals
the secrets of heaven and earth.
Since the Sun is reflected in our heart center, allowing the mind
to contemplate the Sun opens our heart center, and facilitates an
elevation in consciousness. If you keep up with this process, one
day the Sun will rise in your heart.
Extracted from "Lifting the Veil" by Joseph Michael Levry.
The Hindus believed worshipping Sun God would clear off all
their sins.
In Surya ashtakam (Octet to Sun God) Surya was the son (like
Christ!) of Sage Kasyapa and Adhithi. And just like the Christian
God, it has a three-fold nature.
Following are some parts from Surya ashtakam:

My salutations to the Sun God,
Who rides on chariot with seven horses,
Who is the brightest of lights,
Who is the son of Sage Kashyapa,
And who wears the white lotus flower.
My salutations to the Sun God,
Who is blessed with three fold qualities,
Who is a greatest of heroes,
Who has within himself the great trinity.
And who is the god who kills all sins.
My salutations to the Sun God,
Who is the lord of peace,
Who is the Lord of this world
Who showers on us knowledge, science and salvation,
And who is the God who can destoy all sins.
One who forsakes on all Sundays,
Woman oil bath , meat and drinks,
Will never be sick nor sad nor poor.
And would reach the land of sun after death.

I wanted to greet Our Lady and thank her for bringing us all
there safely. As I found a spot near the statue, I looked up and
saw that the sun about a foot above the statue of Our Lady. It
was a perfectly clear blue sky, and I remember thinking it was
too bad that I would not be able to look at Our Lady's face
because of the sun. I then realized that the sun did not hurt my

eyes, and as I removed my sun glasses, I experienced what is
called in Medjugorje "The Miracle of the Sun". What I saw was a
Eucharistic Host that covered the center of the sun and beautiful
magenta, purple, and pink light eminating from the edges of the
sun as it pulsed and spun. I stared directly at the sun for over 10
As the rest of the group made their way up the hill, Fr. Bill,
Yolanda, Oralia, and Anabella stayed behind for a moment and
during the next few minutes experienced the "Miracle of the
Sun". It was obviously a very special moment and emotional
experience for them as they came up the hill to meet the rest of
the group with tears in their eyes.

From the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the
Divine Will:

The miracle of miracles: the Sun of the Divine Will,
transforming the human will into Sun, acts within it as in Its
own center.

Oh! my Sun, my beautiful One, I want to enter right into the
center, that I may remain submerged completely within this
most pure light. Oh Divine Sun, let this light precede me, follow
me, surround me everywhere and penetrate into every intimate
hiding place of my interior, that my terrestrial being may be
consumed, and You may transform it completely in your Divine

Hi Petre,

One time while sungazing I recited the lords prayer in my head
and got a huge
surge of energy. I am not a religious person but this short prayer
I think goes
beyond that. Maybe somebody might want to try it to see if it
does anything for

Our Father, who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy Name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done,

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

and the power,

and the glory,

for ever and ever.


I’m talking about an Orthodox type of prayer generically called
"akatist". This one was translated into Romanian in 1997,
probably from Greek or Russian. The prayer is very long, it takes
mi 20-25 minutes to read it and probably it would take about 2-
3 hours to translate it, and most likely it won’t be an accurate
Here are some quotes, just to get an idea about the content.
“The angels with shining faces are continuously praising the
Holy Spirit, according to the respect owed to the Fountain of Life
and of the Uncreated Light.”
“Come eternal distant Sun and make your bower into us”
“Come eternal light and dissipated will be the illusions and the
“Come and search all who are thirsting after your light”
“Come and enlighten our mind at the hour of doubt”
“Give us the wreath of Your gifts, the eternal and all-forgiving
love, that is sorrowing for the enemies and wants all to be
redeemed, and be cleaned by it, like the sons of the light we
should shout Alleluia!”
“Heavenly emperor, Holy Spirit, make us worthy of the seven
folded crown of your gifts […]” (Notice that the solar god Mithra

had a seven spiked crown, just like the Statue of Liberty, as can
be seen on my web page)

Aivanhov was born also an Orthodox Christian and his entire
philosophy is impregnated by eastern influences.
James F. Twyman published a book called “Emissary of Love.
The Psychic Children Speak to the World", where he talks about
some paranormal kids from Bulgaria, hidden into a remote
monastery from the mountains. I'll quote him: "Here were
discovered many kids like that, but also in another areas
neighbouring Bulgaria, like Serbia and Romania. Maybe they
exist now all over the world, what I know."


I purchased Michael Werner's book "Leben durch Lichtnahrung"
"Living through the Energy of Light," only available in German
so far,
published by AT-Verlag under the
ISBN 3-03800-229-1.

and had a German-reading friend report to me about it.

For those who might not remember the original posting about
Werner, here's
an explanation:

Doctor Michael Werner is the director of the oncology institute
Braunschweig and has not eaten for the last 4 years, feeding
himself only

with sunlight. When he stopped eating, at the beginning of 2001,
he lost 20
kg in 2 months. Then his weight stabilized at 68 kg, at a height of
1.74 m.
All he needs is 1.5 liters of water or coffee daily.

United Press International
Man claims to survive on diet of light

BERLIN, May 9 (UPI) -- A chemist from Braunschweig,
Germany, claims he
hasn't touched food in three years -- surviving instead on a
steady diet of
natural light.

Michael Werner told German tabloid Bild he started his
experiment by not
eating or drinking for a week and then limiting himself to
liquids. He
claims his entire diet now consists of about 3 pints of water,
juice, tea or
coffee per day and a hearty helping of natural light. Werner
claims his
light diet has even caused him to gain weight, newspaper
Deutsche Welle

"I can't explain it, either," Werner said. "Apparently light energy
can be
turned into nutrition if one really believes it."

However, others in the German scientific community have

"I don't believe that's possible," Helmut Oberritter, the scientific
director of the German Society for Nutrition, told Bild. He said
diet would cause a severe lack in proteins and fatty acids.


Here is my friend's report/translation of selected portions:

The medical staff cannot find anything unusual while testing and
experimenting during 10 days he was at a hospital. The most
indications are made when they are talking about his lectures
and his
personal experience. Other parts of the book are identical in
terms of their
ideas. I picked these chapters because it best reflects Werner's
what made him make the changes and what implications
Anthroposophie has had on Werner's thinking. Brain and Mind
are two
different things. What seems to be the foundation also of it all is
that you
as an individual have to believe that light is the life force.


Michael Werner in His Lectures

Boesch and Werner are asking to open oneself to a new form of
which will lead to broader scientific approach.

The focus here is not about Eating and Drinking but making a
change in how
we perceive food/nourishment, to think of eating and drinking
in a different
way. What matters most is the change of perception and the
process and
change of consciousness.

What were the causes of Michael Werner¹s change of ³

1) As with everyone, he heard about this way of life from a family
who came to visit them.
2) His health had deteriorated seriously, and he had to think
about making
changes in the way he lived. He was intrigued by ³ food through
light ³ ever
since his family friend introduced him to it.

There has to be, however, a basic assumption which is that you
have to

believe in the possibility of ³ food/life/nourishment by means of
light ³
or at least have an open mind to consider this way of life as a real
possibility. In his lectures Werner assumes that the possibility of
³food by
means of light ³was not as real in the past as it is today. The
between a necessary conviction as a basis for ³food/nourishment
by light
³ and a different perception of matter are not discussed by him.
If the
possibility of ³food by means of light ³depends on one¹s own
wouldn¹t it imply then that consciousness per se has the
characteristics/qualities of light? If it wasn¹t possible in the past
live of food by means of light, did light itself change or did the
of human consciousness change or is it that humans have the
power/possibility to change their consciousness? Who and what
causes such

Werner assumed that only special human beings were able to
live by means of
light therefore excluding ³normal³ humans. There is no life
without light
and we can assimilate this life energy directly. Food by means of
light is
prana, chi, cosmic energy or etheric energy ( aetherische Energie
: Rudolf

Steiner ). It is a natural divine energy which exists in abundance.

Michael Werner¹s Experience of ³Food by means of Light²

After the 21 day process, to be precise in my case, I realized that
I was
somehow fed/nourished feeling a kind of a life force which I did
not feel in
the first couple of days. This life force feels differently than the
rhythm of eating, drinking, digesting and eliminating. Food by
means of
light is that feeding/nourishment is constantly taking place. Very
personalized daily meditations which I do at very specific times
during the
day, guide me intellectually and spiritually. I feel like a fish in
living in his/her natural environment, and being able to go
wherever I want
to go. Food by means of light is not nourishment or a
predetermined way of
eating and drinking to be able to live which forces us to do
something in
order to obtain something. To me, food by means of light is an
gift, a grace that I experience.
Life Energy

Light in this context cannot be defined in terms of dark and light

colors. These are effects of light. Light itself is invisible standing
for a
form of energy which exists in abundance. Light represents the
between the material and the spiritual/immaterial, the religious
world. In
everyday life we assume that energy and matter are not
compatible and are
independent of each other. However, since Einstein we know
that energy and
matter are identical. We used to think that matter is stable and
change its form to become energy. Steiner¹s contribution to
answer these
questions was that he considers all kind of matter as condensed,
compacted forms of light. According to Steiner, we eat solid food
stimulate our body to digest, but in reality through this
stimulation we
assimilate life force from our etheric ( aetherisch ) environment
condense this to matter. Our body is compressed, condensed

( Aetherisch meaning a higher form of the charkas, the spiritual
with the material entity)

I researched the issue of UV and viruses, and found a lot of

information that indicates that UV helps to destroy or inactivate
viruses. What follows is a good general article about health
of UV.

Wes --

UV or Not UV? That is the Question.

Many people wonder about the safety of ultraviolet light. In the
Century we were taught that UV is dangerous and to be afraid of
yet our ancestors lived outside and the sun did not make them
And we love to be outside on a sunny day. It makes us feel good.

Light is important, but what kind and how much? Full spectrum
has two parts: one visible, one invisible. The visible spectrum
consists of all the colors of natural sunlight. Think of a rainbow,
light broken up by a prism.

The invisible wavelengths are at each end of the visible color
spectrum. At the red end we have infrared wavelengths, or heat.
At the
violet end we have ultraviolet. Both are present outdoors even on

cloudy days. Beyond these positive wavelengths are other
of energy that are not so benign - radio frequencies,
frequencies, X-rays, cosmic rays, etc. These need to be
filtered or blocked.

Let's look at the wavelengths closest to each end of the visible
spectrum. We know that when we get too much of the infrared
wavelengths that produce heat, we can get heat stroke and die.
without infrared, we freeze to death. We believe the same holds
with ultraviolet wavelengths. We can get either too much or too
little. Too much ultraviolet can cause sunburn and eyestrain, yet
little ultraviolet can cause health challenges.

Ultraviolet light has three wavelength designations: UV-A, UV-
B, and
UV-C. Research points to dramatic health benefits with full
light that includes trace amounts of ultraviolet in the same
proportion that the sun emits, not the proportion that is used in
tanning beds. We believe light is healthiest when it has trace
of ultraviolet that is balanced in the same proportion we wanted
grades in school - mostly A, some B, and no C. That's what the

emits, more UV-A than UV-B.

What do you think? Is ultraviolet beneficial or not? Read the
and decide for yourself.
Ultraviolet Light


From PMS: Solving the Puzzle by Linaya Hahn, LNC, Chicago
Spectrum Press: 1995, pp. 89-91.

Ultraviolet (UV) light is commonly divided into three sections
depending on its wavelength: near-UV (UV-A), mid-UV (UV-B),
and far-UV
(UV-C). 1,2 UV-A tans us. UV-B stimulates the production of
Vitamin D3
in our skin3 and is essential for the absorption of calcium into
bones. 4 The natural oils produced by the skin after ultraviolet
exposure are capable of killing bacteria. 5 Niels Finsen received
Nobel Prize in 1903 for successfully treating tuberculosis skin
lesions with ultraviolet light. In fact, until penicillin was
discovered in 1938, the preferred method of treating a wide
variety of
infectious diseases was exposure to the sun and its ultraviolet
because sunlight was so effective in stimulating the patient's
immune system.

UV-C is another story. Although used in hospitals to kill bacteria
viruses, UV-C is widely considered to increase the risk of cancer.
Fortunately, most of the UV-C that the sun gives off is blocked
by the
ozone layer of the earth's atmosphere. Still, it is clear that
overexposure to the sun greatly increases your chance of
skin cancer. Regular, moderate exposure, however, may actually
decrease that chance. One rigorous study found that the
incidence of
malignant melanomas was considerably higher in office workers
than in
people who were regularly exposed to sunlight in their
occupations or
lifestyles. In fact, one of the lowest-risk groups was sunbathers.
They were only half as likely to get malignant skin cancer as the
office workers. 6

In his book Light: Medicine of the Future, 7 Jacob Liberman,
OD, PhD.,
lists ten benefits of ultraviolet A and B. The following points are
synopsis of his research.


UV light activates the synthesis of vitamin D, which is a
prerequisite for the absorption of calcium and other minerals
from the

In a controlled study, the group receiving UV absorbed 40
percent more calcium from their diet than their counterparts
received no UV. 8,9,10,11,12,13

UV light lowers blood pressure.
One study reported that ultraviolet light dramatically lowered
blood pressure after one treatment. The effect lasted five to six
days. 14

UV light increases the efficiency of the heart.
In 18 of 20 people tested, cardiac output increased an average
of 39 percent. In other words, their hearts became stronger and
more blood. 15

UV light improves electrocardiogram (EKG) readings and blood
profiles of individuals with atherosclerosis (hardening of the
arteries). 16,17,18,19

UV light reduces cholesterol.
In one experiment, 97 percent of the patients had almost a 13
percent decrease in serum cholesterol levels two hours after
first exposure. Within this group, 86 percent maintained this
level 24
hours later. 20


UV light assists in weight loss.
This may be because the UV stimulates the thyroid gland, which
increases metabolism and thus burns calories. 21

UV light is an effective treatment for psoriasis.
The National Psoriasis Foundation reports that 80 percent of
people suffering from this condition improve when exposed to
UV. 22

UV light is an effective treatment for many other diseases,
including tuberculosis and asthma. 23,24,25

UV light increases the level of sex hormones.
One medical laboratory found that estrogen has a sharp peak of
absorption in a portion of the UV-B range (290 manometers).
finding indicates that estrogen is most efficient when a woman is
exposed to UV wavelengths. 26

UV light activates solitrol, an important hormone in the skin
that works in conjunction with the pineal hormone melatonin.
Solitrol, possibly a form of vitamin D3, influences the immune
system as well as many of the body's regulatory centers.



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Note: The following references (#8-27) are based on the
of Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD, and are included his book Light:
of the Future (Santa Fe: Bear, 1991): pp. 141-44. They are used
his permission:

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It was dawn on August 25th, 2003. On that day Nikolai
Dolgoruki began living by the law of flowers. He stepped into his
porch and instructed his internal organs three times to feed on
space energy only. His body ran riot for two weeks. Nikolai
dreamed about eating butter rolls. Eventually, his hunger

vanished in the ozone. He became indifferent to food and found
complete peace of mind. Nikolai lost a mere 7 kilos after living
for nearly a hundred days of solar diet. He used to suffer from
pains in his heart and stomach. Nowadays Nikolai says his pains
have been gone along with his excess weight.
“The reason why I’ve become a “sun eater” has nothing to do
with cutting down on grocery bills,” says Nikolai with a smile.
“This is a spiritual way. Why do all the religions of the world
have Lent? It is designed to cleanse the soul and encourage the
human being to think more of things lofty and get rid of morally
low desires. Saying goodbye to food means a farewell to many
carnal dependencies. I consume space energy in place of natural
foodstuffs. But I had continually fasting for 14 years before I
stopped coarse food altogether. I ate only kasha, vegetables,
fruits and nuts. Then I switched to liquid foods – vegetable
broths, cocoa and hot chocolate. And one day it came as a
stunning revelation that I can do without any food. Since then
I’ve been living on a strict diet of tea with honey and some
boiling water with fish soup spices. I use only charged water that
is taken off the stovetop one moment before it boils. I drink
about ten cups a day. I get the rest of my food from the Sun and
Cosmos. I can even feel my blood getting rejuvenated.
I stopped feeling hunger a long time ago. The sun charges me
with energy as if I were a battery. Some day everybody will be
capable of running on solar energy. The trees and flower exist
because of photosynthesis. And man is part of nature. There is a
huge release of energy in the human body once man gets rid of
coarse food. It’s the energy that was previously used for
digestion. Man reaches a completely different level of mental
and physical development.”

“A sun eater is on a mission to bring light, goodness and
spiritual cleansing to the people. I help the people stay strong
and happy in this cruel world. I direct my thinking to other
”They put on record my personal achievement: I stared at the
sun for 13 hours.”


The "Light" can be illuminating, soothing, even necessary for
survival of self and others. It can also be blinding for those who
do not seek discovery.
Do not be blinded by the Light, embrace it, and you will be
relieved of the burdens you have carried wrongly for most all
your lives. The realization that what you thought you knew was
just an illussion may be frightening at first but rewarding in the
The good one does is best done in the Light for egos' sake,
recognition and gain. That which is done in the dark is best for
self, for as it was once said: Character is what one does when no
one is watching.

I strongly believe that the quote from Pliny Natural History 7.22
about the Gymnosophists standing first on one foot and then on
the other while SG was referring to the tree pose vriksha-asana.

Most probably while doing SG in this pose, they absorbed more
easily the energy from the sun as if they were trees.
"Standing straight on the left leg, bend the right leg and place
the right foot on the root of the left thigh. Stand thus like a tree
on the ground. This is called vriksha-asana." (Gheranda-samhita
When practicing vriksha-asana it may help to imagine or picture
a tree in the mind and apply the following technique: Imagine
that the foot you are balanced on is the root of the tree and the
leg is the trunk. Continue by imagining the head and
outstretched arms as the branches and leaves of the tree.

I think it’s a great idea to do SG while standing in the tree pose.

“SG seems to cement the thoughts you have while doing it. Is
this the experience of others? -- Careful what you think while
sun gazing, it could well be a way into the
occult. I would stay away from crystals myself.”
In my experience, the best thing is to not think while SG. I use to
pray while SG, because the prayer is keeping the thoughts away
and opens the heart. The sun is the ruler of the heart, in
astrology, and is the heart of our solar system. I say the prayer of
the heart while SG and it works for me.
Regarding sneezing while SGing. I have been one of those people
sneezes on occassion while SGing. In fact, before I SGed I used
always sneeze whenever I walked from a place of shade right
bright Sunlight, now I do so occassionally. I learned a while back

that the olfactory and the optic nerves in some people can be
close together...thus when the optic nerve gets a lot of sunlight
extra energy "jumps" over to the olfactory nerve causing a
sneeze. So
in this way you can actually demonstrate that you are getting
from the it is a blessing to sneeze when in Sunlight.


On Vinny's web site page on sungazing, he has this intriquing
"I have also been advised by several reputable sources that some
Native Americans, particularly priests, healers, seers and
also practiced sungazing. My afore-mentioned friend Patrick was
approached by an elderly Native American medicine man who
shared with
him his own practice and stories of sungazing in his culture; the
medicine man stated that he still sun-gazed to that day (this was
apparently in the late 1980's). He reported that his Native
tradition believed that if you look at the Sun and go to the heart
and thank Sun for life and for everything, and then ask for
something, your request will be fulfilled (kinda like instant

Here's another interesting quote from a message channeled by
Rose from the Trasorim, angels of the sun: "The human eye is
the only
eye of any mammal on earth that has 'the whites of the eyes'.
This is
because light goes forth from the eyes of the Children of Light
Love as well as into them. It is through the eye that information
sent to others. This is the meaning of "darshan, the gaze of the
master". When you look directly at the sun's rays, send intent,
visualizations, thoughts, feelings, and sensations of divine
and situations to bless all, and send any request, through the
nerve into the rays of the sun. It is important that the Children
Light send meditations and prayers while looking at the sun. In
way, blessings travel along rays of light to the sun and the sun
broadcasts this to all. This is the ancient way.

Because of the extraordinary power to change consciousness and
reality by communicating with the sun through the eyes, in times
repression, self seeking rulers broadcast reasons discouraging
Children of Light from looking directly at the sun, in an effort to
maintain control over them.

Looking at the sun at sunrise or sunset is safe on the eye, and
time, the eye is capable of looking for longer periods of time at
brighter light. Information is received by looking at the
of sunlight on water, or any other reflective surface. The light of
the moon, which reflects sunlight onto the earth at night, carries
the information of the sun's rays. Remember to send blessings
prayers as well as receive when you gaze at the light."

There are four passages in the New Testament where Jesus looks
up to
heaven (the sun?) right before he performs a miracle. These are
Matthew 14:19 & Luke 9:16, Mark 7:34, John 11:41, and John

I'd like to propose an experiment to everyone on this forum.
When you
sungaze on 9-11, express gratitude and love and send thoughts of
peace and mercy, visualizations of justice and prosperity, and
prayers that there be peace in the Middle East. Perhaps together
can work a miracle and change consciousness and reality.


On an inscribed pillar of stone found many years ago in
Germany, and now kept in one of the Museums in Berlin, the
sun is called the 'First-born,' the 'Son of God,' 'the Word' or

Logos -- all these being titles given later by Christians to Jesus
called the Christ. The sun in ancient Greece was also frequently
called Monogenes, 'the only begotten' or, rather more correctly
translated, the 'singly born.'
Cyprian calls Christ the Sol Verus, or 'true sun' ( De Orat. dom.,
par. 35.) while Ambrose speaks of Christ as Sol Novus Noster,
'Our New Sun.' (Sermo, VII, 13.)
These early Christians used many hymns addressed to the
Christ-Sun like the following verse from one such hymn:
Verusque Sol, illabere,
Micans nitore perpeti,
Jubarque Sancti Spiritus
Infunde nostris sensibus!
That is to say:
O Thou, REAL Sun, infill us,
Shining with perpetual light!
Splendor of the holy (Cosmic) Spirit
Pervade our minds!
The Manichaeans said that the Divine Sun was the Source of the
individual Christos-Spirit in man, which latter is a Ray of that
Cosmic Christos. The Christian Fathers Theodoret and Cyril of
Jerusalem attest this fact of Manichaean belief; and Pope Leo
called the 'Great' in the fifth century, in his Sermon No. LV on
the Epiphany, stated that the Manichaeans placed the Christos
of men in the luminous substance of the Invisible Sun.
Many of the Church-Fathers, among them Tertullian and
Jerome, tell us that on December 25th (or what is the same
thing, on the seventh day before the Kalends of January,
according to the old reckoning of the Romans), it was held by
many so-called pagans that an incarnation of a Ray from the
God-Sun, as the solar divinity was then called, was born in

human form in a cave or grotto. In Syria and Phoenicia, this
God-Sun, Greek and Roman writers say, was called Adonis, a
word evidently having a Semitic root, for Adon in Hebrew means
'Lord.' In Phrygia, the same mystic incarnation of the solar Spirit
was called Atys; and in Persia the same human incarnation was
called Mithras. This word Mithras is etymologically interesting,
because, while it is found in the Avesta, which is one of the
collection of books comprising the religion of the ancient
Persians, it is likewise well known in the Sanskrit literature of
old India under the form Mitra. The original meaning of this
word is 'friend, companion.' This solar divinity of the Persians,
Mithras, likewise was said to have been born in a cave or grotto;
and equally with Adonis, the birthday of Mithras was celebrated
on December 25th, immediately following the Winter-Solstice,
and evidently intended to be or supposed to be the astronomical
date of the Winter-Solstice itself. In the case of Mithras, this
festival was commemorated as the 'Birthday of Mithras,' often
called the 'Night of Light.' The idea evidently was that this
incarnation was that of a Ray of the Logos, or a high spiritual
intermediary between the Divine and man; and for that reason,
unquestionably, the divinity was called Friend, Mediator, and
later Savior, Redeemer.
On December 25th of each year was also celebrated in Italy, and
more especially perhaps in Rome, what was there called the 'new
birth' of the 'Unconquered Sun,' the Sol Invictus, as may be seen
in the Roman calendars that have come down to us.
The Venerable Bede, an old English chronicler, writing in the
seventh century of the Christian Era of the Island of Britain, his
native country, tells us that the ancient Anglo-Saxons, whom he
shortly calls the Angli, "began the year on December the 25th
when we now celebrate the birthday of the Lord."

And the very night which is now so holy to us they called in their
own tongue modra necht and their meaning is 'Night of the
Mothers,' by reason of the ceremonies, we believe, that they
performed in that night-long vigil.
This was about the motherhood, very likely of the Celestial
Virgin, in giving birth to man's greatest Friend and Illuminator.

Aristotle in his De Caelo (II, 12) speaks of the Pythagoreans who
taught that "it is wrong to give the earth the central position"
and that at the center "is fire, and the earth is one of the stars,
creating night and day by its circular motion about the center."
Writing to Gelon, King of Syracuse, Archimedes (287-212 B.C.)
details the beliefs of his older contemporary Aristarchus: "His
hypotheses are that the fixed stars and the sun remain unmoved,
that the earth revolves about the sun in the circumference of a
circle, lying in the middle of the orbit" (The Sand Reckoner).
Plutarch (46-120 A.D.) describes the views of Cleanthes, another
contemporary of Aristarchus, who
. . . thought it was the duty of the Greeks to indict Aristarchus of
Samos on the charge of impiety for putting in motion the Hearth
of the universe [i.e. the earth], . . . supposing the heaven to
remain at rest and the earth to revolve in an oblique circle, while
it rotates, at the same time, about its own axis. -- On the
Apparent Face in the Orb of the Moon, vi.
This last reveals clearly the handicaps under which philosophers
and scientists labored. In the words of Will Durant, "perhaps a
distaste for hemlock moved Aristarchus to be the Galileo as well
as the Copernicus of the ancient world" (Life of Greece, p. 634).
Even the great Hellenistic scientists, such as Hipparchus, who
argued against a sun-centered system, may only have been

following the regulations laid down by the Mysteries relating to
this topic.
Turning to other civilizations, Plutarch wrote in his Platonic
Questions (viii, 2) that Seleucis the Babylonian in the 2nd
century B.C. defended the heliocentric system. In the New
World, it was reported that when the Spaniards conquered Peru,
they found that there the sun had always been conceived of as
the center of our solar world. (What a crime it was to burn the
Mayan and Aztec books!) H. P. Blavatsky notes that Confucius
(600 B.C.) and his school taught "the sphericity of the Earth and
even the heliocentric system" (The Secret Doctrine,1:441).
In India's Vishnu-Purana (II, ch. viii) we find the following:
Of the sun, which is always in one and the same place, there is
neither setting nor rising, for what are called rising and setting
are only the seeing and not seeing the sun.
On these lines the able Sanskrit scholar, Fitzedward Hall,
comments, "the Heliocentricism taught in this passage is
As late as the 4th century A.D., the Roman emperor Julian said
in his "Oration to the Sovereign Sun":
For the planets dance about him as their king, in certain
intervals, fixed in relation to him, and revolve in a circle with
perfect accord, making certain halts, and pursuing to and fro
their orbit, as those who are learned in the study of the spheres
call their visible motions . . .
From these references it is clear, I believe, that from the purely
astronomical point of view, the ancients were by no means
ignorant of the sun's true place and function, and very probably
it was only their vows of secrecy that prevented scientists of
those days from a more explicit discussion of the subject.

On an inscribed pillar of stone found many years ago in
Germany, and now kept in one of the Museums in Berlin, the
sun is called the 'First-born,' the 'Son of God,' 'the Word' or
Logos -- all these being titles given later by Christians to Jesus
called the Christ. The sun in ancient Greece was also frequently
called Monogenes, 'the only begotten' or, rather more correctly
translated, the 'singly born.'
Cyprian calls Christ the Sol Verus, or 'true sun' ( De Orat. dom.,
par. 35.) while Ambrose speaks of Christ as Sol Novus Noster,
'Our New Sun.' (Sermo, VII, 13.)
These early Christians used many hymns addressed to the
Christ-Sun like the following verse from one such hymn:
Verusque Sol, illabere,
Micans nitore perpeti,
Jubarque Sancti Spiritus
Infunde nostris sensibus!
That is to say:
O Thou, REAL Sun, infill us,
Shining with perpetual light!
Splendor of the holy (Cosmic) Spirit
Pervade our minds!
The Manichaeans said that the Divine Sun was the Source of the
individual Christos-Spirit in man, which latter is a Ray of that
Cosmic Christos. The Christian Fathers Theodoret and Cyril of
Jerusalem attest this fact of Manichaean belief; and Pope Leo
called the 'Great' in the fifth century, in his Sermon No. LV on
the Epiphany, stated that the Manichaeans placed the Christos
of men in the luminous substance of the Invisible Sun.
Many of the Church-Fathers, among them Tertullian and
Jerome, tell us that on December 25th (or what is the same
thing, on the seventh day before the Kalends of January,

according to the old reckoning of the Romans), it was held by
many so-called pagans that an incarnation of a Ray from the
God-Sun, as the solar divinity was then called, was born in
human form in a cave or grotto. In Syria and Phoenicia, this
God-Sun, Greek and Roman writers say, was called Adonis, a
word evidently having a Semitic root, for Adon in Hebrew means
'Lord.' In Phrygia, the same mystic incarnation of the solar Spirit
was called Atys; and in Persia the same human incarnation was
called Mithras. This word Mithras is etymologically interesting,
because, while it is found in the Avesta, which is one of the
collection of books comprising the religion of the ancient
Persians, it is likewise well known in the Sanskrit literature of
old India under the form Mitra. The original meaning of this
word is 'friend, companion.' This solar divinity of the Persians,
Mithras, likewise was said to have been born in a cave or grotto;
and equally with Adonis, the birthday of Mithras was celebrated
on December 25th, immediately following the Winter-Solstice,
and evidently intended to be or supposed to be the astronomical
date of the Winter-Solstice itself. In the case of Mithras, this
festival was commemorated as the 'Birthday of Mithras,' often
called the 'Night of Light.' The idea evidently was that this
incarnation was that of a Ray of the Logos, or a high spiritual
intermediary between the Divine and man; and for that reason,
unquestionably, the divinity was called Friend, Mediator, and
later Savior, Redeemer.
On December 25th of each year was also celebrated in Italy, and
more especially perhaps in Rome, what was there called the 'new
birth' of the 'Unconquered Sun,' the Sol Invictus, as may be seen
in the Roman calendars that have come down to us.
The Venerable Bede, an old English chronicler, writing in the
seventh century of the Christian Era of the Island of Britain, his

native country, tells us that the ancient Anglo-Saxons, whom he
shortly calls the Angli, "began the year on December the 25th
when we now celebrate the birthday of the Lord."
And the very night which is now so holy to us they called in their
own tongue modra necht and their meaning is 'Night of the
Mothers,' by reason of the ceremonies, we believe, that they
performed in that night-long vigil.
This was about the motherhood, very likely of the Celestial
Virgin, in giving birth to man's greatest Friend and Illuminator.


would you rather have joy and happiness or speculate
on the existence adn science of it? Same with Sunlight
just enjoy the effects.. most research does not get
into the experiential being of it. the real thing.

The research on mirror neurons is quite profound in
many areas including mimicing geniuses or other humans
or behavoirs.

In the arena of consciousness it

The Observer is the Observed (from quantum physics)
so you actually ARE the Sun when you look at it in
that context.. and this is beyond analysis.

Also your events related to psyche and the thigs tht
occired many years ago with you and psychologists is

over gone and done.

It wont happen again.

So have fun with it now.


I'll be specific about what I most often see when I gaze upon the

Pure white (due to full spectrum of colors) energy orb, pulsating
simultaneously rotating (vortex action/spinning); and in
relation to
the vortex spinning action, I see various sunspots moving
around the
solar surface. Sometimes, especially when I do a continuous,
non-blinking stare, I see various colors emanating outward (like
aura) from the Sun; this seems to most often happen within the
15-30 minutes of Sunrise, and last 15-30 minutes of Sunset.
a black or blue color to the solar orb, that only seems to happen
the intensity level gets really high, and I speculate that this
indicates some degree of retinal overload. However, my use of
quartz crystals makes this a much rarer occurrence for me at this

point, as the crystals make the sungazing a lot easier on my eyes,
compared to gazing at the Sun without them.

I don't interpret any of this as anything religious; these
observations all have scientific reasons.

The Glory of the Sun Meditation

It is believed that the Sun Meditations were originally a practise
that was reserved for only priests and priestesses and selected
initiates. It is a powerful practise that should be performed with
conscious participation. The meditations ground energy through
the individual into the earth. It is recommended to begin with
one meditation every seven days and gradually build up as you
integrate the energies. Increase the frequency of the meditations
according to your intuition. The Sun Meditations are to be
performed as follows:

• Fifteen minutes before sunrise or sunset, stand with your feet
firmly planted on the ground, preferably with bare feet. This is
indeed a magickal time when the light from the sun creates
magnificent colours.
• Breathe long and deep, at first with your eyes closed. Begin by
focussing your attention at your feet and as you deeply inhale,
draw energy from the earth below you, through the back of your
legs, to meet at the base of the spine.
• Continue inhaling, feeling the energy rise up the spine, through
the crown of your head and out to greet the Universe. Hold the
breath for a moment and then slowly begin to exhale as the
energy is brought back through your body, to meet the earth


• Visualise the energy moving in golden beams as the Golden
rays of the Great Central Sun are infused into every fibre of your
being. Continue breathing in this circular manner as the energy
of the Earth and Sun make acquaintance with you.
• While breathing, raise your arms with the palms facing towards
the sun. Keep your arms straight and allow solar energy to enter
into your palms and pulse through your arms. Keep your
breathing steady and well established.
• Open your eyes, lower your arms and allow yourself to absorb
the sun’s rays while you enjoy the beauty of dawn or dusk.

This meditation was gifted to me, and I have made a few changes
to it over time. I am unaware of the original author. I'd like to
credit her or him and say thanks... (from
Yes, the swirling and turning is just the Sun's vortex
spinning/rotating. According to what I've read, the Sun spins on
imaginary "axis" just like the Earth does, but at a much faster
So, when sungazing I seem to be able to see that, and to also be
to see the sunspots changing position as this happens. This is
easily noticeable at lower intensity times (near Sunrise/Sunset).

Something I didn't mention in the previous post is that I can see
pulses of energy coming out of the Sun as I gaze upon it, moving
outward in "circles" in all directions. I notice that most readily

when looking just to the side, instead of a direct view. I change
position of my gaze regularly during a sungazing session. I often
the outer perimeter of the Sun, and this seems to help induce
more of
a deeper focus and deep immersion into the sungazing
experience, as
well as helps me to be able to notice more finer details of the
Sun. I
usually gaze for about an hour duration at sunrise, sometimes
sometimes less.

Regarding your question about if I do relaxed focus to split up
Sun into two images: no, I don't do that. I've tried it a few times
and it felt very uncomfortable to me. I don't think that it's
necessary to do that to get equal energy input into each eye. I
that I'm getting the full energy through each eye while sungazing
the usual manner and seeing the Sun as one uniform image, with
eyes working in focused tandem. Sometimes, when the intensity
really high, I'll sungaze with one eye closed and the other
That gives one eye a rest while still taking in the sunlight/energy
through an open eye. I think that the method you are referring to

actually can be counterproductive because it is actually taking
Sun out of focus, and so the light rays are coming through the
out of focus and distorted. If doing that sort of thing when not
sungazing, such as when reading this message, what happens is
that the
text shows up as a blur. So I'm thinking that the sungazing
would actually be reduced if doing that during sungazing.

I can understand your concerns after your psychiatric ordeal. I
we need to be careful about who we talk to about sungazing. Not
everyone will understand, and some may think you may be
causing damage
to yourself and/or are crazy, etc.. People will often judge hardest
from a position of ignorance, with contempt prior to complete


Most of you know who Gene Savoy is. To those who don't, he is
explorer and researcher of ancient solar religions. He has
dozens of hidden cities in the jungles of South America, mostly
cities in Peru. But more importantly, he has uncovered the lost
teachings of the Essenes, which include sungazing. He's been

sungazing since sometime in the 60s, I believe. His book
"Project X:
The Search for the Secrets of Immortality," has some interesting
ideas and stories related to sungazing. I was able to contact him
email and these are his answers (in caps) to my questions:

Would the return of Christ be the second coming or is it the new
the sun of
righteousness, or both?


Do you feel Quetzalcoatl's prophecy and that of
Malachi about the Sun of Righteousness burning the
wicked and healing the righteous will soon be
fulfilled? Some think that the unusual activity of the
sun in the middle of the current solar cycle will lead
up to catastrophic solar flares when it reaches it's
peak in 2012, which is also the end of the Mayan

What can we do to prepare for this?

Is there a universal "science of the spirit" that was the basis of

civilization in every part of the globe? Is sungazing
a part of this science? What else is part of it? Why
did civilizations like the Mayas and Incas degenerate
into human sacrifice?

The Paradosis or true gospel of Jesus was never put
into print and only taught by word of mouth. Who
taught it to you? Was it divine revelation? How do you
ensure that students of Jamilian University don't
divulge this teaching to the uninitiated?

Sungazing is becoming more popular along with
sunbathing, walking barefoot, eating raw foods and
fasting. These practices lead to better health, but
will they lead to enlightenment? What more should
people do to become spiritually healthy?


What were some of the most remarkable discoveries
that you made when you uncovered 43 lost cities in the
jungles of South America? The Peruvian authorities
barred National Geographic magazine and other
media from entering the 40 square mile city you
discovered two years ago. I heard it was "the
discovery of the millenium." What didn't they want
them to photograph?

Most historians think that the Essenes had their
roots in the solar doctrines of Zoroastrianism which
the Jews adopted during the Babylonian captivity in
the 6th century B.C. In light of the fact that
Akhenaton's Hymn to the Sun is almost identical to
Psalm 104 and that Joseph and Jacob may have been in
Egypt around the time of Akhenaton or shortly
thereafter, could the solar doctrines of Akhenaton
also have had an influence on the Essenes?

In "Project X" you wrote that the solar priests of
the Incas and Mayas knew the language of light beings
beyond the physical world and that this language was a
language of symbols different from alphabetical ones -

ideograms. Are these light beings angels?

Is this language the same Enochian script that the alchemist
John Dee received from angels?

Are angelic words sung
at a certain meter and intonation?

You wrote concerning the Essenes: : "Nurtured on God's Light as
True Bread of Life, these Sons of God spoke the language of
Is God's Light the spiritual component of sunlight?

How is being nurtured on God's Light related to being able to
the language of angels. Is it a language of light? Are the
mantras used by Incan priests to evoke solar light beings, the
Sanskrit mantras of Tibetan master used to evoke pitris

and the Enochian chants used by the alchemist John Dee to
angels different forms of the language of angels? Did the Essenes
also use Hebrew chants to evoke angels?

Is it something that can be accessed anywhere, even in the

The sun rituals in various cultures use reflected or focused
off crystals, lenses, copper coins or gold mirrors. Do these tools
actually tune in sunlight like a radio tunes in radio signals, do
they change the consciousness of the observer, or both?


Maurice Cotterell, in "The Lost Tomb of Viracocha," deciphered
secret code hidden in the Statue of Viracocha and the Gateway of
Sun at Tiahuanaco. He says it contains instructions for a
ritual to be performed at Autumn Equinox and involved moving
the head
and tongue from left to right while alternately closing and
the eyes. This is remarkably similar to a sungazing Mithraic
that was supposed to result in levitation. I tried this recently and
experienced a thrust of energy from the base of my spine that
propelled me up out of my chair. Can you shed any light on the
ultimate purpose and metaphysics of this ritual?


In the Bible, it records that Jesus, just before he performed a
miracle, as in raising Lazarus from the dead, "lifted up his eyes."
Was he sungazing? And is sungazing a two-way stream of
such that whatever you ask for in prayer while gazing at the sun
a much better chance of manifesting?

I read a few chapters from a "Search in Secret India" by Paul

He mentioned that when the Maharishi was living on the
hill in a cave, he would be seen gazing for hours at the sun as it
would be setting. The author said he found this remarkable
given how
bright the sun was in Tiruvanamalai.

Meanwhile I'm at about 7 min. using HRM protocol here in Sri

Sungazing is a practice which just keeps making life brighter!

Wes and all,

Let me start with saying that sungazing is not just a form of
sunlight intake. It is the beginning of understanding that Sun is
not only the source of life on Earth, but is itself/himself alive. I
sent a post about the STRONG INCREASE IN SOLAR
ACTIVITY, that is ignored by the majority of scientists simply
because it doesn’t fit what they currently know about the sun.
They are still talking about the greenhouse effect as the main
cause of global warming. They cannot possibly accept that sun
might manifest some kind of free will, leading to unexplainable

You said: “The more in duality and imbalance one is, the less at
peace one is, due to the duality resulting in conflict, which is a
consequence of resistance, and what one resists, persists.”
BTW duality exists as a ”factual truth”, as you call it. Think
about the computer you are using right now: is uses binary logic
based on 1/0 or true/false values. You wouldn’t be able to speak
in a coherent manner without using the binary logic and Boolean
algebra. If something is truth and false at the same time, then it
has no meaning.
On the other hand I frequently refer to ancient wisdom, that is
ignored today , because the wheel was discovered many

thousands of years ago and I see no point in trying to rediscover
As can be seen from The Life of Apollonius of Tyana, by
Philostratus {220 AD} there are two very different paths that
were used to venerate and make sacrifices to the Sun. It also can
be seen that those that are identifying themselves with the sun
(even taking pseudo-names as Sun) are far from being
The king [of Babylon] addressed him in the Greek language and
invited him to sacrifice with him and it chanced that he was on
the point of sacrificing to the Sun as a victim a horse of the true
Nisaean breed, which he had adorned with trappings as if for a
triumphal procession.
But Apollonius replied:
And he took up a handful of frankincense and said:
"O thou Sun, send me as far over the earth as is my pleasure and
thine, and may I make the acquaintance of good men, but never
hear anything of bad ones, nor they of me."
And with these words he threw the frankincense into the fire,
and watched to see how the smoke of it curled upwards, and how
it grew turbid, and in how many points it shot up; and in a
manner he caught the meaning of the fire, and watched how it
appeared of good omen and pure.
Then he said:
"Now, O king, go on with your sacrifice in accordance with your
own traditions, for my traditions are such as you see."
And he quitted the scene of sacrifice in order not to be present at
the shedding of blood. (from chapter “The King of Babylon”)
When they had thus conversed, for by this time it was daylight,
they went out into the open. And Apollonius, understanding that

the king [from India] had to give audience to embassies and
such-like said:
"You then, O king, must attend to the business of state, but let
me go and devote this hour to the Sun, for I must needs offer up
to him my accustomed prayer."
"And I pray he may hear your prayer," said the king, "for he will
bestow his grace on all who find pleasure in your wisdom” (from
chapter “On Buried Treasure”)
Apollonius, who found an interpreter in Iarchas said:
"And what have you gained, O king, by refusing to be a
"What have I gained? Why, the whole of virtue and the
identification of myself with the Sun."
Then the other, by way of checking his pride and muzzling him,
"If you were a philosopher, you would not entertain such
"And you," replied the king, "since you are a philosopher, what is
your fancy about yourself, my fine fellow ?"
"That I may pass," replied Apollonius, "for being a good man, if
only I can be a philosopher."
Thereupon the king stretched out his hand to heaven and
"By the Sun, you come here full of Phraotes." (from chapter “The
Folly of the King”)
"Am I," said Apollonius, "to regard the universe as a living
"Yes," said the other, "if you have a sound knowledge of it, for it
engenders all living things."

"Shall I then," said Apollonius, "call the universe female, or of
both the male and the opposite gender ?"
"Of both genders," said the other, "for by commerce with itself it
fulfils the role both of mother and father in bringing forth living
creatures; and it is possessed by a love for itself more intense
than any separate being has for its fellow, a passion which knits
it together into harmony. (from chapter “The Elements of
Nature & the Nature of the Cosmos”)
Wayne wrote:
> Om Bhur bhuvaha svahah

Not a Sanskrit scholar, but couldn't let this pass:

'svahah' should be 'svar'

Actually this is a very common mistake made with the Gayatri
Almost everybody, even in India, seems to get it wrong, unless
there's some
variation of 'svar' that reads 'svaha' 'Svar-ha' I could understand.
'svaha' and 'svar' have different meanings. The first line evokes
the three
lokas, 'svar' being the heavens.

Don't have the time to explain in detail right now, but you can
look it up.

[Sanskrit text in Devanagari script]
[Transliteration: om bhur bhuvah svah]
"om bhur bhuvas svar"

In Vedic ritual the sacred syllable "Om" is often accompanied by
three other
sacred sounds called vyahrtis ("utterances" or "calls"),
representing (among
other things) the three regions of the universe: the earthly region
the intermediate region (bhuvas), and the heavenly region

[end quote]
'Svahah' is an exclamation given at the end of prayers - sort of
like 'Amen'
Also a goddess, I believe. Google shows:

Sanskrit Kali Mantra - SANSKRIT -
Svaha (Sanskrit). A customary exclamation meaning "May it be
perpetuated" or
rather, "so be it". ... svaha is the Sanskrit word for homage or
proclaimation ...
1b5605bf1721 - 43k
- Cached - Similar pages

Svaha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Whenever fire sacrifices are made, "Svaha" is chanted, as per
Agni's order.
In Hinduism and Buddhism, "Svaha" (Sanskrit: sv?h?) is a
component in
mantras ... - 18k - Cached - Similar pages

Svaha at AllExperts
In Hinduism Svaha is a minor goddess wife of Agni She was
originally a nymph
... and Buddhism Svaha Sanskrit svh is a component in Buddhist
mantra s used
Ramon and all,

"The Sun is the soul of the world (Rik-Samhita)"

Some quotes from Rik Samhita:

“He is one who is our father, our protector, our guide who knows
all the worlds, all cosmos; He is but one though many in names,
and him, many question, and seek to know”
“Oh Agni! You are the friend of all born creatures. You are the
most loved one, and the dearest of those that love you.
“I consider Agni as my father, my brother and the good-willed
friend. I worship your worthy face as the bright and lovely orb of
the great Sun”.
“Oh great Benefactor! Oh you with unsurpassable might! You
have become (by your own will) our Father and Mother. We
crave for your Mercy”

Please note that the god of celestial fire, Agni, is called “our
father” (just as is God in Christianity) and “the friend of all born
creatures” (Mitra means friend, hence from here was derived the
sun god Mithra). In the end, Agni, whose face is the Sun, is
acknowledged as both our father and mother, containing both
male and female principles.

In the Hindu view, Yajnavalkya stands distinguished both in the
Shrutis and in the Smritis, and he is especially known for his
unsurpassed spiritual wisdom and power. The seer of a Shukla
Yajurveda (a version of Yajurveda, attributed to Yajnavalkya see
White Yajurveda) from Lord Surya or the Sun God, the revealer
of knowledge of Brahman to Janaka the king of Mithila and
others, Yajnavalkya hails supreme among sages of sacred
memory. As to his obtaining the Shukla Yajurveda (White
Yajurveda) from the Sun God, there is the following story.
According to the Indian tradition, he was the son of sage
Devarata and was the pupil of sage Vaishampayana. Once,
Vaishampayana got angry with Yajnavalkya as the latter
displayed too much sense of pride in being abler than other
students. The angry teacher asked his pupil Yajnavalkya to give
back all the knowledge of Yajurveda he got from him.
As per the demands of his Guru, Yajnavalkya vomited all the
knowledge that he acquired from his teacher in form of eaten
food. It is known as Krishna Yajurveda or Black-yajurveda on
account of it being a vomited substance. It is also called
Taittiriya Samhita.
Then Yajnavalkya determined not to have any human guru
thereafter. Thus he began to propitiate the Sun God, Surya.
Yajnavalkya worshipped and extolled the Sun, the master of the

Vedas, for the purpose of acquiring the fresh Vedic portions not
known to his preceptor, Vaishampayana.
The Sun God, the glorious Lord Hari, pleased with Yajnavalkya’s
penance, assumed the form of a horse and taught the sage such
fresh portions of the Yajurveda as were not known to any other.
This portion of the Yajurveda goes by the name of Shukla
Yajurveda or White-yajurveda. It is also known as Vajasaneya
Yajurveda, because it was evolved in great rapidity by Surya in
the form of a horse through his manes. In Sanskrit term "Vaji"
means horse. (Remember that the king from Babylon sacrificed
a horse to the sun god)
Yajnavalkya married two wives. One was Maitreyi and the other
Katyayani. Of the two, Maitreyi was a Brahmavadini ( one who is
interested in the knowledge of Brahman )
Yajnavalkya elaborately described to her the sole greatness of
the Absolute Self, the nature of Its existence, the way of attaining
infinite knowledge and immortality, etc. This immortal
conversation between Yajnavalkya and Maitreyi is recorded in
the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. The central theme of the
discourse is this:
"All things are dear, not for their sake, but for the sake of the
Self. This Self alone exists everywhere. It cannot be understood
or known, for It alone is the Understander and the Knower. Its
nature cannot be said to be positively as such. It is realised
through endless denials as ‘not this, not this’. The Self is self-
luminous, indestructible, unthinkable".
Remember, pride (ego) belongs to Black-yajurveda, while
penance opens the path to the Sun and to White-yajurveda.


Edgar Cayce in one of his readings says that magnetism, light,
electricity as seen here on Earth originated from our Sun.
According to him, there is a heirachy of these items and one or
of them can produce the others. All chemicals (wood, fire, air,
earth, not sure where ether stands) are a byproduct of these

Sage Yajnavalkya of Mithila (perhaps 900 BC) composed the
astronomical text Shatapatha Brahmana. He is the first to
propose the concept of heliocentrism (the idea that the Sun is at
the centre of the solar system and the Earth is moving around
it). He refers to the Earth as a sphere and the Sun as the "centre
of spheres". Based on this heliocentric model, he proposes a 95-
year cycle to synchronize the motions of the Sun and the Moon,
which gives the average length of the tropical year as 365.24675
days, which is only 6 minutes longer than the modern value of
365.24220 days.

The super string theory consideres that the galaxies and solar
systems are linked by super strings (Stephen Hawking).
3000 years ago Yajnavalkya stated: "The sun strings these
worlds - the earth, the planets, the atmosphere - to himself on a
thread." (Shatapatha Brahmana
He also accurately measured the relative distances of the Sun
and the Moon from the Earth as 108 times the diameters of

these heavenly bodies, close to the modern measurements of
107.6 for the Sun and 110.6 for the Moon.

Now let’s see how important is number 108 in some spiritual

The Sikh tradition has a mala of 108 knots tied in a string of
wool, rather than beads.

The Chinese Buddhists and Taoists use a 108 bead mala, which
is called su-chu, and has three dividing beads, so the mala is
divided into three parts of 36 each. Chinese astrology says that
there are 108 sacred stars.

There are said to be a total of 108 energy lines (nadis)
converging to form the heart chakra. One of them, sushumna
leads to the crown chakra, and is said to be the path to Self-

There are 108 names of Shiva.

Wes and all,

I think the divine doesn’t need anything from us. From my POW,
the only reason of the rituals is to bring a proper mental state
that will facilitate the communication and merging with the
divine. SG is such a ritual. The Sun doesn’t need it, but some of
us need it, based on the pleasant state we get as a result. So, even
if we might have started to SG based on a choice of the mind, we

continue the practice based on the choice of the heart. The next
step and the most difficult, is to establish a bi-directional
communication with the Sun, to get a feedback from the sun.
But that is not possible unless one has purified his heart to a
significant level.


At one of HRM's lectures, a sungazer I knew, who had a lot of
enthusiasm and high expectations at first but quit a year later,
up to me and said, "You know, Wayne, I started sungazing with
powerfully good intentions. - I WANTED this to work. I followed
instructions to the letter. I read everything I could on the
I sunbathed in the nude every day. I even had sand dumped in
our back
yard so I could walk barefoot every day. I'm not sorry we did it -
even though it was extremely difficult with our schedules. I
for neuropathy (burning in the toes and pad in front of the toes)
various other minor things, but saw no improvement. I
approached it
with an open mind and heart, just like a child. But I got no
What did I do wrong?"

I told her in an email after much pondering that "When children
jump rope, are they doing it to lose weight, build muscle or
cardiovascular endurance? Do they test themselves every so
often to
see if they're making progress, and do they give up when they
meet expectations? Of course not. Children play jump rope for
sheer joy of playing. HRM says that with sungazing, your life will
become blissful, death will be a pleasant transition, and life after
death will be a heaven. Jesus said "Truly, I say
unto you, unless you turn and become like children, you will
enter the kingdom of heaven." Matt 18:2. A little child doesn't
expectations because he or she is too much in the present
enjoying life. When you're not in the eternal now while
when you're thinking about results, you're not like a little child.
And you won't experience results, because what happens is that
subconscious mind begins to play a broken record: `This isn't
working. This isn't working. This isn't working….' You know,
all gods in the making. We create our own reality. If we
subconsciously believe that sungazing isn't working, even if
consciously we affirm it, then it won't work for us."

"So become as a little child; sungaze for the pure pleasure of the
experience itself. Sri Aurobindo, at whose ashram HRM first
about sungazing, said `Be inspired, but don't aspire.' When you
at the sun, pour your love and gratitude out with no
and you will be inspired. In other words, the spirit in and behind
the sun will enter in to the seat of the soul in your third eye, and
you will be blissed out. I can give you a scientific explanation of
how sunlight, entering the eyes, activates the pineal gland or
eye, causing it to secrete the neurochemical serotonin, which has
uplifting effect on your mood. But we are more than just glands
neurochemicals; we are the product of our thoughts. And if those
thoughts say `How much longer do I have to stand here looking
at the
sun?' or `This isn't working' or `I must look like a fool,' then
will create tension in the brain that will effectively stop the
pineal gland from producing serotonin."

It's easy to fall into the trap of aspiring for results if you've
heard one of HRM's lectures. He tells people that after 10
your vision improves, after 15 minutes you have better mental
and addictions and psychosomatic illnesses go away, after 30

serious illnesses are healed, and after 45 minutes, you lose the
desire for food and other things and become spiritual. People get
really excited and can't wait to sungaze. They start out with high
hopes, but, like my friend, sooner or later become discouraged,
because they don't experience what HRM promised.

I'm going to email HRM about this problem. Hopefully he will
his lecture. There's a fine line between inspiring people enough
start sungazing and causing them to aspire to much.


When I was moderating on the life mysteries forum, I got to why
people failed at achieving the results they wanted. For one, they
were fixated on the thought that it was SOLELY the Sun that was
responsible for any benefits/detriments. They CONSISTENTLY
to see that it is the barefoot walking on Earth (not on concrete,
not on the top of a building, not from inside the house looking
a window) that is a BIG factor in achieving results. Also they
to think that they can eat poorly, drink tons of alcohol, and not
pay attention to their stress levels and STILL have the practice of
Sungazing do it's magic on them. Honestly, this is like eating a
box of donuts and a salad and expecting to still lose weight

you ate the salad! People need to understand the concept of
input versus energy output. I got literally TONS of emails from
people who were successful with the SGIng to lose weight, to be
to fast for extended periods of time, or be healed of certain
ailments. Most of the ailments that they alleviated or eliminated
were issues such as glocoma, vision issues, diabetes, and blood

I don't think that it is HRM's lecture that needs a change as you
suggest below. I think it is people's attitudes towards
the fact that they do things half heartedly, and that they don't
keep a journal and regularly examine their journal entries to
them discern why they are not achieving the results they want.
should track things like what they ate or drank, when the SGed,
long they walked, were they near power lines, did they get
sleep, did they exercise, etc. This is how I discovered that Vit-C
+ Salt gives me the ability to SG for longer periods of time
any discomfort. I observed what I was doing on the days it was
easier and was able then to reproduce the results in my own
experiment with myself.

I have to confirm what used to say Vinny and now Wayne: one
should have no expectations from SG. That’s why it will never
qualify for a technique or a method for achieving certain results.
Denying it will be like refuting the existence of God’s Grace and
believing that prayers or an ascetic life are a sure method to
know God.
IMHO SG should be approached as some pleasant practice that
changes the mental disposition for the better. No thoughts about
any purpose should be present in the mind while SG. SG is not
about matter, but about spirit, is not about healing the body, but
about healing the spirit. For material results, the best thing is
sunbathing and barefoot walking.
From my experience, SG works the best when you open the heart
towards the sun as to a highly purified living being. At this point,
there’s no method or technique to employ. Is more about feeling
joy/bliss and gratitude as if sun is your best friend and helper.
To conclude, SG is not a panacea, is not an “all in one wonder”.
What it really is, one can understand after at least one year of
daily practice, regardless any method or restriction. Jut do is
when and as long as you find it enjoyable. Longer sessions don’t
guarantee a quicker “progress”. IMHO several minutes of SG
daily are more advisable and beneficial, on long term, than
extended sessions, that might exhaust you at some point and will
cause a rejection of SG. Nothing forced/imposed works for long.



This was not the case with my friend. She barefoot walked on
sand 45

minutes every day. She ate a mostly raw food diet. She obviously
didn't do sun imbibing half-heartedly. That's her problem; she
all her will into it. You have to surrender your will, not engage it.
That might be okay with an exercise program, but not sun
HRM definitely paints an idealistic picture of quick, dramatic
results and sets people up for disappointment. And he doesn't
seem to
care. His response to my friend's questions was, "Don't get
discouraged; just keep sungazing. With some people the benefits
delayed, but they will come." He didn't convince her, so she's not
going to continue. Sorry to be so blunt, but I think a lot of
sungazers are in her position. I do like your idea of keeping a
journal though.



I think you can get spiritual results from sunbathing and
walking too as well as sun-charged water. And with these too you
shouldn't aspire for results. Your right about feelings. I think
gratitude is the key. HRM told people that in general sungazing
minutes a day after reaching 44 minutes is adequate and doing it
longer or going back up to 44 isn't necessary. However, he told

woman that she could go down to 30 minutes and stay there.
When I
asked him why he told her that, he said everyone is different and
there's no formula that fits all.


I guess I have been sun gazing for 3 years and I am now healed
of the
fear associated with the mystery that my particular history had
instilled in me. Perhaps it is the deep seated unconscious fear of
their conditioning that looking at the sun is harmful is the
reason why
SG has not worked for some.
I find I like some SG to wake up and start the day and then I
a "top up" by taking a "bite of sunshine" during the day if I find
mental energy slipping and in the evening it is a wonderful way
to rap
up the day. I have found my spiritual thoughts getting simpler
and free
as time goes on and I find out what level of SG I need to
maintain the
I must say though that for me I would be giving a false idea of
meaning of SG has for me if I denied that it was not linked to my
conversion to Christianity. That is said by me so that I feel that I
being honest and not misleading anyone.


I have read from several books on healing energies that if one
has to
walk with shoes on that the shoes should be made of leather (like
moccasins) or be soled with real rubber. It is said the the
acryllic/plastic soled shoes don't allow us to absorb earth
and disturb out bodies energy field.

The rubber shoes also insulate us form being electrically
grounded. Our need for
antioxidants is one effect of that. If one walks on wet grass, wet
sand or earth
with bare feet it electrically grounds you and neutralizes the free
radicals in
the body just as antioxidants do. A free way to get your
antioxidants :-)
Did you know that when you are standing outside that there is a
voltage gradient
between the ground and you head of several hundred volts (
between 200 and over
600+ volts depending on the atmosphere conditions) , shoes
interfere with that.


I searched Vinny's forum and found what he said about

Here it is: "A newly joined sungazing group list member just
wrote to
me privately and asked: Hello, I look forward to doing
Since you have done it for 17 years, what has it done for you?
Sincerely, Rhozzi. Here is my reply to him/her/it:
Dear Rhozzi: No results, no doing, no goals, no expectations, no
thoughts, no beliefs, no judgements, no wants, no form, no
manifestations, no attachments, no aversions. No absence of
no absence of doing, no absence of goals, no absence of
no absence of thoughts, no absence of beliefs, no absence of
form, no
absence of judgements, no absence of wants, no absence of
manifestations, no absence of attachments, no absence of
(except to mad chemist named Rick who hen-naps beautiful
Plymouth Rock hens). Just do sungazing only if so guided by
Heart and
Spirit and not for any of above. All listed above are emptiness.
emptiness listed above. with care, --Vinny"


Petre and all,

I emailed HRM about this debate. Here is what I said, followed
by his



Do you still read the forums? There is a debate now on both the
Mysteries and Sunlit forums about why some people quit
sungazing. I
started it by telling everyone what Anne Puryear of the Logos
told me about why she stopped sungazing. Then I told everyone
what I
thought caused Anne not to experience any benefits from
sunbathing and barefoot walking. Your answer to her, that for
people benefits are delayed, wasn't satisfactory and didn't
her to continue sungazing. She told me that about 10 of the 20
at the Logos Center who started sungazing after you spoke there
2005 also didn't experience any benefits and stopped sungazing.

I don't want to tell you everything I wrote plus other people's
thoughts on the problem because that would take several pages.
If you
want, you can read the postings under Why Some People Don't
Experience Benefits. To summarize my conclusions: Some
people like

Anne begin sungazing with a lot of enthusiasm and faith that
what you
say in your lecture will happen. They do everything exactly as
instruct and await results. After three months, they still have
and resentment. After six months their ailments haven't gone
After nine months, their desire for food hasn't lessened. They
what they're doing wrong.

What I believe they're doing wrong is that they're aspiring for
results. What they should be doing is inspiring. Not "inspiring
results" as you put it in one post, but simply "inspiring." That is
just passively taking in the spirit of the sun with no thought of
results but only feelings of love and gratitude. This is what I have
done since the day I started sungazing.

Hiraji, you tell people to avoid striving for siddhi's or else
they'll be lost. When I practiced Transcendental Meditation, I
did it
for the joy of deep meditation with no thought of results, and I
progressed on the path. But when I learned the TM Siddhi sutras
started to strive to manifest the siddhis, I lost the joy, didn't
experience results and eventually stopped meditating. People
who hear
your lecture are inspired to start sungazing, but, unfortunately,
they also aspire to gain perfect mental and physical health and

become a non-eater. These goals are no different than aspiring
the siddhis, because they stop people from being inspired, from
passively taking in the spirit of the sun with no thought of results
but only feelings of love and gratitude.

Hiraji, you can help people avoid the trap of aspiring by
less time telling people results that few people attain even after
years of sungazing and more time telling people about how they
sungaze just for the pure joy of gazing upon the most beautiful
object in creation. You can go into the scientific basis of why it
makes people happy and frees them from depression. But please,
don't get peoples' hopes up with unrealistic expectations,
most of them will be bitterly disappointed and will stop

I know you will see the truth in what I say and will act



dear respected wayne

thanks and every system works like this.even medical science

failures.the medicines promise so many things and dont work
and they
also give side effects.sun gazing atleast is cost free and free from
bad effects even if it does not give the benefits.if some people
because of their aspirations dont get the results we cannot stop
telling people the benefits they can get from sungazing.there will
drop outs and that is part of any system.can medical science
which is
ruling the world cure everything that they promise.people say
dont have fear but they do have fear deep inside of sg.they aspire
and aspire and forget that they have to inspire.because of some
failures the system does not fail.there are people who get the
success and for depression and mental disorders this working
fine.that itself is a big thing.when the system is cost free why
people complain?why they do not complain to medical
medicines when
they dont get the benefits even after paying ?in this world
nature is if you exploit people they keep quiet and if you offer
they complain.i am not disturbed and you also should not be
disturbed.we just do our duty and god will take care of things.i
feed back from entire world and i am happy with the results.i am
mailing an email from australia and that is just for your

and has not to be quoted elsewhere as many people dont like
names to be discussed by others.if on one side we have people
some failures from logo center than we have people like dr.ray
other side.let us just do positive work and dont refrain from
people the benefits they will get by faithful sg and without fear.i
tell people openly that this is a cost free practise and you have
nothing to loose and give a fair trail.every system works like
that.failures and success are with every system.we should not be
discouraged.i am least disturbed with some people droping
and with kind regards hrm toronto.

Some here are saying that people should not expect results from
sungazing. But in my case, when I started my sungazing practice,
expected results. And I got results, lots of benefits. I don't think
that wanting or expecting results is bad or in error. Any time
someone makes some sort of meaningful change in one's
lifestyle, diet,
attitude, etc., one should expect to see a cause/effect
(i.e. results). Whatever approach works for you, works for you. If
someone doesn't seem to get results from sungazing, then that's
issue, and either they'll figure out how to get results, or they'll

discontinue sungazing. Don't worry about them. It's possible
sungazing just isn't for them, for whatever reason.

I recently went four straight days without any sungazing, due to
cloudy/overcast skies. I could feel the difference. When I got the
opportunity to sungaze again, I expected results. Lo & behold, I
results. I felt much better. So, in my case, expecting results has
been a problem. As always, I was/am grateful to the Sun, and for

Sungazing is a pretty simple thing to do...No need to complicate
it in
any way. I suggest that if someone wants to sungaze, that they do
much or as little as they want, as frequently or infrequently as
want. Expect results, or don't expect results -- whatever works
you. Do it barefoot or with shoes on. Again, whatever works best
for you.

Confused? Don't be. It's as easy as breathing...


Many of us who have made natural healing or spiritual growth a
part of
our lives are eager to make a difference in the world. We desire
help others heal and choose more holistic ways of living. When
reject assistance or ignore guidance, this can be frustrating or
disappointing to those who wish to help and heal others. This
into focus certain key principles that can help healers (or
maintain balance in their interactions with the community.
We are ultimately responsible for our own healing, and for the
care of
our dependents. People who choose lifestyles and paths that you
perceive as harmful are responsible for their choices and the
potential consequences. Remember, at some time in your life
you may
also have been acting out of a state of lesser awareness and made
harmful decisions. But what would be the point of your existence
you didn't have the freedom to make choices and learn from the
consequences? There are currently an estimated 6 billion
humans on
planet Earth, each with a unique set of experiences and lessons
to be
learned in their incarnations. Most spiritual teachings view each
incarnated soul as a fragment of One infinite Soul or Creative

Thus, each of these other souls manifesting through human
entities on
Earth is actually another "you".
In the virtual reality game we call Earth life, a major principle
we learn to master is that of allowance. Allowance tells us to
others to make their choices and confront their lessons without
imposing our own will on them, just as you would not want to
others to impose their will upon you. There are a great many
and misguided idealists on this planet who are convinced that
way is the "right" way and that they must convince others of
beliefs. The only consciousness that any one of us can truly
change is
our own. Any attempt to impose one's will upon others without
free will consent is an act of spiritual imbalance, even if the
is considered to be for the "good" or protection of the recipient.
Sometimes, from a spiritual perspective, it is in a person's best
interest to suffer.
An often repeated maxim is that lessons are repeated until they
mastered. We can provide others with whatever assistance they
are open
to, but cannot force them to learn the lesson. All the seemingly
negative things in this world, including suffering, are tools for

spiritual growth. Each one of us has the opportunity to pursue
in our own life and offer assistance to others. However, it's not
necessary or desirable to "fix" the world, as the circumstances of
world and the choices of those present are just part of the
process of conscious evolution and manifestation of creation. If
person could magically remove all the violence, poverty, and
in the world, then a lot of souls would be deprived of some great
learning opportunities! It is the consciousness of those present
attracts these experiences, and it is through inner growth that
experiences can be transcended into balance and abundance.

Re: Worship gossip and why SG doesn't "work" for some.

How about this for an explanation trying to pull together what
everyone has been saying in different ways and trying to express
through one individual's "world view":-
SG works when you surrender the conceptual self and all that it
created in your world and in doing so you receive the spirit of
(some may not be see it in those terms but that doesn't matter)

then operate in union with Him. You are then a new creation
and your
new Self is the identity God intended you to be in union with
Himself. If you are seeking to enlighten the conceptual self, SG
not work and you will go down a dead end and end up in despair
give up SG and possibly a lot worse). However if you seek Christ
will find Him (i.e. in union with the spirit of Christ) and in Him
will be your true Self in which state you are not aware of self at
all and not trying to improve it, enlighten it etc. because you
have "killed" the conceptual self (well almost "killed" him for
of us) as it is the conceptual self that is concerned with self
compared with the true Self which never thinks of self at all and
always Father (loving creator God) centred.

This is Trinitarian Christian theology from my limited
i.e. the Father adores the Son (Jesus) and the Son worships and
the Father perfectly. Neither is the slightest bit concerned with
their self but is focussed totally on the other and reveals the
other. Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life". He came
that in union with Him we to may have eternal life spiritually by
relating to our loving Father in the manner He demonstrated.
(=obedience unto death even death on a cross - obedience only
achievable by being in union with Christ not by act of our

own "works" which is impossible for a human). Jesus was totally
from ego in that he only ever said and did what the Father said
did. It wasn't Him but the Father working through Him. Jesus
worshipped the Father perfectly and the Father adored the Son
perfectly. As humans made in the "image of God" we learn how
relate to God by coming to recognise how Jesus relates to God in
union of the trinity and it is though Jesus we participate in that

Success of SG for me is when it stops "working" as a method and
are just living in union with Christ receiving the love of God. It is
the love of God that we receive that we are able to share with
by "letting our light shine" as distinct from doing good deeds by
working at it and being a nice chap by act of will. That comes
refer fruit of the spirit, Galatians 5 vv 22-23 "But the fruit of the
Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no

For me I am so relieved that SG has stopped "working" in a
That may be because I have stopped focusing on the method and

and now try to focus on Jesus. When I focus on Jesus my
self fades away.

Sun is now up I must go and do my SG. Unfortunately it is a
day today but it will probably clear later.


Or to put it simply, everyone must work out their own karma.

I have 5 children. There was a time when I found it hard to
watch them carry forth the same destructive behaviors and
attitudes that I did at their age.

Through sungazing and other practices, in time, we can lose our
attachment, and just accept reality as it is, while feeling nothing
but loving compassion for everyone.

We can't fix anyone, they must fix themselves. We can't learn
their lessons for them. They must learn them for themselves.

The best we can do is center ourselves in our own peace and
loving kindness, while being open to helping those who seek it.



Another reason as to why others don't get benefits is exactly as
and Petre describe - people don't do it with an open heart and
hide a lot from others...including themselves. I've seen this again
and again. They can really talk a talk, but in the end it is just
that, talk. The mind can be a very convincing thing and so can
heart. The saying "love is blind" says it all. People think that
another is one way when the clues were there all along to show
their expectations of the person didn't meet the reality of who
person actually was. SGing is not just about going through the
motions of the practice, but it is where the heart and mind can
together as one. When a person gets some feedback from the
Sun about
their lives or current situtations, they often don't move further
because they fear what they learn about themselves.

I'm sure that if you go into depth with people and ask them
their practice, the ones that fail RARELY say a thankyou to the
for what it gives to them. They just expect to take, take, take. A
person who is really in tune with the universe knows their
relationship to the universe and knows that they are a part of the
whole. There is abundance in the universe, but in order to get
abundance you must give something first - a part of yourself. By

saying even thankyou, you are recognizing the rest of the whole.
not do so means to believe you are separate from the whole, and
the universe only reflects back to them themselves versus more
of the


Re: why some don't get benefits

--- In, "jupitergirl63"
<jupitergirl63@...> wrote:
>I'm sure that if you go into depth with people and ask them
>their practice, the ones that fail RARELY say a thankyou to the
>for what it gives to them. They just expect to take, take, take. A
>person who is really in tune with the universe knows their
>relationship to the universe and knows that they are a part of
>whole. There is abundance in the universe, but in order to get
>abundance you must give something first - a part of yourself.
>saying even thankyou, you are recognizing the rest of the
whole. To

>not do so means to believe you are separate from the whole,
and hence
>the universe only reflects back to them themselves versus more
of the


Yes, that is a possible factor (out of potentially many) regarding
some people don't seem to get results, as compared to why
others do.
An "attitude of gratitude" is very helpful when sungazing.
little 'saying': "attitude will help determine your altitude".

I recall HRM saying that an attitude of love for the Sun will
the sungazing benefits and quicken "results". HRM is also to be
thanked for introducing sungazing to most of us (and free of
I still see some posts that are rather unfavorable towards HRM,
yet it is he who is to thank for introducing the sungazing practice
many/most of us. Without him, many of us would probably not
know about
sungazing and/or would not have been inspired to do it. I
have nothing against HRM. Sure, maybe some of his claims are

and exaggerated. However, I must admit that it was some of his
grandiose claims that initially inspired me to give sungazing a
try. I
had first became aware of the sungazing practice about 4 years
to actually trying it. It was HRM and his inspiring words that
to get me motivated enough to ultimately take the plunge and do
The way he described it "clicked" with me. But, I didn't follow
method, and I still don't. I intuitively and experimentally
my own method(s), and have benefited a lot, consistently. I'm
improved aided by the sungazing, and this practice does have
potential to have very powerful results. I enhanced my personal
results even more aided by large clear quartz crystals, as
here in the past.

As for thanking the Sun for what it provides, that is a nice thing
do. Maybe it "hears" you, maybe it doesn't...But I do it every
anyway. In fact, I start each SG session by thanking the Sun for
sharing its light, energy, power, goodness, etc. with me. Of

in truth, the Sun, being the Divine Superconductor that it is,
forth its radiant super-abundance regardless of whether anyone
it or not, and regardless of whether anyone gazes upon it or not.
Sun still lives and sends forth its light and energy (and
"information", etc.) no matter what. It's just doing what it was
created to do, and is fulfilling its purpose in the dance of life,

I sungazed for more than an hour this morning (Sunday,
enough), with really high intensity sunlight (late morning, clear
skies). The intensity was hard to handle at first, but I have
from much prior experience that one of the keys is to persevere,
almost magically, the high intensity is gradually easier to handle.
comes to a point where the high intensity sunlight becomes
easy for my eyes (note: I'm not necessarily recommending this to
anyone - try it at your own risk). It's pretty interesting, given
seemingly unbearable it may seem at first - maybe the first 10-15
minutes. After that, it's smooth sailing. I've experienced this a lot
of times before, including long duration mid-day sungazing
and even sungazing for as much as 3 hours (not all in one


Lastly, another little something about "results" and
Dare I say that it's OK to "expect"..."results". If we didn't expect
results, why would most us have started sungazing in the first
Let's be honest: when we started sungazing, it's because we were
inspired to do so, for some reason -- for many (but not all) of us,
was HRM that inspired us. And yes, we expected to experience
improvements for health/well-being/vitality and possibly
upliftment, etc.. There's nothing "wrong" with that. The possible
"problem", at least for some, might be expecting *too much*
sungazing, or maybe just expecting "too much too soon".
those who may become disappointed are those striving for
would be the one criticism I have about HRM's approach -- his
overemphasis on striving for inedia. Sungazing might result in
for some, but I don't think it should be the primary goal for
sungazing. In my case, inedia was not and is not the reason why
sungaze. However, each to their own. If someone wants to attain
inedia, and they feel that sungazing is part of the path to
facilitating it, then all the power to them. But they shouldn't
necessarily "expect" to attain inedia, given how rare and difficult

such a thing is to achieve. But I have seen plenty of testimonials
the effect that some people do attain it via sungazing, at least
temporarily. A more detached approach of "maybe it'll happen
for me,
and maybe it won't -- I'll try, and see" may be better in such
Each person owns their own experiences. Each person's
experiences and
motivations are theirs and their right to have. I don't think that
there's only one "right" way to sungaze, nor only one "right"
to take into sungazing. To think that there is only one "right"
way or
attitude for sungazing is, well, rather EGO-based, is it not?

So, in summary, what else can I say other than, "enjoy the

Good vibes to all,


These are two important concepts: gratitude and conscious
There is a network of people who are working miracles with
Goggle "Go Gratitude" to find out more. When I was into reading
horoscopes, which are nothing more than the outpicturing of
your karma

in the heavens, I found that if a person had a conscious
awareness of
a negative transit and the lessons involved, he or she could
the effects of that transit. But there is a third concept of
surrender, which gets the human ego and consciousness out of
the way
so that the divine ego and universal consciousness can direct our
lives. In short, let go and let God.


Thanks Wayne,
  I wouldn't want to underestimate the importance of gratitude.
Will check the google search. The idea of surrender is also
beautiful. Also, I like Matthew Fox's comments on Awe as a
mystical state in his book Coming of the Cosmic Christ, and
think Awe must be related to Aspiration, as well as Gratitude,
and Reverence. Fox refers to Awe as Radical Amazement on p.
51 of the book, and seems like a ref to "gratitude" -- the part
about not taking life for granted:

"5. Radical Amazement. ... The mystic in us is the one moved to
radical amazement by the awe of things. "Awe is the beginning
of wisdom," Heschel declares, "awe precedes faith."
"Einstein...defines mysticism as being able to wonder, marvel,
nand be rapt in awe. Human's exist for awe's sake -- to be
radically amazed and draw radical amazement from one
another. That is our task. It is a mystical task, a task that

demands we overcome the temptation to take our existence for
.Translators with no appreciation for the mystical have
mistakenly rendered the Hebrew word for "awe" as "fear."":


Hi Wes,

Yes, I think one can have expectations when SGIng. I don't
at all with what you said. I do believe though that reasonable
expectations are needed versus grandiose expectations. Some
try to control the outcome versus letting something unknown, a
that's not in their control from manifesting. It can be difficult
for many in this society to learn to let go. After all, all the
commercials on TV talk about getting control in one's life and of
having this or that.

I would agree too that there is no right way to SG for everyone.
Everyone is different mentally, physically, emotionally, and
spiritually. However, I still would say that based on all the
emails I received from SGers over 1.5 years describing
their "benefits", by observing what they did, and
subjectively/objectively viewing my own experiences, there are
components of HRM's SGing methodology that lead to greater

for many and when people follow them they really do get results.

To me it seems that if some wanted to become non-eaters that
would do it in a gradual way by say fasting a day a week/month,
adding more days as time went on. But the expectations I saw
unreasonable where one would go directly from a non-fasting
state to
a fully fasting one.

Yes, the Sun will do what it will do as a being the creator made.
It shows us a great example of how to radiate our own light out
others by shining down upon us so consistently and beautifully.

In a previous email you mentioned that rubber soles might
prevent us
from uptaking mother Earth's energies via our feet. I am still as
yet undecided about this one as I read in many books about
energies from the authors that real rubber soles do allow us to
absorb Earth energies. Now I wonder how to go about proving or
disproving this. Any ideas for devices/gadgets that might be able
to show the answer one way or the other? There has to be a way
verify it or not.


Wes and all,

I have also started SG after hearing about HRM’s extraordinary
achievement of inedia. Without any delay, I searched on internet
and got details. I did not follow his method, but SG was
enjoyable to me right from the beginning. However, I was
bothered by the fact that many of his claims of gradual
achievements (at 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes of SG)
did not happen to me and I thought that there’s something
wrong. What was wrong was that he made that claims without
verifying them on a significant sample of sungazers, so that he
never could prove those claims with testimonials. He still doesn’t
seem to be interested in backing his claims of gradual
achievements by proofs, and that raises a question mark on his
credibility. I did myself such a statistical study, but it was on a
small sample of sungazers, most of which were beginners, so
that the confidence level of the results is not very high.
Now, I feel like it was wrong to try to do that statistic, simply
because SG appears to work mainly on psychic and spiritual
level and that kind of changes are very difficult to quantify or
even to find “parameters” that can define such changes.
I also understood that there can be no method of SG, simply
because our eyes might react quite differently at sunlight and
because our attitudes to the Sun may be quite different.
To summarize, I started SG wanting to achieve HRM’s claims,
but I continued it because I found it to be not only enjoyable, but
also quite necessary in dealing with stress and gaining inner
balance and peace, by changing the attitude.


Fear thoughts is that condition of the mind in which everything
seen through blue glasses – in which everything seems to bring a
sense of the futility of endeavor – the "I Can't" principle of
mentality, as contrasted with the "I Can and I Will" mental
It has often been stated that the way to drive darkness from a
is not to shovel it out, but to throw open the shutters and let the
sunlight stream in, and that is the best way to neutralize Fear-
You don't say to others, "Start loving each other. Be nice. Be
Be nice." No, no, no. First, we need to live in the sunlight of
God's love. We need to bake in the sunlight of God's compassion.
need to absorb God's light into us. And then…we start to give off
the love. May your light shine on me, God. May your love shine
us, God, so that there will be peace in our family and on the
You cannot step into the sunlight without being bathed in the
of the sun. That is why, Isaiah 60:1 says:
"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD
rises upon you."
The soul develops like the flower, in God's sunlight, and
unconsciously to the soil in which it grows. Shut out the light

the soil grows damp and sterile, the flower withers or grows pale
and sickly.
" The answer to your own individual problem and heartache is to
surrender all to God. Be still within, be calm. Do not try to
overdrive your life. Be calm, do your work quietly; live as the
flowers live, opening your heart to the sunlight of God's love." -
White Eagle

We have all been lead to sungazing one way or another and
from it different gifts of healing probably as varied as the many
different spiritual ailments that can afflict a human. Has God's
predestination played a part in bringing us all to this common
activity? It seems we are all united in that.

Hi Janet,

I wasn't the one who wrote that. But personally, I think that
soles do block out some but probably not all of the Earth energy.
don't know of a device that will prove or disprove these claims,
if you can see energy fields, or know someone who does, that
would be
one method. Secondary to that could be to use a kirlian device
can help to photograph some energy fields. And yet another way
is to

get in tune with the effects, in terms of how you feel
cause/effect correlation).

Along this line of thought: In my personal experience, I have not
found it to be necessary or desirable to be barefoot during
I have experimented with it extensively in the past, including on
naturally sandy terrain. I did not detect any other improvements
my state of being beyond a slightly reduced afterimage in
relation to
sungazing. Interestingly, I experienced a stronger vitality charge
when sungazing with shoes on, as compared to sungazing
barefoot. The
sungazing felt more powerful to me overall, with shoes on. I
if some of the Sun energy was leaving my body through the feet
being sucked up by the Earth. Wearing shoes seems to help to
the Sun energy for me, and prevents the Earth from potentially
any of it. I don't know what the exact
for this is, but that has been my experience.

Additionally, it's much more convenient, as well as better for
of mind, to not have to be concerned about finding a spot to

barefoot, especially in cold weather. Wearing shoes helps keep
feet warm in cold weather, and also allows easy, free-roaming
to a wide variety of places that would otherwise be difficult (or
impossible in some cases) to access barefoot. I had concerns
this whole issue during my first few months of sungazing, but I
put it
to rest with further experimentation. Six months after I started
sungazing practice, I acquired some powerful quartz crystals,
found them to greatly enhance my sungazing experience in a
variety of
ways, which included making it a lot easier for my eyes to handle
higher sunlight intensity, and also for much longer durations,
with a greatly reduced afterimage. That helped to fully put this
thing to rest for me, and helped make the sungazing experience
more enjoyable and rewarding. But if you find that sungazing
standing barefoot is preferable for you, then continue with that.
Otherwise, don't worry about it.

I think that quartz crystals concentrate Earth energy, as well as

energy, and that helps to explain some of the benefits to be had
interacting with them. It seems to me that the main reason given
standing barefoot while SG, according to HRM, is to make the
easier on the eyes. Sand contains tiny pieces of silica, but that's
pretty weak compared to holding onto pure, concentrated silica
in the
form of quartz crystals. The bigger the crystals, the more
they are. I've wondered what the effects might be from holding
quartz crystals and also standing barefoot on a pure quartz
"plate" of some sort. I haven't tried that yet, but I might

Something that I've done on a regular basis for a lot of years now
(including prior to starting with sungazing) is sitting down
on the Earth. I find that it has a lot of benefits, even if it's done
for only a few minutes. When sitting directly on the Earth, the
Chakra is in direct contact with the Earth's pulse/vibration and
get energized from it. It seems to be more potent for me than
barefoot. And it has the added bonus of being a lot more
to do in colder weather. I've even done it in sub-zero weather

conditions, even going so far as to dig open an area of snow and
clearing it away to expose some Earth, then sitting there for a
Again, even just a few minutes can really help.


I have noticed that SG does often have a potent sexual energy
effect for me. It probably helps to charge that particular energy
center/chakra, in addition to boosting certain hormones, etc...
course it's optional as to how that sexual energy is used...Sexual
energy can be directed and used in a variety of ways, and isn't
limited solely to "sexual release".

And that brings to mind another interesting thing...I noticed
that SG
resulted in others finding me more attractive (and not just in a
sexual attraction type of way). I've read of others experiencing
type of effect as well. Even HRM made that claim. Yes, it appears
be true. What's the reason, other than a larger, brighter energy
field/aura? Most people can't consciously see auras, but maybe
can sense them, subconsciously. Energy can be potent. Maybe
SG makes
one's energy field or "presence" a.k.a. "magnetism"

(electro-magnetism) much more attractive/alluring. Interesting
if anyone cares to take it further...



Thinking about whether SG makes one more attractive (because
the larger aura of because the larger penial gland) is in fact about
inflating the ego. That’s why I don’t want to think in terms of the
“superiority” brought by SG. I’d rather be interested in talking
about the increase of compassion and awareness on the
importance of an open heart.

The increase in potency comes form just being out in the sun.
Getting a certain
amount of time in the sun with exposure of a large part of the
body is one of
the most effective ways to increase testosterone levels.

The testosterone stimulating effect of sunbathing is well known,
but there is no proof of a similar effect from SG.
It appears that the release of melanin into the skin is causing the
sexual arousal in man.
The principal male hormone, testosterone, is known to be
produced by the effect of sunlight on the skin, and particularly
on the skin of the genitals. Its level into the urine rise
throughout the spring and summer months, being about one
third higher by the end of August than in February. (Myerson,

A., and Neustadt, R., "Influence of Ultraviolet Irradiation upon
Excretion of Sex Hormones In the Male", Endocrinology:25; 7,
This ties in with the studies which have shown that levels of
testosterone, the major male hormone, rise by about twenty per
cent through the summer, reaching a peak in September.
(Aschoff, J., "Annual Rhythms in Man", in Aschoff, J. (ed.),
Handbook of Behavioural Neurobiology, Plenum Press, New
York, 1981)
An experiment at the University of Arizona where male patients
were injected with a melanin extract, was designed to see if skin
could be chemically darkened to prevent skin cancer. Results
showed, as a side effect, that men became sexually aroused.


Janet -

Have you ever stepped out of the car on a dry day and gotten an
electric shock? Everybody has. That means that there is a solid
electrical connection to the ground even through rubber soles. I
try to SG barefoot but when convenience doesn't allow it, I just
wear my shoes and gaze away. Having been a sungazer for over
2 years, if there is a difference, it is not one I can easily discern.


Actually, no I haven't. I've only gotten a static shock from
walking on carpet, depending on what I was wearing when I

contact with the carpet... not so much my shoes. In the below
I will refer you to figure 2 on clothing that we wear that is/is not
good conductors.

You made my point though, Rich. Yes, there is an electrical
connection to the ground through rubber soles! That's what I'm
trying to prove with written references - that rubber soles are
conductors of Earth's energy into the body and therefore, in the
wintertime people don't have to go barefooted and get frostbite
rather they can SG in comfort with shoes on and still get most of
the benefits of the connection to mama Earth. But they gotta
what kinda shoes they have.


and note figures 2 and 3. You will see that there are many
different types of rubber (figure 3) shoes/floorings and some
conduct electricity through the human body while others are
specifically made so they don't. So it DEPENDS on what type of
rubber soles you have on your shoes as to whether or not it will
conduct Earth energies. Our discussions here (along with Wes')
me moving on some research on rubber soles. Thanks fellas.

In figure 2, wouldn't one get the idea that a neutral type of
would be best for Earth walking?


Janet and Rich,
People have been sungazing for centuries and mostly sitting
while they gaze ( not standing). If you go to the Himalayan areas
where many great souls are practicing Sungazing, you find most
sit on the ground (on a mat, carpet, animal skin, etc) and look
lovingly at the greatest source of energy in our universe.

I personally found little difference whether I stand or sit. But as
sitting allows one to be more comfortably relaxed and it is easier
to remain like that for longer periods, I prefer the sitting
posture. Of course I do believe one's back should be straight for
proper energy flow. Slipping into a calm and peaceful
meditation after sungazing is also easier when one is sitting.

Finally I feel these various 'techniques' are not so important
(standing or sitting, standing on grass or dirt, etc). What is the
main ingredient is the Sun and that is where all our energy,
attention, gratefulness, respect and love should be directed.

love and light - bobji

“Let SUN do everything. Lilies of the value just ARE, and do not
strive for spiritual advancement. I for one do not believe in it.
Spiritual growth comes naturally, by just being natural and
living simply. To live simply means to flow out from inner
guidance. You don't see flowers trying to conform themselves to

elaborate spiritual disciplines. They just ARE. They absorb

That’s nice, but one should become like a lily first.

Wes and all,

I have also started SG after hearing about HRM’s extraordinary
achievement of inedia. Without any delay, I searched on internet
and got details. I did not follow his method, but SG was
enjoyable to me right from the beginning. However, I was
bothered by the fact that many of his claims of gradual
achievements (at 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes of SG)
did not happen to me and I thought that there’s something
wrong. What was wrong was that he made that claims without
verifying them on a significant sample of sungazers, so that he
never could prove those claims with testimonials. He still doesn’t
seem to be interested in backing his claims of gradual
achievements by proofs, and that raises a question mark on his
credibility. I did myself such a statistical study, but it was on a
small sample of sungazers, most of which were beginners, so
that the confidence level of the results is not very high.

Now, I feel like it was wrong to try to do that statistic, simply
because SG appears to work mainly on psychic and spiritual
level and that kind of changes are very difficult to quantify or
even to find “parameters” that can define such changes.

I also understood that there can be no method of SG, simply
because our eyes might react quite differently at sunlight and
because our attitudes to the Sun may be quite different.
To summarize, I started SG wanting to achieve HRM’s claims,
but I continued it because I found it to be not only enjoyable, but
also quite necessary in dealing with stress and gaining inner
balance and peace, by changing the attitude.


Suns of God: The Orion Revelation
John Jay Harper

The following article is based on the author's new book
Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century.

"Man is the Measure of all Things." -- Protagoras of Abdera (c
.480-410 B.C.)

"The workings of the human body are an analogy for the
workings of the universe." -- Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519)


Once upon a time in the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy,
creatures calling themselves homo sapiens, a Latin term

meaning "wise or knowing man," lived in one of its smaller solar
systems on a very small planet they nicknamed "dirt" or Earth.

Ironically, they were not wise, knowing -- or unique.

They had simply forgotten their birth origins and destiny as
celestial beings of the Orion Nebula, the birthplace of stars, the
Suns of God on Earth.

So over the course of centuries, as they gazed into the night sky
sitting around campfires yearning for clues, a sign from on high,
they told each other creation stories, myths, and performed acts,
rituals, to explain why they were in this predicament.

Some religionists said they sinned against a god, in one form or
another, a being that had returned to the sky. That they were
now quarantined on Earth until a "savior," in one form or
another, returned as promised at the end-of-time.

Others of these so-called "wise men" known as scientists taught
humans were accidents of a blind and dumb gene-generating
universe; freaks of nature, that gods and saviors did not even

But then these myths and rituals, especially the ancient symbols
used in astrology began to make sense, add-up, with the modern
observations of astronomy. One of these homo sapiens named
Carl Sagan even mused:"Some 25 million years ago, a Galactic
survey ship on a routine visit to the third planet of a relatively
common G dwarf star, our Sun, may have noted an interesting

and promising evolutionary development: Proconsul, the
ancestor of homo sapiens, or modern man."

Archaeologist, historian, and mythologist also known as D. M.
Murdock, conclusively documents that major world religions are
in fact founded upon an astro-theology: the story of stars as gods
sent down from heaven to earth to save men from ignorance.

The larger realization based upon the overwhelming evidence
suggests these humans represented the gods as action heroes on
the ground to the people, as she catalogues in her book Suns of
God: Krishna, Buddha, and Christ Unveiled. Of course, we have
Jesus himself saying: "I have said, you are gods; and all of you
are children of the most High."

Nonetheless, once we saw the creation story focused through the
lens of Galileo and later Hubble and Herschel telescopes, the
lights came on to full-star power again across the entire
spectrum of science and religion theories of origins.

And a whole new way of seeing ourselves not as freaks of nature
but as a planned family of genetically engineered, star seeded,
celestial beings emerged. Clearly, the occult, or hidden, records
collected by esoteric societies were beginning to pay rich
dividends too with respect to our relationship to stars.

One of these pioneers, Alice Bailey, reported: "In the secret of
the Sun Sirius are hidden the facts of our cosmic evolution, and
incidentally, therefore, of our solar system. The Sirius System is
always beaming helpful rays to the poor people of Earth who
wallow in appalling ignorance, violence, and oppression."

Suddenly the musings of mystics, shamans, and prophets of
every culture made more sense, fit a pattern mirrored by stone
structures at sacred sites worldwide; in particular Asia, Egypt,
Mexico, England as well as the Hopi Nation in North America
and Inca Empire in South America.

Egyptologist Wallis Budge, and others, linked the stars in Sirius,
Orion, and Pleiades with emitting spiritual rays of light that
"vivify gods, men, cattle, and creeping things ... out of the seed of
the soul." Budge even declared, "The mention of Orion and
Sothis (Sirius) is interesting, for it shows that at one time the
Egyptians believed that these stars were the homes of departed

This rediscovered truth is straight-forward: We humans were
designed to operate on a cosmic larger-than-life scale, as a
"superman" mystics called Adam Kadmon, and artist Leonardo
Da Vinci portrayed as perfection personified in The Vitruvian
Man. That is, our human body was the mathematical mirror-
image of the Phi ratio Fibonacci series spiral, the golden mean of
the Cosmos.

Overall, we see our self-image in a new light as that of a
"superstar," the Sun of God, in fact, what theologian Matthew
Fox calls The Cosmic Christ.

Plato was very clear in his treatise, Timaeus, that God made
"souls in equal number with the stars and distributed them, each
soul to its several star, and he who should live well for his due

span of time should journey back to the habitation of his consort

"Consciousness is King," proclaimed philosopher of Rome,
Plotinus, in the 3rd century A.D.

This then is true hidden knowledge: Stars are conscious beings
of light and co-create planets for the development of infinite

Gregory Sams, co-founder of the Harmony/Whole Earth Foods
outlets in the United Kingdom, chaos theory expert, and now
bestselling author of Sun of God: Consciousness and the Self-
Organizing Force that Underlies Everything has it spot on: "This
is the greatest cover-up in history!"

In other words, human beings are created to live eternally as
physical beings made of sunlight. We are Children of the Sun,
and the Sun behind the Sun, the Mother Star Clusters in the
Orion Nebula of our Milky Way Galaxy.

The Orion Nebula is the birthplace of our Sun's solar system and
its lifecycle known as World Sun Ages. The Maya, for example,
saw the rebirth of Earth as beginning the Fifth Sun Age on
December 22, 2012.

Ancients saw how species are seeded and mutated by starbursts,
supernova explosions, solar flares, and Coronal Mass Ejections,
or CMEs, as well as advanced civilizations. They saw cross-
breeding between gods and men potentially helped evolve new

cosmic creatures in an infinite loop of creation, destruction, and
recreation: the life, death, and rebirth cycle of Suns of God.

This was hinted in the Holy Bible that such was the case as in
Genesis 6:4: "There were giants in the earth in those days; and
also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters
of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty
men which were of old, men of renown."

Now scientists agree: we are Star Children:

"In a very real sense," says University of Illinois astrophysicist
Larry Smarr, "we are the grandchildren of supernovas."

Harvard professor of astronomy, Robert Kirshner, says,
"Generations of supernovas created the elements we take for
granted-the oxygen we breathe, the calcium in our bones, and
the iron in your blood are products of the stars."

Fascinatingly enough, these sacred site ruins that we have
turned into tourist traps can now become star map repositories
of invaluable star seed information to reclaim our origins and
destiny according to many scholars of them today.

And as we dug deeper into the forensic evidence of sacred sites,
examined the blood, bone, and stones, so to speak; we decoded
the meaning of the 12 signs of the times: the houses, mansions,
or constellations the Greeks named Zodiac, or Circle of Animals.
Again, it was Jesus who said: "In my Father's house are many
mansions, I go and prepare a place for you."

So Zodiac signs were used to assign specific energy signatures to
stars in the night sky with stones carefully crafted on-the-
ground to create a mirror-image of their consciousness traits.
This maps the 12 characteristics of constellations. Our own star's
lifecycle through time and eternity in what we know now as a
26,000 year precession of the equinox of The Great Year.

Naturopathic health practitioner Amalia Camateros, proclaimed
in her book Spirit of the Stones: A Revival of Earth Wisdom,
based upon insights into the Anasazi of the American Southwest:
"This knowledge was stored in the rocks as living libraries and
kept safe within until a future time."

Stones are in effect sponges: they absorb and store
consciousness that is carried by 12-rays of sunlight. Our human
brain has 12 cranial nerves and earth 12 major tectonic plates to
process light energy through them too. Needless to say, 12 is a
key number to life, death, and rebirth as it defines, partitions, or
sectors space itself into 12 signs of the Zodiac.

Perhaps, that is the greatest insights of so-called pagan cultures;
they saw space is alive, conscious, with the ebb and flow of
subtle solar radiation energy pulsations permeating everything
forever. There isn't anything new under the Sun other than a
cosmic recycling program of celestial beings through a mixing
and matching of star systems within galaxies.

Pyramids are The Word of God written in Stars and Stone

Distinguished writer Adrian Gilbert, stated this much in his
book 2012: Mayan Year of Destiny: "By building a gigantic scale

model of Heaven on Earth, they were establishing a psychic link
to the stars of Orion/Osiris. Then, by carrying out certain
funerary rituals, such as the ‘Opening of the Mouth' and
‘Weighing of the Heart,' within the confines of the pyramids,
they could assist the pharaoh's soul in its journey to the land of
Osiris: the stars of Orion."

Alan F. Alford of Walsall, England declares: "Ancient sages
believed that the future destiny of mankind lay in a return to the
Source, i.e. to God and Heaven. The death of the body, they said,
did not mark an end but rather a critical mid-point in the human
existence. Those who had the secret knowledge could retrace the
path to the Heavenly Source and enter the gates to the lost
paradise. The knowing soul would then unite with its primeval
body-double and materialize in a remarkably Earth-like world."

Ultimately we have rediscovered the secrets to reincarnation
that were embedded in The Great Pyramid stones at Giza and
the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. They and other related
sacred site structures all seek to help us recapture our roots in
the stars and point us back home to our Twin Earth in the "star
nursery" of the Orion Nebula.

What we've learned is pyramids were not burial tombs, but time
bombs! They speak to the end-time of the Earth's Shift on its
polar axis realigning us with our home among the stars in the
21st Century now.

Indeed, our "god fathers" or Higher Selves are alive in a twin
binary star earthlike system of planets defined by star clusters in
the vicinity of the Orion, Sirius, and Pleiades constellations.

Robert Temple, the highly-acclaimed investigator of the Dogon
tribe cultural myths in Africa, and also a member of the Royal
Astronomical Society in England stated forthrightly in his classic
text The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence of Alien
Contact 5,000 Years Ago:

"Sirius was, astronomically, the foundation of the entire
Egyptian religious system. Its celestial movements determined
the Egyptian Calendar, which is even known as the Sothic

Sirius, the Dog Star, is the prime candidate for our Sun's binary,
double, or twin star system.

This insight is shared by archaeo-astronomer Walter
Cruttenden, the Executive Director of the Binary Research
Institute in Southern California in his book titled Lost Star of
Myth and Time and DVD The Great Year.

The Orion Revelation

First and foremost, we look to the Orion Nebula to get oriented
in the night sky, as did all the wayfarers on the ground that
created the major sacred sites worldwide we have rediscovered.

Indeed NASA has named its new fleet of spacecraft replacing the
space shuttle series in 2010, Orion. "Many of its stars have been

used for navigation and guided explorers to new worlds for
centuries," says Orion project manager Skip Hatfield.

Orion, "The Hunter" in Greek mythology, is one of the largest
constellations of star clusters visible everywhere from Earth. It
straddles the celestial equator and is a navigational beacon, a
lighthouse, to ships at sea and outer space.

This much we know: Orion, Sirius, and Pleiades are calling us to
look up again, but pay attention to the Pyramid Text messages
typed in stone on the ground at the Giza plateau outside of

Many scholars have blazed a trail for us to follow back home to
these stars, in particular Graham Hancock, author of
Fingerprints of the Gods, and Heaven's Mirror. Also Adrian
Gilbert and Robert Bauval, the sojourners tracking Orion's
"three belt stars" in the landmark book The Orion Mystery.

And Zechariah Sitchin in The Earth Chronicles Handbook. He is
an authority on the ancient Sumerian language that predates
writing to 3500 B.C. with manuscript fragments speaking to the
existence and significance of a Planet "X" that may be in a cycle
of eternal return, or binary orbit with Earth.

In his text The 12th Planet published in 1976, Sitchin wrote with
respect to extraterrestrial genetic engineering and the human
race: "Man is the product of evolution; but modern Man, Homo
sapiens, is the product of the 'gods'."

Quite clearly we are witnessing a common theme: We are not
alone and never have been but we have been lost in outer space
that we could not see through with our third eye open. That is
what all the mystics, prophets, and shamans have declared as
the truth throughout the Dark Ages: We are blind and dumb to
inner space now. Philosopher of religion Jeremy Naydler stated
in Temple of the Cosmos: The Ancient Egyptian Experience of
the Sacred:

"In ancient times, by contrast, inner space was regarded as
objective and as existing independently of the human psyche."

However, it was Egyptologist John Anthony West in his book
Serpent in The Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt, that
solved the riddle of the Sphinx for me with his symbolic insights
into the Temple of Man at Luxor.

For in its crumbling ruins, we find carefully crafted stones
harmonically calibrated to the sacred geometry of stars and our
subtle energy chakra system; and thus our bones and blood are
tuned to music of the spheres by them to Orion Nebula.

West confirms that it is dualism, our split-vision between the
unconscious and conscious minds that blinds and binds us:
"Duality as the call to unchecked chaos and multiplicity is
symbolized by the ‘serpent fiend, Apop,' who devours the souls
of the dead and thus denies them reunion with the source [or

Thus we learn that the supreme purpose of pyramids was to
open our mind's eye to starlight.

By example, I include the testimony of Greg Roach, an
accomplished computer scientist who had a profound out-of-
body vision triggered by a shaft of light in the "immaculate
conception room" at the Temple of Seti I in Abydos, after
viewing the Flower of Life images for the first time at the
Osirion, an underground ceremonial chamber compared by
some archaeologists to a Amerindian Kiva in the U.S. desert

In his own words, Greg tells us:

"While on an Egyptian Tour visiting the Osirion in Abydos, I had
a psyche-shattering experience in the form of a spontaneous, all-
encompassing out-of-body vision. After a brief meditation in this
Temple, I stood up into a shaft of light that came from an
opening in the ceiling. This triggered the most massive change in
consciousness I have ever experienced. My sense of the external
world fell completely away and I stood in the presence of an
ineffable, unexplainable, glory. To my inner eye it took the form
of an infinitely recursive living electric fire. I was laughing and
crying at the same time. My mind was filled to overflowing with
the most remarkable awareness-a glimpse behind the veil and a
true experience of the fundamental unity of life."

Of course, Osiris is the Egyptian Lord of love and the god of the
afterlife in Orion and Sirius.

And I had a mountain top experience with the starlight sparkling
in Orion's Nebula in the winter of 2006.

While spending time in the old mining town of Republic,
Washington, I happened to gaze up to the three belt stars in
Orion. These stars were crystal-clear basking in that below-zero
mile-high setting, and I immediately became mesmerized by
them. I soon sensed a magnetic power flowing into my mind's
third eye and was stunned by this simple rhyme playing in my
head: "Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder what you are,
like a diamond in the sky?"

Clearly, star alignments coordinates, if not creates, our states-of-
consciousness on earth with respect to location and the receptive
condition of our whole brain and central nervous system.

In fact, the major point I share in this article is credited to
Professor Frederick Mills in Atlanta, Georgia, a man who
dedicated 35-years of his life to decoding the Geometry of
Divinity (or G.O.D.) symbols employed at sacred sites on Earth
and Mars.

Fred had a spontaneous out-of-body experience while a graduate
student at Texas Technological University that he attributes to
his intense preoccupation with geometric symbols used in
human communications theory. In many ways, it was the classic
kundalini awakening of cosmic consciousness, yet he found
himself looking back at Earth from the distance of our moon.

However, he observed the step-by-step sequence of events and
knew that what was happening to him could be replicated for
everyone that wanted it. Thus Mills launched into a lifetime
search to find the golden mean, the dividing line between
consciousness and unconsciousness, the key to trance

phenomenon. For he knew that his technique can be used as the
template for world peace: The experience of oneness with man,
nature, and God.

Overall Mills' work bridges the gap between inner and outer
space through opening the third eye with a unified field of
cosmic consciousness as does the work of Roger Penrose in The
Emperor's New Mind and Richard Hoagland in The Monuments
of Mars respectively seek to do as well employing a fifth or
hyper-dimensional model of physics.

Most recently, Robert and Olivia Temple captured this sacred
wisdom of the golden section, the Phi ratio and Fibonacci series,
in their textbook The Sphinx Mystery: The Forgotten Origins of
the Sanctuary of Anubis, confirming what Mills and I have
discussed for a decade. Specifically, the Logos, or the Word of
God to the Christian community, is really a reference to this idea
the Temple's and we share in common: "The Logos must be
crucified to give the promise of eternal life by his resurrection."

Previously the Temple's had asked themselves: "But what is the
meaning of the crucifixion? This is the remaining piece of the
puzzle. The fact is that the crossbar of the cross represents the
major of the upright of the cross divided in golden section, and
by combining them ... one was portraying the golden section by a
symbol, a cross. Early drawings of crosses often had footbars. So
the footbar is the minor, the crossbar is the major, and the
upright is the sum of the two together. The minor and the major
are in a ratio (logos). Crucified on the cross is the Logos himself,

In other words, Christ is the code of consciousness, the keyword,
ratio, logos of the golden mean line segment sections of the
Cross that Mills experienced consciously during his own
crucifixion. His out-of-body "ego death" that is the feeling as one
with Christ himself or Osiris to Egyptians or Quetzalcoatl to the
Mesoamericans, and so forth. What Mills rediscovered is that we
do not die at all because our limited sense of self becomes
unlimited in that "Consciousness is King!"

From a science of soul perspective, the larger realization is that
pyramids operate on this exact basic geometry set of principles
unifying outer and inner space within one's third eye complex.
And this is what the sacred sites were doing by aligning a
mountain of stones with specific stars while performing
initiating rituals during the seasonal crossings of the equinoxes
and solstices: That is, they were crossing themselves in order to
resurrect Cosmic Consciousness within them.

They were seeking to yoga or unite in a personal relationship
with God again as it was in the Garden of Eden Golden Age.

In a real way, it is possible to build a communication device
using earth stones much as we do in an electronic printed-circuit
board in our laptop computer only with silicon chips as micro-
stones yet configured in the same crystal-lattice matrix. Over
and over again we see a Master Technology Plan in Pyramids: a
satellite communications network linking sacred-stone sites to
starlight solar-power sources overhead to self-empower them
with information.

To be clear, the Egyptians were calibrating pyramids to very
precise alignments with the Sirius star system, Orion's belt stars,
the "Seven Sisters" of the Pleiades and the four fixed signs,
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius in the Zodiac. But especially
was the Great Pyramid at Giza complex coordinated with the
pole star Polaris in the 21th century-and we will soon see why:
To alert us to the coming pole shift.

Therefore, this orientation of sky-to-ground is not a coincidence,
a "trick of light and shadow," with respect to Orion in particular
as well as Sirius.

Native American scholar of the Hopi, Gary A. David, has also
mapped Orion to the high desert mesas in the State of Arizona,
as he reveals in his books The Orion Zone and Eye of the
Phoenix. In a recent article titled Seeing Red: Will Betelgeuse Go
Supernova in 2012?, he speculates that "beetle juice," or Alpha
Orionis, may have already in fact exploded with its light
impacting our solar system and Earth only now.

Then Moria Timms described the effects of cosmic ray showers
in her book Beyond Prophecies and Predictions: "In an instant,
quicker than the eye could blink or the phosphene flare in the
inner dimensions of the mind, the consciousness of the planet
was encoded and imprinted. A superluminal transfer of
extragalactic frequencies from deep space impregnated the
Earth with the starseeds of neutrinos and radiation. Penetrating
to the heart of the Earth's magnetic core, this jump-start of
cosmic energy served to accelerate the vibrational frequency of
the life force, preparing us for an unprecedented evolutionary

And here is where we add that star-power fuel supply to the fire
kindled in the pyramids, literally. For we now have the
engineering data analysis report of Chris Dunn provided in his
book titled The Giza Power Plant. Dunn found unmistakable
residues in the King's Chamber of hydrogen gas combustion;
that is to say, solar power.

But why we must ask; to do what for who and where?

I mean we find no residues of electric power pole lines used to
light the cities in these regions; there are no airport runways, no
interstate highways, or high-rise office buildings. There are no
excavations unearthing an underlying asphalt jungle, in other

It is becoming obvious that our ancestors worshipped the stars
for a very wise reason then: DNA tune-ups! They were fine-
tuning their subtle energy "soul" body matrix, what Egyptians
knew as the Ka and Ba twins, to the very same stars from which
they came originally and therefore had a natural organic

Naturally, we are all made of stardust and we process sunlight
through our solar-powered cells. We call that cycle of sunlight-
processing in plants "photosynthesis" and in fact that is why we
eat the plants, and the animals that also eat those plants, to
extract the trapped photons of light from them.

Of course, water, H2O, is the supreme source of life, and it too is
made of the hydrogen plasma filaments cooked by suns and later
condensed into green gaseous atmospheres by living planets.

So the evidence left behind by pyramids attests to a lifestyle that
is organic, shamanic, and one in complete harmonic balance, or
resonance, with the solar sunspot cycles of stars in the night sky.

Clearly these stone structures were solar collectors of sunlight,
as well as celestial clocks, sunstone calendars calibrated to a
26,000 year cycle of the solstices, and equinoxes, with respect to
the Zodiac.

In no uncertain terms, I'm saying sacred sites were designed in
accordance with the star chart map of eternal life portrayed in
the symbolisms of astrology and alchemy.

One example that speaks to this solar timing-pulse precision in
Egypt is The Denderah Zodiac and we know the Mayan Calendar
also had a similar purpose, forecasting the future on a galactic,
solar, planetary, and personal scale of prediction.

So did the I Ching, the Book of Changes, in Asia.

It may also be the case these oracles, divining tools, were used to
track the angle of tilt to our globe between World Sun Ages.
Perhaps, a pole shift is a natural organic cycle, akin to how
farmers rotate crops between seasons, leaving one section fallow
and seeding the other section. Though this would place one land
mass or continent underwater and bringing another up to dry
land planting status again.

Author of Pole Shift: Predictions and Prophecies of the Ultimate
Disaster, John White, has counseled as early as 1980: "Spiritual
traditions warn that we shall reap what we sow. Psychic
traditions offer an explanation of how and why this must be. The
many ‘crimes against nature' that people are perpetrating-over-
population, environmental pollution, wasting of nonrenewable
resources, nuclear testing-along with ‘crimes against humanity'
such as war, economic exploitation, the imposition of inhumane
living conditions, religious persecution, political abridgement of
human rights, intolerance and bigotry toward minorities, etc.,
are all pouring negative thought forms into the planet's energetic
foundation. The result will be geophysical cataclysm: earth
changes and a pole shift."

According to all indigenous cultures, the common denominator
that triggers a pole shift is the Sun and its resonant relationship
with the Suns behind Our Sun, our Mother Stars within the
Galactic Center.

Even human illness is triggered by radical changes in the
Sunspot cycles, in particular, viral pandemics brought on by
atmospheric changes in climate, that alter jet streams, creating
extreme weather patterns and susceptibility to disease. In the
final analysis, life is all about the feedback loop of cosmic
consciousness that exists between Earth and Sun.

Sunspots shape the Sun's own atmosphere, its corona and solar
wind; the short-wavelength solar radiation pulses from

ultraviolet to X-ray. They regulate frequency of flares, coronal
mass ejections, CMEs, and other solar eruptive phenomena, and
modulate the flux of high-energy galactic cosmic rays entering
our solar system from the Orion Nebula.

So, ready or not, space weather soon becomes earth weather.

Thus the purpose of Egyptian, and Mayan Sun-worship myths
and rituals were scientific-not superstition-based upon a well-
calculated survival strategy to routinely bring balance back to
the North-South polar axis of The World Tree. In plain terms,
pyramids are built to the Golden Mean Phi ratio spiral and the
Fibonacci number series standards in order to align The
Vitruvian Man with The Galactic Cross.

The Vitruvian Man

The Vitruvian Man is one of Leonardo da Vinci's signature
creations that is dated to about 1487 A.D. The design is based
upon the notes of Marcus Vitruvius Pollio; a Roman writer,
architect, and engineer living 1500 years earlier. The image
captures the human body as perfection in nature, the "measure
of all things."

Da Vinci himself said, "The workings of the human body are an
analogy for the workings of the universe."

We are speaking to the perfect man living in the perfect place
called paradise: The Golden Age.

Mythologist Richard Heinberg reminds us in his book Memories
and Visions of Paradise: Exploring the Universal Myth of a Lost
Golden Age: "As human consciousness lost contact with its
internal, heavenly source of power, technology emerged as a
power substitute. Its first appearance was as sympathetic magic
and as the invocation of spiritual beings to change Nature for
human benefit. However, as human awareness became
increasingly restricted to the material world, purely mechanical
technologies appeared."

Indeed, sacred site stone megalith monument technologies are
all constructed employing the Golden Mean Spiral. Jill Purce,
author of The Mystic Spiral says, "The universal spherical Vortex
is perhaps the most complete symbol by which we can map our
cosmic journey."

My colleague, Fred Mills, in fact pointed out to me many years
ago that The Vitruvian Man held a key insight into mapping the
flow of cosmic consciousness through the double-helix spiral of
our DNA macromolecule as well as the pyramids on Earth and

That is, the so-called Face on Mars and the pyramid complex on
its Cydonia plateau mirror the Great Pyramid complex on the
Giza plateau as the same geometry is encoded in these structures
and The Vitruvian Man. You can overlay this man to the
monument; those same angles, ratios, proportions, of the
buildings are the human body in all its extraterrestrial glory in
other words!

Clearly, there is a message in the fact that Cairo translates to an
Egyptian word for Mars as well.

It seems that once we connect-the-dots we witness that we are
being invited to a family reunion of star-seeded children of the
Suns of God.

Investigative mythologist William Henry wrote an article titled
Christ's Cosmic Wormhole. In this third eye-opening treatise, he
surveys the history of an instrument of space-travel known as
the "djed column" or "Pillar of God."

He says that this is a forty-five foot tall golden-colored device
located in "Temple complexes throughout the ancient world
including Egypt and Solomon's Temple." Henry speculates the
Pillar of God was used in a magical way to open up a vortex
spiral, a tunnel into space-time realms throughout the universe.

Now a British academic writer in religious studies and classical
philosophy, Dr. Jeremy Naydler, author of Temple of the
Cosmos and Shaman Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts, an expert in
deciphering Egyptian glyphs and scripts from a mystical,
shamanic perspective, says virtually the same thing: "The raising
up of the djed column also symbolized the rebirth of the soul.
For the Egyptians, the flow of life-giving forces into the world of
nature was dependent upon the resurrection of Osiris ‘on the
other side' in the spiritual realm of the Dwat."

That spiritual realm is centered upon, as is the Great Pyramid,
the belt stars of Orion Nebula.

Overall, we are looking at life-enhancing rituals that invoked the
sensations of oneness, unity or cosmic consciousness here and
now; the heavenly state-of-feeling connected testified to by all
mystics, prophets, and shamans as the end-goal of creation:
bringing Heaven to Earth.

Again, Richard Heinberg speaks to this desired state in
Memories and Visions of Paradise:

"The Hopi legend of the First People says that they ‘felt as one
and understood one another without talking.' The original mind
seems to have been a kind of living, pulsating web of telepathic
interconnectedness, through the strands of which flowed a
current of universal love."

In what the Egyptians called "Zep Tepi, the First Time in Orion,"
they could communicate telepathically with our mirror-image
Twin Earth until the electromagnetic poles of the earth shifted,
flipped the light switch off in our pineal gland, and we found
ourselves in the Dark Ages-once again.

That is, our earth's ground-to-sky orientation to the Orion
Nebula lost its calibration timing-signal, knocking us off the
celestial equator centerline with it and out-of-touch with home
base. We then suffered a catastrophic "fall from grace" and a
failure to communicate with Mission Control!

We have been in the dark ever since unless a mystic, prophet, or
shaman would share insights with us. This fact is illustrated
convincingly by anthropologist Jeremy Narby in The Cosmic
Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge.

That is why this multi-dimensional vision of reality was sought
after in every culture using substitutes such as alcohol, tobacco,
and potent mood-modifying as well as mind-altering drugs
made of mushrooms, medicinal herbs such as ayahuasca tea
vines, and marijuana plants.

Today this third eye open vision is triggered clinically by using
hallucinogens containing DMT, Dimethyltriptamine to flood the
pineal gland as has been well-documented by psychiatrist Rick
Strassman in his text DMT: The Spirit Molecule.

This then is the spaceflight mission of The Vitruvian Man: To
restore heaven on earth consciously in a renewed Garden of
Eden. But as we know evolution is a brutal process and it will
take our best and brightest efforts to survive the Polaris pole
shift of the ages into Aquarius.

Indeed, Our Global Brain is being initiated into the mysteries of
cosmic consciousness today as geo-scientist Gregg Braden
conveyed in Awakening to Zero-Point: The Collective Initiation
and Dr. Jose Arquelles alerted us in The Mayan Factor: The Path
Beyond Technology: "The octahedral crystal-two tetrahedra
joined together-is the radio-gyroscope holding the harmonic
resonance of the Earth in its orbit. The crystal core catches or
traps the galactic beams attracted to Earth by mutual

However, we remain blind and dumb as to the coming Earth
Changes for the most part. Politicians and the mass media have

our guts all twisted-up into knots over saving the economy when
it's the ecology that will save our soul stupid!

We are the geometry, the ratio, Logos of the Word made flesh in
the accelerating evolutionary spiral of a galactic-level mutation;
biologically this is called a genetic "transposition burst" that is
rewriting the non-coding or "junk" language of light codes
within DNA.

This is a time of galactic genetic engineering, a cleansing cycle of
enhancement as our sense of consciousness is reprogrammed by
radiant bursts of star light energy in a new World Sun Age.
Again, we call these magnetic pulses of information biophotons;
they are signals from stars that communicate cell-to-cell
throughout the entire lifecycle of our light body and beyond to
the zero-point field.

In other words, we are immortal celestial beings of light right
now made of microscopic drops of DNA that are liquid-crystals
of sunlight! But when we cannot see creation firsthand at the
level of the biophotons through the lens of our third eye, we see
only shadows of reality as portrayed symbolically by the images
seen on the walls of Plato's Cave.

Hence, we see the severe clashes of cultures during these times
of major earth changes in consciousness today especially. For we
truthfully cannot see third-eye to eye because the language of the
birds-the telepathic symbols used to communicate-have been
scrambled by the last pole shift, the metaphoric collapse of the
Tower of Babel or Pillar of God.

Thus we have to resort to reports from the mountain-top
experiences of mystics, prophets, and shamans as our saviors:
From Meru to Olympus to Sinai to Mount of Olives to the
Oracles of Delphi.

Yet there is hope because not only are the pyramids and sacred
site ruins still resonant with this truth but the crop circles seek
to revitalize our "dead" memories as elegantly retold by graphic
design artist Freddy Silva in Secrets in the Fields: The Science
and Mysticism of Crop Circles.

More and more these cryptograms in cereal grains speak to our
birthplace among the stars. Whether we examine Egyptian and
Mayan hieroglyphs, the myths of Hopi Nation in the
Southwestern United States, or crop circle images, we find a
common theme in them all: the Hero Twins as binary star

Indeed the idea that we are mirror-images of Christ is a major
unifying theme of the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas. In that original
text it is written that Jesus, a son of the Sun of God, had a twin
brother named Judas Thomas Didymus, and even that is a play
on words for twins. For both Thomas and Didymus mean twin,
so Jesus supposedly had a twin brother named "twin-twin."

That is a dead give-away from religion as to the fact that we are
clones of Christ and come from the same star seed source in the
Orion Nebula.

Robert Temple learned this truth from the Dogon tribe in Africa
with respect to Nommo: "The parallels with Christ are

extraordinary, even extending to Nommo being crucified on a
tree, and forming a Eucharistic meal for humanity and then
being resurrected." The genesis legends of creation are focused
on salvation, thus begin and end with a divine pairing of Hero
Twins: One saved and one sent to save the other's twin soul
brother from a life of hell.

Indeed, the evidence is overwhelming for a Binary Soul
Doctrine, or BSD.

Foremost authority on BSD, Peter Novak, documents in a trilogy
of texts how he has rediscovered The Lost Secret of Death, Our
Divided Souls, and the Afterlife: that if we live without
"knowing" the reality of hells and heavens and how to navigate
through these realms we get trapped in them once our soul-our
conscious and unconscious mind-divides, separates, or splits
from our physical body again at its time of death.

This is of course the focus of The Tibetan Book of the Dead. The
chants, prayers are to awaken the soul to its situation post-
mortem and send it to its eternal home in the sky, or heaven, or
as I am suggesting back to the Orion Nebula: our original
birthplace that we seek to mirror on earth with sacred site
structures, myths, and rituals.

This truth then is what the Gospel of Thomas declared was the
meaning to the admonition of Jesus "to make the two, one
again." Our reward for doing so he said was clearly worth our
best efforts for in the end "Whoever finds the interpretation of
these sayings shall not taste death."

That is, upon death our soul's mind will not split itself in two
again. Our intellect and affect, our thoughts and feelings, or
memories, will not fragment and need to be retrieved from the
"pit" we call hell. We can focus our whole integrated mind on
returning to Twin Earth through the tunnel-of-light that will
open to us as those near-death experiencers that I have
interviewed have in fact shared with me is true.

The difference in life, and death, is all about Gnosis: Knowing
the truth that will set us free!

In fact, the "pit" in the bottom of the Great Pyramid recreated
the dark unknowing of hades, the hell of unconsciousness; its
aimless, mindless, soulless wanderings in the after-death realms,
claimed author of the comprehensive text on this insight,
Decoding The Great Pyramid by Peter Lemesurier.

So the rituals that took place in this specific pyramid complex
with its pit, and the ascending Queen to King's Chamber were
focused on resurrecting the "initiate" into remembrance. It was,
in no uncertain terms, a shamanic soul retrieval or reincarnation
technology that we also need to understand now.

Nor we do not want to lose our way in this earth's heavens that
are floating-freely within the magnetosphere, its fields of
dreams, and forget to travel through the looking glass time-
tunnel of light consciously that opens upon death into our
mirror-image earthlike twin world in the Orion Nebula.

Once more we see that our "failure to communicate" honestly
with our selves and each other as well as our binary twin star
soul double is the larger plan of salvation.

For we star children can use our life-line to phone home

Itzhak Bentov, a biomedical researcher, writes in Stalking the
Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness, "We may
say now that in deep meditation the human being and the planet
system start resonating at a very long wavelength of about
40,000 kilometers. It is the ideal medium for conveying a
telepathic signal."

Our mind is the Mind of Mother Earth, but what happens to a
planet and its people that do not link-up telepathically fast
enough, achieve a unified field of mind, co-existence and

We suffer a severe electromagnetic pole shift due to the
"unnatural disasters" we've created militarily that unbalanced
the organic flow of light energy pulsating around and through
the trunk of The World Tree. In the end, we find we have
weakened the protective sheath of the magnetosphere that
shielded our globe from the lethal doses of gamma-radiation

That is, we experience the purifying fire of the galactic and solar
killing field. Indeed, we must restore environmental balance or
we will be recycled in large numbers due to a nuclear
catastrophe that triggers a war-ending pole shift is what the

scriptures and shamans of every civilization tell us in one way or

This worst-case scenario has happened before according to the
Sumerian scholar Zechariah Sitchin, declaring "The audacious
idea of protecting a planet thermally by creating a shield of
particles in its upper atmosphere is not as revolutionary as it
seems. It was, I wrote in my 1976 book The Twelfth Planet,
exactly the reason why the Anunnaki-‘Those who from Heaven
to Earth came'-had come here some 450,000 years ago from
their planet Nibiru."

He adds: "On Nibiru -- ‘Planet X' of our Solar System - the
problem was the opposite one: Loss of internally generated heat
due to a dwindling atmosphere, brought about by natural causes
and nuclear wars. Nibiru's scientists, I wrote, concluded that the
only way to save life on their planet was to create a shield of gold
particles in their upper atmosphere. It was in search of the
needed gold that the ‘gods' of the ancient peoples had come to

For Earth, the showstopper is of course an all-out nuclear war,
WWIII, known as the Battle of Armageddon, and that is why we
focus on the City of Peace, Jerusalem, to see if the global scales
of justice will be rebalanced by 2012-or we allow the wheels to
fly off the axis of The World Tree.

Time will tell the tale once and for all very, very soon.

There are indeed many reliable sources not the least of which are
the near-death experiences that dovetail with my research into

Amerindian, Biblical, Egyptian and Mayan End-Time prophecies
correlated with massive Earth Changes. One of the pioneers into
NDE visions is Dr. Kenneth Ring, a social psychologist, who
summarized the message of them to us as follows:

"There is, first of all, a sense of having total knowledge, but
specifically one is aware of seeing the entirety of the earth's
evolution and history, from the beginning to the end of time."

"The future scenario, however, is usually of short duration,
seldom extending much beyond the beginning of the twenty-first
century. The individual reports that ... there will be an increasing
incidence of earthquakes, volcanic activity and generally massive
geophysical changes."

"There will be resultant disturbances in weather patterns and
food supplies. The world economic system will collapse, and the
possibility of nuclear war of accident is very great but
respondents are not agreed on whether a nuclear catastrophe
will occur."

"All of these events are transitional rather than ultimate,
however, and they will be followed by a new era in human
history, marked by human brotherhood, universal love and
world peace. Though many will die, the earth will live."

In fact, according to some near-death experiencers that I have
consulted such as Ned Dougherty, the cause of earth's
catastrophes is consistent: "Every act of destruction of God's
environment on Earth multiplied into destructive forces of

nature-earthquakes, floods, pestilence." Equally, he was shown
by a being of light in an Egyptian Temple while in what he saw
was the Orion constellation that our planet's poles will shift or
tilt. He reports, "a shifting of the Earth's axis will create
dramatic climatic changes."

Dougherty says further, "During my ‘death' experience, I had
been told that humankind would evolve into a new and more
spiritually transformed race of beings. Perhaps God would
bestow upon mankind the ability to communicate telepathically,
so that human beings could only then communicate honestly
with each other."

In addition, we have the NDE testimony of Reverend Howard
Storm who learned from beings of light hovering outside the
center of a galaxy what our new heaven and new earth will be
like for those alive then: "Everybody was a student of Nature,
which they knew intimately and with which they could
communicate, knowing the sensations and vibration of every
part of creation. People explored outer space without moving an
inch. People communicated telepathically with everyone on
Earth and had relationships with intelligent beings on other

Yet Mayan scholar John Major Jenkins understands my
immediate concerns clearly and forcefully, commenting in
Pyramid of Fire: The Lost Aztec Codex: "The Greek writer
Seneca ... gives more details on the Babylonian World Age
doctrine, saying that the world is alternately destroyed by flood
or fire when the planets line up in Capricorn or Cancer. Such a

statement implies that global destructions occur at the two
extreme poles of the Great Year of precession."

Russian psychiatrist Immanuel Velikovsky, co-founder of the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and author of Worlds in
Collision declared destruction comes when "Two celestial bodies
have been attracted one to each other. The inner masses of the
Earth were pushed to the periphery. The Earth, with its
rotational movement disturbed, started to warm."

Indeed, it is no coincidence that Mark Vidler in his book The
Star Mirror: The Extraordinary Discovery of The True Reflection
Between Heaven and Earth reports: "All the pyramids of the Old
Kingdom have a shaft oriented to the polar region in the sky.
This is one axis of the ‘mill wheel' of the heavens and the arrival
of a brilliant star at this point suggests that the heavenly axis is
‘heating up.'"

Vidler adds: "In Hamlet's Mill, Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha
von Deschend recover an abundance of evidence confirming the
ancient preoccupation with this axis on the celestial sphere and
its association with a predicted Earth Shift."

Specifically, Mark Vidler has performed years of careful research
into the location of pyramids as gateways to stars. He correlates
"stars to mountains," creating a crystal-clear sky-to-ground map
that mirrors the geometry of the Great Pyramid. Interestingly,
and prophetically, he reveals, "We are told that Polaris is an
omen of global shift and have seen the ancient Egyptian murals
depicting the sun taking a violent leap when it arrives on the
raised limb of Orion."

That is to confirm, we will come under the cosmic ray gun of
extremely intense Coronal Mass Ejections from our Sun. These
galactic gamma-ray bursts are of concern to astrophysicist Paul
LaViolette as he put forth in his book rightly titled Earth Under
Fire because of interstellar dust clouds that are creating a
thermal blanket around the Sun and cause it to overheat and
explode violently in spasms of boiling plasma, CMEs, some of
these aimed directly at Earth.

Adrian Gilbert understands as well, and reiterates, "As I have
said, the southern star gate is of principle importance because it
is also aligned with the center of our galaxy. What this means in
practice is that on 21 December 2012, any person observing the
Sun will also be looking directly toward the core of the Milky
Way: the place where astronomers say there is a black hole with
a mass some three hundred million times that of our Sun."

In summary, in the Apocalypse of John, also known as the Book
of Revelation, we are warned that our world will be cast into a
solar furnace, a "lake of fire" at the end-of-time. This scenario is
in fact what Lou Famoso saw during his near-death, out-of-body
experience to be true from the perspective of the Orion Nebula.
He saw two balls of fire roar past him headed for our Sun. Then
a HUGE CME erupted from it and headed straight for Earth. The
result is an estimated 45-degree Pole Shift with simultaneous
cataclysmic earthquakes, tsunamis, the sinking of old and rising
of new continents, and the explosion of volcanoes on the Ring of
Fire. So that we are not caught unawares, blind and dumb, an

Angel he identified as Gabriel gave Mr. Famoso the following
message to take back to us, and in closing I share that with you

"Look to Orion and you will know when the new world will

"The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the
tides, gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love.
And, on that day, for the second time in the history of the world,
humankind will have discovered fire." -Pierre Teilhard de
Chardin (1881-1955)

Dr. John Jay Harper is a clinical hypnotherapist and author of
Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century. He and his wife,
Connie, live in Spokane, Washington. For more information,
please refer to

THE Emperor Julian, the author of the two following Orations,
is well known in the character of a Sovereign and an Apostate
which he once sustained, but very few are acquainted with him
in the characters of a Theologist and Philosopher, which he
displays through the whole of his works, in a manner by no
means contemptible or weak. It is true, indeed, that his

philosophical and theological attainments are not to be
compared with those of Pythagoras, Plato, and Proclus, who
appear to have arrived at the summit of human piety and
wisdom, or with those of many of the Platonists prior and
posterior to Proclus; but, at the same time, they were certainly
far superior to those which many celebrated antients possessed,
or which even fell to the share of such a man as the biographer
Indeed it is impossible that a man burthened
p. 6
with the weight of a corrupt empire, such as that of Rome, or
that the governor of any community except a republic, like that
of Plato, should be able to philosophize in the most exquisite
degree, and leave monuments behind him of perfect erudition
and science. Julian, however, appears to have possessed as much
of the philosophical genius as could possibly be the portion of an
Emperor of Rome, and was doubtless as much superior to any
other Emperor, either prior or posterior to him, as the
philosophy and theology which he zealously professed transcend
all others in dignity and worth. Hence, in the ensuing orations,
he has happily blended the majestic diction of a Roman Emperor
with the gravity of sentiment peculiar to a Platonic philosopher,
and with that scientific and manly piety which is so conspicuous
in the writings of antient theologists. His language is, indeed,
highly magnificent, and in every respect becoming the exalted
rank which he sustained, and the great importance of the
subjects of his discourse: in short, the grandeur of his soul is so
visible in his composition, that we may safely credit what he
asserted of himself, that he was formerly Alexander the Great.
And if we consider the actions
p. 7

of Alexander and Julian, we shall easily be induced to believe,
that it was one and the same person who, in different periods,
induced the Indians, Bactrians, and inhabitants of Caucasus, to
worship the Grecian deities: took down the contemptible ensign
of his predecessor, and raised in its stead the majestic Roman
eagles; and every where endeavoured to restore a religion which
is coeval with the universe, by banishing gigantically-daring, and
barbaric belief.
The first of these orations, which celebrates that glorious
divinity, the Sun, is not only valuable for the piety and eloquence
displayed in its composition, but for its containing much
important information from a treatise of Jamblichus on the
gods, which is unfortunately lost. The name of Jamblichus must,
indeed, be dear to every genuine lover of Platonism, and any
work replete with his doctrines may certainly, with justice, lay
claim to immortality. However, as the theology of Orpheus,
Pythagoras, and Plato, does not appear to have been unfolded in
the most consummate perfection, even by Jamblichus himself,
this great talk being reserved for the incomparable Proclus, we
shall find in such books of Proclus as are fortunately
p. 8
preserved, a more accurate account in some particulars of the
essence and powers of the Sun. This account I shall lay before
the reader, (after I have premised a few particulars concerning
the existence and nature of the gods), that he may see in what
the Emperor's discourse is defective, and in what it is agreeable
to the truth.
That after the first cause, then, who, from the transcendent
excellence of his nature, was justly considered by all the, pious
antients as superessential and ineffable, there should be a divine
multitude, or, in other words, gods subordinate indeed to the

first, but at the same time exquisitely allied to him, is a doctrine
so congenial with the unperverted conceptions of the soul, that it
can only be rejected during the most degraded generations of
mankind: for if there be no such thing as a vacuum either in
incorporeal or corporeal natures, and if in every well-ordered
progression the similar precedes the dissimilar, and this, so as to
cause the whole series to be united in the most perfect degree, it
is necessary that the first progeny of the first god should be no
other than gods. 1
p. 9
Indeed, those who are skilled in the most scientific dialectic of
Plato, know that a unity or monad is every where the leader of a
kindred multitude; and that, in consequence of this, there is one
first nature and many natures, one first soul and many souls,
one first intellect and many intellects, and one first god and a
kindred multitude of gods.
But as this highest god, from the transcendent simplicity of his
nature, was profoundly called by the Platonic philosophers the
one, hence all the gods, considered according to the
characteristics or summits of their natures, will be unities; but
they will differ from the first cause in this, that he is alone
superessential without any addition, and is perfectly exempt
from all habitude or alliance to any other nature, whereas each
of the other gods is participated by something inferior to itself,
viz. either by being, life, intellect, soul, or body, from which
participations all the divine orders are produced, and through
which they become subordinate to the highest god.
In addition, therefore, to what I have said concerning the first
cause, and the gods, his
p. 10

immediate progeny, in my Introduction to Plato's Parmenides,
the following observations, extracted from the 6th book of
Proclus, on that most theological dialogue, will, I doubt not, be
highly acceptable to the truly liberal reader. "The one, then, is
the principle of all things, since to be united is to every thing
good, and the greatest of goods; but that which is every way
separated from unity is evil, and the greatest of evils; since it
becomes the cause of dissimilitude, privation of sympathy,
division, and a departure from a subsistence according to
nature. The first cause, therefore, as supplying all things with the
greatest good, unites all things, and is, on this account, called the
one. And hence the gods, from their surpassing similitude to the
first god, will be unities proceeding from this one principle, and
yet ineffably absorbed in his nature. Thus, for instance, (that we
may illustrate this doctrine by an example) we perceive many
causes of light, some of which are celestial and others sublunary;
for light proceeds to our terrestrial abode from material fire,
from the moon, and from the other stars, and this, so as to be
different according to the difference of its cause. But if we
explore the one monad of all mundane light,
p. 11
from which other lucid natures and sources of light derive their
subsistence, we shall find that it is no other, than the apparent
orb of the Sun; for this orbicular body proceeds, as it is said,
from. an occult and supermundane order, and disseminates in
all mundane natures a light commensurate with each."
"Shall we say then that this apparent body is the principle of
light? But this is endued with interval, and is divisible, and light
proceeds from the different parts which it contains. But we are
at present investigating the one principle of light: shall we say,
therefore, that the ruling soul of this body generates mundane

light? This indeed produces light, but not primarily, for it is itself
multitude; and light contains a representation of a simple and
uniform subsistence. May not intellect therefore, which is the
cause of soul, be the fountain of this light! Intellect, indeed, is
more united than soul, but is not that which is properly and
primarily the principle of light. It remains, therefore, that the
one of this intellect, its summit, and, as it were, flower, must be
the first principle of mundane light. For this is properly the sun
which reigns over the visible place, and, according
p. 12
to Plato in the Republic, is the offspring of the good; since every
unity proceeds from thence, and every deity is the progeny of the
unity of unities, and the fountain of the gods. And as the good is
the principle of light to intelligibles, in like manner the unity of
the solar order is the principle of light to all visible natures, and
is analogous to the good, in which it is occultly established, and
from which it never departs."
"But this unity having an order prior to the solar intellect, there
is also in intellect, so far as intellect, a unity participated from
this unity, which is emitted into it like a seed, and through which
intellect is united with the unity or deity of the sun. This, too, is
the case with the soul of the sun; for this, through the one which
she contains, is elevated through the one of intellect as a
medium, to the deity of the sun. And we must understand the
same with respect to the body of the sun, that there is in this a
certain resounding echo, as it were, of the primary solar one: for
it is necessary that the solar body should participate of things
superior to itself; of soul, according to the life which is
disseminated in it; of intellect, according to its form; and of
unity, according to its one, since soul
p. 18

participates both of intellect and this one, and participations are
different from the things which are participated. You may say,
therefore, that the proximate cause of the solar light is this unity
of the solar orb."
"In like manner, if we should investigate the root, as it were, of
all bodies, from which celestial and sublunary bodies, wholes
and parts, blossom into existence, we may not improperly say
that this is Nature, which is the principle of motion and rest to
all bodies, and which is established in them, whether they are in
motion or at rest. But I mean by Nature, the one life of the
world, which, being subordinate to intellect and soul,
participates through these of generation. And this, indeed, is
more a principle than many and partial natures, but is not that
which is properly the principle of bodies; for this contains a
multitude of powers, and through such as are different, governs
different parts of the universe: but we are now investigating the
one and common principle of all bodies, and not many and
distributed principles. If, therefore, we wish to discover this one
principle, we must raise ourselves to that which is most united in
Nature to its flower, and that
p. 14
through which it is a deity, by which it is suspended from its
proper fountain, connects, unites, and causes the universe to
have a sympathetic consent with itself. This one, therefore, is the
principle of all generation) and is that which reigns over the
many powers of Nature, over partial natures, and universally
over every thing subject to the dominion of Nature."
Thus far Proclus, from which admirable passage it is easy to
infer that principles are every where unities, and that the highest
principles are no other than gods or superessential blossoms,
involved in unproceeding union with the first god, and absorbed

in ineffable light. But the same incomparable man farther
observes, "All these unities are in each other, and are profoundly
united with each other, and their union is far greater than the
communion and sameness which subsist in beings; for in these
there is, indeed, a mutual mixture of forms, similitude and
friendship, and a participation of each other; but the union of
the gods, as being a union of unities, is much more uniform,
ineffable, and transcendent: for here all are in all which does not
take place in forms or ideas; 1 and their
p. 15
unmingled purity, and the characteristic of each, in a manner far
surpassing the diversity in ideas, preserves their natures
unconfused, and distinguishes their peculiar powers. Hence
some of them are more universal, and others more particular;
some of them are characterized according to abiding, others
according to progression, and others according to conversion;
some again are generative, others reductive, and others
demiurgic; and universally there are different characteristics of
different gods, viz. the connective, perfective, demiurgic
assimilative, and such others as are celebrated posterior to
these: so that all are in all, and yet each is, at the same time,
separate and distinct."
"Indeed, we obtain this knowledge of their union and
characteristics from the natures by which they are participated;
for, with respect to the apparent gods, we say, that there is one
soul of the sun and another of the earth directing our attention
to the apparent bodies of these divinities, which possess much
variety in their essence, powers, and dignity among wholes. As,
therefore, we apprehend the difference of incorporeal essences
from sensible inspection, in like manner from the variety of
incorporeal essences we are enabled

p. 16
to know something of the unmingled distinction of the first and
superessential unities, and of the characteristics of each; for
each unity has a multitude suspended from its nature, which is
either intelligible 1 alone, or, at the same time, intelligible and
intellectual, or intellectual alone; and this last is either
participated or not participated, and this again is either
supermundane or mundane: and thus far does the progression
of the unities extend." And, shortly after, he adds, "As trees by
their extremities are rooted in the earth, and through this are
earthly in every part, in the same manner divine natures are
rooted by their summits in the one, and each is a unity and one,
through its unconfused union with the one itself."
If the reader, therefore, unites these beautiful passages with
what I have delivered concerning the gods, in my Introduction to
the Parmenides, and has, at the same time, a genius adapted to
such speculations, he will find that the observation of
Jamblichus is no less admirable than true, "that a knowledge of
the Gods is virtue, wisdom, and consummate felicity, and
assimilates us to the Gods
p. 17
themselves." He will find that the theology of Plato is the
progeny of the most consummate science and wisdom, and that
it is as much superior to all other theological systems which
oppose it, as reality to fiction, or intellect to irrational opinion.
Having premised thus much, I shall now present the reader with
an account of the nature of the Sun, extracted from Proclus on
Plato's Theology, from his Commentaries on the Timæus, and
from his Scholia on the Cratylus, in which he will find the most
arcane and perfect information concerning this mighty divinity
which can perhaps at present be obtained. 1

The fontal sun, then, subsists in Jupiter, the perfect artificer of
the world, who produced the hypostasis of, the sun from his own
essence. Through the solar fountain contained in his essence, the
Demiurgus generates solar powers in the principles of the
universe, and a triad of solar gods, through which all things are
unfolded into light, and are perfected and replenished with
p. 18
goods; through the first of these solar monads participating
unpolluted light and intelligible harmony; but from the other
two, efficacious power, vigour, and demiurgic perfection. The
sun subsists in the most beautiful proportion to the good: for as
the splendour proceeding from the good is the light of
intelligible natures; so that proceeding from Apollo is the light of
the intellectual world; and that which emanates from the
apparent sun is the light of the sensible world. And both the sun
and Apollo are analogous to the good; but sensible light and
intellectual truth are analogous to superessential light. But
though Apollo and the sun subsist in wonderful union with each
other, yet they likewise inherit a proper distinction and diversity
of nature. Hence, by poets inspired by Phœbus, the different
generative causes of the two are celebrated, and the fountains
are distinguished from which their hypostasis is derived. At the
same time they are described as closely united with each other,
and are celebrated with each other's mutual appellations: for the
sun vehemently rejoices to be celebrated as Apollo; and Apollo,
when he is invoked as the sun, benignantly imparts the splendid
light of truth. It is the illustrious
p. 19
property of Apollo to collect multitude into one, to comprehend
number in one, and from one to produce many natures; to

convolve in himself, through intellectual simplicity, all the
variety of secondary natures; and, through one hyparxis, to
collect into one multiform essences and powers. This god,
through a simplicity exempt from multitude, imparts to
secondary natures prophetic truth; for that which is simple is the
same with. that which is true: but through his liberated essence
he imparts a purifying, unpolluted, and preserving power: and
his emission of arrows is the symbol of his destroying every
thing inordinate, wandering, and immoderate in the world. But
his revolution is the symbol of the harmonic motion of the
universe, collecting all things into union and consent. And these
four powers of the god may be accommodated to the three solar
monads, which he contains. The first monad 1, therefore, of this
god is enunciative of truth, and of the intellectual light which
subsists occultly in the gods. But the second 2 is destructive of
every thing wandering and confused:
p. 20
but the third 1 causes all things to subsist in symmetry and
familiarity with each other, through harmonic reasons. And the
unpolluted and most pure cause, which he comprehends in
himself, obtains the principality, illuminating all things with
perfection and power, according to nature, and banishing every
thing contrary to these.
Hence, of the solar triad, the first monad unfolds intellectual
light, enunciates it to all secondary natures, fills all things with
universal truth, and converts them to the intellect of the gods;
which employment is ascribed to the prophetic power of Apollo,
who produces into light the truth contained ill divine natures,
and perfects that which is unknown in the secondary orders of
things. But the second and third monads are the causes of
efficacious vigour, demiurgic effection in the universe, and

perfect energy, according to which these monads adorn every
sensible nature, and exterminate every thing indefinite and
inordinate in the world.
And one monad is analogous to musical fabrication, and to the
harmonic providence of natures which are moved. But the
p. 21
is analogous to that which is destructive of all confusion, and of
that perturbation which is contrary to form, and the orderly
disposition of the universe. But the third monad, which supplies
all things with an abundant communion of beauty, and extends
true beautitude to all things, bounds the solar principles, and
guards its triple progression. In a similar manner, likewise, it
illuminates progressions with a perfect and intellectual measure
of a blessed life, by those purifying and pæonian powers of the
king Apollo, which obtain an analogous principality in the sun.--
The sun is allotted a supermundane 1 order
p. 22
in the world, an unbegotten supremacy among generated forms,
and an intellectual dignity among sensible natures. Hence he
p. 23
has a twofold progression, one in conjunction with the other
mundane gods, but the other exempt from them, supernatural
and unknown. For the Demiurgus, according to Plato in the
Timæus, enkindled in the solar sphere a light unlike the
splendour of the other planets, producing it from his own
essence, extending to mundane natures, as it were from certain
secret recesses, a symbol of intellectual essences, and exhibiting
to the universe the arcane nature of the supermundane gods.
Hence, when the sun first arose, he astonished the mundane
gods, all of whom were desirous of dancing round him, and of

being replenished with his light. The sun, too, governs the
twofold co-ordinations of the world, which co-ordinations are
denominated hands, by those who are skilled in divine concerns,
because they are effective, motive, and demiurgic of the
universe. But they are considered as twofold; one the right hand,
but the other the left.
And lastly, the sun being supermundane, emits the fountains of
light; for among supermundane natures there is a solar world
and total light; and this light is a monad prior to the empyrean,
ætherial, and material
p. 24
worlds 1. And thus much for an account of the sun, from Proclus,
On the Timæus and Theology of Plato: the following is from his
Scholia on the Cratylus.
In the first place, then, Proclus informs us, that there is a great
correspondence between the Coric series, or the order belonging
to Proserpine, and the Apolloniacal; for the former is the unity of
the middle triad of Rulers, (meaning of the supermundane gods)
and emits from herself vivific powers; but the latter converts the
solar principles to one union: and the solar principles are
allotted a subsistence immediately after the vivific. Hence (says
he) according to Orpheus, when Ceres delivered up the
government to Proserpine, she thus admonished her:
Αυταρ Απολλωνος θαλερον λεχος εισαναβασα,
Τεξεται αγλαα τεκνα πυριφλεγεθοντα προσωποις.
That is,
But next Apollo's florid bed ascend;
For thus the god fam'd offspring shall beget,
Refulgent with the beams of glowing fire.
p. 25

But how could this be the case, unless there was a considerable
degree of communion between these divinities.
But it is requisite to know thus much concerning Apollo, that,
according to the first and most natural conception, his name
signifies the cause of union, and that power which collects
multitude into one; and this mode of speculation concerning his
name harmonizes with all the orders of the god. After this, he
observes, in answer to the question why Socrates, in the
Cratylus, begins from the medicinal power of the gods, proceeds
through his prophetic and arrow-darting powers, and lastly ends
in his harmonic power, that all the energies of this divinity
subsist in all the orders of beings, but that different energies
appear to have more or less dominion in different orders: thus,
for instance, the medicinal power of Apollo is most apparent in
the sublunary region, for
There slaughter, rage, and countless Ills beside,
Disease, decay, and rottenness reside. 1
And as these are moved in an inordinate
p. 26
manner, they require to be restored from a condition contrary,
into one agreeable to nature, and from incommensuration and
manifold division, into symmetry and union.
But the prophetic energy of the god is most apparent in the
heavens; for there his enunciative power shines forth, unfolding
intelligible goods to celestial natures, and on this account he
revolves together with the sun, with whom he participates the
same intellect in common; since the sun also illuminates
whatever heaven contains, and extends a unifying power to all
its parts. But his arrow-darting energy mostly prevails among
the liberated 1 gods; for there ruling over the wholes 2 which the
universe contains, he excites their motions by his rays, which are

always assimilated to arrows, extirpates every thing inordinate,
and fills all things with demiurgic gifts. And though he has a
separate and exempt subsistence, he reaches all things by his
Again, his harmonic power is more predominant
p. 27
in the ruling supermundane order; for it is this divinity who
harmonizing the universe, establishes about himself according
to one union the choir of the Muses, and produces by this
means, as a certain Theurgist says, "the harmony of exulting
light." Apollo, therefore, as we have shewn, is harmonic, and this
is likewise the case with the other Apollos 1 which are contained
in the earth, and the other spheres; but this power appears in
some places more and in others less. These powers too, subsist
in the god himself in an united manner, and exempt from other
natures, but in those attendants of the gods who are superior to
us, divisibly and according to participation; for there is a great
multitude of medicinal, prophetic, harmonic, and arrow-darting
angels, dæmons, and heroes, suspended from Apollo, who
p. 28
in a partial manner the uniform powers of the god.
But it is necessary to consider each of these powers according to
one definite characteristic; as, for instance, his harmonic power,
according to its binding together separated multitude; his
prophetic power, according to the enunciative; his arrow-darting
power, according to its being subvertive of an inordinate nature;
and his medicinal power, according to its perfective energy. We
should likewise speculate these characteristics differently in
gods, angels, dæmons, heroes, men, animals, and plants; for the
powers of the gods extend from on high to the last of things, and

at the same time appear in an accommodated manner in each;
and the Telestic or mystic art endeavours through sympathy to
conjoin these ultimate participants with the gods. But in all
these orders we must carefully observe, that this god is the cause
of union to multiplied natures: for his medicinal power, which
takes away the multiform nature of disease, imparts uniform
health; since health is symmetry, and a subsistence according to
nature, but that which is contrary to nature is multifarious. Thus
too, his prophetic power,
p. 29
which unfolds the simplicity of truth, takes away the variety of
that which is false; but his arrow-darting power, which
exterminates every thing furious and wild, but prepares that
which is orderly and gentle to exercise dominion, vindicates to
itself unity, and exterminates a disordered nature tending to
multitude: and his musical power, through rythm and harmony,
places a bond, friendship and union in wholes, and subdues the
contraries of these.
And all these powers, indeed, subsist primarily in an exempt
manner and uniformly in the demiurgus 1 of wholes, but
secondarily and separately in Apollo. Hence Apollo is not the
same with the demiurgic intellect; for this comprehends these
powers totally and paternally, but Apollo, with subjection,
imitating his father; since all the energies and powers of
secondary gods, are comprehended in the Demiurgus according
to cause. And the Demiurgus fabricates and adorns the universe
according to all these powers, and in a collected manner; but the
other deities which
p. 30
proceed from him, co-operate with their father according to
different powers.

Thus far the truly admirable Proclus, who certainly merited the
appellation of Coryphæus which is given him by Damascius, in
the most eminent degree; for he was beyond all doubt the man
who, in the language of Ammonius Hermeas 1, possessed the
ability of interpreting the doctrines of the ancients, and a
scientific judgment of the nature of things, in the greatest
perfection possible to man. For my own part, indeed, the whole
of time would not be sufficient to pay him thanks adequate to
the benefits which I have received from his incomparable works;
and I shall consider the employment (if permitted me) of
translating and illustrating the whole of his philosophical works
in English, as forming a very principal part of the felicity of my
life. I only add farther concerning this Oration to the Sun, that it
is addressed to one) Sallust, who was a governor of some Roman
province, who appears to have been greatly esteemed by the
Emperor, and who of course was a professor of the genuine
religion of mankind.
p. 31
With respect to the Oration to the Mother of the Gods, it is
necessary to observe, that this divinity first subsists at the
summit of that order of gods which is called by the Chaldean
theologists νοητος και νεορος, i.e. intelligible, and at the same
time intellectual; that she is there no other than the celebrated
goddess Night; and that she produces from thence, in the
intellectual order, Rhea, Ceres, Tethys and Juno, each of whom,
from subsisting according to the same characteristic, is the
mother of all the divinities respectively subordinate to each. So
that this vivific series, or luminous chain, commences from the
occult goddess Night, and extends to the utmost extremities of
animated being. Indeed, the various orders of the gods are in
reality no other than the golden chain of Homer 1, the topmost

link of which is suspended, from the ineffable principle of all
things, and whose series is terminated only
p. 32
by the dark, fluctuating, and rebounding receptacle of matter.
I shall only observe farther at present, that the Emperor's
explanation of the mystic fable, respecting Attis and the Mother
of the Gods is agreeable to that of the philosopher Sallust, in his
treatise On the Gods and the World, as may be seen in Chap. IV.
of my translation of that invaluable work. I shall therefore
conclude this Introduction with a hymn to Apollo and the Sun,
considered as in a certain respect one and the same divinity, and
in which the reader will find an epitome of a great part, of the
arcane information concerning this mighty deity which has been
already delivered.
8:1 See this most important subject more largely discussed in my
Introduction to the Parmenides.
14:1 For in these all are in each, but not all in all.
16:1 For an account of the Intelligible Gods, see my Introduction
to the Parmenides.
17:1 The first part of this account is already published, and forms
a part of one of the notes to my translation of the Cratylus: but
the latter part from Proclus on the Cratylus was never before this
made public.
19:1 i.e. Mercury.
19:2 Venus.
20:1 Apollo.
21:1 That the Platonic reader may be demonstratively convinced
that the Sun ranks in the supermundane order of gods, let him
attend to the following observations, which belong to the

greatest arcana of the ancient theology. Every order of gods
commences from a monad, or proximately exempt producing
cause: for it is necessary, that every divine cause should be to its
progeny what the first cause is to all the divine orders; since it
can no otherwise produce in the best manner, than by imitating
that which is best. But the first cause in an imparticipable one,
or, in other words, is not consubsistent with his progeny; and
hence every divine order must have a presubsisting and primary
principle of its progression, which, from its similitude to the first
cause, is very properly called a monad. The immediate progeny,
too, of every divine monad, must be exquisitely allied to the
monad Its cause, since the similar, In every well-ordered
progression, must always subsist prior to the dissimilar. This
being premised, the reader, who knows scientifically the p. 22
number of the divine orders, may easily collect, that as the
ineffable one, who is superior to an intelligible essence, is the
monad of first intelligibles, which he illuminates with
superessential light; so Phanes, or intelligible intellect, which is
the extremity of the intelligible order, is the monad of
intellectuals, whom he illuminates with intelligible light. In like
manner Jupiter, who is the boundary of the gods, properly called
intellectual, is the king or monad of the supermundane gods,
whom he illuminates with intellectual light; and consequently
the Sun must subsist at the extremity of the supermundane
order, must be the monad of the mundane gods, and must
illuminate sensible natures with supermundane light: for
otherwise the mundane gods would not be suspended from a
monad analogous to the other divine orders. And lastly,
Bacchus, or the mundane intellect, is the monad of the Titans, or
the ultimate artificers of things, whom he Illuminates with light
of a mundane characteristic. Hence, Bacchus is the cause of the

mundane properties of light, viz. of those properties which are
inseparable from a corporeal nature, and which are found to
subsist in visible light: for light, as I have elsewhere shewn from
Proclus, is an immaterial body.
I only add, that the reader who profoundly understands this
theory, may consider himself as possessing the key which easily
opens the treasury of the highest Wisdom: but let not any one
who has not legitimately studied the philosophy of Plato, deceive
himself by supposing that this theory may be understood by
barely reading over the above observations; for it is certainly
ridiculous in the extreme to imagine that a theory like the
preceding, which respects the most sublime objects of
speculation, which is the result of the most consummate science,
and which depends on a variety of previous disciplines, can be
apprehended as soon as mentioned: the man that can entertain
an opinion so stupid and arrogant, is not only ignorant in
matters of the highest importance, but is even ignorant of his
24:1 have already shewn in my notes on the Cratylus, that the
celebrated seven worlds of the Chaldæans are to be distributed
as follows: One empyrean; three ætherial, situated above the
inerratic sphere; and three material, consisting of the inerratic
sphere, the seven planets, and the sublunary region. As the
Emperor, therefore, In this Hymn informs us that, according to
the Assyrians, the sun moves in the middle of these seven
worlds, he must consequently revolve in the last of the ætherial
25:1 These lines from Empedocles are as follow in the original:
Ενθα κοτος τε φονος τε, και αλλων εθνεα κηρων,
Αυχμησαι τε νοσοι, και σηψιες, εργα τε ρευστα.

26:1 For an account of this and the following order of gods, viz.
the supermundane, see my Introduction to the Parmenides, and
notes on the Cratylus.
26:2 See my Introduction to the Timæus for an account of these
27:1 In my Introduction to the Timæus, I have shewn that,
according to the ancient Theology, every sphere in the universe
is surrounded with a multitude of gods in splendid orbicular
bodies analogus to the number of the fixed stars; that these gods
are subordinate to the gods of the spheres as being their
Satellites; that they are characterized by the properties of the
several spheres; and that they are distributed from all the
various orders of the gods: so that, for instance, about the sphere
of the sun, there is a solar Jupiter, Neptune, Vulcan, etc., and so
of the rest.
29:1 i.e. In Jupiter.
30:1 In Aristot, de Interpretatione.
31:1 A reader unskilled in the ancient theology will doubtless
imagine from this, that as Homer's chain commences from
Jupiter, hence Jupiter is no other than the first cause: to such it
is necessary to observe, that Homer's chain, of which Jupiter is
the monad or topmost link, is only a part of the whole chain,
which commences from the first cause, as there are various
orders of gods superior to Jupiter, the demiurgus of the world.
Next: To Apollo and the Sun

To APOLLO and the SUN 1

The Sun's resplendent deity I sing,
The beauteous offspring of almighty Jove,
Who, thro' the vivifying solar fount
Within his fabricative mind conceal'd,
A triad form'd of splendid solar gods;
From whence the world's all-various forms emerg'd
From mystic darkness into beauteous light,
Perfect, and full of intellectual goods.
Hail! Supermundane king of light divine,
And fairest image of the unknown good:
For, as the light proceeding from the one,
The god of gods, and beauty's matchless flower,
Intelligibles, with deific rays
Occult, illumes; so from Apollo's beams
Exulting glorious through harmonic power,
The mental world with elevating light
Is fill'd exub'rant: and th' apparent Sun
Largely diffuses thro' the world of sense,
Light, all-prolific, beautiful, divine.
To thee, as bright Apollo, it belongs
All multitude in union to collect,
And many natures generate from one;
With vigour in thy essence to convolve
The diff'rent ranks of secondary forms;
And thro' one fair hyparxis 2 to combine
p. 34
All-various essences and fertile powers.
'Tis thine, from multitude exempt, t' inspire
In forms subordinate, prophetic truth;
For truth and pure simplicity are one:

And of preserving unpolluted power,
Thy liberated essence is the source.
Fam'd mystic bards of old, in sacred song,
By thee inspir'd, as th' arrow-darting god,
Constant invok'd thee, with resistless sway,
Because thy vig'rous beams like arrows pierce,
And totally, whate'er of measure void the world
Inordinate or dark contains, destroy.
And last, thy revolution is the sign
Of motion, harmonizing into one
The various natures of this mighty whole.
Thy first bright Monad 1 hence, illustrious god,
Enunciates truth and intellectual light;
That light, which in the essence of the gods,
Subsists with rays uniting and unknown.
Thy second 2, ev'ry thing confus'd destroys:
And from thy third 3, the universe is bound
In beauteous symmetry and just consent,
Thro' splendid reasons and harmonic power.
Add, that thy essence, 'midst the mundane gods,
A super-mundane order is assign'd;
An unbegotten and supreme command
O'er all the ranks of generated forms;
And In the ever-flowing realms of sense,
An intellectual dignity of sway.
Progression two-fold, hence, to thee belongs,--
One in conjunction with the mundane gods,
The other supernat'ral and unknown:
For when the Demiurgus form'd the world,
He kindled in the solar sphere a light,
Unlike the splendour of the other orbs,

Drawn from his nature's most occult retreats,
A symbol fair of intellectual forms;
And openly announcing as it shines
To ev'ry part of this amazing whole,
The essence solitary and arcane
p. 35
Of all the ruling, supermundane gods.
Hence too, when first thy beams the world adorn'd
The mundane gods were ravish'd at the sight;
And round thy orb, with emulative zeal
And symphony divine, desir'd to dance,
And draw abundant from thy fontal light.
'Tie thine by heat apparent to exalt
Corporeal natures from the sluggish earth,
Inspiring vivid, vegetative power;
And by a nature secretly divine,
And from the base alloy of matter free,
Inherent in thy all-productive rays,
Thou draw'st to union with thy wond'rous form,
Exalted souls, that In dark Hyle's realms
Indignant struggle for the courts of. light:
All beauteous, seven-rayed, supermundane god!
Whose mystic essence secretly emits
The splendid fountains of celestial light.
For 'midst the ruling, super-mundane gods
A solar world, and total light subsists;
A light, which as a fertile monad shines
Superior to the three corporeal worlds.
By sacred Oracles of old, 'tie said,
Thy glorious orb beyond the starry sphere
And in the last etherial world revolves.

But in thy course, harmoniously divine,
Thy orb, quadruply intersects these worlds;
And then twelve powers of radiant gods displays,
Thro' twelve divisions of the zone oblique.
And still abundant in productive might,
Each into three of diff'rent ranks divides.
Hence, from the fourfold elegance and grace
Of times and seasons, by thy course produc'd,
Mankind a triple benefit receive,
The circling Graces' never-failing gift.
All-bounteous god, by whom the soul is freed
Prom Generation's dark corporeal bands,
Assist THY OFFSPRING, borne on mental wings,
Beyond the reach of guileful Nature's hands
Swift to ascend, and gain thy beauteous world.
The subtle vestment of my soul refine,
Etherial, firm, and full of sacred light,
Her ancient vehicle by thee assign'd;
In which invelop'd, thro' the starry orbs,
Urg'd' by the Impulse of insane desire,
p. 36
She fail'd precipitate, till Lethe's shore,
Involv'd in night, unhappily she touch'd,
And lost all knowledge of her pristine state:
O best of gods, blest dæmon crown'd with fire,
My soul's sure refuge in the hour of woe,
My port paternal in the courts of light,
Hear, and from punishment my soul absolve,
The punishment incurr'd by pristine guilt,
Thro' Lethe's darkness and terrene desire:
And if for long-extended years I'm doom'd

In these drear realms Heav'n's exile to remain,
Oh! grant me soon the necessary means
To gain that good which solitude confers
On souls emerging from the bitter waves
Of fraudful Hyle's black, impetuous flood.
That thus retiring from the vulgar herd,
And impious converse of the present age,
My soul may triumph o'er her natal ills;
And oft with thee In blissful union join'd
Thro' energy Ineffable, may soar
Beyond the highest super-mundane forms;
And in the vestibule supreme survey,
Emerging from th' intelligible deep,
Beauty's transcendent, solitary Sun.
33:1 I have already observed in my account of Apollo and the
Sun, in the first part of this Introduction, that though these
divinities subsist in wonderful union with each other, yet they
likewise inherit a proper distinction and diversity of nature.
33:2 i.e. Essence.
34:1 i.e. Mercury.
34:2 Venus.
34:3 Apollo.
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p. 39
to the

IT appears to me that the present oration very properly belongs
to all
--who breathe or creep on earth, 1
who participate of being, of a rational soul, and of intellect; but I
consider it as particularly belonging to myself; for I am an
attendant of the sovereign Sun: and of the truth of this, indeed, I
possess most accurate assurances, one of which it may be lawful
for me, without envy, to relate. A vehement love for the
splendors of this god took possession
p. 40
of me from my youth; in consequence of which, while I was a
boy, my rational part was ravished with astonishment as often as
I surveyed his etherial light; nor was I alone desirous of
stedfastly beholding his diurnal splendors, but likewise at night,
when the heavens were clear and serene, I was accustomed to
walk abroad, and, neglecting every other concern, to gaze on the
beauty of the celestial regions with rapturous delight: indeed I
was so lost in attentive vision, that I was equally unconscious of
another's discourse, and of my own conduct on such occasions.
Hence I appeared to be too studious of their contemplation, and
too curious in such employments; and, in consequence of this,
though I was yet short of the perfection of manhood, I was
suspected by some to be skilled in astronimical divination; but,
indeed, no book of this kind was as yet in my possession, and I
was entirely ignorant of its meaning and use. But why do I relate
such trifling particulars, when I have things of far greater
moment to declare, if I should tell my conceptions of the gods at
that period of life. However, let the darkness of childhood be
consigned to the shades of oblivion. But that the celestial light,
with which I was

p. 41
every way environed, so excited and exalted me to its
contemplation, that I observed by myself the contrary course of
the moon to that of the universe, before I met with any who
philosophized on these subjects, may easily be credited from the
indications which I have previously related. Indeed I admire the
felicity of the man on whom divinity bestows a body united from
sacred and prophetic seed, that he may disclose the treasuries of
wisdom; but, at the same time, I will not despise the condition
allotted me by the benefit of this deity; I mean, that I rank
among those to whom the dominion and empire of the earth at
the present period belong.
It is, indeed, my opinion, that the sun (if we may credit the wise)
is the common father of all mankind; for as it is very properly
said, man and the sun generate man 1. But this deity
disseminates souls into the earth not from himself alone, but
from other divinities; and these evince by their lives the end of
their propagation. And his destiny will indeed be most
illustrious, who, prior to his third progeny, and from a long
series of
p. 42
ancestors, has been addicted to the service of this deity: nor is
this to be despised, if some one, knowing himself to be naturally
a servant of this god, alone among all, or with a few of mankind,
delivers himself to the cultivation of his lord.
Let us then, to the best of our ability, celebrate his festival, which
the royal city renders illustrious by its annual sacrifices and
solemn rites. But I am well aware how difficult it is to conceive
the nature of the unapparent sun, if we may conjecture from the
excellence of the apparent god; and to declare this to others, can
perhaps be accomplished by no one without derrogating from

the dignity of the subject; for I am fully convinced that no one
can attain to, the dignity of his nature: however, to possess a
mediocrity in celebrating his majesty, appears to be the summit
of human attainments. But may Mercury, the ruling deity of
discourse, together with the Muses, and their leader, Apollo, be
present in this undertaking; for this oration pertains to Apollo;
and may they enable me so to speak of the immortal gods, that
the credibility of my narration may be grateful and acceptable to
their divinities. What mode of celebration then shall we
p. 43
adopt? Shall we, if we speak of his nature and origin, of his
power and energies, as well manifest as occult, and besides this,
of the communication of good which he largely distributes to
every world, shall we, I say, by this means, frame an encomium,
not perfectly abhorrent from the god? Let us therefore begin our
oration from hence.
That divine and all-beautiful world, then, which, from the
supreme arch of the heavens, to the extremity of the earth, is
contained by the immutable providence of the deity, existed
from eternity without any generation, and will be eternal
through all the following periods of time; nor is it guarded by
any other substance, than by the proximate investiture of the
fifth body 1, the summit of which is the solar ray, situated, as it
were, in the second degree from the intelligible world: but it is
more antiently comprehended by the king and moderator of all
things, about whom the universe subsists. This cause therefore,
whether it is lawful to call him that which is superior to intellect;
or the idea of the things which are, (but whom I
p. 44
should call the intelligible whole;) or the one 1, since the one
appears to be the most antient of all things; or that which Plato

is accustomed to denominate the good; this uniform cause, then,
of the universe, who is to all beings the. administrator of beauty,
perfection, union, and immeasurable power, according to a
primary nature abiding in himself, produced from himself as a
medium between the middle intellectual and demiurgic causes,
that mighty divinity the sun perfectly similar to himself. And this
was the opinion of the divine Plato, when he says 2: "This is
what I called the son of the good, which the good generated
analogous to itself: that as this in the intelligible place is to
intellect and the objects of intelligence, so is that in the visible
place to sight and the objects of sight." Hence it appears to me,
that light has the same proportion to that which is visible, as
truth to that which is intelligible, But this intelligible universe, as
it, is the progeny of the idea of the first and greatest good,
eternally abiding about his stable essence, obtains the
supremacy among the intellectual gods; and is the, source of the
same perfection to these, as
p. 45
the good to the intelligible gods. But according to my opinion,
good is to intelligibles the cause of beauty, essence, perfection,
and union; comprehending and illuminating their nature by its
boniform power: the sun therefore distributes the same
excellences to the intellectual gods, of whom he is appointed the
sovereign ruler by the ordination of the good. At the same time,
it must be observed, that these. gods are coexistent with this
intellectual sun; by means of which, as it appears to me, from
exerting a boniform cause among the intellectual gods, he
administers all things according to the invariable rectitude of
But besides this, the third divine principle, I mean the apparent
and splendid orbicular sun, is the cause of well-being to sensible

natures; and whatever we have asserted as flowing from the
mighty intellectual sun among the intellectual gods, the same
perfections the apparent sun communicates to apparent forms;
and the truth of this will be clearly evinced by contemplating
invisible natures, from the objects of sensible inspection. Let us
then begin the contemplation. And, in the first place, is not light
1 the incorporeal
p. 46
and divine form of that which is diaphanous in energy? But
whatever that which is diaphanous may be, which is subjected to
all the elements, and is their proximate form, it is certain that it
is neither corporeal nor mixt, nor does it display any of the
peculiar qualities of body. Hence you cannot affirm that heat is
one of its properties, nor its contrary cold; you can neither
ascribe to it hardness nor softness, nor any other tangible
difference; nor attribute taste or smell as peculiarities of its
essence: for a nature of this kind, which is called forth into
energy by the interposition of light, is alone subject to the power
of sight. But light is the form of a diaphanous essence, which
resembles that common matter, the subject of bodies, through
which it is every where diffused; and rays are the summit, and as
it were, flower of light, which is an incorporeal nature. But
according to the opinion of the Phœnicians, who are skilled in
divine science and wisdom, the universally-diffused splendor
p. 47
of light is the sincere energy of an intellect perfectly pure; and
this doctrine will be found agreeable to reason, when we
consider, that since light is incorporeal, its fountain cannot be
body, but the sincere energy of intellect, illuminating in its
proper habitation the middle region of the heavens: and from
this exalted situation scattering its light, it fills all the celestial

orbs with powerful vigor, and illuminates the universe with
divine and incorruptible light.
But the operations of this pure intellect on the gods we have
already briefly exhibited, and we shall shortly more largely
discuss; for whatever we first perceive by the sight, is nothing
but a mere name of honourable labour, unless it receives the
ruling assistance of light: for how can any thing be visible unless,
like matter, it is moved to the artificer that it may receive the
supervening investments of form? Just as gold in a state of
simple fusion is indeed gold, but is not a statue or an image till
the artificer invests it with form: in a similar manner all
naturally visible objects cease to be apparent unless light is
present with the perceiver. Hence, since it confers vision on the
perceiver, and visibility on the objects of perception,
p. 48
it perfects two natures in energy, sight and that which is visible;
but perfections are form and essence; though perhaps an
assertion of this kind is more subtle than is suited to our present
purpose. However, of this all men are persuaded, both the
scientific and the illiterate, philosophers and the learned, that
day and night are fabricated by the power of this rising and
setting divinity; and that he manifestly changes and convolves
the world. But to which of the other stars does a province of this
kind belong? Do we not therefore derive conviction from hence,
that the unapparent and divine race of intellectual gods, above
the heavens, are replenished from the sun with boniform
powers; to whose authority the whole choir of the stars submits;
and whose nod generation, which he governs by his providence,
attentively obeys? For the planets, indeed, dancing round him as
their king, harmoniously revolve in a circle, with definite
intervals, about his orb; producing certain stable energies, and

advancing backwards and forwards: (terms by which the skilful
in the spheric theory signify such like phænomena of the stars)
to which we may add, as manifest
p. 49
to every one, that the light of the moon is augmented or
diminished according to her distance from the sun.
Is it not then highly probable, that the ordination of the
intellectual gods, which is more antient than that of bodies, is
analogous to the mundane disposition? Hence we infer his
perfective power from the whole phænomena, because he gives
vision to visive natures; for he perfects these by his light. But we
collect his demiurgic and prolific power from the mutation of the
universe; and his capacity of connecting all things into one, from
the properties of motion conspiring into union and consent; and
middle position, from his own central situation. Lastly, we infer
his royal establishment among the intellectual gods, from his
middle order between the planets; for if we perceived these, or
as many other properties, belonging to any other of the apparent
gods, we should not ascribe the principality among the gods to
the sun. But if he has nothing in common with the rest, except
that benificent power which he imparts to all, we ought to rely
on the testimony of the Cyprian priests, who raised common
altars to Jupiter and the Sun; or, indeed, prior to these, we
p. 50
confide in Apollo, who is the attendant of this god; for thus he
speaks: Jupiter, Pluto, Serapis, and the Sun, are one. And thus
we should consider that there is a common, or rather one and
the same principality, among the intellectual gods, of Jupiter
and the Sun; hence as it appears to me, Plato does not absurdly
call Pluto a prudent god; whom we also denominate Serapis, as

if he were ἄιδῆσ, i.e. invisible and intellectual; to whom,
according to his relation, the souls of those are elevated who
have lived most wisely and just. For we must not conceive a
Pluto of that kind, such as fables describe, horrid to the view; but
one benevolent and mild, who perfectly liberates souls from the
bands of generation, and fixes such as are not liberated in other
bodies, that he may punish them for their guilt, and absolve the
decisions of justice. Add too, that he likewise leads souls on high,
and elevates them to the intelligible world.
But that this is not a recent opinion, but embraced by the most
antient of poets, Homer and Hesiod, whether this arose the
conceptions of their minds, or whether from a divine afflatus, as
is usual with poets, enthusiastically energizing about truth, is
p. 51
from hence: for the one describing the genealogy of the sun,
says, that he descended from Hyperion and Thea, that he may by
this means evince, that he is the legitimate progeny of the super-
eminent god; for how can we otherwise interpret the epithet
Hyperion? And as to what pertains to the apellation Thea, is he
not, after another mode, denominated by this means the most
divine of beings? Nor must we conceive, with respect to his
nature, that there is any copulation of bodies, or intervention of
nuptials, which are the incredible and paradoxical sports of the
poetic muse; but we must believe that his father and generator is
most divine and supreme: and such will he be, who is above all
things, about whom all things are placed, and for whose sake all
things subsist. But Homer denominates him Hyperion from his
father, that he may evince his perfect freedom and his
superiority over all necessity: for Jupiter, who, as he says, is the
lord of all, compels others to his will; but to this divinity, who

threatened, on account of the impiety of Ulysses' companions, to
forsake Olympus, he does not say 1,
"I heave the gods, the ocean, and the land;"

p. 52
nor does he menace chains or the exertion of force; but promises
vengeance on the authors of this impiety, and entreats him to
continue to illuminate the gods. What else then can he mean to
insinuate by this narration, but that this deity, exclusive of his
perfect freedom, is of a telesiurgic nature, or is endued with a
perfective operative power? For why would the gods require his
assistance, unless by occultly illuminating their essence and
being, he obtained a power of accomplishing the goods we have
previously described? For when Homer says 1,
Meantime, unweary'd with his heav'nly way,
In ocean's waves th' unwilling light of day
Quench'd his red orb, at Juno's high command,
he indicates nothing more than that a premature opinion of
night arose, through the intervention of horrid darkness: for of
this goddess the poet thus speaks in another place:
Illustrious Juno then before them spread
A mist profound.---------------------------
But we shall take our leave of the poets, because they mingle
much of human imperfection with the excellence of divinity;
p. 53
what this deity appears to have taught concerning himself and
others, we shall now endeavour to unfold.
The region surrounding this earth has its being entirely in
generation, or in an ever flowing subsistence (ἐν τω γίνεσθαι).
Who is it then that confers perpetuity on its nature? Is it not he,

who comprehends it in limited measures! For the nature of body
cannot be infinite; since it is neither without generation nor self
subsistent: but if any thing should be continually produced from
an apparent existence, without being resolved into it again, the
essence of things in generation would be no more. Hence the
solar god, exciting a nature of this kind with a sure and
measured motion, raises and invigorates it as he approaches,
and diminishes and destroys it as he recedes; or rather he
vivifies it by his progress, moving and pouring into generation
the rivers of life. But when he deserts one hemisphere and is
transferred into another, he brings destruction on corruptible
natures. And, indeed, the communication of good, originating
from this divinity, equally diffuses itself on the earth: for it is
participated by different regions at different periods; so that
generation will never fail,
p. 54
nor will the god confer his beneficence on the passive world with
any variations of good: for as there is a sameness of essence, so
likewise of energy among the gods; especially in the sun, the
king of the universe, whose motion is the most simple of all the
natures, revolving contrary to the course of the world. And it is
by this argument that the illustrious Aristotle proves his
superiority to the rest: but a power by no means obscure is
imparted to the world from the other intellectual gods. What
then? Are we to exclude these while we confer sovereignty on the
sun? By no means; for we endeavour to procure credibility,
concerning unapparent essences, from such as are manifest and
known. Hence, as he gives perfection, and harmonizes both to
himself and to the universe, the power proceeding from the rest,
and diffused on the earth, so it is proper to believe, that in the
secret recesses of their natures they have a conjunction with

each other; the sun, indeed, possessing the principality, while
the rest conspire into union and consent with his divinity.
But as we have asserted that he is allotted a middle situation
between the middle intellectual
p. 55
gods, what this middle station may be, in the midst of which he
is established, may the sovereign sun enable me to explain. By a
medium, therefore, in this place, we mean not that which is
observed in contraries, and is equally distant from the extremes;
as among colours, yellow, between white and black; or warmth,
between heat and cold, and others of a similar nature; but that
which unifies and copulates things divided and separate; such as
is the harmony of Empedocles, from which he perfectly excluded
strife and contention. What then are the natures which he
connects, and of which he is said to be the medium? We reply,
that he is the unifying medium of the apparent and mundane
deities, and of the immaterial and intelligible gods, who
surround the good; as he is an intelligible and divine essence
multiplied without passivity, and augmented without addition.
After this manner, then, the intellectual and all-beautiful essence
of the royal sun, consists from no temperament of the extremes,
but is perfect and free from all mixture, both of apparent and
invisible, of sensible and intelligible gods. And thus we have
declared the medium
p. 56
which it is proper to ascribe to his nature.
But if it be requisite to be more explicit, and to explain the
medium of his essence, and how we may separately, and by
species, understand his proportion to the first and last, though it
is difficult to accomplish the whole of this arduous undertaking,
yet we will attempt the explanation to the best of our ability.

There is, then, an intelligible one perpetually pre-existent, who
comprehends the universality of things in one. But what? Is not
the whole world one animal, profoundly replenished with soul
and intellect, and perfect from the conjunction of perfect parts?
Hence, between this twofold unifying perfection, I mean that
which in the intelligible place comprehends all things in one,
and the other which is conversant about the world, and coalesces
in one and the same perfect nature, the unifying perfection of
the royal sun intervenes, seated in the midst of the intellectual
gods. But, posterior to this, there is a certain connection of the
gods in the intelligible world, harmonizing all things into one;
for do not the heavens appear to revolve about the substance of
p. 57
fifth body, which connects all their parts, and binds and
establishes in itself their mutually dissoluble and flowing
natures? Hence the royal sun so collects into one these two
connecting essences, one of which is perceived in intelligibles,
but the other in sensibles, that he perfectly imitates the
connecting power in intellectuals, of which he is the source. But
he presides and rules over that last unifying nature which is
perceived about this apparent world. And I know not whether
that which is called self-subsistent, which is first among
intelligibles, but last in the celestial phænomena, possesses the
middle, self-subsistent essence of the royal sun; from which
first-operative' substance that splendor emanates which
illumines every thing in the apparent world.
Again, that we may consider this affair in a different mode, since
there is one demiurgus of the universe, but many demiurgic
gods, who revolve round the heavens, it is proper to place in the
midst of these the mundane administration of the sun: besides,

the fertile power of life is copious and redundant in intelligibles,
and the world is full of the same prolific life. Hence it is evident
that the fertile life of the sovereign sun is a
p. 58
medium between the two, as the mundane phænomena
perpetually evince. For, with respect to forms, some he perfects,
and others he fabricates; some he adorns, and others he excites;
nor is any thing capable of advancing into light and generation
without the demiurgic power of the sun. Besides this, if we
attend to the sincere, pure, and immaterial essence of
intelligibles, to which nothing extrinsical flows, and nothing
foreign adheres, but which is full of its own domestic simplicity,
and afterwards consider the defecated nature of that pure and
divine body which is conversant with mundane bodies revolving
in an orb, and which is free from all elementary mixture, we
shall find that the splendid and incorruptible essence of the
royal sun, is a medium between the immaterial purity of
intelligibles and that which in sensibles is sincere and remote
from generation and corruption. But the greatest argument for
the truth of this is derived from hence, that the light which flows
from the sun upon the earth will not suffer itself to be mingled
with any thing; nor is it polluted by any sordid nature, or by any
contagion; but it abides every where pure, undefiled, and
impassive. Again, if we
p. 59
consider not only immaterial, and intelligible forms, but such as
are sensible, subsisting in matter, the middle intellectual
situation of forms about the mighty sun will be no less certain
and clear: for these afford continual assistance to forms merged
in matter; so that they could neither exist, nor preserve
themselves in existence, unless this beneficent deity co-operated

with their essence. In short, is he not the cause of the secretion
of forms and the concretion of matter? from whom we not only
possess the power of understanding his nature, but from whom
our eyes are endued with the faculty of sight? for the distribution
of rays throughout the world, and union of light, exhibit the
demiurgic secretion of the artificer.
But as there are many apparent goods in the essence of this
divinity which demonstrate his middle position between the
intelligible and mundane gods, let us pass on to the last and
apparent condition of the sun. His first condition then about the
last world is, that of the solar angels, whose idea and hypostasis
is situated in their paradigm or exemplar. But, posterior to this,
his power generative of sensibles succeeds; whose more
honourable part contains the cause of the
p. 60
heavens and the stars, and whose inferior part presides over
generation, at the same time comprehending eternally in itself
an essence invariably the same. But indeed no one can explain
all that is contained in the essence of this god, though
intelligence should be conferred on him by this divinity himself;
since intellect appears to me incapable of comprehending the
It will here however be proper to set a seal, as it were, to our
much-extended oration, that we may pass on to other
disquisitions, which require a contemplation by no means
inferior to the former: but what this seal may be, and what the
conception of his essence, who summarily comprehends the
universality of things, may the god himself inform my
understanding; as I am desirous of comprehending with brevity
from what principle he proceeds, in what his nature consists,
and with what goods he replenishes the apparent world. We

must assert, therefore, that from one god, I mean from one
intelligible world, one sovereign sun proceeds, constituted in the
middle of the intellectual gods, according to an all-various
mediocrity; who connecting concordant and friendly natures,
and such as, though distant,
p. 61
conspire into friendship and consent, conciliates in unity first
natures with the last; containing in himself the middle of
perfection, and connection of prolific life and uniform essence:
who, besides this, is the author of every good to the sensible
world, not only illuminating and adorning it by his splendour,
but giving the same subsistence with himself to the essence of
solar angels, and comprehending an unbegotten cause of
generated natures; and, prior to this, containing a cause of
eternal bodies free from the depredations of age, and endued
with stability of life.
And thus far our oration has extended concerning the essence of
the god; in which, though we have omitted many things, we have
delivered not a few. But because the copiousness of his powers,
and the beauty of his energies, are so great, that the properties
considered in his essence vehemently excel: (for such is the
condition of divine natures, that when they proceed into
apparent form, they are multiplied through a redundancy and
fecundity of life,) consider what occasion there is, that we who
are as yet scarcely refreshed from the preceding long oration,
should venture on an immense
p. 62
ocean of enquiry. Let us, however, dare the investigation,
trusting in the assistance of the god, and endeavour to
accomplish our discourse.

In the first place, then, we must consider that whatever we have
previously asserted concerning his essence, belongs in common
to his powers; for the essence of the god is not one thing, his
power another, and his energy a third; since all that he wishes,
he both is, and can be, and produces in energy: for neither does
he wish to be that which he is not, nor is he unable to become
what he wishes, nor does he wish to energize what he cannot
effect. The case indeed is very different with respect to mankind;
for in man a twofold and discordant nature is discerned
conciliated into one, i.e. the nature of soul and body; the former
of which is divine, and the latter shadowy and dark, the source of
contention and strife. Hence, as Aristotle observes, neither
pleasures nor griefs are in amicable conjunction with our nature;
for what is pleasant to the one procures molestation to its
contrary, the other. But among the gods nothing of this kind
subsists 1; for
p. 63
their essence supplies them with good, invariably, and in a
perpetual series. Whatever therefore we have asserted for the
purpose of explaining his essence, the same must be applied to
his powers and energies. But since our oration appears to
reciprocate in these, it follows that we must consider in our
subsequent speculations about his powers and energies, that
these are not his operations only, but his essence: for there are
certain divinities allied to, and connate with, the sun, who
augment the pure essence of the god, and who, though they are
multiplied in the world, yet subsist uniformly about the sun.
But attend, in the first place, to their assertions who have not
contemplated the heavens, like horses, or oxen, or other
irrational and brutal animals, but have laboured to investigate
an unapparent nature from sensible appearances. And prior to

this, you may, if so inclined, speculate a little concerning his
supermundane powers and energies. Of these powers, the first is
that by which he
p. 64
causes the whole of an intellectual essence to appear profoundly
one, by collecting extremes into one and the same; for as we
clearly perceive in the sensible world that air and water are
situated between fire and earth, for the purpose of connecting
the extremes as by a bond, there is no reason why we should not
admit a similar establishment in an essence prior to body 1 and
separate from its nature; which obtains the principle of
generation, and is itself superior to origin. Hence, in an essence
of this kind, as well as among elementary forms, the extreme
principles which are separated from all corporeal commerce
being through certain mediums collected into one by the royal
sun, become united about his nature: and with this indeed the
demiurgic power of Jupiter accords; to whom, as we have
previously related, temples were dedicated in Cyprus in common
with the sun. In the same place, too, we have brought the
testimony of Apollo in confirmation of its truth, who doubtless
understands his nature better than the wisest of mankind;
p. 65
for he is present and communicates with the sun, possessing the
same simplicity of intellection, stability of essence, and
sameness of energy. For Apollo appears by no means to separate
from the sun the multiplied and partial operation of Bacchus,
but rather, as he perpetually subjects him to the sun, and
demonstrates him to be his attendant, he assists us in framing
the most beautiful conceptions about the god. Besides, so far as
the sun contains in himself the principles of the most beautiful
intellectual temperament, he becomes Apollo, the leader of the

Muses; but so far as he accomplishes the elegant order of the
whole of life, he generates Esculapius in the world; whom at the
same time he comprehended in himself prior to the world.
But though we may contemplate many powers of the god, yet we
can never exhaust the whole. This, however, ought to suffice us,
that in a nature separate from, and more antient than, body, and
in a genus of causes abstracted from appearances, we may
contemplate an equal, and the same principallity and power of
Jupiter and the sun. We may likewise survey a simplicity of
intelligence, together with perpetuity, and a stability of
p. 66
sameness, united with Apollo; but divisibility of operation, in
conjunction with Bacchus, who presides over a partial essence.
Add to, that we may perceive the power of beautiful symmetry
and intellectual temperament in union with Musagetes. And
lastly, we may conceive that power which fills up the elegant
order of the whole of life as combined with Esculapius. And thus
much concerning the supermundane powers of the god; whose
correspondent operations above the apparent world consist in
diffussing a perpetual plenitude of good; for as he is the genuine
progeny of the good, from whom he receives a perfect and
beneficent condition, he distributes this excellency of his nature
to all the intellectual gods, assigning them an essence benignant
and perfect. But another employment of the god consists in
conferring an absolute distribution of intelligible beauty among
intellectual and incorporeal forms; for as the generative essence
apparent in nature desires to beget in the beautiful and to
expose its progeny to the light, it is necessary that an essence
should antecede and be the leader of this, which eternally
generates in intelligible beauty: at the same time we
p. 67

must observe that it does not operate at one time and not at
another; or beget at one period and become afterwards barren;
for whatever is sometimes beautiful here, is perpetually fair
among intelligible natures. Hence we must assert, that an
unbegotten progeny, subsisting in intellectual and eternal
beauty, antecedes every prolific cause in the apparent world: and
this progeny the sun contains, and establishes about his own
essence; conferring on him a perfect intellect, and by this means
giving sight, as it were, to his eyes by the benefit of his light. In a
similar manner, in the intelligible world, by means of an
intellectual paradigm, which scatters a light far brighter than
ethereal splendor, he extends, as it appears to me, the power of
intellection, and of being intelligible, to all intellectual natures.
But, besides this, there is another admirable energy belonging to
the sun, the king of the universe; I mean that better condition
which he attributes to the more excellent genera of beings, such
as angels, dæmons, heroes, and partial souls, who perpetually
abide in the reason of their exemplar and idea without merging
themselves in the darkness of body. And thus we have hastily
explained, to the
p. 68
best of our ability, the supermundane essence of the god, by
celebrating its powers and operations in that universal king the
sun. But since the eyes (as it is said) are more worthy of belief
than the ears, though they deserve less credibility, and are more
imbecil than intelligence, let us now consider his apparent
fabrication, having first intreated his pardon, for endeavouring,
with moderate abilities, to celebrate his divinity.
The apparent world then, perpetually subsists about the sun;
and his light, which surrounds the universe, obtains an eternal
seat; so as not to be subject to any variations of place, since it is

for ever the same. But if any one is willing to conceive by mere
thought alone this eternal nature as temporal, he will easily
know respecting the sun, the king of the universe, who
immediately illuminates every thing with his light, what
abundant goods he eternally confers on the world. I am not
indeed ignorant that both the great Plato, and Jamblichus of
Chalcis, who was posterior to Plato in time, though not in the
powers of mind, and to whose books I am indebted for other
philosophical information, as well as the present arcana,
consider the sun as generated for hypothesis
p. 69
only; and establish a certain temporal production for the sake of
disputation, that we may be able to comprehend the magnitude
of his effects. But this is on no account to be attempted by me,
who am inferior to them in all mental endowments; especially
since the very hypothesis of his temporary production is not
without danger, as was evident to that illustrious hero
Jamblichus himself. However, since this god proceeded from an
eternal cause, or rather produced all things from eternity,
generating such as are apparent at present from unapparent
causes, by a divine will, an ineffable celerity, and an invincible
power: hence he is allotted the middle region of the heavens, as
more accommodated to his nature, that he may afford to the
gods, produced from, and together with him, an equal
distribution of good; and besides this, that he may preside over
the eight spheres of the heavens; and may govern the ninth
fabrication, which possesses an eternal vicissitude in generation
and decay. For as to the planets, it is manifest, that, dancing, as
it were, round the sun, their motions are measured by a certain
symphony of figures with respect to the god; to which we may
add, that the whole heavens harmonizing

p. 70
with him in all their parts, are replenished with gods from his
divinity: for this god presides over the five celestial orbs, and by
revolving round three of these, generates as many Graces, while
the rest are called the balances of mighty Necessity. But these
observations are perhaps more obscure to the Greeks, and on
that account unacceptable; as if we should relate nothing but
what is common and known.
But indeed they are by no means unusual and strange; for who
(O ye most wise, and without inquiry assenting to a multitude of
assertions) are the Dioscuri? Are they not said to live on
alternate days, because it is not lawful for both of them to be
apparent on the same day; as, for instance, that you may clearly
understand me, yesterday and today? Then again, consider with
respect to the same Dioscuri, endeavouring with me to adapt
your conceptions to their nature, lest we should assert any thing
new and unintelligible. But indeed we shall find nothing of this
kind, though we scrutinize in the most accurate manner: for the
assertion of some theologists that they are the two hemispheres
of the world, by no means pertains to the present investigation;
since it is not easy to
p. 71
conceive why each of these is called ετερημερος, or diurnally
alternate, as their illustration is gradually augmented without
any sensation of diurnal increment.
But we are now entering upon speculations, in the course of
which we may possibly appear to make some innovations. In the
first place then, those may be very properly said to participate
the same day, to whom an equal time of the solar progression, in
one and the same month, belongs. Let any one now consider
how this diurnal alternation can be accommodated, as well with

other, as the tropical circles 1. But a speculation of this kind is
not indeed adapted to our present investigation; because these
circles are always apparent, and are conspicuous to the
inhabitants of regions situated in opposite shadows, each to
each; yet he who perceives the one cannot by any means
discover the other. However, that we may not dwell any longer
in explaining the present affair, the sun, as we know by his
annual revolutions, is the parent of the seasons; and considered
p. 72
never receding from the poles, he is the Ocean, the ruler of a
two-fold essence; nor is such an assertion by any means obscure,
since Homer 1, so long before us, calls Ocean 2 the generation of
mortals, of the blessed divinities, and of all things: and this
indeed with the greatest truth and propriety; for there is nothing
in the universe which is not the natural progeny of the Ocean.
But are you willing I should explain in what respect this
concerns the vulgar? Though perhaps it
p. 73
might be better to be silent, I will speak on this occasion: I will
speak, though my discourse will not be properly received by all.
The solar orb, then, is moved in the starless, which is far higher
then the inerratic sphere. Hence, he is not the middle of the
planets, but of the three worlds, according to the mystic
hypotheses 1; if it be proper to call them hypotheses, and not
rather dogmata; confining the appellation of hypothesis to the
doctrine of the sphere: for the truth of the former is testified by
men who audibly received this information from gods, or mighty
dæmons; but the latter is founded on the probability arising
from the agreement of the phænomena. Hence, if any one should
esteem it better both to praise and confide in the former, such a

one, whether I am trifling or in earnest, will meet with my
esteem and admiration.
But besides those which I have mentioned, there is an
innumerable multitude of celestial gods, perceived by such as do
not contemplate the heavens indolently and after the manner of
brutes. As the sun quadruply divides
p. 74
these three worlds, on account of the communion of the zodiac
with each, so he again divides the zodiac into twelve powers of
gods, and each of these into three others, so that thirty-six are
produced in the whole. Hence, as it appears to me, a triple
benefit of the Graces proceeds to us from the heavens, I mean
from those circles which the god quadruply dividing produces in
consequence of this, a quadripartite beauty and elegance of
seasons and times. But the Graces also imitate a circle in their
resemblances on the earth. Add too, that Bacchus 1 is the source
of joy, who is said to obtain a common kingdom with the sun.
But why should I here mention the epithet Horus, or other
names of the gods, all of which correspond with the divinity of
the sun? Mankind, indeed, may conceive the excellence of the
god from his operations; since he perfects the heavens
p. 76
with intellectual goods, and renders them partakers of
intelligible beauty. For as he originates from this beauty, he
applies himself, both totally and by parts, to the distribution of
good . . . . 1 These gods indeed preside over all motion, as far as
to the utmost boundaries of the world; so that both nature and
soul, and every thing that exists, is perfected by their beneficent
communications. But the sun combining this abundant army of
gods into one ruling unity, confers on it the providence of
Minerva; who originated, according to fables, from the head of

Jupiter; but who, according to our opinion, proceeded from the
whole of the sovereign sun, and is wholly comprehended in his
nature. Hence we differ from fables in this, that we do not
consider her as springing from the summit, but as totally born
from the whole of Jupiter; for by conceiving no difference
between Jupiter and the sun, we shall think agreeable to the
decisions of the antients. And, indeed, by calling the sun
providential Minerva, we shall not assert any thing new, if we
properly understand the following verse. "he came to Python,
and to providential
p. 70
Minerva 1." For thus the antients seated Minerva with Apollo,
who appears to differ in nothing from the sun. And I know not
whether Homer, by a certain divine instinct, (for it is probable
that he was seized with a divine fury,) prophesies this, when he
So might my life, and glory know no bound,
Like Pallas worship'd, like the Sun renown'd 2.
That is to say, like Jupiter, who is the same with the sun. And as
the king Apollo, on account of his simplicity of intellection,
communicates with the sun, so likewise it is proper to believe
that Minerva, since she receives her essence from this deity, and
is his perfect intellection, combines into union, without any
confusion, the gods who surround the sovereign sun; and that
the same goddess, from the summit of heaven, pours through
the seven planetary orbs, as far as to the moon, the genuine and
pure rivers of
p. 77
life; indeed she fills the moon 1, who is the last of the orbicular
bodies, with intelligence; and thus causes her to contemplate the
intelligibles above the heavens, to regard inferior natures, and to

beautify matter with the investiture of forms, by removing from
its shadowry essence whatever it contains, wild, turbulent, and
destitute of order.
But the goods which Minerva confers on mankind are wisdom,
intelligence, and operative arts: she is also said to obtain the
towers of cities, because she establishes civil community by her
wisdom. It is likewise proper to declare a few particulars
respecting Venus 2, who, according to the learned among the
Phœnicians, (which is likewise my opinion) has a demiurgic
community with Minerva. Venus, then, is the temperament of
the celestial gods, and the friendship and
p. 78
union, by which their harmony subsists; for as she is proximate
to the sun, in conjunction with whom she revolves, she fills the
heavens with the best temperament, gives fertility to the earth,
and is the source of perpetuity to the generation of animals. And
of all this the sovereign sun is the primary cause: but Venus
concurs in her operations with this divinity; alluring our souls
with pleasure, and diffusing from æther, delightful and
incorruptible splendors on the earth, far superior to the
brightest refulgence of gold. I am likewise desirous of disclosing
a few arcana from the Phœnician theology; whether or not in
vain, our oration will gradually disclose. Those, then, who
inhabit Edessa, a region eternally dedicated to the sun, consider
Monimus, and Azizus, as the attendants of this deity; Monimus,
according to Jamblichus, (from whom we have received a few
observations out of many,) being the same with Mercury 1 and
Azizus, the same as Mars; and each of them, in conjunction with
the sun, diffusing a variety of goods on the earth.
Such, then, are the effects of this god in the heavens, and
through these his perfections

p. 79
are propagated to the utmost boundaries of the earth: but as it
would be arduous to enumerate all his operations beneath the
moon, let us celebrate them by a compendious recital. I know,
indeed, that I have already mentioned these, when I investigated
the invisible properties of the god from the phænomena; but the
order of my discourse requires that I should now resume the
As therefore we have asserted that the sun obtains the
principallity among the intellectual gods, whose impartible
essence is surrounded with a great and uniform multitude of
gods, as likewise that he is the leader and lord of the natures,
which among sensibles revolve in an orb, with an eternal and
blessed progression; and that as he fills the heavens with
apparent splendor, so likewise with an infinite abundance of
unapparent goods; from whose occult and divine energy too the
goods derived from the other apparent gods receive their
perfection; so likewise we must consider; that certain gods
reside in the receptacle of generation, who are comprehended by
the sovereign sun, and who governing the quadruple nature, are
established about the souls of the elements, together with the
p. 80
genera, more excellent than man 1. But consider what mighty
goods he confers on partial souls! 2 For to these he extends
judgement, governs them by justice, and purifies them by his
splendor. Besides this, does he not move and suscitate all nature,
by imparting to it fecundity from on high? For he is the true
cause of particular natures arriving at the destined end of their
existence; since (as Aristotle observes) man and the sun generate
man. Hence, we should form the same judgement, of the

sovereign sun, in every other effect of particular natures: for
does not the god fabricate for us rains and winds, and whatever
else is produced in the aerial regions? Since, by giving heat to
the earth he excites vapour and fume, by means of which, not
only these sublime phænomena, but likewise subterranean
events of greater or less importance, are produced.
But why should we protract this enumeration any farther, since
it is now proper to hasten to the conclusion; first of all
celebrating the goods which the sun bestows on mankind? For as
he is the source of our existence,
p. 81
so likewise of the aliment by which that existence is supported.
And indeed he confers on us more divine advantages peculiar to
souls; for he loosens these from the bands of a corporeal nature,
reduces them to the kindred essence of divinity, and assigns
them the subtile and firm texture of divine splendor, as a vehicle
in which they may safely descend to the realms of generation.
And these benefits of the god have been celebrated by others
according to their desert, and require the assent of faith more
than the evidence of demonstration.
But we ought not to fear attempting the relation of such things
as are naturally the objects of knowledge to all men. Plato, then,
asserts that the heavens are the masters of wisdom to mankind,
since it is from these that we learn the nature of number; and
our knowledge of its diversity is solely derived from the
revolution of the sun. To which Plato also adds, that the heavens
1, by the succession of many days and nights, never cease
p. 82
to instruct the dullest apprehensions in the art of numbering;
and that this is also effected by the varying light of the moon,
which is solely imparted to this goddess from the sun; indeed the

farther we advance in our researches into wisdom of this kind,
the more shall we every where perceive the symphony and
consent of other deities with the sun. And this Plato 1 himself
evinces when he says, that the gods pitying the human race,
which is naturally laborious and afflicted, gave to us Bacchus
and the Muses 2, who perpetually combine in one harmonious
choir. But the sun appears to be the common ruler of these,
since he is celebrated as the father of Bacchus, and the leader of
the Muses; for does not Apollo, whose government is united in
amicable conjunction with these divinities, diffuse his oracles
over all the earth? Does he not extend divinely-inspired wisdom
to mankind, and adorn cities with sacred and political
institutions? It is this divinity who, through the colonies of the
Greeks, has civilized the greatest part of the globe, and disposed
p. 83
it to receive with less refluctance the authority of the Romans;
who indeed are not only descended from a Grecian origin, but
have adopted, and perpetually preserved, from the beginning to
the end, the sacred rites of the Greeks, and their piety towards
the gods. To which we may add, that the Romans have
established a form of government by no means inferior to that of
any of the cities which have enjoyed the best constitutions, but
rather one excelling all the modes of political administration
which have ever been adopted. And through these
considerations, I consider the city of Rome as Grecian, both on
account of its origin, and political institutions. But why, besides
this, should I assert to you, how the sun, by generating
Esculapius, has provided for the health and safety of all things?
And how he imparts all-various virtue, while he sends to
mankind Venus and Minerva in amicable conjunction? Like a
provident guardian appointing, by immutable law, that the mixt

nature of bodies should pursue no other end than the generation
of its like. Hence, by the constant revolutions of this deity, all
vegetable and animal tribes are excited to the propagation of
natures similar to their own. Why again is it
p. 84
necessary, to celebrate the rays and light of the sun? For who
does not perceive the dreadful aspect of the night, which is not
illustrated either by the splendor of the moon or stars? So that
from this circumstance alone, we may conjecture how great a
good we obtain through the light derived from this resplendent
god. But this light indeed he imparts perpetually, and without
being interrupted by the intervening shades of night, to places
where it is necessary, or the regions above the moon; but to us
he benignantly affords a cessation from labour, through the
friendly interposition of the night. Indeed there would be no
bound to our oration if we should pursue every particular of this
kind, since there is no good belonging to our existence which we
do not receive as the gift of this divinity; whether it is perfectly
imparted from him alone, or receives its consummation from
him, through the ministry of other gods.
But this deity presides over the city of Rome, and on this account
Jupiter, the celebrated father of all things, not only resides in its
tower, together with Minerva, and Venus, but Apollo also resides
on the Palatine hill, together with the sun himself, who
p. 85
is universally known to be the same with Apollo. But I will
mention a few things out of a many, principally pertaining to the
sun, and to us who are the descendants of Romulus, and Æneas.
For Æneas, according to tradition, descended from Venus, who
assists the operations of the sun, and is allied to his nature: and
the son of Mars 1 is reported to have been the founder of our

city; which, however paradoxical and incredible, was abundantly
confirmed by succeeding prodigies. However, as I am well
aware, and have already mentioned, that Mars, who is called by
the Edessenian Syrians, Azizus, is the forerunner of the sun, I
shall not insist on this particular at present. But it may be asked,
why is a wolf consecrated to Mars rather than to the sun? For
they denominate from hence the space of a year Lycabas. Nor is
this appellation assumed by Homer only, and the more
illustrious Greeks, but by a god himself; for thus he speaks:
"Accomplishing, by a leaping progression, Lycabas, the path of
twelve months."
Are you willing therefore that I should
p. 86
demonstrate by a more powerful argument, that the founder of
our city not only descended from Mars, but that however the
martial, and noble dæmon 1, who is said to have met with Silvia
carrying the bath of the goddess, might contribute to the
p. 87
of his body, yet the soul of the god Quirinus wholly proceeded
from the sun? For we ought, I think, to believe in general report.
As therefore the conjunction of the sun and moon, who
distribute in common the principallity of apparent natures, sent
his soul on the earth, so likewise this conjunction received it
back again from earth into the heavens, after it had consumed by
the fire of thunder whatever was mortal in his corporeal frame.
And from hence it is evident that the demiurgic goddess 1 of
terrene concerns, who is in a most perfect manner subjected to
the sun, received our Quirinus, when he was sent by providential
Minerva on the earth; and afterwards brought him back, when
flying from. this terrene abode, to the sun, the sovereign of the

world. But if you are desirous, besides this, that I should employ
another argument on the same subject, derived from the works
of King Numa, behold the unextinguished fire, enkindled from
the sun which is preserved among us by sacred
p. 88
virgins according 1 to the different seasons of the year; and
which, by this means, imitates the beneficent energy of the moon
in her revolution round the earth.
But I am able to produce another, and a much more indubitable
argument, concerning this god, from the institutions of that
most divine king. For while all other nations number their
months from the course of the moon, we alone, together with the
Egyptians, measure the days of our year from the revolutions of
the sun. To all which, if I should add that we celebrate Mithras 2,
and institute quadrennial contests in honour of the sun, I should
speak of things more recent and known: but it will be better
perhaps to adduce one testimony from more antient traditions.
p. 89
Different nations then differently determine the commencement
of the annual circuit; for some reckon from the vernal equinox;
some from the middle of summer; most from autumn in its
decline: yet all these celebrate the most apparent gifts of the sun.
For some with grateful recollection honour the god for the
opportunity afforded them in autumn for rustic labour; when the
earth, pouring from her kindly womb all-various fruits, is
cloathed with fertility, and every where exhibits the appearance
of splendid hilarity; when the sea smooths its waters for the
convenience of navigation; and the stormy brow of winter is
changed into festive serenity.
But others derive the origin of their year from the summer day;
because at that time they have greater security with respect to

the success of fruits; since the various seeds deposited in the
earth are at that period collected together; apples are in their
most flourishing state; and the depending fruit of trees has
acquired maturity through the benevolent heat of the solar fire.
But others more elegant than these, establish the end of the year,
when every fruit has acquired its most perfect vigor, and is
tending to decay;
p. 90
and on this account, when autumn is in its decline, they date the
commencement of their year. But our ancestors having learned
from that most divine King Numa, to be more studious in
venerating this divinity than other nations, without paying so
much attention to what is useful, (acting in this respect in a
manner becoming men of a divine nature and excellent
understanding) directed their attention rather to the cause of
these effects, and commanded the people to bind their heads at
that period of the year, when the sun, having left the last
meridian limit, returns to us again, and bending his course
towards Capricorn, as to his destined goal, proceeds from the
south to the north, that he may impart, by such a progression,
his annual benefits to mankind. And from hence we may
conjecture, that an attentive consideration of this particular
induced our ancestors to establish this period as the beginning
of the year; for they do not perform this annual ceremony on the
day in which the sun commences his revolution, but when his
progression from the meridian to the north is universally
apparent: for as yet the subtility of those canons was not
sufficiently known,
p. 91
which were discovered by the Chaldeans and Egyptians, and
perfected by Hipparchus and Ptolomy. But forming their

judgment solely from the testimony of the senses, they pursued
the celestial phænomena: those of a more modern period,
perceiving at the same time the rectitude of their observations.
Hence, immediately on the close of the last month, which is
dedicated to Saturn, and prior to the beginning of the new year,
we celebrate most magnificent games in honour of the sun,
whom we denominate unconquered; and, in conjunction with
these games, it is unlawful to exhibit any of those sorrowful
spectacles which necessarily pertain to the last month of the
But after the Saturnalia, which are the last of all, the Helian
ceremonies return with the revolving year. And I sincerely wish
that the sovereign gods would frequently permit me to celebrate
and engage in these sacred festivals, and particularly that the
sun, the king of the universe, would grant me permission, who
from eternity is produced about the prolific essence of the good,
as a harmonizing medium, between the middle intellectual gods;
on whom he confers indissoluble connection, infinite beauty,
affluent fecundity,
p. 92
perfect intellect, and an eternal accumulation of every good:
who, in an indivisible moment, illuminates his conspicuous seat,
which he eternally obtains in the middle region of the heavens:
who imparts his intellectual beauty to this visible universe, and
fills all the celestial regions with as many gods as he
comprehends intellectually in himself, multiplied indivisibly
about him, and uniformly conjoined with his essence. Nor does
he less comprehend in his divinity the sublunary region, through
a perpetuity of generation, and a communication of goods
derived through a circular body; at the same time extending his
providential care to the whole human race, and privately

protecting the city of Rome. To which I may add, that he has
generated my soul from eternity, and rendered it an attendant
on his divinity. May he, therefore, communicate these gifts, and
such others as we have already earnestly implored him to
impart. But may he bestow on our city in common a perpetual
duration, and benevolently preserve it from hostile devastation.
And lastly, may he confer upon me, so long as he shall supply the
streams of life, felicity and prosperity in whatever pertains to
human and divine concerns: but may I
p. 93
live, and administer public affairs, as long as shall be pleasing to
his divinity, useful to myself, and advantageous to the common
affairs of the Romans.
And such, dear Sallust, is the oration, which, being mostly
composed in the space of three nights, according to the triple
administration of the god, and from the suggestions of memory
at the time, I have dared to submit to your inspection; since a
former piece of my composition on the Saturnalia, did not
appear to you entirely foreign from the purpose, and
undeserving your esteem. But if you are desirous of more
perfect, and mystic discourses on this subject, by revolving the
books of the divine Jamblichus, composed with the same design
as the present oration, you will find the perfect consummation 1
of human wisdom. But may the mighty sun, nevertheless, enable
me to understand whatever pertains to his divinity; and to
impart my information to all men in common, and privately to
those who are worthy of such instruction. In the mean time, till
the god shall crown my desires in this respect
p. 94
with success, let us both venerate Jamblichus, the friend of this
divinity, from whom we have committed to writing a few

particulars out of many which occurred to our recollection at the
time: for I well know that no one can speak more perfectly on
this subject than Jamblichus; though by the most vigorous
contention, he should endeavour to add something of novelty to
his discourse; for by such an attempt, as it is reasonable to
suppose, he would deviate from true conceptions of the god.
Indeed if I had composed the present oration merely for the sake
of instructing others, the labour of writing on such a theme after
Jamblichus would perhaps have been in vain: but since I had no
other intention than to render thanks to this divinity by a hymn,
and considered my end accomplished in speaking of his essence
to the utmost of my ability, I do not think that I have misspent
my time by the present composition. For the admonition of
Hesiod 1,
Perform, according to your utmost power,
Pure, sacred rites, to the immortal gods.
is not only to be understood as necessary in sacrifices, but
likewise in the praises of the
p. 95
gods. In the third place, therefore, I earnestly entreat the sun,
the king of the universe, that he will be propitious to me for my
affection to his divinity; that he will impart to me a good life;
more perfect wisdom; a divine intellect; and a gentle departure
from the present state in a convenient time, that I may ascend to
his divinity, and abide with him, if possible, in perpetual
conjunction. But if this be a reward too great for my conduct on
this terrene abode, may I at least be united with him for many,
and long-extended periods of time.
39:1 Odyssy 6.

41:1 A well-known saying of Aristotle.
43:1 For an account of this fifth body, see my Introduction to
Plato's Timæus.
44:1 See my Introduction to the Parmenides of Plato.
44:2 In the 6th book of his Republic.
45:1 Light, according to Proclus, and, I think, according to p. 46
truth, is an immaterial body, i.e. immaterial when compared
with our gross sublunary matter; and is likewise the same with
place. But for a larger account of this interesting particular, see
note page 14, and note page 242, Vol. II of my translation of
Proclus on Euclid.
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should be read οὐσίᾳ, than which nothing can be more absurd,
as is evident to every Tyro in Platonism. His version indeed of
this part appears to me to be perfect nonsense. "Nam essentia,
perpetuoque, nec per vices illis bona suppetunt."
64:1 In the Greek, agreeable to our version προ των σωμάτων,
which is evidently the proper reading; and yet such is the
ignorance of Petavius, that he thinks πρώτων should be read
instead of προ των! (note: last greek string printed upside down
in my edition--JBH.)
71:1 This sentence is defective In the Greek; for there is nothing
more than ὑπολήψεταί τις, οὐκ ἴσον ἐστιν. Perhaps αλλ᾿ ει ought
to be prefixed, agreeable to the sense of our translation.
72:1 Iliad, 14.
72:2 Ocean, according to his first subsistence, belongs to that
order of gods which is properly called intellectual, and is
therefore πηγαιος θεος, a fontal deity. "Hence," (says Proclus, in

his Scholia on "the Cratylus",) he is the cause to all the gods of
"acute and vigorous energy, and bounds the distinctions of the
first, middle, and last orders; converting himself to himself, and
to his proper principles through swiftness of intellect, but
moving all things from himself, to energies accommodated to
their natures; perfecting their powers and causing them to
possess a never-failing subsistence." As a fountain therefore is
the origin of a stream, in the same manner Ocean gives birth to
the procession of the gods into the sensible universe, from their
subsistence in the intellectual order; and therefore he may very
properly be called the generation of the gods. Ocean, however, is
far from being the same with the sun, though this seems to have
been the opinion of the Emperor; for Ocean, as I have before
observed, originates among the intellectual gods, of which order
Saturn is the summit; but the sun commences from the ruling or
supermundane order, of which Jupiter is the monad. See more
concerning this divinity in my notes on the Cratylus.
73:1 That is, according to the Zoroastrian Oracles, the sun is the
middle of the Empyrean, Ætherial, and Material worlds, the two
last of which receive a triple division. See the Introduction to
this Volume.
74:1 Dionysius, or Bacchus, is the mundane intellect, and the
monad, or proximately exempt producing cause, of the Titans, or
ultimate artificers of things. He is said to have been torn in
pieces by the Titans, because the soul of the world, which
immediately participates this deity, and which is of an
intellectual nature, is partially participated by these divinities,
and may be said to be plucked off and scattered into generation.
See more concerning this divinity in my notes on the Cratylus.
See also my translation of Proclus's Hymn to the Sun.
76:1 There is an unfortunate chasm in this place in the Oration.

70:1 Iliad, 13. For a copious account of this divinity, who,
abiding in Jupiter, from whom she was produced, becomes a
separate, immaterial, and fabricative intelligence, see my notes
on the Cratylus. I only add at present, that as Minerva ranks
among the Curetes, who subsist in the intellectual order, she is
consequently superior to the sun.
70:2 Pope's Homer. Book 8, line 669.
77:1 The following triad of consubsistent divinities is, according
to Proclus, contained in the Moon, viz. Diana, Proserpine, and
77:2 According to the arcana of the antient theology, Venus
contains in herself the cause of the most uniform and pure life,
(for beauty is a vital, intellectual form, illuminating all things
with symmetry), and exterminates every thing confused and
inordinate In the universe: but this is likewise the province of
Minerva, considered according to her undefiled characteristic.
See more concerning Venus in my notes on the Cratylus.
78:1 For an account of Mercury and Mars, see my Notes on the
80:1 i.e. Angels, Dæmons and Heroes.
80:2 i.e. Such souls as ours.
81:1 This assertion of Plato, which as well as that preceding it, is
to be found in the Epinomis, is defective in the Greek text of this
oration. Whether or not, I have supplied it according to Julian's
intention, the learned reader must determine, by perusing that
excellent dialogue. Petavius, however, has not even mentioned
the place where these words of Plato are to be found.
82:1 De Legib, lib. 2.
82:2 For an account of Bacchus, see my notes on the Cratylus;
and of the Muses, the note to my translation of Proclus's Hymns
to these divinities.

85:1 i.e. Romulus, who was wholly of a martial nature, and who,
knowing that he descended from this deity, entirely pursued a
martial life, was therefore called a hero, or demigod, and the son
of Mars.
86:1 According to the arcana of the ancient theology, every god
produces his own proper series, commencing from on high to
the last of things; and this series comprehends in itself many
essences differing from each other. Thus, for instance, the sun
produces angelical, dæmoniacal, heroical, and nymphical
powers, each of which subsists according to a solar
characteristic; and the lowest of these powers possess a great
alliance with the human race: for throughout the whole of things
the extremity of a superior order coalesces with the summit of
one inferior. Hence, these powers contribute to the natural
operations of the human race, and among these to their
procreations. Hence too, say Proclus 2, it often appears, that
heroes are generated from the mixture of these powers with
mankind; for those that possess a certain prerogative above
human nature, are properly denominated heroes. He adds, that
not only a dæmoniacal genus of this kind sympathizes physically
with men, but that other kinds sympathize with other natures, as
Nymphs with trees, others with fountains, and others with stags
or serpents. It is therefore by no means wonderful, that a
dæmon belonging to the series of Mars should contribute to the
generation of Romulus, who descended from that deity, and to
whom he was so exquisitely allied, that, according to habitude or
proximity (κατασχεσιν) he ranked in the order of Martial heroes.
I only add, that if we carefully remember, in conjunction with
the above theory, that the lowest of these orders were assigned
by antient theologists the same names as their leaders the gods,

we shall find nothing In the Grecian theology but what is
admirably consistent, and beautifully sublime.
86:2 In Cratylum.
87:1 That is, the moon, who maternally produces whatever the
sun produces paternally, and who, on account of her intimate
alliance with this divinity, was called by some of the ancients a
lesser sun.
88:1 Petavius is right in observing that Julian expresses himself
very obscurely in this sentence, κατὰ τὰς διαφόρουσ ὥρας,
according to the different seasons of the year; but he is certainly
wrong in conjecturing that it alludes to the vestal virgins
watching by turns; for this has no affinity whatever with the text.
If we may be allowed to offer our own opinion, perhaps it alludes
to the quality of the fire, which was preserved more or less
intense according to the greater or less power of the sun at
different periods of the year!
88:2 Mithras, according to the information of Porphyry, de
Antro Nymph, is considered by the Persians as the father and
creator of things, and consequently is the same with the Jupiter
of the Greeks.
93:1 Petavius in the margin conjectures that σθένος should be
wrote instead of τελος, that is, Strength or power, instead of the
end; but for what reason I am unable to discover!
94:1 Opera et Dies. lib. 1.

excellent book, highly recommended.
This method is mainly aimed to improve your eyesight without
the use

of lenses or any medical surgeries.

This holistic and non-invasive therapy treats astigmatism, short
sightedness or myopia, old age blur and long sightedness or
without any medical intervention.

This method educates your eyes and mind regarding the habits
principles of seeing naturally and clearly.

Eye strain and other eye discomforts due to the misuse of eyes
can be
eliminated by this method. Bates method has various techniques
help to eliminate the most serious diseases and conditions of
your eye
like glaucoma, cataract, and others.

Bates method involves the principle of how we see. Good sight is
mainly the result of a relaxed state of mind and body, so that an
individual feels a direct contact with the surroundings through

On the other hand, when a person is exposed to tension of a
lesser or
greater extent, secluded from the outside environment through
locked in a pattern of psychophysical tension, like anxiety,

rigidity, boredom, impatience, day-dreaming, confusion, etc
poor eyesight.

When the relaxation progresses, your mind, body and eyes start
focus together more pleasantly, thus it allows improvement of
eyesight naturally.
Basic principles of bates method:

Resting the eyes:

Palming is the most classic exercise designed by bates to rest
eyes. Rub the palm of your hands till you could feel some warm
being generated and place them on your eyes by keeping the
crossing over your head.

Sun treatment:

Exposure to sunlight with your closed eyes for half a minute can
greatly energize your eyes. This process helps for those who had
sensitive eyes to the light.


This practice involves swinging your body from side-to-side

looking at a distant object. When you practice daily swinging,
eyes and visual system will get great relaxation.


Use memory to improve your eyesight. Read something
everyday for
example a book or something but not through a computer screen
or any
electronic devices.

Flashing or blinking:

Resting your eyes for a few seconds improve your eyesight for a
moment after opening your eyes.

Ramana Maharshi, the great Indian sage, taught one of his
students, Jagadisha Sastri, the mantra suryosmi (I am the sun).
”You must have the bhavana (mental conviction and attitude)
that you are the sun. Start doing japa of the mantra suryosmi (I
am the sun) with the conviction that it is really true. You will
soon see the effect of it. You yourself will become surya swarupa,
that is, you will have the characteristics of the sun.”

…..Many years later, when Jagadisha Sastri and I were walking
down a street together in Bombay, it occurred to me that I had
never seen him wear any kind of footwear. The black tar roads of
the city got very hot in the summer and I found it hard to believe
that anyone could walk comfortably without wearing sandals or

I turned to him and asked, “Sastriji, your feet must have got
burned a lot walking on these roads, isn’t that so?”

“No, no,” he answered, “I have already got ravi raksha
(protection from the sun) from Bhagavan. I may walk in any
amount of heat but nothing ever happens to me.”

I naturally asked, “How did you get this ravi raksha?”

By way of an answer, Sastriji told me a long story. “One day,
right in the middle of the afternoon, Bhagavan took his
kamandalu, got up and told me, ‘Jagadisha, come with me to
walk about on the mountain.’

“But it’s so hot,” I protested. “How can we move about in such
weather?” I argued like this because I wanted to escape from the
trip. Bhagavan found my excuse unsatisfactory. “You can move
about in just the same way that I move about,” he said.

“But my feet will burn!” I exclaimed. I didn’t have any footwear
with me and I didn’t relish the idea of walking about over the
burning rocks.

“Will my feet not burn as well?” replied Bhagavan, obviously
feeling that this was not a serious obstacle. Bhagavan never wore
any kind of footwear. He could walk on the toughest terrain in
any weather without feeling the least discomfort.

“But yours is a different case,” I answered, alluding to the fact
that Bhagavan never needed footwear.

“Why? Am I not a man with two feet, just like you?” asked
Bhagavan. “Why are you unnecessarily scared? Come on! Get

Having realised that it was useless to argue any more, I got up
and started walking with Bhagavan. The exposed stones had
become so hot because of the severe heat of the sun that walking
on them made my feet burn. For some time I bore the suffering,
but when it became unbearable I cried out, “Bhagavan, my feet
are burning so much! I cannot walk one more step. Even
standing here is difficult. On all sides it is raining fire!”

Bhagavan was not impressed. “Why are you so scared?” he

“If I remain in this terrible heat for any more time,” I replied,
“my head will crack open because of the heat and I will definitely
die!” I was not joking. I really was afraid of dying.

Bhagavan smiled and said in a very quiet and deep voice,
“Jagadisha, give up your fear and listen. You must have the
bhavana (mental conviction and attitude) that you are the sun.

Start doing japa of the mantra suryosmi (I am the sun) with the
conviction that it is really true. You will soon see the effect of it.
You yourself will become surya swarupa, that is, you will have
the characteristics of the sun. Can the sun feel the heat of the

I followed this instruction of Bhagavan and started doing japa of
this sun mantra because there was no other way to be saved
from the burning heat. In a short time I began to feel the effect
of the japa. The severity of the heat lessened and eventually I
began to experience, instead of the severe heat, a pleasing
coolness. As the burning sensation diminished I found that I was
able to walk quickly alongside Bhagavan. By the time we had
both reached Skandashram I found that my feet were not at all
burnt as I had continued the mantra japa right up till the end of
the walk.

Later, I was astonished to discover that the effect of chanting
this mantra was permanent. Though I no longer chant it, I have
never again suffered from the heat of the sun. I can now walk in
the summer on the tar roads of a city like Bombay with bare
Dr. Johanna Budwig, a 6-time Nobel Prize nominated cancer
research scientist, presented this lecture to the Life and Action
Congress in 1972. Dr. Budwig shares how the body stores
photons and electrons from the sun to perform all vital
functions. Lots of information!

The Fat’s Syndrome & Photons As Solar Energy

A lecture held on 6 April 1972 at the 8th “Vie et Action” (Life and
Action) Congress in Tours, 5-9 April 1972.

Excerpted from Flax Oil as a True Aid against Arthritis, Heart
Infarction, Cancer & Other Diseases by Dr. Johanna Budwig

Sunbeams, photons, electrons. . .What are they?

Sun rays reach the earth as an inexhaustible source of energy.
The sources of power in mineral oil, coal, green plant-foods and
fruits are based on the energy supplied by the sun’s radiation. In
1960, a Japanese physicist published the following: “God was
indeed the Creator when he said: Let there be light!” Your fellow
countryman, the holder of the Nobel Prize and a highly
deserving physicist, Louis de Broglie, writes: “If we let our
imagination run free, we can easily picture that at the beginning
of time, the morning after the divine ‘Fiat Lux’, light, unique in
the world, with gradual but continual concentration, created the
material universe we today acknowledge around us. And
perhaps one day, when the time has come to pass, the universe
will regain its original purity and once more dissolve back into

Light is the fastest emissary from star to star. There is nothing
faster than light. Light rushes along with time. It lives eternally.
Physicists emphasize too, that the photon, the quantum, the
tiniest part of a sunbeam, is eternal. Life is unimaginable
without the photon. It is in continual movement. Stopping this is

not possible. The photon is filled with colour. It can, when
present in large numbers, change colour and frequency. The
photon is recognized as the purest form of energy; the purest
wave and, in continual movement, it can combine in resonance
with a second photon to form a ‘short-life’ particle. This particle-
known as an “O” particle–can once more break itself down into
two photons, without mass, as pure wave in movement. This
forms the basis for the wonderful interplay between light and
matter. It is not possible to pinpoint the location of a photon.
The theory of relativity rests on this foundation.

The photon, the smallest quantum of sunlight, gave rise to Max
Planck’s and Einstein’s formation of the quantum theory which
is of such significance today. This photon, so active, so dynamic,
so powerful, can be captured by suitable electrons. What does
this mean?

Electrons are already a constituent of matter, even though they
are also in continual movements. They vibrate continually on
their own wavelength. They have their own frequency, like radio
receivers which are set at a certain wavelength. The electron
orbits in matter around a nucleus. The heavy matter in the
nucleus is charged with positive electricity. In contrast to this,
the electron carries a negative charge. The two; the positively
charged nucleus and the negatively charged electron attract each
other by means of their electrical opposition. But the electron,
always in motion, never approaches the nucleus close enough to
be drawn out of its own orbit. It maintains a certain freedom of
movement within its prescribed orbit. Electrons love photons.
They attract the photons by means of their magnetic fields.
When an electrical charge moves, this always produces a

magnetic field. The moving photons also possess magnetic
fields. Both fields; the magnetic field of the electron and that of
the photon, attract each other, when the wavelengths are in
tune. The wavelength of the photon-which it can change-must so
fit into the circular wave of the electron that the orbit is always
completely filled by the wave. This feature is, when we consider
its physical expression, its biological and even its philosophical
consequences, extremely interesting. This basic physical law,
according to Niels Bohr, means that no matter can change its
condition without absorption or radiation of electro-magnetic
waves-and the photon is an electro-magnetic wave-without the
wavelength corresponding to that of absorption or radiation
frequency-to its own radiation frequency.

Matter always has its own vibration, and so, of course, does the
living body. The absorption of energy must correspond to one’s
own wavelength.

Sunbeams are very much in accord with humans. It is no
coincidence that we love the sun. The resonance in our biological
substance is so strongly set to absorb the sun’s energy that those
physicists, the quantum biologists, who concern themselves with
this scientifically complex field, say that: There is nothing else
on earth with a higher concentration of photons of the sun’s
energy than man. This concentration of the sun’s energy-very
much an iso-energetic point for humans, with their eminently
suitable wavelengths-is improved when we eat food which has
electrons which in turn attract the electromagnetic waves of
sunbeams, of photons. A high amount of these electrons which
are on the wavelength of the sun’s energy, are to be found, for
example, in seed oils. Scientifically, these oils are even known as

electron-rich essential highly unsaturated fats. But, when people
began to treat fats to make them keep longer; no-one stopped to
consider the consequences of this for the existence and higher
development of the human race. These vitally important
amounts of electrons, with their continual movement and
wonderful reaction to light were destroyed.

It is interesting that the science of physics has been marred by
the term: “Anti-Mensch” (anti-human). We will return to that
later. It is the human being, with his gradual concentration of
electrons, ever striving towards the future, who conceals within
himself the greatest potential for the sun’s energy on earth. The
mirror image of this, a human lacking electrons, lacking
photons, indicative of the past, perfectly illustrates, physically,
the Anti-Mensch. There will be more details of that too. At the
moment we are considering the wonderful relationship between
man and the sun’s energy.

The sun’s energy and man as an antenna: almost everyone
knows what an antenna is. The marvelous findings of Maxwell
the physicist, concerning electro-magnetic waves in technology
today are well-researched and of practical use. Famous examples
are telegraphy, radio, television and various other applications
of high-frequency technology in the manufacturing of
electromagnets, the atom bomb and research into nuclear power
as a source of energy,

These technical developments and their relation sciences are
based on scientific findings which go back to the nineteenth
century. An important milestone came in 1888 when Hertz
published his: Über Strahlen elektrischer Kraft (Concerning

Rays and Electrical Power). Using mathematical equations,
Maxwell was able to prove that connected electrical and
magnetic fields, when in movement, radiate electro-magnetic
rays. These elementary laws also govern processes in nature.

An electrical charge in movement produces a magnetic field.
Electrically conductive matter which is moved within a magnet’s
field will produce current. When connected electrical and
magnetic fields are separated, the ensuing phenomenon gives
rise to radiation of electro-magnetic waves. These fundamental,
elementary laws can also be applied to biological processes.

When the sun shines on the leafy canopy of a tree and is
absorbed through photosynthesis, this causes movement in the
electrical charge of the electrons. A magnetic field is also
brought about when the water in trees rises. When we, with our
wealth of electrons and conductive living substance, move
through the electro-magnetic field of a forest, then a charging
with solar electrons takes place in us. When our blood circulates,
there is a movement of the electrical charge in the magnetic
fields (for example, on the surface lipids of red blood
corpuscles), which then causes much induction and re-induction
of energy.

With each heartbeat, a dose of the body’s own electron-rich,
highly unsaturated fats from the lymph system, together with
lymph fluid, goes into the blood vessels and thereby into the
heart. This constantly stimulates and strengthens anew the
electro-motoric functioning of the heart, Even the movement of
the bloodstream is connected with radiation of electromagnetic
waves-in accordance with the fundamental law of nature which

governs electro-magnetic waves. This transmitter within
humans is always in action.

The tubular arrangement of our nerves with their various layers
and nodes, their different potential, neurons and dendrites, all
immediately convey a picture of how strong an electric current
in a magnetic field has to be to lead to the radiation of
electromagnetic waves here, too. When I begin thinking
something positive about a person, this is also related to a
radiation of electro-magnetic waves. Reception of this is also
dependent upon the wavelength the receiver is on-and there are
also amplifiers as well as transmitters of interference. All this
brings in a large amount of data, which is commonly known
under different names, such as telepathy, hypnosis, thought
transference and many others.

Among the northern races, it is recognized that isolated native
inhabitants use trees to help them to send their thoughts over
distances, to inform a husband for example, who has gone to
town, that he has to bring some salt. Bismarck wrote about how,
during times of affliction, he would wrap his arms around a tree,
lean his forehead on it and find relief and relaxation. In both
cases, it is a matter of electro-magnetic waves in accordance with
the mathematical equation of Maxwell.

But our theme is not really in this mental sphere, but has to do
with measurable waves. Let us concentrate on the actual fats
syndrome in its effects on the brain and nerve functions, the
organs of the senses, the secretion of mucous, the functioning of
the stomach and intestinal tract, liver, gall bladder and kidneys,
the lymph and blood vessels, the skin, respiration, the immunity

system, the fertilization processes and sexuality, semi-narcosis
or vital power and also in connection with growth processes
experiments have proved conclusively that all of these systems
and processes of the human being are very much connected with
electron-rich highly unsaturated fats as receivers, amplifiers and
transmitters of electro-magnetic waves, and as overseer of the
vital functions. It is here that the sun’s energy is an active
influence, radiated by the powerful photons as purest movement
or controlling the electron structure of the living body, either
bound to matter, or as power and energy from electro-magnetic
fields and waves.

The dynamics of the vital functions and their basis in energy
from the sun is, today, a fact which has to be reckoned with. The
dynamic effect of sunlight on the body’s vital functions has
already been observed by an alert professor of optical medicine,
Prof. Holwich. Blindness is often followed by a deterioration in
many functions of the internal organs and in the secretions of
the liver, gall bladder and pancreas. The heart’s action is also
affected, as is the peristaltic motion of the intestines. When sight
is regained, an unmistakable activation of these organic
functions is observable. You could say that this was due to
physiological factors, for instance, to better and more movement
out of doors, or to psychological motives. But it is worth
mentioning, in connection with this, admittedly secondary
observation, the following fact: A young doctor, a hunter,
observed that in some years, prize-winning deer antlers were
much larger than usual, but in others, even the very best of the
prize-winning antlers were far below average in size. The
physical development of young animals and clucks in the wild
matched in degrees the size of the deer antlers, or lack of it.

Investigation showed that the years in which the deer grew large
antlers and in which there was good physical development of
young animals in the wild, were clearly years with high rates of
sunshine hours.

That the sun, as the element of life, also affects the dynamics of
the vital functions is apparently self-evident. Everyone seems to
agree. But then why are there so many people who say: I can`t
tolerate the sun? The answer is on its way. Firstly, a few words
on the topic of: The dynamics of the vital functions and their
base in the sun’s energy: When I have treated patients and they
then lie in the sun, these sick people notice that they begin to
feel very much better; rejuvenated. In contrast to this you often
hear about people on sunny beaches having heart failure. It is
not unusual for heart infarction to occur. Both conditions are
observable. For some people nowadays, the sun’s energy is an
overly strenuous matter, while for others the dynamics of the
sun’s energy have an invigorating effect on all the vital functions.
The stimulating effect of the sun on the secretions of the liver,
gall bladder, pancreas, bladder and salivary glands is easily felt.
These organs only dry out under the sun’s rays when the
substances which stimulate secretion in the body are lacking.
With all these observations it is of decided importance, whether
the surface-active electron-rich highly unsaturated fats are
present as a resonance system for the sun’s energy, or whether
they are not. Doctors tell cancer patients that they should avoid
the sun; that they can’t tolerate it. That is correct. The moment,
however, that these patients-cancer patients as well-have been
following my oil-protein nutritional advice for two or three days,
which means that they have been getting sufficient amounts of
the essential fats, they can then tolerate the sun very well.

Indeed they emphasize how fine they suddenly feel in the sun-
how much their vitality and vigour is stirred and stimulated. And
that brings us to the decisive point of this lecture.

The electrons in our food serve as the resonance system for the
sun’s energy. The electrons in our food are truly the element of
life. Their electro-magnetic field attracts the photons in sunlight.
These photons with their own vitality and continual movement,
without which the physicist cannot imagine life existing, these
photons, which are in resonance with the electrons in seed oils,
are focused on the same wavelength as the sun’s energy, serve
the life element. This interplay of solar energy photons and the
electrons in seed oils, which are focused to the very last quantum
on solar energy photons, governs all the vital functions. Fats are
the dominant factor for all the vital functions, according to Ivar
Bang, a venerable physiologist from the year 1911.

Today we can add to that: Yes, fats which are in accord with
solar energy photons, electron-rich fats in resonance with the
solar energy wavelength, do indeed govern the entire vital
function systems. In my work it is fascinating to see that my
utilization of the relativity theory’s related quantum physics
illustrates how each and every individual vital function’s
dynamics are dominated by this exchange of electrons.

The electrons of highly unsaturated fats from seed oils, which lie
on the same wavelength as sunlight, are capable of drawing solar
energy and storing it, then, upon demand, of activating it as the
purest energy of the dematerialized clouds of electrons, and
making it available for the vital functions. All the vital functions

are closely connected with membrane functions. The exchange
of electrons, the distribution of energy in the whole organism is
dependent on these membrane functions-in the nerve pathways,
the brain, in every organ, the liver, gall bladder and pancreas in
the stomach’s mucous membrane and in the kidneys and
intestinal tract: The controlling functions of these membranes
with their electro-motoric power, is felt everywhere. This is also
true for the respiratory functions, and in oxygen absorption and
utilization. It also applies to cell division-to all normal growth
processes. It is true for the catabolism of substance in the
elimination processes taking place by way of the kidneys,
intestinal tract and also for the growth of hair and nails, as well
as for the development of young life in the womb. This brings us
to a rather beautiful, and extremely important aspect of

According to the computable findings of those modern
physicists, the quantum biologists, there is no entity in nature,
in life, which has a higher concentration of solar electrons than
man. It then follows that man has a true rapport with sunlight.

Physicists today are recognizing more and more that: “Let there
be light” at the outset of Creation is becoming, physically, ever
clearer to our minds, as the truth.

According to Einstein, the earth’s gravity can be partially
neutralized by means of electrons which conform to the sun’s
energy. The sun, and the sun-attuned electrons in the food we
eat, bring us to a higher level of energy, and to a higher level of
development as a human being.

“Anti-Mensch” and radiation damage are aspects which, through
my research’s utilization of modern quantum physics, have been
shown to be actively promoted by means of radiation treatment
for cancer patients. Physicists interpret from mathematical
formulae that man, with his wealth of electrons, is directed
forward in time. As we have heard, the photon speeds along in
time; it has, so to speak, eternal life. Correctly considered in the
abstract, proper mathematical formulae for important physical
correlations can be so altered-still maintaining their
mathematical correctness–that time is seen not to be directed
forwards at all, but backwards. All one has to do is to give a
negative sign to the time quotient in this mathematical formula
and that is, of course, possible with standard mathematical
rules. There is then for many physical ‘particles’ a corresponding
‘anti-particle’. This was sought and found in the world of
elementary particles, in the elementary particle’s ‘zoo’. as it is
known to physicists. By means of these mathematical formulae,
applied to Physics, and by reversing time, the mirror image of
human beings is delineated-the “Anti-Mensch”, while physically
speaking, man represents the highest level of order, that is
directed against entropy, the Anti-Mensch, according to physical
formulae, lacks electrons. As I see it, the “Anti-Mensch” is,
physically and mathematically directed into the past. The “Anti-
Mensch” possesses few solar energy photons-the lowest level of
order, physically speaking.

The process by which x-rays, gamma rays, atom bombs or cobalt
rays are set in motion is also equally directed toward the
development of the “Anti-Mensch”.The electronic structure of
the vital functions is destroyed by such rays. According to
Feynman’s “World Line Diagram” and modern physics’ theory of

relativity, time and space have been given a relationship in a
formula. The “Anti-Mensch” is directed into the past. Mankind’s
internal structure with its interplay between solar energy
photons and large number of electrons, with its concentration of
photons in life’s activities and in the dynamics of the vital
functions, is directed into the future. This future-directed
striving can develop powerful vigour. The “Anti-Mensch”,
lacking electrons and directed into the past—his thought
processes, too–is paralysed in his vital functions, lacks power
and strength because the element of life, the sun-attuned
electrons, are missing.

It is then fascinating to investigate our food, with regard to this
feature. Fats and oils treated to make them keep longer have had
their electronic structure destroyed–otherwise oxygen would be
absorbed-and this has a very detrimental effect on human beings
who with their wealth of electrons, live towards the future. This
negative aspect concerning the development of the “Anti-
Mensch” is in accordance with Feynman’s “World Line
Diagram”. I emphasize that it means the fats and oils which have
had their electron structure destroyed serve, within time and
space, to promote the development of the “Anti-Mensch”.

Such fats, which interfere with the electron-exchange taking
place in the living body because they act like insulating tar on
the conductivity of electrons, also deaden the vital functions at
the very commencement of their effectiveness-for example, in
the organs and active growth centres as well as for the body in
general. Tars were among the first substances to be recognized
as carcinogens. What is cancer? Every single event in the “world
of those elementary particles”, which promotes the development

of the “Anti-Mensch” also promotes cancer. A high amount of
heavy particles from the world of elementary particles in our
food, the food we eat which is lacking a wealth of electrons,
promotes development of the “Anti-Mensch”. It increases the
occurrence of cancer. Solidified fats and oils for example, belong
to this group. They lack electrons, acting as insulating tar
regarding the transport and concentration of electrons in the
living body.

Electron-rich food, electron-rich highly unsaturated oils, natural
flavourings from herbs and spices, from fruits which are rich in
aroma and natural dyes from the colour of the sunlight’s
photons-these all help the absorption, storage and utilization of
the sun’s energy.

How can you once more reach the peak of your development?

Freeing yourself from the influences and effects of radiation and
from environmental factors which promote development into
the “Anti-Mensch”, seem important. These goals, set by the
individual who chooses, or by the state and food industries with
their organisation and planning, should be to see that the food
we eat consists of electron-rich nutrition. An electron-rich food
intake which supplies us with the resonance system for the sun’s
energy, must once more achieve priority. Such food, as the life
element, promotes our sun-attuned energy. This in turn
promotes our development, in space and time, into the future.
The entire self can then grow and continue to develop further
until, in accordance with the laws of nature which govern light
and life, the highest level of our being is achieved.

Your fellow countryman, Prince Louis de Broglie, published Die
Wellennatur der Materie (The Undulatory Nature of Matter).
His work brought him the Nobel Prize. The wave aspect of living
matter is all the clearer, the more one considers the nature of
solar energy photons. Sunbeams, in accordance with the natural
laws of light and life, affect and govern the wave and radiant
energy capabilities of our living human selves, today, into the
future and forever.

This article by Dr. Mitchell Gibson tells how the hidden nature
of sunlight holds an important key to higher human evolution.
Part 1 of this article looks at the five major components of
Sunlight: Information Factors, Universal Forces, Energetic
Factors, Evolutionary Factors, and Enlightenment Factors.

The Hidden Reality of Solar Light

Dr. Mitchell Gibson

My investigation into the hidden nature of the human light body
led to a strange and intriguing aspect of our reality. There is a
hidden aspect to the light of the Sun. Mystical and spiritual
traditions from nearly every culture have linked the Sun to
man’s higher evolution. Cultures as diverse as the Essenes, The

Mayan, Aztecs, Buddhists, Hindus, Oceanic tribes, and Native
Americans all link the power of the Sun to man’s higher nature.
According to these Ancient Traditions, the hidden nature of
sunlight holds an important key to higher human evolution. In
this chapter, I will summarize the major findings of these
traditions as they relate to the hidden nature of the Sun.

The True Nature of Solar Light

Sunlight and eyesight are actually linked in an interesting way.
The human eye is actually a miniature sun and like the sun of
our solar system, it has the ability to absorb and radiate light. It
absorbs energy through the retina from where it is redistributed
to the brain and nervous system. We know that these energy
particles are the carriers of various Universal Factors of Energy
that are capable of doing predetermined and specific work. In
short, the Sun is a living entity and the Light of the Sun is a
complex carrier wave that encodes several levels of information
and energy that we use to sustain life on this world.

There are at least five major components that make up the light
of the Sun. In the early stages of our evolution, we are affected
primarily by the negative factors within these components. As
we evolve and become more knowledgeable of the true nature of
Solar Light, we then learn to take full advantage of the hidden
power of this Light. The five major components of Sunlight are:

A. Information Factors

B. Universal Forces.

C. Energetic Factors

D. Evolutionary Factors

E. Enlightenment Factors

The Ancients believed that these energies affect humans in a
variety of ways. Their knowledge of these energies was extensive.
Let us examine each of these factors in turn.

Information Factors

Information factors are intelligent packets of energy that are
somewhat analogous to digital bits of information that are
transmitted via sunlight. Ever wonder where all the information
in the world came from? Where did calculus come from? Where
did the idea of flowers come from? All of it came from the Sun.
To be honest, all of it came from God, but it came to us more
directly from the Corpus of the Sun. In truth, God is constantly
streaming out billions of gigabytes of data every second of every
day. He is literally pouring out everything that he knows into our
world. But for the most part, we ignore the data. Scientists are
only now learning that light can carry information. Every day,
billions of bits of data are encoded into computers, televisions,
radio, and then streamed out to us in the form of light.
According to the Ancients, God has been doing this for a much
longer period of time. Information factors may be downloaded

into the brain and used as a source of knowledge. The Essenes
perfected the downloading of information from the Sun in a
process called Gnostic solar transmission.

Suffice it to say at this time, information factors provide a
plethora of opportunities for self-advancement and growth.
Information factors are created by God and as such, contain the
divine spark of creation. The eyes are able to absorb these
factors and later pass them on to the brain where they are
further processed.

Information factors may be stored within the cells of the body
for later use. They may also be transmitted from one person to

Universal Forces

Universal Forces are among the most powerful energies radiated
by the Sun. There are at least five main universal forces that are
transmitted via the Sun throughout the Solar system. These
forces are A-factor, B-Factor, X-factor, Y-factor, and Z-factor.
Each of these factors play a specific role in our daily dimensional

A-factor is the prime generative force. It caused the first
propagation of matter to be expelled from the Sun into the third
dimension. Actually, it is the principle force that God uses to
create dimensional reality as we know it. This force is constantly
being emanated from the Sun. Whenever we grow our hair,

mend a bone, digest our food, the action of A-factor is
responsible. The A-factor is also a secondary cause of the aging
process. It leads to growth and maturation within its sphere of
influence. The overall action of A-factor allows a person to
develop the ego and to embrace the idea of needing to express
himself as a being separate from God. This force is necessary
because without it, nothing would exist. God would be complete
within himself with no need to create us, reality, or anything
else. With the advent of the A-factor, Primordial Humans got the
chance to create souls and experience karma. A-factor then
creates growth, change, karma, and the need for self-expression
on a personal level.

In the course of fulfilling its activity, A-factor also contributes to
the force of death. A-factor also creates human thought. It is the
primary impelling force that generates what we call human
thinking. Ever try to stop your thoughts? It is among the hardest
of things that you can do. The force that pushes your thoughts
into your brain is the A-factor. In the truest sense, your thoughts
come from God, but A-factor is how he expresses thoughts
throughout the universe

God thinks on multiple planes of reality, but the human plane of
thought manifests as A-factor. Overcoming the urge to express a
separate existence from the Creator is a major step in the
process of Enlightenment.

B-Factor acts on the dormant DNA molecules within the human
genome and helps to initiate the development of certain
paranormal abilities. B-factor is a very powerful force. The force
of B-factor is primarily dormant during the vast majority of

human lifetimes. B-factor is released primarily around sunset
and is active in releasing two special sets of genes from within
the body. Science has discovered that the paranormal powers
that we all possess are controlled by two sets of genes called Psi
Genes. The Psi A genes turn on the paranormal potential that we
all have. Psi B genes turn off our paranormal potential.

The interesting thing about Psi B genes is that they occur in a
position which is very close to a set of genes called the
oncogenes. Oncogenes cause cancer in humans. Oddly enough,
increased Psi B gene activity can lead to greater activation of the
genes that cause cancer.

B-factor turns off the Psi-B gene and turns on the Psi-A gene. In
effect, it supercharges the human genetic system. The problem
with B-factor is that it is only released for exceedingly brief
periods of time, (a few minutes at most). This release occurs at
sunset and may be seen as a green flash of energy.

B-factor is extremely active in the fifth dimension and is the
primary energy released by the Sun in that dimension. The
action of B-factor in the fifth dimension allows for the creation
of a Higher, More Evolved version of the Human Light Body.
Through the action of the B-factor, the Light Body becomes one
with God and the individual is no longer able to reincarnate in
physical form. B-factor allows one to become self-generating.
This is the ability to create a physical form without the need for
parents or traditional incarnation. B-factor may also be stored
within certain precious stones and activated by the use of

X-Factor acts on the dormant DNA molecule to create a
permanent form of the physical body. X-factor is released
primarily at sunrise and for about one hour. It is also released
during the hour before sunset. Most of the DNA in the human
body is inactive. As a matter of fact, more than 97% of the DNA
of your body has no known function. 1-3% of our DNA is
necessary for the encoding of proteins. Scientists call the
remainder junk DNA. X-factor is an extremely powerful force
that may be stored within the brain, certain precious stones, and
activated by mantra.

X-factor is an extremely powerful force that may be stored
within the brain, certain precious stones, and activated by

The activation of X-factor causes a great change within the body.
As the DNA strands necessary for the building of the Light Body
are gradually decoded, a great deal of energy is released from the
physical body. The Sun provides an abundant supply of this
energy in the form of Primary Life Force energy. One of the main
functions of X-factor is the activation of the Primary Life Force
centers within the human body. In most people, the chakras
control the flow of the life force within the body.

As the energy of X-factor increases within the body, the energy
flow within the chakras increases and the dormant energy of the
Life Force Centers is released.

The Ancients believe that the Light Body is powered by four
main force centers. They are formed from the combined energy
of each of two chakras. Chakras one and two form the first force

Center. Chakras three and four form the second force Center.
Chakras five and six form the third force Center. Chakras seven
and eight form the fourth force center. As the human mind
evolves and enlightens, the planes of awareness expand and the
Higher Mind gradually takes up residence within the physical
body. The action of the X-factor makes this transition possible.
As the DNA is transformed and decoded, the body and mind are
transformed as well. The resultant entity is called the Vajra
Body. There have been tens of thousands of instances of the
successful transition of humans from the physical body into the
Vajra Body or Light Body. This happens through the use of the

Once a human takes full advantage of the X-factor and
transforms himself, he/she may still return to physical life
through the process of reincarnation. However this is a choice
and not a necessity. This return is often for a specific purpose
and usually serves to teach some hidden aspect of spiritual life to
humans. If the Initiate takes advantage of the activity of B-factor
after generating the Light Body, they can become self-

It can however manifest itself on multiple levels of reality

Y-factor is the primary force of aging and decay in this
dimension. It is carried via the ultraviolet portion of sunlight
during the midday and afternoon hours. Y-factor is necessary
because all things must follow the natural flow of time and
reality. Enlightened beings that have generated the Light Body
live outside the accepted realms of time and space.

In order for a god to generate a Light Body form, they must
become human. Gods live for extremely long periods of time and
may even appear to be immortal. However, after a time, even
gods are subject to the force of Y-factor and eventually die. Y-
factor originates within the fourth dimension and results from
the action of A-factor on that plane.

The action of Y-factor creates the unconscious mind and thus
the process of death. Beings that have no unconscious mind are
not subject to the force of death. The action of the creation of the
unconscious mind creates a repository for the storage of Y-
factor. This storage process creates a series of chain reactions
that leads to the event of physical death.

The unconscious mind creates breathing as a result of the action
of Y-factor. Y-factor also creates secondary life force. Beings that
live in the higher Dimensions are not subject to the force of the
Y-factor. They do not breathe, they do not have an unconscious
aspect to their minds, and they do not die. Fourth dimensional
beings do not have a subconscious component to the mind. As a
result, fourth dimensional beings live much longer life spans
than third dimensional beings.

The action of Y-factor on the third dimension creates another
negative emanation from the Sun, the Z-factor.

Z-factor is another negative radiation released by the Sun and it
primarily causes cellular and genetic mutation in living species.
Z-factor causes the creation of the subconscious mind in
humans. As such, this force may be stored within the physical

form. The physical body acts as the storehouse for the energy
released by the subconscious mind. The cumulative action of Z-
factor upon the human body causes aging and death. The
combined forces of Y and Z factor act as a lethal combination for
the demise of the human body. The Z-factor is primarily released
by the Sun in the form of midday and late afternoon radiation.

Evolutionary Factor

There are certain energetic components to sunlight that
specifically help to initiate Consciousness and intelligent
thought. The Ancients teach that this factor is a new creation
that was first released by the Sun less than 250,000 years ago.
Primarily, it allows humans to evolve and move forward as a
species. Evolutionary factor is released continuously by the Sun.
There are specific techniques and Solar Mudras that will allow
humans to take advantage of this factor.

Energetic Factors

This is the main function of sunlight that humans about which
humans are most knowledgeable. This aspect of sunlight carries
the electromagnetic spectrum and certain nourishing energy
frequencies that are capable of sustaining life. All of the
elements that are necessary for life emanated originally from the
Sun. Water, air, fire, earth, and all of the necessary nutrients for
life came to us from the Sun. Each and every second, billions of

tons of matter are released from the Sun and hurled toward the
planets. This matter forms the basis for all life in our Solar
System. The Energetic factors that the Sun releases are able to
sustain life all on their own.

This article by Dr. Mitchell Gibson tells how the hidden nature
of sunlight holds an important key to higher human evolution.
Part 2 of this article looks at how the body absorbs and uses the
energetic factors of the Sun through the human body’s brain and

The Hidden Reality of Solar Light

Dr. Mitchell Gibson

How can the body take in energetic factors in such a manner as
to sustain life? Is it possible that some of our dormant “junk”
DNA may become active and allow us to utilize Solar Energetic
Factors in the same way that plants do? Let us examine a
possible method.

There is a pathway from the retina, to the hypothalamus, called
the retino-hypothalamic tract. This brings information about the
dark &light cycles to supra-chiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the
hypothalamus. From the SCN, impulses along the nerve travel
via the pineal nerve (Sympathetic nervous system) to the pineal
gland. These impulses inhibit the production of melatonin.

When these impulses stop (at night or in dark, when the light no
longer stimulates the hypothalamus) pineal inhibition ceases,
and melatonin is released. The pineal gland is therefore a
photosensitive organ and an important timekeeper for the
human body.

The unexplored process of energy absorption, transformation,
and processing from the Sun may occur here. The activation of
pineal gland is a key step in psychic, spiritual and energy
transformation processes. Suffice it to say that in this gland,
energy processing and distribution can take place. The pineal
gland is the subtle controller of all endocrine glands, therefore
controlling the endocrine system. Through secretion of
melatonin, it also regulates the circadian rhythm, sleep wake
cycle and it also slows down aging process. It has psychic
properties and it is said to be the seat of soul or mind.

Sunlight may enter the eyes and be directly stored in the pineal
gland. Pineal activation and charging through solar energy could
be a vital step in higher evolution. Once activated and charged
by the Pineal gland, Solar Energetic factors may be transformed
into electrical, magnetic or chemical energies in body. Once
processed, this energy must be transported & must be stored
somewhere. If the initial processing of this energy starts in the
pineal gland, how does it get to the rest of the body?

The Hypothalamus is the controller of autonomic nervous
system. The pineal gland is connected to it through a net of
autonomic nerves. The new energy that is derived from the Sun
may be transported via this system of nerves into the

The role of temporal lobe and limbic system also may be
important. It may work as a regulator, if not receptor and may
be psychically involved in directing the energy in proper
pathways. The medulla oblongata contains many centers vital to
life and may also store some of this energy. Other parts of the
brain may play as yet undiscovered roles.

Enlightenment Factors

There are specific energy factors released by the Sun that are
designed to awaken and enliven the human mind. There are
specific mudras and mantras designed to selectively guide these
energies into the human mind. These energies raise the IQ,
enhance creative abilities, enhance musical gifts, enliven the
body, and empower the process of Enlightenment.

This article by Dr. Mitchell Gibson tells how the hidden nature
of sunlight holds an important key to higher human evolution.
Part 3 of this article looks at the spiritual and multi-dimensional
nature of the Sun itself.

The Hidden Reality of Solar Light

Dr. Mitchell Gibson

The Spiritual Sun

In addition to the plethora of information regarding the hidden
radiations of the Sun, the Ancients wrote extensively about the
Spiritual Nature of the Sun itself. They wrote that the Sun which
we see each day is only a small part of a much larger entity. This
entity is part of a larger universe that feeds and nourishes our
smaller physical domain. Let us examine this information.

The Ancients taught that the Sun is part of a constellation of
Solar Entities connected to the Primordial Sun. The Primordial
Sun is the archetypal blueprint for all the Suns of the physical
universe. The expansion of the physical universe is caused by the
Y factor and occurs in parallel with the contraction caused by the
Z factor. All Suns emanate from a central Primordial Sun. The
Primordial Sun is extra-dimensional in nature. This Primordial
Sun forms around the Source. The Source is the collection point
for all of God’s energy that empowers and creates this universe.
The energy that collects in this point is massive and forms itself
automatically into a huge Primordial Sun. All souls enter into
this universe first through the Primordial Sun. The seeds for all
our Light Bodies are said to exist within the Primordial Sun. It is
in essence the physical representation of the Source. The
appearance of the Primordial Sun as a Source of Light is an

The Primordial Sun emits Primordial Matter. The action of A-
factor on the Primordial Sun impels the release of Primordial
Matter. This is the first state of matter in our universe. It is this
matter that is the genesis of all the elements in our universe. In

the Higher Dimensions, the worlds are made mostly of primary

Orbiting the Primordial Sun are the Primordial Worlds. These
are also called the First Worlds and they are home to The Elders.
The Elders are the oldest created beings in existence. All living
beings are descended from the Elders, even humans.

As the A factor impels the creation of the lower dimensions,
Primordial Matter is pushed into lower and lower states of
being. In dimensions nine through five, Primordial Matter is not
subject to the forces that create mortal forms. The Primary
Forces working on Primordial Matter at these levels are A-factor,
B-factor, and X-factor.

As Primordial Matter approaches the fourth dimension, it falls
under the influence of Y-factor. The action of this factor creates
the lower elements and ultimately physical matter. The fourth
dimension has little physical matter in comparison to the third
dimension. The third dimension is more than 95% physical
matter as a result of the combined actions of the Y and Z factors.
There are small amounts of Primordial Matter in existence in all
created worlds below the fourth dimension.

This Primordial Matter is responsible for the healing factors,
intelligence, spiritual growth, and enlightenment that is possible
on these worlds. From the Primordial Sun, the energy of Source
enters into Worlds of Creation. These Worlds gradually expand
due to the action of the A-factor. The Primordial Sun creates
Galactic Suns which provide power for each galaxy in existence.

At the core of our Galaxy is a huge Galactic Sun around which
our Sun rotates.

The Galactic Sun is an illusion just as the Primordial Sun is an
illusion. Remember, the Primordial Sun is a convergence point
for all of the energy of the Creator in this universe. The Galactic
Sun is a convergence point for all of the energy of the Creator in
this galaxy. The Galactic Sun is fifth dimensional in nature, as
are all stars in our universe.

The Galactic Sun is millions of light years across and is the
Source for our Sun and all of the stars in our galaxy. It is made of
more than 90% Primordial Matter and is the Home of the most
advanced beings in our galaxy. Galactic Suns connect directly to
the Primordial Sun in the ninth dimension.

Our Sun is a Cosmic Sun. It too is an optical illusion. The Sun is
the convergence of all the Divine Creative Force within our Solar
System. It is fifth dimensional by nature as are all stars. The
bright light and energy that we see when we look at the Sun is a
result of a great number of forces that are vectored within a
single point in space. This point is called a focal release point.
Through this point, all the energy of the Creator reaches our
Solar System. The physical matter that streams through the
point is only a small fraction of the total energy available from
the Galactic Sun. All Cosmic Sun Systems (Stars) carry the
Universal Forces into the local planetary systems that we call
home. Through the Sun, we are connected to the Source, the
Primordial Sun, the Galactic Sun, and the Primordial Worlds.

The Sun is an intermediary, a catalyst between the macrocosmic
and microcosmic universes. The cell is composed of atoms
which, in turn, are composed of light wave/particles. The light
wave particles oscillate in the same way that the Sun does.
Remember, the Sun oscillates on a regular basis. Ordinarily, one
may not be able to see the microcosmic pulsation, but the
pulsation is clearly visible to the eye on the macrocosmic level
when you begin using the Solar practices. This pulsation is
exactly the same as that of your heartbeat. The force for the beat
of your heart comes through from the Primordial Worlds, into
the Sun, and finally to Earth. The energy of your universe is in
constant motion and reveals a distinct pattern of motion, light
and dark. There is also a third vibration, a link between space
and time. This link is called Consciousness. Though it cannot be
seen, Consciousness is the vehicle through which we can see and
know the universe.

The Sun is home to the Fifth Dimension in our Solar System.
The physical light and matter that we see emanating from the
Sun is in effect the reflection of Fifth Dimensional matter onto
the third dimension. Through the Sun, we are connected directly
to the Fifth Dimension and thus to the Higher Beings that live
there. These beings guide and influence all life on our plane of
reality. It is through their guidance that we develop
Enlightenment and the ability to develop civilization, art, music,
science and culture.

Through our connection with Fifth Dimensional Beings, we can
access a direct source of power, knowledge, and evolutionary
potential. All beings are able to access this knowledge given the
correct techniques and training. By learning how to connect

directly with the energy of the Sun, the Initiate can learn to
communicate directly with the Gods themselves.

The incredible story of a man who has overcome the need to take
food or water by absorbing energy directly from the sun through
a system that he is now teaching. Learn about the Sun Yogi
Umashanka in this Life Positive magazine story.

Sufism - Sun Yogi

by Parveen Chopra

The incredible story of a man who has overcome the need to take
food or water by absorbing energy directly from the sun through
a system that he is now teaching.

Normally, how long can an average human being survive without
food or water? Or without sleep? The answer would probably be:
a few days.

Is there a possibility that a human being can procure necessary
nutrients and energy directly from the sun energy and get rid of
the need to eat or drink water?

There indeed is one such man, now becoming well-known as
Sun Yogi, who has discovered a unique method of absorbing
energy directly from the chief source of energy in our world: the

sun. Armed with this less known Indian system, he is travelling
barefoot across the country to spread the message of ‘Universal
Unity, Peace and Brotherhood’. He has already logged in 62,000

Born Umashankar in 1967 in Midnapore, West Bengal, he
developed an early interest in yoga and religion. A Calcutta
university graduate with a diploma in electronics, he was
managing his electronics shop when in 1995 he decided to chuck
it all up and headed for the Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry in
search of real knowledge.

During his stay at the ashram, the Sun Yogi recalls: “I spent
every morning meditating on a rock at the beach looking at the
sun’s reflection in the sea. It was very soothing. Gradually, I
started gazing directly at the rising sun. Later, I could
concentrate on the sun even when it rose higher in the sky. The
harsh brightness disappeared after continued meditation and
now the sun appears to me as a clear hazy ring with soft blue sky

As days passed by, he started experiencing seven bright colours
radiating from the sun, slowly reaching closer to the ground.
And he felt the sun’s cosmic energy embracing his body from
within. One day after a particularly exhilarating experience,
when he returned to the ashram, to his surprise he noticed that
his body rejected food and he didn’t feel hungry! Realisation
dawned on him that during his sun meditations, he was
somehow able to absorb energy directly from the sun.

Initially, he started skipping breakfast. Six months later, he
stopped taking dinner. From August 17 to December 7, 1996,
Sun Yogi stopped eating and sleeping altogether. Yet, his weight
remained the same and he continued his daily routine without
feeling tired or exhausted or noticing any health problem.

A simple, amiable man with child-like nature, this is how Sun
Yogi explains his discovery: “It made me believe that looking
directly at the sun is a way of charging one’s body cells with
kinetic energy.” As for essential vitamins and minerals, he
claims that as they are present in the air, he just inhales them
directly from the surroundings.

People who have watched him at close quarters, authenticate his
claims. Says D.R. Kaarthikeyan, former CBI director: “I met Sun
Yogi at the Yoga Centre of Annamalai University. He stayed with
me for a period of 48 hours and I saw him eating or drinking

Ben Horen from England who co-founded the Ananda Society
with a project in Himachal Pradesh, has been so impressed with
Sun Yogi that he has created a link
( on their website on him and
his work. Writes Ben: “I have witnessed him living with no food,
water or sleep, spending part of each day staring at the sun as if
it was as soft as the moon. Many times I have watched him enter
samadhi during meditation, and I have felt him stop his pulse
through sheer concentration. He does not seem to feel the cold—
he sits barechested at night when I am feeling cold wearing thick

Sun Yogi now teaches yoga.asp ‘ class=’article’>Sun Yoga to
whosoever cares to learn. It is easy, he says, and most people can
pick up in a few sittings. What are the benefits? “I believe that
almost all the ailments that our body develops are because of
eating.” Living increasingly on sun energy, you will stay healthy
and the ageing process will slow down, if not reverse altogether.
An additional therapy he teaches is acupressure, which is easy to
learn and use.

Sun Yogi has over 40,000 students from India and abroad
practising his yoga under him. Every year he holds an
International Spiritual Conference in his native place in West
Bengal and has centres in Kolkata, Port Blair and Saharanpur.
He has also founded K.G.K. Gurukulam, an educational/
training institute for yoga and related subjects in Vedaraniyam
in Tamil Nadu.

Sun Yogi’s life can be called Surya Namaskar, a true salute to the

Petar Deunov, the master teacher of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
teaches in this article how the sun’s energy can heal various
parts of our physical bodies and increase our overall health. This
articles looks in depth at the seasons and daylight hours,
teaching how the changing levels of sunlight affect different
parts of the body.

“All the world renders homage to me and I render homage to the
Master Petar Deunov from Bulgaria.” -Albert Einstein

The Influence of the Solar Energy - part 1

by Petar Deunov

The sun is a source of living energy for the whole solar system.
In relation to the earth, the energy of the sun is positive. This
energy develops into positive and negative electricity, and into
positive and negative magnetism. The energy of the earth in
relation to the sun is negative (the earth has two kinds of energy,
but the negative is predominant, while of the two kinds of
energy, which the sun possesses, the positive is predominant) .
By the contact of these two kinds of energy, life is produced on
Earth. The powerful mediator, which unites and transforms
these two energies, is called ether by the scientists. It penetrates
all space and the whole earth. The occultists call it vivifying
plasma; the mystics call it spirit. And in the book of Genesis (ch.
1, verses 1-2) it is said: “In the beginning God created the
heavens and the earth. And the earth was waste and void; and
darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the spirit of God
moved upon the face of the waters”.

The structure of the sun is the same as the structure of the cells.
The sun is composed of three regions: the one of them prepares
the energies, the second one accumulates, collects and
transforms them; while the third - directs them to the earth.
These three regions exist also in the cells: an outer region which
receives the solar energy; a second one which accumulates it

within itself; and an inner region, which works it over and
transforms it into a vital force. These three regions are found
also in the organism in a more developed form. In the embryo,
one can recognize them most easily. The first, outer, visible
envelope of the embryo is called ectoderm; the intermediary one
is called mesoderm, and that which is in the center, the most
internal, is called endoderm.

The energy which our sun receives from the central sun of our
visible universe is positive at first, but afterwards it is polarized
into positive and negative.
There exists an important law that the more negative the earth,
the greater its capacity of receiving the positive solar energy; and
inversely, the more positive the earth, the lesser its receptive

Every celestial body receives energies by its negative pole and
emits them by its positive pole. When a center is positive, it
gives, but when it is negative, it receives. The positive energy
creates, while the negative - constructs.

The greater part of the energy, which our sun receives from the
central sun, is consumed by the sun itself. Comparatively a very
small amount of it is transmitted to the planets. The energies,
which the earth receives from the sun undergo a considerable
transformation, for as they penetrate the earth-layers, the latter
absorb all their nutritive elements and only that which is not of
any more use remains. Thus the earth throws into cosmic space
those energies, which are of no more benefit to its development
and growth. From there, by certain special ways, these energies
return to the sun, which on its part, redirects them to the central

sun for further modification and transformation, until their
primary rhythm is achieved.

From midnight till noon the earth (i.e. a respective part) is
negative and receives more, while from noon till midnight it is
positive and gives more. Beginning at midnight, the earth starts
to project into cosmic space negative energy and in return, to
receive positive solar energy. At sunset the earth is positive to
the highest degree, and consequently it gives most. In the
afternoon, the earth starts to project into cosmic space positive
energies and after it has emitted a sufficient quantity, it becomes
negative. This is gradually done and it is toward midnight that
the negative energies become predominant. The earth is
negative in the highest degree at sunrise, which means that at
that time it receives most. This fact is of highest importance for
us, since it reveals the great significance and value of sunrise.
We must take into consideration the following law: we form a
part of the earthly organism and therefore when the earth
receives, we also receive and when the earth gives, we also give*.
This is exactly why the first rays of the sun are the most
powerful. At that moment the human organism is most receptive
toward the solar energies. There is always more vital energy or
prana in the morning than at noontime, and the living organism
absorbs the greatest quantity of positive energies (prana) at that
time. The first rays of the sun (at sunrise) are most active; the
sun is then at the apogee of its activity.

The solar energy passes each day through four different states.
From 12 o’clock midnight to 12 o’clock at noon there is an influx
of solar energy, and from noon to midnight - a reflux. The influx,
which begins at midnight, reaches its culminating point at

sunrise; it is then most powerful and vivifying. It gradually
decreases till noon and then the reflux begins which reaches its
highest point at sunset. According to the law of motion, that part
of the earth which turns itself constantly toward the sun and
approaches it, is found in the most favorable conditions for its
development, while that part whose distance from the sun
increases loses most of the conditions. One hour before sunrise
the solar energies exercise a purely psychological influence upon
the cells of the human body, and by refreshing and invigorating
them, create a new impulse toward activity in the whole body.

Before sunrise, the rays which are refracted in the atmosphere,
influence mostly the brain. During sunrise, the rays which come
in a straight line, influence mostly the respiratory system and
our sensitiveness; while toward noon, the same rays have an
influence upon our digestive system. That is why the curative
power of the solar energy is different during different hours of
the day, before sun-rise - for the amelioration of the cerebral
nervous system; at sunrise -for the strengthening of respiratory
system, and from 9 till 12 at noon, for the strengthening of the
stomach, that is to say, during that time of the day, the sun rays
have a curative effect upon the sick stomach. In the afternoon,
the curative effect of the solar energies is of smaller importance.

At the first sight, it would appear that the solar rays are most
curative about one or two o’clock in the afternoon, since the heat
is greatest then. But if the solar rays had a curative effect
through their heat, why then could not the heat of the stove be a
substitute for their curative power? It is not the solar heat which
is the main curing factor, but this function belongs to other

energies of higher order, which we may call prana (vital energy)
in regard to which the earth is more receptive in the morning.

The latest scientific researches declare that the solar rays are
most curative before noon, but someone might object that when
it is sunrise for us, it is noon for some and sunset for others.
Then why this difference in the curative action of the rays during
the different hours of the day? The reason for this difference lies
in the varying receptive aptitude of the earth and the organism.

Source: http://www.bratstvo menuen/fr1nen.
Petar Deunov, the master teacher of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
teaches in this article how the sun’s energy can heal various
parts of our physical bodies and increase our overall health. This
article looks in depth at the seasons and daylight hours, teaching
how the changing levels of sunlight affect different parts of the

“All the world renders homage to me and I render homage to the
Master Petar Deunov from Bulgaria.” -Albert Einstein

The Influence of the Solar Energy - part 2

by Petar Deunov

Let us follow the course of the year as an analogy to this fact. The
solar rays do not act in an uniform manner during all the
seasons of the year. The earth (that is a respective place) is most

negative in the beginning of the spring and that is why it receives
most at that time. This is the reason why of all seasons of the
year, the solar rays have a most curative effect during the spring.
Starting on March 22nd, the earth gradually becomes more
positive. During the summer it is quite positive and receives less.
(The summer rays also act curatively but to a lesser degree).

In the beginning of spring there is more prana and the
organisms absorb the greatest quantity possible, while during
the summer the heat increases but not the prana, or the vital
energy, which is so abundant in the spring. There are certain
signs by which we can know when nature is more rich in prana.

In this way the solar energy exercises four kinds of influence
during the four seasons. The spring and the summer represent
the influx of energy, while the autumn and winter - the reflux.
That is why the most beneficial influence of the sun begins on
the 22nd of March. All the well-constructed organisms profit by
this energy, while the weak ones, on the contrary, become

The earth begins its creative work on March 22nd. Its creative
forces reach the climax of their activity then. Since the positive
solar energy comes in an increased amount to the earth during
this time, the creative energy of the latter is increased, stirring
an intense growth in all things. The greatest organic activity
takes place at that time.

The most favorable time for renovation and development starts
on March 22nd and continues during the whole of April and
May, till June 22nd. On this last date all growth ceases.

The day can be divided into 4 periods of 6 hours each: from
midnight till 6 o’clock in the morning constitutes the time of
spring, from 6 o’clock in the morning till 12 at noon - is the time
of summer; from 12 at noon till 6 in the evening (till sunset) - it
is the autumn; and from 6 o’clock in the evening till midnight - it
is the winter. Because of the movements of the earth during
certain times of the year the summer of the day is longer and the
winter - shorter. The contrary takes place in winter.

We, the inhabitants of the earth, must follow in our life the
example, which the plants give us; they understand better than
us the law of growth. The solar energy arrives here an a large
current, which encompasses the earth from the north to the
south pole and returns to the sun. Certain men of learning
support the idea that it is precisely this energy which causes the
movement of the earth around its axis. When certain plants
begin to feel that this potential energy begins its inflow and
manifestation on earth they start budding and preparing
themselves, and when this energy is increased, they blossom up
and try to absorb as much of this energy as they can in order to
be fructified. This energy is transmitted to the plants by the
vivifying plasma. This is exactly why at the moment we see the
plants budding and blossoming, a new inner joy should come to
birth in the human soul, that the day of its liberation is
approaching. All the fibers of man’s being should vibrate with a
tender feeling for this animating force, which envelops him if he
would be a recipient of its beneficial influence, which would
refresh and renew his thoughts, feelings and strength.

In spring and summer, beginning on March 22nd, it is good for
one to go to bed early and to get up before the rising of the sun
to welcome it and to receive the part belonging to him as the
bees gather the nectar of the flowers. It would be sufficient for
one to practice this in the course of some years, in order to be
convinced in the truth of this statement. A blind faith is not
necessary, for each one will work out his own conceptions and
opinions concerning the beneficial influence of the sun. There is
absolutely no place for deception in this fact, since it is based
upon a profound understanding of a fundamental law of august
nature. We should always be in agreement with its injunctions
and understand that they contain the methods for our life. And if
we live in perfect accord with them, we can be always intelligent,
healthy, strong and happy. Therefore, we should have a heart
full of the best feelings when we are to welcome some of the
servants of nature. And one of these servants is the sun. That is
why the Psalmist says: “And they turned and sought God in the
morning.” (Psalm 78) and “It is a good thing to give thanks to
Jehova, and to sing praise unto Thy name, O, Most High; to
show forth Thy loving kindness in the morning” (Psalm 92) ; but
he does not say; “To sing praise unto Thee, Lord, in the evening.”
When Nature starts working, then we should start our work,
also. And this is the Divine, the sublime thing in life: to think
and to feel as we see these manifestations in the supreme
Reason of the august living Nature, and not to follow after the
inventions of all sorts of systems and beliefs of men. For the
most just conception of life is the Truth; the essence of life is
Love and the sense of this life is Wisdom.

We mentioned before that there exists an analogy between the
solar system and the organism. The processes taking place in the

organism find an analogy in those of the solar system. When the
solar energy enters the brain, it undergoes the same
modifications as those which occur when it first enters the sun
after leaving the central sun. This fact is difficult to explain,
since men generally have a mechanic conception of things,
instead of a psychological one, based on reason. The feelings, the
sensitivity, constitute the negative pole, while the thought - the
positive pole. In the human organism the brain is positive and
the sympathetic nervous system is negative. It is the same in the
cosmos. In the left side of the human body the energy descends
toward the left foot and then, by way of the right foot and the
right side it moves upward. There exists such an electromagnetic
current around every organ. For instance, positive energy passes
through the right eyebrow, which turns and passes under the
same eye, where it becomes negative energy. From there it
mounts over the left eye, where it becomes positive again. After
that it moves under the same eye as negative energy. In this way
the movement of this energy resembles the number 8.

At the point between the eyebrows, or at the root of the nose
there is a center of reason, which regulates these currents
around the eyes. One might call this center the Silent, the
Rational in nature, which regulates the forces.

The circulation of the blood is due mainly to electromagnetic
currents. If they did not support the flow of the arterial blood,
the heart would be incapable of doing this alone. But the blood
moves in the human organism by the help of that cosmic
impulse in the world, which constantly regulates the blood-
circulation of all organisms. The movements of this protoplasm
in the cell, the circulation and rotation, the movement of the

sun, planets and the other celestial bodies, are all due to this
same electromagnetic current.

The energy which the earth draws from the sun can be compared
to the arterial blood and that which it sends back to the sun can
be compared to the venous blood. Our sun plays the role of a
heart, but this role is still better played by the central sun. As the
impure blood must return from the tissues to the heart and then
go to the lungs to be purified, in the same way the energies of the
earth return to the sun, in order to regain their primal rhythm.

We consider the sun not as a dead body, but as a living being.
Let us admit, for example, that a certain learned man salutes
from a distance contemporary men with his shells. What would
be our idea of this man? The study which we would make of his
will concern only his physical side. Let us suppose, on the other
hand, that this same learned man, by some reflector, would send
us his rays - some well-written poems by which he would salute
us or that he would send us his fruits: in the first case his energy
would be destructive, in the second - stimulating and in the third
invigorating. At the present time we are studying only the two
kinds of the solar energies. All illnesses on the earth are caused
by the sun, that is to say: if we are hard-hearted, unresponsive
and stubborn, the sun salutes us by its shells; if we are wise, it
salutes us by its bright poems, which fill us with joy and
gladness, and last, if we are spiritually elevated and love the
nature, it sends its living fruits which deposit in us the germ of
the new life - that, which is called in religion -Resurrection.

The ignorant shall understand nature by its restricting, physical
laws; the wise - by its illuminating bright poems, and the

spiritual - by its living, vivifying fruits out of which flows the life
for the whole of humanity.

Source: http://www.bratstvo menuen/fr1nen.

Full spectrum lighting has been shown to reduce hyperactivity in
school-aged children and increase learning abilities and overall
health. This research by Dr. John Ott shows the importance of
natural sunlight exposure for children, especially children
experiencing hyperactivity or ADHD.

The Importance of Light for the Hyperactive Child

The results were significant. In cool-white fluorescent light,
some students demonstrated hyperactivity, fatigue, irritability,
and attention deficits.

In contrast, in another class, behavior, and as well as overall
academic achievement, showed marked improvement within
one month after full spectrum lighting was installed.

Furthermore, several learning disabled students with extreme
hyperactivity problems miraculously calmed down, and seemed
to overcome some of their learning and reading problems, while
in the classrooms with full spectrum lighting.

Who is Looking After Our Kids?

The Importance of Light for the Hyperactive Child:

One of the more neglected areas in care of the child involves lack
of exposure to natural sunlight and poor quality indoor lighting.
The latter often consists of cool-white fluorescent lights in
schools and day care centers. The cool-white fluorescent tubes
put out a limited color spectrum in contrast to full spectrum
fluorescent tubes or, of course, natural sunlight.

The importance of full spectrum lighting was demonstrated in
1973 by John Ott, a leading pioneer in the field of lighting. He
conducted an experiment in which he compared the effects of
full spectrum lighting with cool-white fluorescent lighting on
students in separate classrooms in Sarasota, Florida. Concealed,
time-lapse cameras recorded sequences of student activity. The
results were significant. In cool-white fluorescent light, some
students demonstrated hyperactivity, fatigue, irritability, and
attention deficits. In contrast, in another class, behavior, and as
well as overall academic achievement, showed marked
improvement within one month after full spectrum lighting was
installed . Furthermore, several learning-disabled students with
extreme hyperactivity problems miraculously calmed down, and
seemed to overcome some of their learning and reading
problems, while in the classrooms with full spectrum lighting.

We tend to think of air, food, and water as the three essentials
for life. We forget there could be no life on earth without
sunlight. Although our knowledge in this area is in a very early
stage, indirect sun rays come through the eyes and affect the
pineal gland and its production of melatonin. This in turn affects

or governs the hypothalamus and through the hypothalamus the
endocrine systems of the body. (2)

As a basic guideline, it is desirable for everyone to spend at least
one hour per day out- of-doors, but it is especially important for
children to do so.


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In his book Warriors of the Sound Current, Steve DeWitt
descirbes his out of body Soul travel journey into the Sun. Steve
DeWitt describes Soul travel as:

“Soul projection, in contrast to astral travel, is the ability to
expand one’s consciousness beyond the limitations of the
physical body, as well as the astral, causal and mental bodies by
using the Sound Current. (The Sound Current is another name
for Divine Spirit, which is visible as light and audible as sound.)
[To experience Soul travel] I needed to realize that I am Soul, an
individual unit of consciousness that is one with the essence of
God. I had to comprehend that as Soul I am neither male nor
female; that I am eternal; that I cannot be harmed; and that I
exist above the boundaries of space, time, and duality.”

“Over time, as I gained some experience in spiritual travel, I
came to realize Soul projection isn’t traveling at all because Soul,

being one with the essence of God, is everywhere, in all places, at
all times. Soul isn’t conscious of Its omni-presence due to Its
identification with the human self, but in Its true state of being
It really is everywhere. It follows that for Soul projection to work
I had to inhabit my true state of being and awaken my awareness
in another place where I, as Soul, already was.”


Getting to the sun was the hardest by far. It took me a full six
months of relentless pursuit before I was allowed to go there.
Often I would take off from earth orbit towards the sun, only to
be stopped somewhere along the way. I’d hover there, perhaps
two or three million miles distant, staring wistfully at my goal,
held back by an invisible barrier. At long last my persistence was
rewarded and I was inwardly told by my master to ask for a
“Regulator” named Evoyne; he was to be my guide. I chanted
Evoyne’s name as I once again accelerated toward the solar
system’s star which shone like a beacon in the black well of

When I reached the outer boundary of its corona I was met by a
tall, silver-haired gentleman surrounded by an aura of throbbing
power. My guide, Evoyne, nodded benignly, conveying to me an
almost overwhelming sense of saintliness. “Come with me,” he

We continued on into the sheets of brilliant light cast by the
white-hot star. As on Saturn only more intense, I repeatedly had
to ratchet up the filters of my soul body to avoid being blinded

and burned by the concentrated light. Eventually we neared the
surface of the star, stretching below us like an endless flaming
sea, seething with fire storms and erupting in frequent
thermonuclear explosions that flung white-hot matter hundreds
of thousands of miles into space.

I was vaguely disappointed by the sight. In my fantasies I had
imagined that at some unthinkably high vibratory level the vast
surface of the sun was inhabited by billions of advanced souls
living in magnificent splendor – sort of like on Saturn, only far
greater. But nothing lived in the roiling inferno below; nothing
could possibly survive there.

The “Regulator,” sensing my mood, waved a glowing hand. “We
Regulators don’t live on the sun – we live in it. And there are a
lot fewer of us than you might think – no more than a thousand
at any given time.”A thousand? I envisioned the enormous mass
of the sun - 99.8% of the solar system - and the inconceivable
amount of energy pouring forth from it every second. It was hard
to believe all of it was regulated by a mere thousand souls.In awe
I followed my guide as we dove below the surface of the sphere
and inward towards the sun’s core.

With protective filters in place, the raging interior of the solar
system’s furnace appeared to me as nothing more than a yellow-
orange mist, flowing about me in mighty but harmless currents.
Reaching out with my consciousness, I sensed the presence of
the other Regulators, working at stations scattered throughout
the volume of the star. What came as a slight shock – but
shouldn’t have – was the revelation of their utter greatness.
Given the magnitude of the responsibilities these exalted beings

carried, each of them was a spiritual giant, as far above me as I
was above an insect crawling on the ground.

Evoyne halted and turned towards me. “What we do here is
regulate the flow and transfer of Divine Spirit from the higher
planes to the physical world. The sun acts as transformer of the
spiritual energy down to the vibratory levels where it can sustain
life on the physical plane. It also serves as filter for the impure
energy that returns from the lower worlds, cleansing it as it flows
back to the spiritual realm. It is a constant cycle – a vast,
fluctuating cycle that varies based on the needs of Spirit and the
souls living in the sun’s sphere of influence. We Regulators serve
as agents of Divine Spirit, ensuring that the flow remains in
balance and stays within the parameters that allow life to exist in
the physical.”

I regarded Evoyne, understanding now that the Regulator had
assumed his grandfatherly appearance for my benefit. I asked,
“Is that what those eruptions are about? The sun spots, solar
storms, and all that? To balance the flow?”

“To some extent, yes,” answered Evoyne. “However, there is
another purpose. As you know, in the lower worlds of duality the
Divine Spirit splits into two forces – the positive and the
negative, the constructive and destructive, light and darkness,
life and death. Both are necessary to life as it is experienced in
the lower worlds, and both must exist in the correct mixture to
produce the conditions of reality as established by the Creator
for each of the worlds. Because in the physical world there is a
predominance of the negative power, one of our responsibilities

is to balance the dark force and keep it from overwhelming Spirit
and extinguishing all life here.”

Struck by a sudden insight I asked, “Does that have anything to
do with the black holes?”The Regulator smiled his approval at
the observation. “Contrary to popular belief on your planet,
black holes do not swallow light due to the pull of gravity from a
collapsed star at its center. Black holes are the conduits of the
negative force, the sources of darkness just as the stars are the
sources of light. Darkness is not merely the absence of light – it
is a force in its own right, a force that counteracts light and
attenuates it with distance, just like cold counteracts heat. It is
the companion force of light and life in the lower worlds,
growing stronger at the lower vibratory matrix levels in inverse
proportion to the weakening of the power of light. Because of its
preponderance on the physical level, darkness automatically fills
any space from which light is blocked. The opposite becomes
true in the higher worlds of duality, such as the mental plane,
where light fills all thought from which darkness is blocked.”

“And the dark force, too, has its own cycle?”

“Correct. The negative force also flows back to its origin, which is
the point where the Divine Spirit splits into two parts. Black
holes have their own Regulators, which act as agents of the Kal,
or negative force. Their responsibility is similar to ours, but with
the opposite effect.”

Evoyne paused as if to let the concepts he had discussed sink in.
Captivated, I waited, hoping to hear more. After a moment, the
entity in the form of a silver-haired old man spoke again.“Both

forces, darkness and light, death and life, cold and heat, are
based on the Sound. Nothing can exist without the Sound. The
only difference between the forces is the frequency rate of the
sound that sustains them. Black holes emit sound at the lowest
end of the frequency band, while stars emanate the highest
sound possible at the physical level. Their mingling produces a
continuum of existence within each plane, which is why planets
and planes are inhabited at different vibratory levels. Vibration
is reality – and reality is Soul’s perception at a particular level of
vibration. Freedom comes from the ability to move between
levels of vibration – the ability to break free from entrapment in
a single band of perception. The best way to achieve this is by
surrendering to Divine Spirit, the force returning to the pure
worlds of God. Practice the spiritual exercises of the Path of
Light and Sound and listen to the Divine Sound. It will bring you
home to God!”

The Regulator’s face lit up with a kindly smile. “That is all. May
the blessings be!”

The Gayatri Mantra is considered to be the holiest verse of the
Vedas. It describes the bhargah (the solar spirit), who is the
essence of Savitri (the solar being), who is yet the inner identity
of Surya (the sun). The Gayatri Mantra as a prayer is a petition
to the infinite light of pure consciousness. This article by Yoga +
Joyful Living magazine clearly explains the meaning and
significance of the Gayatri Mantra.

Awakening to the Sun: The Gayatri Mantra

This time-honored practice embodies the wisdom of the Vedas
and leads us toward self-realization.

By Rolf Sovik

The twilight hours—morning and evening—call us to make the
journey back to our inner selves. That is why the Vedas sing: “O
pair of divine powers, Night and Dawn, come near…like two
boats, take us across.” In ancient times ardent seekers rose early,
bathed, performed their rituals, recited mantras, and sat in
meditation. Then in the evening they washed away the day’s
fatigue with another period of meditation. Even today, among
yoga practitioners, the morning and evening transitions are still
the traditional meditation hours.

Meditation that is performed at these junctures of day and night
is called sandhya meditation (in Sanskrit, the word sandhya
indicates a juncture). Sandhya meditations, some dating from
Vedic times, continue to be observed throughout the world.
These meditations infuse the daily lives of millions with a sense
of devotion and introspection. Like the early morning light
sweeping away the darkness as it illumines the landscape,
sandhya meditation purifies, enlightens, and nourishes the

Symbolism of the Vedas

The spiritual themes of sandhya practices are transmitted
through Vedic symbols. The Vedas venerate an intangible reality
through hymns to a tangible cosmos. They praise the sun, the

moon, wind, fire, and rain; they render universal such human
archetypes as mother, daughter, sister, brother, and father; and
they recognize human inventions like the pot, the door, and the
wheel as expressions of universal truth.

Put another way, the Vedas tell us that the cosmos in which we
live is the highest reality itself, but it is veiled by the dramas and
dreams of life. We see only a portion of the whole—the cycles of
the day, the turning of the seasons, birth and death, planting and
harvesting. These are the manifest appearances of an unmanifest
whole, the visible blush of the invisible.

But just as a first view of the ocean awakens in us a sense of
wonder at the apparent limitlessness of the earth’s waters, so
with every dawn and dusk, every birth and death, the mind
overflows momentarily with wonder at the unseen whole. The
pervasiveness of the unseen in the seen, the unmanifest in the
manifest, is described thus in the Rig Veda:

Three-fourths of the Divine
Person ascends above,
One-fourth manifests
again here.
Thereafter it spreads
Into both the animate
and inanimate world.
—(Rig Veda 10.90.4)

Verses such as this are doorways—revelations of the infinite
reality as it appears in the immensity of this cosmos. But the

Vedas do not oversimplify. They recognize that the symbols of
reality are ever-shifting and may overlap. For example, during
the day, light is the product of aditya (the sun), while at night it
is the product of agni (fire). So aditya and agni are described as
brothers. Similarly, the power of illumination is symbolized both
by light in the cosmos and intelligence within the human
personality. So the word light may mean both the sun’s light and
the power of intelligence.

Thus the highest reality is not limited to one particular symbol,
or personified by any single force of nature. It is not the sun god,
the moon god, or the god of lightning that are ultimately
eulogized in the Vedas. These are merely the “priests” of a
cosmic ritual, an ongoing ceremony that takes place right before
our eyes in the form of the universal rhythms of life. We are all,
gods and man, a part of this ritual; each has a role to play.

The Gayatri Mantra

As individuals, then, how do we share in this vision? The
question is answered by the gayatri mantra, which embodies the
collective wisdom of the entire Vedic revelation. Found in the
Rig Veda (3.62.10), the gayatri mantra takes its name in part
because it is written in the gayatri meter (twenty-four syllables
divided into three lines of eight syllables each). But gayatri also
means “she who protects the singer” (from gai—“to sing,” and
trai—“to protect”). Thus, gayatri is a name for the Divine
Mother, she who protects her children and leads them toward
self-realization. The gayatri mantra reads:

Tat savitur varenyam

bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

When the mantra is recited in meditation, however, an
additional line is added at the beginning. This line contains the
sound Om, followed by three short sounds called the maha
vyahritis (the “great utterances”: bhur, bhuvah, and svah). Thus
the complete mantra as it is used in meditation is:

Om bhur, bhuvah, svah
tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

The Chhandogya Upanishad explains the significance of the first
line. It tells us that once Prajapati, the Lord of the Universe,
contemplated the nature of the three worlds—earth, sky, and
heaven—and through intense concentration he was able to
discover the essential guiding force of each: agni (fire) governed
the earth; vayu (the vital force) governed the sky; and aditya (the
sun) governed the vault of heaven.

Once more Prajapati applied his intense concentration to these
three “seed” sounds, or guiding forces, and obtained their
essences: from fire he was given the verses of the Rig Veda; from
the vital energy he was given the Yajur Veda; and from the sun
he was given the Sama Veda.

He applied his concentration once more, now to the three Vedas
themselves, and from the Rig Veda he obtained the syllable
bhuh; from the Yajur Veda the syllable bhuvah; and from the

Sama Veda the syllable svah. Thus the three maha vyahritis are
the essence of the Vedas, the seeds of fire, vital energy, and the
sun—as well as the seed sounds of the earth, sky, and heaven.

Finally, Prajapati focused on these three vyahritis together, and
through intense concentration he obtained a single, pure sound,
the syllable Om. Om, it is said, “is all this.”

The next two lines of the gayatri mantra venerate the concept of
solar light, energy, purity, transcendence, illumination, and
compassion (the sun shines for all). They read:

tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi

This translates as: “We recall within ourselves and meditate
upon that wondrous Spirit of the Divine Solar Being.”

The final line (dhiyo yo nah prachodayat) changes the tone. It
makes a request—a petition for inner clarity and intuitive
awareness. “Guide us,” the mantra asks. The essence of this final
line is contained in its first and last words. The final word,
prachodayat, means “may he guide, lead, direct.” The first word,
dhiyah (dhiyo), may mean simply “thoughts,” but, more
important, it refers to the mind’s higher faculty and intuitive
vision. The mantra asks that the finest force of the mind, its
intuitive capacity, be guided by “that wondrous Spirit of the
Divine Solar Being.” Thus, the complete translation of the
gayatri mantra is:

Om. In each of the three planes of existence, we recall within
ourselves and meditate upon that wondrous Spirit of the Divine
Solar Being; may he guide our inner vision.

Gayatri is a prayer as well as a mantra. As a mantra, it is a set of
sounds used by meditators to realize a higher state of
consciousness—a state symbolized by the sun. As a prayer it
petitions God for guidance. “Direct my mind,” it asks. Contained
in this prayer is an elaborate exposition of spiritual philosophy.
It describes the bhargah (the solar spirit), who is the essence of
Savitri (the solar being), who is yet the inner identity of Surya
(the sun). The gayatri as a prayer is a petition to tat (that) which
is the infinite light of pure consciousness.

But what is this pure consciousness? The Vedas tell us that pure
consciousness, which dwells in the highest heaven (and thereby
pervades all), is also that which dwells in every human being.
Consciousness is the light of awareness:

Now, the light which shines above in heaven, pervading all the
spaces, pervading everywhere, both below and in the farthest
reaches of the worlds—this indeed is that same light which
shines within man.
—(Chhandogya Upanishad 3.13.7)

In its dual role as mantra and prayer, then, the gayatri both
purifies the mind and invites the finest forces of the mind to

Sandhya Meditation

If you would like to practice the gayatri mantra, dedicate time
for it in the morning or evening, or both. (Your meditation does
not need to coincide precisely with the actual rising or setting of
the sun, especially in the extreme latitudes of North America).
Here is a brief practice you can do:

Sit in a comfortable seated posture. Establish relaxed breathing
and spend a little time feeling the breath flowing in the nostrils.
This will calm and focus your mind.

Now visualize a golden, sunlike orb, and bring that golden light
into yourself. Let it enter at the eyebrow center, and then have
this light travel slowly down to the region at the center of the
chest. There, feel the golden rays of the sun spreading out
through your whole body and mind.

Give a moment of thanks to the seers of the Vedas. Then, at the
center of this golden orb, which rests at the anahata chakra
(heart center), begin to mentally repeat the gayatri mantra.
Recite it as if the consciousness at your heart has merged with
your internal sun, and the sound now flows from the core of that
sun. From there, let the sounds of the syllables resound in your
entire being.

Repeat the mantra as many times as seems natural. For a longer
practice you can use a mala (a set of 108 beads for counting
mantra repetitions). Let the sound resonate in you. Let it fill the
entire space of your inner being.

With time and practice, the rhythm of daily gayatri practice will
illumine your mornings and evenings with quiet joy. The mantra

will elevate you above troubled places and restore spiritual
confidence. Quiet daily practice and upliftment—these are the
needs of the soul. You will find both in the gayatri mantra.+

Rolf Sovik, PsyD, is co-author of Yoga: Mastering the Basics and
is the director of the Himalayan Institute of Buffalo, New York.
Yoga + Joyful Living

Doing Suryayog daily will balance the five elements in the body
(fire, earth, ether, air and water), the seven chakras and
planetary vibrations, purifying the halo of light. One can reach
the divine through Suryayog, which is the enlightened form of

THE SPEAKING TREE - Relax and Surrender With Suryayog

15 Jun 2004, 0000 hrs IST, Anita Madan

Suryayog or Sun-meditation is one of the most rewarding and
natural of all human activities, says Swami Surya Jowel. It
produces wonderful results at all levels of our being — physical,
mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. It connects us with
our very own inner powers of vitality, clarity, light and love. It
removes blocks and so unfetters our natural abi-lities. It helps us

to improve ourselves. Our relationships become centred,
balanced, and more loving. It cultivates awareness and the
quality of being alive. Suryayog is not just a technique for
relaxation; it is the path of surrendering to the Absolute.

To man’s eternal quest for answers to oft-repeated questions —
Who are we?; What are we here for?; What is the nature of the
universe? — the insight comes more from the subconscious
rather than the conscious mind. This quest leads to stilling the
mind. Meditation is neither a method, nor a process; it is the
oneness with our inner Surya (Sun).

Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra says that “The fluctuations of
consciousness created by gross and subtle afflictions are to be
silenced through meditation.” Meditation has different levels
and the highest is Suryayog — it is laya or merging with nature.
Where meditation stops, laya begins. That is the state of sat-chit-
anand. During meditation the powerful, soothing waves that
arise exercise a benign influence on the mind, organs, cells and
nerves. Hence meditation has been found to also reduce stress,
strengthen the immune system, and help in the body’s healing
processes. During meditation the breath and brain waves slow
down, blood pressure and metabolic rates decrease, and
circulation and detoxification of the blood increase. Studies of
patients with coronary artery disease show that a combination of
meditation, Suryayog, and a natural vegetarian diet could
reverse disease. Regular meditation makes the mind calm and
steady. It makes one intuitive, creative and inspired.

Concentration is a pre-requisite to meditation. Fixing the mind
on an object, whether internal or external, for a given period of

time is concentration. A person with the ability to focus his mind
totally on the work at hand, is able to complete it in record time
and still turn out work of exceptional quality. This applies to
people engaged in a varied spectrum of activities, whether
physical or mental.

A person whose mind is filled with all kinds of wants and desires
will not be able to concentrate even for an instant. Regular
concentration will steady the mind, harbour good health, create
clarity of vision, improve efficiency and develop insight and
intuition. But for concentration to be effective it is essential that
pranayam, purity of thought and discipline be a part of life and
reduction of wants, anger, desires and the like be destroy-ed.
Focusing the mind totally on what one is doing with no
awareness of the world around is a kind of meditation.

Meditation is a discipline. It has to be acquired. Sometimes, it is
not easy for a layman to meditate no matter how much effort is
put in. At that time, if there is a great desire to move on the
spiritual path a guru or guide comes to you. A mantra or a
method given by him to you to enable meditation helps you to
forget the world, body consciousness and desires.

It helps the mind to focus and so makes effective meditation
possible. Swami Surya Jowel, founder of the Suryayog
movement, says that doing Suryayog daily will balance the five
elements in the body (fire, earth, ether, air and water), the seven
chakras and planetary vibrations, purifying the halo of light. One
can reach the divine through Suryayog, which is the enlightened
form of prayer-cum-meditation.

“The human body is not mere flesh and bones but also has
electromagnetic dust, where rays from the Sun (Surya) can cause
positive vibrations to balance the body, mind and spirit
naturally. [The] human body is a gigantic Atomic Reactor and a
moving Power House. Brain is the Generator and heart is the

Suryayog the Panacea

by S. Nalini

“The human body is not mere flesh and bones but also has
electromagnetic dust, where rays from the Sun (Surya) can cause
positive vibrations to balance the body, mind and spirit
naturally” says Shri. SURYA JOWEL, the Founder of Suryayog
Foundation, a young Himalayan Master.

He says, “Human body is a gigantic Atomic Reactor and a
moving Power House. Brain is the Generator and heart is the
Transmitter”. About 75×1012 cells are there in our body and a
minimum of 60 to 90 milli volts of power across cell membrane.
The spinal cord is like a dipole of a magnet with seven energy
centres. The negative base of the Spinal Cord is South Pole
(Muladhara) with three Nadis Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, and
the positive of the Spinal Cord is Head, North pole
(Brahmaranthra). The iron and calcium particles in the blood

move in a cyclic manner and produces bio-electricity and bio-
magnetism. The powers are more across brain, heart, eyes,
fingertips and genital organs. Sun’s energy stimulates the seven
energy centres called Chakras and can produce hormones and
release additional energy.

Human mind is very powerful and fluctuating. Mind is nothing
but a flood of thoughts. Thoughts have mass and velocity. By
entertaining thoughts, more energy is released. Surya Jowel
says, “During Suryayog, the Photons from the Sun reach the
pineal gland activating it to control all other glands, thus curing
diseases like, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Asthma, Headache,
Depression, Skin Problems, Eye Problems and all other physical
and mental problems.

It is an amazing fact that the sun is 1.3 million times bigger than
the earth. The quantum of Sunlight coming to earth is only
about one portion out of 2 billion of the total amount of energy
radiating from the sun, and only about 1% of the electromagnetic
spectrum is perceived by the eye. Yet this is sufficient to supply
our planet with the energy of about 4.69-million horsepower per
square mile. This visible portion of the Electromagnetic
spectrum, containing all the colors of the rainbow from violet
(with the shortest wavelength) to red (with the longest
wavelength) is a most important key to human functioning and
evolution. Our lives, health and well being are truly dependent
upon the Sun. These waves of electromagnetic energy, traveling
at 186,000 miles per second, take about 8 minutes to cover the
93 million miles and reach the earth. Sunlight consists of several
types of energy rays, viz cosmic rays, gamma rays, x-rays,
ultraviolet and infrared rays, and visible light of many colors.

The rainbow colors of visible light make the earth beautiful to
look at.

The sun’s rays vaporize water which will eventually fall as rain
and snow, filling our rivers and reservoirs and making possible
the generation of hydroelectric energy. Solar energy is also
stored in wood, coal, oil, and natural gas, providing heat and
energy when we need it. In fact, the energy our bodies receive
from the food we eat is, the solar energy that the plants have
stored in the form of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. In Surya
yog, we receive the energy directly from Sun. The benefits of
doing Suryayog are therefore innumerable.

The warming infrared rays of the sun, or heat from various
sources, are useful in the treatment of neuralgia, neuritis,
arthritis, and sinusitis. Heat is essential in the treatment of any
pain. Warmth also helps bring healthful, natural body oils to the
surface of the skin, keeping it smooth and protected.

The ultraviolet rays are antiseptic and are capable of killing
bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, moulds, and mites in the air and
water, and on surfaces. Ultraviolet light also kills germs on our
skin. This makes Sunlight a useful treatment for many skin
diseases, such as diaper rash, athlete’s foot, psoriasis, acne,
boils, and impetigo.

Sunlight also toughens and thickens, the skin, making it less
susceptible to injury and infection. Regular, controlled,
moderate exposure to sunlight at the prescribed hours, actually
protects the skin by building up a natural resistance to the

harmful effects of ultraviolet light, while giving it a nice velvety

The sun is also the main source of vitamin D. Scientists have
long been aware that this nutrient strengthens, our bones and
muscles and boosts the immune system. Ten minutes of daily
exposure to sunlight through Suryayog will supply us with all the
vitamin D that we need. The principal function of this vitamin is
to promote calcium absorption in the gut and calcium transfer
across cell membranes. This contributes to strong bones and a
contented nervous system.

More recently Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize winner and
discoverer of Vitamin-C, has recognized how profoundly light
and colour affect us. From his work, he concluded that “all the
energy which we take into our bodies is derived from the Sun” .

In this modern world, we do not care to look at the rising Sun in
the morning and little do we realize that the energy, light and
power from the Sun can help us lead healthier lives.

The Sun light is an integral part of all life. The sun is the source
of Prana, the life-giving energy which pervades the Universe.
Prana is carried in the air which we breathe, found in the earth
where we walk and in the plants which we consume. Prana is the
life force in our body, without which we would not be alive.

Prana circulates in our bodies through a series of channels called
Nadis. This Nadi network, consisting of 72,000 channels, along
with the circulating Prana forms the Pranamayakosa – one of
the five sheaths (Kosas) of our body. It links the gross physical

body (Annamayakosa) with the subtle body (Manomayakosa).
When Prana, the subtle life giving energy is blocked in the Nadi
network due to strain, stress, anxiety, tension, fear, worry, then
within 1 to 72 hours it manifests as pain, headache, muscular
stiffness, stomach problems, sickness, disease and all kinds of

Shri Surya Jowel, says, “When you look at the Sun with your
eyes wide open through Suryayog Sadhana, they become
windows of the Soul. SUN, the living God, can change, arrange,
reduce, remove, balance and organize the chemical, bio-electric,
bio-magnetic powers in the living beings. Suryayog is a
combination of yoga, meditation, sounds and silence. Our body
is the sound, mind is the light and the spirit is love. These three
are interrelated. Sound has limitations but light is infinite. It is
more powerful than mantras and it gives enlightenment.”

During Suryayog, the Sun’s rays collide with our thoughts and
create silence. The photons from the Sun enter the Pineal gland
located at the base of the skull. It acts as the body’s light meter,
receiving light activated information from the eyes (by way of
the hypothalamus) and then sending out hormonal messages
that have a profound effect on the mind and the body. It
synchronizes the information with the external environment
through secretion of hormones. Precisely, this pineal gland
which is photosensitive is activated by the light coming through
the eyes, producing a hormone called “Serotonin” which
stimulates other glands, to lower blood pressure, increase body
metabolism and helps to control the mind. When the pineal
gland does not receive Sunlight, it secrets another hormone

called “Melatonin”, which induces sleep, increases blood sugar,
craze for food, leading to obesity, fears and anxiety.

SURYAYOG is a gift from the great Himalayan masters. This
method involving gazing at the rising Sun with a silver coin
placed in between the eyebrows in the forehead is highly
scientific, bringing about miraculous cures for a wide variety of

Suryayog transcends all religions, with a staunch faith in “SUN”,
the source of all life and energy. The Sun , the living God is the
only Nishkama karmi, giving blessings to all without any
discrimination of sex, caste, tribes, colours, age, religions,
Countries and languages. The Sun does not charge fees for all
the benevolence showered on us. So, is Surya Jowel, the Founder
of Suryayog. He does not charge fees to anyone for learning
Suryayog. It is taught free of cost. Several people in Delhi,
Mumbai, Calcutta, Kerala, Bangalore who have been practising
Surya yog under Surya Jowel’s guidance, have been enormously
benefited, finding inner peace, joy, a new energy, getting rid of
their physical ailments through the energy from the Sun.

Today, man has learned to tap energy from the Sun, for leading a
modern sophisticated life through appliances, such as solar
water heaters, solar lights, solar bio-gas plants, solar traffic
signals, etc. He eats the plants which have stored up Sun’s
energy through photosynthesis. He is ignorant of the fact that
instead of eating plants, he can get food directly from the Sun.
Surya Jowel, in his younger days wondered as to how the sages,
rishis and meditators living thousands of feet high in the
Himalayan Mountains where no food would be available, were

able to live and meditate. Born on 28th March 1972, in Kerala,
Surya Jowel used to be in meditative mood and did not show any
attachment towards worldly things. Though graduated in
Philosophy, he renounced everything and wandered in many
places of India and in Himalayas. In his acquaintances with
some rishis, Divine Masters and through his meditation, it was
revealed to him that the Great SUN’s energy derived through
Suryayog could do many wonders, including remaining healthy
without intake of food from plants.

Shri Surya Jowel says that doing Suryayog daily will balance the
five elements in the body,(Fire, Earth, Ether, Air and Water), the
seven major Chakras and the planetary vibrations, purifying the
halo of light , taking us to reach the Divine.

Suryayog is a way of life practiced and given to us by the
Universal Masters. When one lives according to natural laws of
the Universe, the result is health, peace and harmony. ‘Surya’
means Sun. ‘Yog’ means to yoke (together) or to merge. Thus
Suryayog literally means to merge with the Sun. Suryayog is
practiced to absorb the subtle energies from the Sun. It is a very
SIMPLE TECHNIQUE. It is easy to learn. It is not Surya
Namaskar which requires a body adept at various physical
postures (asanas).

Suryayog is TRANSFORMATIONAL. Practicing regularly, one
finds that one’s inner qualities are mysteriously transformed.
Negative qualities like anger, greed, jealousy, lust are positively
affected by the rays of the sun coming through our eyes and into
our mind and soul. Suryayog unfolds our SOCIAL
CONSCIOUSNESS. It promotes unity, harmony and

brotherhood. It also stimulates our moral obligation to protect
and preserve Mother Nature.

People who do Suryayog have experienced less appetite, less
sleep, feel more active and energetic state of body and mind with
spiritual upliftment. Learn Suryayog and be benefited

(Text from the publication in: BHAVAN’S JOURNAL, Vol.52
No.2 of August 31, 2005)

Uma Sankar is a well-known sun yogi in India. Uma Sankar
practices sun gazing as a traditional yogi, using discipline and
concentration achieve full enlightenment - union with the
Supreme Soul. This article shares the method taught by Uma

Sun Meditation by Uma Sankar

To practice sun meditation, beginners should start by looking at
the rising sun early in the morning. You can also look at the
setting sun, but it is not as effective as at sunrise because the
energy is decreasing.

If you feel any trouble gazing directly at the sun, you should
focus your gaze a short distance above the sun. Try not to blink,
but if you feel discomfort, blink several times, then start again. If
you do this three of four times, your resistance power will be
increased and it will be easy to look at the sun. Then, we can
gradually increase the time that we gaze at the sun.

swamiji-umasankarBeginners should start looking each day for a
short period, then day by day increase the amount of time so
that the eyes can gradually adapt without any harm. It is very
important to maintain regular practice, as it will allow your eyes
to adapt properly. Some people may experience problems in the
first few days, sometimes headaches or burning sensations in the
eyes, or a ’sunspot’ that affects your vision. This is quite normal,
and the only way to overcome these problems is to continue
practising. It is similar to any physical exertion that may cause
stiffness or pain; it does not last long, and it is best removed by
continuing the exercise.

When you can continue staring at the sun for ten minutes, the
sun will seem to disappear. The inside of the sun will appear as
blue sky surrounded by a ring of light, it will sometimes appear
as two suns, sometimes rotating clockwise or anticlockwise. As
your concentration develops and you can gaze at the sun for
longer, you will be able to see a ‘black spot’ in the middle of the
sun. Sometimes this black spot will be bigger, at other times
smaller. After practice, the black spot will remained fixed in one
place. Suddenly, from this black hole, seven colours will emerge
and move around the sun, sometimes clockwise, sometimes
anti-clockwise. As your concentration increases, a powerful
beam of light will come from the sun towards your body. In the
beginning this beam of light will not touch the body, it will come
towards you and then retreat back to the sun. Eventually, as
your concentration improves, this light will touch your body and
you will attain complete thoughtless condition. This is the start
of the pratyaharam stage, and indicates the beginning of
Sunyoga experience.

After being touched by this light, a vibration will start from the
heart, allowing us to control three negativities; shame, hatred
and fear. With regular practice this vibration will increase and
you will be able to gain control over four more negativities;
anger, greed, narrow attraction, ego & jealousy. As the vibration
increases you will be able to control sexual desire and lust. At
this point, the pratyaharam stage is complete.

The next step, as the inner vibration increases and extends from
the muladhara chakra at the base of the spine to the
sahasradhara chakra at the top of the head, the sadhak will
experience sahaja samadhi during which he will be able to see a
bright light, inside of which there will be a beautiful structure.
This is the atmadarsanam stage, the ‘who am I’ stage, the
sadaguru stage, the mukha stage. At that time the sadhak will
feel, ‘I know him but i have never seen’ because it has always
been within… our sagunabramha structure. This marks the
completion of the dhyana stage.

swamijieyes-umasankarAs the inner vibration develops, we’ll
discover that there are two more chakras, one above the head
called the ultra chakra and one below the head called the ultra
balance chakra. At this point, we will be able to hear a sound,
which some people call AUM, others have called AMEN, while
others have called it ALAM. This is the dharana stage. At this
point we can receive divine messages from the universe.

The final stage is nirvikalpa samadhi, at which point a further
two chakras are discovered, one above the ultra chakra called the
cosmos chakra, and one below the ultra balance chakra called

the cosmos balance chakra. Our mental force will be more than
gravitational force, our soul will leave the body and unite with
the supreme soul.
The Thirteen Stages of Sunyoga:

1. Conquer all material desires (sexuality, anger, greed, narrow-
mindedness, ego & jealousy, shame, hatred and fear)
2. Develop Divine Energy
3. Atma Darsanam - Discovery of Atma (or soul)
4. Samadhi - Enlightenment
5. Conquer hunger
6. Conquer thirst
7. Conquer diseases
8. Paramahansa - Adjusting the mind to all situations
9. Having no enemies - all enemies will be friends (including
10. Longetivity (this happens when the body’s vibration becomes
the same as the environment’s)
11. The body’s vibration and earth’s vibration will be equal
12. The body’s vibration and sun’s vibration will be equal
13. The body’s vibration and the vibration of the Universe
(Supreme Soul) vibration will be equal.

Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), Dip. Ayurveda, runs the Tree of
Life Rejuventation Center in the sunny state of Arizona, USA. In
this article, Dr. Cousens shares research on how sunlight is
utilized by the human body and its cells.

Light is the basic component from which all life originates,
evolves, and is energized. Light and health are inseparable.
Because we have managed to disconnect ourselves from the
sources of light with our fluorescent lights, indoor lifestyles,
glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, tanning lotions, flesh foods,
processed foods and even cooked vegetarian diets, many of us
suffer from chronic “mal-illumination.” Like malnutrition, “mal-
illumination” deprives us of a level of nutrients and rhythmic
stimulation that is essential for living as fully healthy humans.

Noble Prize Laureate Dr. Szent-Gyorgi describes the essential
life process as a little electrical current sent to us by the
sunshine. Without light there is no health. This statement is a
key in understanding the importance of vegetarian live foods
and of other ways of bringing light into our organism. We are
human photocells whose ultimate biological nutrient is sunlight.

Dr. Szent-Gyorgi, when referring to the current of sunshine sent
from the sun, is referring to highly charged single electrons that
are involved in transferring their energy to our own
submolecular patterns without changing our molecular
structure. The quantum physics model begins to validate our
more intuitive model of vegetarian food as condensed sunlight
which then is transferred to our human organism when we eat it.
When the energy of the earth’s vegetation is transferred to us
indirectly through flesh food, much of the bio-electric resonant
energy patterns are destroyed. The sunlight energy is also lost if
the bio-electric energy patterns of vegetarian foods are disrupted
by cooking or processing.

The exciting breakthrough for me is the conceptual synthesis of
how our food brings the photon energy of sunlight into our body
and how our bodies utilize this energy. I alluded to these
concepts when I discussed the research by Dr. Hans Eppinger
who found that all cells were essentially batteries which
appeared to be charged up when people were healthy. When
people were sick, he found their cells to be in a discharged state
and poorly functioning. The significant finding is that only
uncooked foods were able to increase the cell battery potential.

The next step is understanding cellular metabolism as a battery.
The positive pole is energetically fed by oxygen. The negative
pole is fed by the high electron photon energy collected from the
sun and stored in our vegetarian live food. This high electron
food releases its electron energy across the cytochrome oxidase
system. The cytochrome oxidase system acts as a step down
transformer to turn the electron energy into ATP. ATP is the
basic energy storage molecule of biological systems. The
biochemical releases of energy from ATP are the fuel for all
energy requiring processes at the molecular level in our
biological systems.

The electrons are essentially drawn across the cytochrome
oxidase system by the oxygen at the positive pole of the
intracellular battery. The more oxygen in the system, the
stronger the pull. Breathing exercises, eating high-oxygen foods,
and living in atmospherically clean, high-oxygen environments
increases our overall oxygen content. The key understanding is
that the cytochrome oxidase system exists in every cell and
requires electron energy to function. This electron energy comes
from plant foods as well as what we directly absorb. When the

food is cooked the basic harmonic resonance pattern of the
living electron energy of the live food is at least partially
destroyed. Once understanding this scientific evidence, the
logical step is to eat high-electron foods such as fruits,
vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, and sprouted or soaked grains.

Dr. Johanna Budwig from Germany holds degrees in physics,
pharmacy [and] [...]chemistry [...] and is one of the first
researchers to combine an in-depth knowledge of quantum
mechanics and physics with an in-depth knowledge of human
biochemistry and physiology. She has concluded that not only do
electron-rich live foods act as high-powered electron donors, but
electron-rich foods act as solar resonance fields in the body to
attract, store, and conduct the sun’s energy in our bodies. She
asserts that the photons of the sunlight are attracted by the sun-
like electrons resonating in our biological systems, especially in
the double bonded electron clouds found in our lipids. These
sun-like electrons are termed pi-electrons. This pi-electron
system within our molecular structure has the ability to attract
and activate the sun photons. She feels the energy we derive
from these solar photons acts as an “anti-entropy factor.”
Translated into biological terms, entropy means aging. Anti-
entropy is associated with the reversal of the aging process.
From a quantum physics point of view, photons never become
old; they have the same quickness as time. Sun photons transfer
a high degree of order (anti-entropy energy) into the pi-electrons
of our biological system. The more light we absorb into our
system, the more health-restoring and anti-aging energy we
bring into our human organism.

Therefore, people who eat refined, cooked, highly processed
foods diminish the amount of solar electrons energizing the
system and the amount of high solar electrons to create a high
electron solar resonance field. According to Dr. Budwig,
processed foods may even act as insulators to the healthy flow of
electricity. The more we are able to absorb solar electrons, the
better we are able to resonate, attract and absorb solar electrons
in direct resonance from the sun, other solar systems, and even
other galaxies. On a skin-deep level, the more we are able to
absorb solar electrons the less sunburn and theoretically, the
less skin cancer there will be.

Perhaps the two highest solar electron-rich foods and foods
which have the capacity to absorb solar electrons are spirulina
and flaxseed in various forms, including flaxseed oil. Dr. Budwig
has reported cases of general ill health, and of even cancer,
which have been reversed through the use of large amounts of
flaxseed oil which has increased the amount of electron energy
into the system and therefore created enough energy available to
heal the system.

Because spirulina grows at high altitudes in high-temperature
environments, it has increased beta-carotene, other carotenoids,
enzyme systems, and other biological components to better
absorb the intensified solar and cosmic radiations. I discovered
that by ingesting spirulina and rubbing the product called
Phycotene Cream (developed by Dr. Christopher Hills at Light
Force) on myself, other members of our staff, and volunteers, we
did not seem to get sunburned working long hours in the sun-
filled skies of our mountain mesa at our Tree of Life
Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona.

Other research has shown that spirulina and Phycotene Creme
have been successful in reversing squamous cell skin carcinoma
and dissolving pre-cancer squamous cell carcinoma. Other
research has found that three-fourths of the people who were
hypersensitive to sunlight (suffering from erythropoetic
protoporphinaria) were able to increase their exposure time in
the sun. Three-fourths of those who improved their tolerance
were able to be exposed to sunlight four times longer. For those
of us who understand that we are human photocells who often
suffer from mal-illumination, this is an extremely exciting

Dr. Budwig also found that when the flaxseed oil is combined
with highly charged protein, the three double bonded electron
clouds available in the raw flaxseed oil and the protein, make a
bi-polar capacitor grid which even better absorbs, stores, and
transmits the exchange of solar electrons and enhances the solar
resonance. She often uses a type of cottage cheese as a high-
protein food to combine with the flaxseed oil. As a nondairy
vegetarian, I find that bee pollen and spirulina are perfect high-
protein concentrated foods to combine with flaxseed oil.

The discoveries of modern physics and quantum biology,
according to Dr. Budwig, suggest there is no other living thing in
nature that has a higher accumulation of the sun’s electrons than
human beings. Humans seem especially aligned with the sun’s
light. By the same solar electron resonance, our connection to
the stars is enhanced by our ability to take in the gift of their

light energy and process it biochemically. Light is our umbilical
link to the universe.

Our ability to enrich ourselves with solar cosmic energy depends
on eating foods with a high solar electron content that resonates
with and attracts solar and cosmic rays. Our health and
consciousness depends on our ability to attract, store, and
conduct electron energy which is essential for the energizing and
regulation of all life forces. The greater our store of light energy,
the greater the power of our overall electromagnetic field, and
consequently the more energy is available for healing and the
maintenance of optimal health.

A strong solar resonance field promotes the evolution of
humanity to reach our full potential as human “sun beings.”
Light supports evolution and a lack of photons in our bodies
hinders it. Light and consciousness are interconnected. As far
back as the turn of the century, Rudolph Steiner, the founder of
the Waldorf schools, Anthroposophical Medicine, and
biodynamic gardening taught that the release of the outer light
into our systems stimulates the release of an equal amount of
inner light within ourselves. The more we increase our ability to
absorb and assimilate light, the more conscious we become. The
more we transform ourselves by enhancing our absorption of
light, the more we become that light. This is the subtle secret of
‘conscious eating.’
This article from Dr. Mercola shares new research from a team
of scientists in Japan who have successfully photographed the

subtle light (photons) that is emitted from the human body.
Research shows that the body part’s that receive the most
sunlight has the greatest light emissions. Modern science is
confirming what ancient spiritual traditions have known for
thousands of years.

Your Body Literally Glows With Light

The human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in
extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the

Past research has shown that the body emits visible light, 1,000
times less intense than the levels which can be seen with the
naked eye. In fact, virtually all living creatures emit very weak

To learn more about this faint visible light, scientists in Japan
employed extraordinarily sensitive cameras capable of detecting
single photons. Five healthy male volunteers in their 20’s were
placed bare-chested in front of the cameras in complete
darkness in light-tight rooms for 20 minutes every three hours.

The researchers found the body glow rose and fell over the day,
with its lowest point at 10 AM and its peak at 4 PM, dropping
gradually after that. These findings suggest there is light
emission linked to the body clock, most likely due to how
metabolic rhythms fluctuate over the course of the day.

Faces glowed more than the rest of the body. This might be
because faces are more tanned than the rest of the body, since
they get more exposure to sunlight.


  * Live Science July 22, 2009
  * PLoS One July 16, 2009; 4(7): e6256

Dr. Mercola’s Comments:

Gone are the days when words like “life energy” and “aura” were
relegated to a few books in a tiny section of some New Age store.
Today, scientists across the world are investigating the energies
that propel, and likely even rule, life itself and hence have
profound impact on your health.

Eastern medical traditions have operated on this premise for
thousands of years, but Western medicine in its myopic focus on
dissected parts has been slow to adapt these ancient truths.

Energy Medicine – Ancient Knowledge Gets a Facelift

There is an emerging trend of clinicians who recognize that a far
more powerful approach to healing is one that is based on
physics and not on chemistry.

Many natural health experts believe that your body is not only
made up of tissue, blood vessels and organs. It’s also composed
of energy, or chi as it’s called in traditional Chinese medicine

This energy is circulated through your body along specific
meridians, and when points on your skin that correspond to
certain meridians are manipulated, the energy circulation and
your internal organs are affected. Acupuncture is one well-
known modality used to manipulate the flow of your meridians,
but there are others.

The term “energy medicine” and modalities such as meridian
tapping techniques have become more and more widespread,
even though conventional medicine still largely ignores it.

Schematic illustration of experimental setup that found the
human body, especially the face, emits visible light in small
quantities that vary during the day. B is one of the test subjects.
The other images show the weak emissions of visible light during
totally dark conditions. The chart corresponds to the images and
shows how the emissions varied during the day. The last image
(I) is an infrared image of the subject showing heat emissions.
Credit: Kyoto University; Tohoku Institute of Technology; PLoS
body light emissons

But your body is also surrounded by light, or energy.

As mentioned in the article above, earlier research has
confirmed that your body emits light that is 1,000 times less
intense than what your naked eyes are sensitive to. (Some
people, however, are able to see this emitted light or “aura,” and
some can even distinguish colors.)

What’s really interesting about this study is that they discovered
these light emissions appear to be linked to your body clock and
the rhythmic fluctuations of your metabolism over the course of
the day.

This suggests that you could detect medical conditions with the
use of highly light-sensitive cameras.

“If you can see the glimmer from the body’s surface, you could
see the whole body condition,” said researcher Hitoshi
Okamura, a circadian biologist at Kyoto University in Japan.

There are other devices that can accomplish a similar feat
already, such as electrodermal screening, which measures your
electrical skin resistance to gain information about your chi flow.

If an electrodermal screening finds that certain meridian points
are out of balance there are numerous non-invasive ways, such
as massage therapy, herbal medicine and homeopathy, to bring
them back into homeostasis.

Your Biophoton Field Holds the Key to Your Health

Others have explained the existence of light and energy around
your body in terms of a “biophoton field.”

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt discusses this field in The Five Levels of
Healing, which is based on a healing model developed some
12,000 years ago. This energetic model for health has influenced
Tibetan medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and
Ayurvedic medicine as well.

The existence of the biophoton field was scientifically proven by
Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp in 1974.

Your physical health is dependent not only on what goes on
inside of your body, but is also interconnected with and
dependent on other non-physical levels of energy, such as the
energy surrounding your body, called the biophoton field.

In highly simplistic terms, your biophoton field can be viewed as
a highly sophisticated computer that processes, stores and
retrieves information that is then used to regulate your
biological processes.

It is known in biology that every cell in your body has over
100,000 biochemical reactions per second, all of which must be
carefully timed and sequenced with each other. Many (mostly
European) scientists have investigated the organizing principle
behind this sophisticated dance.

Dr. Popp also proved that biophotons originate from your DNA
and that they are laser-like in nature. He developed the
biophoton theory to explain their biological role and the ways in
which they help control your biochemical processes.

How Your Biophoton Field Regulates Your Physical Health

The DNA inside each cell in your body vibrates at a frequency of
several billion hertz (which is unfortunately the same range at
which modern cell phone communication systems also work).

This vibration is created through the coil-like contraction and
extension of your DNA — which occurs several billion times per
second — and every time it contracts, it squeezes out one single
biophoton; a light particle.

That photon contains all the information on everything going on
in your DNA at that moment. One single biophoton can carry
more than four megabytes of information, and relays this
information to other biophotons it crosses in the biophoton field
outside your body.

All the photons that are emitted from your body communicate
with each other in this highly structured light field that
surrounds your body.

This light field also regulates the activity of your metabolic
enzymes. This corresponds nicely with the findings in the study
above that show your light field ebbs and flows along with your
metabolic rhythm.

The information transfer on biophotons is bidirectional, which
means your DNA sends information out on a photon, and on the
same photon the information of all the biophotons from your
body is broadcast back to your cells, and to your tubulin, which
are light conductive molecules in your connective tissue.

The tubulin, in turn, receives the information-carrying light
impulse and conducts it at the speed of light throughout your
body, where it is translated inside each cell into activating or
inactivating certain metabolic enzymes.

Have You Ingested Healthy Light Today?

A fascinating alternative practice that Dr. Klinghardt has started
using, based on this premise, is to use tools that work with light
to influence your biophoton field in beneficial ways.

For example, transmitting the information of nutrients in the
form of light into your biophotons field can affect your body in
the same way as eating the actual nutrient!

Biophoton research also puts a whole new spin on the impact of
environmental toxins.

Mercury, for example, destroys your tubulins at extremely low
concentrations. Remember, tubulins are the light-conductive
molecules in your connective tissues, so by disrupting these all-
important light transmissions from your biophoton field to your
cells to your metabolic enzymes, mercury effectively disconnects
the intelligent force that organizes your biochemistry.

All the more reason to avoid those thimerosal-laden flu shots!

Raw Food = Live Food = Healthy Light Particles

Biophoton research also explains the underlying principles of
why it’s so vital to eat a diet of mostly RAW food.

As you know, without the sun it is virtually impossible for most
life forms to exist. For example, we now know that without
appropriate sun exposure, you will become deficient in vitamin
D, which will have very far ranging consequences for your

health. Vitamin D influences at least 2,000-3,000 genes (that we
know of), and without sufficient amounts of vitamin D, your
body becomes susceptible to a staggering amount of diseases.

But you can absorb sun energy via your food as well as through
your skin (although this should not be confused with being able
to alter your vitamin D status).

Dr. Johanna Budwig from Germany has stated that live foods are
electron-rich, and act as high-powered electron donors and
“solar resonance fields” in your body to attract, store, and
conduct the sun’s energy in your body.

The greater your store of light energy, the greater the power of
your overall electromagnetic field, and consequently the more
energy is available for healing and maintenance of optimal

Every living organism emits biophotons or low-level
luminescence, and the higher the level of light a cell emits, the
greater its vitality and the potential for the transfer of that
energy to the individual who eats it.

Hence, the more light a food is able to store, the more nutritious
it is. Naturally grown fresh vegetables, for example, and sun-
ripened fruits, are rich in light energy.

The capacity to store biophotons is therefore a measure of the
quality of your food.

I firmly believe it’s only a matter of time before these truths will
become common scientific- and medical knowledge. You can
help speed things up by sharing what you know with your family
and friends.

This article published by The Times of India writes of the
spiritual power of the Sun (Surya) and the pracitce of Suryayog.
Suryayog is a dynamic spiritual yoga which brings us in tune
with nature and the inner self. We are drawn towards eternal
light, from the human to the Supreme.

THE SPEAKING TREE - Surya the Healer And Energiser

17 May 2003, 0001 hrs IST, Tehmina Gae

Suryayog is a dynamic spiritual yoga which brings us in tune
with nature and the inner self. We are drawn towards eternal
light, from saguna swaroop to nirguna swaroop — from the
human to the Supreme.

Surya, the powerhouse of our solar system is the bene-volent
Nishkamkarmi — the infallible healer, the powerful energiser,
the supreme teacher — who leads us towards Ekam Sat, the only
One. Suryayog is a meaningful way of life taught by Himalayan
Masters and practised by yogis who survive without food and

sustenance for days. They draw power from Surya whose vibrant
energy transforms and changes the bio-electric powers in all
beings, fusing body, prana, mind and soul into a divine
experience of cosmic consciousness. It is a unique amalgamation
of yoga, nada, rishi, reiki, and deep silence. It is a nine-fold path,
a pure benediction from nature. Preferably at dawn, the energy
of Surya is invoked through a series of simple yogic postures,
aura purification, deep breathing, chanting, unlocking of energy
centres and above all an unconditional surrender to nature, our
ultimate guru.

Acharya Jowelji who practises Suryayog carries the message of
Mahavtaar Babaji, the yogic-Christ who many believe resides in
the Himalayas since thousands of years. Jowelji believes that to
love all is an expression of the divine One and his sacred mission
is to uplift society to the higher realm of know-ledge to help
remove physical, mental and spiritual blocks. He believes that
the constant practice of Suryayog can cure us of several chronic
diseases like blood pressure, heart ailments, depression and
phobias. The Acharya says: ‘‘Don’t control the mind; be friendly
with it. Come back to nature, she will lift you like a child to the
highest realms of meditation, to the Buddha mind stage where
the dualistic cosmic delusion of maya is conquered.’’

Suryayog practitioners experience inner peace, boundless joy
and energy. “Their bhogic structure is transformed to a yogic
Research by Dr. Joseph Mercola shows that unnatural dietary
habits are more likely the cause of skin cancer than sunlight

exposure. Futhermore, no conclusive evidence exists showing
the sunblock has any effect on reducing changes of skin cancer.

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

The rising rate of skin cancer has put using sunblock right up
there with flossing your teeth when it comes to healthy habits. In
2002, 50 percent– approximately 1.1 million cases–of all cancers
in the United States were skin cancers, of which nearly 10,000
cases were fatal. It is easy to understand why many people have
become fearful of the sun’s warmth and glow.

However, it is not commonly appreciated, especially among
traditional medical doctors, that the food you eat is far more
important to the development of skin cancers than sun

At the beginning of 1900 we had very little processed vegetable
oils in our diet. Now vegetables are great and we all need them
every day, but when they are processed and refined and
consumed in large amounts they can cause major health

Most vegetables are very high in omega-6 fats. In the last 100
years the U.S. population has gone from consuming virtually no
vegetable fats to consuming more than 70 pounds per year. Fats
from corn oil, safflower, sunflower, sesame and other oils are
virtually 100 percent omega-6 fats.

This high consumption of omega-6 fats totally distorts the
important omega 6:3 ratio, and this ratio is one of the keys to
obtaining any type of cancer, but especially skin cancer.

So not only will we benefit from consuming additional omega-3
fats, but it is vital to reduce the omega-6 vegetable oils as much
as possible. Ideally, the ratio should be 1:1, but most Americans
have a 15:1 ratio. The Japanese are the longest-lived culture on
earth, and their ratio is about 3:1.

If you don’t believe me on this one, I encourage you to check out
one of the top cancer journal articles Cancer Res 2000 Aug

  “Epidemiological, experimental, and mechanistic data
implicate omega-6 fat as stimulators and long-chain omega-3
fats as inhibitors of development and progression of a range of
human cancers, including melanoma.”

Ten years ago an Australian study showed a 40 percent
reduction in melanoma for those who were eating fish–and this
was without any attention to lowering omega-6 fats.

Two years ago, the prestigious National Academy of Sciences
published a comprehensive review showing that the omega 6:3
ratio was the key to preventing skin cancer development.

So, do I recommend you pop some fish oil pills and go out and
get as much sun as you would like?

Absolutely not.

You must exercise caution. At the beginning of the season go out
gradually, perhaps as little as 10 minutes a day. Progressively
increase your time in the sun so that in a few weeks, you will be
able to have normal sun exposure with little risk of skin cancer.

Remember never to get burned, that is the key.

Remember also never to use sunscreen, another key. You can
creatively use your clothing to block the sun’s rays during your
build-up time.

The bottom line is: please avoid getting sucked into the hype
that sunlight is dangerous. It is only dangerous if you are
clueless about fat nutrition, which most medical doctors are. If
you choose to ignore your omega 6:3 ratio and stay out of the
sun, you could limit your risk of skin cancer, but is that worth
the risk of getting MS, breast or prostate cancer?

I think not.

So get yourself some high-quality fish oil, which is an excellent
source of omega-3 fatty acids. I like Carlson’s fish oil because out
of all the brands I’ve tested, Carlson’s came out superior in
freshness, purity and potency–and it is available in most all
health food stores. If you are unable to find it in a health food
store, you can find it in our Web site store. I like the fish oil
liquid, as it is easier to take than the five to 10 pills you would
need to get the same amount of omega-3.

Please remember to switch to the cod liver oil, which contains
vitamin D, in the fall, as then you will not be able to get the
wonderful amount of sunshine that we have in the summer. If
you are going to be a hermit and not get any sun exposure this
summer or you are going to bury yourself in dangerous
sunscreens, then you should switch to cod liver oil now.with
little need for food and sleep. They acquire the grace and
courage to face problems with equanimity. Suryayog is above all
religious dogmas and is a divine symphony of universal
harmony, peace and brotherhood. Acharya Jowel says: “Surya
controls the seasons and the passage of day and night. He is the
source of all life. He casts his rays upon all without
discrimination. He is our protector.’’

Sun worship is not new to India. The Gayatri Mantra is a fervent
salutation to the sun and the Surya Namaskar is an ideal
morning exercise. Acharya Satya-nand, in Surya Chikatsa, talks
about colour the-rapy. He divides the use of colours into three
groups, each with a principal colour: Orange, green and indigo.
Orange imparts heat and can cure colds and phleg-matic
illnesses, removing the torpidity of the liver and other digestive
organs. Green is cool, it helps fortify the muscles and
strengthens the brain. It helps remove rheumatism and related
disorders. Blue or indigo is cool too and can eliminate diseases
caused by excessive bile or pitta, as well as a host of other

Says Acharya Jowel: ‘‘Through Suryayog, your mind naturally
begins to concentrate, which is the aim of all spiritual processes.
The sun’s rays collide with our thoughts and create silence. The
mind is too powerful to be managed by ordinary human

consciousness. The photons from the solar system help to
control the mind.’’

Swami Surya presented at The Institute of Healing and
Alternative Therapy. Surya Swami said that negative thoughts
can be removed through music therapy and unconditional love.

Surya Swami: Believe in unconditional love

8 Jun 2003, 0140 hrs IST, TNN

PATNA: The Institute of Healing and Alternative Therapy will
now be the centre of Suryayog in Patna.

This was announced by Surya Swami at an interactive session
here on the institute premises on Saturday. The director of the
institute, B P Sahi, will soon be conducting regular classes on
Suryayog Sadhana.

Surya Swami also released four audio cassettes — Sadhana, Yog
Nidra, Premanjali and Mangalsutra — on the occasion. Surya
Swami said that many negative thoughts can be removed
through music therapy. Talking about love, he said: “Unless you
give unconditional love to a person you cannot get the same
from others. Believe in giving unconditional love.”

Topics ranging from chronic diseases, stress, blood pressure,
depression, nature and phobia were discussed during the hour-
long interactive session. A large number of people attending the
interactive session had their doubts cleared by Surya Swami.
Earlier, Surya Swami conducted Suryayog Sadhana Shivir on the
institute premises, which was attended by several people.

Suryayog is a dynamic spiritual yoga. Surya Swami, the founder
of this natural technique to meditate and attain self-realisation
has answers for the inner selves. He says that Suryayog takes us
from Saguna Swaroop towards Nirguna Swaroop, which is from
the human form to that of God.

Spiritual Yoga

9 Jun 2003, 0004 hrs IST, TNN

NEW DELHI: Suryayog is a dynamic spiritual yoga. Surya
Swami, the founder of this natural technique to meditate and
attain self-realisation has answers for the inner selves.

In continuation to the Times Foundation’s events in association
with Surya Yoga, a series of sessions are being conducted from
the 9th to the 18th of June in New Delhi.

Surya Swami explains that it is as beautiful and natural a
phenomenon as unfolding the petals of a flower. Surya or the

Sun being the radiant source of energy, plays an important role
in the technique, as suryayogis invoke the sun energy to attain a
meditative state or learn Suryayog. Only if enlightenment was
natural and attainable to all. The yogi is optimistic and adheres
to the natural process.

A unique amalgamation of Yoga, Nada, Rishi Reiki, and deep
silence, the technique is explained as a benediction of nature.
Swami Ji says that Suryayog is enhanced if it is practised in
morning hours. The process includes invoking the sun energy
through a series of simple yogic postures, aura purification, deep
breathing, chanting, and unlocking different energy centres in
the body.

He says that Suryayog takes us from Saguna Swaroop towards
Nirguna Swaroop, which is from the human form to that of God.
This powerhouse of our galaxy is the benevolent Nish-kamkarmi
(infallible healer), a powerful energiser and the supreme teacher,
who gradually leads us towards Ekam Sat — only one exists he

An ardent nature lover, the swami, preaches a comeback to
nature, as he explains, she is the ultimate source that takes you
away from the cosmic delusion of maya to the highest realms of

Times Foundation is conducting numerous events in the
presence of Surya Swami at The Times Foundation Venue. For
more information kindly contact on : 011-23302103 or 011-
23014077 or email :

This article by Wayne Purdin presents an overview of the
practice of sun gazing. With ancient roots in many world
religions, sun gazing has resurfaced in 1992 when Hira Ratan
Manek began teaching this powerful health tool. Learn about
sun gazing and Wayne Purdin’s own experience with the power
of sun gazing.

Sungazing for body, mind and soul

by Wayne Purdin

In all of God’s marvelous creation there is no creature more
beautiful, powerful and intelligent than the sun. The sun
provides us with light, energy and warmth. It makes plants grow.
It regulates the hormonal cycles of animals and humans. It
stimulates the production of vitamin D in our skin, which is
essential for health, and the secretion of serotonin and
melatonin in the brain, which are essential for well being.

But more than this, the ancient people in every culture and
religion knew that sunlight was the key to immortality and
enlightenment. The ancient Incas, Egyptians, Hindus,
Zoroastrians, Essenes, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Native
Americans would gaze at the sun during certain times of the day,
recite special prayers and mantras, and perform mudras or hand
gestures. Most traditional archaeologists and anthropologists
dismiss this as the sun worship of primitive societies. They
ignore the fact that the monotheistic solar religions of
Zarathustra and Akhenaton liberated people for a short while

from bondage to the superstitions of pantheistic religions and
created peaceful Utopian societies. They also ignore the fact that
the great teacher of sungazing, Lord Meru, otherwise known as
El Dorado or Quetzalcoatl, raised the primitive tribes of the
Central and South American jungles into civilized societies that
had knowledge of medicine, metallurgy, farming, animal
husbandry, writing, engineering, mathematics and astronomy
with cities containing hundreds of stone buildings, water and
sewer systems and paved roads. Scientists and historians fail to
realize that the physical sun was only the outer symbol of the
object of worship, which was the spiritual Sun behind the sun
which can enlighten people and transform them into beings of

One maverick archaeologist, Gene Savoy, who discovered several
lost cities of South America, read the records of this ancient
solar science and rediscovered its principles and techniques.
However, just as the sungazing Essenes did, Savoy kept this
information secret and passed it on by word of mouth only to
select initiates of his school.

Fortunately, in 1992, Sun yogi Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) began
to teach simple, safe and enjoyable techniques of Sun yoga such
as sungazing and sun-charged water. He had spent years
researching and experimenting before he felt confident enough
to offer this knowledge to the world. Since that time, he has
taught hundreds of thousands of people attending countless
lectures in dozens of countries across the globe. I attended one
of them in Phoenix in May of 2005. I consider HRM a guide and
confidant, but not a guru. As he tells people, “Sun gazing is a

cost-free, guru-free practice that will free mankind from mental
and physical disease and spiritual ignorance.”

Could it be that simple? Just gaze at the sun and your worries
will melt away, your body will be healed and you’ll become
enlightened? It sounded too easy to be true. But as I continued
to faithfully sungaze every day and do the three other practices
of sun yoga, I found myself becoming more carefree and loving,
my “incurable” leukemia slowly died, and I have begun a walk
with God that is peaceful and at the same time. I found
sungazing while searching desperately for a cure for my Chronic
Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). At the time, I was spending hours
every day researching and trying various herbs, supplements
and healing foods. At one point, I was taking a daily salvo of 43
different vitamins, herbs and minerals. To say that I was
obsessed with my disease would be putting it mildly.

The first change I noticed after a couple of weeks of sungazing
was that I wasn’t concerned as much about finding a cure. I
would go for days without thinking about CLL. Over the course
of the next 10 months, my blood tests showed a gradual
improvement in white blood cell count and other markers. My
hematologist told me that, while I wasn’t quite in remission, my
condition had stabilized, and she changed the frequency of blood
tests from three months to six months and eventually to once a
year. Now I rarely think about CLL. At my last blood test, my
white blood cell count and other markers were close to normal.

Sun gazing also increased the fire in my spirit, giving me more
ambition to fulfill my life purpose as a writer. In the last couple
of years, I’ve had several articles published in local magazines

and newspapers, I have written three books and the first chapter
of a fourth, and I have averaged over an article a day on Just as with the sungazing early Christian writers
of the gospels, I would receive inspiration while sungazing.
Thus, some of my writing is inspired from the sun.

I have experienced other benefits from sungazing, such as more
energy, less need for sleep, loss of food cravings, the ability to be
satisfied with small servings, improved eyesight, and better
relationships. But what I find most life changing and satisfying
are the spiritual benefits.

I haven’t developed spiritual powers or siddhis. I spent many
years trying to do that with other techniques. But what I have
acquired is a profound conviction that the source of all goodness
in the universe, whether you call it God, “the Good,” the Great
Central Sun, or whatever, will inspire me, guide and protect me,
heal and comfort me, provide for my every need, and work
miracles in my life for the greatest good of all concerned. I don’t
get upset by set backs and problems; I now understand and live
the great maxim “Let go and let God.” Before, I had always tried
to solve a problem by researching it to death. I had always
thought that the word “understanding” meant that when you
stand under a problem and see all its underlying parts, you can
arrive at a solution. But now my understanding of
understanding is this: When you stand under the sun and
receive its healing and enlightening rays, you will automatically
arrive at the SOLution, for the sun is over all.

Author Wayne Purdin runs The Sun Center of Phoenix.

The greatest amount of the sun’s energy output is in the infrared
segment of the spectrum. This band of light has been shown to
have many beneficial effects on health, detoxification, and
longevity. This article on Far Infrared Light summaries some of
the many benefits of this energy band of sunlight.

Far Infrared Light

For centuries, scientists have known that plants are dependent
upon sunlight for photosynthesis. But, only recently has science
recognized the similarities between humans and plants in their
dependence upon light.

Today, we know that energy from the sun’s rays, photons,
controls vital processes in both plants and people. In humans,
photons are the catalyst for the production of sugars, fats, and
proteins. Photons stimulate the endocrine system, metabolic
processes and enzyme reactions as well as activities in the brain.

When this connection is disturbed, disorders follow. For
example, when enzymes in the body’s cells, which should
normally be activated, fail to receive the proper wave lengths of
light, they remain dormant. As a result, they cannot start up
normal, cellular metabolic reactions. This translates into lower
cellular energy, glandular insufficiencies and reduced ability to
burn fats and toxins.

Solar energy from the sun covers a broad energy band including
infrared, visible light, ultra-violet, x-rays and gamma rays. Only
a small amount of these solar rays are visible as colors. The
greatest amount of the sun’s energy output is in the infrared
segment of the spectrum. This band of light is not visible but can
be felt as heat.

The infrared segment of the electromagnetic spectrum is divided
into three segments by wave frequencies and wave lengths.
Wave lengths are measured in microns (mm), which are one
millionth of a meter: Near Infrared: 0.76-1.5 mm; Middle: 1.5-
5.6 mm; Far: 5.6-1000 mm. A narrow spectrum between 4 to 14
microns has been shown to have particularly beneficial effects
on the body.

Among the total spectrum of solar rays coming from the sun, the
FIR waves are the safest and the most beneficial. For example,
the visible light spectrum, with very short wave lengths, is
reflected away from the body. When near (NIR) waves heat
organic substances the surface gets hotter than the interior, and
the interior gets heated by conduction from the surface. By
contrast, far-infrared penetrates deeply with a very uniform
warming effect.
Benefits of FIR Waves

All humans send and receive FIR waves. The range of infrared
waves generated by the body is 3 to 50 microns. The greatest
output is around 9.4, which is very close to the resonant
frequency of a water molecule. This similarity makes sense since
our bodies are almost 70% water.

Any substances with similar resonance can absorb energy from
each other easily. Consequently, when you are close to someone,
you are both sending and receiving FIR energy. When heated,
our planet emits FIR waves at around the 10 micron level as do
most organic substances and plants. The FIR waves between 4 to
14 microns, sometimes called Vital Rays, appear to have special
regenerative effects on the body.

When any tissue in the body is exposed to FIR waves, whether
radiated by sunlight, reflected by specially coated fabrics or
ceramic panels, there is a rapid increase in warmth which can
shown by thermography. This heat plus the activation of several
other response mechanisms stimulates the healing processes.
For example, FIR waves:

  * increase blood flow by promoting dilation (expansion) of the
micro-circulatory system of capillaries.
  * reduce muscle spasms as muscle fibers are heated.
  * remove toxins from the site receiving FIR waves.
  * assist in the reduction of swelling and inflammation by
improving lymph flow.
  * reduce soreness through direct action on both free nerve
endings in tissues and on peripheral nerves.

At the cellular level, researchers have discovered that specific
FIR waves lengths:

  * stimulate enzyme activity.
  * promote the adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across
the cellular membrane.
  * attract calcium ions to the cellular membrane.
  * FIR waves reduce acidity

FIR waves, reflected from wraps and blankets to the body,
provide concentrated radiant energy, similar to that from the
sun. FIR wraps, applied directly to overworked muscles, reduce
lactic acid while FIR blankets often provide an overall reduction
in general body acidity during sleep.
Medical application FIR technology

One of the reasons FIR has beneficial results in a variety of
illnesses is the ability of FIR waves to remove toxins, which are
often at the core of many health problems. Since humans are
bio-accumulators, numerous toxins, that cannot be removed
immediately after entry, are stored in our bodies. For example,
when toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide or toxic
substances such as lead, mercury or chlorine meet large water
molecules, they are encapsulated by the clusters of water. Where
these toxins are accumulated, blood circulation is blocked and
cellular energy is impaired.

However, when a 10 micron FIR wave is applied to these large
water molecules, the water begins to vibrate. This vibration
reduces the ion bonds of the atoms which are holding together

the molecules of water. As the breakdown of the water molecules
occurs, encapsulated gases and other toxic materials are

Diets and exercise do work to a certain extent, but there are
scientific products developed in Japan that can help you get rid
of the accumulated acidic toxins more easily and effortlessly.
These products work no matter how busy you are, how old you
are or how lazy you may be. As with diets and exercises, the
results are not overnight; however, the process is the fastest
among the methods using the natural process.

The problem is that the acid accumulation in our body is slow
and our body adapts to it, so that we do not notice the fact that
we are getting sick and old. By the time one feels pain caused by
the acid accumulation, the damage is severe. One must start the
process of reducing acidic wastes before the pain starts.

This article by The Times of India shares the connection between
the Love and the Sun, as taught in India’s greatest spiritual texts.
Connection are made in the teachings of Jesus, Tagore, and the

THE SPEAKING TREE - Open Your Heart, Let in the Light

27 Mar 2004, 0000 hrs IST, Soma Chakravarty

Love and light are the two most universal and fundamental
realities. God’s first command (Genesis) was: “Let there be
light”. And there was light. Buddha said that to love all beings is
an expression of God. Jesus saw love as a manifestation of divine
light. Vedanta points out that love is an image of God, the living
essence of the divine nature. The Upanishads say that the Sun
gives light to all beings, equally.

Once man envisioned the infinite in the universal light, he
offered worship to the Sun: Raso vai Sah. Infinity is love itself,
the eternal spirit of joy. However, caught up in the daily grind of
life and in the whirlpool of human emotions, the true spirit of
love tends to get lost. What is love? Is it eternal bliss? Or an all
consuming passion?

Love is not limited to a bond between two individuals; neither is
it limited to the family circle. Love is beyond desires and mere
physical pleasure. Love is realisation of faith, it is the bond of
harmony and happiness, a world of blessings and bliss. The only
condition of love is that it has to be unconditional. When we stop
taking and start giving we begin to enjoy the unfathomable
depth and unifying force of love.

Swami Surya Jowel says that the Sun is the best example of
unconditional love as it lights up the world without prejudice.
Love and light together can dispel darkness, whether external or

Through Suryayog one can rediscover the pathway of love. The
nine steps practiced as an ode to the rising Sun help remove
physical, emotional and mental blockades to make possible a
joyous and healthy living. Love, like sunlight, is that energy flow
whose warmth can be experienced in an all-illumined freedom.
Suryayog can help open up inner consciousness to love with
detachment, making us free of bondage.

The Sun’s rays can turn the dormant spirit into an ever-
sacrificial river, and Suryayog opens up the channel of
communication towards eternal union with the Almighty. The
Sun shines on weeds as well as on flowers. When love stops
being selective it becomes an absolute, that never stops, never
ends. In Judaism, love is the beginning and the end of the Torah.

Love is the fundamental sustaining force of the universe and we
are the embodiment of that energy flow. When we love, we find
our soul in the highest sense in whom we love. When we let go of
our ego and take love out of the narrow confines of social
bondage, we move towards consciousness of self, which is the
key to cosmic consciousness. Then, the love between the finite
and infinite finds unity in the soul; we realise the dwelling of
Paramatma in our self and our affinity with nature. Buddha
taught that only through love, Nirvana is achieved. From the
lover the world is born, by love it is sustained, towards love it
moves and into love it enters.

According to Vaishnava thought, God finds fulfilment in our
love. God seeks love in us, as love can never be had by command.
This finds expression in Rabindranath Tagore’s song: “Thus it is
that thy joy in me is so full. Thus it is that thou hast come down

to me. O thou Lord of all heavens, where would be thy love if I
were not…” This relationship blossoms when love and light
touches the Hridaykusum as then the supreme soul manifests as
Sakha — the eternal friend, the enduring love and the endless
Throughout history, the Sun has honored by many spiritual
cultures as a focus of worship. Offering praise and thanks to the
Sun was common in India during the time of the Vedas and
Vedic culture. Locations and temples of Sun worship still exist,
such as this temple in Martand, India.

The luminary star (Sun) has been regarded as not only a source
of light and dispeller of darkness but also as a sustainer of all life
on earth. It was, therefore, natural that due regard amounting to
its worship was paid. Sun worship was practiced in vedic times.
Though with the passage of time nature worship was replaced by
image worship where idols of star deities were installed.
Magnificent temples were founded and dedicated to the Sun.
There were many famous shrines which were constructed for the
devotees to offer prayers. The famous temple of Konark in
Orissa prove the popularity of Sun worship.


Like other parts of India, Sun-worship became popular in
Kashmir during early medieval period. Local literary works also
contain some references which show that Sun was worshiped on
certain occasions even in ancient period. The diety’s hold on
population could be judged by the construction of temple
dedicated to Sun. This temple was Martand. Though Kalhana,

Kashmir Historian, has given contradictory references regarding
the founder of Martand. For example at one place, he has
mentioned that King Randitya founded Martand. And in another
book he has mentioned the name of famous warrior King Lalita
Ditya Mukta Pida. The construction of world famous Martand is
usually ascribed to Lalita Ditya Mukta Pida. The kind appeared
to be a worshiper of Sun as all pervading phenomenon. He also
offered to the Diety “the territory of Kanyakubja (Kanauj)
together with the villages.” The fact was that Kanauj King Yasho
Varman had suffered defeat at his hands and this had made his
task easier to march on upto the bay of Bengal. Turning back, he
passed through Mysore and Konkan territory. He met with least
or no resistance. So his power and valour naturally would have
made him (Lalita Ditya Mukta Pida) swell with pride. And he
paid homage to the fierce luminary by founding Martand (Sun
Temple). It is now in ruins. Only some parts have survived but
its picture have been preserved in most of the books written on

However, one can judge the magnificence and grandeur of it by
just casting a glance on the site, and surrounding view. It was
constructed on the highest part of a plateau. It has been
recorded that it had eighty four columns, as this number is
sacred to the Hindus. Its interior must have been extremely
beautiful with the Sun entering a decorated chamber with a door
way of each side covered by a pediment, with a trefoil headed
niche having a bust of Hindu Trinity. It over looked the finest
view in Kashmir. Little wonder the foreign visitors described it
as the wonder of Kashmir.

There was an interesting reference that King Kalasha (11th
Century A.D.) went to pray and find peace at Martand a little
before his death. It may be noted that Kalasha was follower of
Shaivism. The sun worship did not vanish after the 11th century
A.D. because Mirza Haidar Dughlat, cousin of Babar, recorded in
his famous book Tarikh-i-Rashidi that an important section of
population still worshipped the Sun. This group or sect called
themselves Shamsuddin. They pretended to receive the title
(Sun of Religion) from the heaven. In Kashmiri language they
were called as Shammasi. Ain-i-Akbari has reference about Sun
worship in Kashmir.

There were two famous celebrities in Indian history whose
obsession with Sun was well known one was Akbar and the other
was well known Maratha warrior Sada Shiva Rao Bhau. Akbar
said his prayers four times a day reciting a thousand and fifty
names of the Sun. This devotion to Sun was so firm that
Badaoni, a contemporary historian expressed surprise and
recorded that no one could raise a doubt in Akbar’s mind,” even
if mountains were crumble to dust, or the heavens were to tear
as under.” Same was the case with Sada Shiva Rao Bhau who
practiced Surya Namaskar a thousand times daily.

Sun-worship went out of practice after 16th century A.D. Now it
is only done by some at the time of morning bath when the first
rays become visible. But those who undergo yogic exercises
usually adopt Surya Namaskar as the exercise is believed to be a
cure for Chronic headache.

Vital Choices health food company and publisher has written a
series of information-packed articles on the scientific research
connecting sunlight, vitamin D and human health. This article
focuses on the cancer research and the health benefits of vitamin
D from sunlight.

The Neglected Nutrient, Part 1: Vitamin D vs. Cancer
Sunlight seen as stellar sources of overlooked anti-cancer
by Randy Hartnell and Craig Weatherby

Over the past several decades, preventive-nutrition
researchers—and the news media—focused attention on the
vitamins now believed to help protect heart health (C, E, folic
acid, B6, and B12) and to possibly reduce cancer risks (B6, C and

More recently, vitamin D came to the fore in connection with the
discovery of widespread vitamin D deficiency among older
Americans and post-menopausal women. This is serious, since
vitamin D deficiency raises the risk of osteoporosis and resulting
hip fractures, which can be the first domino in a cascade of
disabling, life-threatening, medical events.

We’ll cover the topic of vitamin D and bone health in an
upcoming issue, but today I’d like to share surprising
information about vitamin D and cancer of which many—me
included—have been unaware. It seems that Vitamin D is a very
important anti-cancer nutrient, and that many Americans aren’t
getting enough from the only sources: foods, supplements, and
sun exposure.

Later in this article, we’ll relate the fruits of our conversations
with a former NASA physicist—Dr. William Grant—who
detoured from atmospheric chemical detection to put the
surprising anti-cancer powers of sunlight-derived vitamin D on
the map…literally.

Vitamin D essentials

These are the key facts about vitamin D and health:

  1. Sun comes first. Sunlight is the single biggest vitamin D
“source” among Americans, with dietary sources a distant
second. While, hypothetically, you could get all the vitamin D
you need from foods and supplements, the current expert
consensus recommendation of 1000-2000 IU/day for optimal
health would be hard to get from food alone. The body
manufactures vitamin D when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet-
B (UVB) radiation: the shorter wave kind thought of as
“burning” rays, which are blocked by sunscreens. The
ultraviolet-A (UVA) in sunlight—the type most closely associated

with dangerous skin cancers—has longer wavelengths and
penetrates much deeper into skin.
  2. Bone/nerve health. Vitamin D is needed for dietary calcium
to be absorbed from the digestive tract. When calcium levels
fall, the body “steals” it from bones in order to keep nerves and
muscles functioning properly. Unsurprisingly, the best-known
signs of vitamin D deficiency are osteoporosis and, in extreme
cases, the weak-bone disease called rickets. Leading vitamin D
researcher Dr. William Grant joins many experts in
recommending calcium-magnesium supplements containing
vitamin D. (Surprisingly, two recent large, well-controlled
British studies found that high doses of supplemental calcium
and vitamin D (1000 mg and 800 IU respectively) did not,
compared with a placebo, prevent fractures among more than
8,000 elderly women and those with previous osteoporosis-
related fractures.)
  3. Cancer. Vitamin D is now considered a key anti-cancer
nutrient. (See “Why vitamin D curbs cancer,” below, for much
more on this point.)
  4. RDA is too low. The current US RDA (recommended daily
allowance) for vitamin D* varies with age from 200 to 600
international units (IU). Most experts say that these levels are
too low for any purpose other than preventing severe
deficiencies. Renowned vitamin D researcher Dr. Michael
Holick believes that the RDA level for all age groups should be
closer to 1000 IU (25 micrograms). While a recent study found
that it is probably safe for healthy adults to take as much as
4,000 IU (100 micrograms) per day, research performed at
Harvard by Dr. Edward Giovannucci suggests that consuming
2000 IU or more per day may provide optimal protection
against cancer.

  5. Suboptimal intake is common. Vitamin D intake—in terms
of the blood levels likely needed for optimal prevention of
cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, and multiple
sclerosis—is generally insufficient, despite fortification of milk
with vitamin D. And, as we’ve said, vitamin D deficiency among
post-menopausal women and all older Americans is common.
Fortification of food with greater amounts of vitamin D cannot
provide sufficient vitamin D to the elderly—who suffer the
greatest deficiency—without exceeding official U.S. safety levels
for children.

*The current RDA is 200 IU (5 micrograms) per day for all
people up to age 50, and for pregnant or nursing women; 400 IU
(10 micrograms) per day for adults 51 to 70; 600 IU (15
micrograms) per day for all people aged 70 or older. Several
conferences have been held in the U.S. in recent years, with the
aim of revising the guidelines upward to account for increased
requirements for conditions and diseases other than
osteoporosis (e.g., cancer, MS, diabetes).

As early as 1980, Cedric Garland published the first research on
the links between vitamin D and cancer risk. In 1985, his team
reported the results of a landmark 19-year study in which they
compared rates of colorectal cancer and dietary vitamin D intake
among 1,954 men. They found that the half of the population
reporting the highest vitamin D intake (based on food intake
surveys) had half the risk of developing colorectal cancer. In
1989 Dr. Garland published a study whose results support his
earlier finding. Scientific interest in this topic is growing fast: a
recent search of “vitamin D and cancer” at PubMed turned up
more than 1,000 entries.

Professor Michael Holick, Ph.D., M.D. directs Boston
University’s Vitamin D, Skin, and Bone Research Laboratory,
and shares Dr. Grant’s concern that excessive sun avoidance
could lead to a deficiency in the body’s production of vitamin D.

Dr. Holick put the issue this way in recent review articles:

   * “Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with increased
risks of deadly cancers, cardiovascular disease, multiple
sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Although chronic excessive exposure to sunlight increases the
risk of non-melanoma skin cancer, the avoidance of all direct
sun exposure increases the risk of vitamin D deficiency, which
can have serious consequences.
   * “Vitamin D deficiency is an unrecognized epidemic in most
adults who are not exposed to adequate sunlight. Sensible sun
exposure (usually 5-10 min of exposure of the arms and legs or
the hands, arms, and face, 2 or 3 times per week) and increased
dietary and supplemental vitamin D intakes are reasonable
approaches to guarantee vitamin D sufficiency.”

While they remain controversial in the cancer research
community, Dr. Grant’s conclusions are supported by a great
deal of prior research, and by the results of three subsequent
studies by a British research team. As the UK scientists said,
“Recent studies have suggested that exposure to ultraviolet (UV)
radiation may be protective to some internal cancers including
that in the prostate. The data confirmed that higher levels of
cumulative exposure, adult sunbathing, childhood sunburning

and regular holidays in hot climates were each independently
and significantly associated with a reduced risk of this cancer.”

The connection between vitamin D and cancer is further
bolstered by these key findings:

   * Vitamin D inhibits inappropriate cell division (as occurs in
cancer) and enhances the anti-cancer actions of immune system
chemicals (e.g., tumor necrosis factor, interleukins 1 and 6) and
chemotherapy drugs (e.g., doxorubicin). It also reduces blood
vessel formation around tumors and inhibits metastasis, both of
which are important in fighting cancer once it develops.
   * The active hormonal version of Vitamin D is produced from
circulating vitamin D by cells in organs prone to cancer (e.g.,
colon, breast, prostate, and skin), which means that it is able to
influence the initiation and growth of cancers in these organs.

In light of this information, it certainly makes sense to pay more
attention to your vitamin D intake. It’s gratifying to know that a
single serving of our salmon, sardines, sablefish, or tuna can gets
you a long way toward meeting the minimum requirements.
(We’re in the process of testing each of them for vitamin D
content, and will share those results when they come in.)

NASA scientist finds new, sun-centered, cancer-prevention

Last year, while attending a nutritional health conference I was
surprised to hear a popular nutrition-oriented physician—Julian

Whitaker, M.D.—tell the audience that the occasional sunburn
likely presents less cancer risk than would the functional vitamin
D deficiency resulting from excessive sun avoidance.

Coincidentally, I met and spoke at length to a leading vitamin D
researcher, William B. Grant, Ph.D., at the same conference. Dr.
Grant holds a doctorate in physics from UC Berkeley, and for
most of his career he was a senior researcher for NASA,
specializing in optical and laser remote sensing of the

However, during the 1990’s, Dr. Grant turned his attention to
human health: a role that became public in 1997 with
publication of the very first peer-reviewed scientific paper
examining the links between diet and Alzheimer’s disease (AD).
He identified total energy (calories) and total fat as the
important AD risk factors, and found that fish and grain foods
are the important AD risk-reduction factors. Fish oil appears to
reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s in two ways: its omega-3 DHA is
essential to proper brain-cell function, and its omega-3 EPA
reduces inflammation. (Oxidative stress appears to promote
AD, and reducing inflammation reduces oxidative stress.) His
findings regarding fish oil and Alzheimer’s were later confirmed
by at least two other studies.

Dr. Grant followed this work with research into the nutritional
aspects of heart disease, arthritis, and cancer, and in 2002, he
published groundbreaking, peer-reviewed research that
demonstrated a strong correlation between the varying cancer
rates in different areas of the U.S. and regional variations in
average sunlight exposure.

His research into sunlight and cancer rates began in the late
1990s, when something surprising in the Atlas of Cancer
Mortality Rates in the U.S. caught his attention. Dr. Grant
noticed that many cancers had mortality rates about twice as
high in the northeast as in the southwest. He first tried to see
whether these variations could be explained based on dietary
differences between the two areas, but found a U.S. Dept. of
Agriculture report showing that the differences were less than
10-20 percent, which would not be sufficient to account for the
differences in cancer rates.

These intriguing findings prompted Dr. Grant to examine
pioneering work by three professors at the University of
California School of Medicine—Drs. Cedric and Frank Garland
and Dr. Edward Gorham. Their research had linked sun-
induced vitamin D production to reduced risks for breast, colon,
and ovarian cancer. He also found that Dr. Gary Schwartz of
Wake Forest University had found a similar link between
vitamin D and prostate cancer in the early 1990s.

Since many cancers have patterns similar to breast, colon, and
ovarian malignancies, Dr. Grant reasoned that they might bear a
similar relation to UVB radiation and the vitamin D it creates in
the body. Dr. Grant decided to compare the cancer maps with
regional sun exposure. Because he worked for NASA, he was
well aware of the agency’s satellite measurements of UVB
radiation over the U.S.. These reports showed that UVB levels in
July (a peak period) vary with latitude, and, to a lesser extent,
with elevation.

In a discovery that made headlines, Dr. Grant uncovered a
statistically significant correlation between lower average sun
exposure and higher death rates from a number of common
cancers. His research identified an additional 8 vitamin-D-
sensitive cancers, and he estimated that 17,000 to 23,000
Americans die prematurely from cancer annually due to
insufficient sun (UVB radiation) exposure.

After publishing these landmark findings, Dr. Grant worked to
confirm their significance by factoring in potentially
confounding factors such as urban versus rural residence,
smoking, alcohol consumption, race, and economic status. This
research lengthened the list of vitamin D-sensitive cancers to 17.
He also increased the estimate of premature cancer deaths
caused by insufficient UVB and vitamin D to 50-60,000 extra
fatalities per year, versus about 9,800 people who die of
melanoma and skin cancer.

Has sun-avoidance advice gone too far?

If Dr. Grant is correct, lack of sunlight-produced vitamin D
causes five to six times more cancer deaths than are caused by
cancers related to excessive sun exposure. This estimate of
avoidable extra deaths constitutes a sobering 10 percent of all
U.S. cancer deaths.

As he told us in a recent conversation, “The results of my
ecologic study showed that exposure to UVB radiation—the kind
needed to produce vitamin D, and the kind blocked the most by

common sunscreens—correlates inversely with 17 types of
cancer: primarily cancers of the digestive and reproductive
systems. In other words, the more sunlight a region receives,
the lower are its rates of these cancers.

  “I also found that the rates of six types of cancer—breast,
colon, endometrial, esophageal, ovarian, and non-Hodgkins
lymphoma—correlate inversely to both the amount of UVB
radiation a region receives and to residence in rural areas, which
results in greater average sun exposure, compared with
residence in urban areas.”

In other words, it may be riskier to get too little sun than to get
too much sun. The ideal, of course, is to practice moderation.
Also, be aware that the darker your skin—hence the more UV-
blocking melanin you have in it—the more sun you need to
produce sufficient vitamin D: a proposition supported by the
higher diagnostic rates and lower survival rates for vitamin-D-
inhibited cancers found among African-Americans.

To help pursue his new interests, Dr. Grant founded and directs
the Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center (SUNARC),
an organization “devoted to research, education, and advocacy
relating to the prevention of chronic disease through changes in
diet and lifestyle.” I urge you to visit his site——
which is loaded with intriguing information about vitamin D and
disease prevention.

To summarize, vitamin D research by Dr. Grant and others
indicates that you need much more than the minimum RDA for

maximum reduction of cancer risk. We’ll have more on the
benefits of vitamin D next time.

Vital Choices newsletters in June 2005 contained a series of
information-packed articles on the scientific research
connection sunlight, vitamin D and human health. Bone health
in relation to vitamin D and sunlight is the focus of the second

The Neglected Nutrient Part 2: Vitamin D for Bones
Baby boomers face fractured futures, absent adequate “D”
by Craig Weatherby

Q: What do 19th century London-dwellers and conservative
Muslim women living in 21st century Scandinavia have in

A: Both display a tendency toward vitamin D deficiency.

Historical accounts indicate that rickets was common in
19thcentury English cities, probably because coal smoke was so
thick it hid the vitamin D-producing midday sun. (Rickets is a
disease in which developing bones soften and curve because they

aren’t receiving enough calcium, uptake of which into bones
requires adequate vitamin D.)

Modern research suggests that the traditional head covering
called the hijab leaves Islamic women living in already sun-
lacking northern latitudes prone to substantial vitamin D
deficiency, which can promote cancer, depression—and

Vitamin D and bone health

You can’t build bone without calcium, and you can’t absorb and
utilize calcium without vitamin D. This is why vitamin d was
first identified as an essential anti-rickets nutrient. (Omega-3s
are also associated with better bone health.)

People with severe osteoporosis often exhibit low body levels of
vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is fairly common among the
house- or institution-bound elderly, who often receive less sun
exposure. It is also common among seniors and adolescents in
northern latitudes. Aside from osteoporosis, the consequences of
this deficiency include increased risk of hypertension, and
several common types of cancer.

Millions face fractured futures

An estimated 1.5 million Americans—mostly elderly—suffer an
osteoporosis-related bone fracture every year. Almost half of
Caucasian women (i.e., women of European extraction) age 50
or older will experience a hip, spine, or wrist fracture, while
about 15 percent of Caucasian men will suffer a similar fate.
While the lifetime risk for non-Caucasian women is less, it seems
to be rising among Hispanic women.

Fractures can have catastrophic consequences. For example, the
risk of death is three to four times greater than normal among
hip fracture patients during the first three months after the
fracture. And fractures often initiate a downward spiral that
devastates quality of life, with many victims becoming isolated
and depressed. Spinal fractures, which are not diagnosed and
treated as easily, can disfigure and cause chronic pain.

Osteoporosis is the most important underlying cause of fractures
in the elderly. Some 10 million Americans over age 50 have
osteoporosis, while another 34 million suffer from low bone
mass (osteopenia) of the hip, which puts them at risk for
fractures and attendant complications.

Getting enough D?

According to a 2004 report by the U.S. Surgeon General,
“Relatively few individuals follow the recommendations related
to the amounts of physical activity, calcium, and vitamin D that
are needed to maintain bone health.”

Dietary supplements are often inferior to food, in terms of the
effectiveness of their vitamin D. Instead of the D-3 form used by
the body, and found in fish, most mass market brands contain
400 IU of the D-2 form, which is biologically inefficient. In
other works, it takes much less D-3 to equal the health effects of
a given amount of D-2.

The distinction between D-2 and D-3 is similar to the difference
between the “short-chain” or plant-source omega-3 called ALA,
only 5-15 percent of which the body can convert to the long-
chain forms it needs (e.g., EPA and DHA), and “long chain”
omega-3s which are found only in fish and fish oil supplements.

In addition, many multivitamins also contain vitamin A, which
interferes with the body’s ability to absorb vitamin D.

The evidence concerning the effects of combined calcium-
vitamin D supplements on bone density and fracture risk is
mixed. One study found that among 295 men and women 65
years of age or older, taking 500 mg of calcium plus 700 IU of
vitamin D3 per day reduced bone loss in the neck, spine, and
total body moderately over a three-year period, and reduced the
incidence of non-vertebral fractures. (The U.S. RDA for people
aged 51-70 or older is 400 IU.)

However, other studies, including two recent ones from the UK,
indicated that calcium and vitamin D supplements had fairly
little impact on risk of fractures in the elderly. These mixed
results suggest the possibility that, for unknown reasons, whole
foods are better sources.

Department of strange but revealing studies

This is a summary of the Danish study we alluded to in our
opening Q & A.

Sixty veiled Arab women and 44 age-matched Danish women
were randomly selected amongst patients contacting a health
care center for various reasons. Ten ethnic Danish Moslem
women were included as controls.

Dietary intake of vitamin D and calcium were estimated through
a historical food intake survey.

The veiled Arab women consumed very little vitamin D (42 IU)
compared with ethnic Danish Moslems (540 IU) and non-
Moslem Danish control subjects (300 IU.

The researchers concluded that the veiled Arab women suffered
very limited sunlight exposure and woefully insufficient dietary
vitamin D.

But, while dietary vitamin D intake among the veiled, ethnic-
Danish Moslems was relatively high—probably from the Danish
staple food herring—they were still vitamin D-deficient in terms
of body levels of the nutrient.

The researchers concluded that the daily intake of vitamin D in
sunlight-deprived people—such as veiled women—should be at
least 1000 IU.


Research released in 2005 from Harvard University shows a
relationship between low vitamin D intake and increased PMS.
The Vital Choices newsletter shares this research in their third
article on sunlight, vitamin D, and human health.

The Neglected Nutrient Part 3: Vitamin D vs. PMS
Together, vitamin D and calcium may reduce the risk of
developing PMS
by Craig Weatherby

We’d intended to address vitamin D’s relationship to reduced
risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) in part 3 of our series, but our
plans were changed by headlines that appeared last week. It
seems that vitamin D and calcium may play important roles in
preventing premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

As every woman knows, the term PMS describes a cluster of
emotional and physical symptoms that manifest about five to 10
days before the start of menstruation, and fade when
menstruation begins.

PMS affects up to three in four women of childbearing age,
usually during their late 20s and early 40s. It is most common
among women with at least one child, those with a family history
of major depression, and women with a history of postpartum

depression or mood disorders. About one in five of all women
with PMS suffer severe symptoms.

Lower vitamin D and calcium intake linked to higher PMS risk

Walter Willett, M.D.—the renowned Harvard University
researcher mentioned elsewhere in this issue (see “Customer
Query”)—started the Nurses’ Health Study II in 1989. As a
“prospective” study, its purpose was to follow a large group of
women over time, and thereby examine the possible links
between their diets and lifestyles on risk of various diseases. The
participating female nurses answered food questionnaires and
other health surveys in 1991, 1995, and 1999.

In the new study, researchers led by Elizabeth Bertone-Johnson,
M.D. of the University of Massachusetts compared the diets of
about 1,000 Nurses’ Health Study participants with PMS and
about 2,000 participants without PMS. They found that the
women without PMS appeared to eat more foods rich in vitamin
D and calcium, while the women with PMS had lower blood
levels of calcium and vitamin D.

The results of earlier studies indicated that supplemental
calcium might ease PMS symptoms. However, the new findings
suggest that calcium and vitamin D may both be important for
reducing the risk of PMS, possibly by influencing body levels of
estrogen, the female sex hormone.

After accounting for factors like age, the number of children
borne, and smoking, the researchers concluded that intake of
vitamin D and calcium had the strongest correlation with risk of
PMS: in other words, the women with the highest intake of
vitamin D and calcium enjoyed a significantly reduced risk of
experiencing PMS.

The Neglected Nutrient, Part 4: Vitamin D vs. Multiple Sclerosis