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									FUN & FITNESS                                                 YOGA (Beginner-Intermediate)
                                                              With Janine
STRONG PEOPLE (Fitness Training in a Group
Environment)                                                  Enjoy the benefits to mind, body and spirit in this gentle
With Ingrid                                                   yoga class. Develop at your own pace while learning the
                                                              principal techniques of yoga poses. This class is suitable
Our Vicfit instructor will demonstrate effective and          for beginners or intermediate students. Please bring a
enjoyable ways to improve strength and fitness and            blanket/mat and water for your own comfort.
maintain muscle tone for balance. It will improve bone
density, lower blood sugar level in Type II Diabetes,         Introduction Classes
improve cardiovascular system and is beneficial for those     Date: Wed Feb 9th                     Date: Thurs Feb 10th
affected by arthritis. Includes abdominal exercise for core    Time: 9.30-10.45am                   Time: 7.30-8.45pm
stability and postural improvement. Suitable for both         Cost: $6                              Cost: $6
men & women of any age.
Date: Mon Feb 14
                    th                                        Date: Wed Feb 16 (8 weeks)
Time: 3pm-4pm                                                 Time: 9.30-10.45am
Cost: $87 (7 weeks – payment plan option available)           Cost: $95

                                                              YOGA IN THE EVENING
ZUMBA®                                                        With Janine
With fully qualified instructor, Andrew                                            th
                                                              Date: Thurs Feb 17 (8weeks)
Join this invigorating dance fitness class. Easy to follow    Time: 7.30pm-8.45pm
moves to latin rhythms will have you groovin’ and shakin’     Cost: $95
whilst burning the calories at the same time. A fun fitness
program that will blow you away!
All fitness levels welcome.
Introduction trial class
Date: Monday 7 Feb                                            PRESCHOOL DRAMA & DANCE
Time: 6-7pm                                                   With Cathy
Cost:   $8 per session
                                                              This class includes singing, dancing, listening skills, social
Ongoing term                                                  interaction, story telling and much more.
Date: Mon 14 Feb                                              Mums please stay afterwards for a cuppa after the class.
Time: 6-7pm
Cost:   $93 for term (7 weeks)                                Come and try introduction session:
                                                              Date: Tues Feb 15
                                                              Time: 11.30am-12.15pm (0-2 years)
                                                                    12.30-1.15pm (3-4 years)
                                                              Cost: $6

                                                              Date: Tues Feb 22nd (8weeks)
                                                              Time: 11.30am-12.15pm (0-2 years)
                                                                     12.30-1.15pm (3-4 years)
                                                              Cost: $77 (7 weeks)

                                                                   BASIC INTRODUCTION TO REFLEXOLOGY
RELAXATION & MEDITATION                                            With Marita

With Sue                                                           This is a fun informative workshop that covers basic
                                                                   theory and practical reflexology techniques that
Sue will take you on a journey to help you cultivate inner         attendees can use on their family and friends. This
stillness and balance your life. The techniques you will           workshop may also interest people pursuing Reflexology
learn will help you relieve stress, enhance sleep and enjoy        as a career. This course will cover the history of
moments of peace. Please wear comfortable clothes and              Reflexology, how the feet reflect the body systems, the
bring a mat/blanket and pillow.                                    benefits of reflexology, how to relax and work a basic
                                                                   points of the feet.
Introduction Class to Relaxation and Meditation                    Introduction Day:
Date: Mon 21 Feb                                                   Come and hear about our new course
Time: 10.30-12.30pm                                                Date: Sat 19 Feb
Cost:   $6                                                         Time: 10am-11.30pm
                                                                   Cost: $6
Date:    Mon 28 Feb                                                Ongoing:
Time:    10.30-12.30pm                                             Date: Sat 26 Feb – March 26 (4 weeks)
Cost:    $91 (5 weeks)                                             Time: 10am-3pm
                                                                   Cost: Tuition $55, Amenities and Materials $55
                                                                   *Not Labour Day weekend.
With Athene
                                                                   BOUNCE BACK
Join Athene for an insight into holistic health and well           Women’s Group with Leeann
being using therapeutic grade essential oils to improve            Creative ways of dealing with anxiety and depression
and enhance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
health. Calm stressed nerves, soothe frayed emotions,              Come and enjoy a safe and friendly group to hear from
have more energy and vitality and begin to uncover your            various guest speakers on social, emotional and spiritual
purpose! In this workshop you will understand the secret           wellbeing. Join us on various outings and activities for
to essential oils and why they give us such powerful               relaxation and enjoyment.
results, so you can live your life to the highest potential.       Supported with funding from Knox City Council
              th           nd                                                                 nd
Date: Sat 26 March & 2 April                                       Date:   Every Wed from 2 Feb
Time: 1.00pm-3pm                                                   Time:   1-3pm
Cost: $42                                                          Cost:   $6 per session

INTRODUCTION TO OPEN SKY QIGONG                                    WOMEN’S HEALTH DAY
With Elizabeth
                                                                   Come and celebrate the 100 Year of International
Qi, or energy is our vital life force. During Qigong classes,      Women’s Day at Orana.
Liz will gently guide you through a series of simple        Hear   Hear from Karen Scott and her mother, Eileen on their
exercises, breathing techniques and meditations to                 journey through art as a means of expression. Enjoy a
increase the flow of energy in the body. Based on                  beautiful catered lunch by our chef, Fraise.
Chinese Philosophy these practices have developed over             Afternoon Workshops
thousands of years to promote and maintain good health.            Ann talks about Yoga for pain management
When Qi is flowing smoothly in the body there are many             Doris speaks on Kinesiology and how it can improve our
benefits – increased vitality, improved health, reduced            emotional well being.
stress, balanced emotions and a sense of wellbeing.                At lunchtime Marita will be giving hand reflexology.
Please bring a mat/blanket and pillow, bottle of water             Book Early!
and wear loose, comfortable clothing.                              Date: Wednesday 16 March
                                                                   Time: 10.45am-3.30pm
Introduction class to open sky Qigong                              Cost:    $38.50/Seniors $34.50
Date: Tues 8 February
Time: 10am-11am                                                    NEW LIFE FOR ME
Cost: $6                                                           With Heather
Term class                                                         Heather is a Professional Counselor who will provide a
Date: Tues 15 Feb (6weeks)                                         Personal Development program designed to meet the
Time: 10am-11am                                                    needs of women. 6 weeks
                                                                               nd        th
Cost: $65                                                          Date: 22 Feb – 29 March
                                                                   Time: 1.00-3.00pm
                                                                   Cost:    $64
CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOPS                                    FUN WITH MOSIACS
With Deborah Sheldon                                          With Leanne
                                                              In this class you will learn to Mosaic using ceramic tiles or
Description & Imagery Workshop 1                              glass, which ever medium you prefer. There is no set
Create a more authentic fictional work. Learn techniques      project so just bring what you like and the materials you
from a professional writer that will improve your             wish to use – shells, beads, glass etc. This is a very
descriptions of character and setting and help your           relaxed class where you work at your own pace and at
stories.                                                      your own level. So come on in and have a lot of fun
Develop Your Writing Style Workshop 2                         learning this age ole pastime of Mosaics.
Style is the combination of every creative choice a writer    *Ask for a materials list for the class.
makes when writing a story. This workshop will help you       Introduction demonstration class for Mosaics
discover and strengthen your own writing styles with          Date: Mon February 21st
topics including voice, point of view, tone and word          Time: 10am-12pm
choice. Bring a pen. Worksheets are provided.                 Cost:      $6
                                                                                         th    th
Date:   Workshop 1. Mon Feb 21
                                  st                          Date:    Mon February 28 – 4 April
        Workshop 2. Mon March 21
                                 st                           Time:    10am-12pm
Time:   7.30-9.30pm                                           Cost:    $110 (6 weeks)
Cost:   $30 per session
New course starting on 4 April                                MANDALA WORKSHOP
Introduction to Fiction Writing                               With Karen Scott
Time: 7.00-9.30 – 8 wks Funded Course
Cost:   Tuition: Full Fee $105/Con $55                        The Mandala is an ancient form used by many cultures.
        Amenities & materials $40 per term                    Carl Jung refers to the Mandala as “the psychological
                                                              expression of the totality of the self”. Enjoy a fun way to
ORANA ART GROUP                                               relax yet focus, take a break from every day stress and
With Dianne                                                   treat yourself to time with you. This workshop will use
Develop new artistic skills and techniques with Dianne        simple techniques with colour and patterns that speak to
who is a local artist. There will be opportunities for        you. No art experience required. Inspiration and
finding new inspiration. Share techniques in an informal      materials supplied.
setting using a variety of mediums. This term working on                      th
oils                                                          Date:    Sat 19 March
                                                              Time:    10am-3pm
        Thurs 10 Feb                                          Cost:    $60 plus material cost $?
Time:   10am-12pm
Cost:   $165 (9weeks)

With Lydia

French for the beginners or travelers. Our French tutor
will work through the basics covering greetings, shopping
and transport. From ordering a latte to using the Metro,
discover the joy of learning a new language and be
inspired to take a trip to Paris!
Date: Wed Feb 23                                         BN
Time: 10am-12pm
Cost:    $80 (6weeks)
With Fraise

Sensational Salads                                             Perfect Profiteroles – choux pastry
As much as I love to cook, when it’s 40C, I don’t want to      In this class will make choux pastry used to make
be cooking or eating a hot meal, heating up the house or       profiteroles, chocolate éclairs, cream puffs and
me! There are many flavoursome salad style meals you           Croquembouche. We will also make some of the
can make without having to turn on every burner in the         wonderful fillings, drippy sauces, icings and glazes to go
house. They might be easy to prepare, cook and eat and         on top. You will get to design and make you own mini
look, smell and taste sensational! In this class I will give   tower to take home. You will need to bring an 8 inch cake
you the secret recipe for my wonderful salads, which           board to build on.
everyone always asks me to make!                                             th
                                                               Date:    Fri 25 February
               th                                              Time:    5-8pm
Date:    Sat 19 February
Time:    10am-1pm                                              Cost:    $40
Cost:    $40

Italian-anyone for gnocchi?                                    Yum Cha

A lot of my time as an apprentice and Chef was spent in        It’s a quick and easy lunch to be going out for yum cha, if
an Italian restaurants learning the secret of great pastas     you don’t mind being a little squashed in and rushed. It
and sauces from wonderful old Italian lady’s as they           takes a bit more time to make, but you don’t have to
would say to me “notta too much” or “more, more, slowly        worry about MSG or getting pushed out the door. You
Bella”. What a lovely way to spend with friends laughing       can make your dishes the day before, then cook as you
and rolling gnocchi, with sauces bubbling away on the          serve, so you can enjoy your guest time too! We will
stove and fresh bread baking in the oven! By the way,          make some dumplings, real prawn toasts and Peking Duck
gnocchi should not bounce! (Includes dinner if you like.       too! Of course we will feast after this one too!
BYO wine)
         Fri 25 March                                          Date:    Sat 19 March
Time:    5-8pm                                                 Time:    10am-1pm
Cost:    $45                                                   Cost:    $45

                                                               Cup Cakes Decoration for Kids (Easter Theme)
Making Biscuits (Age 8 yrs +)                                  With Annelore
My Kitchen Rules, Master Chef and all the rest has
brought cooking back into fashion with young budding           Come along and have fun and learn to decorate cup cakes
chefs. It’s a great way to spend time and bond with your       designed for Easter. (includes 4 cup cakes and toppers to
child while you both learn and have a whole lot of fun!        take home. Please bring container.
This time we will be making biscuits!
Bring a container to take home samples. Cost includes          Date:    Wed 23rd March
ingredients.                                                   Time:    4pm-6pm
                                                               Cost:    $28
Date:    Thurs 17 Feb
Time:    4pm-6pm                                               Look out for more themes in Term 2. Various themes eg,
Cost:    $25                                                   Mother’s Day.

Expressions of Interests

An exclusive private cooking class with your friends
Combine your cooking class with a group of your friends
for your birthday. Enjoy cooking and indulge in the
delightful dishes you have created at the end. BYO wine.
Various menus available. Please call for a price.
Aged Care Facilities: What to look for?

Are you considering looking at an Aged Care Facility for
your ageing family member? Who do I go to? How do I
arrange an Assessment? What forms do I need to fill out?
What costs are involved? What do I need to look for in an
Aged Care Facility? Join us in this informative session for
tips and answers to these questions provided by
experienced Aged Care Worker Barry Silverstein. Morning
Tea provided. Hand outs and resources available.

Date:   Sat 5 March
Time:   11am-1pm
Cost:   $7 per person. Bookings essential

Power of Attorney: Medical and Financial
With Denise From Eastern Legal Service

An information session on the Legal issues faced by Carers
relating to Power of Attorney both Medical and Financial.
Denise will provide you with information on your rights
and responsibilities in regards to these matters. Hand
outs and information provided followed by morning tea.

Date:   Wed 6 April
Time:   10am -11.30am
Cost:   $5 per person. Bookings essential

Tracking your Money budgets and budgeting workshop

This workshop covers the following topics: preparing a
budget, managing budgets and managing debt. Includes
morning tea. Bookings essential.

Date:   Thurs Feb 24
Time:   10am-12pm
Cost:   $5

Developing a financial plan– making money work for you
This workshop covers the components of financial
planning strategies for investing wisely. Supper included.
Bookings essential
Date:   Thurs 24 March
Time:   7.30pm-9.30pm
Cost:   $5

Financial workshops coming up in Term 2….
     Scams, swindles and safety
     Going guarantor and loans to family and friends
         – pitfalls and problems
                                                            SAFETY SKILLS
INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS                                   -in partnership with Knoxbrooke
INCLUDING EMAIL & INTERNET                                  A program for Social Support needs clients and others
(LEVEL1)                                                    who would like to learn about personal safety. Classes
With Louisa – Finalist in the Eastern Region Awards         include information about what to do in case of fire, safe
                                                            use of the internet, basic first aid, keeping yourself
Need to know the basics? This course is designed for        healthy and more.
absolute beginners, to get you started.
                   th                                       Date:    Tuesdays February 1 -Dec
Date:    Mon 14 Feb (8 wks)
                                                            Time:    1-3pm
Time:    10am-12.30pm
                                                            Cost:    Tuition Fee: $55
Cost:    Full Fee: $165, Con $115.00
                                                                     Amenities: $20
         Tuition Fee: $105 full fee, $55 concession
                                                                     Materials: $40
         Amenities: $20
                                                                     Total:       $115
         Materials: $40

With Louisa
                                                            Need to know the basics?
Learn new and existing features of Microsoft Word 2007.
                                                            Learn how to create basic spreadsheets and convert data
Create professional documents with features such as:
                                                            to charts. How formula’s work, printing gridlines. Getting
Formatting- Bold, Italic, Underline. Create your own
                                                            dates to add up and averages. Teaching is conducted in a
shortcut symbols using tabs, columns and tables.
                                                            fun and relaxed environment.
Working with pictures and clipart, shading, watermarks,
framing, cut, copying, pasting and more!                                   th
                                                            Date:    Mon 7 Feb
                   th                                       Time:    9.30am-12.30pm
Date:    Mon 14 Feb (8 wks)
                                                            Cost:    $40/Con $36
Time:    1pm-3.30pm
Cost:    Full Fee: $165 Con $115.00
         Tuition Fee:$105 full fee, $55 concession
         Amenities: $20
         Materials: $40

With Alan

Computer skill building designed for student’s with a
disability. These 2 groups will learn and develop new
skills at a pace to suit each individual as they progress
Date:    Fri 4 Feb
Time:    10am-12pm or 1.00-3.00pm
Cost:    Tuition Fee: $55
         Amenities: $80
         Materials: $45

Office Skills
A program for Social Support needs clients.
Date:    Tuesdays from 1 Feb
Time:    1-3pm
Cost:    Tuition Fee: $55
         Amenities: $20
         Materials: $40
         Total:       $115.00
Launch of Orana’s New Multipurpose Room
Saturday 14 May

Come and See what’s happening at Orana
    New Rooms
    New Mosaic Signage
    Free Activities
    Art Display
    Meet our Tutors
    Food and much more

    Students Choice – computer class
    Small Business Administration for those starting
      new businesses
    New Life for Me
    Financial talks for Seniors
    Bonsai Workshop
    Advanced Art
    More cooking classes
    A course in informal learning

    Gardening Club
       For those like minded people to come together
       and exchange ideas. Hear about ways to
       improve your garden/veggie patch.

       Learn to speak Spanish
JOIN OUR                                              ROOMS FOR
COMMITTEE                                             HIRE
Orana is run by a                                     Orana has meeting
voluntary Committee of                                rooms available for hire
                                                      with great kitchen
Management, who are                                   facilities and at
community members and                                 reasonable rates.
other House users.
Please ask the Manager
for more information if
you are interested in                                 Fun & Games incorporating
becoming involved.
                                                      Occasional Care
                                                      Fully qualified staff, great facilities.
TUTORS                                                Stimulating and fun activities to engage your
We are interested to hear
                                                      Wednesdays & Fridays
from tutors of new and                                9.30 to 12.30 $27 per session
interesting subjects.                                 Reduced fee for more than one child
Send a resume and
course proposal to:
Leeann Herman,                                        Kids at Play
House Manager,                                        for 3-4 year olds
Orana Neighbourhood                                   One or two sessions available
House                                                 Tuesdays &/or Thursdays from 9.30—12.30
62 Coleman Road,
Wantirna South. 3152

Coleman Rd, Wantirna South
Monday 7 February – 9 week program
Free Racquet for new students 4 to 12 years of
age 5% discount for 2 or more students from
same family.
Enrol with a friend and both students get $20
off term 1fees.
Mention this Orana advertisement when you
enrol and receive a free Australian Open Cap.

for further details.
Contact: Gary Leech Club Professional Coach on
9800 5862


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