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					1862        SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, MAY 5, 1859.
   16. The following is the detail of troops                                No. 41.
engaged yesterday. Their admirable conduct on          Brigadier A. fforsford, Commanding Field Force,
this, as well as on every other circumstance of          to the Deputy Adjutant-General of the Army.
service, since the Force took the field, and the
discipline that has been maintained in the several                              Camp, Sishowah, Nepaul,
detachments by their officers, have been to me         SIR,                        10<A February, 1859.
the source of much gratification, but it will be for      I HAVE the honour to report, for the infor-
the higher authorities, to whom I most earnestly       mation of his Excellency the Commander-in-
recommend them, to appreciate and record in            Chief, that, under the instructions received from
terms which may seem to them most befitting the        the Chief of the Staff, I crossed the river Raptee
merits of these noble soldiers.                        yesterday morning, at 5 A.M., with the troops as
                    Detail.                            per margin,* and entered the territory of Nepaul,
                                                       for the purpose of attacking a body of rebels, who
  Captain Carnegy, Assistant Adjutant-General.         had placed 15 guns in position at Sikta Ghaut,
  Captain Heathcote, Assistant Quartermaster           where there is a ford and pass leading towards the
General.                                               inner ranges of the Nepaul mountains.
  Captain Malcolmson, Horse Artillery, Orderly            After a severe march, through forest and open
Officer.                                               country, the troops came to a bend of the Raptee.
              H. M's 8th Hussars.                      At this place, I thought it advisable to detach
                                                       Colonel Hill, C.B., Rifle Brigade, with the
  Captain Phillips, Commanding.                        troops named in the marginf, directing him to
  Captain Puget.                                       recross the river, follow its right bank, and attack
  Lieutenant Honourable E. Stourton.                   the right rear of the enemy's position.
  Lieutenant T. Richards.                                 This portion of the Force had a most difficult
  Cornet'P7De Winton.                                  country to pass through, and for some time were
  Assistant-Surgeon Rudd, M.D.                         under a heavy fire from artillery; but the nature of
  11 Serjeants, 10 Corporals, 2 Trumpeters and         the ground was such that they were enabled to
117 Privates.       . .                                take advantage of a high and abrupt cliff, giving
              1st Bombay Lancers.                      them perfect command of the enemy's guns, and
                                                       its irregularities saving them from loss.
  Captain Dennis, Commanding.                             When the head of the main column reached the
  Lieutenant Jenkins.                                  ford it encountered but slight opposition, the
  Lieutenant Hill.                                     enemy having then found that their position was
  2 Subadars, 2 Jemadars, 11 Havildars, 9              turned, and almost immediately abandoning their
Naiques, 2 Trumpeters, 76 Privates.                    guns, all of which were captured. A list of which
              H. M.'s 83rd Regiment.                   I enclose.
                                                          The enemy's entrenchments, though slight,
  .Lieutenant-Colonel Heatly, Commanding.              were so situated on a high bank, commanding the
   Captain F. H. D. Marsh,' 89th Regiment (at-
                                                       ford of the river, which is here not only deep and
tached).                                               rapid, but upwards of 200 yards in breadth, that
   Lieutenant G. M. Oaslow.                            they could not have been taken from the front
   Lieutenant G. L. Huyshe.                            without a serious loss.
   9 Serjeants, 4 Corporals, 1 Drummer, and 119
                                                          The whole of the latter part of the operations
Privates.                                              were carried on in a dense and rocky forest, where
         12th Regiment Native Infantry.                it was impossible to engage cavalry in the pur-
  Lieutenant Forteath, fommnn ling.
  1 Subadar, I Jernudar, 4 Havildars, 4 Naiques,          From the information which I have received.I
                                                       do not believe the enemy were numerous, but a
46 Privates.                                           great part of them were Artillerymen. Few were
                 Seik Horse.                           killed, owing to their taking to the forest when
  Captain Heathcote, in charge.                        the first was captured; some were, however,
  Ressaldar Mitka Sing, 2 Jemadars, 54 Rank            overtaken.      Our own casualties are almost
and File.                                              nominal.
                                                          This march into the territory of Nepaul seems
                  Camel Corps.                         to be welcomed by the inhabitants, who feel that
  Lieutenant Stevenson, Artillery, in charge.          this column is acting a friendly part towards them.
69 Rank and File.                                      They have shown their inclination to assist the
                I have, &c.                            British forces, by bringing in prisoners, and be-
                                                       traying where arms and plunder are concealed by
             R. W. HONNEB. Brigadier,                  the rebels.
          Commanding Rajpootana Field Force.              In obedience to the orders received from his
                                                        Excellency the Commander-in-Chief, the strictest
                                                       discipline is enforced, and every care taken to
                                                       respect the prejudices of the Nepaulese people.
                      No. 40.                             My thanks are due to officers commanding
                 No. 347 of 1859.                      regiments, namely, Colonel Hill, C.B., 2nd Bat-
                                                       talion Rifle Brigade, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir W.
    HIS Excellency the Governor-General in
Council is pleastd to direct the publication of the   * 3rd Troop 1st Brigade Bengal Horse Artillery, five
following report from Brigadier A. Horsford, C.B., 6-pounder guns and one 12-pounder howitzer, under iYlajor
Commanding Field Force, of his having entered Moir, C.B., 122 ; 7th Hussars under Lieutenant-Colonel Sir
                                                    William Russell, Bart., 423 ; 1st Punjab
the Nepal territories, and having engaged and Major Hughes, 410; 2nd Battalion Rifle Cavalry, under
                                                                                              Brigade, under
defeated a body of rebels at Sikta Ghaut.           Colonel Hill, C.B., 800; Left Wing 1st Belooch Battalion,
                                                                              497; 5th Punjaub         under
   2i His Excellency in Council highly appreci- under Lieutenant Hicks,Kumaooii Battalion, Rifles, Majur
                                                    Major Vaughan, 850;                         under
ates the excellent services of Brigadier Horsford, Ramsay, 626. Total men, 3728.
C.B., and of the officers and men under his           f Wing 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade; Wing 1 st Beboch
command.                                            Battalion ; 8th Company Punjab Rifles,

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