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Developer eyes new motel


									  Developer eyes new motel
       MONIQUE MASSIAH                    particular councillor Richard Whyte
       The Shaunavon Standard             and         Whitemud          Economic
                                          Development general manager Jay
  With the help of images from former     Meyer.
Swift Current artist Bernie Brown, a         The first phase of the motel project
new motel to be constructed in            will include a 30 room structure, with
Shaunavon by developer Bata Dorj’s,       another 30 rooms to be added during a
should help put visiting guests at ease   second phase of construction in the
with its unique prairie images.           future.
  The Shaunavon structure is part of a       Dorj says the buildings are ready for
major development project being           shipment, and he’s just waiting for
spearheaded by Dorj, who ultimately       land services.
wants to build a string of small motels      “I’ve already broke the ground, the
that will link up across the province.    top soil has already been stripped,” he
  He says he chose to build in            stated.
Shaunavon because it is near his home        “Now I’m waiting for the engineering
in Swift Current.                         firm to come back with the servicing
  The motel is being constructed and      design.” Dorj is hoping the motel will
assembled in Minnesota with               be completed by December, although
Canadian materials. Each of the           weather conditions could play a role in
modular style structures will then be     the schedule.
transported to Shaunavon.                    The lodge will be a free-standing,
  “I’ve been working on this modular      single storey building resembling a log
prototype for three years and now I’ve    cabin.
finally got it built in the states to        A friend and concept contributor of
Canadian codes and standards,” said       Dorj’s, western artist Bernie Brown,
Dorj, who recently moved to Canada        will have art displayed in each room.
with his wife from Mongolia.                 Each section of the pre-fabricated
  Dorj will be constructing the new       building will contain five rooms,
development on a section of land on       outdoor canopies, and western style
5th Street West, between 5th Avenue       furniture imported from Montana.
and 4th Avenue (north of the Co-op           Dorj is also interested in developing
Agri Centre).                             a similar project in the Maple Creek -
  Dorj says he’s very grateful to the     Cypress Park area, but hasn’t come
town for their help in the project, in    across a suitable location yet.

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