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					                    COUNTY OF DUFFERIN
                                   Reduce, reuse, recycle...

                      ‘Take It Back!’
              Product Stewardship Program
              and 3 R’s Community Directory

                              Responsible waste management...
                      making a difference today, for a greener tomorrow!

       ‘Take It Back!’ Product Stewardship Program
              and 3 R’s Community Directory
We are excited that the fifth edition of this directory is available to the residents of Dufferin County!

We’re enthusiastic about this directory because it’s a terrific reference guide to help your household reduce waste.

The reality is, we all create waste and we must take responsibility for it! Through community recycling programs
such as blue box collection and recycling depots, and the use of composting programs to reduce waste going to
landfill, our community is making a difference.

But what about those ‘special’ products and materials, that don’t have a home in the blue box, or shouldn’t be
thrown in the regular garbage or down the drain? Many used products and materials can be reused, recycled or
disposed of properly.

This “Take It Back! and 3 R’s Community Directory” has been produced to help residents find those retailers,
vendors, and organizations that ‘take back’ or accept used products and materials. These products and materials
are reused, recycled or disposed of properly. From syringes and medications, to used motor oil, clothing, and
housewares, you’ll find a variety of retailers and organizations that will accept a variety of products and materials.
Convenient access to these retailers and organizations makes it easy for residents to divert their materials from
landfill, while the retailers are showing their environmental responsibility by taking back products that they sell,
for reuse, recycling or proper disposal. Charitable and community organizations have also been listed, that accept
many products for reuse and recycling. Their work helps various social causes, and by donating your products and
materials to them, you are helping them to achieve their community goals.

Finally, check out the Directory’s other sections that have great tips and information on how to reduce waste,
details of our DUFFERIN COMPOSTS! Program, alternative cleaning supplies, and the dates for the 2008 House-
hold Hazardous Waste and Electronics Recycling Event Days.
Introduction.......................................................................................               1
Description of the ‘Take It Back!’ Program..............................................                          3
TIB! Program Details...........................................................................                   4
TIB! Categories and Retailers:

      Automotive.................................................................................                 5
      Garden/Agriculture.......................................................................                   7
      Health........................................................................................              8
      Household...................................................................................                9
      Electronics..................................................................................               12
Charitable and Community Organizations...............................................                             14
Reduce Your Waste.............................................................................                    15
DUFFERIN COMPOSTS! Quick Tips Guide................................................                               16
Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Recycling.............................                                  18
2008 HHW and Electronics Recycling Event Days.....................................                                19
What happens to your HHW and Electronics?..........................................                               20
Green Cleaning Alternatives for your Home............................................                             21
Community Contacts and Resources......................................................                            22


                               “Take It Back!”
                                    PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP PROGRAM

         The Take It Back! Program gives residents in Dufferin County the opportunity to
      conveniently take their used products/materials to participating retailers, vendors and
    organizations for reuse, recycling or safe disposal. Products accepted through this program
     are ‘special’, in that they cannot be recycled through the blue box recycling program, or
            should not be thrown in the regular garbage or disposed of down the drain.

             Examples of items/materials our partner retailers are willing to Take Back!
                           for reuse, recycling or proper disposal include:

            AUTOMOTIVE                                                                HEALTH
            Antifreeze, batteries, motor oil, scrap metal, tires, etc.                Eyeglasses, medication, needles/syringes

            Plastic pots, plastic trays                                               HOUSEHOLD
                                                                                      Clothing, small housewares, etc.

                                               Cell phones, inkjet cartridges, etc.

            For further information on the “Take It Back!” Program please contact
           Dufferin County’s Waste Management Division at (519) 941-2816 ext. 2620.

             What is the TIB! Program?
             •    TIB! promotes product stewardship among the retail and
                  residential sectors of Dufferin County – this allows retailers and
                  consumers to take responsibility for the waste they produce
             •    it reflects the consumer’s desire to ensure the environment is
                  considered in a product’s life cycle

                                 Guidelines for the Public
                                  •    quantities may be limited
                                  •    in some locations and for certain items, a small handling fee may apply
                                       (a * marks these locations in the TIB! charts)
                                  •    all products must be dropped off during business hours. Call ahead to
                                       the retailer, or check out the TIB! website at
                                       (some retailers request an appointment to be made in advance)
                                  •    residential waste only (no commercially generated waste is accepted)

             Retailers/Organizations WANTED!
             Is your business or organization interested in becoming a ‘Take It Back!’ partner?
             By joining the other retailers/groups in your category, you can successfully help divert
             waste from landfill and be an environmentally conscious business/organization that is
             concerned with the life cycle of the products you sell/use. There is no fee to join and
             the County of Dufferin will provide free promotional material, a listing in our directory,
             and information about your business on our website at:
                    If your business would like more information about becoming a ‘Take It Back!’
                         partner, please contact Dufferin County at (519) 941-2816 ext. 2620.


                                                                                                                                          Scrap Metal


                                                                                                                            Oil Filters
                                                                                                    Car Parts

                                                                                                                Motor Oil

                                                                                                                                                                                              Cars or

Auto Centre Dufferin County Inc. (519) 925-0044
710A Industrial Rd., Shelburne
*Call for an appointment*

Elliott's Service Station                        (519) 925-3590
130 Centennial St., Shelburne
*Call for an appointment*
Elmira Farm Service Ltd.                         (519) 925-2944                                                   **
732 Steele St., Shelburne

Midas Auto Service                               (519) 941-2010
94 First St., Orangeville
Mister Transmission                              (519) 942-1544
324 Broadway, Orangeville

Mono Auto Body & Towing                          (519) 941-0835
595004 Blind Line, corner of 20th Sideroad

              *   A small handling fee may apply
              ** Elmira Farm Service also accepts hydraulic oil
              *** Midas will only accept motor oil in 1L and 4L sealed containers
        By dropping off items outside of business hours you are deterring businesses from participating in the program.
                                      Please drop off items ONLY during business hours!


                                                                                                                                 Scrap Metal

                                                                                                                   Oil Filters
                                                                                           Car Parts

                                                                                                       Motor Oil

                                                                                                                                                                                     Cars or

Orangeville Towing                             (519) 942-0236
43 Margaret St., Orangeville
*Fee charged for towing—call for an

Proper Ford Lincoln Ltd.                       (519) 925-5101          *                                                                          *
735 Industrial Rd., Shelburne

Roy's Service Centre Ltd.                      (519) 925-2847                                               *             *                        *
635202 Hwy. 10 (south of Primrose)

Royal Chevrolet Cadillac Inc.                  (519) 941-0420
633240 Highway 10 North, Orangeville

Shelburne Auto & Cycle                         (519) 925-3980                                                                                     *
713 Industrial Rd. Unit #1, Shelburne

Valley Auto Service                            (519) 928-2650
12 Amaranth St. W., Grand Valley

         *    A small handling fee may apply

          Did you know… A poorly maintained vehicle uses up to 50% more fuel and produces up to 50% more green
          house gas emissions than a vehicle that is serviced regularly.
                                                                                                        (Source: Environment Canada)

              Garden / Agriculture

Dufferin Garden Centre                          250 C-Line,                            (519) 941-5081                                     Clay pots, plastic trays,
                                                Orangeville                                                                                 plastic planting pots
                                                                                                                                               (no cell packs)
Enviroscape Inc.                         838369 4th Concession,                        (705) 466-6290                                      Plastic planting pots (1
                                                Mulmur                                                                                         gallon and up)
Holmes Agro                              473088 County Rd. 11,                         (519) 941-0450                                   Triple rinsed, caps and
                                              Orangeville                                                                              labels removed from ag-
                                                                                                                                        ricultural chemical con-
                                                                                                                                          tainers, plastic jugs

Orangeville Farmers’ Mar-                      87 Broadway,                            (519) 941-8733                                          Plant pots and trays
ket                                             Orangeville
Parsons’ Florist                                52 Townline,                           (519) 941-2500                                   Healthy, tired and dying
                                                 Orangeville                                                                             plants. Will be rejuve-
                                                                                                                                         nated and donated, or
                                                                                                                                        composted. Customers
                                                                                                                                         receive 25% off a new

             Did you know… approximately 50% of our waste stream is organic matter which can be diverted from landfills
             through composting.


                                                                                                                            (in containers)

                                                                                                                                                           Hearing Aids

                                                                                                                            Needles &
Dr. J. DiBerardino, Dr. E. Rutyna                31 First St., Orangeville          (519) 941-6761
Optometry Professionals Corp.
Dr. Orr & Dr. Brodie Optometrists              230 Broadway, Orangeville            (519) 941-3770
Dr. Colette Whiting &                         207 First Ave. E., Shelburne          (519) 925-3320
Dr. Sandra Gillis Kennedy
Drugstore Pharmacy (No Frills)                101 Second Line, Shelburne            (519) 925-0933
First Street Optical                            98 First St., Orangeville           (519) 942-1476
Grand Valley Drug Store                       23 Main St. S., Grand Valley          (519) 928-3303
Grand Valley Home Hardware                      8 Main St., Grand Valley            (519) 928-3370
Jeffers' Pharmacy                                32 First St., Orangeville          (519) 941-1230
Orangeville Hearing Clinic                    15 Elizabeth St., Orangeville         (519) 942-2005
Orangeville Opticians                          150 First St., Orangeville           (519) 941-0602
Walmart Vision Center                           95 First St., Orangeville           (519) 938-8843


As We Grow...                             113 Broadway,                (519) 941-8733         Family clothing, wedding dresses, foot-
                                            Orangeville                                          wear, sporting goods, toys, books,
                                                                                                games, baby accessories, costumes,
                                                                                               group uniforms, riding apparel, dance
                                                                                                         and skating items
Bearly Worn Trading Co.                  15 Brenda Blvd.               (519) 942-5910                   Children items only:
*By appointment only*                       Unit # 7,                                         Clothing, toys, books, furniture, DVD's,
                                           Orangeville                                         CD’s, strollers, play pens, skates, etc.
                                                                                              (% of sales donated to local       chari-
                                                                                                             ties in need)

Clean Canada Dry Cleaners and               75 First St.,              (519) 941-8941                 Used wire clothes hangers
Launderers                                  Orangeville
Cunningham Vacuum Sales &                   5 First St.,               (519) 940-4929           Central vacuums, upright vacuums,
Services                                    Orangeville                                                  canister vacuums
                                                                                                (no shop vacuums), tooling, hoses
Diabetes Association                     Call for collection           1-800-505-5525         Reusable clothing, shoes, belts, purses
                                                                         “Clothesline”                     and bedding

          Did you know… Canadians take home over 55 million plastic shopping bags every week.
          Quick Tip: Bring reusable shopping bags or plastic grocery totes to the grocery store to reduce your waste.

                                                                                         (Source: Multi-Material Stewardship Board)


Dufferin Cleaners                         123 William St.,           (519) 925-3827               Any used clothes hangers
and Launderers                              Shelburne
Dufferin Copy Express                       75 First St.,            (519) 941-2679         Clean styrofoam packaging peanuts
                                            Orangeville                                                    only

Federation of Cerebral Palsy             Call for collection         (519) 658-6621          Reusable clothing and housewares

1-800-Got-Junk?                         1-800-468-5865         Pick up of any non-hazardous waste
                                                                                             for a fee. Collected items are recy-
                                                                                                cled or reused where possible
Habitat for Humanity                      22 Coles Cres.,           Check website for       Reusable building materials such as
Dufferin— Caledon                           Orangeville             more information        windows, doors, hardware, lumber,
*Please call prior to drop off*                                      tools, lighting fixtures, sinks, etc.
                                                                     (519) 938-9600
Home Depot                                49 Fourth Ave,             (519) 940-9061           Compact fluorescent light bulbs,
                                           Orangeville                                       rechargeable power tool batteries,
                                                                                                   rechargeable batteries
My Lil’ Miracle INC                      52 Chapman Rd.,             (519) 941-4807              Cloth diapers & nylon pants
*By appointment only*                       Orangeville

            By dropping off items outside of business hours you are deterring businesses from participating in the program.
                                          Please drop off items ONLY during business hours!


Ontario SPCA                             650 Riddell Rd.,              (519) 942-3140          Blankets, comforters, towels
Orangeville & District Branch              Orangeville
Orangeville Banner                          37 Mill St.,               (519) 941-1350        Gently used plastic sleeve bags
                                            Orangeville                                      from any newspaper publication
Orangeville Farmers’ Market               87 Broadway,                  (519) 942-0087           Egg cartons, mason jars,
                                           Orangeville                 (Orangeville BIA)           plant pots and trays
                                        (behind Town Hall)
Reader’s Choice                           151 Broadway,                (519) 940-8740               Good quality books
                                           Orangeville                                       (will NOT accept encyclopedias,
                                                                                             text books, book club editions,
                                                                                              harlequin romance, business,
                                                                                                    or computer books)
Salvation Army Thrift Shop                162 Broadway,                (519) 941-7591          Quality reusable clothing and
                                           Orangeville                                        housewares. No appliances or
                                                                                              computer parts. *For furniture
                                                                                                    please call ahead*
Sobeys                                    500 Riddell Rd,              (519) 941-1339               Plastic grocery bags
Westminster United Church                 247 Broadway,                (519) 941-0381             Quality reusable clothing
Clothing Depot                             Orangeville                     (call for
                                                                        drop off times)
         Did you know… In a lifetime, the average North American will throw away 600 times his or her adult weight in
         garbage. A 68 kg adult will leave a legacy of 40,825 kg of trash.
                                                                                      (Source: Natural Resources Canada)


Bell World Orangeville                      114 Broadway,              (519) 940-1114                  Cell phones    , cell phone
                                             Unit # 102,                                                batteries and accessories
Future Shop                                   95 First St.,            (519) 940-8206            Mp3 players, CD players, CDs and
                                              Orangeville                                           DVDs, cell phones, inkjet car-
                                                                                                 tridges, rechargeable and alkaline
Grand Valley Home                             8 Main St.               (519) 928-3370               Cell phones, inkjet cartridges,
Hardware                                     Grand Valley                                               rechargeable batteries
Harmony Whole Foods Market                   163 First St.,            (519) 941-8961                       Inkjet cartridges
Home Depot                                  49 Fourth Ave,             (519) 940-9061             Compact fluorescent light bulbs,
                                             Orangeville                                         rechargeable power tool batteries,
                                                                                                       rechargeable batteries

   These organizations and retailers accept the indicated products for donation to the ‘thINK Food’ and ‘Phones for Food’ Programs
     Bell World donates used cell phones (that work) to Family Transition Place in Orangeville

        Did you know… Batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel, which can contaminate the
        environment when they are improperly disposed of. The average person throws away eight household batteries a year.

                                                                                         (Source: Environmental Health and Safety Online)


Orangeville Food Bank                     25 Centennial Rd.,            (519) 942-0638                Cell phones , inkjet cartridges
                                             Orangeville                (open Tuesdays
Rogers Wireless Orangeville                    98 First St.,            (519) 940-3104                             Cell phones
                                                Unit #5,
Staples Business Depot                         88 First St,             (519) 942-1360            Cell phones, cell phone batteries, inkjet
                                               Orangeville                                              cartridges, toner cartridges,
                                                                                                              all small batteries
The Source By Circuit City                   150 First St               (519) 941-8438              Cell phones, cell phone batteries and
                                          (Orangeville Mall),                                           accessories, inkjet cartridges,
                                             Orangeville                                                   rechargeable batteries

   These organizations and retailers accept the indicated products for donation to the ‘thINK Food’ and ‘Phones for Food’ Programs

          Did you know… Electronics are typically used for 3 years before being replaced and cell phones are replaced every 18
          months. In Canada, about 14 million cell phones enter the waste stream every 18 months.

                                                                                         (Source: Clean Calgary Association, Eco-Efficiency Centre)

                     Charitable and Community Organizations
Car Heaven                         Check website for more       “Car Heaven is an initiative of the
(Proceeds from the sale of your         information                                           Clean Air Foundation, designed to
recycled car support worthy                                          1-888-731-7311            reward and enable people to get
charities)                                                                                      their older, high-polluting cars
                                                                                                  permanently off the road.”
Diabetes Association                   Call for collection           1-800-505-5525            Reusable clothing, shoes, belts,
                                                                       “Clothesline”                purses and bedding
Family Transition Place         Donations collected at:   (519) 942-4122 ext 240        Clothing donations are accepted
                                     As We Grow and held on account by As We Grow
                              113 Broadway, Orangeville                               for FTP. (Please have donation bags
                                                                                                marked with ‘FTP’)
Federation of Cerebral Palsy       Call for collection    Call toll free for pick up:      Reusable clothing and small
                                                              1-888-238-6327                     household items
Orangeville Food Bank             25 Centennial Rd.,           (519) 942-0638             Cell phones, inkjet cartridges
                                      Orangeville       (open Tuesdays 10am-2pm)
Ontario SPCA                       650 Riddell Rd.,            (519) 942-3140                 Blankets, comforters,
Orangeville & District Branch         Orangeville                                                    towels
Habitat for Humanity              22 Coles Cres., Orangeville          Reusable building materials such as
Dufferin - Caledon                                                   (519) 938-9600          windows, doors, hardware, lumber,
*Please call prior to drop off*                                                               tools, lighting fixtures, sinks, etc.
Salvation Army Thrift Shop               162 Broadway,               (519) 941-7591             Quality reusable clothing and
                                           Orangeville                                         housewares. No appliances or
                                                                                               computer parts. *For furniture
                                                                                                     please call ahead*
Westminster United Church         247 Broadway, Orangeville          (519) 941-0381              Quality reusable clothing
Clothing Depot                                                   (call for drop off times)

                    Reduce Your Waste!
                    Reduce the amount of waste you produce in the first place, to conserve resources
                    and protect the environment.

          Practice Smart                     Reduce Waste at Home                   Reduce Waste at School
            Shopping                        • Use cloth towels in place of                and Work
  • Choose products with the                  paper towels                        • Bring “litterless” lunches to
    least amount of packaging               • Set up a backyard composter           school or work by using
      -Buy in bulk for commonly used          for food and yard waste               reusable containers for food
       items                                • Wash out used milk, bread,            and drinks
  • Avoid purchasing disposable               and food bags for reuse             • Carry around a mug for hot
    products                                • Donate reusable clothing and          beverages instead of wasting
       -Consider purchasing used goods
        before purchasing new
                                              household goods to a local            disposable containers
  • Buy products made from                    charity (see pg. 14)                • Set up a worm (vermi)
    recyclable materials when               • Do not wrap gifts in throw-           composter in your workplace or
    possible                                  away paper. Purchase (or              classroom to divert tea bags,
  • Avoid waste and spoilage by               make) brightly coloured               coffee grounds and fruit &
    not purchasing more than is               reusable cloth or paper bags          vegetable peelings
    needed                                  • Use rechargeable batteries          • Use both sides of paper, and
  • When possible, choose                   • Reuse old cardboard boxes             reuse envelopes and scrap
    products that are sold in                 for storage or for packaging          paper
    refillable or recyclable                  outgoing materials                  • Organize a book/clothing
    containers                              • Avoid disposable plates and           exchange; “one person’s
  • When shopping bring your                  utensils for parties and other        garbage is another person’s
    own cloth bags instead of                 functions, as they create a           treasure”
    using disposable plastic ones             large amount of waste!

             Dufferin composts!...Quick Tips Guide

                    What goes in your GREEN BIN for curbside collection?
                           Acceptable                                   Not Acceptable
                   ALL food wastes, including:                 Do not place the following items in the green bin:
                   Fruit and vegetables                        Plastic bags (including ‘plastic looking’ biodegradable
                   Meat, fish and dairy products               bags)
                   Leftovers, plate scrapings                  Animal waste (droppings, kitty litter)
                   Pasta bread and cereal                      Yard waste (only small amounts to ‘top up’ your green
                   Coffee grounds, filters and tea bags        bin are acceptable; if available, use your municipality’s
                   Cooking oils and grease                     yard waste program or a backyard composter for large
                   General Household Organics:                 amounts)
                   Paper towels, tissues, napkins,             Recyclables (place in your blue box)
                   paper plates                                Diapers and feminine hygiene products
                   Microwave popcorn bags                      Construction waste, medical wastes
                   Greasy pizza boxes                          Vacuum cleaner bags, dryer lint
                   House plants                                Sod, topsoil, rocks
                   Hair (human and pet)                        Ashes, cigarette butts
                   Dust, sawdust                               Wax paper, aluminum foil

             Please Remember:
              • To line your bins with paper products. Do not ‘bag’ your organics in plastic or plastic
                  looking biodegradable/compostable bags.
              •   To ensure that your Green Bin is at the curb by 7:00 am on your weekly collection day.
              •   That your Green Bin will not be emptied if it contains unacceptable items.
              •   To refer to our website for more information and quick tips:

          Dufferin composts!...
            Common Green Bin Questions:
What can I use to line my kitchen container and/or green bin?
We suggest that you line your kitchen container and/or green bin with newspaper, paper bags (i.e. paper lunch bags,
paper grocery bags or yard waste bags), cereal boxes or paper ‘food waste’ bags lined with cellulose. Paper will soak up
liquids and reduce any potential odours. Wrapping your food waste in newspaper before placing it into your green bin
will help keep your organics contained, and your green bin cleaner.

Do not use plastic or ‘plastic looking’ biodegradable/compostable bags to bag up your organics, as they are not accepted
in the program. An option is to duct-tape a large plastic bag into the green bin (so when the bin’s contents are dumped
into the collection truck, the bag remains in the green bin). Change the bag as needed.

What can I do with my green bin contents in the summertime, when the heat can be a concern?
To avoid odours, add some baking soda to the green bin and use newspaper to wrap your organics (especially meats
and dairy products). If your green bin collection day is several days away, use an empty ice-cream container to store
your meat scraps in your fridge or freezer. Then dump the scraps into your green bin the night before collection. Line
your green bin, as noted above. Rinse it out as needed.

Additional tips:
• Especially in the wintertime, it is suggested that you line your green bin with a paper bag or duct-tape a plastic bag
   into the green bin, to help prevent organics from freezing to the bottom. An air pocket can be formed by opening a
   few paper egg cartons and placing them on the bottom of the green bin (the air pocket will help to prevent organics
   from freezing to the bottom)
• To deter pests, ensure that the metal latch is properly closed when leaving your green bin at the curb or outside of
   your garage/home. Also, by wiping Lysol or another similar product around the lid and opening of your green bin,
   you will deter pests (they will not like the taste, and should leave your bin alone).
• If you have questions about the program, please contact the County at (519) 941-2816, ext. 2620.

             Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Recycling

                In every home there are hazardous products that need special care.
              At a Dufferin County Event Day, you can get rid of the following:

                                                                         Acceptable Electronic Goods for Recycling
                                                                  Personal and laptop computers (including keyboards, mouse, wires)
                                                                  Computer monitors
                                                                  Printers, scanners, drives and modems
                                                                  Telecommunications equipment (switches and relays)
         Examples of Acceptable HHWs                              Electronic relays and contactors
                                                                  Telephones (mobile/cellular and hardwire)
     Corrosive         -batteries (all types), drain
                                                                  Electronic pagers
                       and oven cleaners                          Fax machines
                                                                  Electronic cash registers
     Toxic             -pesticides, rat poison, pharma-           Electronic calculators
                       ceuticals, cleaning fluids                 Radio and stereo equipment
                                                                  Televisions (no wooden consoles or TV tubes accepted)
     Reactive          -pool chemicals, ammonia,                  VCRs and DVD players
                       bleach, aerosols                           Electronic games and video game consoles
                                                                  Digital cameras
     Flammable         -gasoline, paints, BBQ starters,           Computer modules from automobiles
                       oils, solvents, propane cylinders          Software (floppy disk, CD), inkjet and laser printer cartridges
                                                                  Microwaves, compact fluorescent tubes and light bulbs (CFLs)
                                                                  Items not accepted
If NOT disposed of properly, these hazardous items could kill
                                                                  Appliances (stove, toaster, oven, refrigerator, washer, dryer, etc.)
 the helpful bacteria used in breaking down sewage or make
their way into watercourses, killing aquatic life and polluting
                          our rivers.

             2008 HHW and Electronics Recycling Event Days

                           8:00 am to 3:00 pm - open to all Dufferin County Residents
                  (Dufferin County comprises the Towns of Mono, Orangeville and Shelburne, and the
               Townships of Amaranth, East Garafraxa, East Luther Grand Valley, Melancthon and Mulmur)

                   May 3rd - Town of Mono Works Yard (County Rd. 8, Mono)
      May 31st - County of Dufferin Primrose Operations Centre (Hwy. 10, just south of Hwy. 89)
           June 21st - Town of Orangeville Operations Centre (500 C-Line, Orangeville)

          September 13th - East Luther Grand Valley Works Yard                                     (Main St. N., Grand Valley)

   October 4th - County of Dufferin Primrose Operations Centre                                      (Hwy. 10, just south of Hwy. 89)

             October 25th - Town of Orangeville Operations Centre                                  (500 C-Line, Orangeville)

                                                   Please note:
               • No garbage or recycling will be accepted at these events.
               • Due to transportation restrictions, drums of material will not be accepted -
                 please place materials into smaller containers for collection at the events.
               • TV tubes, and televisions with wooden consoles will not be accepted.
               • A limit of three televisions will be accepted per vehicle.
               • Commercially generated hazardous and electronic wastes will NOT be accepted.

           What happens to your HHW and Electronics?

Household Hazardous Wastes                                               Event Days
After the HHWs have been unloaded from your                              Since 2001, there has been an average of 376
vehicle, the HHW contractor ensures the safe                             more vehicles attending our event days each
packing of the products based on the different                           year. Last year more than 3,800 vehicles
types, and their reactivity to one another. Once                         dropped off household hazardous waste and
back at their yard, the contractor sends some of the                     electronic waste!
products for reuse and recycling, and other
products are landfilled in a dedicated secured                           119,250 litres of liquid HHW, and 21,980
landfill site (i.e. to ensure that the materials will not                kilograms (kg) of solid HHW were brought in for
impact the surrounding environment).                                     recycling or safe disposal.

Electronic Wastes                                                        1,165 computer monitors and 993 televisions
Your electronic wastes are stripped apart and                            (equal to approximately 35,000 kg), and 18,034
separated into piles of similar materials (i.e.                          kg of miscellaneous electronics (such as stereos,
plastics with plastics, and steel with steel). Then                      other computer components, telephones, etc.)
each material is recycled. To ensure your personal                       were also dropped off by residents!
information is being protected, your computer
printed circuit boards and hard drives are put                           Drop off your materials at the County’s Event
through shredders, thus destroying them.                                 Days, to ensure they are dealt with properly.

      Did you know… electronic equipment contains toxic substances such as lead, cadmium and mercury. These heavy
      metals and other substances found in electronic products can pose elevated risks to human health and the environment if
      they are not properly managed. These products also contain valuable material such as aluminum, ferrous metals and
      copper that could be recycled.                                        (Source: ‘Envirozine’ website, Environment Canada)

          Green Cleaning Alternatives for your Home

         The following are some ‘green’ cleaning alternatives, to help reduce the number of potentially toxic products
                                                 around your home!

                    Around the House                                                        In the Laundry Room

Mold and Mildew                                                          Stain Removers
Use vinegar and a toothbrush or scrub with baking soda                   Immediately soak spot/stain in cool water and sponge away
Disinfectant                                                             Fruit and/or Red Wine Stain
Use 1/2 cup of borax, in 4 litres of warm water                          Soak in club soda or sprinkle stain with an absorbent powder
Abrasive Powders Containing Chlorine                                     such as salt, baking soda or cornstarch. Wait until the powder
Use baking soda instead                                                  becomes sticky, carefully remove and add more powder. Re-
Moth Balls                                                               peat until most of the stain is gone. Apply a final dusting. Wait
Use cedar chips or lavender and shredded newspaper                       two hours, brush away and wash with a mild detergent solu-
Window Cleaner                                                           tion. Rinse quickly, rub dry and air well
Use 2 tbsp. vinegar in 1.5L of warm water, crumpled newspa-              Oil Stain
per or rags can be used in place of paper towels                         Before laundering, rub white chalk into oil stain
Air Fresheners                                                           Ink (ballpoint) Stain
Use 1/2 cup borax in the bottom of the garbage can OR                    Sponge with rubbing alcohol or hair spray. Rub with soap,
boil cinnamon and cloves in water and place 30-60 mL of bak-             rinse and wash
ing soda in small bowls around the house                                 Grease Stain
Deodorizer                                                               1. Rub with cloth dipped in borax or apply a paste of corn-
Cover the rug with baking soda. Leave for at least one hour              starch and water. Let dry and brush off
and vacuum                                                               2. Cover affected area with baking soda or cornstarch. Leave
Drain Opener                                                             for one hour and brush off carefully
Pour boiling water down drain twice weekly, throw a few hand-            Fabric Softener
fuls of baking soda followed by a 1/2 cup vinegar, let sit for an        Use 1/2 cup baking soda added to the final rinse
hour, then run water through

             (Source: Town of Markham’s—The Environment Book)                                   (Source: Saskatchewan Naturally)

         Community Contacts and Resources

Local Municipalities in the County of Dufferin

Township of Amaranth                   (519)   941-1007
Township of East Garafraxa             (519)   928-5298
Township of East Luther Grand Valley   (519)   928-5652
Township of Melancthon                 (519)   925-5525
Town of Mono                           (519)   941-3599
Township of Mulmur                     (705)   466-3341
Town of Orangeville (Operations)       (519)   941-9124
Town of Shelburne                      (519)   925-2600

                 Other Contacts and Resources

                 Recycling Council of Ontario —
                 Composting Council of Canada —
                 Waste Reduction Week Canada —
                 Earth Day Canada —
                 Environment Canada —

                                ‘Take It Back!’
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