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									      INDEX OF ARTISTS

      A                                         F                                         P
      A*** W*** C***                     148    Feni-Mhlaba, D M                   267    Page, F H                        439
      Amfield, G follower of             377    Ferguson, J K                      180    Pierneef, J H              182, 408,
      Andersen, N S            186, 187, 188    Fern, E I                          179                           409, 410, 411
                                                Flemwell, G J                      155    Pilkington, G W        395, 396, 397
      B                                         Fourie, A                          279    Pinker, S                        512
      Baker, K            256, 257, 258, 259,                                             Portway, D O                     511
                          260, 519, 520, 521,   G                                         Pritchard, T                     263
                          522, 523, 524, 525    Gandy, H G                         161    Prowse, R                   406, 407
      Ball, W W                           156   Gasteiger, A                       380
      Battiss, W W        193, 194, 437, 438    Gluckman, J                        216    R
      Boonzaier, G J      207, 442, 443, 444,                                             Read, A E                         392
                          445, 446, 447, 448,   H                                         Roos, N O                         266
                          449, 450, 454, 455,   Herman, J                          163    Roos, M                           281
                     456, 457, 458, 463, 464,   Higgs, C                           433    Rose, P                           282
                     465, 466, 467, 468, 469    Hoijman, J Z                       152    Rose-Innes, A                490, 491
      Boshoff, A H        527, 528, 529, 530    Holsman, W                         149    Roux, F J                         242
      Botha, D            507, 508, 509, 510                                              Roworth, E         178, 398, 399, 400
      Botha, A J                          538   I
      Boyley, E S              500, 501, 502    I’Ons, F T                    384, 385    S
      Breytenbach, B                 532, 533                                             Sadler, W D                      157
      Brigg, M                       271, 272   J                                         School, British        147, 154, 376
      Büchner, C A                   228, 229   Jentsch, A S F                422, 423    School, Dutch                    151
      Burry, B G                208, 209, 210                                             Sekoto, G              475, 476, 477
      Butler, P                           274   K                                         Simon, E S                       265
      Buys, J             201, 202, 461, 462    Kannemeyer, P             235, 236, 237   Stern, I               425, 426, 427,
                                                Kibel, W                       435, 436                          428, 429, 430
      C                                         Klar, O                   199, 200, 460   Sumner, M F E                    434
      Calder, K                           275   Kobeli, E                           261
      Carter, S                 170, 171, 172   Kops, F                             150   T
      Catty, G                            276   Krampe, F                 470, 471, 472   Taylor, S                   168, 169
      Catzel, P                           277   Krige, F      211, 478,   479, 480, 481   Tennant, A                  183, 184
      Ciceri, E                           378                                             Thackwray, J V                   227
      Cilliers-Barnard, B                 489   L                                         Timlin, W M                 185, 424
      Claerhout, F M      221, 222, 223, 224,   Lanza, L                          158     Tretchikoff, V G                 485
                          225, 226, 503, 504,   Laubser, M M       416, 417, 418, 419,    Tugwell, C                       264
                                     505, 506                                420, 421     Tyrrell, B E H                   206
      Clarke, P           247, 248, 249, 250,   Lillian, ***                      153
                          251, 252, 253, 254    Lipshitz, L                  440, 441     V
      Clavé, A                            164   Lurcat, A                         160     van der Westhuizen, P           526
      Coetzee, H H              230, 231, 232                                             van Essche, M C L     451, 452, 453
      Coetzee, C                244, 245, 246   M                                         van Heerden, P G      492, 493, 494,
      Coetzer, W H                   431, 432   Macala, B                          262                          495, 496, 497
      Cohen, A                            165   Mace, E C C                        386    van Heerden, L                  537
      Cordingly, P                        278   MacKenzie, D                       162    van Nazareth, H A J H           531
      Costello, M A                  269, 270   Magnus, E                          379    Vorster, G F               233, 234
                                                Maseko, M                          240
      D                                         Mashile, C                         273    W
      de Jongh, T J After              181      Mayer, E K                    393, 394    Wallace, M         515, 516, 517, 518
      de Jongh, G C          212, 213, 214      McCaw, T J                    473, 474    Watson, S                    238, 239
                             482, 483, 484      Mgudlandlu, G                 513, 514    Welz, J M F        189, 190, 191, 192
      de Jongh, T J     412, 413, 414, 415                                                Wenning, Y                        159
      Desmond, N C               195, 196,      N                                         Wiles, W G                        173
                             197, 198, 459      Naudé, P H                     390, 391   Wollaston, J                      375
      De Wet Le Roux, R                241      Ndaba, G                            268   Wunderlich, P                166, 167
      Dixie, E M                       174      Niemann, H C              534, 535, 536
      Dixon, L                         217      Niemann Jnr., H                     539   Z
      Dobson, W                   382, 383      Nolte, Z                            255   Zeelie, A Z                      203
      Domsaitis, P      401, 402, 403, 404      Ntimbane, A                         280   Zerffi, F L J                    405
      During, D                   498, 499
      E                                         Oerder, F D               387, 388, 389
      Edwards, E M                       381    Oldert, J                      204, 205
      Enslin, G                218, 219, 220    Osborn, J M                         243
      Eriksson, A F Z          175, 176, 177
      Esmonde-White, E F           215, 486,
                                    487, 488


Glossary of Cataloguing Terms                                           4 Circle of Thomas Baines
The following are examples of the terminology used in this                In our opinion a work by an as yet unidentified but distinct
catalogue. Please note that any statement made in this                    hand, closely associated with the named artist but not
catalogue as to authorship, attribution, period, date, age, culture,      necessarily his pupil.
source, provenance, condition or origin for any property are            5 Style of …: Follower of Thomas Baines
qualified statements, not to be taken as a statement of fact, and         In our opinion a work by a painter working in the artist’s
are made subject to the provisions of the Conditions of                   style, contemporary or nearly contemporary, but not
Business and Terms of Sale by Auction printed in this catalogue.          necessarily his pupil.
We reserve the right in forming our opinion, to consult and rely
upon any expert or authority considered by us to be reliable.           6 Manner of Thomas Baines
                                                                          In our opinion a work in the style of the artist and of a later
Ceramics                                                                  date.
Fine Meissen Cup and Saucer; circa 1735                                 7 After Thomas Baines
This title states three things: the cup and saucer are in excellent       In our opinion a copy of a known work of the artist.
condition, both pieces were made at the Meissen factory, and
they were made around the year 1735. The adjective ‘fine’ is            8 The term signed and/or dated and/or inscribed means that
the only adjective used in a title to describe condition of               in our opinion the signature and/or date and/or inscription are
important lots.                                                           from the hand of the artist.
Meissen Cup and a Saucer, circa 1735                                    9 The term bears a signature and/or date and/or inscription
This states that the cup and saucer were made at the Meissen              means that in our opinion the signature and/or date and/or
factory around 1735, but it also indicates that the cup and               inscription have been added by another hand.
saucer may not have been ‘born’ together.
                                                                       10 Dimensions are given height before width.
Meissen Cup and Saucer, 1730-50
This states that the cup and saucer were made at the Meissen           11 Pictures are executed in oil on canvas and framed unless
factory some time between 1730 and 1750.                                  otherwise stated.

Meissen Cup and Saucer, dated 1735                                     Sculpture
This states that the cup and saucer were made at the Meissen           Casts in bronze, terracotta and other material are catalogued
factory and that the date 1735 appears within the decoration,          with the full name and dates of the artist who created the
although it may not be the actual year of manufacture. Only in         original model. In most cases, however, this does not mean that
the case of factories such as Sêvres, Frankenthal and Vienna,          the cast is by the hand of the artist of that precise date, but
which incorporated date letters or numbers into their marks,           rather cast after the model by that artist.
does the term ‘dated’ mean the actual year of manufacture.
                                                                       Upholstered Furniture
Meissen Cup and Saucer, 19th Century                                   Whilst every care is taken in cataloguing these items, no
This states that the cup and saucer are of Meissen type, and           guarantee can be given to the originality of the timber covered
although of the date specified, not necessarily made at the            by upholstery of fabric.
Meissen factory.
Meissen Cup and Saucer                                                 Condition of Lots Offered for Sale
This title without a date simply states that the pieces were           We are pleased to give a condition report on request.
made at the Meissen factory, but does not specify when,                Nevertheless, intending buyers are reminded that all lots are
implying that their age is questionable.                               sold as shown and itheir attention is drawn to Clause 14 of the
                                                                       Conditions of Business. The absence of reference to condition
                                                                       of the lot in the catalogue description does not imply that the lot
Works of Art                                                           is free from faults or imperfections.
 1 Thomas Baines
   In our opinion a work by the artist. (When the artist’s
   forename(s) is not known, a series of asterisks, followed by
   the surname of the artist, whether preceded by an initial or
   not, indicates that in our opinion the work is by the artist
   named.                                                                                           Catalogue Credits

 2 Attributed to Thomas Baines                                                                      Photography
   In our opinion probably a work by the artist but less                                            Les Hammond, Cape Town
   certainty as to authorship is expressed than in the preceding
 3 Studio of Thomas Baines                                                                          Scan Shop
   In our opinion a work by an unknown hand in the studio of
   the artist which may or may not have been executed under                                         Layout and Reproduction
   the artist’s direction.                                                                          Scan Shop


      Methods of Payment
      Payment is due immediately after the sale and may be made by       Important Notice to Buyers of Furniture, Carpets, large
      the following methods: Cash, Cheque, Banker’s Draft, Wire          Works of Art and Sculpture
      Transfer and Credit Card.                                          All purchases must be removed immediately after the auction.
      1) Cash                                                            Uncollected lots will be packed and removed at the purchaser’s
      It is against our general policy to accept payment in the form     expense.
      of cash in excess of the local currency equivalent of South
      African Rand 5 000. However, cash can be paid directly into        Lots will be released to the purchaser or his/her authorized
      our Call Account:                                                  representative only if full payment has been received by us
      Stephan Welz & Co. (Pty) Ltd                                       together with settlement of any removal, handling and storage
      RMB Private Bank                                                   charges due.
      Johannesburg Branch Code: 261-251
      Call Account No. 61037110329                                       Buyers who have established credit arrangements with us may
      We will accept a copy of the deposit slip as proof of payment.     collect purchases prior to payment. Bidders by post and
                                                                         telephone are advised to check not later than the morning
      2) Cheque and Banker’s Drafts                                      following the sale whether they have been successful or not.
      South African Rand Cheques and Banker’s Drafts should be
      made payable to: Stephan Welz & Co.                                Methods of Dispatch for Southern African Buyers
      Please include your name and invoice number as a reference
      with your instructions to your bank.                               Mail
                                                                         This is the most economical method, and providing your
      3) Bank Transfers in South African Rands should be                 purchase does not exceed the size and weight stipulated by the
      transferred to:                                                    postal authorities and we feel that the item is of a suitable
      Stephan Welz & Co. (Pty) Ltd                                       nature, we shall pack and dispatch your purchase. Purchasers of
      RMB Private Bank                                                   books are advised to obtain estimates prior to the dispatch of
      Johannesburg Branch Code: 261-251                                  lots containing numerous or extremely large volumes in order to
      Current Account No.: 50370039792                                   ascertain the most economical method of dispatch.
      Swift Transfer FIRNZAJJ
      Please include your name and invoice number as a reference         Road
      with your instructions to your bank.                               This is suitable for items which are too large or fragile for
                                                                         dispatch by mail. Transport is arranged by our nominated carrier
      4) Credit Cards                                                    who will ensure that all items are adequately packed.
      Payment by credit card will only be accepted within 48 hours
      of the date of the sale. Thereafter, please use an alternate       Applications for Export Permits
      method of payment as indicated above.                              The Buyer shall be responsible for obtaining any export licence
                                                                         that may be required.
      Purchases will be dispatched as soon as possible upon receipt
      of your written dispatch instructions, full payment for the lots   Endangered Species
      you have bought, and any export licences that may be required.     Any item made of or incorporating animal material such as ivory,
      Dispatch will be at the buyer’s expense. Estimates and advice      irrespective of value, will require a specific permit from the
      on all methods of dispatch can be provided upon request and        Department of Nature Conservation prior to exportation. The
      enquiries should be marked for the attention of our Shipping       Buyer shall be responsible for obtaining the CITES certificates.
                                                                         Clearance and Insurance
      Insurance cover will be arranged unless otherwise specified        Purchasers are earnestly requested to arrange clearance as early
      and will be at the buyer’s expense.                                as possible and are reminded that purchases are insured only
                                                                         for a period of 5 working days following the day of sale.
      Methods of Dispatch for Overseas Buyers
                                                                         Important Notice Concerning Condition of Lots Offered
      Airmail                                                            for Sale
      This is the most commonly used method, and providing your          We are pleased to give a condition report on request.
      purchase does not exceed the size and weight stipulated by the     Nevertheless, intending buyers are reminded that all lots are
      postal authorities and we feel that the item is of a suitable      sold as shown and their attention is drawn to Clause 14 of the
      nature, we shall pack and dispatch your purchase worldwide.        Conditions of Business. The absence of reference to condition
      Purchasers of books are advised to obtain estimates prior to the   of the lot in the catalogue description does not imply that the lot
      dispatch of lots containing numerous or extremely large            is free from faults or imperfections.
      volumes in order to ascertain the most economical method of
      Surface mail
      Dispatch is as for airmail but at a cheaper rate. Purchases take
      considerably longer to arrive at their destinations.
      This is suitable for all items, worldwide. Unless otherwise
      specified, dispatch is arranged by our nominated agent.
      Quotations are obtainable upon request.
      This is often more economical for larger consignments, such as
      furniture. Unless otherwise specified, dispatch is arranged by
      our nominated agent. Quotations are obtainable upon request.
Sale title                                          ABSENTEE BID FORM                                        Bidder Number: (for office use only)
Decorative and Fine Arts
                                                    TELEPHONE BID FORM                          NB. Please tick relevant preference

                                                                                                                                               Bids should be written clearly and received 24 hours prior to each session. Late arrivals might not be processed.
16 & 17 October 2007                                Telephone lines must be booked 24 hours in advance
Sale code and number                          Name
Please mail or fax to
Stephan Welz & Co.
P.O. Box 818
Constantia, 7848                                                                                       Postcode

Cape Town Office                              Telephone Home
Up to Friday 12 October
021 794 6461                                  Telephone Business
Fax 021 794 6621                              Cellphone
From Saturday 13 October
At the Saleroom, Kirstenbosch                 Fax
021 761 3155 or 021 761 3164(*)               E-mail
Fax: 021 761 8079
* Not in use during sale sessions             VAT STATUS: YES             REG. NO:                                                NO
Collection of Purchases:                      I agree to be bound by the Conditions of Business as printed in the catalogue.
   Kirstenbosch (by 10am                      NB. Please tick relevant Collection of Purchases box
   Thursday, 18 October)                      Signature                                             Date
   Johannesburg office
Please complete Shipping                      If you wish your faxed or posted bid/s to be acknowledged, please indicate below.
Instructions Form overleaf.                   Please acknowledge receipt of my bid/s
Important                                     Fax                                      E-mail
Please bid on my behalf at the above sale
for the following lot(s) up to the hammer        Lot Number        Title/Description                        R Bid Price
price(s) listed below. These bids are to be                                                              (excluding premium and VAT)
executed as cheaply as is permitted by
other bids and reserves. I agree to                                                                      R
comply with the notices and conditions of
sale as printed in the catalogue.
I understand that in the case of a
successful bid a premium of 15% will be                                                                  R
added to the hammer price on each lot
selling at R5 000 or less and of 10% on                                                                  R
each lot selling in excess of R5 000. VAT
at 14% is payable on such a premium.
Where indicated by a dagger † in the
catalogue, VAT at 14% is payable on the                                                                  R
hammer price, refundable on proof of
export.                                                                                                  R
To ensure a satisfactory service, bidders
are urged most strongly to send bids so                                                                  R
that they are received at least 24 hours
before a sale. In the event of identical                                                                 R
bids, the earliest received takes
Arrangements for payment
In order to avoid delay in clearing                                                                      R
purchases, buyers who are unknown to
us are advised to make arrangements for                                                                  R
payment before the sale or for
satisfactory references to be supplied.
If such arrangements are not made
cheques will be cleared before
purchases are released.                                                                                  R

                                                        Please write clearly and submit your bids as early as possible
FOR METHODS OF PAYMENT, PLEASE SEE PAYMENT AND DISPATCH OF PURCHASES                                                                        209

      If you are unable to attend an auction in    CREDIT CARDS
      person, you may give Stephan Welz &          These are acceptable, provided payment is received within 48 hours of the sale date.
      Co.’s Bid department instructions to bid
      on your behalf. We will then try to          PLEASE WRITE IN BLOCK LETTERS
      purchase the lot of your choice for the      Please tick appropriate box:
      lowest price possible, and never for
      more than the top amount you indicate.            Visa                Diners         Mastercard            American Express
      This service is free and confidential.
      Please note: Although we will make           Name on card
      every effort, Stephan Welz & Co. will not
                                                   I.D. no. of cardholder
      be responsible for error or failure to
      execute bids. Absentee bids, when            Nationality and Passport no. of cardholder (foreign buyers only)
      placed by telephone, are accepted
      only at the caller’s risk and must be        Card no.
      confirmed by letter or fax.
                                                   Expiry Date                                       3 or 4 digit code on reverse
      Using the Absentee Bid Form
      Please use the form provided and be          Signature                                                     Date
      sure to record accurately the lot
      numbers, descriptions and top hammer
      price you are willing to pay for each lot.   SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS
      “Buy” or unlimited bids will not be          Please complete this part of the form to arrange for the dispatch of your purchases through
      accepted. Alternative bids can be placed     one of our nominated shipping agents, at your expense. Please be reminded that the
      by using the word “OR” between lot           saleroom must be cleared by 10am Thursday following the sale.
      numbers. Bids must be placed in the
      same order as the lots appear in the         Collection from Kirstenbosch
      catalogue. Each absentee bid form            I will personally collect my purchases                                            [YES]    [NO]
      should contain bids for one sale only;
      the sale number and code name should         Mr/Mrs                                   will collect on my behalf. ID no.
      appear at the top of the form. Please
      place your bids as early as possible.        My nominated shipper:
      In the event of identical bids, the
      earliest received will take precedence.      Tel no.                                            will collect on my behalf on   /       /2006.
      Where appropriate your bids will be
      rounded down to the nearest amount           Local Shipments
      consistent with the Auctioneer’s             Please arrange to have my purchases delivered to the address below if
      bidding increments.                          different from the one on the Absentee Bid Form                               [YES]        [NO]
                                                   Please arrange transit insurance at the rate as charged by the shipper (+VAT) [YES]        [NO]
      Successful bids                              Please send a quotation before shipping                                       [YES]        [NO]
      Should you be a successful bidder
      you will receive an invoice detailing        Collection from the Johannesburg Office
      your purchases and giving instructions       Please arrange to have my purchases sent at my expense, to
      for payment and clearance of goods.          Stephan Welz & Co., Rosebank                                                  [YES]        [NO]
      Unsuccessful order bidders will              Please arrange transit insurance at the rate as charged by the shipper (+VAT) [YES]        [NO]
      be advised.                                  Please send a quotation before shipping                                       [YES]        [NO]
                                                   The cost will be added to your invoice
      Telephone bids
      Bids, when placed by telephone, are          International Shipments
      accepted only at the sender’s risk,          Please indicate your preferred method of Shipment:
      and should be confirmed by letter
                                                   Courier              Air Freight            Sea Freight
      or facsimile.
                                                   Please arrange transit insurance at the rate as charged by the shipper (+ VAT) [YES]       [NO]
                                                   Please send a quotation before shipping                                        [YES]       [NO]
      Furniture bidders by post
      and telephone
      Furniture bidders are earnestly requested    Licences: Should any of your purchases require a licence prior to export, Stephan Welz & Co.
      to arrange early clearance of their goods    will submit the application prior to dispatch
      OF FURNITURE, CARPETS, LARGE                 All purchased lots must be paid and collected immediately after the auction.
      WORKS OF ART AND SCULPTURE                   Uncollected lots will be packed and removed at the purchaser’s expense.
      for details).
                                                   Delivery Address (If different from the address overleaf)
      The reserve, if any, on any one lot will
      not exceed the low estimate as
      published in the catalogue.

      Please check your bids.                           Please charge my credit card as indicated above
                                                        I will pay the shipper direct


Catalogues                                                               information contributes to scholarship or is otherwise well known
Catalogues and price-lists can be obtained on annual                     and assists in distinguishing the work of art. However, the identity
subscription and are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.            of the seller or previous owners may not be disclosed for a
For details of terms, please apply to the Johannesburg office of         variety of reasons. For example, such information may be
Stephan Welz & Co., Catalogue Subscription Department,                   excluded to accommodate a seller’s request for confidentiality or
P. O. Box 52431, Saxonwold, 2132; telephone (011) 880-3125/9;            because the identity of prior owners is unknown given the age of
facsimile (011) 880-2656. Requests for single catalogues should          the work of art.
be accompanied by remittances.
                                                                         Buyer’s premium
TERMS OF SALE BY AUCTION                                                 A premium of 15% of the hammer price is payable on each
                                                                         lot selling at R5 000 or less, and of 10% on each lot selling in
Vendor’s commission                                                      excess of R5 000. VAT at 14% is payable on such premium.
A vendor’s commission of 10% is payable on the hammer price              Lots designated ‘†’ next to the lot number in the catalogue, will
for Fine and Decorative Arts and Collectables. Postage Stamps            be liable for payment of VAT on the hammer price, refundable
and Postal History items are subject to a vendor’s commission of         on proof of export.
15%. Under all categories of Sale, lots selling at R5 000 or less
                                                                         Order bids
are liable to commission of 15%. VAT at the prevailing rate is
                                                                         Upon request, we shall execute bids and advise intending
applicable on such commission irrespective of the vendor’s
                                                                         buyers. This service is free. Lots will always be bought as
                                                                         cheaply as is allowed by other bids and the reserves on our
Vendor’s commission includes all the expenses of the sale, after         books. In the event of identical bids, the earliest will take
the property has been received, but does not include insurance           precedence. When order bids are placed by telephone they are
or illustrations in the catalogue should such be required. For           accepted at the sender’s risk, and must be confirmed prior to
Books, Coins and Postage Stamps the cost of illustrations is             the sale by letter or facsimile. To ensure a satisfactory service,
included in the commission rates.                                        bidders are urged most strongly to send bids so that they are
                                                                         received at least 24 hours before a sale.
No VAT is payable on the hammer price of items consigned to us           Telephone bids
for sale by private individuals. Commission, premium and                 Stephan Welz & Co. will do its best to accommodate telephone
illustration charges are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.          bids from buyers who have made proper arrangements at least
Items offered for sale on behalf of foreign and locally registered       24 hours prior to the sale and subject to the availability of
vendors will be liable for VAT on the hammer price. In the               sufficient telephone lines. Because this method cannot be entirely
catalogue, these lots are designated ‘†’ next to the lot number.         free from risk of communication breakdown, Stephan Welz & Co.
                                                                         cannot be held responsible for losses arising from missed bids.
The vendor must give Stephan Welz & Co. all relevant information
as to his/her VAT status concerning the lot to be sold, and Stephan      Late entries
Welz & Co. is entitled to rely on this information. Once a lot has       In some catalogues lot numbers are allocated for a limited
been designated ‘†’ in the catalogue on the basis of such informa-       number of late entries for those vendors wishing immediate
tion, no alteration that will affect the liability to VAT can be made.   sale. Items must be received no later than one week prior to the
                                                                         auction. These extra lots will be on view, but will not appear
                                                                         with descriptions in the catalogue.
It is the policy of Stephan Welz & Co. that the reserve, if any, on
any one lot will not exceed the lower estimate as published in           Company property
the catalogue.                                                           It is the general policy of Stephan Welz & Co. to act as agent
                                                                         only for the vendor. Circumstances do, however, arise from time
                                                                         to time where the company or its director/s may have an
Neither Stephan Welz & Co. nor the seller is responsible for any
                                                                         interest in a lot or lots being offered. In the catalogue, such lots
references regarding the condition of lots listed. The absence of
                                                                         are designated ‘*’ next to the lot number.
any such reference does not imply that a lot is in good condition
or free from faults or imperfections. Intending buyers are advised       Written valuations
to satisfy themselves on the condition of a lot, by inspecting it        The provision of written valuations for Insurance, Sale by Private
prior to the sale.                                                       Treaty, Estate Duty or other purposes is an important part of our
                                                                         services. Valuations can be arranged through any of our offices.
                                                                         Valuation fees vary according to the nature and amount of work
The rate of premium payable is 1,5% of the hammer price of
                                                                         to be undertaken and are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate,
both sold and unsold lots. VAT at the prevailing rate is payable
                                                                         but will always be highly competitive. We shall refund the
on this amount by all vendors.
                                                                         valuation fee charged if the property is consigned to us for sale
Illustrations                                                            within a reasonably short period of time after the valuation.
The cost of an illustration is R300. VAT at the prevailing rate          Inspections
(currently 14%) is payable on this amount. (Not applicable to            We shall inspect properties and advise owners who wish to sell
Books, Coins or Postage Stamp sales).                                    at auction. The service is without charge, though in certain
Registration prior to auction                                            instances it may be necessary to charge out-of-pocket and
All lots will be invoiced to the name and address given against          travelling expenses.
the issue of the number allocated on registration prior to the           Packing and/or loading of purchases
auction and cannot be transferred to other names and                     After an auction, only limited assistance from the staff of Stephan
addresses.                                                               Welz & Co. with packing and/or loading of purchases is available.
Provenance                                                               Where such assistance is rendered, no liability will devolve on
In certain circumstances, Stephan Welz & Co. may print in the            Stephan Welz & Co. or its staff for any damage that may arise,
catalogue the history of ownership of a work of art if such              from whatever cause, during such packing and/or loading.


      In these conditions, ‘Welz & Co.’ means ‘Stephan Welz & Co. (Pty) Ltd’.      b) The buyer will be responsible for any removal, storage and
                                                                                   insurance charges on any lot not taken away immediately after
      Welz & Co. carries on business (whether with actual or prospective
                                                                                   the auction.
      buyers and sellers or consignors requiring inspection, appraisal or
      valuation of property or persons reading catalogues or otherwise)         10 For wine not available for collection from Welz & Co’s premises,
      on the following terms and conditions and on such other terms,               the supply of a release order authorizing the release of the lot
      conditions and notices as may be set out in any relevant catalogue.          to the buyer will constitute delivery by Welz & Co.
      The Conditions of Business and all other contents of any catalogue        11 Buyer’s responsibility for lots purchased
      are subject to amendment by the posting of notices, by oral                  The buyer will be responsible for the loss of or damage to lots
      announcement made by the auctioneer prior to or during the sale,             purchased from the time of collection or the expiry of 5
      or by way of an agreement in writing signed by the parties                   working days after the day of auction, whichever is the sooner,
      concerned.                                                                   and neither Welz & Co. nor its servants or agents will thereafter
                                                                                   be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind, whether
      The definitions of words and phrases with special meanings appear            caused by negligence or otherwise, while any lot is in its
      in Condition 36.                                                             custody or under its control.
                                                                                12 No firearms will be delivered to any purchaser until he/she has
      Conditions mainly concerning Buyers
                                                                                   produced for the inspection of agents for the auctioneers, a
       1 The buyer                                                                 valid firearm licence or collector’s permit in terms of the laws of
         The highest bidder will be the buyer at the ‘hammer price’ and            South Africa in respect of each lot purchased. No sale will be
         any dispute will be settled at the auctioneer’s absolute                  cancelled without proof to the satisfaction of Welz & Co. that
         discretion. Every bidder will be deemed to act as principal               application was made for such licence or collector’s permit. The
         unless there is in force a written acknowledgement by Welz &              onus is on the purchaser to apply for such licence or permit.
         Co. that he/she acts as agent on behalf of the named principal.
                                                                                13 Remedies for non-payment or failure to collect purchases
       2 Minimum increment                                                         If any lot is not paid for in full and taken away in accordance
         The auctioneer will have the right to refuse any bid which does           with Conditions 5 and 9, or if there is any other breach of either
         not exceed the previous bid by at least 5% or by such other               of those conditions, Welz & Co. as agent of the seller will, at its
         proportion as the auctioneer will in his absolute discretion              absolute discretion and without prejudice to any other rights it
         direct.                                                                   may have, be entitled to exercise one or more of the following
       3 The premium                                                               rights and remedies:
         The buyer shall pay to Welz & Co. a premium of 15% of the                 a) to proceed against the buyer for damages for breach of
         ‘hammer price’ of each lot selling at R5 000 or less, and of              contract;
         10% of each lot selling in excess of R5 000. VAT at 14% is                b) to rescind the sale of that or any other lots sold to the
         payable on such premium. The buyer agrees that Welz & Co.,                defaulting buyer at the same or any other auction;
         when acting as agent for the seller, may also receive                     c) to resell the lot or cause it to be resold by public auction or
         commission from the seller in accordance with Condition 17.               private sale and the defaulting buyer will be liable to pay to
                                                                                   Welz & Co. any resulting deficiency in the ‘total amount due’
       4 Valued Added Tax (VAT)                                                    (after deduction of any part payment and addition of resale
         Lots on which Value Added Tax is payable by the buyer on the              costs) and any surplus will belong to the seller;
         ‘hammer price’ are indicated in the catalogue with the sign †.            d) to remove, store and insure the lots at the expense of the
         Value Added Tax, the rates of which are subject to alteration by          defaulting buyer and, in the case of storage, either at Welz &
         law, is payable at the rates prevailing on the day of the auction.        Co’s premises or elsewhere;
       5 Payment                                                                   e) to charge interest at a rate not exceeding 2% per month on
         Immediately a lot is sold the buyer will:                                 the ‘total amount due’ to the extent it remains unpaid for more
         a) give to Welz & Co. his/her name and address and, if so                 than 5 working days after the day of the auction;
         requested, proof of identity;                                             f) to retain that or any other lot sold to the same buyer at the
         b) pay to Welz & Co. the ‘total amount due’ (unless credit                same time or at any other auction and release it only after
         terms have been arranged with Welz & Co. before the auction).             payment of the ‘total amount due’;
                                                                                   g) to reject or ignore any bids made by or on behalf of the
       6 Welz & Co. may, before the auction, at its absolute discretion,           defaulting buyer at any future auctions or require and receive a
         agree credit terms with the buyer under which the buyer will              deposit before accepting any bids in future;
         be entitled to take possession of lots purchased up to an                 h) to apply any proceeds of sale then due or at any time
         agreed amount in value in advance of payment by a determined              thereafter becoming due to the defaulting buyer towards
         future date of the ‘total amount due’.                                    settlement of the ‘total amount due’ and to exercise a lien on
                                                                                   any property of the defaulting buyer which is in Welz & Co’s
       7 Any payments by a buyer to Welz & Co. may be applied by                   possession for any purpose.
         Welz & Co. towards any sums owing by the buyer to Welz &
         Co. on any account whatever without regard to any directions           14 Liability of Welz & Co. and sellers
         of the buyer or his/her agent, whether express or implied.                a) Goods auctioned are usually of some age. All goods are sold
                                                                                   with all faults and imperfections and errors of description.
       8 Collection of purchases                                                   Illustrations in catalogues are for identification only. Buyers
         The ownership of the lots purchased will not pass to the buyer            should satisfy themselves prior to sale as to the condition of
         until he/she has made payment in full to Welz & Co. of the                each lot and should exercise and rely on their own judgement
         ‘total amount due’.                                                       as to whether the lot accords with its description or not.
                                                                                   Subject to the obligations accepted by Welz & Co. under this
       9 a) The buyer will at his/her own expense take away the lot
                                                                                   condition, none of the seller, Welz & Co., its servants or agents
         purchased immediately after the auction but (unless credit
                                                                                   is responsible for errors of descriptions or for the genuineness
         terms have been agreed in accordance with Condition 6) not
                                                                                   or authenticity of any lot, no warranty whatever is given by
         before payment to Welz & Co. of the ‘total amount due’.

   Welz & Co., its servants or agents, or any seller to any buyer in   18 Insurance
   respect of any lot, and any express or implied conditions or           Unless otherwise instructed, Welz & Co. will insure property
   warranties are hereby excluded.                                        (other than ‘motor vehicles’) consigned to it or put under its
   b) Any lot which proves to be a ‘deliberate forgery’ may be            control for sale and may, at its discretion, insure property put
   returned by the buyer to Welz & Co. within 21 days of the date         under its control for any other purpose. In all cases the property
   of auction in the same condition in which it was at the time of        will remain at all times at the risk of the seller or consignor and
   the auction, accompanied by a statement of defects, the                neither Welz & Co. nor its servants or agents will be
   number of the lot, and the date of the auction at which it was         responsible for any loss or damage, whether caused by
   purchased. If Welz & Co. is satisfied that the item is a               negligence or otherwise. Such insurance will be at the expense
   ‘deliberate forgery’ and that the buyer has and is able to             of the seller or consignor, will be for the amount estimated by
   transfer a good and marketable title to the lot, free from any         Welz & Co. to be, from time to time, the current value of the
   third-party claims, the sale will be set aside and any amount          property at auction and will subsist until whichever is the earlier
   paid in respect of the lot will be refunded – provided that the        of the ownership of the property passing from the seller, or the
   buyer will have no rights under the conditions if:                     seller or consignor becoming bound to collect the property. In
   i) the description in the catalogue at the date of the sale was        no event will Welz & Co. be liable for damage to glass or
   in accordance with the then generally accepted opinion of              picture frames. If the seller instructs Welz & Co. not to insure a
   scholars and experts or fairly indicated that there was conflict       lot it shall at all times remain at the risk of the seller who
   of such opinion; or                                                    hereby undertakes:
   ii) the only method of establishing at the date of publication of      a) to indemnify Welz & Co. against all claims made or
   the catalogue that the lot was a ‘deliberate forgery’ was by           proceedings brought against Welz & Co. in respect of loss or
   means of a scientific process not generally accepted for use           damage to the lot of whatever nature howsoever and
   until after publication of the catalogue, or by a process which        wheresoever occurring and in any circumstances even when
   was unreasonably expensive or impractical.                             negligence is alleged or proven;
   c) A buyer’s claim under this condition will be limited to any         b) to reimburse Welz & Co. on demand for all payments, costs
   amount paid in respect of the lot and will not extend to any loss      or expenses made, incurred or suffered by Welz & Co. in
   or damage suffered, or expense incurred by him/her.                    consequence thereof or arising therefrom. Any payment which
   d) The benefit of this condition will not be assignable and will       Welz & Co. shall make in respect of such loss or damage or
   rest solely and exclusively in the buyer who, for the purpose of       payments, costs and expenses shall be binding on the seller,
   this condition, will be and only be the person to whom the             and shall be accepted by the seller as conclusive evidence that
   original invoice is made out by Welz & Co. in respect of the lot       Welz & Co. was liable to make such payment;
   sold.                                                                  c) to notify any insurer of the existence of the indemnity
                                                                          contained in this Condition.
Conditions mainly concerning sellers and consignors                       In the event of a claim against the insurers by Welz & Co. from
15 Warranty of title and availability                                     whatever cause arising, Welz & Co. shall not be obliged to pay
   a) The seller warrants to Welz & Co. and to the buyer that             any sum to the consignor or seller until such claim shall be paid
   he/she is the true owner of the property or is properly                by the insurer, provided that upon receipt of payment from
   authorized by the true owner and is able to transfer good and          insurer, Welz & Co. will then remit to the consignor or seller the
   marketable title to the property, free from any third-party            proceeds of such claim, less the commission and any expenses
   claims.                                                                applicable in terms of these conditions.
   b) The seller of any property not held by Welz & Co. on its         19 Electrical and mechanical goods
   premises or under its control, warrants and undertakes to Welz         The seller or consignor of electrical or mechanical goods
   & Co. and the buyer that the property will be available and in         warrants and undertakes to Welz & Co. that the date on which
   deliverable state on demand of the buyer.                              the same are consigned to Welz & Co. or put under Welz &
   c) The seller will indemnify Welz & Co., its servants and agents       Co’s control and except as previously disclosed to Welz & Co.
   and the buyer against any loss or damage suffered by either in         the same are safe if reasonably used for the purpose for which
   consequence of any breach of (a) or (b) above on the part of the       they were designed and free from any defect not obvious on
   seller.                                                                external inspection which could prove dangerous to human life
16 Reserves                                                               or health, and will indemnify Welz & Co., its servants or agents,
   The seller will be entitled to place, prior to the auction, a          against any loss or damage suffered by any of them in
   reserve on any lot, being the minimum ‘hammer price’ at which          consequence of any breach of the above warranty or
   that lot may be treated as sold. A reserve once placed by the          undertaking.
   seller may not be changed without the consent of Welz & Co.         20 Rescission of the sale
   Welz & Co. may at its option sell at a ‘hammer price’ below the        If before Welz & Co. remits the ‘sale proceeds’ to the seller,
   reserve, but in any such cases the sale proceeds to which the          the buyer makes a claim to rescind the sale under Condition 14
   seller is entitled will be the same as they would have, had the        or otherwise and Welz & Co. is of the opinion that the claim is
   sale been at the reserve. Where a reserve has been placed,             justified, Welz & Co. is authorized to rescind the sale and
   only the auctioneer may bid on behalf of the seller. The reserve,      refund the buyer any amount paid to Welz & Co. in respect of
   if any, on any one lot will not exceed the low estimate as             the lot.
   published in the catalogue. Where no reserve has been placed,
   the seller may bid either personally or through the agency of       21 Payment of sale proceeds
   any one person. Items under R500 are sold without reserve.             Subject to Condition 20 above, Welz & Co. will remit the ‘sale
                                                                          proceeds’ to the seller not later than 1 month after the auction,
17 Authority to deduct commission and expenses                            but if by that date Welz & Co. has not received the ‘total
   The seller authorizes Welz & Co. to deduct commission at the           amount due’ from the buyer, then Welz & Co. will remit the
   ‘stated’ rates and ‘expenses’ from the ‘hammer price’ and              ‘sale proceeds’ within 5 working days after the date on which
   acknowledges Welz & Co’s right to retain the premium payable           the ‘total amount due’ is received from the buyer. If credit
   by the buyers in accordance with Condition 3. Where the                terms have been agreed between Welz & Co. and the buyer,
   ‘hammer price’ is not accepted by Welz & Co. the seller shall          Welz & Co. will remit to the seller the sale proceeds not later
   nevertheless be liable to Welz & Co. for commission at the             than 1 month after the auction unless otherwise agreed by the
   stated rates.                                                          seller: provided that where in the case of postage stamps Welz
                                                                          & Co. has granted an extension Welz & Co. will remit the ‘sale
                                                                          proceeds’ when a certificate of genuineness is received by
         Welz & Co. or 65 days after the auction, whichever is the                 30 While the interests of prospective buyers are best served by
         sooner, but if by then Welz & Co. has not received the ‘total                attendance at the auction, Welz & Co. will if so instructed
         amount’ from the buyer, then Welz & Co. will remit the ‘sale                 execute bids on their behalf, neither Welz & Co. nor its servants
         proceeds’ within 5 working days after the day on which the                   or agents being responsible for any neglect or default in doing
         ‘total amount due’ is received from the buyer.                               so or for failing to do so.
      22 If the buyer fails to pay Welz & Co. the ‘total amount due’               31 Welz & Co. will have the right, at its discretion, to refuse
         within 3 weeks after the auction, Welz & Co. will endeavour to               admission to its premises or attendance at its auctions by any
         notify the seller and take the seller’s instructions as to the               person.
         appropriate course of action and, so far as in Welz & Co’s                32 Welz & Co. has absolute discretion without giving any reason to
         opinion it is practicable, will assist the seller to recover the ‘total      refuse any bid, to divide any lot, to combine any 2 or more lots,
         amount due’ from the buyer. If circumstances do not permit                   to withdraw any lot from the auction and in case of dispute to
         Welz & Co. to take instructions from the seller, the seller                  put up any lot for auction again.
         authorizes Welz & Co. at the seller’s expense to agree special
         terms for payment of the ‘total amount due’, to remove, store             33 a) Any indemnity under these conditions will extend to all
         and insure the lot sold, to settle claims made by or against the             actions, proceedings, costs, expenses, claims and demands
         buyer on such terms as Welz & Co. will in its absolute                       whatever incurred or suffered by the person entitled to the
         discretion think fit, to take such steps as are necessary to                 benefit of the indemnity.
         collect moneys due by the buyer to the seller and if necessary               b) Welz & Co. declares itself to be a trustee for its relevant
         to rescind the sale and refund money to the buyer.                           servants and agents of the benefit of every indemnity under
                                                                                      these conditions to the extent that such indemnity is expressed
      23 If, notwithstanding that the buyer fails to pay to Welz & Co. the            to be for the benefit of its servants and agents.
         ‘total amount due’ within 3 weeks after the auction, Welz & Co.
         remits the ‘sale proceeds’ to the seller, the ownership of the lot        34 Any notice by Welz & Co. to a seller, consignor, prospective
         shall pass to Welz & Co.                                                     bidder or buyer may be given by either surface mail or airmail
                                                                                      and if so given will be deemed to have been duly received by
      24 Charges for withdrawn lots                                                   the addressee 6 days after posting; or by facsimile and if so
         Where a seller cancels instructions for sale, Welz & Co.                     given will be deemed to have been duly received by the
         reserves the right to charge full commission on Welz & Co’s                  addressee within 1 working day after transmission.
         then latest estimate or middle estimate of the auction price of
         the property withdrawn, together with Valued Added Tax                    35 Every auction and all matters concerned therewith including
         thereon and ‘expenses’ incurred in relation to the property.                 these conditions, will be governed by and construed in
                                                                                      accordance with the laws of South Africa and the buyer
      25 Rights to photographs and illustrations                                      submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the South African
         The seller gives Welz & Co. full and absolute right to                       courts.
         photograph, illustrate, or otherwise produce images, of any lot
         placed in its hands for sale and to use such photographs and              36 In these conditions:
         illustrations and any photographs and illustrations provided by              a) ‘catalogue’ includes any advertisement, brochure, estimate,
         the seller at any time at its absolute discretion (whether or not            price-list and other publication;
         in connection with the auction).                                             b) ‘hammer price’ means the price at which a lot is knocked
                                                                                      down by the auctioneer to the buyer;
      26 Unsold lots                                                                  c) ‘total amount due’ means ‘hammer price’ in respect of the
         Where any lot fails to sell, Welz & Co. will notify the seller               lot sold together with any premium, Value Added Tax,
         accordingly. The seller will make arrangements either to re-offer            chargeable and additional charges and expenses due from the
         the lot for sale or to collect the lot and to pay the reduced                defaulting buyer under Condition 13, in SA Rands;
         commission under Condition 27 and ‘expenses’. If such                        d) ‘book’ means any item included or proposed to be included
         arrangements are not made:                                                   in a sale of books and includes a manuscript or print;
         a) within 7 days of notification, the seller will be responsible for         e) a ‘deliberate forgery’ means an imitation made with the
         any removal, storage and insurance expenses;                                 intention of deceiving as to authorship, origin, date, age, period,
         b) within 3 months of notification, Welz & Co. will have the                 culture or source, which is not shown to be such in the
         right to sell the lot at public auction without reserve and to               description in the catalogue and which at the date of the sale
         deduct from the ‘hammer price’ any sum owing to Welz & Co.                   had a value materially less than it would have had if it had been
         including (without limitation) removal, storage and insurance                in accordance with that description;
         expenses, the ‘expenses’ of both auctions, reduced                           f) ‘sale proceeds’ means the net amount due to the seller,
         commission under Condition 27 in respect of the first auction                being the ‘hammer price’ of the lot sold less commission at the
         as well as commission at the ‘stated rates’ on the sale and all              ‘stated rates’ and ‘expenses’ and any other amounts due to
         other reasonable expenses, before remitting the balance to the               Welz & Co. by the seller in whatever capacity and howsoever
         seller or, if he/she cannot be traced, placing it in a bank account          arising;
         in the name of Welz & Co. for the seller.                                    g) ‘stated rates’ means Welz & Co’s published rates of
      27 Welz & Co. reserves the right to charge commission up to one-                commission for the time being and Value Added Tax thereon;
         half of the ‘stated rates’ calculated on the ‘bought-in price’ and           h) ‘expenses’ in relation to the sale of any lot means Welz &
         in addition ‘expenses’ in respect of any unsold lots.                        Co’s charges and expenses for insurance, illustrations, special
      28 General conditions and definitions                                           advertising, packing and freight of that lot and any Value Added
         Welz & Co. sells as agent for the seller (except where it is                 Tax thereon;
         stated wholly or partly to own any lot as principal and such lots            i) ‘motor vehicle’ means any item included or proposed to be
         are identified by * next to the lot number) and as such is not               included in a sale of motor vehicles;
         responsible for any default by seller or buyer.                              j) ‘bought-in price’ means 5% more than the highest bid
                                                                                      received below the reserve.
      29 Any representation or statement by Welz & Co., in any
         catalogue, as to authorship, attribution, genuineness, origin,            37 Special terms may be used in catalogues in the description of
         date, age, provenance, condition or estimated selling price is a             the lot. Where terms are not self-explanatory and have special
         statement of opinion only. Every person interested should                    meanings ascribed to them, a glossary will appear before Lot 1
         exercise and rely on his/her own judgement as to such matters                in the catalogue of the auction.
         and neither Welz & Co. nor its servants or agents are                     38 The headings in these conditions do not form part of the
         responsible for the correctness of such opinions.                            Conditions of Business but are for convenience only.
                                                        your private view
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                               1938 Mercedes Benz 540K Cabriolet B Supercharged
                               Sold in Johannesburg, 20 August 2007, R7,370,000
                               South African Auction Record
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                                                 George Mnyalaza Milwa Pemba (1912-2001)
                                                 YOUNG GIRL EATING SAMP
                                                 signed and dated ’46
                                                 oil on canvas
                                                 34,5 by 28cm
                                                 R 200 000 – 300 000
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                                   An Art deco diamond and onyx bracelet, circa 1920
                                   Sold in Johannesburg, 31 July 2007, R220 000
                                   An Edwardian diamond pendant, circa 1905
                                   Sold in Johannesburg, 31 July 2007, R190 000
Decorative and Fine Arts
Prices given are inclusive of Buyer’s Premium. Unlisted lots were withdrawn or passed or not sold.

 LOT     RANDS        79      3,105.00     158      4,140.00     226      2,530.00      304     12,100.00
                      80      2,070.00     159      4,600.00     227      5,750.00      305     49,500.00
  2      1,610.00     81        977.50     160     18,700.00     228      6,600.00      306     14,300.00
  5      4,140.00     84      3,680.00     161      4,600.00     229      3,680.00      307     12,100.00
  8        828.00     85      4,025.00     162      5,175.00     230     22,000.00      308     12,100.00
 10      1,035.00     86      2,530.00     172      5,175.00     231      2,760.00      309      4,025.00
 13      1,380.00     87      2,990.00     173      4,830.00     232      2,760.00      310      2,760.00
 14      3,105.00     88      2,300.00     174      5,750.00     234      8,800.00      311     30,800.00
 19      1,610.00     89      1,610.00     175     71,500.00     236      3,450.00      312    104,500.00
 22      2,990.00     90      3,220.00     177      3,220.00     237      6,050.00      313     49,500.00
 24      2,990.00     91      1,035.00     179     13,200.00     239     17,600.00      314     13,200.00
 25      5,175.00     92        552.00     180      5,750.00     240     15,400.00      315     20,350.00
 28      2,070.00     95      4,025.00     181     14,300.00     242     13,200.00      316     26,400.00
 29      1,265.00     99      2,760.00     183      2,760.00     244      8,250.00      317      6,050.00
 30      7,920.00    100      1,725.00     184      2,070.00     245     11,000.00      318      9,350.00
 31      2,070.00    101      2,070.00     185      3,450.00     251      3,220.00      319     22,000.00
 32     16,500.00    107      1,840.00     186     12,100.00     252      3,910.00      320      9,900.00
 35      5,175.00    108      1,035.00     187      9,900.00     253      6,050.00      321     30,800.00
 36      1,610.00    110      5,750.00     188      9,350.00     256     18,700.00      322      9,350.00
 37      6,050.00    112      1,092.50     189      4,370.00     257     33,000.00      325     16,500.00
 38      4,025.00    116      2,070.00     190      1,840.00     258     46,200.00      326     19,800.00
 39      6,050.00    117      1,610.00     191      8,250.00     259      7,700.00      328    264,000.00
 40      5,175.00    118      5,750.00     192     20,900.00     263      4,025.00      329     99,000.00
 41      7,700.00    119      2,530.00     193     16,500.00     264      4,025.00      330     19,800.00
 42      3,220.00    123     22,000.00     194     24,200.00     268     22,000.00      331     33,000.00
 43      4,830.00    125     10,450.00     195      3,680.00     271     35,200.00      332     24,200.00
 44      2,990.00    126      1,610.00     196      3,220.00     272     13,200.00      333     33,000.00
 45      6,050.00    128      3,220.00     197     14,300.00     273     16,500.00      334     24,200.00
 46     14,300.00    129      6,600.00     198     12,100.00     274     16,500.00      335     10,450.00
 47      7,150.00    130      8,250.00     200     13,200.00     277     71,500.00      338     41,800.00
 48      9,350.00    131     26,400.00     201      6,050.00     278     49,500.00      341     14,300.00
 49      4,025.00    133      3,220.00     202      8,800.00     279     27,500.00      343     14,300.00
 50      4,025.00    134      9,900.00     203      6,600.00     281     16,500.00      344     20,900.00
 51      2,760.00    135      5,750.00     204     24,200.00     282     18,700.00      345     12,100.00
 52      2,875.00    136     13,200.00     205      4,600.00     283     33,000.00      346     16,500.00
 53      4,140.00    137      1,150.00     207      2,300.00     284     82,500.00      347     93,500.00
 54      4,600.00    138      5,750.00     208      6,050.00     285     17,600.00      348    143,000.00
 55      4,140.00    139      8,800.00     209      8,250.00     286    132,000.00      349    330,000.00
 56      3,450.00    140      1,380.00     210      8,250.00     287     26,400.00      351     38,500.00
 57        943.00    141      3,680.00     211     22,000.00     288     99,000.00      352     19,800.00
 59      7,700.00    143     24,200.00     212     22,000.00     289      8,800.00      353     12,100.00
 62      1,150.00    144      6,600.00     213      6,050.00     291     39,600.00      354     14,300.00
 63        977.50    145      6,050.00     214      8,250.00     292     19,800.00      355     38,500.00
 64      2,070.00    146      5,175.00     215      4,600.00     293      5,175.00      356     66,000.00
 65      3,450.00    147      6,600.00     216      4,600.00     294     11,000.00      357     26,400.00
 66      3,220.00    148      2,070.00     217      7,700.00     295     12,100.00      358     38,500.00
 67      2,300.00    149      1,840.00     219      8,800.00     296     11,000.00      359     46,200.00
 69      2,300.00    151      2,300.00     220     13,200.00     297     35,200.00      360    220,000.00
 71      5,175.00    153      8,800.00     221      9,900.00     298     18,700.00      361    165,000.00
 74      1,725.00    154     24,200.00     222      9,900.00     299     30,800.00      362    187,000.00
 75        575.00    155      6,050.00     223      4,370.00     300     22,000.00      363    187,000.00
 77      1,265.00    156      6,600.00     224     12,100.00     302      7,150.00      364     28,600.00
 78      1,840.00    157      6,050.00     225      1,725.00     303     41,800.00      365     41,800.00

      366     418,000.00   430    38,500.00   504    6,050.00   579   17,600.00   655    18,700.00
      367     264,000.00   431    55,000.00   506   11,000.00   580    1,380.00   656    18,700.00
      368     660,000.00   432    41,800.00   507    1,495.00   581    1,725.00   657    26,400.00
      369   1,980,000.00   433    12,100.00   508    2,875.00   582    5,175.00   658     3,220.00
      370   1,650,000.00   434   220,000.00   509    4,600.00   584    5,520.00   659     6,600.00
      371     110,000.00   435    52,800.00   510    3,450.00   585    4,140.00   660    38,500.00
      373   1,100,000.00   436   462,000.00   512    1,495.00   587    4,140.00   661     3,680.00
      374   1,100,000.00   437    16,500.00   513    2,070.00   588   12,100.00   662     8,800.00
      377     165,000.00   438    30,800.00   515    2,300.00   589    4,140.00   663    99,000.00
      378      52,800.00   441     4,830.00   516   14,300.00   590    2,530.00   664   165,000.00
      380      19,800.00   442     2,070.00   517    1,380.00   592    1,725.00   665   154,000.00
      381     198,000.00   443     6,600.00   520    4,830.00   594    2,990.00   666     3,680.00
      382     264,000.00   445     2,070.00   521   12,100.00   595    7,700.00   667    20,900.00
      383     220,000.00   446     6,600.00   522    2,875.00   598    9,900.00   668    10,450.00
      384     462,000.00   449     7,700.00   523    6,600.00   599    5,175.00   670    14,300.00
      385      66,000.00   450     3,220.00   525    4,025.00   600   26,400.00   671    12,100.00
      386      12,100.00   451     2,875.00   526    3,680.00   601    2,530.00   672     7,920.00
      388      24,200.00   452     6,050.00   527      920.00   602    3,105.00   673     2,530.00
      389      99,000.00   453     6,050.00   528      920.00   604    6,050.00   674     8,800.00
      390      60,500.00   455     4,370.00   530    2,300.00   605    2,530.00   675     4,600.00
      391      66,000.00   456     2,760.00   534    1,150.00   606    2,070.00   676     4,370.00
      392     154,000.00   457     9,350.00   536    1,150.00   607    1,725.00   677    24,200.00
      393     418,000.00   458     2,530.00   537    1,495.00   611    8,250.00   678     9,350.00
      394     385,000.00   459     2,185.00   540    1,610.00   612    8,800.00   679     4,025.00
      395     121,000.00   460     3,220.00   541    5,175.00   613    4,025.00   680     4,600.00
      396      41,800.00   461     9,900.00   542    5,175.00   615    5,175.00   681    26,400.00
      397      41,800.00   462     2,070.00   543    1,495.00   616   28,600.00   682    26,400.00
      398      38,500.00   463     2,530.00   544    2,875.00   617   10,450.00   683     3,220.00
      399     110,000.00   464     2,875.00   546    5,750.00   618    5,175.00   684    41,800.00
      400     242,000.00   465     2,070.00   547    3,680.00   619    4,600.00   686    13,200.00
      401      93,500.00   466     2,875.00   548      920.00   624    4,370.00   687     3,450.00
      402      93,500.00   467     3,680.00   549      126.50   625   22,000.00   688     9,350.00
      403     220,000.00   468     6,600.00   550      977.50   626    4,370.00   689     9,350.00
      404      44,000.00   469     6,050.00   551    1,035.00   627    6,050.00   690     5,520.00
      405     110,000.00   470    11,000.00   552    3,220.00   628   12,100.00   691    10,450.00
      406     462,000.00   471     3,105.00   553   22,000.00   629   22,000.00   692     9,350.00
      407      15,400.00   473    11,000.00   554   23,100.00   630   26,400.00   693    15,400.00
      408      60,500.00   474     4,025.00   555    2,070.00   631   17,600.00   694     4,370.00
      409      93,500.00   475     1,035.00   557    4,830.00   632   17,600.00   695     9,350.00
      410     220,000.00   476     4,830.00   558    1,150.00   633   16,500.00   696    12,100.00
      411     176,000.00   479     8,800.00   559    7,700.00   634   16,500.00   697     5,175.00
      412     462,000.00   482     4,600.00   560    5,175.00   635   13,200.00   698     9,900.00
      413     198,000.00   483     8,250.00   562    8,800.00   636    5,175.00   699    13,200.00
      414     264,000.00   484     5,750.00   563    2,070.00   637    2,530.00   700    14,300.00
      415     330,000.00   485     4,830.00   564    2,070.00   638    5,175.00   701     9,350.00
      416      41,800.00   486     4,140.00   565    2,070.00   639    3,220.00   702    24,200.00
      417     110,000.00   487     6,050.00   566    4,140.00   640    4,025.00   704    66,000.00
      418     154,000.00   488     4,830.00   567    5,175.00   641    9,900.00   705    38,500.00
      419     110,000.00   490     2,530.00   568    5,175.00   642   12,100.00   706    24,200.00
      420     176,000.00   491     7,150.00   569    5,520.00   643   48,400.00   707    14,300.00
      421      41,800.00   493     4,600.00   570    6,050.00   644    4,830.00   708    28,600.00
      422      77,000.00   494     2,300.00   571    4,025.00   645   30,800.00   709     8,250.00
      423      26,400.00   495     9,350.00   572    8,250.00   646   16,500.00   710    28,600.00
      424      24,200.00   496     9,900.00   573    1,725.00   647   13,200.00   711     9,350.00
      425      35,200.00   497     5,520.00   574   11,000.00   648    1,955.00   712    12,100.00
      426      44,000.00   498     8,250.00   575    6,600.00   650    5,520.00   713     8,250.00
      427      66,000.00   501     5,175.00   576   10,450.00   651   37,400.00   714     3,220.00
      428      41,800.00   502     2,875.00   577    3,680.00   653   20,900.00   715    20,900.00
      429      38,500.00   503     4,600.00   578    2,530.00   654   52,800.00   716     3,680.00


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