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Independent Systems – Celebrating 21 Years


									                                                                                                             July 2009

                     Independent Systems – Celebrating 21 Years

Independent Systems, responsible for the development, maintenance and support of
Accpick Xcellence, is celebrating its 21st birthday.

Founded in 1988 by Angelos and Helen Christodoulou, Independent Systems grew from a
demand for the services of qualified and experienced computer and retail consultants with
programming skills and accounting backgrounds.

In 1991 Accpick was born of a need to address the impending switch from GST to VAT
resulting in SME’s having to take charge of their Point-of-Sale and accounting functions.

Today the Independent Systems Team of Developers, Technicians, Support Consultants
and Sales Personnel, assist in developing efficient Point-of-Sale solutions for
various retail and wholesale outlets across a range of industries in Southern Africa.

To a large degree, it is the Accpick users who have driven the development of the
program by identifying criteria which are vital to the management and control of
successful business operations. Ease of use, stability, reliability, system controls and
sound accounting practices for debtor, creditor, inventory and cashflow control as well as
sales and marketing management are constantly being addressed by our team.

To the long list of satisfied clients Independent Systems has served, a big birthday
“thank you” for your loyalty and input over the last 21 years.

Assuring you of our continued support.

The Independent Systems Team

                                  Members:      E. Christodoulou B. Com (B.D.P.)    H. Christodoulou B. Com (H.E.D.)
CK # 1988/019605/23 Vat # 4960101998 Email: P O Box 1187 Hilton 3245 Tel: +27 33 343 6000 Fax: +27 33 343 6001

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