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					                    Cape Town Flying Club
I/we, the undersigned, accept full responsibility for any loss I/we might suffer as a result of injury,
illness, loss of life or damage or loss of property that I/we may sustain during the proposed flight
from any cause in the air or on the ground whatsoever or howsoever arising and I/we indemnify and
hold the pilot in command, , its agents, employees and associates, harmless against any such claim
whether or not such injury, loss or damage can be attributed directly or indirectly to the negligence
of whatsoever nature or degree on the part of the pilot in command, Cape Town Flying Club, its
agents, employees and associates. I/we record that I/we are aware of the inherent risks involved in
flying, which risks include loss of damage to personal property, injury or fatality, accident or illness
and weather. Knowing the inherent risks and dangers involved I/we certify that I/we are fully
capable of participating in flying and that I/we will obey the lawful instructions of the pilot in
command covering any aspects of the flight and I/we acknowledge that I/we are fully bound and will
comply with those instructions. I/we voluntarily assume the risk inherent in taking part in the flight.
My/our general health is good and there is nothing to my/our knowledge which renders me/us unfit
to participate in the flight. This exclusion of liability and indemnity is binding on my/our heirs,
dependants, executors and assigns.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Indemnity, "claim" means any liability in
excess of the sum/s insured by the pilot in command, the aircraft owner, Cape Town Flying Club, its
agents, employees and associates in respect of all sums which the latter entities shall become
legally liable to pay and shall pay as compensatory damages in respect of accidental bodily injury
and/or accidental damage to property caused by the aircraft or by any person in terms of any
insurance policy currently in force. It is recorded that such limitations on insurance applies in
aggregate in any one accident or occurrence and not in respect of each passenger. I/we waive and
abandon any claims over and above funds available from such insurance currently in force arising
from an accident or occurrence.

With my/our signature I/we hereby acknowledge having read, understood and accepted the terms
and conditions of this indemnity.


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NOTE: A legal guardian must sign this document if the person bound thereto is under 21 years of