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					Presented by Con Moraitis
Deputy Manager / Careers Counsellor

  Graduate Outcomes &
   Employment Trends
Outline of Session

• Overview of the Monash Careers &
  Employment service

• Graduate Employment Snapshot 2007

• Monash University Outcomes in
  Summary 2006-2007

 Jobs & On-campus Recruitment
• Online Jobs system &
  Tutor Register
• Careers Fairs
  –   Graduate Careers Fair (March)
  –   Summer Vacation Fair (Aug)
  –   International Careers Expo (Aug)
  –   Gippsland Careers Expo (Sept)
• Employer Information
• On-campus Interviews
Career and Employment Preparation

• Careers Counselling

• Job seeker Workshops

• Resume checking

• Interview practice

• Careers Library

• Discipline Specific Events

Australian Workplace 2007

•   Increasingly complex operating environments
•   Globalisation
•   Customer service
•   Innovation
•   Devolution of decision-making
•   Leadership in the workplace
•   Growing focus on learning and self management
•   Technology and data management

                                 Source: Employability Skills for
                                 the Future Report 2002 (DEST)

Graduate Employment Snapshot 2007

• Employers increased the size of their graduate intake in
• Growth areas include - Accounting, Computing, Legal
  Services, Marketing and Management Services
• Skills shortages still exist for candidates from the
  Engineering and Accounting disciplines
• Shortages have also been shown for IT graduates and, to
  a lesser degree, for Mathematics / Statistics / Science
• Continuing growth in “Credentialism”

   Graduate Vacancies by Type of Organisation
                      Source: AAGE Graduate Recruitment Survey 2007

Type of Organisation            % of total vacancies
Commonwealth Govt.              24.1
Accounting or prof. serv.       23.9
State Govt.                     8.6
Banking / Financial Services    8.4
Energy, water or utility firm   7.2
Law firm                        6.3
Engineering / industrial co.    4.7
Mining company                  4.6
Investment Bank                 2.9
                Graduate Vacancies by Career Area
                     Source: AAGE Graduate Recruitment Survey 2007

Career Area                    % of total vacancies
Accountancy                    22.8
General Management             16.3
IT                             10.2
Legal Work                     7.9
Civil Engineering              5.7
Finance                        4.8
Policy                         2.8
Mechanical Engineering         2.6
Electrical/electronic Eng.     2.5
 Graduate Employment Snapshot 2007

 Interpersonal and communication skills, academic
  qualifications and work experience are key selection
  criteria used by employers when recruiting new

• Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that
  graduates are less likely to be unemployed (for any
  length of time) than non-graduates

                                   GradStats - Salaries
                        Source: Graduate Careers Australia, Dec 2006

• Median annual starting salary for new bachelor degree graduates
  aged less than 25 and in their first full-time employment was

• Highest median starting salary: dentistry graduates ($68,000)
  Followed by graduates from optometry ($51,200) and medicine

• The largest rises between 2005 and 2006 were for earth sciences
  (up $5000 from $40,000), dentistry (up $3000 from $65,000) and
  economics and business (up $2900 from $37,100)

Monash University Outcomes in Summary

• Over 20,000 job vacancies advertised annually on
  our on jobs on line system

• In the top 4 of Australian Universities in terms of
  graduate employer recruitment in 2006
  Source: AAGE Graduate Recruitment Survey 2007

• Awarded ‘Best Careers Service for Employers 2006’
  (as voted by the Aust. Association of Grad. Employers, AAGE)

• 2007 Graduate Careers Fair attended by 140 major
  private & public sector organisations

  Monash University Outcomes in Summary

• 87 per cent of new Monash University graduates
  found full-time employment or went on to
  further study within four months of graduation.*

• Monash graduates earn some of the highest
  average salaries.*

  * Source: Graduate Careers Council of Australia, Graduate Destination
  Survey, 2005

The Last Word
• Students should be aware of graduate employment figures as
  they pursue their studies so that they can make informed
  decisions about their course, subjects and job search

• The choices you help them make about their higher
  education shouldn’t be taken lightly, as the rewards are
  immense and include personal growth, a fulfilling career with
  strong employment prospects and high earnings potential

• Encourage your students to consult careers references at
  your school, talk to university careers advisers and
  investigate student websites, especially:

             university web sites and