An Information System for controlling the well trajectory

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					                                                                 (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                                 Vol. 9, No. 2, February 2011

         An Information System for controlling the well
                                                       Information Systems
                                                             Safarini Osama
                                                             IT Department
                                                           University of Tabuk,
                                                               Tabuk, KSA

Abstract—: The well drilling process became very boring,                    A process of getting data on a spatial location of a bore-hole
requires a choice of the justified solution from a set possible.            includes two stages: obtaining of initial inclinometric
Because of major bulk received and treated data, originating                information with the help of various technical means and
vastness of problem situations. The relevant value thus has                 processing of this information; and the role of processing is
information supply of drilling process for a possibility of effective
                                                                            rather high. The main objective of processing is determination
human-engine acceptance of a solution. The complexity of
operations at boring inclined, horizontal, sectional, on shelf of           of a location of a bore-hole, and by applying an appropriate
ocean - all this requires adequate reacting at operating (on-Line)          calculation method we can obtain more accurate results with
control by well-studying process. The realization of computer-              the same number of measurement points. Different
Aided control systems in many aspects depends on progress the               mathematical methods for plotting of a bore-hole path by the
applicable computer for conducting conversation in an                       results of inclinometric measurements are available. However
interactive system of automated control.                                    the problems of processing are much wider.
                                                                            The problems of On-line control are closely connected with
    Keywords- Decision-Making, drilling process, inclinometric              the problems of design of an optimal profile, and also with the
data, automated control, Information System, well trajectory,
                                                                            problems of On-line management of slant hole drilling. In fact,
azimuth and zenith angles, Plane Projection.
                                                                            control and management can be considered as two subsystems
                       I.         INTRODUCTION                              of a single system of control and management of a drilling
The work describes methods and means for processing,                        process [2].
presentation, interpretation of On-line inclinometric data of               The methods and means described in this paper enable
drilling. But it should be noted that the problems of                       resolution of the following problems of processing of
inclinometric data processing are not directly provided with                inclinometric information and design problems:
methods of recognition [1]. However, introduction of these                       - introduction of parameters of a design profile;
problems follows, on the one hand, from a wish of a more                         - calculation of a design profile of a bore-hole;
complete coverage of drilling problems and importance in                         - introduction, arrangement and merging of data base
connection with a growing interest particularly to slant and                         obtained in multiple measurements;
horizontal drilling. On the other hand, evaluation of the results                - accumulation of information on wells;
of actual drilling is also qualification, an appraisal of a                      - control of a current location of a well bottom;
situation as a very important part in decision-making.                           - plotting of horizontal and vertical views of a well;
                                                                                 - plotting of a bore-hole path in spatial coordinates (x,
                                                                                     y, z);
                            II.    DISCUSSION                                    - comparison of an actual bore-hole path with the
                                                                                     design one and revealing of dangerous deviations
In view of the above and applying basic methods and
                                                                                     from a project;
mathematical relationships for estimation of ultimate values of
                                                                                 - recommendations on a zenith angle and an azimuth
azimuth and zenith angles there were proposed methods and
                                                                                     for connection by a straight line of the actual bore-
means for plotting the design and actual paths of wells in
                                                                                     hole bottom with the design one;
space, in vertical and horizontal planes, their viewing from
                                                                                 - Preparation of reports.
different sides, change of data for variation in a real time, and,
consequently, for prediction of a path and On-line decision-
making.                                                                     For fulfilling of a project assignment for construction of a
                                                                            well, i.e., for drilling of a bore-hole along a design path with
                                                                            hitting the set point of penetration of a producing formation
                                                                            with minimum deviations the technologist should have a

                                                                                                       ISSN 1947-5500
                                                                          (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                                          Vol. 9, No. 2, February 2011
possibility of continuous monitoring of a bore-hole path and
revealing any deviations. Using such possibility a technologist
can take timely management decisions and on their basis make
necessary alterations in a controlled object [3] – a drilling

The developed program in the Delphi environment makes it
possible to show the actual and design bore-hole paths both
projected on a vertical and horizontal plane and
axonometrically (a spatial representation), to estimate
parameters necessary for monitoring a bore-hole drilling, to
collect, store and present information.

A module for interpretation of inclinometric data “Fig. 1”
consists of three modules: an initial data input module; a
module for algorithmic calculations “Fig. 2”; an information
output module “Fig. 3”.

                                                                                           Figure 3 an Information Output Module (3D Well Trajectory
                                                                                                                Plane Projection)

                                                                                   In the next future the work will be continued to develop an
                                                                                   information system for processing geology-technological data

                                                                                                            III.        CONCLUSION

                                                                                   In this paper the following results were obtained:

                                                                                   Developed, on the basis of the available mathematical
                                                                                   software for processing of inclinometric data, is a program for
           Figure 1 Graphic interpretation of inclinometric data                   showing on a display of axonometric paths (Trajectory) of a
                                                                                   design and actual well, their turning around the vertical,
                                                                                   selection of projections to horizontal and vertical planes,
                                                                                   scaling of selected parts of paths, changes of azimuth and
                                                                                   zenith angles, prediction of these changes in relation to an
                                                                                   assumed zone of hitting the assigned area of a path.

                                                                                   [1] Safarini Osama, "Enhanced Decision-Making Computer-Aided Methods
                                                                                       for On-Line Control of Well Drilling", Abstracts of paper of the IPSI
                                                                                       Conference Held in Carcassonne, France, UNESCO Heritage, April 27 to
                                                                                       30, 2006.

                                                                                   [2] Levitzky A.Z., Komandrovsky V. G., Safarini Osama
                                                                                       On Automation of On-Line control of well Drilling, Research Journal
                                                                                      “Automation Telemetry and Communication in the Oil Industry” N 3-4, 1999,
                                                                                       PP 2-8.

                                                                                   [3] Komandrovsky V. G., Safarini Osama
                                                                                       On classification of information components of On-Line control of a
    Figure 2 Module for Algorithmic Calculations (initial and estimated                drilling Process, Abstract of paper of the Third Scientific Technical
                Parameters of spatial location of a well)                              Conference, “Urgent Issues of the Condition and Development of the Oil
                                                                                       and Gas Complex in Russia”, Moscow, 1999 27-29 Jan.

                                                                                                                   ISSN 1947-5500
                                                                       (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                                       Vol. 9, No. 2, February 2011

[4] Levitzky A.Z., Komandrovsky V. G., Safarini Osama
    Methods and Means to Develop an Information System for On-Line
    Control of Drilling, Scientific-Technical Journal, “Automation Telemetry
    and Communication in the Oil Industry” N 3 2000, PP 7-11.

                          AUTHOR’S PROFILE

Dr. Safarini Osama had finished his PhD. from The Russian University of
                 Oil and Gaz Named after J. M. Gudkin, Moscow, 2000.
                 He worked in different countries and universities. His
                 research is concentrated on Automation in different

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