INFORMATION PAPER

                                                                          21 JAN 2011

SUBJECT: Fort Meade Adverse Weather Decision and Dissemination Procedure

PURPOSE: To provide information to Partner Commands and Agencies on how the
Fort Meade Garrison weather analysis is conducted, a decision made and the
dissemination of the decision.

1. Adverse Weather Analysis. During periods of adverse weather threat, Installation
Operations Center (IOC/EOC) personnel conduct information gathering by contacting
the following agencies, many of which do not update their status until 0430 or after.

      a.   National Weather Service – current and next 24 hour forecast
      b.   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – major weather systems
      c.   Baltimore-Washington International Airport – current conditions
      d.   Andrews Air Force Base – current conditions
      e.   Maryland State Police – regional road conditions
      f.   Anne Arundel County Operations Center – county response actions
      g.   Anne Arundel County Schools – school system response actions
      h.   FGGM Dir. of Emergency Services – Police – on-post road conditions
      i.   FGGM Dir. of Public Works/IAP – current status of recovery / mitigation
      j.   Office of Personnel Management – current guidance for civilian workforce
      k.   Council of Governments (NCR) – Washington, DC conditions and status
      l.   Fort Detrick – planned response actions
      m.   Aberdeen Proving Grounds – planned response actions

2. Decision Process. The Garrison Commander is then contacted and provided a
synopsis of current Fort Meade conditions and status of recovery / mitigation, Regional
conditions, basic forecast for next 8-24 hours, Regional Partner response actions, and
recommended courses of action. The Commander will then provide IOC/EOC with a
decision for installation operations.

      a. Delayed Arrival. Garrison Employees given up to specified number of hours
         to report to work, mission essential personnel must report per normal
         schedule. This is a recommendation to Partner Unit/Agencies.
      b. Reduced Operations. Garrison non-essential offices and functions are to be
         opened late, curtailed, or closed to afford recovery and mitigation crews
         maximum unimpaired access to all areas of the installation. This is a
         recommendation to Partner Unit/Agencies.
      c. Installation Closure. The installation is closed to all but mission essential
         personnel, emergency responders, and recovery/mitigation operations.
         Tenant Units and Activities will conduct minimal operations until the Garrison
         Commander deems the Installation sufficiently safe.
SUBJECT: Fort Meade Adverse Weather Decision Dissemination Policy and Procedure
3. Decision Dissemination. Once the Garrison Commander makes a decision, it is
disseminated by IOC/EOC personnel as follows.

      a. Public Affairs Officer notified to alert local media
      b. The 677-MEAD (301-677-6323) phone line is updated
      c. City Watch (Emergency Telephonic Notification System) message is posted
         and sent to Garrison Staff and Partner Unit/Agency Points of Contact
      d. An email is sent to all Senior Garrison Staff and Partner Commanders/Key
         Leaders for which contact information has been provided to the IOC/EOC.
      e. An Updated 5-day forecast is prepared and sent to Garrison Key Leaders and
         Partner Commanders/Key Leaders by email.

4. The Public Affairs Officer will, upon notification of a delay or closure, use several
media methods to disseminate the latest emergency and weather-related closings and
adjustments for the installation.

      a. Installation Facebook page (
      b. Fort Meade on Twitter (
      c. MeadeTV video Blog page (
      d. Local Radio Stations: WBAL 1090AM, WWMX 106.5FM, WLIF 101.9FM, and
         WTOP 103.5FM 103.9FM 107.7FM
      e. Local Television Stations: WMAR 2, WJZ 13, WBFF 45, WBAL 11, WJLA 7,
         and WRC 4

                                                     Mr. Chuck Blocker/ 301-677-5942
                                            Approved by: Mr. Christopher Thiel, DPTMS


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