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									Great Fun for Girls - Plan Best Hen Night
A hen night is supposed to be an occasion of great fun and excitement. Eve planning a hen night can be a lot of fun. Read on to get some tips on
planning the best night of your life.

Hen Night Parties

Hen night parties are highly anticipated events. All the girls involved want to have as much fun as possible. While there are many options for hen night
parties, there is none better than going for a show that is created by premium comedy clubs specifically for the occasion. These shows have
everything you could possibly want from a hen night, namely, awesome male strippers, witty drag queen hostesses, unusual comedy routines, a
variety of games and gaffs, numerous gifts and giveaways, top DJs to make you dance till the wee hours of the morning as well as drinks and dinner.

Planning Hen Night Parties

As you can imagine, these comedy club shows are highly popular amongst ladies and are typically booked solid weeks in advance. So, if you want to
go for one of these shows on your hen night, it is important that you plan ahead and make necessary arrangements. Look for their websites online, get
all the information you need and make your reservations well before time to avoid last minute disappointments.

Preparing for Hen Night Party

Hen nights can be made even more fun-filled by getting all your girlfriends to don a costume. Some of the more popular costumes include police
women, school girls, cheerleaders, GI Jane's army, sailors, pirates, fairies and Pink Ladies from the movie Grease. If costumes are not your idea of
fun, you can accessorize especially with the hen night in mind. Popular hen night accessories include tiaras, sashes, bunny ears, boas, pompoms,
tutus, fairy wings, ‘L' plates and special printed T-Shirts with a common message.

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