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  I, JR' L0&&




  IMAGO DEI MCC                                   nyone      who        store is a complete sensory       experience, which one may
BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                spends      any       experience, with appealing        fully embody through sight,
                                                  amount of time        music in the background,          sound, touch, smell, and taste,
Pastor/Moderator                                  with me quickly       mood lighting and                 enlivening the senses to
        Rev. Karla Fleshman          learns that I love a good cup      comfortable chairs to             experience a rush of…more
Vice-Moderator                       of coffee; and that I ingest       complement the rich               than just caffeine!
             Gary Hampshire          most of my coffee through          fragrance of coffee filling
Treasurer                            Starbucks experience.              the air ~ did you know that       Do you know what else is a
               Shelly O'Leary                                           coffee boasts an impressive       fully embodied experienced?
Clerk                                I enjoy the full body taste        complex molecular makeup
              Colleen Stuppy         and aroma of a steaming            rivaling wine in the              Living a life of passionate
Building Liaison                     cup of Verona; and I sip an        complexity             and        faith with Jesus Christ is fully
                  Ed O'Brien         iced brewed Terraza blend          composition?         Coffee       embodied experience!
Stewardship Liaison                  coffee at least a couple of        contains over 800 flavor
                      Jim Day        times a week, not to               molecules compared to red         So how come some of you in
       ____________                  mention that I am looking          wine and white wine (at one       reading my description of the
                                     forward to trying the              and two hundred flavor            Starbucks experience just
Lay Delegate                         Kopelani blend at home.            molecules, respectfully).         balked at the notion that an
                  Diane Pierce                                                                            experience with Jesus is also a
                                     To walk into a Starbucks           Yes, I love the Starbucks                  (See "Passion" on page 7)

        NKE                             5RTGCFKPI                          PF#PPWCN/GFKC
  4GUQNWVKQP                             QFOU. XG
   O( NNQ                               KP
                                          P                             5WRGT5WPFC[
6JG0GZV5VGR                                                             5WPFC[#WIWUV #/VQ
                                                                           WPF #     V     #/V

                                     Please hold in prayer the

                                     church planning sessions
Imago Dei MCC just                   taking place in July &
experienced the third and            August regarding Imago
final consultation with Rev.         Dei MCC’s mission and              Imago Dei MCC would
Stephanie Burns, member of           ministry priorities in 2009.
                                                                        like to sponsor a table at
the Region Three Conflict            There is a series of planning
Resolution Training Team.            sessions taking place in
                                                                        Media’s 32nd Annual
Rev. Burns led members of            members’ homes focused             Super Sunday event.
the congregation in conflict         o n d i s ce r n me n t a n d
resolution training on June          conversation in planning out       If you are interested in
21st and 22nd; and provided          worship, outreach, small           being a part of outreach
wonderful resources for our          groups, programs, and              in our church’s back
church to take the next steps        community service projects         yard please speak to
in proactively creating a            for Imago Dei MCC in               Rev. Karla ASAP!
        (See "Conflict" on page 8)        (See "Planning" on page 10)
0RQWKO\8SGDWH                                                                                                           3DJH


     RRQT            UVQ%         G# %       GQ H)               [CV+        Q& K/%%
   1 RRQ T VW PKVK G U VQ % TG C VG #% WNV WTG Q H )G PG TQ U K V[ CV + O CI Q & G K /%% 
      4 + % * . ;  $ . ' 5 5 ' &                                 Interested in a

W                                                                 worship outing?
              hat comes to        abilities through work, God
              mind when           will be able to minister to
              someone             others through us in an
              mentions            effective way. Work, then,           Care to know
"work"? Is your initial           is one of the primary                 how to be a
tendency to moan and groan,       avenues by which we can             better steward?
wishing you could                              demonstrate our
avoid work?                                    Christian faith,   Join Rev. Karla and
                                               particularly as    others on an outing into
It might surprise                              we do our tasks    downtown Media (Just a
you to learn that                              to God's glory.    few minutes from the
God described the                              Work is also the   church) for the first Fair
creative acts as                               primary     way    Trade Concert and
"work" and that                                through which      educational program
God       brought                              we obtain money    sponsored by Media, PA
"work" into being shortly         to give to God.                 ~ America’s First Fair
after creating man. Adam                                          Trade Town!
worked in the Garden before       What should be the
and after his fall. Cain          Christian's response to         Stay posted for more
worked by raising vegetables.     work? First, thank God for      details; and please let
Abel worked by tending            work and for the ability to     Rev. Karla know if you
sheep. Throughout Scripture,      work. As Solomon                are interested        in
people worked. Even the Lord      observed, this is a "gift of    attending this event!
Jesus worked while He was         God."
on earth, and He described
God the Father as having          Second, view your work as             7LWKHV2IIHULQJV	$WWHQGDQFH
                                                                              2        V	$WWH
worked. Work has always           a means of bringing glory to
been part of God's nature and     God. Third, whatever you        
eternal plan for mankind.         do - no matter what your        6K VJGU
                                  vocation or occupation - do                 
                                                                  $ WKNF KPI (WPF 
                                                                    WKNFK PI(           
Wait a minute - If God            it "with your might," as unto                                    
                                                                  + P-K PF& QPCVK QPU
                                                                      -KP F&Q PCVKQ                       
created and owns everything,      the Lord. And finally,
why should we, God’s              remember that by providing      /CT UJCNN)T CPV/KPKUVT[
                                                                  /CTU JCNN)TC
children, have to work?
Couldn't God just provide for
                                  work for us to do, God
                                  enables us to give to God

                                                                  /C [6K VJGU2C KFVQ(GNNQ YUJK R
                                                                     [6KV JGU2CK FVQ(GNNQY UJKR
us in some supernatural way       and to the Lord’s ministry at
that would enable us not to       Imago Dei Metropolitan
have to work? Surely, God         Community Church.

could do that, but the Creator
doesn't do so. According to             Stewardship
the ad mo nit io n i n 1    
Thessalonians 4:11-12, one of                                     Through your attics, garages, basements, closets, and drawers
the primary benefits from                                         for our annual Flea Market on Saturday, Sept. 13 from 9-3.
working and providing for
our needs is to be able to lead                                   Rent a space of your own or start saving items for the church
lives marked by integrity and                                     table! We are also looking for vendors, volunteers and
a healthy self respect. And                                       additional donors.
God's plan is that we are best                                    Flea markets are a great way to help the environment by re-
able to accomplish these                                          using other peoples' "junk" and finding new homes for your
worthy goals by working.                                          own! (See "Waste" on page 3)
                                                                  For information contact Val Benner at 610-272-4889 or e-mail
God also knows that by                                  
utilizing our talents and
0RQWKO\8SGDWH                                                                                                            3DJH


     RRQT            UVQ%         G# %       GQ H)               [CV+        Q& K/%%
   1 RRQ T VW PKVK G U VQ % TG C VG #% WNV WTG Q H )G PG TQ U K V[ CV + O CI Q & G K /%% 
       I7R% OOW    . VVK
                                                                  24#;'4                          1WVTGCEJ
                                                                                              % Q O O W P K V [  5 G T X K E G  
       OOW [- Y9G'                                            4'37'565
                                                                                                      I7R%     WPK 

Rev. Karla is seeking to bring together a                   If anyone has a                          VVK I%    WPK [
team of called and committed people to                      prayer    request
share in the communications and marketing                   during the week,
of our church. Persons who like to be           you may send your request to
creative and/or persons who enjoy reaching                                                  Any person interested in leading/
out to others and/or are great organizers/                                                  facilitating outreach and community
planners are requested to consider this                                                     service projects, please speak with Rev.
important church ministry and speak to          All prayer requests will be sent to         Karla. She is seeking to bring together
Rev. Karla.                                     people on the prayer chain. If you          this team of leaders to coordinate and
                                                have any questions, please contact          plan monthly outreach and service into
Areas of marketing include: creating            Chuck Bickert at the above email            our community as we seek to “Lift Up
advertising for local newspapers, writing       address or after church.                    Community!”
short event announcements for Town Talk
and the PGN, creating and locating materials    If you would like to be a part of           Areas of outreach
for our webpage and MySpace page                the Imago Dei MCC online prayer             would be: Pride
ministries, sending off press releases and      chain, please send an email to              events,      HIV
public service announcements about church                                                   ministry, Habitat
                                                C h u c k    B i c k e r t    a t
events, and creating/sending out posters and                                                for Humanity, and
flyers to welcoming congregations and 
                                                                                            those we have yet
colleges inviting them to church events.                                                    to identify!

          9 # 5 6 '  + 5  #  9 1 0 & ' 4 ( 7 .  6 * + 0 )  6 1  / + 0 &
From single-cell organisms to        consumption: “Life, liberty,    coastlines and expanding         This column will focus
homo sapiens, waste                  and t he p ur s ui t o f        deserts, as depicted in Al       individually on ways that you
management is a fact of life.        happiness,” which can be        Gore’s Nobel Prize-winning       can implement each of the
From placenta to ash, we each        loosely translated to “more     documentary,           An        three Rs over the next three
create tons of waste in many         stuff.” Many believe in         Inconvenient Truth.*             months.
fo r ms, b io lo gic al a nd         earnest that “Whoever gets
otherwise. Centuries of              the most toys wins.” Our        Every thing we buy comes         Imago Dei MCC is
plagues and other waste-             government has just given       with a long trail of earnings,   continually looking for ways
r elated maladies have               every wage earner in the        costs, and waste. From raw       to reduce, reuse and recycle
underscored the importance of        country a $600 bonus so         material extraction to           to minimize our carbon
waste management, and                they will go out and kick       finished product to landfill,    footprint. You can help by
modern society boasts a vast         start our sluggish economy      every thing creates a stream     recycling your bulletins,
infrastructure and thousands         by buying more stuff, which     of waste and ultimately          newsletters, and beverage
of businesses dedicated to this      is, ultimately, waste.          becomes waste.                   containers in the appropriate
vital service.                                                                                        containers at the church. For
                                     Although some still refute      With increasing global           more information, or to help
As human populations have            the evidence, there is          awareness of the problems        our efforts to reduce, reuse
grown, so has the impact of          growing concern that the        of unchecked consumption         and recycle, please contact
our waste on our planet,             levels of waste –particularly   and waste management have        Shelly      O’Leary        at
especially in developed              atmospheric carbon -            come many opportunities to / 609-
nations whose economies are          created by modern society       practice the three Rs of         927-5844.
dependent on ever-increasing         have reached a critical mass    e n v i r o n m e n t a l
levels of consumption.               and are affecting the earth’s   stewardship – Reduce Re-         *Please see Shelly O'Leary if
"The American Dream" itself          climate on a global scale,      use and Recycle - that are       you would like to borrow a
is based largely on                  conjuring images of flooded     key to solving this problem.     copy of this DVD.
0RQWKO\8SGDWH                                                                                                      3DJH


     RRQT            UVQ%         G# %       GQ H)               [CV+        Q& K/%%
   1 RRQ T VW PKVK G U VQ % TG C VG #% WNV WTG Q H )G PG TQ U K V[ CV + O CI Q & G K /%% 
           ) WPF     
      75*'4)GUWPFJGKV                                               0LQLVWU\2SSRUWXQLWLHV

                          For those of us that watch just about
                                                                    If you have any questions about the church's mission
                          e v e r y T V s h o w a b o ut h o me
                          improvement and decorating, we may        and ministry or if there is a new ministry you hope the
                          find that many have a central theme.      church would consider, please contact Rev. Karla at
                          That theme is actually the name of one    610-358-1716.
                          of the shows: "Curb Appeal." What the
                          concept centers on is that first          If any of the ministries listed below interests you,
impressions are very important and that those first impressions     please contact the ministry leader to learn more about
are often so indelibly fixed that they can't be altered.            a particular ministry and find out how you can be a
                                                                    part of making things happen at Imago Dei MCC!
That, in many cases, is the same at Sunday morning worship.         

First impressions are extremely important. One of the very,         $OWDU*XLOG1DQF\:KLWWRQ
very first impressions of our worship and faith community
comes from the welcome of an Usher for the service. I can still     $VVLVWDQW:RUVKLS&RRUGLQDWRU
remember the slight butterflies in my stomach as I walked into      (G9HUED
Imago Dei for the first time 3 1/2 years ago. I was a little
                                                                    &RPPXQLFDWLRQV 0LQLVWU\³3OHDVH FRQWDFW 5HY .DUOD
nervous of facing something new and had been a member of
MCC for over 20 years.                                              LILQWHUHVWHGLQDQ\RIWKHVHPLQLVWU\DUHDV&KXUFK
                                                                    OLWHUDWXUH     :HEVLWH   (PDLO   3UHVV   UHOHDVHV
For some of us the slight butterflies are Boeing 747s landing. It   DGYHUWLVLQJ
can be a Herculean effort to open the door for the first time.
Ushers are, therefore, one of the most important persons in our
midst (certainly not suggesting any offense to our dynamic          &RQJUHJDWLRQDO &DUH 0LQLVWU\  -RKQ +RXWRQ  
pastor, of course).                                                 &KULVWLQH.DQLFNL

We have in our midst one who can only be referred to as the         'RPHVWLF$EXVH3URMHFWRI0HGLD
diva of usher coordinators; Jimmie Joe Jochims. Jimmie Joe          7HUUL7DOERW
cannot be an "Usher of One." He needs help (in many ways). I
urge us all to prayerfully consider assisting us in our "Curb       )DFLOLWLHV0DLQWHQDQFH&RRUGLQDWRU
Appeal" and step up and consider being an usher. Please see         -LP-RFKLPV
Jimmie Joe or Ed Verba if you have such a calling in your heart
to help others as they transition from the secular to the sacred    )DU6LGH3UD\HU0LQLVWU\&KXFN%LFNHUW
each Sunday morning (contact information in adjacent column).       +,9$,'60LQLVWU\³1DQF\:KLWWRQ


                         Join us!                                   0HPEHUVKLS&ODVV	3ODFHPLQLVWU\
 For the next Forum on 2008 Stewardship
   and Fundraising at Imago Dei MCC                                 0LGZHHN5HIOHFWLRQV(G2

To discuss the Annual Flea Market on September 13, 2008, the
    upcoming Peter Toscano Comedy Nights and more…
 Sunday, August 3                                                   6WHZDUGVKLS-LP'D\
     1:00 PM                                                        6XQGD\'HYRWLRQV&ROOHHQ6WXSS\

      Contact Jim Day at                                            :HOFRPLQJ0LQLVWU\/DXQFKLQJLQ
        484-840-2680                                                6HH.HOO\5RGULJXH]LILQWHUHVWHG
0RQWKO\8SGDWH                                                                                                         3DJH


   ;      65
                   05                                                    -;  4%
July 6th - True Independence is Inter-dependence with God
                                                                           T. G5 OOG       [( NN'

Deuteronomy 10: 12-13, 17-21; Galatians 5: 13–26
What does Independence Day mean for Queer Christians?
How do Gay and not-so-Gay Americans live into the teachings              5WPFC[#WIWUVUV
of Jesus which challenge us to embrace our freedom through
serving those who are in great need?

        '$           .#66+
      6*'$'#76+(7.#66+67&'1(  '1(                                                   
                  6,    5%        *                                                 5CVWTFC[
       #5        -5       05 VJ
              [          V
           ,WN[ L#WIWUV 

         Scripture: Matthew 5: 1–12; Acts 2: 41–47
    Theme Verse: Everything was created through Christ;
   nothing—not one thing!—came into being without Christ.                              3WGGT
           (The Gospel of John 1: 3, The Message)                       0QY+MPQYO[I#[$%OUYKVJIWGUV
July 13 - The First Church: Discipleship
Our focus for this Sunday is Matthew 5: 3-4 and Acts 2: 42
through which we reflect upon the meaning of discipleship for                               
our healthy living today
July 20 - The First Church: Worship
Our focus for this Sunday is Matthew 5: 5-6 and Acts 2: 43
through which we reflect upon how worship centers us within        $KDNGYKVJIWGUVRGTHQTOCPEG
the Spirit of God

July 27 - The First Church: Stewardship                                     
Our focus for this Sunday is Matthew 5: 7-8 and Acts 2: 44-45          RGVGTUQPVQUECPQEQO
through which we reflect upon the means by which stewardship
strengthens our relationship with God

                                                                        ) + 8 '  # 5  ; 1 7  5 * 1 2 
August 3 The First Church: Hospitality
Our focus for this Sunday is Matthew 5: 9-10 and Acts 2: 46
through which we reflect upon the lost art and important role of
                                                                   You can help our extended church family in times of crisis and
hospitality in building up a community that seeks to follow God
                                                                   hardship while you shop at Safeway, Genuardi's, and more…
August 10 - The First Church: Ministry                             Please take a few minutes today to register your eligible
Our focus for this Sunday is Matthew 5: 11-12 and Acts 2: 47       grocery loyalty cards at and enter
through which we reflect upon the primary purpose of ministry      group number 150877424. While you’re there, check out the
within and beyond the church as living a life of peace, joy,       escrip website for more opportunities to give to Imago Dei as
hope, and love                                                     you shop!
                                                                   Once you sign up, your merchants
August 17 - The First                                              will automatically donate 1% of your
Church & Its Mission!                                              purchases to Imago Dei MCC. These
Our focus for this Sunday                                          funds are specifically designated for
is putting it all together                                         our Benevolence Fund to provide
into what it means to be a                                         housing, food, transportation,
beautiful      spiritual                                           medication, etc., on an urgent
community seeking to live                                          temporary basis to those in need in
according to the teachings                                         our community.
of Jesus
                                         5 / # . .    ) 4 1 7 2 5
0RQWKO\8SGDWH                                                                                                                                                   3DJH


       /+&9''-4'(.'%6+105                                                                                           Q$GIKPPKPIVJG,QWTPG[R
            24'5'065                                                                                                  )TKGH5WRRQTV)TQWR



                       [, [CV2                                                                                    /GFKC2#
  Power: The Raising of Lazarus - John 11:1-5

Would Jesus discriminate? Before we can ask this question of

the larger world, we need to ask this question in the confines of
our own hearts and in the inner workings of our congregations.
Now is the time of self-examination and transformation. We
will spend time examining the ways we discriminate, not to
point fingers in judgment or to be more politically correct, but
to bring those places of discrimination in us and in our churches
to Christ’s healing presence.

                                                                                                                             re you single and looking to meet new


                                                                                                                             friends? Tired of attending events and you
                                                                                                                             are the only single person? Fed up with the
       / ' ' 6 + 0 )  4 ' * ' # 4 5 # .                                                                                    bar/club scene?

                                                                                                                 Gay Christian Singles Philly Burbs is for YOU! We
                            12:15 Sunday July 13                                                                 provide support and fellowship for LGBT singles
             The musicians and vocalists of Imago Dei MCC                                                        through discussion groups and social events while
             invite all current and aspiring vocalists and                                                       exploring the cultural diversity of the Philadelphia
musicians to join them for their meetings/rehearsals.                                                            suburbs.

Come and share your talents and your ideas for creating a                                                        To join, please send an email to GCSPhillyBurbs@aol.
dynamic worship experience through music and song!                                                               com with the following info: Name, Age, City/Town,
                                                                                                                 and Email Address
For more information               contact     Deb     Hoeksema        at                                                                                               We look forward to hearing from you!

           95    46)   2


           4)    #;




         7PKVCTKCP(GNNQYUJKRQH9GUV%JGUVGT                                                                   3URYLGLQJ        VXSSRUW

         5*KIJ5VTGGV9GUV%JGUVGT2#                                                                   DQG IHOORZVKLS IRU

                                                                                                                 /*%7           V L Q J O H V
                                                                                                                WKURXJK GLVFXVVLRQ JURXSV DQG VRFLDO HYHQWV

        (QTFKTGEVKQ PUQTK PHQTO CVKQ RNGC UGE CNN.K UCQT                                                ZKLOH    H[SORULQJ         WKH   FXOWXUDO   GLYHUVLW\

                 9 C[ PGCV    GZV 
                      PGCV    GZV                                                              RIWKH3KLODGHOSKLDVXEXUEV
0RQWKO\8SGDWH                                                                                                            3DJH


2 # 5 5+ 1 0
                                     Life at its very best is
                                     a     passionate
                                                                    neighbors through acts of
                                                                    kindness and compassion.
                                                                                                    )1&	5%1((''
                                     experience, not a
                                     doctrinal dissertation.        We can be that church alive!    A group of alumni got talking
     (continued from page 1)                                                                        at a reunion and decided to go
fully embodied        passionate     The problem is not             Imago Dei MCC may be            visit their old university
possibility?                         that Christianity can’t        considered a church on the      professor, now retired. During
                                     be believed, but that it       margin because we certainly     their visit, the conversation
Is it possible that the way we       can’t be practiced             engage with what it means       turned to complaints about
have been “doing church” and         because of its lack of         to be, as well as how it        stress in their work and lives.
promoting religion has               lived experience. And          looks, to live the gospel out   Offering his guests coffee, the
completely sterilized our            it can’t be observed by        loud and unapologetically.      professor went to the kitchen
ability to bring together            others because there                                           and returned with a large pot of
spiritual and sensual as a way       are too few Christians         How do we passionately          coffee and an assortment of
to experience our faith?             who ar e r ad ical             ma nifest the r ad ical         cups - porcelain, plastic, glass,
                                     enough to manifest             inclusive love of Jesus         crystal, some plain, some
I am not the only person to          what the gospel really         Christ? How do we capture       expensive, some exquisite bone
reflect upon this question.          looks like.1                   the Beautiful Attitude of the   china - telling them to help
                                                                    First Jesus Church…today?       themselves to the coffee. When
Recently I began to read a                                          How do we live a passionate     they all had a cup of coffee in
                                                                    faith born from our             hand, the professor said,
book entitled (and yes, the        We are called to                                                 "Notice that all the nice
title caught my eye), The                                           experiences with God, self,
Gospel according to                participate with the             and our neighbors?              looking, expensive cups were
Starbucks: Living with a           Lord of history in                                               taken up, leaving behind the
Grande Passion by Leonard                                           As Imago Dei MCC steps          plain and cheap ones. While it
Sweet (Water Brook Press,
                                   the creation of                  into the second half of this    is normal for you to want only
2007). L. Sweet writes:            history!                         year reflecting upon how        the best for yourselves, that is
                                                                    God wishes for our church       the source of your problems
  Christians have much to                  ~ Thomas Hohstadt,       to live into our purpose and    and stress. Be assured that the
  learn about faith as a                  Composer/Conductor        passion, may you be a part      cup itself adds no quality to the
  lived experience, not a                                           of the conversation by being    coffee. In most cases it is just
  thought experiment.                                               active in church community.     more expensive and in some
  Rational faith—the form          Metropolitan Community                                           cases even hides what we
  of Christianity that relies      Churches (MCC) is a              Come and be a part of           drink. What all of you really
  on argument, logic, and          movement that is a church;       worship, small group, and       wanted was coffee, not the cup,
  apologetics to establish         and we live on the margins       o u r g r o wi n g c h u r ch   but you consciously went for
  and     defend         its       of Christendom. How so?          ministries so that, together,   the best cups... and then you
  rightness—has failed                                              we may drink of the passion     began eyeing each other's cups.
  miserably in meeting             It isn’t just that we have a     of Christ and live out faith    Now consider this: Life is the
  people where they live.          peculiar outreach to GLBT        passionately!                   coffee; your job, money and
                                   people, but that our outreach                                    position in society are the cups.
  Intellectual arguments           is also to those who identify                                    They are just tools to hold and
  over doctrine and                as heterosexual and feel                                         contain life. The type of cup
                                                                        Coffee should be            one has does not define, nor
  theology are fine for            very disenfranchised from
  divinity school, but they        organized church today.               black as Hell,             change your quality of life.
                                                                                                    Sometimes, by concentrating
  lose impact at the level         Too many people feel more            strong as death,            only on the cup, we fail to
  of daily life experience.        dead than alive when they
  Starbucks knows that             leave a church experience,
                                                                          and sweet as              enjoy the coffee God has
  people live for                  wondering if there is more                love!                  provided us. "The happiest
  engagement, connection,          to be had in the relationship;                                   people don't have the best of
  symbols,            and          and it doesn’t have to be                ~ Turkish Proverb       everything. They just make the
  meaningful experience.           that way.                                                        best of everything. " God brews
                                                                                                    the coffee, not the cups... Enjoy
  If you read the Bible,           We can drink deep from the                                       your coffee! Live simply. Love
                                                                       Sweet, Leonard, The          generously. Care deeply. Speak
  you’ll see that the              cup of salvation; and we can
                                                                    Gospel According to             kindly. Spend time with God
  people      of    God            taste the bread of life! We
                                                                    Starbucks (Water Brook          over your coffee.
  throughout history have          can sing praise and share
                                                                    Press, 2007) p. 5
  known the same thing.            our stories as we serve our
0RQWKO\8SGDWH                                                                                                           3DJH


    5 # . 8 # 6 + 1 0                                            
    ) 1 1 &  0 ' 9 5  % 1 4 0 ' 4    
Jesus and Satan were having      Jesus worked with heavenly
an on-going argument about       efficiency and Satan was
who was better on the            faster than hell.
computer. They had been          Then, ten minutes before
going at it for days,
                                 their time was up, lightning
and frankly God was tired of     suddenly flashed across the
hearing all the bickering.       sky, thunder rolled, rain
Finally fed up, God said,        poured, and, of course, the     Hannah will be going on to Lancaster Bible College &
"THAT'S IT! I have had           power went off.                 Graduate school this fall to prepare for FT Christian Ministry in
enough. I am going to set up a                                   the capacity of Elementary Education / Missions.
                                 Satan stared at his blank
test that will run for two       screen and screamed every
hours, and from those results,                                   Hannah is my Samuel (Samuel in the Bible, so to speak) and
                                 curse word known in the         such a Joy!
I will judge who does the        underworld.
better job."
                                 Jesus just sighed.              For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition
So Satan and Jesus sat down                                      which I asked of him: Therefore also I have lent him to the
                                                                 Lord; as long as he liveth he shall be lent to the Lord.  1 Sam
at the keyboards and typed       Finally the electricity came
away.                            back on, and each of them
                                 restarted their computers.      1: 27,28
They moused.                     Satan started searching
They faxed.                      frantically, screaming:         Do you have a good news moment that you'd like to share? A
They e-mailed.                   "It's gone! It's all GONE! "I   special event or moment that would bring a smile to our
                                 lost everything when the        community? If so, submit it to !
They e-mailed            with    power went out!"
                                 Meanwhile, Jesus quietly
They downloaded.                 started printing out all of     Conflict, Continued from p. 1)     this important new ministry as
They did spreadsheets!           his files from the past two                                        our church lives further into
                                 hours of work.                  culture for healthy                God’s vision for us: Growing
They wrote reports.                                              communication and healthy          in Christ! Lifting Up
They created labels and cards.   Satan observed this and         relationship. Currently there      Comm unity! Spreading
They created charts and          became irate.                   are a few folks prayerfully        God’s Love!
graphs.                          "Wait!" he screamed.            discerning if they are to be a     If you were unable to attend
They did some genealogy          "That's not fair! He cheated!   part of the initial launch         the training and feel a call to
reports.                         How come he has all his         team of the Conflict               learn more about conflict
                                 work and I don't have any?"     Resolution Team of Imago           resolution, please let Rev.
They did every job known to                                      Dei MCC. Please join in            Karla know!
man.                             God just shrugged and said,
                                 "JESUS SAVES."                  praying for the formation of

               [/                    /          IC &
   / Q P V J N [ / G F K V C V K Q P  / C M K P I C& K H H G T G P E G ~ ChuckBickert,Imago DeiFarsideMinistry
Making a difference is life-     we are asking an unselfish      When we set out to make a          Our task may be over, but
changing, rewarding and so       prayer. This prayer also        difference, we become              new opportunities abound
fulfilling. Did you also know    helps us to be able to          selfless, fear is diminished,      with new chances to meet new
that when we search to make      complete the task at hand.      prejudices are forgotten and       people, to break down old
a difference we become                                           wonderful works appear.            walls, to make a difference.
selfless?                        As we continue to pray we       Just as Jesus said, "You will
                                 start to see any and all        do greater things than I,"
When we have a spark of          obstacles begin to lessen or    when you make a positive
inspiration that will have an    even disappear. We also         difference in this life, that is
impact or make a difference,     start to see people coming      a great achievement.
we of course start with the      together, sometimes even
obvious, asking God for          enemies. Then there is          Oh, but is the job finished?
assistance. When we ask God      progress and finally,           There will always be a need
for assistance in making a       completion.                     to make a difference, no
difference by helping others,                                    matter how big or small.
0RQWKO\8SGDWH                                                                                                                   3DJH


                                                                                    #         5'0+14%#4'1(2#
       ; T4 N' G                               40
     +PHQTOCVKQP5QWTEG                      /#0#)'/'06

                                                                                   Geriatric Care Management Specialists
                                                                                   Long Term Care Planning and Assessment
                         Buyer Agent                 4
                                                  174                                       Monitor Client Care
                         Seller Agent                                                      24-Hour On-Call Service
                         Helping                                                       Contact SCP at 610.565.5588 or
                       Real People
                     with Real Estate
                          Mike Smith

1HHKEG                        ZZ Z
                                                                           Spruce up your church when you recycle your
                                                 FR P
                                                                           printer cartridges or cell phones!
                                                                         Just drop your used printer cartridges, old cell phones and
       /GFKC2#                                                      PDAs in the box in the rear of the sanctuary. We will send them

                     <H  2 O G H  
                                                                           in for recycling and cash.

                                                                           All money raised through this ministry will be designated to the
 & K H V W H U  & R X Q W \  % U X Q F K  % X Q F K                    IDMCC Building Fund, to ensure a clean, safe and secure
                                                                           worship environment. For more information, contact Val
          A local organization where our community                         Benner at 610-272-4889 /
                  comes together to socialize.
           Covered dish gatherings are held monthly.
       Annual dues - $10.00 (single) or $15.00 (couple)                                                        IMAGE
             For membership information contact                                                              DEADLINE!
          Jim at (610) 431-0269,
          5(4 /6 '$                                                                                             FOR THE
Your Board of Directors met               Attendance             and
on Monday June 9th. It was                contributions continue to be
decided that we would go                  down in comparison to
with the package deal from                2007. Attendance is down                   10 PM TUESDAY, JULY 29th
Comcast high speed for a                  19.2% year to date, while
much needed update to                          contributions are down               Please address all submissions to Shelly at
our internet service and                       13.4% year to date for              
significant cost savings                       the same period from

                                                                                    -        ((+
                                                                                 4'8-#4.#	51((+%'*1745
over Verizon.                                  2007.

Preparations continue for                    Five members have
the two shows in                             been removed from             Rev. Karla will be in the office and available for scheduled
September by Peter Toscano.               membership, and two              appointments on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.
It is hoped that both nights              members requested to be
will be as successful as the              moved to Friends status.           Please call 610-358-1716 to schedule an
Kelli Dunham show. Friday's                                                                appointment.
and Saturday’s shows will                 The treasurer reported that
each be different – "Now I                the church is current with all           Days Off: Friday & Saturday
know my gAy B Cs," and                    accounts payable.                    Sermon Preparation Day: Wednesday
2XU9LVLRQGrowing With Christ! Lifting Up Community! Spreading God's Love!

                                                                                                                     : : :  , 0 $* 2 ' ( , 0 & &  2 5*





                                      U0 VVL

       Imago Dei Metropolitan Community Church offers spiritual growth
   and Christ-centered worship to the Rainbow Community preparing people to
   share their God-given time, talent, and treasures with our church and world.

              Location:                                    Rev. Karla Fleshman, Pastor
              1223 Middletown Rd                           Phone: (610) 358-1716
              Glen Mills, PA 19342                         Email:

                                                                                (Planning, continued from page 1)

                                                                                2009. If you are interested in being a part
                                                                                of any of the planning and wish to learn
                                                                                more, please contact Rev. Karla today!

                                                                                 2      )5
                                                                                [1] Small Group Ministry/
                                                                                Programming – Location: Shelly &
                                                                                Diane’s House (NJ). Date: Saturday, July
                                                                                12th. Time: 10:30 AM
                                                                                [2] Worship – Location: Nancy’s House
                                                                                (PA). Date: Sunday, July 13th. Time
                                                                                12:30 PM
                                                                                [3] Outreach / Marketing – Location:
                                                                                Shant’s House (PA). Date: Sunday,
                                                                                August 3rd. Time: 12:30 PM
                                                                                [4] Community Service – Location:
                                                                                Michele & Jennifer’s House (NJ). Date:
                                                                                Sunday, August 17th. Time: 1:00 PM

     &1(&        5/''6
 $1#4&1(&+4'%6145/''65                                        6*#0-;17
              , ;
     /10&#;,7.;                                               4'%;%.+0)
            The next Imago Dei Board of Directors
            Meeting will be held at 6:15 PM Monday,
            July 7 at the church. All are welcome to                        
            attend! For more information, see Rev. Karla
            or any Board member.
                                                                       G7 T5

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