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									                            Burke County Health Department
                                Board of Health Meeting
                                   October 26, 2010

Attendance: Wayne Abele Mike Cronk Jennifer Boggs                   Carol Largent
Charles Suber     Greg Jones  David Hartman

Absent:      Bill Allman – ex.        Bob Ealy-ex Santford Wellborn-ex
Ken Bonfield

Others attending included Rebecca McLeod, Assistant Health Director; Lisa Moore,
Health Education Supervisor and Dana Stevenson, RN to BSN Intern.

Mike Cronk called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm

No public comments

Items for Discussion
Patient Satisfaction Survey – Lisa Moore presented the results of our patient
satisfaction survey for the fiscal year 2009-2010. The survey included 34 English
speaking and 14 Spanish speaking participants. Most of the survey comments were good.
Some areas of concern included problems with air conditioning, need for comfortable
sofas and wait times. One negative comment was made in regard to our Spanish
interpreter. All of the survey results will be discussed at the next supervisor’s meeting.
The surveys are given out when clients check in at the front desk and returned to a
comment box. This year is the first year the Hispanic population has participated.

Lisa is participating in the School Based Wellness Initiative in all 16 schools middle and
elementary schools, with Tri Fit Assessments for teachers and BMI for kids. Lisa will
present statistics to the Board when completed.

Financial Update
David reviewed the financial update for the first quarter (July-Sept). One of our
standards of Accreditation is to keep BOH informed of financial situation. The summary
of revenue verses expenditures show that revenue collected is at 24.4% and expenditures
is at 20.9% of budgeted amounts. Both numbers are in line with where we need to be.
We have been frugal and conservative with our money.

Items for Decision
Minutes of August 24, 2010
Wayne Abele made a motion to approve the minutes of August 24, 2010. Carol Ervin
Largent seconded the motion. All members voted in favor

Policy Approval
Four policies – Policy on Policies; Mission Statement; Observing Public Health Laws,
Rules and Regulations; and Delegation of Duties to Health Director were presented for
the Board’s approval. The policies have been reviewed by Administration and no
changes have been made. Greg Jones made motion to approve the policies as written.
Seconded by Jennifer Boggs. All members voted in favor.

Debt Set Off – Bad Debt Write Off
David presented account balances for debt set off and bad debt write off. We file Debt
Set Off Program with state of NC to garnish income tax refunds. The amount that meets
the criteria for Debt Set Off is $ 5,858.34 as of October 20, 2010. We have been catching
up on the amount of debts owed. We have been doing this for 4 years. Charles Hartman
made a motion to approve the Debt Set Off Amount. Greg Jones seconded the motion.
All members voted in favor. We may bring another amount to the Board at a later date
since we are moving from the old HSIS system to the new HIS System.
The total amount of bad debt write off is $3787.82. We need to write off this amount to
clear our books. We cannot send to debt set off due to lack of identifiable information. A
motion was made by Greg Jones to accept this amount. David Hartman seconded the
motion. All members voted in favor of the motion. The amount of $ 610.42 needs to be
moved from Debt Set Off to write off due to the fact that the amount falls below the Debt
Set Off minimum of $ 50.00. Carol Ervin Largent made a motion to accept this amount
for bad debt write off. Motion seconded by Greg Jones. All members voted in favor.
We have collected $ 26,554.85 from debt set off .

Strategic Plan 2011-2013
Rebecca McLeod reviewed the current plan which was written in 2006-2007. The plan
has to be re-written between now and January 1, 2011. Some objectives have not been
met are an appointment of someone on the BC Planning Board and meth lab training.
The loss of two Environmental Health staff contribute to these items not being
completed. We have not met the objective of increasing the number of private providers
using the immunization registry to 100% (North Carolina Immunization Registry). Some
doctors do not have internet service. A county health program has been initiated in our
department and has not been implemented as a county wide health program. Kelley
Dickens, our Human Resources Manager, is working on a county wellness program.
Rebecca needs volunteers to help rewrite this strategic plan. She wants any help by
email, adhoc committee, etc. Carol volunteered to help. Jennifer Boggs also volunteered
to help. Rebecca will ask Santford. She needs insight and wisdom on our plan for next
three years.

Directors Comments:
Child Dental Clinic – David has met with the Commissioners to update them on some
complaints as well as the financial situation of the Child Dental Clinic.. David put a plan
in place for three months to solve these issues. This month the clinic was behind in
revenue. There is concern that the clinic may not be viable very much longer due to the
state of economy as well as new dentists in town. David will follow very closely. We
may have to look at discontinuing the service. It will put five people out of work. The
program is designed to be self supporting and right now it is not.
How many children do they serve a day? 10 to 12 now and in the past it has been 20 to
25. The clinic was seeing a lot more kids and making a lot more money before we
changed the way we compensate the dentist and that had an impact on the revenue and
the number of children seen. The staff is aware of potential closure.

Revenue is from Medicaid, Health Choice and some private pay (sliding scale fee).
Medicaid is being accepted readily by many dentists in the county. Some of our patient
population is going elsewhere. The private dental services in the county can
accommodate the child dental need. The dentist works 32 hours per week. Staff works 5
days a week, with Friday for cleaning and billing. David states he would hate to loose
the jobs and clinic. Good reasons not to close – increase unemployment and service not
provided. David has been working a long time to make the clinic work. If the program is
eliminated it would be difficult to get it back. The issue of drumming up business was
discussed. David states that this is not necessarily the issue. We have had the Child
Dental Clinic for about 14 years. David will have hard decisions to make about the

David sent a letter about Board of Health Training on Dec. 2 in Lenoir. Please let David
know if you want to attend training.

Dec. 17 is our Christmas Luncheon at the Agricultural Center. We will send an invitation
to board members.

Three appointments to the Board are coming up for renewal. They are Ken Bonfield,
Santford Wellborn and Bill Allman. All three have been sent renewal applications. Two
members cannot be reappointed, Mike Cronk and Greg Jones whose terms will end in
December. These vacant positions are for an engineer and a physician.

Flu Season – we are giving flu shots daily. We have given several hundred maybe close
to 1000. We have a few more clinics scheduled.

Mike Cronk stated that he has truly enjoyed serving on the BOH. He feels it is one of
finest health departments in the state of NC. He has learned a lot about health matters.
Wayne Abele states that the County Commissioners hear all good things about the Health
Department and the Board of Health. The Health Department presents a very
conservative budget. Greg Jones says he enjoys serving on the board and will miss it.
David appreciates all members of the Board

Meeting adjourned at 7:15.

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David L. Rust, Jr.                          Mike Cronk
Secretary to Board of Health                Chairman, Board of Health

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