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									Data Center Services
 Advisory Council


     January 12, 2007
DCS Advisory Council Charter

                                Last Revised: 01/12/07

                                COUNCIL CHARTER
                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

Purpose                                                  3

Charter Definition                                       3

DCS Advisory Council Membership Structure                3

Meetings                                                 7

Attendance                                               8

Voting                                                   8

Issue Management                                         9

Communication                                            9

Charter Document Control                                 9

Appendix A – Membership Roster

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DCS Advisory Council Charter

                            DCS ADVISORY COUNCIL CHARTER


The Data Center Services (DCS) Advisory Council (Council) serves as an interactive communication forum for
customers receiving data center services and the Department of Information Resources (DIR) to promote the
on-going effectiveness of DCS service delivery. The DCS Advisory Council provides advice, counsel and
feedback to DIR and the DCS Service Provider regarding plans, initiatives, and service experience(s). The
Council also works collaboratively across all customers, DIR and the DCS Service Provider to support and
enhance the service.

The DCS Advisory Council has a duty to represent the greater interests of the State of Texas. The Council
recognizes that conflicts may arise from time to time between the interests of the State of Texas and an
individual DCS customer. While the Council is charged with representing the State’s best interest, individual
DCS customers represented on the Council may advocate in other forums, in the case of disagreement with the
Council’s recommendations on a particular matter.

Charter Definition

This document defines the DCS Advisory Council’s charter. The charter is intended to be used as:

    •   A statement of the DCS Advisory Council’s role and responsibilities
    •   An aid in communicating the DCS Advisory Council’s charter internally to the State of Texas and
        to the DCS Service Provider

DCS Advisory Council Membership Structure


The DCS Advisory Council will elect two officers: Chair and Vice-Chair. The Chair and Vice-Chair will serve a
one year term coinciding with the state fiscal year. If the Chair cannot fulfill his or her term for any reason, the
Vice-Chair will assume the role of Chair, and the Council will elect a new Vice-Chair. If the Vice-Chair cannot
fulfill his or her term for any reason, the Council will elect a new Vice-Chair.
To provide continuity of leadership, after a one year term of service as Vice-Chair, the individual serving as Vice-
Chair will become the Chair. Members will elect a new Vice-Chair at the first meeting following the start of a
new state fiscal year.

The DCS Council membership includes the following:
    •   IT Directors representing Texas state agencies and institutions of higher education (Agencies)
        that receive IT services under the DCS agreement

    •   IT Directors from independently operating IT infrastructure departments operating within a single
        state agency, such as Office of the Attorney General – Child Support Division and Administrative
        Service Division

Adopted: 01/12/07                                                                                             Page 3
DCS Advisory Council Charter

    •   DIR Statewide Technology Operations Division Director (ex-officio member)

    •   DIR Service Delivery Division Director (ex-officio member)

    •   DIR Data Center Services Manager and Sourcing Administration Manager (ex-officio members)

    •   DIR Governance Specialist (ex-officio member)

    •   Service Provider Account Manager (ex-officio member by invitation)

The Service Provider Account Executive and other service provider staff may be invited to participate in
Advisory Council meetings from time to time as non-voting participants.

IT Directors from state agencies other than those receiving service under the DCS agreement may attend
the meeting as non-voting observers.

The membership roster is provided in Appendix A.

Change in Membership

It is the responsibility of DCS customers to ensure that they are appropriately represented on the Council.
Customer organizations shall notify the Council Chair of any change of representatives.

Ad hoc Teams

From time to time the DCS Advisory Council may need to involve additional expert resources beyond the
Council membership. The Chair may designate ad hoc teams to conduct specific work and report back to the
DCS Advisory Council. Ad hoc teams may include non-council members that are subject matter experts

The DCS Advisory Council Vice-Chair will provide leadership and direction to the ad hoc team(s) while
performing assignment(s).

In any use of ad hoc teams, the responsibility for all final recommendations rests solely with the membership of
the DCS Advisory Council as defined above.

Roles and Responsibilities


        The primary responsibilities of the DCS Advisory Council are to:

             •    Provide advice, counsel, and feedback to DIR and the DCS Service Providers to enhance
                  planning, proposal development, and decision-making

             •    Make recommendations to DIR and the DCS Service Providers regarding DCS Services

                  -   Strategies to improve on-going operational efficiency
                  -   Strategies to ensure high-level customer satisfaction
                  -   Strategies to lower costs

Adopted: 01/12/07                                                                                             Page 4
DCS Advisory Council Charter

                -    Strategies to add or refine the services offered for meeting the changing needs of the
                     State Agencies and other DIR data center services customers

            •   Respond to DIR and the DCS Service Provider request for assistance

            •   Collaborate across Agencies and with DIR and the DCS Service Providers to improve DCS
                technology and operational planning and deployments

        The Chair has primary responsibility to:

            •   Confirm meeting agendas and conduct council meetings

            •   Ensure council fulfillment of the scope of responsibilities

            •   Promote involvement and balanced participation of all council members

            •   Preview presentations/materials

            •   Approve meeting notes

            •   Ensure completion of tasks by council members

            •   Appoint ad hoc teams when needed

            •   Communicate progress to the appropriate DCS Advisory Council stakeholders

            •   Participate and represent the DCS Advisory Council in the DCS Technical Steering Committee

            •   Represent DCS Advisory Council at Quarterly DIR Executive Steering Committee meeting

            •   Ensure that the DCS Advisory Council has the proper IT representation across State
                Agencies, DIR, and other DIR customers receiving DCS services

        The Vice-Chair has primary responsibility to:

            •   Perform all Chair responsibilities in the absence of the Chair

            •   Lead the development and prioritization of council agendas and preparations

            •   Preview presentations/materials that are scheduled for council review and provide feedback,
                as necessary, to improve the content and key messages for the council audience

            •   Promote involvement and balanced participation of all council members

            •   Assist the Chair in promoting regular council member attendance, as necessary

            •   Provide leadership and direction to Chair-appointed ad hoc teams

            •   Prepare quarterly summary of DCS Advisory Council activities and actions, as requested, by
                the DIR Executive Steering Committee

Adopted: 01/12/07                                                                                         Page 5
DCS Advisory Council Charter

            •   Participate and represent DCS Advisory Council in DCS Technical Steering Committee

            •   Represent DCS Advisory Council at Quarterly DIR Executive Steering Committee meeting

        DCS Governance Facilitator

        The DCS Governance Facilitator is a DIR employee and will work closely with the Chair and Vice-
        Chair to organize the council meetings and ensure the effectiveness of DCS Governance
        processes, cross-Governance council communication, priority setting, and issue

        The DCS Governance Facilitator has primary responsibility to:
            •   Promote relevant topics and content for agenda topics

            •   Schedule meetings and communicate agenda prior to each meeting

            •   Follow-up on council assignments and action items assigned to council members

            •   Report status and results of ad hoc team assignments to the Council

            •   Assist Vice-Chair in preparing any reports for DIR Executive Steering Committee

            •   Maintain a six-month schedule of Council meeting dates

            •   Maintain the roster of the Council members

            •   Maintain a repository that includes meeting notes, a log and status of issues discussed and
                elevated, and other such documents required by the Chair

        Regarding the governance process oversight, the DCS Governance Facilitator has primary
        responsibility to:

            •   Promote effective communication and coordination processes between the DCS Advisory
                Council and other governance committees, such as the DCS Technical Steering

            •   Continually measure governance processes and results, and recommend adjustments,
                as necessary, to ensure effective support of DCS governance objectives

        Council Member

        Each member is expected to adhere to the meeting guidelines and participate in Council

        Council members or designated alternates are responsible to:
            •   Attend DCS Advisory Council meetings

            •   Prepare for and proactively participate in Council meetings and activities

            •   Serve as a catalyst for change and support within the member’s area of responsibility

Adopted: 01/12/07                                                                                        Page 6
DCS Advisory Council Charter

            •    Actively offer insight and perspective to support and improve the implementation of DIR or
                 Service Provider proposals, initiatives, or services

            •    Complete assignments accepted by the member

            •    Communicate with and provide representation for Agency business leadership


        The Scribe is a DIR employee and has the responsibility for documentation of Council meetings.
        The DIR Governance Facilitator appoints this role.

            The Scribe has primary responsibility to:

            •    Record and forward meeting notes to the Chair for review prior to distribution

            •    Document Council decisions and track action items


Meeting Schedule

The DCS Advisory Council will meet bi-weekly or monthly, or at other regular intervals agreed by the
Council members. Special meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the Chair.

Meeting Guidelines

The Chair will conduct each meeting in accordance to the guidelines prescribed below:

    •   The agenda with attached materials to be presented or discussed will be distributed in a manner to
        provide as much advance notice as possible, but no later than two days prior to the Council meeting.
        Topics not on the agenda may be discussed at the end of the meeting at the discretion of the Chair,
        time permitting, or placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

    •   All members are expected to regularly attend scheduled meetings and designate an alternate
        representative to attend on an exception basis, when the member is unavoidably unavailable

    •   All members should be prepared to actively participate in any discussions or decisions in the meeting

    •   Meeting notes are prepared and distributed within five days after the conclusion of meetings

Meeting Agenda

        Recurring Agenda Topics

        The DCS Advisory Council meetings are intended to be an interactive exchange among DCS
        customers, DIR, and the Service Provider. Service Provider representatives may be invited to attend as
        appropriate at the discretion of the Chair. Recurring agenda topics to be discussed in scheduled
        meetings may include:

Adopted: 01/12/07                                                                                         Page 7
DCS Advisory Council Charter

            •   Enterprise performance of DCS services

            •   Key DIR/Service Provider initiatives, milestones or deliverables affecting Agencies

            •   Agency progress / lessons learned in preparing for, or supporting, DIR / Service Provider

            •   Council recommendations on strategies to improve delivery of DCS services or facilitate
                successful implementations of new initiatives within Agencies

            •   Opportunities for cross-Agency collaboration related to DCS services

            •   Set agenda items for next meeting

        Periodic Agenda Topics

        In addition to the regularly scheduled Council agenda topics, the Council Chair may conduct sessions
        throughout the year to review and comment on topics, such as:

            •   State Technical Strategic Plan and DCS Technical Steering Committee Reports

            •   DIR and Service Provider’s annual technology and operations plans and supporting

            •   Annual Customer Survey results

            •   Annual review of Service Provider’s view of industry trends and innovation opportunities

            •   Summary of Agencies’ Strategic Plans

            •   Changes to existing or new Enterprise DCS Governance committees or processes

            •   Review and recommend updates to the DCS Advisory Council Charter


Council members or their designated alternates are expected to attend Advisory Council meetings regularly.
Each member will designate an alternate representative, in writing to the Chair. A Council member’s
designated alternate representative is authorized to attend DCS Advisory Council meetings when the Council
member is unable to attend.


Council members may choose to vote when adopting recommendations or taking action on matters before the
Council. Each member has one vote and a simple majority vote of the members present and voting will be
used to approve the recommendation or action. In the absence of a regular Council member, the designated
alternate representative may vote on behalf of his or her agency on any actions taken. A quorum of members

Adopted: 01/12/07                                                                                       Page 8
DCS Advisory Council Charter

must be present to vote on a recommendation or action, including the election of officers. A quorum is defined
as two thirds of the voting membership.

The Chair will forward recommendations adopted by the Council to the Data Center Service Manager for
consideration and, if accepted, appropriate action to direct the Service Provider or DIR staff. The Data Center
Services Manager may escalate recommendations as appropriate to the DIR Executive Steering Committee.
The Chair may also forward recommendations directly to the DIR Executive Steering Committee.

Council members will elect a new Vice-Chair at the first meeting held in each state fiscal year, or as needed to
fill vacancies. The Vice-Chair will be elected by a simple majority vote of the members present and voting.

 Issues Management

Issues Resolution

The DCS Advisory Council may escalate service delivery concerns. Issues escalated by the Advisory Council
will be addressed through the standard escalation processes defined in the DCS Policy and Procedures

All issues will be properly recorded and managed in a DCS Advisory Council issues log.



Meeting notes and action items (as appropriate) will be documented at each DCS Advisory Council meeting.
Following each meeting, the DIR Governance Facilitator will coordinate the review of this information with the
Chair prior to distributing the information to the DCS Advisory Council members, and publishing it on the DIR

The DIR Governance Facilitator will also maintain the Council’s log of recommendations and assist the Chair in
preparing any periodic summary reports/presentations of the Council’s progress as requested by the Data
Center Services Management Committee or the DIR Executive Steering Committee.

Charter Document Control

Document Maintenance & Repository

The DCS Advisory Chair and Vice-Chair are responsible for maintaining this document with the assistance from
the DCS Governance Facilitator. The most recent version will be maintained on the DIR website
( along with other DCS Governance charter documents, meeting minutes, and supporting

Revision History

  Number            Revision Date                                Summary of Changes

Adopted: 01/12/07                                                                                           Page 9
DCS Advisory Council Charter

           1        1-12-2007          Initial Adoption

Review of the Charter

This document is reviewed/approved by the following groups and individuals:

        Name/Group                             Title                         Reviews/Approves
  DCS Advisory Council           DCS Advisory Council Members          Reviews and approves

  Brian Rawson                   DIR Interim Executive Director        Reviews and approves

  Kim Weatherford                DIR Statewide Technology              Reviews and approves
                                 Operations Division Director
  Lara Coffer                    DIR Data Center Services Manager      Reviews and approves

  Brooks Myers                   DIR Governance Specialist             Reviews

Events that prompt the review of this document include modifications to the document, new agencies or
organizations, joining the Council, and annual reviews of the charter.

Adopted: 01/12/07                                                                               Page 10
DCS Advisory Council Charter

                            Appendix A – Membership Roster

Members of the Council are (as of January 12, 2007):

                          DCS Advisory             Participating Agency               Designated
Representative Name       Council Role                 Represented                     Alternate
Ginger Salone            Chair                Office of the Attorney General   John Templeton
                                              – Child Support
Bowden Hight             Vice-Chair           Railroad Commission of           Paul McLean
Doug Fox                 Member               Angelo State University

Shareen Addison          Member               Texas Department of Aging        Trini Botello
                                              and Disability Services
Jeff Peden               Member               Texas Department of Assistive    Stan Dodd
                                              and Rehabilitative Services
Debby Wattman            Member               Texas Department of Family
                                              and Protective Services
Britt Brookshire         Member               Texas Department of              Allan Martin
                                              Information Resources
Ed Kelly                 Member               Texas Department of Public       Bryan Lane
Tom Thornton             Member               Texas Department of State        Chris Guerrero
Stephen Paxman           Member               General Land Office              David Bennett

Hope Morgan              Member               Health and Human Services        Debra Williams
                                              Commission - Agency
Lupita Padilla           Member               Health and Human Services        Doug Park
                                              Commission - Enterprise
Rudy Montoya             Member               Office of the Attorney General   Dave Wetzler
                                              - AL
Jim Albright             Member                Public Utility Commission       Shawn Hazard

Scott Brandt             Member               Secretary of State               Frosty Walker

Sherry Cook              Member               Texas Alcoholic Beverage         Jay Webster
Michael Phillips         Member               Texas Building and
                                              Procurement Commission
Gary Collier             Member               Texas Commission on              John Tate
                                              Environmental Quality
Mike Cardwell            Member               Texas Department of              Greg Berglund
Robert L. Bray           Member               Texas Department of Criminal     Donna Kahn
Ann Woody                Member               Texas Department of              Carol Landry
Dianne Casey             Member               Texas Department of              Simon Skedd
                                              Licensing and Regulation

Adopted: 01/12/07                                                                                  Page 11
DCS Advisory Council Charter

John Cox                Member              Texas Education Agency         Nancy Smith

Darla Fent              Member              Texas Higher Education         Jerry Kunschik
                                            Coordinating Board
George Rios             Member              Texas Parks and Wildlife       Dana Reynolds
Manuel Alvarez          Member              Texas State Library and        Mike Ford
                                            Archives Commission
Steven Wilkins          Member              Texas Veterans Commission      Steven Wilkins

Dee Meador              Member              Texas Workforce Commission     Robert VonQuintus/ Joel
Darryl Lindgens         Member              Texas Water Development        Lorelei Weitzwel
Tim Jennings            Member              Texas Department of            Judy Skeen
Stan Gunn               Member              Texas Youth Commission         Mike Hill

Kim Weatherford         Ex-officio member   Department of Info Resources
                                            Statewide Technology
Cindy Reed              Ex-officio member   Department of Info Resources
                                            Service Delivery Division
                                            Interim Director
Lara Coffer             Ex-officio member   Department of Info Resources
                                            Data Center Service Manager
Donna Clay              Ex-officio member   Department of Info Resources
                                            Sourcing Administration
Brooks Myers            DCS Governance      Department of Info Resources
                        Facilitator         Governance Specialist
                        Ex-officio member
Gayle Kanies            Ex-officio          Team for Texas
                        observer (by
Tedi Wells              Ex-officio          Team for Texas
                        observer (by

Adopted: 01/12/07                                                                                Page 12

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