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									Temple Emanu-El, San Jose, CA

                                    Connections                                                August 2008 V. 72, No. 11

    Shabbat Service
                                   Join Brotherhood and W.O.T.E. for some
    Friday Kabbalat
    Shabbat Services
                                          Chillin’ and Grillin’
    All services start at          at the Temple Emanu-El Annual Summer
   6:30pm on the Patio
   (weather permitting)
                                          BBQ and Swim Party
  unless otherwise noted

       August 1
  W.O.T.E (Women of             Sunday, August 17 from 11am – 3pm
  Temple Emanu-El)              at APJCC, 14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos

       August 8                 BBQ entrée and drinks will be provided
    Kabbalat Shabbat            Please bring a generous side dish, appetizer plate,
                                snacks or dessert to share with old friends and new.
        August 15
  Tot Shabbat, Kabbalat
  Services and Potlucks         Cost is $5 per person , $20 maximum per family.
                                We encourage you to bring friends, especially those
        August 22               who are unaffiliated with a synagogue.
      Rock Shabbat
  in the Temple House

        August 29
  Labor Day Speak Out,
   Potluck Dinner and

    Saturday Morning                                                 The Membership Committee invites you to
All services start at 9am in                                              invite your unaffiliated friends to the
          the BFR                                                       ‘Getting to Know Us’ Brunch
      2, 9, 16, 23, 30

        August 30                                                      Sunday, August 24 from 10am ‘til Noon
         10:30am                                                            in the BFR at Temple Emanu-El,
       Noah Rubin
        becomes a                                                            1010 University Avenue, San Jose
       Bar Mitzvah
                                                                           Meet clergy, staff and new mishpacha (family)
                                                                              Tours of the temple campus will be given
                                                                             Casual Brunch will be served
                                                                                      Friends will be made

                                                                              Singles, Families, Children,
                                                                    Empty Nesters, Retirees, JBC welcome

      Temple Emanu-El           1010 University Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126
 Administrative Office: 408.292.0939 Religious School Office: 408.292.3223 Preschool Office: 408.293.8660
       Meeka’s Kol Tuv                                                       President’s Column                                            2

    My Gratitude for a Wonderful Congregation                                               Introductions…
As I approach the end of my second year serving this amazing
congregation, I’d like to use this opportunity to express a few      As I started to write this first article, it occured to me that the
words of heartfelt gratitude.                                        new members of Temple Emanu-El don't know me. My wife,
First, I thank those congregants that I see almost every week, the   Arlene, and I have been members of temple for 41 years. I know
‘Front Row Club’ members and others as well, who share my            this because I take my oldest son's age and subtract 5. We have 3
love for ‘hugs.’ Your kind words, smiles and personal stories have   children: Lee, Karen and Marc. They went through Temple
all become such an important part of my spiritual world. I reserve   Emanu El's Religious School, became Bar and Bat Mitzvah here
a very special, personal hug to each of you.                         and each was married by the Rabbi at the time.
Next, I’d like to thank all my fellow teachers, Ritual Committee     I have been retired for a number of years and Arlene is a
members and our incredible staff – I immensely enjoy our             mortgage broker. I was President of the Board of Trustees of the
interactions and work together to provide our community with a       Temple from 2002 to 2004. During my term, we started the
variety of spiritual, educational, fun and meaningful programs.      education building renovation and the pre-school, both of which
A special ‘thank you’ to all my students: to my little boo’ba’lach   have turned out to be very successful for the Temple.
and their teachers in preschool, who sing with me every week,
and elevate my spirits every time; to the older ma’ma’lach and       It is my hope this year that we can continue the very positive
kinder’lach who have studied with me for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and on      work of Bob and Ruth Krandel. Their contributions to the
different educational opportunities such as ‘Lunch and Learn’:       Temple can not be measured. Ruth, though no longer President,
You are my greatest teachers. I am grateful for every lesson I       continues to be a very positive influence on Temple activities.
have learned from and with you.
I would also like to thank every member of the Board for all your    At present we are initiating the work of our standing committees.
kind words and incredible support. In the past two years, you        These committees are the heart and soul of Temple activities. I
have approached me on different occasions for a hug, an              strongly encourage everyone in the Temple to consider
encouraging word or with your own story to share. Your smiles,       participating. Making a financial commitment is a part of what
care and sharing really touch my heart. They serve as a great        the Temple needs from its members. Being active, including
reminder that I do what I do for a reason. Our interactions serve    becoming a committee member, is just as important. There a so
as an energizer, as I pull through the last huge mountain of         many committees that there certainly must be something on
education I have to conquer, before I’m officially invested as a     which you would enjoy participating. I encourage you to
Cantor, God willing, in May of 2009.                                 consider the opportunities, then sign up.
One big special ‘thank you’ to Ruth Krandel, whose incredible        A well functioning Temple is also an active part of the local
support in many ways has helped me to see the light at the end of    Jewish community. I encourage you to get involved by being on a
this long education tunnel. Ruth, I always give you such a big hug   committee or attending an event in the greater Jewish
when I see you, not just because you always smell so good, but       community. By all means, get involved wherever you feel
mainly because I really do love and appreciate the woman that        comfortable; we are all working toward the same objective, the
you are and the work you’ve been doing for this congregation.        strengthening of Judaism and Israel. So, get involved!
Without your support and belief in me, it would have been very
difficult to complete this demanding program.                        If you want more information, have ideas or thoughts to share, or
Last but not least, I’d like to thank my beloved, amazing, funny,    just want to talk, by all means contact me. My e-mail is
smart, great friend and teacher, my clergy partner, Rabbi Magat. or I can be reached at home at
Without your support, amazing drive to grow, to hear and be          408.779.9383 or on my cell phone at 408.483.8695. I am always
heard, to teach and learn, to laugh and cry (sometimes at the        available.
same time) -- I don’t think I could evolve into this role the way
I have. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met.      I look forward to more columns where I can keep you up to date
I feel so grateful for your friendship, guidance, support and        on Temple activities...
partnership.                                                                                          Steve Greenberg, President
I’d like to share a quote by George Bernard Shaw that touched                             
my heart a long time ago, but it is only now that I can fully
comprehend its meaning, as I get to experience first hand the                        High Holy Day Schedule
value of “Education” and “Community.”
                                                                     September 20 Havdalah, Selichot and Study
“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole
community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it     September 29 Erev Rosh Hashanah
whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for      September 30 Rosh Hashanah
the harder I work the more I live.”
Todah raba, thank you all so very much for being such an             October 3 Shabbat Shuvah
important part of my life and my spiritual growth.
                                                                     October 5 Kever Avot
                                 Cantor Intern Meeka Simerly         October 8 Kol Nidre
                                October 9 Yom Kippur
             Ritual Report                                                                Brotherhood                                         3

                                                                          The dog days of summer are upon us. While many of us are
                                                                          relaxing next to a pool or traveling to exotic lands,
                                                                          Brotherhood has been diligently laying the groundwork for a
                                                                       fun and fruitful year. I’ll provide you with a glimpse into the
                                                                       future but first I must reflect on the recent past.
In the spring of 2007, the Ritual Committee chair person stepped
down after several years of service. While there had been a very       Over the past two years Brotherhood has been an incredibly
stable membership of the committee for some time, no one felt          successful organization, thriving under the leadership of co-
able to take on the responsibilities of chairing the committee, so     presidents Jonathan Hirshon and Steve Reiss. The number and
Evann Aronoff and I agreed to co-chair the committee for one           quality of Brotherhood sponsored events has soared. Our
year in hope that, over the course of the next year, a qualified and   contributions to the Temple were significant. Two of
dedicated leader would step forward. Neither of us felt qualified      Brotherhood’s visible success stories have been the Diaspora
to lead the committee. For our own personal reasons, we did not        Dinners and the Distinguished Speakers series but Brotherhood
feel that we had the knowledge to serve as chair of a committee        has done so much more. Last year’s co-presidents and
whose mandate is to create opportunities for and guidance              Brotherhood Board should be recognized for their outstanding
regarding spiritual expression as it translates to rituals. But the    accomplishments. Thank you Jonathan, Steve, Dave Graubart,
committee was in need so we agreed.                                    Bob Hansen, Jeff Marsh, Al Roth, Sherman Zell and Leigh
In spite of our reservations, with the ongoing support of the
clergy and loyal members (which included some terrific new             This year we will continue to build on our past successes. A
members) we accomplished a number of important things this             meaningful agenda has been compiled by our active members.
year.                                                                  The following is a partial list of the programs we plans on
Probably the best and most important thing we accomplished                  • Stimulating religious programs - Two Brotherhood
was the development of a new web-based process to assist with                   Shabbats, ushering at High Holy Day services
the assignment of honors for the High Holy Days. Honors                     • Foster cultural and education programs - Diaspora
assignments had always been a time consuming and laborious                      Dinners, Distinguished Speakers Series, Religious
task in the past. But, with the new system created by a most                    School pancake breakfast and the latkes for Chanukah
brilliant and willing friend of Jonathan Hirshon, the process is so         • Promote social interaction - HDM (Havdalah, Dinner
much simpler and easier. And now that we have used it one year                  and a Movie), Game Night, the dinner club, monthly
and worked out the kinks, honor assignments this year will be a                 poker games, the Shir Hadash challenge
breeze.                                                                     • Enhance Temple Emanu-El’s physical wellbeing - it is
                                                                                too early in the year to identify exactly which
Ritual continued to sponsor the ever popular Shabbat in Nature                  enhancements will be budgeted. High on the priority
series. We held three of our Shabbats in the beauty and splendor                list is the refurbishing of the men’s room
of the hills surrounding us – one in the fall at Alum Rock Park,            • Actively support the community at large- coordinate
one in the spring at Uvas Canyon and our annual camping                         Mitzvah Day, conduct multiple blood drives
Shabbat which was at Sunset Beach this year. In addition, we
sponsored the Improvisational Shabbat in Nature at Sunol               For those Brotherhood members who have been sitting on the
Regional Park which had absolutely no pre-conceived structure to       side lines, I invite you to join us at our monthly meeting. You will
the service. While it did not get a good turn-out, we will once        be treated to a gourmet brunch and a real sense of
again sponsor this in the coming year.                                 accomplishment. I am hoping that you will help me, as the new
                                                                       incoming Brotherhood president, lead Brotherhood to new
Probably the most exciting innovation this year was the Rock           heights.
Shabbat. Our own Brotherhood Band rocked out with Cantor
Intern Meeka with several voices singing back-up. It was loud                                        Bob Levy, Brotherhood President
and it was wonderful. Traditional? No. Spiritually uplifting?                              

After a challenging and productive year, and true to our words,
Evann and I have stepped down as co-chairs and Mark Cahn will
be taking on leadership of the Ritual Committee. Mark is a
capable and dedicated leader and we look forward to working
with him. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer.
                              Ginny Hoffman & Evann Aronoff                   
                                 Co-Chairs, Ritual Committee
                                              Photography at Temple Emanu-El since 1988
                  W.O.T.E.                                            Women of Temple Emanu-El                                         4

                           Wednesday, September 10                   We’ll be making beaded bookmarks, wine glass charms,
                           at 7:00 PM, Temple House                  bottle stoppers, scarf pins, and safety-pin brooches.
                                                                     These are easy projects that pack a lot of pizzazz for a little
                           Nancy Trauben leads a craft               effort. (No glue is involved, so please don’t stay away
                                                                     because you think it will be messy.)
                           class for you to create all
                           sorts of treasures suitable for           $10 per person, payable in advance. Your check (payable to
                           gift giving – or for keeping              WOTE, sent to Temple Emanu-El) is your reservation.
                           for yourself!                             Questions? Call Bernice Gaon at 269-0131

      Thanks to Our Raffle and Silent Auction Donors                                Our Spiritual Advisors
         Almaden Valley Athletic Club, JoAnn Shank                 Rabbi and Cheriel Magat         Cantor Meeka Simerly
         Baja Fresh, Sunnyvale and Cupertino
         Cohen Landscape, Inc, Barry Cohen                                        Our Donor Committee
         Candy Halbig, Mary Kay Consultant                             Without whom this event would not have happened
         Lunardi’s, Meridian Ave, Marci Gerston
         Marie Callender’s, Sunnyvale and Cupertino                                          Chairs
         Montalvo Arts Center, Mimi Paulsen                      Donor - Lynda Chase, Invitations - Jo Anne Hersch , Program –
         Noah's Bagels, Cupertino                                Anita Medeiros, Decorations - Barbara Berlant, Mailing -
         Safeway, Hollenbeck, Sunnyvale                          Eleanor Gerstley, RSVP Seating Arrangements – Bette Myers
         Nora Rousso & Jonathan Jackel                           and Bernice Gaon, Raffle and Silent Auction – Anita Medeiros
         Yamagami’s Nursery, Cupertino                           and Janet Wood

Barbara and Mort Berlant            Beach Blanket Babylon                             Committee Members
Bob and Jo Anne Hersch              Bridge Creek Inn             Mailing - Libby Kass, Millie Segal and Barbara Berlant, Deborah
Bunny and Alan Fisher               Byington Winery              Zimmer, and Marcy Weiss; Raffle and Silent Auction – Lorie
Charlie's Cheesecake Works          Chuck E. Cheese, Cupertino   Kaplan, Janis Decker, Bernice Gaon; Decorations - Janis Decker,
Dr. Julie Henney                    Eleanor Gerstley             Bobi Levine, Eleanor Gerstley, Sally Siegel and Melinda Berlant
Fresh Choice, Cupertino             Gigi Stanley                 Gurman; Program – Deborah Zimmer
Hearst Castle                       Homestead Lanes
J. Lohr Winery                      Karen Hirsch, CMT                          Congratulations to Our Honorees
Lucky’s, Los Altos                  Opera San Jose                               Judith Stubbs – Woman of Valor
Pak N Save, Sunnyvale               Rhonda Hansen, Realtor                  Lorie Kaplan – Lee Axelrad Malach Award
ABR                                 Riti's Israeli Designs                   JoAnn Shank – 6th Silver Lifeline Award
Robin Hurwitz                       San Jose Sharks
Sandra Cohen, Attorney at Law       Santa Clara Marriott Hotel
Shari Kaplan                        Siena Bistro                     Welcome W.O.T.E.’s New Executive Board
Sonoma Chicken Coop                 Teri Ravel Kane, Landscape
Architect                           Testarossa Vineyards         President – Rita Loren
Trader Joe’s, Los Altos             W.O.T.E
WOTE Gift Shop                                                   Administrative Vice President – Deborah Zimmer

              Our Generous Cocktail Hostesses                    Religion and Education Vice President – Judith Stubbs
               Ruth Krandel and JoAnn Shank                      Programming Vice President – Bernice Gaon

                  Our Generous Over Donors                       Membership Vice Presidents – Lorie and Shari Kaplan
Philanthropists - Ruth Fox, Nancy Lesser, and Anita Medeiros
                                                                 Treasurer – Harriet Reisner
Benefactors - Joan Fox, Ruth Krandel, Marcia Riggio and
                                                                 Corresponding Secretary – Helen Gendler
JoAnn Shank
                                                                 Member at Large – Barbara Berlant
Patrons - Marjorie Cahn, Janis Decker, Roberta Frank, Janet
Katz, Marilyn Leiter, Marcia Ratner, and Julie Sachse            Immediate Past President – Anita Medeiros
Guardian - Mary Cohen                                                     Next Dinner Meeting is
                                                                          September 18 at 6:00pm
Membership                                                          Mishpacha                                 5

     Hello fellow temple friends,

     I want to take a moment to share
     the tremendous success of our first
     Zip Code/Neighborhood Havdalah
     that took place early this summer.

     Some of you either hosted or attended,
     so you know how much fun and bonding
     the evening was. But for those of you who
     were unable to attend this year, I must
     tell you that this was a very special

     My family, the Jackmans, played host in
     Willow Glen and we invited five families
     into our home, including children ranging in age from 19 months to 8½ years old. Gathering in our
     backyard, everyone felt so relaxed and comfortable as we shared refreshments, stories and said
     goodbye to Shabbat. Each neighbor received their own copy of the blessings, as well as an
     educational piece explaining Havdalah. We took turns reading the dialogue so everyone had a working
     understanding of the weekly observance. We were led by Cantor Intern Meeka (via CD), and together
     we read and chanted the prayers over the wine, candle and spice box. We all joined in singing Eliahu
     HaNavi and Shavuah Tov (a good week, a week of peace, let gladness reign and joy increase). Our
     night ended at 9:30pm! We just couldn't seem to let the wonder of this very special evening come to a
     close! Not only did we connect with the experience of Havdalah, but we also connected with
     neighbors, making new friends (the real idea behind this event).

     I have been told by the other hosts that they too, shared in a very special evening and that one group
     stood in a circle with arms around each other as they sang Shavuah Tov. Each home created
     something very special. Everyone who attended felt so touched by the rituals of Havdalah, connected
     to their neighbors and fellow temple members and we’re all told that this must become, at least, an
     annual event!

     I must take a moment to recognize all of those who played a vital role in making this night such a
     success (close to 100 people attended!). Thank you to all of the hosts for opening their homes and
     maintaining flexibility while we worked through numerous RSVPs. A big thank you to Meeka and
     Rabbi who were able to join our Almaden and Cambrian hosts as well as creating the wonderful CDs
     and for letting us all sing along with you and your beautiful voice. I am so grateful to Sharon Genkin
     who organized all of the RSVPs and followed up with our temple members advising them of their
     location as well as helping to manage the entire event. A big thank you to the Membership
     Committee for making the spice jars, and
     for once again, demonstrating
     amazing teamwork and to Molly
     Guadiamos and Peggy Frederick for
     the beautiful havdalah candles. A special
     thank you to Marcy Weiss and Deborah
     Zimmer for the invitations, blessings and
     everything else they do for I
     forgetting anyone? Well, I just can't
     everyone enough and look forward to
     participating in this event next year, if
     not before.

     Todah Rabah,

       Kim Jackman, Membership Chair
                 Preschool                                                         Religious School                                         6

Ask a child about summer and typically he or she will talk about         Thank you to all the families who have returned their Religious
swimming lessons, going to the beach, sunshine and ice cream.         School enrollment forms. If you have not yet returned the
I think that is one of the things I like best about working with      enrollment packet for the upcoming school year, please do so
young children: they are not caught up in video games, iPods or       as soon as possible. A late fee of 10% of the Temple Subsidized
the latest type of cell phone. Their focus is still on the simple     Tuition rate will be assessed for any enrollment forms that are
things in life.                                                       not postmarked by August 15.
                                                                      You can download all enrollment information from the Temple
As adults it is easy to get caught up in our busy lives and miss      website at Look under
many of the things that can bring the most joy. Perhaps this          Education/Additional Information/Registration Forms. You
summer, consider it a challenge and try some of these activities      can also contact the Religious School office at 408-292-3223 or
with a child (or without) -- you may be surprised at how good it and we’ll be happy to e-mail or fax
feels to simply be a kid again.                                       the forms to you. Students must be registered prior to the
Sit on the grass at a park and eat an ice cream cone. Walk on the     first day of school in order to attend classes.
beach collecting sea shells. Sit outside, watch the sun set and ask   Opening Day for Religious School is September 14, and will
your child where the sun goes. Blow bubbles (with a bubble            begin with Brotherhood’s famous Pancake Breakfast (they start
wand, or in your chocolate milk, or even with your bubble gum!)       serving at 8:15am). The Back to School parent meetings are at
Turn off your cell phone (yes, there is an off button!) and have a    9:00am or 10:30am. A parent from each family need only attend
pillow fight with your kids. Have a picnic (outside or in your        one of these meetings. More detailed information about
                       living room on a giant blanket). Spend a       Opening Day will be sent to all registered families in a few weeks.
                       Saturday morning in your pajamas snuggled
                       up on the couch reading together.              If you miss the Back to School parent meeting on Opening Day,
                                                                      you can attend one on Wednesday, September 17, at 7:15pm.
                     I would love emails from anyone who has          The Religious School office is open Monday through Friday
                     tried any of these ideas (or send me more of     throughout the summer. Give us a call or send an e-mail if you
                     your own!)                                       have any questions, need assistance, or just want to see what were
                                                                      doing to prepare for the 2008-2009 school year.
                     Our kids grow up too quickly -- enjoy every
                     moment!                                          Hope all of you are having great vacations, either here at home or
                                                                      somewhere else. See you in September!
                             Barbra Smead, Preschool Director             Beth Roellig, Religious School Administrative Assistant

            Adult Education                                                            Youth Group
Want to learn Hebrew? Feel the need to understand more about          Rachel: Dude, I hear EESY is going to be awesome this year!
Jewish ethics or Israel? Want to find out more about who is in
                                                                      Josh: No way. Youth groups are always so lame.
the Bible or how to talk to your kids about delicate topics like
sex, death or God? Adult Education classes on all these topics --     Seth: Not this year, dude. I know all the kids on the board and
and more! -- are being offered in the fall.                           they’ve been going through leadership training…huge difference,
                                                                      man! They’re planning all this fun stuff; dances, overnights,
As usual, several classes will be offered on Sunday mornings, but     community wide events…seriously.
we are also offering more Adult Ed classes on Wednesday               Sounds awesome.
evenings this fall. Our new Beit Midrash program opens
                                                                      Dina: They’re doing this ‘theme’
Wednesday evening classes to adults and upper-level high school
                                                                      thing, everything is going to have
students to gain a multi-generational perspective. In addition,
                                                                      a little something about Israel it in.
Cantor Unterman will teach about the Abrahamic faiths and
                                                                      Food, music, culture, politics and
Eastern religions on Wednesday evenings as well as his popular
                                                                      stuff. It’s kind of weird. I really
Sunday morning classes. A Zen meditation retreat will be offered
                                                                      don’t know that much about Israel
for a sense of renewal after Yom Kippur, followed by a month of
                                                                      yet. I’m pretty psyched about it.
Wednesday evening classes to help maintain that sense of
mindfulness.                                                          Josh: Eh.
                                                                      Rachel: Whatever Josh. If you don’t
Keep on the lookout for a new brochure describing all our fall
                                                                      even try it, how do you know you
Adult Ed offerings. If you are interested in being on the Adult
                                                                      won’t totally love it?
Ed committee, helping to develop Adult Ed classes or being the
Adult Ed registrar, please contact Marci Gerston at                                  Marcy Weiss or contact the office.     
                    Temple                                                          Happenings                                        7

                  Back to School Drive
           sponsored by the Tikkun Olam Committee

  Take advantage of the sales on school supplies at your local
  stores in August and help make a difference in the lives of
  students in need.
                                                                 Hot news! The 10% Back to Schools Program from Safeway is
      Things that students need most:                            coming soon. It's called Back to Schools, but Temple Emanu-El
            • spiral notebooks and 3-ring binders                still receives a whopping 10% of your purchases, made between
            • packages of lined paper                            August 6 and September 9. Simply look for products that have a
            • pens, pencils and erasers                          yellow school bus sign. There are thousands of merchants
            • markers and crayons                                participating!
            • rulers and glue sticks
            • backpacks                                          Also, soon Safeway will be asking all their Club Card members to
                                                                 renew their Safeway cards. I'm not sure why they do this each
            • new packages of socks and underwear
                                                                 year, but I will be doing it for you. Just keep on shopping.
  Bring your donations to the Temple Administration Office
                                                                 So, if you haven't yet signed up for eScrip, do it now. Go to
  or the sanctuary foyer.
                                                        to register. Temple Emanu-El’s ID number is
                                                                 136985180. Or call me at 408.267.4563 and I'll register your
Supplies will be given to
                                                                 credit/debit/Macy's/Safeway cards from my computer.
   Friends Outside
(supporting families with one
                                                                 More Hot News! When you visit the eScrip home page,
incarcerated adult) and the
                                                       , you'll find interesting places to "click." You can
   San Jose Family Shelter
                                                                 shop Nordstrom, Old Navy and Land's End online. There are
                                                                 many online shops and even a Driver's Ed and a Dining Awards

                                                                 And finally, a big thank you to our 273 eScrip supporters!
                                                                 Earnings from January-April 2008 are almost $1,500. Every dollar
                                                                 counts toward our fund-raising goals that benefit your synagogue.

                                                                                      Lorie Kaplan, eScrip Coordinator Maven
                                     Caring Committee                                    

                                     We are group of
                                     dedicated, discreet
                                     and friendly volunteers
                                     who are happy to :                Has Your Contact Information Changed?

                                                                 Help us keep our database current by letting us know when your
                                                   Lend an ear   contact information changes.
                  Pay a visit in the hospital or at your home
                                   Provide rides to and from     Temple Emanu-El would like to stay in touch with all of our
                      Shabbat Services and Holiday Events        college bound members. Please contact Marcy Weiss at
                   Help facilitate getting the help you need     408.292.0939 or to let us know
                                                                 where there adventures are taking them.

    If you or someone you know could use a call from the         Dorm, apartment and/or
    Caring Committee, please contact Dan and Shirley Lee         email addresses are most
    at 408.268.0926 or or                     welcome. or leave a message in the
    office at 408.292.0939.
                                                                 Thanks for keeping
    We can only reach out when we know there is a need.          us up to date!
                Even More                                                   Temple Happenings                                         8

                         Bar Mitzvah                                           Help Temple Emanu-El Go Green
Noah Rubin will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on
Saturday, August 30. Noah’s Torah Portion, Re’eh, is from
Deuteronomy. For his Mitzvah project, Noah assembled a team          Want your statement in an email?
to walk at the American Cancer Society ‘Relay For Life’ Santa        Send a message to
Clara and collected donations. With the help of his team, Team
Mitzvah, they raised almost $2,000. Noah will be an 8th grade
honors student at Peterson Middle                                    Want to view Connections online and print only what you need?
School in the fall. Noah plays                                       Send a message to
on the Peterson Middle School
Tennis Team during the school year
and a tournament team during the                                     You can help reduce
summer. Besides tennis, Noah’s                                       costs and save paper.
hobbies are ping-pong, pool, skiing,                                 Just let us know.
video games, reading and playing
with the family dog, Mitzvah. Noah,
his older brother Adam, and his                                      And thank you!
parents, Lori and Kurt, look forward
to sharing this special day with
family, friends and the congregation.

                High Holiday Volunteers                                               Shabbat Candle Lighters
Calling all friendly and helpful hands to welcome congregants,         Do you have a special event that you
hand out and collect prayer books, help people to their seats and      would like to note by having the honor of
ensure the safety of all                                               lighting the candles for the congregation
worshipers at the Heritage                                             at a Friday night Shabbat service?
Theater during Rosh
Hashanah and Yom Kippur                                                       •    Birthday
services.                                                                     •    Anniversary
                                                                              •    Wedding
Specific assignments and
                                                                              •    Yartzeit
training will be provided.
                                                                              •    Promotion
Contact the Temple office                                                     •    Love of Temple Emanu-El
for more information and                                               Call the office to accept this honor
to sign up to volunteer.                                                            408.292.0939

                        Rosh Chodesh                                                      Memorial Plaques
                   Thursday, August 28, at 7pm

The Rosh Chodesh Festival of the New Moon is an ancient
tradition for women going back to biblical times. It is said that     Memorialize your loved one and insure that their name will be
this holiday was given to women to celebrate as a reward for their                 read on their yartzeit in perpetuity
refusal to participate in the making of the "golden calf idol".

                             In a small, friendly group, we meet
                             every other month to explore who we
                             are as Jewish women, reinforce our
                             Jewish identity and deepen our
                             spirituality. This holiday is truly a
                             sacred time just for us women.
                                                                                  Contact the temple office at 408.292.0939
                             We always have a wonderful evening!                       or
                             Space is limited. Please RSVP to
                             Lorie & Shari at 408-267-4563.
               Support Our                                                             Advertisers                                    9

                                                                                  Introducing the JCC
                                                                                  Social Membership
   AMB DESIGNS                                                                •   $300 per year for a family membership or $200 for
         BALLOON AND EVENT DÉCOR                                                  an individual membership
     Make Your Event Grandiloquent                                            •   Discounts on programs and classes, including
                                                                                  camps and swim lessons
               Any Special                                                    •   Discount passes to the Fitness and Aquatics
Mitzvahs        Occasions     Weddings                                            Centers
                                                                              •   Free use of the Aquatics Center on Sundays
Let us transform the venue for your special occasion into a                   •   $200 of your Family fee, $100 of your Individual
larger than life experience. We work with you to create the                       fee, is tax-deductible
perfect theme - as your designer, decorator, and balloon
artists we take your challenges and m a k e i t y o u r s u c c e s s !
                                        Classic Balloon Décor
                                               Special Effects
   Custom Centerpieces

 Relax and let us make you feel like a guest at your own event!           Silicon Valley
                                              Levy Family Campus
                                                                          14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032
  Call your Event Designer, Amy Blach, CBA

                                            Home of Peace                          Join the High Holy Day Choir!
                                         Cemetery & Mausoleum
                                        Monterey Hwy & Curtner Ave

                                         Call for an appointment
                                           to discuss pre-need                    Lend your voice to the music which inspires
                                            arrangements, call                    the congregation at this special time of year
                                                Wayne Rose                             New voices welcome in all ranges
                                                408.297.3636                       Rehearsals: Wednesdays, 7:30pm-9:00pm
                                                                                             beginning August 13
                                               Founded in 1853
                                             Owned and Operated                                  Questions?
                                             by Temple Emanu-El                     Contact Cantor Intern Meeka Simerly at
                                            South Bay Area’s only
                                           Jewish-owned Cemetery,
                                         Mausoleum and Columbarium
             Support Our                                                             Advertisers                       10

  Your Unwanted Car Will Help
        My Nana & Papa                                                    “It would be my
                                                                          pleasure to be
                                                                          your Realtor!”

                                                                                        Mary Cohen
                                                                               Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)
                                                                                 Quality Service Certified (QSC)
         Donate your car, boat or motorhome to                                         408.981.2955 cell
    Jewish Family Service and help provide services for
      seniors, children and families in Silicon Valley.
                                                                         In appreciation of your business and
                   To Donate Call:                                       referrals, a donation will be made to
               (877)JFS-4CAR (toll free)                                 Temple Emanu-El at close of escrow.

      Free Pick-Up
      Tax receipt given
      No smog required

 Estate planning – Elder Law – General Practice
                                 SE HABLA ESPANOL

                    1142 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite B
                                San Jose, CA 95128

Derryl H. Molina
Attorney at Law       

Gloria Melmon Ascher

12988 Saratoga/Sunnyvale Road    Office 408.741.1111
Saratoga, CA 95070               Direct 408.741.1174 ex. 604             Fax 408.741.7076
                                 Cell 408.781.8624

                       If you would like to advertise in Temple Emanu-El’s Connections, distribution: 550
                           please contact Marcy Weiss at 408.292.0939 or
               Community                                                                         News                                        11

Fall Semester 2008 Offers Exciting                                                               Everyone has the right to be...
Jewish Studies Classes at                                                                                   SAFE AT HOME
San José State University
                                                                                                     Jewish Heritage Night
The fall semester at San Jose State University                                                         with the S.F. Giants,
will bring to the university and the community an array of                              Shalom Bayit and TEE Brotherhood
fascinating courses in Jewish history, culture, and current events.
Courses begin August 25th:
     • Never one to shirk controversy, David Meir-Levi will keep
                                                                                       Monday August 25, 2008
        his students thinking at their intellectual best in his new   Join us for the pre-game dinner...
        course, “Palestine, Lebanon, Israel -- the Conflict: 100      5pm - Gordon Biersch. Includes 3 hours of free parking!
        years in Historical Perspective.”
     • Travel the desert paths of the Ancient Near East with                                          Or meet up with us at the game...
        Jonathan Roth, a History professor whose knowledge is                                  7:15pm - SF Giants vs. Colorado Rockies
        seemingly endless and who loves a great argument.
     • Dry, witty, and very smart, art history professor Marilyn                                Tickets:
        Wyman will teach a new gem of a course, Jewish Art from                    $45 Dinner & Game discount package
        antiquity to the present                                                 $20 Game only           $30 Dinner only
     • Professor Mira Amiras will teach one of her—and her
        students’—favorites, Jewish Mysticism, Magic & Folklore                      Ticket cost includes view section seat,
     • Brent Walters brings to his Bible course his enormous             collector’s "Go Giants" custom Jewish Heritage Night scarf
        knowledge and fast wit, as well as items from his 85,000                 and a "Safe at Home" Shalom Bayit tote bag
        piece private collection of ancient Judeo/Christian
        writings and artifacts; his introductory Bible History and    To order tickets, RSVP to
        Literature course is a full-course feast                      Carpooling will be organized. Convenient public transportation!
     • Rina Katzen will teach all levels of Hebrew, as she has at
        SJSU for 36 years!                                                                   Proceeds benefit
     • Two freshman seminars will be offered on Jewish studies           Shalom Bayit; Ending Domestic Violence in Jewish Homes
        topics: Tony Kushner’s Angels in America (Prof. Victoria                
        Harrison) and The Bible: Its Original Meaning (Prof.
        Brent Walters).
To learn more about these classes (including dates and times),                  Jewish Literature Discussion Series
and about the Jewish Studies program at San José State, please                         at Sunnyvale Library
contact program coordinator Vicki Harrison at 408.924.5547 or
                                                                      A series of five reading and discussion programs centered on the All information is on the SJSU
                                                                      theme of Your Heart’s Desire: Sex and Love in Jewish Literature
Jewish Studies website at
                                                                      will be presented at Sunnyvale Public Library between July and
                                                                      November 2008.
                            “Time for Peace”
                            concert at Temple Beth El                 The programs are made possible through a Let’s Talk About It:
                                                                      Jewish Literature grant from Nextbook and the American Library
                                                                      Association. Victoria Harrison, Ph.D., Coordinator and Lecturer
                            Two Israelis and two Palestinians
                                                                      in the History Department at San Jose State University (SJSU),
                            will come to the Santa Cruz for
                                                                      will coordinate the series and guest lecturers will lead discussions
                            their only Bay Area appearance
                                                                      of the different books in the series.
                            Saturday, August 16 at 7:30 PM
                                                                      The next books to be discussed are Grace Paley’s “The Little
                            Yair Dalal, Dror Sinai, Naser Musa
                                                                      Disturbances of Man,” on August 13; S.Y. Agnon’s “A Simple
                            and Souhail Kaspar play the oud and
                                                                      Story,” on September 10; A.B. Yehoshua’s “The Lover,” on
                            a variety of percussion instruments.
                                                                      October 19; and Rebecca Goldstein’s “The Mind-Body
                            These internationally acclaimed
                                                                      Problem,” on November 19.
                            performers play Middle Eastern
                            music which provides a deep,
                                                                      All programs will begin at 7 p.m. in the Library Program Room.
                            beautiful, soothing journey with a
                                                                      Contact the Information/Reference Desk at 408.730.7300
                            humanitarian message.
                                                                      menu option # 5, to register for the series.
                            Send a check for $15 per person to
                                                                      The Library is located at 665 W. Olive Ave., across from City
                            3055 Porter Gulch Road, Aptos
                                                                      Hall. Free parking is always available, and VTA line 54 serves the
                            95003. Questions? 831-479-3444.
          Calendar for                                           August 2008                             12

Friday August 1                                      Wednesday August 20
       6:30pm Kabbalat Shabbat Service, W.O.T.E.            7:30pm High Holy Day Choir Rehearsal
       Participation                                 Friday August 22
Saturday August 2                                           6:30pm Kabbalat Shabbat Service
       9:00am Shabbat Morning Minyan                        Rock Shabbat in Temple House
       6:30pm W.O.T.E. Comedy Sportz Outing          Saturday August 23
Tuesday August 5                                            9:00am Shabbat Morning Minyan
       5:30pm Executive Committee Meeting                   6:00am Brotherhood’s Havdalah, Dinner
       7:00pm Board of Trustees Meeting                     & a Movie
Friday August 8                                      Sunday August 24
       6:30pm Kabbalat Shabbat Service                      10:00am Teacher Orientation
Saturday August 9                                           10:00am “Getting to Know Us” Prospective
       9:00am Shabbat Morning Minyan                        Member Brunch
Sunday August 10                                     Wednesday August 27
       Tisha B’Av: commemoration of the                     12:00pm Lunch & Learn Torah Study
       destruction of the First and Second Temples          7:30pm High Holy Day Choir Rehearsal
Wednesday August 13                                  Thursday August 28
       7:30pm 1st High Holy Day Choir Rehearsal             7:00pm Rosh Chodesh; an evening for
Thursday August 14                                          women in a private home
       6:00pm W.O.T.E. Dinner and Meeting            Friday August 29
Friday August 15                                            6:30pm Kabbalat Shabbat Service: Labor Day
       6:30pm Tot Shabbat & Kabbalat Shabbat                Speak Out followed by potluck dinner and
       Service with two potlucks following                  political discussion
Saturday August 16                                   Saturday August 30
       9:00am Shabbat Morning Minyan                        9:00am Shabbat Morning Minyan
Sunday August 17                                            10:30am Noah Rubin becomes a Bar Mitzvah
       11:00am– 3:00pm BBQ/Swim Party at                    EESY Board Leadership
       APJCC                                                 Retreat Weekend

      Shabbat Candle Lighting Times                        Save the Date! Upcoming Events

 Friday, August 1, 2008 Light Candles at: 7:57 pm    Saturday, September 13 9am - Shabbat Shalom
 Shabbat, August 2, 2008 Shabbat Ends: 8:57 pm          Chavarim
 Friday, August 8, 2008 Light Candles at: 7:50 pm    Sunday, September 14 starting at 8:15am – Pancake
 Shabbat, August 9, 2008 Shabbat Ends: 8:49 pm          Breakfast, First Day of Religious and Hebrew
 Friday, August 15, 2008 Light Candles at: 7:41 pm      Schools and Confirmation Class
 Shabbat, August 16, 2008 Shabbat Ends: 8:39 pm
                                                     Wednesday, September 17 starting at 4pm – First
 Friday, August 22, 2008 Light Candles at: 7:32 pm
                                                       Day of Wednesday Hebrew School, TJS, B’nai
 Shabbat, August 23, 2008 Shabbat Ends: 8:29 pm        Mitzvah Prep Class and Beit Midrash
 Friday, August 29, 2008 Light Candles at: 7:22 pm
 Shabbat, August 30, 2008 Shabbat Ends: 8:19 pm         High Holy Day Schedule – See page 2 for dates
                 Contributions                                                                             Thank You                                              13

GENERAL FUND                                                                                                LOLLIE BRICKNER MEDIA CENTER FUND
  In memory of                                           Donation                                             For a speedy recovery of
  Rachel Leiter and Mae Citron Gordon                              Ron Mandel and Sharon Genkin               Milton Shuch and in
            Elsa Gordon                                            Fred and Gloria Ascher                     appreciation of
  Robert Harold Cohn                                               Sid and Bernice green                      Mort and Barbara Berlant
            Norma Cohn                                             49ers                                      In memory
  Frances Vilutis and Sarah Goide                      CANTOR’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                            Sandra Medler
            E. Arnold Levine II                          In honor of                                                    Mark Lutvak
  Morris Burman and Rivka Burman Marshalkovitz           B’not Mitzvah Class                                LOU AND CLARA JUREN LIBRARY FUND
            Henia Burman                                           Bobbi Lotman                               In honor of
  Bernie Bernstein                                       In appreciation                                      Lynn Offenhartz becoming a Bat Mitzvah
            Dan and Shirley Lee                          Meeka Simerly                                                  Judy Silverman
  Morris Rosenbaum                                                 Fagie Rosen                              MAURICE TUCKER HIGH HOLY DAY
            Joseph Rosenbaum                             Donation                                            MUSIC FUND
  Victor Donath and Michael Goodman                                Sherman and Lois Zell                      In memory of
            Margie Goodman                             ALVIN RAVEL MEMORIAL GARDEN FUND                       Sarah Salzberg
  Solomon Miller                                         In memory of                                                   William and Natalie Mauskopf
            Golda Miller                                 Irving Levy                                        PRAYERBOOK FUND
  In appreciation of                                               Sally Ravel                                In memory of
  Rabbi Magat                                            Emanuel and Robert Mauskopf                          Gerald W. Benson
            Stephen Sedler                                         William and Natalie Mauskopf                         Lawrence and Ruth Ross
  In honor of                                            Lottie Berman                                      BETTY RINSLER RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND
  Shirley Lee becoming a Bat Mitzvah                               Elaine Flynn                               In memory of
               Joel, Jessica, Amalia and Sarah Birch   BERTAM BERNS MUSIC FUND                                Jeanette and Aron Pencovie
               Shelly and Margie Blickman                In memory of                                         Harry D. Schwartz
               Bob and Carol Tessler                     Alfred Brenner                                                 Ed and Jane Schwartz
               Sally Siegel                                        Debby Katzman                              David Arick
  Stacey Ross becoming a Bat Mitzvah                   CHOIR FUND                                                       Grace Freiberg
               Stuart Hendler                            In memory of                                         Lynda Myers Martin
               Sally Siegel                              Dora Kaisel and Anna Becker                                    Ed and Margie Cahn
  Get well to                                                      Bob and Maggie Cant                      RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND
  Eileen Katz                                                      Irvin Becker                               In memory of
            Monia Katz                                 CAMPERSHIP FUND                                        Charlene Weinstein
  Donation                                               In memory of                                                   Manny and Ginny Siegler
            Elena Klaw                                   Ruth Rubin                                           Ben Woron
            Henry and Debra Watkins                                Jake and Pauline Braunstein                          Mark and Bette Emanuel
            Elias Zasloff                              CARING FUND                                            Charles Galin
            David and Kimberly Bic-Maurischat            In honor of                                                    Clayton and Sandra Feldman
            Joel and Joelle Wolf                         Shirley Lee becoming a Bat Mitzvah                   Aaron Ress
            Joe and Edith Rosenberg                                Greg and Mimi Paulsen                                Ethel Ress
            Henry and Debra Watkins                    ISRAEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND                              WEINTRAUB RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                               In honor of                                        SCHOLARSHIP FUND
  In memory of                                           Jane Jacobson and Lorie Kaplan                       In honor of
  Elizabeth Green                                                  Bobbi Lotman                               Lorie Kaplan for receiving the Sisterhood Award
            Philip and Roma Green                        In memory                                            Bob and Seema Jaffee renewing their marriage vows
  Claire Rosenberg                                       Julius Katzman                                                 Fagie Rosen
            Sid and Doris Rosenberg                                Debby Katzman                            LEVIN LEARNING CENTER RENOVATION
  Sidney Gambord and Bessie Pollack                    JOANNE SALOMON TEHRANI HOMELESS                      FUND
            Robert and Wanda Pollack                   FUND                                                   In memory of
  Max Sachs and Joe Jaffee                               In memory of                                         Irving Perlitch
            Bob and Seema Jaffee                         Linda Klein and Helen Zimmerman                                   Ray and Bobi Levine
  Bernie Bernstein                                                 Charles Atlas                              Sidney Greenberg
            The Travelling Havurah                     JUDITH JURMAN OMENS                                                 Steve and Arlene Greenberg
  Louis and Minnie Lepler                               CEMETERY BEAUTIFICATION FUND                          David Levin
            Gertrude Lepler                              In memory of                                                   Larry and Audrey Fox
  Dr. Shirley Primack Azen                               H. Phyllis Messinger and Patricia McCombs            In honor of
            Allan and Judith Bernstein and Family                  Arthur Messinger                           Lynn Offenhartz becoming a Bat Mitzvah
  Sidney Huchital                                        Shaney Raphael, sister of Fagie Rosen                Stacey Ross becoming a Bat Mitzvah
            Huchley Family                               Abraham, Hilda and Lorin Rosenberg, Max and                       Greg and Mimi Paulsen
  Linda Klein                                            Frieda Gordon and Hilda Gordon Wolff and Cy and      Donation
            Dick Sogg                                    Ruthie Rosenberg                                               Elsa Gordon
  Anita Eisneberg                                                  Joe and Edith Rosenberg                              Charles Atlas
            Neal Eisenberg                               Edith Stein Kovnat                                             Eric and Kelly Snider
  Mimi Bross                                                       Frances Powell                                       Max and Kristin Johnson
            Seymour Bross                                                                                               Jay and Julie Ross
  In honor of                                          KENNETH GORDON CHILDREN’S                                        Bernard and Ruth Rosenberg
  Shirley Lee becoming a Bat Mitzvah                    PRAYERBOOK FUND                                     SHANK-ROCKMAN FAMILY
            Bobbi Lotman                                 In memory of                                        SOUND SYSTEM FUND
  In appreciation of                                     Betty Gordon                                         In memory of
  Rabbi Magat                                                    Joe and Marcia Riggio                        Helen and Bert Gates
            Fagie Rosen                                                                                                 JoAnn Shank

          Thank you to the preceding congregants and friends who remembered Temple Emanu-El with their generous contributions.
                           Donations made after July 15, 2008 will be listed in the September issue of Connections.
                  Birthdays                                                                Anniversaries                                    14

1     Jessica Lowry            16     Jay Ross                                         1      David & Lorelei Messinger
      Lynn Offenhartz                 Tina Virshup                                            Andrew & Amy Lynne Sandler
      Benjamin Osias           17     Evelyn Berman                                           Dale Foster and Aileen Teren-Foster
      Amanda Pohland                  Helen Grant                                      2      David & Susana Cahn
      Will Schuur                     Carl Handen                                      4      Mike & Risa Jacobson
      Harriett Shapiro                                                                 5      Larry & Kim Cherniss
                                      Mark Tannen
2     Debra Gold                                                                              Joe & Marcia Riggio
                               19     Sophie Everett                                          Jay & Julie Ross
      Kenneth Hoffman                 Rachel Pfalzer
      Ryan Yacono                                                                      7      Stuart & Sarah Johnson
                               20     Lizzie Braunreuther                              8      David and Joanna Snyder
3     Analise Henry                   Braydon Henry
      Mike Saviage                                                                     9      David & Harriet Reisner
                                      Tiralisa Kaplow                                         Bernardo & Judith Saucedo
      Rebecca Sherman
                                      Stephanie Selbst                                 11     Gary & Maria Mazo
      Cary Silberman
                               21     Alicia Fox                                       12     Michael & Dawn Malter
4     Beverly Ferman
                                      Jonathan Gabbert                                 14     Doug & Willma Polgar
      Alan Fisher
                                      Carol Hoffman                                    15     Ted & Lori Moorhead
      Joan Green                                                                       16     Marc & Joy Powell
      Beryl Greenberg          22     Alicia Blumstein
                                      Jeslie Chermak                                   17     Adam Cone& Kathy Jenkins
      Samuel Mazo                                                                             Henry & Sandra Stein
      Alexandra Schmitt               Elijah Levinson
                                                                                       18     Clayton & Sandra Feldman
      Gordon Schneiderman             Raya Magat
                                                                                              Jan Carl & Linda Silverman
5     Sophia Kaufman                  Lois Zell                                        19     Jeff & Andrea Burke
      Lynette Tannen                  Michelle Gabriel                                        Parviz & Michelle Mishkanian
6     Rachel Michelberg        23     Jay Frankel                                      20     Benjamin & Kathy Aronson
      Jonah Snider                    Gerry Jacobs                                            Ronald Mandel & Sharon Genkin
      Richard Sogg                    Kathryn Kolder                                          Gary & Tina Virshup
      Sharon Turetzky                 Dana Magat                                       21     David Hinz & Diane Clark Hinz
      Nathan Yacono            24     Sharon Barowsky                                  23     William & Michele Schneiderman
7     Denise Gordon                   Kayleigh Mighdol                                 24     Curtis & Anna Given
      Ariela Guadiamos         25     Bernard Axelrad                                         Al & Bunny Roth
      George Hofheimer                Risa Jacobson                                    26     Bruce & Helen Matzner
      Sarah Kaufman                   Joey Singer                                      27     Joe & Michelle Gabriel
      Herbert Pomarantz                                                                28     Grant & Debbie Michels
                                      Joanna Snyder
      Stacey Ross                                                                      29     Robert & Ester Burton
                                      Rosalie Sogolow
      Cathy Rubin                                                                             Robert & Ruth Fox
                               26     Robert Fox                                       30     Jeff & Pam Hoffman
      Judith Sapper
                                      Michelle Katcher
9     Sarah Johnson
                                      Wayne Rose
      Lillian Nerenberg                                                       Mazel Tov!
                               27     John Braunreuther
      Arthur Messinger
10    Shai Kent                       Sarah Rose Cappello               Isabelle Morgan Forbes
11    Ayana Celbi                     Joel Fleischman                     was born on July 14
      Sharon Prizant                  Richard Fleischman
                                      Stephen Sedler                       Congratulations
12    Sheldon Blickman
                                      Marcia Riggo                    Kevin and Michelle Forbes
      Eric Mendel
      Katie Saviage            29     Brooke Moorehead
13    Jane Lax                 30     Jim Dworkin
14    Simona Goldstein                Jon Watson
      Sam Levine               31     Evan Dworkin
      Michael Ravel                   Margaret Newman
      Douglas Tobin                   Norma Slavit
15    Stanley Rubin                   Cecil Weintraub
      Lonna Smith                                                                                                  May she be a blessing.
      Sandra Rosenberg

We wish a very happy birthday and anniversary to our congregants who are celebrating this month. If your name is not listed, it is because we
           do not have it in our database. Please be in touch with the office to provide us with updated information. Thank you.

                                        May you be blessed with a year of goodness and fulfillment.
   Deaths & Yartzeits                                                                     Leadership                                               15

             We note with sorrow the passing of                                                      Clergy
                                                                           Dana L. Magat                          Meeka Simerly
         Charleen Weinstein, cousin of Ginny Siegler                        Senior Rabbi                          Cantor Intern
         Bernie Bernstein, brother of Allan Bernstein      
          Leon Rubin, grandfather of Aaron Rubin
             Ben Byer, nephew of Ellie Gerstley                                               Joseph Gitin, D.D.
             Mary Port, mother of Sue Timpson                                                   Rabbi Emeritus
          Arthur Cagan, husband of Idelle Cagan
                                                                                           Board of Trustees
August 1 (6:30 PM Service)                                                    President: Steve Greenberg
Mark Bach, Lottie Berman, Rose Blickman, Alfred Brenner,
                                                                        Immediate President: Ruth Krandel
Isidor Farber, Dora Fischer, Sam Fishoff, Fred Shalom
Friedman, Samuel Gerstley, Annette Golstein, Julius Katzman,               VP Administration: Steve Krandel
Victor Levine, Bettie Miller, Rose Nerenberg, Mildred Rakovsky,
Herbert Ravel, Claire Rosenberg, Joseph Rudin, Max Sachs,            VP Marketing/Communications: Nancy Weintraub
Verleen Salak, Abraham Salzberg, Fritzi Schaechter, Morley           VP Membership: Laura Danoff-Robinson
Silverman, Dr. Solomon S. Sogg, Mary Sokolov, Hippolito Soto,
Joanne Tehrani, Jeanette Waxman                                            VP Ritual/Ed/Youth: Marci Gerston

                                                                               Secretary: Barry L. Cohen
August 8 (6:30 PM Service)
Miriam Ayllon, Larry Berman, Maurice A. (Don) Berman,                            Treasurer: Joe Riggio
Leonard W. Bloom, Bernice Brochin, Lena Carl, John W.
Christian, Solly Cohen, Irving Cooper, Peggy Forbes, Sarah              Rich Albert              Mark Cahn                 Gerry Gassman
                                                                       Uri Gottfeld           Jonathan Hirshon              Kim Jackman
Frieberg, Mimi Lewis Fuller, Ben Gambord, Charles Goldberg,           Steve Ladowitz           David Mimeles               Ruth Pangilinan
Nettie Goldman, Richard Greenwald, Henry Stadler Hammer,              Eleanor Rusnak        Michelle Schneiderman          Greg Turetzky
Esther Hoffman, Morris Jacobs, Bertha Krystal, Betty
Lichtenstein, Sy Lubarsky, Aaron Adair Markham, Solomon                  Brotherhood President: Bob Levy
                                                                              WOTE President: Rita Loren
Miller, Edna Novak, Isaak Orloff, Bernard Peretz, Morris Rinsler,              EESY Presidents: Brent Ghan and Kristina Fernandez
Jack Rotofsky, Albert Saltzman, Allen I. Stoll, Eleanor Zurakov                

August 15 (6:30 PM Service)                                                                     Committees
Sarah Asher, Natalie Borts, Millie Brisken, Ethel Brody, Fanny
Emanuel, Irving Hoffman, Madeline Louise Kaufman, Eva Leve,            Marci Gerston          Adult Education
Conceicao Machado, Francisco Machado, Sumner Magat, Edith              Bob Hersch                  Dues       
                                                                       Uri Gottfeld              Facilities
Morse Milender, Pauline Prizant, Jackie Radwin, George Rosen,          Kim Jackman             Membership                          Membership
Joseph Schwartz, Freda Segal, Joseph Tannenbaum, Samuel                Lynn Offenhartz                              
Weinstein, Gigi Green Wicks, Jean Wiesner                              Robin Hurwitz          Religious School    
                                                                       Mark Cahn                    Ritual   
                                                                       Rich Albert             Tikkun Olam        
August 22 (6:30 PM Service)
Harvey Asher, Jacob Berman, Shirley Blauner, Suzanne Blickman,
Robert Joseph Boxer, Ann Orloff Cahn, Louis Dishotsky,                                                Staff
Benjamin Fisher, Beverly Fleischman, Fania Galperin, Jennie                   Jake Braunstein                           Paula Marsh
Goldberg, Muriel Goldberg, Annette Goldstein, Ruth E. Jeffe,               Interim Administrator                 Religious School Principal
Anne Kaplan, Harry Kessler, Sophie Krown, Morris Lovy, Frieda     
                                                                               408.292.0939                             408.292.3223
Madzel, Manjeet Makhni, Naomi Mayer, Isadore Messinger,
Sarah Ruby, Isadore Schreibstein, Dr. Albert Sheinbaum, Ida                 Deborah Zimmer                              Beth Roellig
                                                                       Member Services Coordinator               Religious School Assistant
Simon, Larry Simon, Ben Teitelbaum, Samuel B. Weinstein,           
Naomi B. Wolff, Goldie Zasloff                                                408.292.0939                              408.292.3223
                                                                               Marcy Weiss                             Barbara Smead
August 29 (6:30 PM Service)                                               Director of Informal                       Preschool Director
Nathan Aronoff, Jay Aronson, Mary Brenner, Belle Brown,                 Education/Clergy Assistant     
Lillian Chermak, Morris Chusid, Nathan J. Citron, Lillian E.                          408.293.8660
Davis, Edward Gold, Shelley Gustason Malcolm, Naji Ezra                       408.292.0939
Helali, Joan J. Hersch, Evangeline Kaufman, Edythe Litman,                 MaryAnn Orlowski                           Wayne Rose
Kathryn Loeffler, Susan Moore, Eva Reznikov, Marvin                           Bookkeeper                          Cemetery Administrator
Rubenstein, Pauline Kessler Stein, Abe Taitelman, James N.                   408.292.0939                             408.297.3636
Walker, George Weintraub, Benjamen Weiss, David Werba
Making a contribution to one of Temple Emanu-El’s many funds is a wonderful way to honor your friends and family. You may make contributions in honor of
        a birth, birthday, brit milah, baby naming, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, graduation, engagement, wedding, anniversary, promotion, new home,
special occasion or just because. You may also make contributions                       for get-well wishes, condolence, remembrance and yartzeits.

 Operating and Tribute Funds:                                                                           Community Funds:
 General Fund                                        Youth Funds:                                       Facilities for the Aged Fund (Chai House)
 Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund                          Religious School Fund                              JoAnne Salman-Tehrani Homeless Fund
 Cantor’s Discretionary Fund                         Religious School Enrichment
 Executive Director’s Discretionary Fund             Betty Rinsler Religious School Endowment           Other Tribute Opportunities:
 Alvin Ravel Garden Fund                             Weintraub Religious School Scholarship             $36 - Prayerbook Tribute
 Beverly Jordan Temple Beautification Fund             Campership                                       $218/$500/$750 - Tree of Life
 Judith Jurman Omens Cemetery                        Leonard and Bernice Gaon Campership                  Leaf/small/large rock
  Beautification Fund                                Michael Elman Campership                           $500 - Sanctuary Chair Plaque
 Capital Campaign Fund                               Milton Fox Campership                              $750 - Memorial Plaque (in sanctuary foyer)
 Lollie Brickner Media Center Fund                   Phyllis Matzner Campership
 Lou and Clara Juren Library Fund                    Israel Scholarship
 Ralph Goldeen Library Fund                                                                             Opportunities in Levin Learning Center:
                                                     Cultural Funds:                                    $5,000 - Stair Plaque
 Religious Funds:                                    Choir Fund                                         $10,000 - Library Column Dedication
 Harold Cahn Prayerbook Fund                         Andrew Apte Temple Historical Fund                 $25,000 - Room Dedication
 Herbert Marchick High Holy Day Fund                 Phyllis Omel Junior Choir Fund
 Kenneth Gordon Children’s Prayerbook                Bertram Berns Music Fund                           Contact the office for additional
 Maurice Tucker High Holy Day Music Fund             Shank-Rockman Family Sound System Fund             opportunities.
 Ida F. Kragen Consecration and Caring Fund

               Temple Emanu-EL                                                                                                  Non-Profit Org.
               1010 University Avenue                                                                                            US POSTAGE
               San Jose, CA 95126                                                                                                    PAID
                                                                                                 Permit No. 542
                                                                                                                                 San Jose, CA

              Address Service Requested

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