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									Tips On How To Avoid Dark Under Eye Circles For Good

Description: Are you susceptible to the appearance of dark under eye circles? Check
out some tips on how to avoid this skin problem for good.

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Most of us haven’t had much success when it comes to treating dark under eye circles.
The problem with most treatments is that they only work superficially. This skin
condition stems from the bad circulation of blood around the eye area.

The prevention and the cure of dark under eye circles are actually similar. Use the
following tips to get rid of dark under eye circles for good:

1. Use herbal tea to reduce acidity in the blood stream and enhance circulation.
Tamari Bancha tea, often used in Ayurvedic medicine, has shown great results in
improving circulation. In fact, this can even help avoid chronic and unexplained

There are times when fatigue makes our skin look sickly and pale. As a result, dark
circles under the eyes become more prominent. By simply boosting blood circulation,
you can have more energy and more vitality.

2. Save your eye cream for last.

Eye creams work in reducing dark circles. However, you would want to look for an
eye cream that contains Haloxyl, CynergyTK and Eyeliss.

Haloxyl is an ingredient that can reduce the haemoglobin content of red cells. Cellular
leaking causes the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. If you reduce some of
the red color of the cells, the darkness under the eyes becomes less visible.

CynergyTK is an ingredient that infuses more keratin to the skin around the peepers.
Keratin is needed to improve collagen production. It helps make the skin firmer and
more elastic.

Eyeliss is also vital because of its ability to augment peptides. Natural peptides plump
up the skin to make it look dewier. It also has the ability to thicken up skin layers.

Apply this product after you have applied your facial moisturizer. This will enhance
its potency and will prevent the active ingredients from being neutralized by some of
the ingredients in facial moisturizers.

3. Get rid of toxins.

Toxins can pervade your body through food and pollution. It is necessary to detoxify
the body from time to time to prevent the accumulation of harmful toxins that can
weaken the core functions of the integumentary system.
One of the most ideal ways to get rid of toxins is by drinking lots of fiber-rich drinks.
You can make your own pulpy orange juice. Just squeeze the juice of orange and mix
it with cold water. Make sure you add some of the pulp. Sweeten it with honey.

Drink this daily to detoxify the body.

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