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BizTalk to WBI migration toolset A jump start into the IBM


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									IBM Haifa Labs help ISVs to migrate their BizTalk based solution into IBM middleware

              BizTalk to WBI migration toolset
         A jump start into the IBM middleware world

Why do you need the BizTalk to                     BizTalk to WBI migration toolset helps you
                                                   automatically transform the bulk of your
WBI migration toolset?
                                                   BizTalk solution into WBI:
BizTalk to WBI migration toolset lets you
                                                           BizTalk Messages into WBI Business
transfer existing Microsoft BizTalk solutions
into new IBM based environments.
                                                           BizTalk Transformations into WBI Maps
If you have a BizTalk based industry solution              BizTalk Orchestrations into WBI
and want to extend your customer reach and
IBM partnership status, the BizTalk to WBI
migration toolset will pave the way.
                                                   Migration steps
If you want to reduce your solution's cost
while enjoying renowned enterprise strength
IBM middleware, the BizTalk to WBI                 Collecting BizTalk artifacts
migration toolset will guide you through this
process.                                           BizTalk artifacts are spread over various
                                                   repositories: SQL InterchangeBTM database,
If you want to enable your solutions on            WebDav repository, and developers’ local file
additional platforms and operating systems         system. The BizTalk artifacts collector
(like Linux) the BizTalk to WBI migration          assembles these artifacts and supplies a
toolset is your gateway.                           comprehensive single view of all your
                                                   solution's components.
If you want to upgrade your BizTalk 2002
solution and you want to realize the
advantages of IBM middleware, the BizTalk
to WBI migration toolset allows you to
preserve your intellectual property and
development efforts during the migration

BizTalk to WBI migration toolset is a GUI
based set of wizards for migrating BizTalk
artifacts into the WBI Server Express

BizTalk to WBI migration toolset is part of        Figure 1: The toolset collects BizTalk artifacts from all
WebSphere Business Integration Server Express.     possible BizTalk repositories and represents a
(See                                               comprehensive view of all the solution's artifacts
Selecting candidates for migration                               into a single comprehensive EMF
The migration toolset's central view allows
                                                                 Displays a graphical view of all artifacts
you to select the actual artifacts you want to
                                                                 participating in your solution and lets
                                                                 you choose the pieces you want to
Migrating the artifacts
                                                                 Migrating your artifacts into a new (or
When you push the migration button for the                       existing) WBI project is as simple as
selected artifacts, the migration toolset                        clicking a button.
generates the required WBI Server Express
artifacts—based on your existing BizTalk

                                                             Figure 3: The toolset uses advanced XML based
                                                             transformation techniques, as well as sophisticated
                                                             Java algorithms, to transform BizTalk artifacts into
                                                             XML based models that can be understood by the
                                                             WBI development tools
Figure 2: The toolset allows you to select the migrating         Supports execution of external COM
artifacts and the destination WBI project                        components and VB scripts by adapting
                                                                 their interfaces to the WBI Server
                                                                 Express runtime interfaces.
Building the solution
                                                                 Improves business process capabilities
After creating the WBI artifacts, you need to                    and creates a seamless integration
compose the WBI solution. Comprehensive                          environment.
documentation supplied with the toolset
assists you in understanding the analogies to
your BizTalk solution and guides you through               Want to find out more?
the configuration of your new WBI solution.
                                                           Want to find out:

BizTalk to WBI migration toolset                           How BizTalk to WBI migration toolset can
                                                           be used to migrate your solution?
Quick Fact Sheet
                                                           How you can influence future versions and
        Running as part of the WBI Server                  feature set of BizTalk to WBI migration
        Express System Manager, the                        toolset?
        migration toolset is built directly into
        the familiar Eclipse based Integrated              How you can collaborate with us?
        Development Environment.
        Collects BizTalk artifacts from multiple           Contact:
        locations in your business—BizTalk SQL
        database, developers' WebDav                       Haim Nelken,
        repositories, and local file systems—
                                                           Boaz Carmeli,

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