Riverside Local School District
       Parent Handbook

          585 Riverside Drive
         Painesville, OH 44077
            (440) 352-0668
Children are curious about their world and full of wonder and preschool is a crucial time of
learning. Early childhood education fosters independence and creativity in all areas of learning
so that young children may know the true joy of discovery. Through a prepared environment,
preschool can offer a broad spectrum of experiences that spark the imagination of children and
alert them to the vast possibilities that their world presents. Exploring together with other
children provides an opportunity for children to understand their own needs as well as the needs
of others.

The Early Childhood Program has definite objectives and goals. The teaching staff accepts all
children as valuable and unique individuals. Therefore, it is a goal of every teacher to help the
children develop a healthy self-concept so that they feel confident and excited about learning.
When children are happy and confident, they are better able to accept and appreciate the
uniqueness of others.

The learning environment is designed to accommodate the individual developmental needs and
ages of the children. This is accomplished with interest centers, small and large group activities,
and one-on-one learning experiences. It is the goal of these experiences to foster self-motivated
learning. Play is viewed as another essential component of a positive preschool experience. Play
is a natural arena in which children inquire, explore and gain an understanding about their world.
In this balanced approach children have many daily opportunities to grow socially, cognitively,
physically and emotionally. A balance between free choice and structure fosters responsibility,
intrinsic discipline, and confidence. All children, with or without a disability, are seen as children
first. The Early Childhood Program applies the same positive learning principles to all children
in the program.

The Early Childhood Program’s license & compliance reports are posted in the classrooms and
are available upon request. The phone number for the Riverside Local School District Board of
Education is (440) 352-0668. The Ohio Department of Education Customer Service phone
number is 1-877-644-6338 and may be used to report a suspected licensing violation.

Registration for the upcoming year for returning students will be in early Spring. Information
regarding registration will be posted in the District’s buildings. Registration for pre-school will
be at the Riverside Local School District Board of Education. At registration, a non-refundable
deposit will be due to ensure your child's placement for the upcoming school year. This deposit
will cover your first month's tuition. All children will receive a standardized norm-referenced
developmental screening upon enrollment.
The following forms shall be completed by the parent and on file upon enrollment:

       1. Enrollment form
       2. Medical Examination Form signed by a physician
       3. Oral Assessment Form signed by a dentist
       4. Medical Emergency and Allergy Form
       5. Transportation Release
       6. Emergency Transportation Release
       7. Authorization for Release of Information (for doctors, school system)
       8. Proof of residency forms
       9. Potassium Iodine (KI) Permission Form
      10. Roster Permission

Tuition for typical peers is due by the first day of each month and is $80/month. Due to our
enrollment demand, we are unable to hold your child's placement in the class if payment is not
received by the payment due date. You can pay tuition either by cash or check in person at:

       Riverside Local School District
       Board of Education
       585 Riverside Drive
       Painesville, OH 44077
       (440) 352-0668

For your convenience, you may also send a check in the U.S. mail to the above address or you
may give your tuition (checks only) to your child’s teacher. Additional fees for field trips may
be added for all children.

When your child is unable to attend, please notify your child’s teacher directly:
Mrs. Bacher – Hale Road Elementary 440-358-8701
Mrs. Pryaner - Cedarbrook School 440-392-5627
Mrs. Rider - Cedarbrook School 440-392-5628
Mrs. Ellar - Cedarbrook School 440-392-5629

In addition, parents of children who receive transportation are responsible to call the
Transportation Department at 357-5571. Calls to the classroom teacher and transportation should
be made prior to the start of school. Daily attendance will be reported to the Elementary
School building secretary.
                      WITHDRAWAL PROCEDURES
To withdraw your typical child from preschool, please contact the building in which your child
attends. For our Cedarbrook location, please contact Buckeye Elementary at 352-2191.

       School is in session Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
       Morning session 8:30 am – 11:00 am
       Afternoon session 12:30pm – 3:00pm

Please listen to local radio and Cleveland television stations for school closing information. The
Riverside Local Preschool follows the Riverside Local School District school closing schedule.
For our Cedarbrook preschool location only, please follow both Riverside and/or Painesville City
School District schedules. If either District is closed then preschool at our Cedarbrook location
will also be closed.

The teacher and/or classroom assistant will escort children from and to the bus at the beginning
and the end of each session. Parents will accompany their child to the sidewalk adjacent to the
front door. Teacher and/or classroom assistant will accompany child into the school.

Please use the designated parking lot for each of our locations. Due to the high volume of traffic
at our Cedarbrook location, you may also park on the street or on the side of the parking lot
along the driveway. For safety reasons, please use the sidewalks where located and please do not
walk in between the buses. Thank you for your cooperation.

                           EMERGENCY RELEASE
In accordance with state regulations, children are released only to a custodial parent, guardian, or
person authorized by the custodial person. If a person other than those noted will pick up a child,
a telephone call/and written note must be given to the teacher identifying the authorized person.
The teacher will require photo identification from the person picking up the child.
Please relay this I.D. policy information to the person picking up the child.
Riverside Local Preschool utilizes the Creative Curriculum for Preschool in implementing
developmentally appropriate activities and learning in order to meet the individual needs of
children. The Creative Curriculum for Preschool is aligned to the early learning content
standards adopted by the State Board of Education.

                                  OUTDOOR PLAY
Riverside Local Preschool is fortunate to have facilities in all locations that allows for indoor and
outdoor gross motor activities. As a safety measure children should wear soft sole, non-skid
shoes that will not slip off. In colder weather the children will need a warm coat, boots, gloves
and hat.

                                EXTRA CLOTHING
Parents need to provide a labeled plastic bag containing a complete change of clothing for their
child (socks, underpants, shirt and pants). Please label individual items in the bag. The clothing
will be kept at school for emergency use and returned at the end of the school year.

Every child will need a backpack large enough to accommodate art projects and papers. Please
check your child’s backpack daily for notes, newsletters, or art projects.

Nutritious snacks and beverages will be provided. Snack menus will be posted by your child’s

                                 SPECIAL EVENTS
On special occasions we will have classroom parties, field trips, or special guests. Notices will be
sent home prior to these special events. Parents who have a special interest to share with the class
such as a musical talent, hobby, unique pet, etc. are always welcome. Please contact your child’s
teacher to discuss how this interest can be incorporated into the classroom activities!
                          PARENT PARTICIPATION
Parents are encouraged to be a part of their child’s classroom experience. This participation may
be in the form of providing assistance for a special project, helping with parties, providing
materials/supplies for a special activity, or simply visiting with their child. If possible, we ask
that parents schedule their visit with the teacher. Parents are also encouraged to call their child’s
teacher if they have any questions or concerns. Calls will be returned after classes are dismissed
for the day.

Conferences are scheduled twice a year in accordance with the adopted Riverside School District
calendar. A notice will be sent home prior to conference dates. Parents of children who have
Individual Educational Plans (IEP) will receive invitations prior to IEP meeting dates.

                                   CLASS ROSTERS
A roster of names and phone numbers is available on request. Parents may decline to have their
name and phone number included.

Our classroom schedule and curriculum is structured to encourage learning, self-confidence and
good feelings. Children are never punished physically or verbally. The rules for behavior are
simple, developmentally appropriate, and clearly stated. The following procedures will be used
in class to guide children’s behavior:

          set simple, reasonable and clear limits
          Reinforce these limits consistently
          Teachers model positive behavior using consistent and caring practices
          Children who demonstrate difficulty playing in a particular area of the room or with
           specific peers are redirected to another activity
          A behavior chart may be utilized to provide the child with a visual cue to help with a
           particular behavior
          In some cases a teacher may meet with a parent to discuss the behavior and follow-
           up activities for home
          In the event that a behavior is not interrupted by redirection, a time out may be given.
           This time out will not exceed 1 minute for each year of age. Children are never left
           alone during a time out
          When a child’s behavior is causing harm to himself or others, the parent may be
           called to pick up the child
The classroom’s actual methods of discipline shall apply to all persons on the premises and shall
be restricted as follows:
         There shall be no cruel, harsh, corporal punishment or any unusual punishments such
            as, but not limited to, punching, pinching, shaking, spanking or biting
         No discipline shall be delegated to any other child
         No physical restraints shall be used to confine a child by any means other than
            holding a child for a short period of time, such as in a protective hug, so the child may
            regain control
         No child shall be placed in a locked room or confined in an enclosed area as a closet,
            a box or a similar cubicle
         No child shall be subjected to profane language, threats, derogatory remarks about
            himself or his family or other verbal abuse
         Discipline shall not be imposed on a child for failure to eat, failure to sleep, or for
            toileting accidents
         Techniques of discipline shall not humiliate, shame or frighten a child
         Discipline shall not include withholding food, rest, or toilet use
         Separation, when used as discipline shall be brief in duration and appropriate to the
            child’s age and developmental ability and the child shall be within sight and hearing
            of a preschool staff member in a safe, lighted and well-ventilated space
         The teacher/staff shall not abuse or neglect children and shall protect children from
            abuse and neglect while in attendance in the preschool program

The teachers are available to discuss any questions or comments about the discipline policy.

The maximum number of children per class can be 12, 14 or 16 with a ratio of children with
special needs to typically developing peers of 6:6, 7:7 or 8:8.

An example of a typical daily schedule would include the following:
      Arrival & Toileting
      Circle Time – Greeting, weather and songs/finger plays
      Learning Centers – Choice of activities including art, writing center, dramatic play,
              manipulatives, science, math, book corner, blocks and vehicles. Individual and
              small group work.
      Clean up, toileting and hand washing
      Gross Motor – Indoor/outdoor play, music, or creative movement
      Circle Time – Story time & language & music
      Departure Activities – Departure song (independence is fostered while putting on coat,
              boots, backpack, etc.)

A schedule is also posted in each classroom that may vary slightly from the above guideline.
                             HEALTH AND SAFETY
The preschool teacher and her assistant are fully responsible for the children’s safety. No child
shall be left alone or unsupervised. The use of aerosol cans is prohibited.

Incident Reports:
In the event a child has an accident or injury at school, the teacher or assistant will complete an
Incident Report on the same day of the incident. The Administrator of the program, the person
completing the form and the parent or guardian, will sign this report. A copy of the report will be
placed in the child’s file.
Fire and Weather Emergencies:
Procedures have been developed to cover fire and/or tornado emergencies. Guidelines and charts
for evacuation are prominently placed in each classroom. Fire drills are conducted monthly and
the Board Office staff, in the event of a tornado, monitors a Weather Alert Radio.
Nuclear Emergency Procedure:
The Riverside Local Preschool in conjunction with the Lake County Emergency Management
Agency has developed plans to protect students, should an emergency at the Perry Nuclear
Power Plant require protective response by Riverside Local Preschool. There is a very low
probability of a major emergency at the plant and an even lower one that it will occur during our
normal session hours. Nonetheless, Riverside Local Preschool has plans for accomplishing
sheltering or evacuation protective actions.

The following table demonstrates the four classifications of an emergency at the Perry Power
Plant in order of severity.

       UNUSUAL EVENT                                 We are not notified.

       ALERT                                         We are notified upon full activation of the
                                                     Lake County EOC; call in additional staff
                                                     If needed and monitor EAS (Emergency
                                                     Alert System).

       SITE AREA EMERGENCY                           We begin calling parents to pick up children
                                                     if recommended by the Lake County
                                                     Emergency Operations Center.

       GENERAL EMERGENCY                              Protective actions issued. Action may be
                                                     shelter or evacuation.

As you can see from the above table, we will notify students' parents well in advance of a
protective action being recommended. There is no danger to the general public at SITE AREA
EMERGENCY. We will release students only to a parent, legal guardian, or adult designated by
the parent. This is to ensure that the parent(s) or guardian(s) know exactly where their child is at
all times and that the child is safe and being cared for.
If a protective action of SHELTERING is recommended for our area, please DO NOT
ATTEMPT TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD. Both you and your child are safer indoors.
Sheltering normally is in effect for 2-3 hours. Your child will be cared for at all times.

If an EVACUATION is recommended for our area, and you have not picked up your child,
he/she will be relocated by staff to: Lake Catholic High School, 6733 Reynolds Road, Mentor,

Staff will remain with your child until he/she is picked up by a parent or guardian. A map of
directions will be posted on the door indicating we have evacuated to Andrew’s School. This is a
public care center.

If you have further questions about our plans, please feel free to call any of the following people
who are involved with the Riverside Local Preschool Program:

Preschool Special Education Teachers:
Mrs. Barb Bacher     (440) 358-8995 Ext. 7238
Mrs. Beth Rider       (440) 392-5628
Mrs. Maria Prayner (440) 392-5627
Mrs. Meghan Ellar (440) 392-5629
Assistant Director of Pupil Services:
Mrs. Cheryl Lanning
(440) 358-8221

First Aid and Communicable Disease
Staff is trained in first aid and communicable disease. A fully supplied first aid kit is available at
school and taken on field trips. A Communicable Disease Chart is located in the Preschool
bathroom. Parents will be notified of exposure to communicable disease (i.e.: strep infection,
conjunctivitis, etc.).

Child Abuse Recognition
The Administrator and all employees are required to report all suspected cases of child abuse or
neglect to the Ohio Department of Human Services. Staff is also trained in child abuse

Medical or Dental Emergency
 In the event of a medical or dental emergency, the Preschool staff will take the following steps
        · Immediate first aid administered by trained staff.
        · The rescue squad will be contacted.
        · Parents will be notified of accident or injury and informed that an ambulance has been
        · One staff member will accompany the child with the child’s records, in the ambulance.
        · Parents will meet the child and staff member at the emergency treatment center
          specified by the rescue squad.
A written description of the school’s safety policies has been explained and distributed to all
staff. In addition, emergency phone numbers and procedures are posted in each classroom by the

                     WHEN A CHILD BECOMES ILL
A staff member is available to observe all children upon arrival each day. An ill child will be
isolated, but under the direct supervision of a staff person, until a parent or guardian picks up the
child. A child shall be discharged when the following symptoms occur:

       · Diarrhea (more than one time)
       · Severe coughing (whooping, red/blue face)
       · Difficult or rapid breathing
       · Yellow skin or eyes
       · Symptoms of conjunctivitis (pink eye)
       · Infected skin patches
       · Dark urine, gray or white stool
       · Stiff neck
       · 100-degree temperature
       · Evidence of lice infestation
When the above symptoms occur at school, parents will need to keep their child home from
school for twenty-four hours. Parents are requested to keep the health needs of all the children in
mind and to refrain from sending their child to school when these symptoms occur at home.

A mildly ill child will be observed within the group. If symptoms persist or worsen, the parent
will be called to pick up the child.

No staff member shall attend school if they exhibit signs of communicable disease. The
administrator reserves the right to request a physician’s note to return to work.

In the event of an evacuation, the staff of Riverside Local Preschool will evacuate the children to
the evacuation site in accordance with the building location.

Site Emergency: In the event that it would become necessary to evacuate the children from the
preschool building/classroom due to an on-site emergency, you will be contacted by either the
building administrator or your child’s preschool teacher.

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