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					     Glory to God
     Who gives us
                                      DOXA     The monthly newsletter of
                                        Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church
                                                                                                  Glory to God
                                                                                                     in the
                                                 Falls Church, Virginia
                                                  Volume 2, Number 9

                                                SEPTEMBER 2004

                                  THE FENCE                                               INSIDE THIS      ISSUE...
                                                                                          Book Review................... 13

  THERE WAS A certain householder               Look for other new programs such as       Calendar .........................9
  who planted a vineyard and hedged          our Newly Married Couples and Adult          Catechetical School ............6
  it around about. (Matthew 21:33)           Retreats. For those of you who have lost
                                             a loved one, Maria Papageorge and I          Choir ........................... 10
September is here and we are starting        have been working on a Grief and Be-         Church Duty Roster ............3
the new ecclesiastical year. We are also     reavement Support Group and hope to
                                                                                          Daughters of Penelope....... 10
getting ready for school, going back to      have our first meeting soon.
work, and all the church organizations          Join Philoptochos and participate in      Facilities Management.........8
are starting their meetings.                 their philanthropic works and fun activi-    Financial Statement ......... 4-5
  I hope that we all grow in our faith       ties. Every woman of our church should
                                             be a member of Philoptochos.                 Freelance Article ............. 10
during this new ecclesiastical year. We
will provide you, through the ministries        Our leaders and Catechetical School       GOYA, HOPE, and JOY ......6
of your church, the opportunity to be        staff will have a weekend training pro-
                                             gram with our sister church of Saint         Graduates...................... 12
active participants in your faith.
  Every Sunday, starting on September        George so that they can better serve our     Greek Article .................. 11
19th, you will have your choice of cele-                                                  Greek School ....................6
                                                I guess that, by now, you are wonder-
brating the Divine Liturgy at either
                                             ing why the title of my article is The       Parish Council President ...... 3
8:00am or 10:30am. Catechetical School
                                             Fence. Well, I wanted to write about the     Philoptochos................... 10
for our children will start at 9:30am,
                                             parable, but as you can see I am so ex-
allowing you to worship together as a                                                     Registry ........................ 13
                                             cited about the start of our new year that
family. We will also offer two adult         you will just have to wait for the next
catechism classes: Journey to Ortho-                                                      Stewardship................ 14-15
                                             issue of DOXA.
doxy, led by Dr. John Demakis and               I pray that along with the celebration    Weekday Services............. 12
James Jatras and an in-depth study of the    of the Elevation of the Holy Cross this      Welcoming/Stewardship
Sacraments and liturgical practices of       month, we will also celebrate all the
our Church, led by Fr. Ted and me.           wonderful gifts God has granted to us as     Committee Roster...............3
  I hope that all of our teenagers will be   the community of Saint Katherine. I          YAL ...............................6
active in GOYA. We will offer many           hope that all of you become stewards of
different activities throughout the year.                                                 and more!
                                             our church by giving of your talents,
  Our young people will have the oppor-      time, and finances.
tunity to study the Greek language. We          Just as I pray for all of you during
plan on starting a Family Night so that      every Liturgy, I ask you to pray for me.
our HOPE and JOY children can get            Let us all pray that this new year will be
together. I am so thankful for all the       filled with love, joy, spiritual growth,
support we had with our tremendously         and good health.
successful Vacation Bible Camp this             Welcome back! See you in church!
summer, which reached out to that same                                       Love,
age group.                                                                  Fr. Costa
                                      Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
                                      Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey
                                      Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church
                                                 3149 Glen Carlyn Road
                                                Falls Church, VA 22041
                                                  703.671.1515 phone
                                                 703.671.1385 facsimile

Rev. Protopresbyter Constantinos A. Pavlakos,             703.671.1515 x24       
Proistamenos                                              571.213.1109 mobile
                                                          703.239.2627 home
Rev. Protopresbyter Theodore H. Chelpon                   703.671.1515                   
                                                          202.258.4957 mobile
                                                          703.823.4541 home
John Vlachos, Chief Financial Officer                     703.671.1515 x23
Sophia Tsangali, Secretary/Teacher                        703.671.1515 x21       
Roberto Medina, Maintenance Supervisor                    703.671.1515
Theodoros Theocharis, Information Technology              703.671.1515           
John Demakis, Stewardship Chairman                        703.319.1610               
Presvytera Pauline Pavlakos, DOXA                         703.239.2627          
Jim Stoucker, Website Contact                             703.690.1050              
                                                   PARISH COUNCIL
John N. Agnos, President                             703.280.2691               
George Moshos, Vice President                        202.409.2302              
Arthur Dimopoulos, Secretary                         202.409.2302                
George Cholakis, Treasurer                           703.255.2155           
Frank Burton           703.256.5531      Popi Papadopoulos    703.528.0198
Pete Chambers          703.948.0883                            Douglas Rosenburg    703.583.9612
George Charuhas        703.739.0084    Harry Spanos         703.237.2731
Harry Chelpon          703.604.6350   Steve Stassinos      703.318.9250
John Demakis           703.319.1610         James Stoucker       703.690.1050
Christian Demeter      703.534.5669    Craig Thomas         703.532.3168
Nicholas Larigakis     703.719.6933                            Anastasia Topping    703.242.8352
Mallamo Mavromatakis   703.830.0224       Anna Vassilopoulos   703.323.0731

                                                BOARD OF AUDITORS
        Aggie M. Capsalis, Chairman        703.938.6597        George Z. Kontzias             703.821.2796
        Louis P. Glekas                    703.256.7416        Tina G. Ligelis                703.845.0520

                                             CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS

Philoptochos                    Anna Vassilopoulos, President             703.323.0731
Adult Catechetical School       James Jatras, Associate Director          703.237.5807
Youth Catechetical School       John Harocopos, Principal                 703.379.3888
Greek School                    Sophia Tsangali, Principal                703.671.5820
Greek School Auxiliary          Sophie Tzamarias, President               703.786.5141
HOPE                            Anastasia Topping, Coordinator            703.242.8352
JOY                             Artemis Dimopoulos, Director              703.642.6065
GOYA                            Petros Drosos, President                  703.281.7964
YAL                             Dean Bellas, President                    703.836.6926
Acolytes                        K. Mavromatakis and A. Pavlakos          703.830.0224 Kosta 703.239.2627 Andrew
AHEPA #370 (Mt. Vernon)         George K. Eliades, President              703.383.0073
AHEPA #438                      Nicholas Vamvakias, President             703.323.7153
Bookstore                       Christopher and Frances Kalavritinos      703.671.1515
Choir                           Nick Kyrus, Director and Organist         703.845.9256
DOP Helle #283                  Karen Polizos, President                  571.434.7790
Psalters                        James Loizou, Protopsaltis                703.356.8220
Sacristan                       Panayiotis P. Papasavvas                  703.764.9746
                              FROM YOUR PARISH COUNCIL PRESIDENT
DEAR FELLOW PARISHIONERS,                                           At the July Parish Council meeting, after careful re-
  I hope your summer was relaxing and joyful, with              evaluation and consideration of the needs of the church,
plenty of summer activities.                                    the Parish Council decided to eliminate the position of
   The arrival of September marks the beginning of the          Facilities Manager. Action to that effect has been taken.
new year of our Orthodox ecclesiastical calendar and, at        Therefore, please bear with us as we proceed with our
the same time, signals our return to the activities that oc-    new plans. In the following pages, please see our financial
cupy most of the time in our lives, such as work, children      statement as of the end of June 2004.
or grandchildren returning to school, catching up with             As a reminder, I would like to bring to your attention
friends, and attending church regularly.                        the remaining events scheduled for this year. Please mark
    This summer, for the first time, our community held a       your calendar so you can make your plans to participate
Vacation Bible Camp for children. The Camp was very             and support these events. They are:
successful thanks to the hands-on leadership and guidance            Fall Greek Festival         October 1-3
of Fr. Costa, John Harocopos, and their able assis-                  Fall General Assembly       October 24
tants. More than 40 children attended the Vacation Bible             Annual Dinner Dance         November 6
Camp and, in the end, all children expressed great enjoy-            Stewardship Sunday          November 21
ment and satisfaction. They were glad their parents regis-           New Year’s Eve Party        December 31
tered and brought them to Vacation Bible Camp.                    By the time you receive this issue of DOXA, the Athens
   Vacation Bible Camp, with the concurrence of Fr.             2004 Olympic Games will be well underway, if not
Costa, was initiated and sponsored by the Order of              over. However, in view of all the positive comments and
AHEPA Chapter No. 438 of Arlington, VA. Lunch for               accounts being made by the experts in that field and the
the children was provided by the Elias Alpos family, the        congratulations accorded to Greece for the great effort
Andy Ioannou family, the Jordan Skenteris family, and all       made to complete all of the venues and for hosting the
members of the Peter N. Derzis, AHEPA Chapter No.               2004 Olympic Games, we as Americans of Hellenic de-
438. A sincere and well deserved thank you to all.              scent and heritage should be proud of their accomplish-
    During the first two weeks of September, registration       ments and wish them and all the participating athletes,
for Catechetical School and Greek School will be held at        “Good luck and God speed.”
the Cultural Center. I would be remiss if I did not
strongly encourage all parents of school-aged children to                                               Sincerely yours,
register them and give them an opportunity to enrich their
lives.                                                                                                  John N. Agnos

                                            CHURCH DUTY ROSTER
                                       September 5, 2004       9:00am
  **One Liturgy Only**             George Moshos, Captain      Nick Larigakis                   **One Liturgy Only**
                                           Pete Chambers       Jim Stoucker
                                        George Charouhas       Anna Vassilopoulos
                                       September 12, 2004      9:00am
  **One Liturgy Only**             Art Dimopoulos, Captain     Harry Spanos                     **One Liturgy Only**
                                            Harry Chelpon      Steve Stassinos
                                    Mallamo Mavromatakis       Anastasia Topping
September 19, 2004                         8:00am Liturgy      September 19, 2004                                9:30am
John Demakis, Captain                     Christian Demeter    George Moshos, Captain                     Nick Larigakis
Frank Agnos                                 Steve Stassinos    Pete Chambers                               Jim Stoucker
Frank Burton                                  Craig Thomas     George Charuhas                        Anna Vassilopoulos
September 26, 2004                         8:00am Liturgy      September 26, 2004                                9:30am
George Cholakis, Captain                  Christian Demeter    Art Dimopoulos, Captain                     Harry Spanos
Frank Burton                               Doug Rosenburg      John Demakis                            Anastasia Topping
Harry Chelpon                                 Craig Thomas     Mallamo Mavromatakis                   Anna Vassilopoulos

     September 5, 2004             September 12, 2004             September 19, 2004             September 26, 2004
       Pete Chambers                 Harry Chelpon                   Jim Stoucker                   John Demakis
      George Charuhas               Anastasia Topping             Anna Vassilopoulos                Harry Spanos
    DISBURSEMENTS                    YTD      BUDGET      RECEIPTS         YTD      PERCENT
                                     2003        2004        Jun 04        2004     TO DATE
    Archdiocese                    $28,200     $59,000       $4,917      $29,500           50%
    Chanter                          4,080       8,160          680        3,400           42%
    Choir Director                   4,080       6,800          680        3,400           50%
    Church Supplies                 11,094      30,000        (298)       11,550           39%
    Community Relations             12,099      20,000          768        8,285           41%
    Custodian                       22,308      43,040        3,475       21,910           51%
    Financial Officer                6,240      12,500        1,040        6,240           50%
    Insurance                        4,711      12,000          820        4,939           41%
    Maintenance                     25,120      32,000        1,066       15,379           48%
    New Building Mortgage                -     125,500       10,487       62,921           50%
    Office Supplies/Equipment       19,736      25,000        2,206       13,877           56%
    Office Asst./Data Processor      4,891           -             -           -            0%
    Office/Facility Manager         16,188      49,000        4,110       24,658           50%
    Part-Time Custodian              9,880      15,000        1,148        7,928           53%
    Part-Time Priest                 9,246      35,262        3,167       19,548           55%
    Postage                          6,294       9,000          500        5,621           62%
    Priest Compensation             75,023     128,334       10,663       63,572           50%
    Secretary                       22,664      41,163        3,313       20,652           50%
    Telephone                       10,048      10,000        1,191        7,431           74%
    Utilities                       25,463      50,000        8,119       33,634           67%
    Capital Improvements            23,886      61,841        2,529       16,719           27%
    Clergy-Laity Congress                -       5,000          500        2,300           46%
    Credit Card Commissions            79        1,000           64         619            62%
    Data Processing                   150            -             -        150             0%
    Diakonia                             -       2,400             -       1,000           42%
    GOYA Activities                      -       5,000       (1,290)       3,710           74%
    Greek School                         -       5,000             -           -            0%
    Holy Cross Seminary                  -       2,000             -           -            0%
    HOPE                                 -       1,000             -           -            0%
    Information Systems Maint.           -       5,000          417        2,500           50%
    JOY                                  -       1,000             -           -            0%
    Miscellaneous                     118        1,000           62         222            22%
    Missions                             -       3,000             -       1,500           50%
    Outreach Program                     -           -             -           -            0%
    Catechetical School                  -       5,000          879        2,513           50%
    Vehicle                           842        4,000        1,096        2,821           71%
    Youth Ministries                 4,600       5,000             -       1,590           32%
                        TOTALS    $347,040    $819,000      $62,309     $400,089           49%
        RECEIPTS                               YTD             BUDGET              RECEIPTS                YTD           PERCENT
                                               2003               2004                Jun 04               2004          TO DATE
Candles and Trays                        $100,447              $165,000                $8,188           $86,802                 53%
Fundraising Events                            66,799             125,000               78,830            74,756                 60%
Hall Rentals                                  61,408             125,000               20,911           111,523                 89%
Holiday Offerings                              7,234              13,000                 100              5,287                 41%
Interest Income                                    -                    -                   -                   -                   0%
Memorial Donations                             6,145              14,000                 732              8,084                 58%
National Memorial Park                          800                     -                   -                   -                   0%
Special Donations                             14,750              12,000                 396              3,825                 32%
Stewardship Program                          184,353             365,000               28,244           257,548                 71%
                      TOTALS             $441,936              $819,000              $137,401         $547,825                  67%

                        The Fall Festival of Saint Katherine
                    Greek Orthodox Church of Northern Virginia
      Friday and Saturday, October 1 and 2             Tell your friends to come                  Sunday, October 3
               11:00am - 10:00pm                       and be Greek for the day!                  12:00pm - 9:00pm

                MARKETPLACE                                BOOKSTORE                                    FOOD

                     Art Work                     The Saint Katherine Bookstore         Outdoor delicious foods include: gyro,
                                                  will be open during the Festival      souvlaki, loukaniko, and loukoumathes.
                 Handcrafted and
                                                  where you will find religious
               Semi-Precious Jewelry
                                                  items such as Bibles, icons,          Indoor foods include: leg of lamb, Athe-
                  Greek Imports                   books, video tapes, and much          nian chicken, pastitsio, mousaka, spana-
                                                  more.                                 kopita, tiropita, peas, rice pilaf, dol-
                 Fashion Handbags
                                                                                        mathes, and Greek salad.
                     Folk Art                       OTHER ACTIVITIES
                                                                                        Baklava, diples, finikia, galaktobouriko,
                  Children’s Books                                                      karithopita, kataifi, koulourakia,
                                                  Other activities include church
                                                  tours, amusements, live music,        kourambiethes, and paximathia will sat-
           Greek Music, CDs, Videos
                                                  and dance performances.               isfy your sweet tooth.
                     and more!

                           If you would like to reserve your volunteer position for the Festival
                                       or need more information, please contact:

       George Moshos, Chairperson                                                          John Vlachos/Church Office
       202.409.2302                                    Eleni Kanakos, Co-Chair                           703.671.1515
       George Cholakis, Co-Chair                                                                Steve Veletsis, Co-Chair
       703.887.2282                                                                                      703.765.3924

    CATECHETICAL SCHOOL                                             COLLEGE STUDENTS
    THE STAFF OF the Catechetical (Sunday) School is looking        IF YOU ARE a college student (or know of any) from our
    forward to welcoming our children at the opening of Cate-       church community, please send the following information
    chetical School classes on September 19th from 9:30am to        to Fr. Costas at student’s name,
    10:30am. The 2004-2005 school year will embrace another         student’s e-mail address, and name of the college or uni-
    exciting and productive program of religious instruction, a     versity (in-state or out-of-state). Thank you.
    range of related activities, and Church music. Registration
    will transpire in the Cultural Center after Divine Liturgy      YAL
    on Sundays, September 5th and 12th.                             WELCOME BACK! We hope everyone had a good and relax-
       Parents who do not have the opportunity to pre-register      ing summer. A few of our YAL members went to Greece
    their child/children on either September 5th or 12th, may       this summer for the Olympics and our very own Nicole
    do so on the first day of Catechetical School classes on        Leontsinis was an actual volunteer at the Olympic
    September 19th. Parents will register in the copy room on       Games. YAL basketball will be held on Monday, Septem-
    the downstairs level of the Cultural Center. Both the Cate-     ber 6th, 20th, and 27th at 7:30pm in the Cultural Cen-
    chetical School Director and Assistant Director will be         ter. On Monday, September 13th, sandwich-making for
    available to take registrations. Children will go straight to   the homeless will be held in the kitchen of the Cultural
    class while the parents complete the registration process.      Center at 7:30pm. Please bring a loaf or two of sandwich
    At registration parents will                                                                  bread and a package or two
    receive the year’s curricu-                                                                   of deli meats and
    lum, the school’s mission                                                                     cheeses. After sandwich-
    statement and policy, and the                                                                 making, please feel free to
    calendar of events.                                                                           stay and play basketball at
       The staff would like to                                                                    8:00pm or go out to dinner
    emphasize that attending one                                                                  with your fellow YAL mem-
    of the two Divine Liturgies                                                                   bers at a local Greek restau-
    is central to the religious life                                                              rant.
    and nurture of our children.                                                                     The Las Vegas YAL will
    Therefore, parents should                                                                     be hosting their first annual
    plan on attending church                                                                      YAL convention the week-
    with their child/children dur-                                                                end of September 17th-
    ing either the first or second                                                                19th. For more details,
    Divine Liturgy. The church                                                                    please contact Georgiann
    schedule is structured to ac-                                                                 Psaros          at     geo-
    commodate worship in                                                                
    church           as      well                                                                 or 949.813.2503. Locally,
    as a full hour of Catechetical                                                                please mark your calendars
    School.                                                                                       for the weekend of Novem-
       With much anticipation,                                                                    ber 11th-14th for the YAL
    the staff awaits the arrival of                                                               Washington, DC week-
    all our children on September 19th ready for Catechetical       end. Your YAL contact is Angelike Andrinopoulos. An-
    School. As well, Father Costas and Father Ted are looking       gelike can be reached at
    forward to seeing all our families worshiping together in
    church.                                                         ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN SINGLES
                                                                    PAN-ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN SINGLES are holding a
    GREEK SCHOOL                                                    “Fifties’ Party” on Saturday, September 25th, 7:00pm to
    GREEK SCHOOL will begin on Saturday, September 11th at          midnight, at 9716 Lindsay Blake Lane, Great Falls, VA
    9:30am. Registration will take place on Sundays, Septem-        22066. The main courses will be Chicken Divan, meat-
    ber 5th and 12th in the Cultural Center.                        loaf, and a vegetarian entree. Please contact Diana Haver-
                                                                    lack at if you would like to attend
    GOYA                                                            or want more information.
    GOYA WILL HAVE a general meeting on Sunday, Septem-
    ber 12th at 11:30am. GOYAns are expected to participate         HOPE AND JOY
    in the Liturgy, which begins at 10:00am.                        WE ARE LOOKING for volunteers to help with the HOPE
      Basketball practice will be held on Tuesday, September        (Hellenic Orthodox Primary Enrichment) and JOY (Junior
    21st, girls’ practice is at 6:00pm and boys’ practice is at     Orthodox Youth) groups. Please contact Fr. Costas if you
    7:30pm.                                                         are interested.

                            METROPOLITAN CHRYSOSTOM OF SMYRNA
                              AND THE NEW SAINTS OF ASIA MINOR
                                                  by Fr. Ted Chelpon
THIS SEPTEMBER our Holy Orthodox Church will celebrate         but it also earned him the enmity of the Turks that would
the memory of Metropolitan Chrysostom of Smyrna as             later cost him his life. Twice the Turks exiled him during
well as the thousands of others who lost their lives in the    his tenure at Drama. It was the towering strength of his
holocaust of 1922 in Smyrna and the rest of Asia Minor.        personality together with his indomitable will that ulti-
Their feast day is the Sunday before the Elevation of the      mately secured the freedom of the Greek people of Mace-
Holy Cross.                                                    donia at the end of the first World War.
  Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens commenting on                Ironically, it was to spare his life that the patriarchate
Chrysostom said, “The church and the nation need to re-        decided to relocate him in 1910 and elected him Metro-
member and not forget; to remember and not grieve be-          politan of Smyrna. It was not long before even there that
cause the holy martyrs have passed into immortality.”          struggles and crises began to confront the Orthodox people
Chrysostom is commemorated with a special service com-         of Asia Minor. Again he was twice exiled for his
posed by Metropolitan Nicodemus Vallendras of Patras at        “nationalistic activities.” But he was determined to return
the direction of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece.       and share the fate of his flock rather than seek a safe haven
Father Thomas Synodinos, a counselor to the Synod, com-        in Greece, a haven which was repeatedly offered him.
mented on this special service, “It is a celebration and not   Ringing in his ears were the words of the Savior, “...the
a memorial, because we are not dealing with the dead, but      good shepherd gives his life for the sake of the sheep.”
with immortals.”                                                  On the 27th of August 1922 he was brought before his
  This recent martyr was born in Triglia, Bethany, Asia        old antagonist Nurettin Pasha. Nurettin had been military
Minor on January 6th in either 1867 or 1868. His parents       governor of Smyrna once before, but because of his barba-
were Nicholas and Calliope Kalafatis, pious Christians         rism Chrysostom was able to convince the Sultan to re-
both. On Epiphany Day 1868, his mother dedicated him to        place him. Now the revolutionary government of Kemal
the Theotokos when the Metropolitan of Prousa visited          Attaturk had restored him to his previous position. Nuret-
Triglia. He studied at the Patriarchal Theological Seminary    tin was bent on revenge. He had Chrysostom arrested,
at Halki and was ordained a deacon and a priest. He was        cruelly beaten, abused, and handed over to the Turkish
quickly elevated to the position of Chancellor of the Ecu-     mob who tortured him further before executing him. One
menical Patriarchate by the then Patriarch, Constantine V.     story relates how a Turkish soldier took pity upon him,
  In 1902 he was elected Metropolitan of Drama, Philippi,      drew his pistol, and shot him putting him out of his misery.
and Zichnon in Macedonia placing him in the eye of the         Another story suggests he was tied to four horses, drawn,
storm that was to become the Balkan Wars. As a latter-day      and quartered. This latter probably did not happen, but his
Cosmas the Aitolos, he waged a bitter struggle to preserve     corpse was mutilated and dragged through the streets of
Hellenism on behalf of the Greek people of Macedonia           Smyrna where it could conceivably have come apart. At
who were being threatened by assimilation into the newly       any rate, to my knowledge his body was never recovered.
expanded Bulgaria, then an ally of the Ottomans who ruled         May his, and the memory of all the martyred saints of
Macedonia. His efforts preserved Hellenism in that area,       Asia Minor of 1922, be eternal.

                                  AN EXCITING TRIP TO THE MUSEUM
                                             by Presvytera Dora Chelpon

 ON JUNE 2, 2004, a group of 18 people from our Philoptochos joined a group from Saint Sophia Cathedral in Wash-
 ington, DC and went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see an exhibit entitled “Byzantium—Faith and Power,
 1261-1587.” What a wonderful experience this was!
   The exhibit spanned five rooms, each representing a different type of artifact, including icons, vestments, reliquaries
 (containers for relics of saints), and vestments. These artifacts came from many different places, such as Mount Athos,
 Russia, and Saint Catherine Monastery at Mount Sinai.
   The beauty of all the art forms that we saw made one feel very excited and warm inside—knowing that our Greek
 Orthodox faith was represented in such a beautiful way. For me, one icon from Saint Catherine Monastery in Mount
 Sinai was especially moving. It was an icon of Saint Catherine dressed as an empress in all her glory. Around this icon
 were smaller icons representing happenings in her life, including her torture on the wheel and finally her beheading.
 She was indeed a special person, who was martyred rather than deny her Lord.
   What a wonderful educational opportunity we all had! Just as important and exciting was the fellowship we shared,
 having joined with members of a sister Philoptochos in such a wonderful experience.


                                                   Win BIG with
                                                  $40,000 in prizes

        1st Prize              A new 2004 Toyota Camry or . . . . . . . $25,000
        2nd Prize              ...........................................................$5,000
        3rd Prize              10 winners ..........................................$1,000 each

                            Donation: $100 per ticket (only 1,000 tickets printed)

                           Proceeds to benefit the Saint Katherine Building Fund

                                        Drawing on November 6, 2004
                               during the Saint Katherine Annual Dinner Dance
                                 (Ticket holders need not be present to win.)

                            For tickets or additional information, please contact:

             Georgia Panagopoulos                        George Moshos                         Jim Nicholakos
                 703.569.8027                             202.409.2302                          703.237.7483

    THE SUMMER HAS FLOWN BY and we look forward to an-              booking dates. After September 30th, the facilities will be
    other blessed and successful school year for our youth and      booked on a first-come, first-served basis.
    our church! We thank everyone in the Saint Katherine              Over the summer we were blessed with having the Fair-
    family who is always at the ready to assist our Church’s        fax Collegiate School use our classrooms for their Summer
    mission. We also appreciate our stewards’ patience and          Enrichment Program. The School’s reputation is first-
    cooperation as the Committee seeks to balance the need for      rate. We commend the Directors, Jennifer and Steve Nos-
    income generated through facility rentals and use by our        sal, the Fairfax Collegiate School staff, and the wonderful
    own community.                                                  students who exhibited outstanding professionalism and
       We encourage stewards to think of their church the next      courtesy. Saint Katherine was delighted to play a role in
    time they plan to hold an event—whether related to sacra-       the success of this year’s program.
    ments such as weddings and baptisms or for a birthday,            We had a couple of setbacks in terms of unexpected ex-
    office, Christmas, or engagement party. We have seen the        penses related to maintaining the church air conditioning
    new facility adorned and decorated in an ornate enough          system and updating the fire extinguishing system in Foun-
    fashion to compete with the area’s finest halls. We hope        ders’ Hall. Fortunately, funds for such contingencies were
    our stewards will consider Saint Katherine instead of a         already budgeted. Nevertheless, every dollar spent on
    pricy and impersonal hotel or hall. Since many of our           maintenance is a dollar not going toward the reduction of
    objectives were reached, we decided to give back to our         the principal on our mortgage.
    stewards by lowering the rental fees charged for rental of        The wet summer weather slowed down completion of
    our facilities, effective immediately.                          the sealing and painting of the church dome. However,
       We have placed a temporary moratorium on facility            progress has been made and the final touches are near
    rentals for 2005 until we hear back from our stewards,          completion. We also anticipate replacing the cross that sits
    allowing them the first option to select dates for scheduled    atop the church dome. Future projects include the upgrad-
    events. Similarly, we hope all our church-affiliated groups     ing of our church’s hagiography/iconography. We invite
    will contact the church office to schedule their dates as       “cheerful givers” to talk to Fr. Costas about ways in
    soon as practicable. It does not take long for the calendar     which they might assist in this worthwhile endeavor
    to fill up, so the earlier dates are booked, the better. Sep-   that will last for generations to come.
    tember 30, 2004 is the deadline for scheduling priority           Kalo Fthinoporo! A Happy Autumn to everyone.

                                                                               September 2004
           Sunday                       Monday                       Tuesday                   Wednesday                     Thursday                      Friday                  Saturday
                                                                                          1 Ecclesiastical New Year 2                             3                          4
                                                                                          9:00am Orthros
                                                                                          10:00am Divine Liturgy

    5 15th Sunday of Matthew 6 Memorial Day                   7                           8 Nativity of the Theotokos 9                           10                         11
    9:00am Orthros           (Office Closed)                                              9:00am Orthros                                                                     9:30am Greek School
    10:00am Divine Liturgy 8:00pm YAL B-ball                                              10:00am Divine Liturgy
    Catechetical and Greek
    School Registration                                                                   7:30pm Parish Council

    12 Sunday before the Ele- 13                              14 Exaltation of            15                          16                          17 Martyrs Sophia,         18
    vation of the Holy Cross  7:30pm YAL Deuteri              the Holy Cross                                                                      Pistis, Elpis, and Agape   9:30am Greek School
    9:00am Orthros            Deutera                         9:00am Orthros                                                                      9:00am Orthros             10:30am Greek School
    10:00am Divine Liturgy                                    10:00am Divine Liturgy                                                              10:00am Divine Liturgy     Auxiliary
    Catechetical and Greek
    School Registration                                                                      Deadline for October                                 YAL Convention in Las      All-Day Choir Workshop
    11:30am GOYA Meeting                                                                      DOXA submissions                                    Vegas through Sunday

    19 Sunday after the Ele-     20                           21                          22                          23                          24                         25
    vation of the Holy Cross     8:00pm YAL B-Ball            GOYA B-ball Practice                                    7:30pm Choir Rehearsal                                 9:30am Greek School
    8:00am Divine Liturgy                                     6:00pm Girls                                                                                                   7:00pm Pan-Orthodox
    9:30am Orthros and                                        7:30pm Goys                                                                                                    Christian Singles Fifties’
    Catechetical School                                                                                                                                                      Party in Great Falls
    10:30am Divine Liturgy                                    7:00pm Philoptochos
                                                              Potluck and Discussion

    26 Falling Asleep of Saint   27                           28                          29                          30                          1                          2
    John the Apostle, Evan-      Festival Setup               Festival Setup              Festival Setup              Festival Setup              Festival Setup
    gelist, and Theologian
    8:00am Divine Liturgy        6:30pm DOP Helle #283        GOYA B-ball Practice (?)                                7:30pm Choir Rehearsal      11am-10pm Fall Festival    11am-10pm Fall Festival
    9:30am Orthros and           Potluck Dinner               6:00pm Girls
    Catechetical School          8:00pm YAL B-Ball (?)        7:30pm Goys                                             Deadline for priority
    10:30am Divine Liturgy                                                                                            booking of our facilities

                                                  Please check our online calendar ( for the latest information.
     PHILOPTOCHOS                                                                 IMPACT IN 30 HOURS
     WELCOME BACK! I hope you all had a wonderful summer                          by Ellena Keriazes Griffiths
     and are refreshed for our busy new season.
       Our first meeting will be on Tuesday, September 21st at
     7:00pm. We will have a potluck and discussion on the           WITH SUMMER’S END, we welcome the harvest of fall and
     2004 National Philoptochos Biennial Convention. Reach-         a series of “back to”: back to routine after vacations; back
     ing out to others and embracing them with love, comfort,       to warmer clothing; and, my personal favorite, back to
     and kindness is exactly what the Philoptochos Society is all   school. Although I am no longer a student or a teacher in
     about. All ladies are welcome to attend!                       school, September for me always brings an excitement to
       I would like to thank everyone who helped make our           learn, to teach, and to sharpen pencils. My brothers will
     Festival and end-of-season dinner in June so successful.       read that sentence and shake their heads mumbling some-
     Also, many thanks to all members for their love and sup-       thing about having a sister who is a nerd, but I know they
     port of our many projects throughout the year.                 love me.
       Please read the article on page 7 about our trip to the         When I taught English, I knew at the start of each year I
     Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Plans are         had 180 days in which to teach my students required
     underway for another trip to a different locale.               benchmarks. I did my best juggling lesson plans around
       Our Fall Festival is October 1, 2, and 3. Please come        special assemblies and weather related cancellations. One
     and help.                                                      reality I had to face was the many failing students due to
                                                                    lack of attendance. My challenge with student attendance
     DAUGHTERS OF PENELOPE                                          was not just Monday through Friday. On Sundays, I had
     OUR FIRST HELLE #283 DOP chapter meeting of the 2004-          my Catechetical School students to teach. I approached my
     2005 year will be a potluck dinner meeting held at Saint       lesson planning with the same focus as my paid teaching
     Katherine on Monday, September 27th at 6:30pm in Foun-         position and at the start of the year I knew I had approxi-
     ders’ Hall. We are delighted to welcome Officer                mately 30 Sundays to do my job. That was only 30
     Conner from the Fairfax County Police Department who           HOURS to make a difference. My fellow Catechetical
     will speak to our group about safety measures to help keep     School teachers would lament about how to reach more
     ourselves and our homes safe.                                  children and I gently reminded them that the majority of
        Bingo scheduled for September 16th has been cancelled.      our children do not drive and our question should be how
     The next Bingo will be held on Thursday, October 21st at       to reach more parents.
     10:30am in Founders’ Hall. There is a $2.00 admission             I am a product of a Catechetical School program. When
     and each game board is 25 cents. Proceeds support the          I think about the wonderful Catechetical School teachers I
     AHEPA Scholarship Fund.                                        had who influenced my spiritual life, I am grateful as a
        Save the date! We are happy to announce that our chap-      student. As a teacher, I am amazed. I find it fascinating
     ter will host a joint Southern Living Home Show and Pam-       that in less than 30 hours an individual had such impact in
     pered Chef Party on Saturday, October 16th from 10:00am        my life. I did not have perfect attendance and living 35
     to 12:30pm in the Cultural Center. Beautiful decorative        miles away from church made attending difficult, but the
     items for your home will be displayed and delicious reci-      commitment of my parents made the difference.
     pes will be prepared and sampled using Pampered Chef               My favorite Catechetical School teacher was Demetrios
     high-quality kitchenware. This fundraising event is open to    Mallios. I was 10 years old and he was over 6 feet tall
     all within our church community as well as to family and       with a booming voice. He may have intimidated me the
     friends.                                                       first minute, but after that I knew that he loved to teach
                                                                    and have fun. I learned all about the parables of Jesus in-
     CHOIR                                                          cluding art projects to make the lessons come alive and we
     CHOIR WILL START SINGING AGAIN on Sunday, September            studied the Creed. Every time a parable is read in church,
     12th. We will have a warm up at 9:00am and sing at             I know how to apply it in my life. Every time I have stood
     10:00am. Choir rehearsals will resume on Thursday, Sep-        as a Godmother, I know the meaning of the Creed in my
     tember 23rd at 7:30pm.                                         heart. Demetrios was a gift in my life.
       Our Saint Katherine Choir will host an all-day workshop         Catechetical School programs and materials have im-
     for our local district of the Choir Federation on Saturday,    proved over the years, yet what has always remained con-
     September 18th. George Raptis from Detroit will lead a         stant is the dedication and love of those who teach. The
     rehearsal of his music which will be sung at this year’s       gifts are waiting for all of our children. The challenge is
     conference in New Jersey. Please plan on attending the         making the commitment to bring the children. In the words
     workshop. Books have already been purchased.                   of our Beloved Savior Jesus Christ, “Let the little children
       The above-mentioned conference will be held October          come to Me and do not forbid them; for of such is the
     15-17, 2004 in Toms River, NJ. The annual conference is        kingdom of God” (Mark 10:14). Be amazed in what a
     always alot of fun. Registration packets should arrive soon.   mere 30 hours can offer.

                           H MARTUS AGIA SOFIA META TWN TRIWN
                                                 Σοφία D. Τσαγκάλη

     Sofiva" th" Semnhv", ierwvtatoi klavdoi, h              ousan thn eusebhv authv oikogevvneia giav ta avgia carivs-
     Pivsti" kai Elpiv", kai Agavph deicqeivsai,             mata th" kai gia thn kosmiovthta twn hqwvn th". O ka-
     sofivan apemwvranan, twn Ellhvnwn en cavriti,           kov" epistavth" ovmw" Antivoco", katavggeile ston autok-
     aqlhvsasai, kai nikhfovroi faneivsai, stevfo"           ravtora, ovti h Sofiva me ti" kovre" th" den eivnai mono
     avfqarton, parav tou pavntwn Despovtou,                 aplev" cristianev", allav kai ovti perifronouvn tou"
     anedhvsanto. (Kontavkion, hvco" a v)                    eidwlolatrikouv" qeouv" kai den upotavvssontai sta
                                                             autokratorikav prostavgmata.
   Mevsa sto plhvqo" twn agivwn Martuvrwn sug-                  vOtan plhroforhvqhke autav o autokravtora" Adri-
katalevyetai kai h semnhv Agiva Sofiva metav twn triwvn      anov" plhmmuvrise apov qhriwvdh qumov kai dievtaxe tou"
qugatevrwn th", Pivstew", Elpivdo" kai Agavph", twn          frourouv" tou na fevroun thn mhtevra me ti" kovre" th"
opoivwn thn mnhvmhn timouvme thn 17hn Septembrivou.          sto dikasthvrio. Oi eulabeiv" gunaivke" stavqhkan
   H Agiva Sofiva evzhse sthn Rwvmh, ovtan autokravtora"     mprostav sto dikasthvrio me tovlmh prwtofanhv. Sto nou
hvtan o eidwlolavtrh" tuvranno" Adrianov" (117-138 m.C.).    tou" anthcouvsan ta lovgia tou Euaggelivou, "Na mh fo-
H Agiva Sofiva hvtan chvra, cwriv" kammiva bohvqeia,         bavsqe ekeivnou" pou foneuvoun to swvma, giativ thn yuchv den
prostateuvonta" kai anatrevfonta" cristianikav ti"           mporouvn na blavyoun", kai h duvnamh tou Timivou kai
trei" anhvlike" kovre" th", thn Pivsth, thn Elpivda kai      Zwopoiouv Staurouv zevstaine thn kardiav tou".
thn Agavph. Oi sunqhvke", kavtw apov ti" opoive" zouvse,        H agiva mhtevra Sofiva me ti" trei" kovre" th", Pivsth,
hvtan dramatikev" kai poluv duvskole". Stovco" tou           Elpivda kai Agavph, evmeinan aklovnhte" sthn pivsth, ovsa
autokravtora Adrianouv hvtan na katorqwvsei me kavqe         ki' an epevmeinan friktav basanisthvria apov ton tuvranno
uvpoulo trovpo kai sklhrov mevso na odhghvsei tou" cris-     autokravtora. O autokravtora", giav na kavnei thn
tianouv" sthn eidwlolatriva. vAllou" tou" kolavkeue,         Sofiva na lugivsei kai givnei eidwlolavtri", basavnise
avllou" tou" anevbaze se qevsei" kai se axiwvmata kai se     prwvta ta paidiav th". Ouvte ovmw" ta mikrav autav paidiav,
avllou" uposcovtan pw" qa tou" exasfalivsei plouvsia         allav ouvte kai h mhtevra klonivsthke blevponta" ta mar-
zwhv. Epeidhv ovmw" oi cristianoiv evmeinan aklovnhtoi       tuvria twn splavcnwn th". To ov,ti qa evfqanan
sthn pivsth tou" ston Kuvrio, gi’ autov avrxise na tou"      grhgorwvtera ston Kuvrio, autov thn anakouvfize kai th"
katadiwvke me evnan sklhrov, anelevhto kai aduswvphto        evdine duvnamh. To agnov aivma twn Parqenomartuvrwn
diwgmov. S’ authvn loipovn thn perivodo, pou o autokrav-     kuvlhse sto cwvma, ovtan o dhvmio" evkoye me ton pevleku
tora" Adrianov" emavceto katav twn cristianwvn, hvrqe        ti" avgie" kefalev" tou". H makariva mhtevra me storghv
sthn Rwvmh apov avllh povlh th" Italiva" h nearav chvra,     kai eulavbeia agkavliase ta zestav leivyana twn agivwn
pisthv ston Kuvrio, Sofiva, me ti" trei" mikrouvle" ca-      tevknwn th", ta arwmavtise kai me thn bohvqeia avllwn
ritwmevne" kovre" th".                                       cristianwvn ta enapevqese se miva ekklhsiva, giav to
   H Agiva Sofiva diakrinovtan giav thn flogerhv cristi-     ktivsimo th" opoiva" eivce endiaferqeiv kai ergasqeiv
anikhv th" pivsth, thn eusevbeiav th", thn semnovthtav th"   protuvtera. Ekeiv, apevkthsan oi cristianoiv me ta se-
kai thn swfrosuvnh th". vHtan asuvgkrith mhtevra, gia-       bavsmia leivyana, evna megavlo qhsaurov kai miav phghv
tiv den frovntize movno giav thn ulikhv trofhv twn tevknwn   iamavtwn giav swvmata kai yucev".
th", allav kai giav thn pneumatikhv. Katagovtan apov            Metav thn katavqesh twn timivwn leiyavnwn, h eutuchv"
eugenikhv oikogevneia. Ergazovtan adiavkopa sklhrav          mhtevra Sofiva evzhse movno trei" hmevre" kai pavnw sta
sthn Rwvmh giav to ywmiv twn tevknwn th". H Rwvmh hvtan      leivyana twn qugatevrwn th" evkleise ta mavtia th", lev-
turannikhv kai afilovxenh. H Agiva Sofiva, ovtan guvrize     gonta" to exhv" lovgia: "W truferav mou blastavria, decqhvte
kourasmevnh kavqe bravdu sto spivti th" den paraponiov-      thn mhtevra sa" ekeiv, pou twvra eseiv" brivskesqe."
tan, allav gemavth storghv kai enqousiasmov edivdaske           H Agiva Sofiva, me ti" parqenomavrture" qugatevre" th",
sti" nearev" paidouvle" th" to upevroco megaleivo th"        Pivsth, Elpivda kai Agavph, timavtai poluv apov tou" ap-
cristianikhv" pivstew". Fuvteue sti" kardouvle" tou"         antacouv cristianouv". Se pollav mevrh evcoun ktisqeiv
thn anexavntlhth agavph tou Cristouv ma". Gemavth            megaloprepeiv" naoiv sto ovnomav th". Ta qauvmata, pou
agavph h ivdia, gevmize ti" yucouvle" tou" me to aiwvnio,    epiteleiv se ovsou" thn epikalouvntai kai thn paraka-
asteivreuto nerov tou qeivou lovgou.                         louvn, eivnai pollav.
   Me thn enavreth zwhv th" h Agiva Sofiva evdine to            A" thn timhvsoume loipovn kai efevto" sthn mnhvmh th"
paravdeigma sti" kovre" th". Ti" edivdaske na kosmouvn       kai a" thn parakalevsoume qermav na ma" prostateuvei,
ton eautov tou" me aretev", me fovbo Qeouv kai divya giav    ovpw" prostavteuse kai ti" trei" avgie" parqenomavr-
thn ouravvnia Basileiva. Na mhn parasuvrontai apov to        ture" qugatevre" th" kai ti" odhvghse ston Kuvrio Ihsouv
peribavllon.                                                 Cristov!
   Mhtevra kai kovre" bivwnan ovntw" zwhv agiavthta". To        A" mhn lhsmonouvme potev autov to mevgisto
de kavlo" th" yuchv" tou" antanaklouvse kai sthn             paravdeigma autoqusiva" twn martuvrwn giav ton Cristov
galhvnia morfhv tou proswvpou tou". Den avrghse h kalhv      kai a" Ton eucaristouvme, pou emeiv" shvmera eivmaste
tou" fhvmh na kukloforhvsei sthn Rwvmh. Polloiv epaiv-       eleuvqeroi na Ton akolouqouvme kai na Ton doxavzoume!
                                        CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!

             Naoum Elias Anagnos, son of Zoe and Larry N. Anagnos, graduated from Virginia Tech in December 2003
             receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He is employed with SAIC, in
             Washington, DC.

              Peter Andre, son of John and Rosanne Andre, brother of Alexis, and grandson of Jim and Chris Eskinzes,
              graduated from W.T. Woodson High School. Peter will attend The College of William and Mary in Williams-
              burg, VA. His list of accomplishments include: AP Diploma Recipient from W.T. Woodson High School, AP
              Scholar with Honor, National Merit Commended Scholar, Governor’s Early College Scholars Program Honoree,
     AHEPA Scholarship Recipient, Outstanding Academic Excellence Honoree—President’s Education Awards Program,
     Best Actor Award—Fine Arts/Theatre Arts, 2004 Cappie Awards Nominee for Best Comedic Actor, President—
     International Thespian Society, National Honor Society Member, Spanish Honor Society Member, and Academic Letters

               Teddy Kranis, son of Steve and Dina Kranis, graduated with honors from Langley High School. Teddy will
               attend James Madison University where he will be a thrower on the track team. Teddy has been a member of
               GOYA and on the basketball A team for the past four years. As a senior at Langley, he was captain of the
     throwing team (shot put and discus) and the top thrower of the track team. He received the Most Valuable Player Award
     for the track team this year. Teddy earned All-State, All-Region, and All-Liberty District honors in Track and Field. He
     placed 6th in shot put at the 2004 Indoor State Track Meet, 1st in shot put and discus at the Beltway Classic, 1st in shot
     put and discus at the Liberty District Meet, and 7th in shot put at the State Meet.

              Anna Steele, daughter of Dr. William Steele and Dr. Olympia Dallas, graduated from Thomas Jefferson High
              School for Science and Technology. Anna will attend the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. Anna
              has been a member of the Return to Origins Greek Dance Groups since age 5 and is currently a member of their
     top team, the Terpsichori Performing Dance Group. She was awarded the Archbishop’s Three Hierarchs Award of Ex-
     cellence for outstanding achievement in Greek language studies upon her completion of Greek School in 1997. Among
     other awards, achievements, and activities, she is a member of the TJ choir, National Honor Society, French Honor Soci-
     ety, Who’s Who among American High School Students for 2004, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and GOYA.

             Amanda Claire Stoucker, daughter of James E. and Barbara R. Stoucker, graduated from Hayfield Secondary
             School. Amanda will attend James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA, as an International Business Ma-
             jor, in the fall. Her list of accomplishments include: a 3.6 GPA, Early Acceptance to James Madison University,
     acceptance into the JMU Honors Program (one of only 195 accepted out of an incoming freshman class of 3,500), Ores-
     tes N. Karousatos AHEPA Scholarship Award, AHEPA Capital District #3 Scholarship Award, President’s Award for
     Outstanding Academic Excellence, National Honor Society, STAR Tutor, Teacher’s Assistant, Young Republican’s Club
     President, and Host & Hostess Club.

                                         SEPTEMBER WEEKDAY SERVICES

           01 Sep     Indiction, Ecclesiastical New Year           14 Sep     Exaltation of the Holy Cross
                      9:00am      Orthros                                     9:00am      Orthros
                      10:00am Divine Liturgy                                  10:00am Divine Liturgy

           08 Sep     Nativity of the Theotokos                    17 Sep     Martyrs Sophia, Pistis, Elpis and Agape
                      9:00am       Orthros                                    9:00am     Orthros
                      10:00am Divine Liturgy                                  10:00am Divine Liturgy

                      BOOK REVIEW
                       by Craig Thomas
   John Chrysostom, On Wealth and Poverty. Translation
   and Introduction by Catherine P. Roth. New York: St.
   Vladimir’s Seminary Press. 140 pages.
                                                                            July and August 2004 Baptisms
                                                                                   Peter Alexander (July)
   WHO AMONG US has not heard of Saint John Chrysostom?                        son of Peter and Nicky Stathis
   Born in about 347 A.D., Saint John Chrysostom mastered               Godparents: Nicholas and Maria Papageorgiou
   the academic subjects of his day, became a monk after his
   mother passed away, and later was ordained a deacon,                           Joanna Athanasia (July)
   priest, and bishop.                                                  daughter of Dimitri and Cheryn Ann Alexson
     Upon his ordination to the clergy, he began to deliver             Godparent: Arthur Athenagoras Dimopoulos
   sermons and quickly became an orator of great renown.
   During his life he wrote thousands of pages of sermons
   and remarkably they are with us to this day. Everything
                                                                                       Matthew (July)
   that he wrote is worth reading, not just once, but over and                son of Michael and Antonia Ahern
   over.                                                                        Godparent: Thomas O’Sullivan
     In his life, we are told that one evening while he was at
   work writing a sermon a visitor came to see him at his                         Athanasios Stavros (August)
   residence. Saint John’s attendant went to see if Saint John              son of Stavros and Anastasia Katsakos
   Chrysostom was available to receive the gentleman. The                          Godparent: Ilias Kanakos
   attendant peered into the room where Saint John was at
   work and saw an old man standing next to him, leaning
   over and whispering into Saint John’s ear as Saint John                          July 2004 Wedding
   wrote. Seeing the man with Saint John Chrysostom, the                           Danielle M. Laday
   attendant decided to tell the gentleman at the door that                                and
   Saint John Chrysostom had someone with him. The visitor                       Demetrios L. Kouzoukas
   at the door returned the next two nights, but each time the                Koumbaros: Dimitrios Kouzoukas
   attendant found Saint John at work writing with the elderly
   gentleman leaning over whispering into his ear. The next
   day, the attendant went to Saint John Chrysostom to ask                             Congratulations!
   who this guest in his room the last three nights had been.
   Saint John Chrysostom indicated that he was not aware of               June through August 2004 Funerals
   anyone with him in his room those nights. The attendant                         Nicholas Soffos (June)
   then described the appearance of the man and while doing
                                                                                  Antonia Abramidis (July)
   so noticed an icon on the wall of the man he had seen. The
   icon was of the Apostle Paul.
                                                                                  George Karambelas (July)
     On Wealth and Poverty contains six of Saint John’s ser-                      Dorothy Garbis (August)
   mons about Saint Luke’s Gospel account of Lazarus and                      Catherine L. Hegamaster (August)
   the rich man. The sermons were delivered while Saint                        Dionisios Makrigiorgos (August)
   John was a deacon in Antioch 14 centuries ago, yet they
   speak directly to our circumstances today. In the United                      May their memory be eternal.
   States, the most affluent society in the history of the
   world, the lessons on almsgiving, good works, and hospi-
   tality are most needful and most helpful.

                                                     DRUG PROBLEM
I HAD A "drug" problem when I was a young person.
   I was "drug" to church on Sunday morning, "drug" to church on Sunday night, and I was "drug" to church for weekday services.
I was "drug" to Catechetical School, "drug" to Vacation Bible Camp, "drug" to Greek School, and I was "drug" to youth activities.
   I was "drug" by the ear when I disobeyed my parents, told a lie, brought home a bad report card, or did not speak with re-
   Those "drugs" are still in my veins and they affect my behavior in nearly everything I think, say, and do. If more children had
this "drug" problem, the world would certainly be a better place. Parents, please make sure your children have this wonderful
"drug" problem.

     EVERYONE, WELCOME BACK from summer vacation.
       Our stewardship program continues to be very successful. The number of families participating increased by 26 percent
     from 454 to 574. Contributions increased by 28 percent from $213,392 to $273,470. We received 345 pledges.
       We look forward to receiving pledges from our remaining families soon. If you wish, you may pledge online today at Our church and community depend on your stewardship commitment.
       Stewards who have contributed to the Saint Katherine stewardship program as of July 31st are listed below. If you have
     any questions about stewardship, please contact the church office at 703.671.1515 and ask for Anna Vassilopoulos or Jim
       Thank you for responding to the needs of our church.

     Mrs Frosso Adamakos         Mrs Teresa Burrage           Ms Stefanie Damiani           M/M David Garnett              M/M John Kanellias
     M/M Dimitrios Adamopoulos   M/M George Bursenos          Ms Elena Danigelis            M/M Steve Gasparis             M/M George Kapetanakis
     Mrs Irene Adams             M/M Elias Burton             M/M Richard Danz              M/M George Georgacopoulos      Mrs Anastasia Kapranos
     Mrs Nike Adams              M/M Edward Cameron           Mrs Dorothea Davidian         Mr Peter Georgacopoulos        M/M Bill Kapsidelis
     Mr Frank Agnos              M/M Michael Campbell, Jr     Ms Maureen Debbas             M/M George Georgeadis          Mr William Karabelas
     M/M John Agnos              Mrs Gisella Caparell         Dr/Mrs John Demakis           Ms Maria Georgeadis            M/M Apostolos Karageorge
     Ms Antonia Ahern            M/M Aggie Capsalis           Mrs Antoinette Demeres        Col/Mrs John Georgelas         M/M Demos Karageorge
     Dr/Mrs James Alatis         M/M Manuel Capsalis          M/M Christian Demeter         M/M Francis Gerow, Jr          M/M Harry Karageorge
     Ms Marianne Alberti         M/M Thomas Cardamone, Jr     M/M Demetrios Demson          Mr Francis Gerow               M/M Michael Karagiannis
     M/M George Alexakis         Ms Minnie Caridakis          Mrs Helen Derzis              Miss Frehiwot Getahun          Ms Petula Karaiskakis
     M/M Konstantinos Alexakis   M/M Todd Carr                M/M James DeSatnick           M/M Arthur Gianelos            Mr John Karamanis
     M/M Tony Alexis             M/M Elbert Cassell           M/M Theodore Diacoumis        Mrs Angeline Gillas            Mrs Helen Karambelas
     Mr Elio Alfonso             Mr Nicholas Chacharone       Dr/Mrs Nicholas Diakides      M/M Louis Glekas               M/M Nick Karanikas
     M/M Peter Aliferis          Mrs Anna Chaconas            Mrs Kaliope Diapoulis         Ms Angela Goanos               M/M Peter Karounos
     M/M Larry Anagnos           Mr Paul Chaconas             Ms Georgia Dimitras           M/M Arthur Gomez               M/M George Karountzos
     M/M Thomas Anderson         M/M Pete Chambers            M/M Aristos Dimitriou         M/M Steve Goodrick             M/M Harry Katrivanos
     M/M John Andre              Mr Demetris Charalambous     M/M Christos Dimitriou        Mr Stefanos Goodrick           Mrs Rene Katsaitis
     M/M Alexandros Andreou      Mrs Bessie Charuhas          M/M Arthur Dimopoulos         Mrs Katherine Gousis           M/M Anthony Katsakis
     Ms Angelike Andrinopoulos   Mr George Charuhas           Ltc/Mrs Harry Dinella         M/M John Gouvis                Ms Katerina Katsakis
     Mr Nicholas Angelis         Mr Telly Charuhas            Mr/Dr Stephen Dinos           M/M Peter Griffiths            M/M Eythimios Katsapis
     Mr William Angelis          M/M Harry Chelpon            Mr Nicholas Dopuch            M/M Mark Gull                  M/M Dean Katsikes
     Mr George Anitole           Rev/Presv Theodore Chelpon   M/M Steven Doulis             Mrs Kay Gutoff                 M/M William Katsirubas
     M/M Paul Anson              M/M Louis Cherpes            Ms Mary Drakoulis             Mr Menbere Haile               M/M George Kavros
     Mrs Voula Antonaiou         M/M Emmanuel Chiaparas       M/M John Drapas, Jr           M/M Lefteris Halavazis         M/M Michael Kavros
     Mrs Mary Antonakos          Mrs Emerald Chiotakis        M/M Stavros Drosos            Dr Stephen Haley II            Mrs Anne Kaylor
     M/M Antonios Antonis        M/M George Chitwood          M/M Demetrios Droumbanis      M/M John Hall                  Ms Susan Kaylor
     Mrs Angela Antonopoulos     M/M Louis Cholakis           Mr/Ms Jonathan Easley         M/M Donald Halstead            M/M George Kehaiov
     Mr Pericles Apostolou       Mrs Helen Christ             M/M Konstantin Economou       LCDr/Mrs Philip Hamilton       M/M Michael Kiklis
     Dr/Mrs Nicholas Argerson    M/M George Christacos        Mrs Nicolitsa Economou        M/M Pericles Hantis            Mr John Kiriakou/Mrs Heather
     M/M Nektarios Athanasiou    Dr Nicole Christacos         M/M Scott Edwards             M/M John Harocopos              Armentrout
     M/M William Aubin, IV       M/M Stavros Christacos       M/M Zenon Epaminonda          M/M Peter Hatzi                Mrs Anna Kiriakow
     Miss Chrisoula Avdimiotis   M/M Constantis Christofi     M/M James Eskinzes            Mrs Maria Heijst               M/M Thomas Kiszka
     M/M Michael Bakatsias       Dr/Mrs Andrew Christopher    M/M Christopher Euripides     M/M David Herencia             Ms Frances Kochicas
     Capt/Mrs James Ballard      M/M Nicholas Christos        M/M Michael Euripides         Mr P Higgins/Mrs Christie      M/M Sotirios Kolokithas
     M/M James Ballis            M/M Aristotle Christou       M/M Michael Fadul              Loizos                        M/M Alexandros Kolovos
     Mr Richard Bambacus         M/M Athanasios Chronis       M/M George Fineskos           CDr/Mrs Warren Higley          Mr Nicholas Kolovos
     Dr/Dr George Banks          Mr Themistocles Chronis      Miss Maria Elena Firippis     Ms Melisa Hoffman              Ms Penelope Koltos
     M/M James Batistas          M/M Charles Cogar            M/M Pantelis Firippis         M/M Bryan Holloway             M/M Steve Koning
     Dr/Mrs Theofaniy Batistas   M/M Anthony Colak            M/M Argires Flevarakis        M/M Thomas Holmes              M/M George Konstas
     M/M Vatistas Batistas       M/M Trevor Cole              M/M John Flevarakis           M/M Douglas Horne              M/M Panos Konstas
     M/M Tom Beck                M/M John Collias             M/M Nicholas Flevarakis       M/M Andreas Ioannou            M/M Dean Kontzias
     Mr Dean Bellas              Mr Constantine Constant      Mrs Dianne Fogarty            M/M Iacovos Ioannou            Mrs Sousana Kontzias
     Ms Despina Belle-Isle       Mrs Froso Constant           M/M Vasilios Fotinos          Mrs Helen Jaeger               Mr Vitali Kopylov
     Ms Genevieve Bibos          M/M John Constantinides      Ltc/Mrs Vasilios Fotopoulos   Miss Christina Jatras          M/M Christos Kosmakos
     M/M George Bilidas          Dr George Contis             Mrs Vasiliki Fotopoulous      Miss Alexandra Jatras          M/M Theodore Koufas
     M/M Robert Blair            Ms Constance Contompasis     M/M James Francis             M/M James Jatras               M/M Konstantino Koukides
     M/M Dimitrios Blekas        M/M Gus Costas               M/M Stephen Francis           Mr James Jeweler               Mrs Danae Koulizakis
     M/M Michael Bohle           M/M Adamantios Coulouris     M/M George Fthenos            M/M Timothy Johnson            M/M Steve Koumanelis
     Miss Eleni Boosalis         Ms Andrea Courduvelis        Mr Odesseas Fthenos           Mrs Erriette Jones             Ms Elena/Clara Kouremetis
     M/M George Boosalis         Capt/Mrs Robert Cowley       Mr/Mr Dimitrios Gadonas       Dr/Mrs Nikos Kakaviatos        M/M Louis Koutoulakos
     Miss Kaneli Boosalis        Mrs Betty Craten             Mrs Zoe Gadonas               M/M James Kalafatis            Dr/Mrs Panos Koutrouvelis
     Mr Theodore Bousbouras      Mrs Anastasia Criswell       M/M William Galanis           M/M Stavros Kalamatianos       Ms Georgia Koutsaris
     M/M James Brackman          Mrs Theodora Dacales         M/M Angelo Galatis            M/M Matthew Kalandranis        M/M Michael Koutsourais
     M/M Lewis Brickates         Mr Michael Dakes             M/M Richard Gamble            M/M Christopher Kalavritinos   Mr Demetrios Kouzoukas/Mrs
     M/M Kevin Brickey           M/M Stephen Dakes            Mrs Toula Ganga               Mrs Maria Kalis                Danielle Laday
     Mr/Ms Robert Bridge         Mrs Catherine Dallas         Ltc/Mrs Dennis Garbis         M/M Brasidas Kanakos           M/M Gregoris Kozakos
     Mrs Helen Burns             M/M Kirk Damalas             M/M John Garbis               M/M Tom Kanakos                       (Continued on page 15)

Mrs Edith Krithades           Ms Angelina Michaels            Dr/Mrs Chris Pappas                 M/M Michael Sarris              Dr/Mrs Michael Trahos
M/M Ken Kunec                 M/M Philip Milton               Mrs Georgia Pappas                  M/M Milton Sarris               M/M Basil Trikas
Ms Christina Kutschenreuter   Mrs Stella Miranda              Mr Sevvie Pappas                    M/M Thomas Sasala               Dr Basil Tripsas
Miss Regina Kvitkovich        M/M Usama Misleh                M/M Haralabos Paraskevopoulos       M/M George Sauter               M/M Basil Troupos
M/M Andy Kydes                M/M Louis Mitchell              M/M Haralambos Pashiardis           Ms Maria Schaefer               Ms Sophia Tsangali
Dr Nikolaos Kydes             M/M William Moore               M/M Christos Passakos               M/M Leon Scioscia               M/M George Tsempales
Ms Katherine Kypridakes       M/M George Moratis              M/M Dimitrios Patrianakos           Dr/Mrs George Scordalakes       M/M Thomas Tsianakas
Mr Nicholas Kyrus             Mrs Paraskevi Morlock           M/M Paul Pattak                     Mrs Katherine Scourby           M/M Nicholas Tsimbidis
M/M Vasilios Lagakos          M/M John Moschopoulos           Ms Alexandra Pattaras               M/M John Seward                 M/M Demetrios Tsintolas
M/M Nicholas Lagos            M/M John Moses                  Rev/Presv Constantinos Pavlakos     Ms Mary Siatis                  M/M John Tsoukaris
M/M Panagiotis Lagos          Mr George Moshos                M/M Nick Pekatos                    M/M Panos Siatis                M/M John Turner
M/M Antonios Laliotis         M/M Gus Moshos                  Mrs Katherine Pergola               Dr George Silis                 M/M Bert Tylen
M/M Thomas Lallas             M/M James Moshos                Mrs Kathy Pesavento                 Dr/Mrs Minas Silis              M/M Constantine Tzafolias
M/M Demetrios Lambropoulos    Ms Tina Moshos                  M/M George Petalas                  M/M Panagiotis Silis            M/M Craig Underhill
M/M Mike Lambros              Maj/Mrs Peter Moutsatson        M/M John Petalas                    Mrs Katherine Simmons           Mrs Marie Unkle
M/M Peter Lampesis, Jr        Mr Jeffrey Mozingo              Col/Mrs Daniel Peyser               Ms Katherine Simpson            M/M Thomas Vaccarello
Mrs Jean Lampos               Ms Anna Mpras                   Mrs Catherine Phass                 M/M Andrew Sirpis               Dr/Mrs Charles Valases
M/M Michael Lampros           Mr Emmanuel Mpras               Dr/Mrs Dean Phass                   Mr Christopher Skenteris        M/M Peter Valiotis
Mr Nicholas Larigakis         Mr/Dr Michael Mpras             Ms Marina Phillips                  M/M Jordan Skenteris            Col/Mrs Nicholas Vamvakias
Mr Vassilis Lekkas            M/M Nicholas Mpras              Mrs Loiza Pieri                     Dr/Mrs Emmanuel Skordalakis     Dr Ada Van Vloten
Ms Nikoleta Lelis             M/M Nicholas Myseros            M/M Peter Pieri                     M/M John Smaragdis              M/M Christopher Vargas
Ms Nicole Leontsinis          Mrs Erma Nettles                M/M Euripides Pikrallidas           M/M Stamatis Smeltz             M/M Stratis Varlas
Ms Elaine Ligelis             Mr John Newton                  M/M Kostas Pikrallidas              M/M Dale E. Smith, Jr           Hon/Mrs George Varoutsos
M/M George Ligelis            M/M Veldon Newtson              Mrs Frances Pilarinos               Mrs Helen Snear                 M/M Paul Varoutsos
Ms Tina Ligelis               M/M Demetrios Nicholakos        Ms Christina Pizanias               Mrs Sophie Soffos               Mrs Libby Vassil
M/M Nikolaos Likouris         M/M Sotirios Nicholakos         Mr Nick Ploutis                     Mr Frank Sofocleous             Mr Constantine Vassilopoulos
Mrs Lucille Livaditis         Dr/Mrs George Nichols           M/M Jerry Pnevmatikatos             M/M Gregory Soter               M/M George Vassilopoulos
M/M James Loisou              Mr/Ms Clayton Nightingale       Maj/Mrs Louis Poehlman              M/M Harry Spanos                M/M Ramon Vazquez
Miss Crysanthe Loizos         Col/Mrs Nick Nikas              M/M Bill Polizos                    Ms Helen Spanos                 M/M Stavros Veletsis
M/M James Loizou              M/M Nikos Nikolopoulos          M/M John Polizos                    M/M John Spanos                 Col/Mrs James Velezis
Mrs Koula Lolos               Mrs Eugenia Nobes               Dr/Mrs Mihael Polymeropoulos        M/M Dennis Spirides             M/M Larry Visos
Mrs Sophia Longovitou         Mr Demetrios Nonas              M/M Spyridon Polyzos                M/M Peter Spiros                Mr John Vlachos
Ms Matina Louridas            Dr/Mrs Constantine Nonas        Mrs Anastasia Pratt                 Mrs/Mr Rhea Stack               Mr Peppino Vlannes
M/M George Louvis             Ms Anna Noussis                 Mr James Procopis                   M/M John Stamos                 M/M Demetris Voudouris
M/M Kenneth Loveless          Mrs Argyroula Oktay             Mr George Prokos                    M/M Apostolos Stamoulas         M/M George Vouras
Mrs Patricia Lyristis         M/M George Opacic               M/M Charles Psachos                 Ms Maria Stamoulas              Mrs Nausika Vouvalis
Ms Gregoria Lyssikatos        M/M Anthony Pagonis             Mr Nicholas Psaros                  Ms Stephanie Stango             M/M Sakellarios Vouvalis
Mr Joseph Macekura            M/M George Panagakos            M/M George Psihas                   Mrs Helen Stassinos             M/M Colin Waitt
M/M Nikolaos Makrigiorgios    M/M Demetrios Panagopoulos      Mr John Pulos                       M/M Odysseus Stassinos          Mrs Galatia Whittemore
Miss Gaye Mallis              M/M Alkis Panagoulias           Maj/Mrs Henry Pusser                M/M John Stathis                M/M George Woglom
Ms Rebecca Malone             Mrs Despina Panagoulias         M/M Anthony Quebral                 M/M Peter Stathis               M/M Samuel Wood
Ms Eleni Mandes               Mr John Panagoulias             M/M Mitchel Raftelis                M/M Gus Stavros                 Ms Ann Woodward
M/M George Manoleras          Ms Norma Pandazides             Dr/Mrs Demosthenes T. Rantis        Dr/Mrs William Steele           Mr Peter Xefteris
M/M John Manolis              M/M Arthur Panno                M/M Theofanis Rantis                M/M Demetrios Stergiou          Mr John Xereas
Mrs Lena Manos                M/M Dimitrios Papadogiannis     M/M John Razos                      M/M James Stoucker              Mrs Kathryn Xidon
M/M Mike Manos                Mr Papadopoulos/Mrs Madden      M/M Kostas Retsinas                 Rev/Mrs Milan Sturgis           Mr Theodore Yanopoulos
Mrs Anthy Manukas             M/M John Papadopoulos           Mrs Kathy Rice                      M/M Gus Summers                 Mr Demetri Yatrakis/Mrs Simone
Mr Andrew Maoury              M/M Panagiotis Papadopoulos     Dr Jerry Rich                       M/M Tommie Summers               McBean
M/M Stanely Maoury, Jr        Mrs Maria Papageorgiou          Mrs Christina Rigas                 M/M Mark Sward                  Mr Avis Yuvannidis
Dr/Mrs Stanley Maoury, Sr     Mr George Papakostas            M/M James Rigas                     M/M Pierre Tavoularis           Mrs Mary Zacharias
Mrs Anne Masters              Mrs Anastasia Papalios          Dr Haris Riris/Mrs Mary Smaragdis   M/M Peter Tetradis              Mrs Mary Zakia
Mrs Stasia Mastorakis         Ms Crystallo Papamichael        Ms Christine Roiniotis              M/M Athanasios Theodoropoulos   M/M Nicholas Zangos
M/M Georgios Mavromatakis     Ms Daphne Papamichael           M/M George Roiniotis                M/M Craig Thomas                M/M Nicholas Zavolas
M/M Kenneth Mayer, Jr         Mrs Mamie Papamichael           M/M Douglas Rosenburg               M/M James Thomas                M/M James Zervas
M/M James McGrath             M/M Panayiotis Papasavvas       Mr Gregory Rousos                   Miss Kristy Thomas              M/M Stratis Zervos
M/M Kevin McKenzie            Dr/Mrs George Papastergiou      M/M Nicholas Rousos                 M/M Fotis Thomopoulos           M/M Christos Zirps
M/M Gregory McKinney          M/M Athanasios Papathanassiou   Sherry Runkel                       M/M Gene Thornton               M/M John Ziu
M/M Peter Mentis              Ms Maria Papathanassiou         M/M William Salavantis              Mrs Eva Topping                 M/M Mihail Ziu
M/M George Merkezas           Ms Constantia Pappamihiel       Ms Stephanie Samergedes             Dr/Mrs John Topping             M/M Theodore Zois
                                                                                                                                  M/M Athanasios Zuppas

             On the first day of every week, each of you is to put
          something aside and store it up, as he may prosper, so that
       contributions need not be made when I come. (Corinthians 16:2)


                                                          MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST NEEDED

                                                          If anyone is interested in such a position, which
                                                          would include picking up transcription from the
                                                          doctor’s office twice a week and typing it in
                                                          your home, please contact Presvytera Theodora
                                                          Chelpon at 703.823.4541.

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