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Volume 81 Number 6                                                                                                                                                                                 October 31, 2008

In the Universe:
Mercury unveiled
                                                                                              Halloween Happenings
                                                                                                 the Student Activities Council.      winning prizes.                                Nov. 3. Students can wander through
BY RACHEL RIETSEMA                                                                               Students can release their holiday       The Halloween dance party is free          the haunted halls of Heemstra from
ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR                                                                            energy from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. in     for the attendants who wear costumes           9-11 p.m. The theme is “What if?”
    We’ve all heard students                               PHOTO COURTESTY OF HEEMSTRAHALL.COM   the Vermeer dining hall.             and will cost $1 for those who attend              Student will be required to pay an
comment on the dangers of                   BY TEDI SWANSON                                     “We wanted to give people a fun       without dressing for the occasion.             entrance fee. Items accepted include:
going through college inside “the           STAFF WRITER                                     place to dress up for Halloween,”            Also on Friday, community                  any canned good, children’s winter
Northwestern bubble.” In our                   Halloween is here.                            said Kelsey Shiflett.                    trick-or-treaters will descend on              clothing, pull-up diapers, diapers size
attempt to broaden your horizons,              Never fear—Northwestern’s                        Being the first Halloween dance       the campus looking for sugary loot.            1-5, winter jackets for any age, any
the Beacon brings you Mercury: the          campus is ready with several in quite a few years, the SAC has                            Students living in residence halls are         piece of American paper currency,
misunderstood planet.                       Halloween festivities.                           decided to go with a “scary” theme       encouraged to dress up and have                and rubber pigs. All items will be
    Astronomers who thought they               O n F r i d a y, O c t . 3 1 , t h e as well as having an assortment of                candy on hand.                                 donated to The Bridge.
had Mercury figured out were                Northwestern College community free food and costume contest where                            Not to be outdone, Heemstra will               When asked what students can
more than a little surprised by the         will celebrate the holiday with a individuals can have their costumes                     again supply students with a good              expect, R.D. Brian Moriarty laughs,
volcanic activity recently captured         costume dance party put on by judged with the opportunity of                              scare at Harvest Bash next Monday,             “‘What if’ explains it well.”

                                                                                                                                                                                     Flu vaccine clinic
by the NASA Messenger space

probe. Of even greater interest than
the continued activity of volcanoes,
is the dark blue matter that spews                                                                                                                                                   this Thursday
forth.                                                                                                                                                                               BY JENNA BOOTE
    MIT planetary scientist Maria                                                                                                                                                    NEWS EDITOR
Zuber says that prior to this                                                                                                                                                            Roll up your sleeves and grit your
discovery, many astronomers                                                                                                                                                          teeth. It’s flu season.

                                            Students serve
believed that Mercury’s shape was                                                                                                                                                        Influenza outbreaks occur from
due to space collisions and that                                                                                                                                                     November to May, so college health
the planet was made up of “dead                                                                                                                                                      services plan to offer flu shots this
rock.” The dark blue matter suggests        BY LEANN JOHNSON                                                                                                                         Thursday, Nov. 6 from 2 to 5 pm in
otherwise.                                  STAFF WRITER                                                                                                                             the RSC mallway.
    Zuber reports that the changing             Northwestern’s Called2Go                                                                                                                 Sarah Van Wyk RN, BSN for
theories regarding the planet’s nature      ministry sponsored a Hunger                                                                                                              Community Health Partners explains,
and formation are fascinating. She          Awareness Week from October 24                                                                                                           “Living in such close contact together,
continues to conduct experiments on         through 31. The week offered students                                                                                                    lack of sleep and stress puts them at
the Messenger probe. “It’s an awful         opportunities for involvement that                                                                              PHOTO BY JENNI SYBESMA
                                                                                                                                                                                     higher risk for catching influenza.
lot of volcanic material,” she said.        furthered awareness of hunger and            Among the passages the D-Groups              devastating fact that 40,000 children          Those conditions also make it easier
    About 95 percent of Mercury is          made a difference in the lives of            studied was this week’s theme verse          die every day from malnutrition,               for influenza to spread quicker
currently captured on photograph,           people from areas as local as Sioux          from the beginning of Matthew 25:35,         starvation, and hunger-related                 throughout campus. Getting a flu
now that new images have been               Falls and as far-reaching as South           “For I was hungry and you gave me            diseases.                                      shot is a student’s best defense, along
compiled with earlier ones.                 Africa and Brazil.                           something to eat.”                               Junior Chelsea Stromley was one            with good hand washing.”
    Many images of filled-in craters            The first event involved four                S t u d e n t s we r e g i ve n t h e    of the many volunteers who decided                 Health professionals recommend
suggest that the moon was once              Called2Go volunteers serving the             opportunity to fast over lunch on            to help package food. Stromley                 getting a flu shot every year. New
king of volcanic activity. One such         Friday evening meal, which was               Wednesday to simulate what it is             chose to help out because she has              influenza viruses are constantly
crater is as big as the Baltimore-          provided by Sodexho, at the St.              like to live with food insecurities.         been blessed with the “capability of           developing, so vaccines are updated.
Washington area and filled with             Francis House, a non-denominational          For every one of the 184 students            having food.” Simply put, according            Scientists match the viruses in the
more than a mile’s worth of lava.           emergency shelter in Sioux Falls, S.D.       that fasted, Sodexho donated $1.89           to Stromley, “If we have the ability           vaccine to those most likely to cause
    The photos show quite a bit more        This ministry provides a warm bed,           to Kids Against Hunger, a nonprofit          to help others, I think we should.             illness. It takes up to two weeks for
of the blue mineral than astronomers        showers, laundry, food and other             organization whose mission is to             Everyone deserves food.”                       protection to develop after the shot,
expected.                                   services for about 50 people who have        significantly reduce the number of               Hunger Awareness Week will                 and protection lasts up to a year.
    Mark Robinson,                           nowhere else to turn.                       hungry children.                             close with one final activity on Friday            The ability of a flu vaccine to
an Arizona                                          On Monday, Called2Go                     Called2Go hosted a Hunger                night. Students will serve supper at           protect a person depends on the
University                                        showed and discussed the               Banquet on Wednesday night that              The Banquet, a soup kitchen in Sioux           age and health status of the person
geologist,                                          movie, The Red Wagon: Facing         was designed to teach students               Falls that offers opportunities for            getting the vaccine, and the similarity
speculates                                           Hunger, a documentary on            more about hunger through an                 volunteers to provide, prepare, and            or “match” between the virus strains
that the                                             rural poverty showing the           experiential meal. The 14 students           serve meals to people with limited             in the vaccine and those in circulation.
blue matter                                          effects food insecurity can         who participated were randomly               needs.                                         Testing has shown that flu shots
erupting                                           have on one’s dignity and how         split up into three different groups,            Dutt hopes that after this week            are effective at preventing the flu,
f r o m                                           experiencing hunger is more            low-, medium-, and high-income,              “students are deeply impacted                  according to the Coordinating Center
vo l c a n o e s i s                            than just not having enough to           to show how impossible it can be to          by being faced with issues of                  for Infectious Diseases.
an important, yet                           eat. Andrea (Davis) Dutt, student            escape the unfairness and injustices         hunger around the world” and                       Flu shots cannot cause the flu,
unknown mineral.                            leader of Called2Go, said the movie          of poverty.                                  that they “view circumstances                  according to the U.S. Department of
    Robison adds that the material          was “totally eye-opening, especially             On Thursday, students packaged           through a different light, the light of        Health and Human Services. Viruses
only appears to be “dark blue”              to rural hunger.” She also felt that the     food for Kids Against Hunger for             hunger.” When it comes to hunger,              in an inactivated influenza vaccine
when under the influence of infrared        movie helped raise awareness about           five hours. The total amount of food         “Knowledge is power,” according to             have been killed and pose no risk.
cameras and appears to have only            the hungry “even right around the            packaged was around 26,000 meals.            Dutt. “College is the time to learn and            Those receiving the vaccine will
“a soft blue tinge” to the naked eye.       corner here in Orange City.”                 According to Kids Against Hunger’s           do what we can to eliminate hunger             not need an I.D., but must sign a
Though past research hasn’t found               On Tuesday, Discipleship Groups          website, they will now send the food         so when we graduate and have more              consent form. The cost for students,
any iron in it, he believes that it could   across campus discussed hunger and           to over 40 countries throughout              time and resources and a job, we can           faculty or staff is $20, and family
possibly contain some.                      what the Bible has to say about it.          the world in an effort to reduce the         make even more of a difference.”               members can get the shot for $25.
2                                                                                 OPINION                                                                                            October 31, 2008

                      front desk                                                  Have a care: don’t be so apathetic
                        WITH CHANTELLE STEGGERDA                                  BY BRITTNEE WOOD                          or whether the often referred to            voice as a citizen of the United
                                                                                      Yes, you’re       sick of the         Joe six-pack and Joe the plumber                States. Do not stray from the
                                   Someone I can see                              commercials, the debates, the             are related, the information you                  polls simply because you don’t
    For a time in my childhood, I distinctly remember two fears that              terribly rude individuals from an         seek is no further away than a                    want responsibility further
petrified me when I went to bed.                                                  Obama or McCain sponsored table           Google search on the World                           down the road for a decision
    I was afraid of the dark, but more specifically I was intensely afraid of     in the RSC who demand to know             Wide Web. The two big-                                 you make by checking a
being buried alive—to such an extent that my vivid imagination nearly             who you are voting for when all           ticket runners have made                                  box. Just as a president
suffocated me on a few occasions.                                                 you really want to do is get to class     their platforms easily                                     cannot be blamed for an
    My parents tell me of one night when, while trying to comfort me,             or practice on time. Don’t these          accessible to curious                                      entire economic crisis,
they explained that I wasn’t alone because God was always with me. In             annoying people understand that           voters on their respective                              a single voter cannot be
response I lamented, “I know, but I want someone I can see!”                      you have either made your decision        websites. Even Independent                            blamed for the failings of
    I think that if you are honest, you will admit that you have felt like this   based solely on the fact that you are a   runner Ralph Nader sports a                           a president. Rather, we
at least once, if not on a regular-ish basis. As for me, it isn’t a sentiment     Republican or Democrat, or that you       website for interested voters, and                      are all in this together
that went away as I grew older.                                                   feel overwhelmed with life and will       if you’re a stickler for consistency,                    as a people, as a nation.
    It is true that God should be our rock, our ultimate peace and closest        do nothing like make an “informed         Ralph is probably your man.                              Voting is a freedom,
comfort. But there are very real times of struggle that we go through             decision” come Election Day?                  Aside from party platforms                           just as not voting is a
when we need someone we can see. We need someone concrete—a                           Perhaps you are a registered          though, is the importance of the                         freedom.
hug, a listening ear, a visible smile and audible laughter and real tears         Independent, and proudly proclaim         care and deliberation you put into                           What we must
of sympathy and love.                                                             this to the avid tablers in the           your decision come Election Day.                            remember on Nov. 4, is
    It is no shock to all of you, I am sure, that we need each other. We          RSC, because let’s face it, being         Take advantage of conversations                             that the freedom which
were made to commune.                                                             Independent means that you really         with friends, family and even those           allows us to have a voice originated
    It is also not new to you that Northwestern emphasizes community.             “think about the issues” since you’re     annoying tablers in the RSC. Put to         from quill and ink scratched onto
When I was a freshman, I felt like all I ever heard was community this            not pledging allegiance to one            use the invaluable skills your higher       a piece of parchment that is now
and community that, testimonies of how important community was and                party or another. Probably the only       education has taught you and do             on display in an airtight glass case
how community was the greatest part of NW.                                        thing you aren’t getting sick of are      a little research. Ask questions. Is        in Washington D.C. Great things
    “Sure, that’s wonderful,” I thought. “I can get community anywhere            the endlessly witty SNL skits that        universal healthcare really the best        happen when people are willing to
there are people, right?”                                                         feature Joe Biden’s windy rhetoric        option? Are morals really defined           pick up a pen and make a decision
    Perhaps I’m the only one that originally missed the true value of             or Sarah Palin’s “ya, you betcha”         by only one party? Most important           using their voice as an individual,
community, of the intense way we need each other in order to live and             attitude.                                 of all, relinquish that tight hold you      and then as a country.
love properly—in order to understand our faith and our purpose.                       If you have been watching the         have on your political ideology and             So I encourage you, from one
    You know what? I’m still afraid of the dark. At home when I go to             debates and are left wondering            allow yourself to be shaped and             citizen to another, pick up a pen
bed, I have to do that whole running-leap-into-bed-after-shutting-off-            about issues that concern you             molded by new ideas that make you           and have a care, have an opinion,
the-lights thing.                                                                 most, like healthcare, the economy,       not just a voter, but a permanent           have a voice.
    But now my fears take on deeper and darker forms than those of my
childhood. Scariest of all, they aren’t fears of the concrete, but evasive,
ghost-like fears that can grab at me even if I don’t have a limb hanging          Vote McCain! *wink wink*
over the edge of the bed.                                                         BY MATT HULSTEIN AND TRACEY PRONK         McCain’s policies would drastically             Well, at least Palin opposes Roe
    It has taken me a while to realize that I can’t face my fears alone.              For the past month, we have           favor the rich. Palin’s “down -home”        v. Wade…right? When asked by
    Yes, my God is with me. Yes, that should be enough. But in my                 followed the antics of the “lip-          vocabulary, adorable winks and cute         Katie Couric if she believed there is
brokenness, my faith is always weak.                                              sticked pit bull” Sarah Palin with        little accent just go to show that she is   an inherent right to privacy in the
    I believe God, in infinite wisdom and full understanding of my                fascination. Early curiosity soon         a regular gal tryin’ to do her part for     Constitution, Palin replied, “Yeah, I
failure to completely entrust myself to his invisible care, has created           turned to disbelief. “McCain has          America—how could we possibly               think there is.” (The right to privacy
this deep desire for community with other suffering, hurting, fearful             a thirty percent chance of dying          resist that?                                is a central plank to Roe v. Wade.)
humans like myself.                                                               during his first term…this woman               Finally, many people support           The comment seemed to come from
    I can’t tell you to go out and appreciate community or to go out and          might actually run our country!” It       Palin because of her faith, yet it          Palin’s ignorance of Roe v. Wade, not
make new friends. I don’t have an action to which I am trying to call             is now very obvious that Palin was        would seem that no candidate has            her support; still, it doesn’t inspire
you. I simply want to throw this idea out to you. I hope you hear. I              selected for political reasons—her        been more vicious or dishonest              much confidence.
hope you feel. I hope you do turn to God with your fears.                         sex, her middle class appearance,         during this campaign. Three weeks               Palin has been the Governor of
    I hope you turn to your brothers and sisters in dependence and                and her faith claims—rather than          ago, she insinuated that Obama              Alaska for two years; before that
support.                                                                          her qualifications.                       “pals around with terrorists.” A            she was a small town mayor, and…
    That’s the purpose of community.                                                  The most glaring reason for                  few days later, a woman told         that’s about it. She has never left the
                                                                                  Palin’s selection is her sex. After                McCain that she couldn’t trust     U.S., yet still claims to have foreign
                   Nor thwestern College                                          Hillary Clinton stepped aside,                             Obama because “he’s        policy experience—Alaska is very

    THE BEACON is the stu-       Editor                   Kim Eason
                                                                                  the McCain campaign was
                                                                                  anxious to capitalize on
                                                                                  a split Democratic Party.
                                                                                  Their strategy: nominate
                                                                                                                                               an Arab.” When
                                                                                                                                                         tried to
                                                                                                                                                                        close to Russia.
                                                                                                                                                                            McCain never met Palin before
                                                                                                                                                                        she was selected, but she fit the
                                                                                                                                                                        political bill perfectly—a middle
    dent newspaper serving
    the campus community         Associate Editor         Amanda Kuehn            a woman and former                                                     her,    he     class, right wing, “mavericky”
    of Northwestern College.     News Editor              Jenna Boote             Hillary supporters would                                              was booed       woman who could split the
    Published weekly and dis-
    tributed Friday noon, The    Assistant News Editor    Rachel Rietsema         blindly follow. Wrong. First,                                         by his own      Democrats and rally the party
    Beacon encourages com-       Opinion Editor           Chantelle Steggerda     assuming women will support a                                       supporters.       faithful.
    ments from readers. All
    letters must be 300 words    Entertainment Editor     Kristi Korver           female candidate simply because                                     People have           However, the most important
    or less, signed with a phone Features Editor          Kiley Seligman          they share reproductive organs                                      s h o u t e d     job of vice president is not to help
    number, and turned in to
    the Beacon office located in Sports Editor            Heidi Hildebrandt       is insulting. Second, nominating                                    “terrorist”       her running mate get elected; it’s to
    the basement of Granberg     Photo Editor             Jenni Sybesma           Palin because of her sex and                                       and “kill him”     be prepared to become president
    Hall by Wednesday at 6
    p.m. The Beacon reserves     Assistant Photo Editor   Renee Nyhof             not her credentials is one big                                    in reference        should the elected president die.
    the right to edit letters.   Web and Design Editor    Caleb Kester            objectification.                                                 to     Obama             Sarah Palin is not qualified to
    To obtain a subscription,
    please send $10 to address   Copy Editor              Betsy Poppens               Palin was also picked because                                at     McCain        perform this task. Her politically-
    below.                       Advertising Manager      Renee Nyhof             of her identification with lower                                 rallies. These       driven selection reveals two things
                                 Adviser                  Carl Vandermeulen       and middle income voters.                                        ignorant, hateful    about John McCain: a lack of
                                  CONTACT US:                                     Apparently, we would                                                 comments         respect for women and lower/
                                  101 7th St. SW
                              Orange City, IA 51041                               blindly support a “middle class                                      seem to stem     middle-income voters alongside a
                              beacon@nwciowa.edu                                  family woman” even though her and         from Palin’s vocalized fears.               disappointing lack of integrity.
                                                                   ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                                                                    3

Geocaching: modern day treasure hunting
BY LEANN JOHNSON                               of a mental health institute or an            GPS’s, Dave Ulmer, a
STAFF WRITER                                   abandoned mine.                               GPS enthusiast, hid
   As Northwestern students go                    Next, the geocacher sets up a              a container in the
about their day-to-day lives, they             free account online and records               woods outside of
probably do not even realize they              the cache by placing the name,                Portland, Oregon and
could be walking past hidden                   GPS coordinates and hints to find             placed coordinates
treasures. Thousands of people                 the geocache on www.geocaching.               on the Internet. He
have secretly placed treasures                 com. Adventure seekers can then               called this idea the
throughout the world in a new game             go online, print off the available            “Great American
called geocaching (pronounced                  information for geocaches in                  GPS Stash Hunt.”
geo-cashing), which is basically               their area and use their Global               The only rule was
“high-tech treasure hunting”                   Positioning Systems to search out             “Take some stuff,
according to the official website,             these hidden treasures. Once they             leave some stuff.”
www.geocaching.com.                            find the cache, they can take a               By the next day, two
   Here is how the game works.                 prize from the container and then             people had already
First, a geocacher places a geocache           leave something of equal or greater           found his stash.
someplace outside, anywhere in                 value.                                            The idea quickly
the world. A typical geocache is a                Geocachers can also write                  caught on and by
canister, bucket or container about            about their experience finding the            September of that                                                                                                 PHOTO BY KRISTI KORVER
the size of a shoebox that holds some          geocache in the logbook located               ye a r, 7 5 s i m i l a r Junior Taylor Mugge uses his GPS to look for a geocache with seniors Tyler Nesper and Sam Galloway.
sort of prize. This prize could be             inside the cache. In this book, they          caches had been

basically anything: a pack of gum,             can read about how the search                 placed throughout the world.
a glow stick, a book, toys, trinkets,          went for other people who have                Today there are 669,333 geocaches
a dollar bill, etc. Geocachers should          already found that particular cache.          world wide with 48 of them located
be forewarned that the game is                 Then geocachers can go back to the            within ten miles of Orange City
based more upon the thrill of the              website and write about their find,           and several located within walking                                  QUOTES
find than the actual prizes in the             the object they took, what they left          distance of NW.
geocache.                                      behind and a description of how                   The official website of geocaching
   The final location of a geocache            the adventure went.                           encourages “people of all ages, with             “No wonder he closes his eyes while he lectures!”
can be about as random as its                     Geocaching is a fairly new                 a strong sense of community and                              - SeniorTrista Knoke, in reference to the 15 hours a day
prizes. These locations vary from              game. On May 3, 2000, after the               support for the environment” to join                         that Professor Doug Anderson reads.
the usual, parks, cemeteries, and              government removed the selective              in on geocaching, “the sport where
ditches, to the extreme, grounds               availability controls it had placed on        you are the search engine.”                      “Have you had Monster? It’s so disgustingly good! It tastes
                                                                                                                                              like chalk!”

New exhibit at the Sioux City Art Center                                                                                                                  - Junior Sarah Abbas, on Monster energy drink.

BY KRISTI KORVER                               exhibition by Valerie Beeler just             work.” This brings the viewer into a                “Take me back to the wine bus, please!”
ENTERTAINMENT EDITIOR                          opened on Oct. 18                             world of fantasy. Lisa Wainwright,                         - Professor Mike Kugler, referring to the inaguration of
   Located on 225 Nebraska Street                  Beeler grew up in San Antoino,            professor at School of the Art                             Ptolemy Philadelphus II.
in Sioux City, Iowa, the Sioux City            Texas and received her MFA from               Institute of Chicago, praises Beeler’s
Art Center has served as a cultural            The School of the Art Institute of            work: “Beeler gives pictorial form to               “It warms my heart if you’ve found a good journal article or
focus in the region for more than 60           Chicago. She now lives and paints             that which is invisible in the way that             two.”
years. According to their website,             in Chicago. Circular and cell-like            only good painting can.”                                    - Professor James Mead, on using outside sources.
siouxcityartcenter.org, the Sioux              shapes often dominate Beeler’s                    The Sioux City Art Center
City Art Center’s mission is to “bring         paintings; she layers them in clouds          welcomes all visitors from 10 a.m.                  “Sometimes I think it would be fun to get married just so I could
excitement of the visual arts to the           or lines of color.                            to 5 p.m. except on Thursday when                   do stuff like that, but then I would have to get married and that
community through education,                       When describing her painting              it is open until 9 p.m. and Sunday                  would be no fun.”
exhibition, permanent collection               process Beeler says, “The dynamic             when it opens late at 1 p.m. Each day               	         -Senior	Brittnee	Wood	to	senior	Jenni	Sybesma	while	
and the support of artists.”                   between conscious intent and                  admission to the Art Center is free, so             	         Jenni	was	designing	her	wedding	invitations.
                                               intuitive response is at the root of my       many can enjoy the visual arts.
                                                                                                                                                 “Greg Christy is crooked.”
                                                                                                                                                 	      -Senior	Jenna	Boote,	examining	the	wall	of	presidential		               	
                                                                                                                                                        photos in Ramaker Library.

                                                                                                                                                 Send your Campus Quotes, with context, to beacon@nwciowa.edu.

The Art Center was built in March 1997.

    The Permanent Collection
includes more than one-thousand
works from artists around the world.
There is a special focus on art related
to the Midwest. The Art Center also
has a variety of special exhibitions
throughout the year. For the past year
Grant Wood’s Corn Room mural has
been displayed in its entirety. There
are also exhibitions by LaVern Frank                                                                  PHOTO COURTESY OF VALERIEBEELER.COM

Rush and Rey Parla. The newest                 One of Beeler’s works called “Temptation” made in 2007 with oil on canvas.
4                                                                                      FEATURES                                                                                                      October 31, 2008

                                                                                                                                               Keeping with the ideas from             retelling of events that have occurred
                                                                                                                                            the book, the necklace itself is a         in their lives. “Chelsea sometimes
                                                                                                                                            secondhand store find. It is a gold,       draws small pictures in the midst of
                                                                                                                                            fine-chained necklace with a flower        her stories,” Henke explained.
                                                                                                                                            charm.                                          The notebook allows their
                                                                                                                                               Henke said, “I’ve always liked          personalities to shine through and
                                                                                                                                            the vintage quality of it. This            their friendship to deepen. “It has
                                                                                                                                            necklace already has a history in          helped us to stay connected and even
                                                                                                                                            someone else’s story, and now it has       made us more intimate. It’s not just
                                                                                                                                            another in ours.”                          events that are written down, but
                                                                                                                                                                                       thoughts and secrets that are easier
                                                                                                                                               “I’ve	always	liked	the	                 to write than tell,” Henke said.
                                                                                                                                               vintage	quality	of	it.	                      Friendships inevitably ebb
                                                                                                                                               This necklace already has               and flow as people move to new
                                                                                                                                                                                       locations and to different stages of
                                                                                                                                               history in someone else’s
                                                                                                                                                                                       life, yet this group of friends has
                                                                                                                                               story,	and	now	it	has	                  found a way to remain connected
                                                                                                                                               another in ours.”                       through many changes. They have
                                                                                                                                                       - Anna Henke                    had different college experiences
                                                                                                                                                                                       at three different colleges and were
                                                                                                                                               Their story is recorded in a            able to celebrate Stanislav’s marriage
                                                                                                                                            notebook that accompanies the              last summer. The four remain close,
                                                                                                                                            necklace when it’s mailed from             and Holly Anderson, another
                                                                                                                                            person to person. Each writes a life       common friend, joined the necklace
                                                                                                             PHOTO COURTESY OF ANNA HENKE   update to share with the rest of the       exchange last summer.
The sisterhood celebrates at Stanislav’s wedding. From l to r: Holly Anderson, Anna Henke, Jamie Stanislav, Katie Kautz,Chelsea Arnott.     group when she is in possession of              “Every time I put it on, I’m

Sisterhood of the traveling necklace                                                                                                        the necklace. There is also a pocket to
                                                                                                                                            include recent photos. “Even when
                                                                                                                                                                                       reminded that I have friends who
                                                                                                                                                                                       love me,” Henke said. “It’s like
BY ANNE EBERLINE                               Northwestern graduate Jamie                         “We got the idea from the                things get too busy to call each other,    taking them with me everywhere
STAFF WRITER                                   (Lueck) Stanislav, Chelsea Arnott               ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’          once our turn with the notebook            I go. And the rest of the time,
     One group of women got                    and Katie Kautz, all from the                   book series by Ann Brashares. We             and necklace comes around, we get          it’s comforting to think that one of
c r e a t i ve i n t h e wa y t h e y ’r e     Owatonna, Minn. area, began                     thought it would be a fun way to             caught up,” Henke said.                    us is wearing it somewhere and is
keeping their high school                      sharing a necklace; keeping it for              stay close and involved in each                 The different handwritings and          reminded of the same.”
friendship alive. Three years                  about a month and then mailing it               other’s lives, and it has,” Henke            styles of the friends make the pages
ago sophomore Anna Henke,                      to another person in the group.                 shared.                                      of the notebook more than just a

Students spend mid-term helping at Urban Plunge
BY KRYSTAL VAN WYK                             need and to experience a different              God talking to me,”
STAFF WRITER                                   kind of refreshment. They helped                Korver said.
   For many students, mid-term                 nine different inner-city ministries                Freshman
break was time spent at home being             which involved handing out food                 Emily Hegstad’s
refreshed with family and friends.             to the homeless, sorting clothes                call to go resulted
However, for some Northwestern                 at a thrift store and participating             from feelings of
students, it was time spent at Urban           in a prayer walk through areas                  unfinished business
Plunge in Omaha, Neb.                          characterized by soaring crime                  from her trip to
   A dozen students, along with                rates.                                          North Omaha her
student leader Brittany Caffey,                   For sophomore, Klarc Korver,                 senior year of high
made the drive to help families in             this trip was not part of his original          school. “We went on
                                                                   mid-term plans.             my senior trip and
                                                                   “All my plans               we went to Open
                                                                   changed when                Door Mission, but
                                                                   I was told by               we didn’t stay there
                                                                   my 3-year-old               long,” Hegstad said.
                                                                   cousin that                 “I got the email
                                                                   ‘When God                   here at school and                                                                               PHOTO COURTESY OF BRITTANY CAFFEY
                                                                                                                       Two Urban Plunge members chat with a man in Omaha’s inner-city.
                                                                   tells you you               saw ‘Open Door
                                                                   h a ve t o g o ,            Mission’ and it sparked that memory people live and are trained for on the trip. “He does exactly what I
                                                                   you go!’ I had              of not being satisfied the last time I mission work.” Ron “felt like God want to do someday: get out of my
                                                                   been debating               went. God really opened that door was telling him to sell his things comfort zone and work with kids,”
                                                                   all week about              for me.”                                 and become a missionary,” Hegstad Korver said.
                                                                   it.”                            Korver, Hegstad and the rest of explained.                                           Hegstad learned what it really
                                                                       The idea                the team were instantly immersed in         Dotzler ended up selling his means to be thankful for what
                                                                   had crossed                 Omaha. The first night, they walked house and everything he owned. we have. “On our way home, we
                                                                   his mind earlier            around Omaha and handed out food While driving around a rough part stopped at a restaurant, and seeing
                                                                   that week after             to the homeless. Hegstad said, “I was of Omaha one day, he came across people waste food made us all so
                                                                   reading about               surprised how forward our leaders a condemned building and felt God mad.” Hegstad continued to talk
                                                                   Moses’ call                 were with the homeless. I was even telling him to buy it. With the help of about the transition needed to come
                                                                   to help the                 more surprised of how willing the donations, the building was turned from inner-city life back to life in
                                                                   Israelites in               homeless were to talk back.”             from a place that once housed gang Northwest Iowa. “It’s amazing how
                                                                   their exile to                  One story that resonated for both activities into a place that houses quickly we are able to get back to
                                                                   the Promised                Korver and Hegstad was that of and prepares missionaries.                             our normal lives. For others, that
                                                                   Land. “I figured            Ron Dotzler from Abide Ministries,          H e a r i n g D o t z l e r ’s s t o r y is their life.”
                                                                   this is probably            which Korver described as “a place confirmed Korver’s decision to go
                                                                                FEATURES                                                                                                                                    5

Long distance relationships:
Can absence make the heart grow fonder?
BY KILEY SELIGMAN                            likelihood that the relationship will       interested in, then maybe there is not
FEATURES EDITOR                              stay together.”                             enough empathy. If you can’t relate
    Absence makes the heart                      The study also suggested a five-        over distance, is it right?”
grow fonder. In Francis Davison’s            step approach to keeping emotional             The fourth step in creating
“Poetical Rhapsody” of 1602 these            intimacy over long distances.               intimacy over a distance is
infamous words were penned for the               Step one is to share in seemingly       to understand that telephone
first time, written by an anonymous          small daily events. Many couples            communication is not perfect. The
poet (Trivia-library.com).                   skip talking about the “unimportant         study found that “Arguments are
    Many college students put this           stuff,” because they don’t want to          more difficult to resolve, opinions
phrase to the test when they enter           bore each other. In order to feel a         are difficult to predict, couples feel
into a long distance relationship.           part of each other’s lives, the little      misunderstood and attacked, and
    The Center for the Study of Long         things are what is important.               they may judge their partner as less
Distance Relationships did a study               Step two is to take advantage of        sincere and intelligent than when
at Purdue University in Indiana.             technology. Cell phones, web cams,          talking face-to-face. “
The study used 200 long distance             instant messaging and Facebook all             Couples have to be able to
relationships (LDRs) and 200                 can be used to stay in touch. Also, a       distinguish which arguments are
geographically close relationships,          website called Skype can be used to         a result of telephone conversation
studying hundreds of aspects of              make free internet calls or even video      and which ones are more serious
each.                                        calls if you have a web cam.                and need to be resolved.
    According to the study, LDRs can             The study also found that                  The final step is to keep
work. The LDR couples in the study           “couples in LDRs that stayed                reminders of your partner near.
did not break up at a higher rate than       together wrote to one another               Have photographs, trinkets,
those who were close together.               twice as often as those that broke          anything that reminds you of them
    However, an LDR does need lots           up.” These were not emails that             close by. It makes them seem “near
of care and commitment to work.              these couples were writing, but             psychologically, when they can’t
The study emphasizes staying                 handwritten letters.                        be near physically.”
optimistic. It is easy to get down,              Writing is all about picturing             Finally, the study tells LDR
especially when you don’t get to see         your audience. If you write to your         couples to face issues. The study
your significant other very often.           significant other, this means that          found that “Faced with limited time
                                                                                                                                                                                                   PHOTO BY JENNI SYBESMA
    People who are sad often isolate         you know them well enough to                together, couples often don’t want
themselves. However, social lives            communicate without seeing their            to ‘spoil’ a weekend by bringing                dating partner. Ask the Lord                   Absence may not make the heart
are very important. The Center               expression or having them there to          up issues.” However, in order to                Jesus to mold you both into                grow fonder, but it doesn’t have to
for the Study of Long Distance               communicate back.                           strengthen a relationship, serious              the people He wants you                    harm a relationship either. When
Relationships said, “We know that                Carl Vandermeulen, professor            discussions are necessary.                      be, and surrender your long                compared with geographically close
the degree of social support from            of English and communication,                  F i n a l l y, a c c o r d i n g t o t h e   distance relationship to His               couples, studies have found that
friends and family predicts both             stressed the importance of couples          Christian Singles Radio Blog,                   will (Proverbs 3:5-6). This will           “Couples in LDRs report identical
the emotional difficulty someone             writing to each other. “If you can’t        “Pray daily for your long                       b r i n g yo u g r e a t p e a c e a n d   levels of relationship satisfaction,
will have while separated and the            create your reader, the person you’re       distance relationship and your                  assurance.”                                intimacy, trust and commitment.”

Bring Christmas to a child in need with Operation Christmas Child
                                                                                            First, select the gender and                 and bring the message of Jesus to          you aren’t able to bring it there,
                                                                                         age of a child for whom you                     each child.                                Betsy Poppens’ church is also a
                                                                                         wish to make a box. Fill the                        Collection sites, churches that        collection site. Just contact her at
                                                                                         shoebox with the following new                  support O.C.C. by collecting boxes,        bpoppens@nwciowa.edu by Nov.
                                                                                         materials: hygiene items, toys,                 will send them to a distribution           20, and she will take your box to
                                                                                         clothing and school supplies.                   center Nov. 17-24 where they will          her church for you.
                                                                                         Some suggested items include                    be sorted and shipped. However,
                                                                                         washcloths, combs, deodorant,                   shipping isn’t free.
                                                                                         socks, hairbrushes, toothbrushes,               Inside a sealed
                                                                                         toothpaste, underwear, t-shirts,                envelope with
                                                                                         bar soap, pencils, markers, crayons,            “Shipping and
                                                                                         paper, toy cars, stuffed animals,               Handling” written
                                                                                         Legos, dolls and jump ropes.                    on the front, include
                                                                                            Do not send liquids, anything                a $7 check made out
                                                                                         representing snakes, anything                   to Samaritan’s Purse
                                                                                         war-related, including toy figurines            with O.C.C. in the
                                                                                         with weapons, food, breakables or               memo, or pay online
                                                                PHOTO BY JENNI SYBESMA   aerosol cans.                                   at the previously
BY BETSY POPPENS                             o n l y d r e a m o f a Christmas              You may include a picture of                 mentioned website.
COPY EDITOR                                  present?                                    yourself with a note and your                   Drop-off sites are
    Wi t h a l l t h e f o o d , c h e e r       Enter Operation Christmas               address. If you want to wrap your               listed at www.
a n d f a m i l y, e ve r yo n e l o ve s    Child. A program of Samaritan’s             box, wrap the lid separately. Put               samaritanspurse.
Christmas, especially                        Purse, run by Franklin Graham,              rubber bands around the finished                org/occ.
children. But what if you lived              O.C.C. sends Christmas boxes to             box and tape a gender/age label on                  The closest
without basic life necessities,              children in need worldwide. It              top on one end. Labels can be found             collection site
such as food and clothing,                   starts with you and a shoebox.              at www.samaritanspurse.org.                     to O r a n g e C i t y
or poss i b l y l o s t yo u r f a m i l y       Each donated shoebox is sent to            A Gospel booklet is included                 is     New Life
t o d i s e a s e o r wa r ? W h a t i f     boys and girls, ages two to four, five      with each box. Booklets have been               Reformed Church
you had n o t h i n g a n d c o u l d        to nine, or 10 to 14.                       translated into over 70 languages,              in Sioux Center. If
6                                                                                         SPORTS                                                                                           October 31, 2008

Raiders cruise to sixth straight victory with win over Briar Cliff
BY HEIDI HILDEBRANDT                       run, with O’Brien again making the        with a touchdown. Junior Kyle                had one touchdown and 79 yards to
SPORTS EDITOR                              point-after. On the next possession,      DeBoer and senior Seth Moen were             lead the receivers.
    The Northwestern football team         junior Grant Mosier forced a fumble,      the top targets of the air attack, each          Sophomore Caleb Blauwet and
captured their sixth straight victory      recovered it and ran 45 yards to the      catching five passes for 88 and 54           Hegstad each had seven tackles and
with ease on Saturday, defeating Briar     end zone. O’Brien’s kick gave NW a        yards, respectively.                         Gerber added 5.5. Senior Nate Jasen
Cliff 35-0. The Red Raiders are 7-1 this   28-0 lead.                                   The Raider defense had a big game,        added five tackles and one sack
season, losing only to Morningside,            Senior quarterback Matt Roesner       scoring two touchdowns and sacking           for a 16-yard loss and also had one
which is ranked fourth in the NAIA.        ran the ball 13 yards for a touchdown     the Briar Cliff quarterback seven            interception and one quarterback
Briar Cliff falls to 1-7.                  late in the fourth quarter and O’Brien    times. Sophomore Jon Gerber had              hurry.
    Neither team was able to score         made the extra point to bring the final   eight tackles, forced one fumble and             The NW offense gained 210 yards
in the first quarter, but junior           score of the game to 35-0.                broke up two Charger passes to lead          in the victory over Midland Lutheran
quarterback Cary Overholt put the              The Raider offense had 18 first       the defense. Junior Grant Hegstad            on Saturday, Oct. 11. Sophomore
Raiders on the board with a 26-yard        downs compared to Briar Cliff’s eight.    had 7.5 tackles and two sacks for a          Taylor Malm led the offense with
touchdown run. Freshman Mike               NW totaled 381 yards, 203 rushing         13-yard loss. Van Sloten added five          65 rushing yards on 16 carries and a
O’Brien made the point after to put        and 178 passing. The defense held         tackles, two sacks for a loss of 12 yards,   touchdown. He also added 151 yards
NW up 7-0.                                 the Chargers to 109 yards, 93 passing     three quarterback hurries, one fumble        on returns, including a 73-yard punt
    Nobody found the end zone              and only 16 rushing.                      recovery and an interception that he         return touchdown. Vander Schaaf had
until the end of the third quarter,            Ochsner led the ground game           ran back for a touchdown.                    seven carries to gain 51 yards and one                           PHOTO BY JENNI SYBESMA
when senior Cody Van Sloten                for the Raiders with 78 yards on 17          The Red Raiders also defeated             touchdown. Overholt was 6-of-20 at         Grant Mosier runs the ball back for a
intercepted a pass from the Briar Cliff    carries and one touchdown. Overholt       Doane College on Saturday, Oct.              quarterback.                               touchdown after his fumble recovery.
quarterback and ran the ball 19 yards      had 51 yards on seven carries, while      18 with a score of 43-9. The NW                  The Warriors have the fifth-best
for a touchdown. O’Brien’s extra point     sophomore Kevin Vander Schaaf had         offense recorded 254 yards. Ochsner          rushing game in the NAIA, but the          tackles each and sophomore Caleb
gave the Raiders a 14-0 lead. The NW       ten carries for 37 yards. Overholt was    had 15 carries for 63 yards and two          Raider defense held their attack to        Van Otterloo had seven.
defense again came up big and put a        13-of-26 for 126 yards in just over       touchdowns. Vander Schaaf added 53           97 yards. They also gained a GPAC              The Red Raiders are set to play
stop to the Charger drives. The offense    two quarters of play at quarterback.      yards on seven carries. Roesner went         record by forcing 14 punts in the          USF Saturday at Sioux Falls in what
used the momentum and senior               Roesner finished the game for NW          7-of-12 at quarterback for 103 yards         game, breaking the old record of 11.       is sure to be an exciting game. NW
Kyle Ochsner scored on a one-yard          by going 3-of-6 for 52 yards along        and one touchdown, and freshman              Jansen had ten tackles, 1.5 sacks and      is eighth in NAIA polls, while the
                                                                                     Jayme Rozeboom completed his only            a forced fumble. Sophomore Austin          Cougars are second. Kick-off is set
                                                                                     pass attempt for a touchdown. Moen           Rozeboom and Hegstad added 7.5             for 12 p.m.

                                                                                     Men’s soccer struggles with overtime losses to DWU, USF
                                                                                     BY CAMERON CARLOW                            kicks with 6. Scoring for NW was led       match after an assist from junior
                                                                                     CONTRIBUTING WRITER                          by senior Steven Grand.                    Aaron O’Brien. Later, O’Brien would
                                                                                        Rain fell on the Red Raider’s                The Raiders tried to rebound            add his own goal off a penalty kick
                                                                                     men’s soccer team as they fell to            from the loss when they took               to take a 2-1 lead. The Cougars
                                                                                     Dakota Wesleyan 2-1 on Wednesday,            on USF on Tuesday, Oct. 28. The            answered late in the game to send
                                                                                     Oct. 22. The overtime loss was hard          match resulted in a 2-2 tie after two      it to overtime where it remained 2-2,
                                                                                     on the Raiders, dropping them                overtimes. NW now moves to 5-4-2           ending the game in the draw.
                                                                                     below .500 on the season, however,           in GPAC play and 7-8-2 overall.                 The Red Raiders will finish off
                                                                                     the scoreboard may have been the                NW once again controlled the            the regular season with Saturday’s
                                                                                     only place DWU came out on top.              number of shots, shooting 22 to            home match against Doane at
                                                                                     Northwestern out-shot the Tigers             Sioux Falls’ 13. Grand scored his          7:30 p.m.
                                                                                     25-14 and had twice as many corner           third goal in three games to tie the

                                                                                     Men’s cross country races through the mud at USD
                                                                                     BY CAMERON CARLOW                            traveled to Adam’s Nature Preserve in
                                                                                     CONTRIBUTING WRITER                          McCook Lake, S.D. to compete in the
                                                                                         Last Saturday the Northwestern           Briar Cliff University Invitational.
                                                                                     men’s cross country team set out with            According to head coach Dale
                                                                                     ten men to compete in The Graphic            Thompson the team set out on
                                                                                     Edge Cross Country Invitational in           the “flat, winding trails in a forest
                                                                                     Vermillion, SD. The team finished in         preserve” on the 8,000 meter run
                                                                                     tenth place overall out of 15 teams.         and finished in sixth place out of 12
                                                                                         Sophomore Danny Owens                    teams.
                                                                                     finished in 41st for the Raiders with            As a team, NW finished in the
                                                                                     a time of 27:33, followed closely by the     top half and had eight runners in the
                                                                                     rest of the Raider pack. Junior Kyle         top half of the finishers. Out of 127
                                                                                     Gerhard finished 44th with senior            runners, Owens finished in 16th with
                                                                                     Jack Peterson and sophomore Tyler            a time of 27:31. Other top finishers
                                                                                     Peekenschneider following closely            for the Raiders were: Peterson (18th)
                                                                                     behind in 50th and 67th, respectively.       Gerhard (36th), Peekenschneider
                                                                                     Freshman Adam Verhoef finished in            (39th), Norris (43rd), Stover (55th),
                                                                                     83rd, junior Lee Stover was 86th and         freshman Eric Posthuma (65th) and
                                                                                     junior Andy Norris took 88th to round        freshman Andrew Johnson (66th).
                                                                                     out the top seven Raiders.                       Coach Thompson felt as if his team
                                                                                         They “were able to work the              ran well and were “just off the back
                                                                                     middle section of the race and held          on the pack.” He is encouraged to be
                                                                                     together pretty well,” said head coach       heading in the right direction.
                                                                                     Dale Thompson. “Our goal is to get               The next meet for the Raiders is the
                                                                                                                                                                                               PHOTO BY HEIDI HILDEBRANDT
                                                                                     our packs across the line in about 45        GPAC conference meet on November           Freshman Adam Verhoef runs through the
                                                                                     seconds. We will work on that.”              8 at Hastings.                             mud at USD. Verhoef ran a personal best
                                                                                         The NW men’s cross country team                                                     time of 29:01 at the race.
                                                                                        SPORTS                                                                                                                   7

Red Raider women compete at Vermillion Women’s soccer faces tough streak
                                       BY HEIDI HILDEBRANDT Bergst and sophomores Amanda
BY BETH MOUW                               finished fourth out of 10 teams with                                                      SPORTS EDITOR                          Mihaly and Katy Phillips each had
CONTRIBUTING WRITER                        78 points.                                                                                   The Northwestern women’s            one shot on goal. Hofmeyer had
    On Saturday, Oct. 25 the Raider            It seemed to be a day for                                                             soccer team has had three tough        eleven saves in the loss and allowed
women competed in the 15th                 excellence as four runners boasted                                                        weeks of soccer, dropping four         one goal.
Annual Graphic Edge CC Invite in           season-best times. Hess led the way                                                       games and claiming one victory over    NW 3, Mount Marty 0
Vermillion, S.D. The Raider women          for the Raiders, placing fourth out                                                       Mount Marty College, 3-0. The Red          NW claimed a 3-0 victory over
placed seventh out of fourteen teams       of the 109 women runners with a                                                           Raiders fall to 5-11-1, 3-7-1 in the   Mount Marty on Wednesday, Oct.
with a score of 156. Host USD, an          time of 19:02. Carlson came next,                                                         GPAC conference.                       15. The Raiders had 28 shots, 13 on
NCAA D-1 school, took first with           placing eleventh and running a                                                            NW 0, USF 3                            goal, and scored all three goals in the
52 points.                                 19:18. Sorensen and Powell rounded                                                           The Red Raiders fell to USF on      second half of play. They held the
    Sophomore Charity Miles was            out the season best times with 19:36                                                      Tuesday 0-3. The Cougars out-shot      Lancers to only three shots. Hurley
the top finisher for Northwestern,         and 19:54, respectively, and finished                                                     NW 22-1 and had 12 shots on goal.      scored two goals, one off a rebound
placing eleventh with a time of            14th and 22nd. Scholten wasn’t far                                                        Freshman Candy Bergst had the only     and the other less than 30 seconds
19:13 in her first meet back since         behind, finishing 27th with a time                                                        shot for the Raiders, which was a      later, to bring her season total to 12
being injured at the beginning of          of 20:09. Junior Angela Wiggins,                                                          shot on goal. Sophomore goalkeeper     goals. Bergst scored her first goal
the season. The meet was close as          freshman Allison Weeldreyer and                                                           Wendy Hofmeyer was tough under         of her college career on an assist by
sophomore teammate Sara Hess               sophomore Breann Rozenboom took                                                           USF’s attack, making nine saves        junior Becca Bruns to give the Raiders
finished just 28 seconds behind            34th, 36th and 37th, respectively.                                                        and allowing three goals. All of the   their 3-0 victory. Hofmeyer made two
Miles and placed 24th with a time of           The NW cross country squad                                                            Cougar goals were in the first 27      saves and earned her third shut-out
19:41. Sophomores Jenna Sorensen           will next travel to Hastings,                                                             minutes of the game.                   as goalkeeper.
and Stephanie Powell took 29th and         Neb. to compete in the GPAC                                       PHOTO BY KEAGAN HICKS   NW 0, Dakota Wesleyan 3                NW 0, Dana 2
41st with times of 19:45 and 20:02,        Championships. The meet is set to          Freshman Teresa Scholten sprints to the           The NW women fell to Dakota             Dana College shut out the Red
respectively. Junior Ingrid Carlson        start at 10:30 a.m.                        finish at the cross country meet at USD.       Wesleyan in a rainy game last          Raider women on Oct. 11, scoring
and freshman Teresa Scholten                   The Raiders qualified for              reflected Carlson. “We just haven’t            Wednesday, Oct. 22. DWU had 12         both of their goals in the second half.
finished 58th and 59th out of the          nationals last year and aim to make        had a chance to display that at the            shots with six on goal and held the    NW managed only four shots in the
157 women participants.                    it again, but have had a tough season      last three meets. If we can have a             Raiders to five shots with one on      first half, three on goal. Dana had six
    On Saturday, Oct. 11 the NW            with many of their top runners             performance that is comparable to              goal. Sophomore Becca Hurley led       shots in the first half but was held to
cross-country team traveled to             facing injuries.                           the hard work of all the girls on the          NW with three shots and one on         none in the second half. The Raiders
McCook Lake, S.D. to compete in the            “I know the women’s team is            team, it will be a great meet.”                goal. Hofmeyer made three saves        had three shots after halftime, but
Briar Cliff Invitational. The women        capable of a great performance,”                                                          as goalkeeper.                         didn’t manage to find the back of
                                                                                                                                     NW 0, Concordia 1                      the net. Bergst made three saves as
Volleyball moves to eleventh in NAIA polls                                                                                              The Raiders were defeated by
                                                                                                                                     Concordia on Saturday, Oct. 18.
                                                                                                                                                                                NW will finish their regular
BY BETH MOUW                               Raiders jumped to an early 10-4 lead       at the net by both teams, the score            Concordia out-shot the Raiders 19-6.   season on Saturday at home when
CONTRIBUTING WRITER                        before Doane rallied back to within        stood even at 25. Back-to-back kills           Hurley had three shots for NW, while   they take on Doane at 5 p.m.
    Prospects look bright for the          two points at 17-15. Bloemendaal           by Hanno gave the Raiders the edge
Northwestern volleyball club. In           and Randa Hulstein combined solid          to the 27-25 victory.                          Men’s golf completes fall season
their last three weeks of play, the        serving with strong net play to pull           Hanno had an amazing match,                BY HEIDI HILDEBRANDT                   a 333. Junior Luke Vermeer tied for
Raiders have gone 7-for-7 and boast        off the 25-18 victory. The final set saw   hitting .448 and totaling 17 kills.            SPORTS EDITOR                          fourth place with a one-over 73. This
an undefeated 13-0 in the GPAC.            a similar pattern, with the Raiders        The Hulstein sisters each put down                 The Red Raider men’s golf          was his fourth top-five finish of the
NW 3, USF 0                                jumping to an early 8-2 lead before        14 kills. Beaver tallied 41 assists            team placed sixth at the 12-team       season. Senior Justin Pannkuk and
    On Wednesday the NW women              the Tigers cut it down to 10-8. Some       and seven digs. Bloemendaal and                Dordt Invitational on Oct. 11 at the   junior Kyle McGranahan both shot
traveled to Sioux Falls to take on the     well-timed kills by Hanno and Rylee        Randa boasted 15 and 10 digs,                  LeMars Golf Club. The NW red team      a 78 to tie for 27th and senior Jamie
USF Cougars. They took the three           Hulstein, however, secured the match       respectively.                                  finished 11th.                         Jeltema had an 80 to tie for 35th.
games easily, winning 25-18, 25-22         with a 15-9 victory.                       Other Wins                                         The varsity team carded a 309,     The red team was led by Aaron
and 25-19 to bring their winning               Hanno and Randa Hulstein were              The Briar Cliff Chargers fell              just nine strokes away from second     Rozeboom, who shot an 81 and tied
streak to eleven.                          the hot-hands for NW, recording            to the Raiders in four games at a              place. Morningside claimed first       for 38th place. Junior Hans Vander
    Sophomore Hillary Hanno led            24 and 22 kills on the night,              home match on Wednesday, Oct. 22.              place with 290 followed by Hastings    Plaats recorded an 82 to tie for 41st
in kills for the Raiders with 13 and       respectively. Randa Hulstein also          Individual game scores were 25-23,             (300), Briar Cliff (302) and the USF   place.
also tallied nine digs. Freshmen Kate      boasted six blocks and 17 digs and         25-7, 24-26 and 25-19. NW held the             JV (307). The Raider red team shot
Buyert and Rylee Hulstein followed         was 16-of-16 from behind the service       Chargers to hitting a mere .065 on
up with 11 kills apiece, while junior      line. Beaver had two ace serves and        the night. Rylee Hulstein recorded a
Randa Hulstein added nine and led          totaled 52 assists while Bloemendaal       season-high 23 kills and added four
the team with 13 digs. Sophomore           tallied 16 digs.                           blocks and 14 digs to the mix, while
setter Kaitlin Beaver lofted up 42         NW 3, Morningside 0                        her sister Randa contributed 14 kills
assists for NW and junior Janna                Although the Raider women              and 11 blocks. Bloemendaal led all
Bloemendaal contributed 12 digs to         managed to beat Morningside in             players with 23 digs.
the cause.                                 three games, the quick victory was             The Raider women had one of
NW 3, Doane 2                              not easy. Each game was won by a           their easiest matches of the season on
    It took a riveting five-game set       mere two points. The win broke the         Wednesday, Oct. 15 at Mount Marty,
for the Raider women to overcome           Mustangs’ 12-game winning streak.          winning 25-14, 25-13 and 25-13.
GPAC rival Doane in the Bultman                With the score tied at 23 deep in      Beaver totaled 30 assists, six kills, six
Center last Saturday. Individual           the first set, both teams scrambled        digs and two ace serves. Junior Kristin
game scores were 20-25, 25-21, 21-25,      for points and tied at 24. A kill from     Kooima went 19-for-19 serving.
25-18 and 15-9.                            Hanno put NW at 25 before the                  NW won in four against Nebraska
    Doane came out strong in the first     Raiders took the game 26-24. Game          Wesleyan on Saturday, Oct. 11.
set as NW had trouble shutting down        two saw three ties and eight lead          Individual game scores were 25-23,
their power hitters. Game two saw          changes on the way to NW’s 25-23           15-25, 25-22 and 25-18. The Raiders
much improvement as the Raiders            victory. Down 23-22, the Raiders           totaled 23 blocks over the Tigers.
led the entire way to the 25-21 victory.   scored the next three points to secure     They hit .163, but held NWU to
The score was tied at five in the third    the victory. Game three saw NW with        -.060. Beaver recorded a season-high
game, but the Tigers managed to            their biggest deficit of the night, 15-    51 assists.
score the next four points en route        19, but it wouldn’t last long as the           Dakota Wesleyan fell 3-0 to the
to the 21-25 victory.                      Raider women scored the next four          Raiders on Friday, Oct. 10, losing
    Game four was interesting as the       points to tie. After some great play       25-18, 25-19 and 25-12.
8                                                                                     NEWS                                                                                            October 31, 2008

Keeping up with the technology age: NW promotes new video
BY TEDI SWANSON                           Created by Passenger                    relations office had no intention of           promotional movies—which was             newer technology in the renovated
STAFF WRITER                           Productions, a company founded             mocking anything, the popularity               a bit of a risk for us—but so far it’s   student center seemed like the
   One technological advance that      by a NW graduate, with Tamara              of the hit TV show “The Office”                a risk that has really paid off,” said   right direction,” said Jay Wielenga,
the Northwestern community was         Fynaardt working as the on-                certainly came into consideration              Fynaardt.                                NW Director of Advancement.
privy to this semester was the         campus liaison, the video was              while planning the video.                          The video is posted on the               The touchscreen also features
creation of a new promotional video    inspired by reality TV and doc- and           “We wanted to achieve a similar             NW homepage as well as on                a list of the college faculty along
entitled “Real.Northwestern.”          moc-umentaries. While the public           authenticity and rawness,” said                YouTube.                                 with their location on campus and
                                                                                               Fynaardt.                             The promo video is not the           their phone number. The hope
                                                                                                    With the video               only technological advancement           is to visually link this faculty
                                                                                               involving real NW                 found on campus this fall. A             listing to a new campus map. The
                                                                                               students participating            new touchscreen display has              touchscreen gives the campus
                                                                                               in real NW activities,            been installed in the Rowenhorst         an opportunity to become more
                                                                                               it is not only appealing          Student Center on the reverse side       knowledgeable about the NW
                                                                                               to the prospective                of the front desk. This touchscreen      community.
                                                                                               students, but also to             monitor was inspired by the lack of          “I like the idea that students
                                                                                               the students already              space to display the distinguished       have the opportunity to learn
                                                                                               attending NW.                     alumni in the newly renovated            more about alumni of NW. Some
                                                                                                    “ Vi e w e r s h a v e       student center.                          individuals may never stop and
                                                                                               voiced appreciation                   “We did not want to lose the         look at a plaque on the wall,
                                                                                               for the fact that it is           opportunity to display the stories       but may take the time to walk
                                                                                               real. It’s unscripted             and history of our distinguished         through an electronic display,”
                                                                                               and it makes them                 alumni and the availability of           said Wielenga.
                                                                                               “feel” the community
                                                                                               of NW. It’s different
                                                                                               from other colleges’
                                                                         PHOTO BY JENNI SYBESMA

Mulder’s display of favorite things
BY JENNA BOOTE                         people to be able to see and feel what      “Fruits of the Spirit.” The portraits
NEWS EDITOR                            I do when I look at it. Everything in       in the painting are of people she
    Northwestern’s first senior art    my show has to do with something            met on her three mission trips to
show will run Nov. 2 through Nov.      that I love.”                               Guatemala. “With each person
8 and feature artwork by Kelly            Mulder explains that much of             that I met in Guatemala, I felt like
Mulder, a secondary art education      her inspiration comes from her              I could see the fruits of the Spirit
major from Steen, Minn. The show       childhood years growing up on               through them. It was amazing
will include oil paintings, prints,    a farm, as well as her love for the         to see God working around the
ceramics, plaster sculpture and        outdoors. She also mentions her             language barrier by opening our
photography.                           experiences in Guatemala and her            eyes to other things such as the
    A reception with the artist is     family and home as inspirations.            fruits. While I was working on the
scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 2,             Mulder cites her favorite pieces         series, I started to become aware
from 2 to 6 p.m. Refreshments will     as a series of oil paintings entitled,      of my tendency to place patterns
be served, and visitors                                                                       somewhere in my works.”
can expect, according to                                                                      She describes the patterns
Mulder, “the best chocolate                                                                   as unintentional and says
chip cookies anyone has                                                                       she is still reflecting on
ever tasted.”                                                                                 their meaning.
     Describing herself as                                                                          She also hopes the
detailed, Mulder enjoys                                                                       p a i n t i n g s w i l l g i ve
realistic art as opposed                                                                      viewers a glimpse of the
to abstract. Her favorite                                                                     people she met. “They are
medium is oil painting on                                                                     so kind and they do not
canvas. The title of Mulder’s                                                                 take anything for granted.
show, “These are a few of                                                                     They feel so blessed and
my favorite things.” gives                                                                    are joyful, even if it seems
a clue to how she hopes her                                                                   to us like they do not have
art will be received. “I want                                          PHOTO BY JENNI SYBESMA very much.”

Sisters in Service: missionaries speaking at chapel
BY LINDSEY HASKINS                     Monday night at 7:30 p.m. All three        healthcare, education and micro-
PR CONTRIBUTING WRITER                 addresses will take place in Christ        loans to some of the least valued
   Michele Rickett, founder and        Chapel and are free and open to            women and children.
president of Sisters in Service, a     the public.                                   Dr. Rod Spidahl, professor
ministry working to address the            After 25 years as a missionary         of religion at NW, says, “Sisters
issue of female exploitation in        wife, Michele Rickett founded Sisters      in Service does a great job of
countries from West Africa to East     in Service in 1995 to mobilize and         integrating appropriate action with
Asia, and her husband, Daniel,         equip God’s people to empower              a gospel witness among some of the
will visit Northwestern on Nov. 3      women and children against poverty,        poorest and least powerful, helping
and 4.                                 disease, exploitation and spiritual        churches find ways to express
   The Ricketts will speak in chapel   darkness in the least Christian regions    love in action without creating
both days of their visit and will      of the world. The organization works       dependency structures that are not
participate in a forum on missions     with local initiatives to provide          sustainable.”

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