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                                                Volume 1, Issue 2

                                                       The King’s High Way
  Numbers 21:22

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 Too Busy for God .................................................4
 Are you ‘A Sweet Aroma?’ .................................12
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 Who’s at Fault? ..................................................10
 It’s Not About Me! ..............................................18
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 Singles’ Fellowship ............................................16
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 I Surrender All....................................................20
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Dear Friends,

W      ith all that’s going on in the world these days, how
       desperately we need a breath of fresh air. We pray
this little Quarterly will be just that, as the Holy Spirit brings
thoughts, Scriptures and stories alive within these pages. We
get excited as the Lord shows us what He wants us to write,
trusting that it will minister His Love, peace and hope to all
of you.

The Lord has laid on our hearts a new project (expected to
be completed by late Fall) for which we earnestly desire
your prayers. The project will be called The King’s High
Way Training DVD’s. These DVD’s will address issues and
problems that as Christians we all face. The series will be
unique in that it will incorporate three different components.
Not only will the viewers be able to see the issues acted out in
real life dramas and identify the problems as they are clarified
by a Christian counselor, but also they will be able to hear
teaching on why the issue occurred in the first place and what
the Lord would have us do to correct it. Our first DVD will
address ‘Communication in our Christian Marriages.’ Our
purpose with this series is to edify, encourage and give hope
to the Body of Christ.

We will keep you posted on all the Lord continues to do.
But, in the mean time, we sincerely request your prayers and
want you to know you are in ours. “[We] cease not to give
thanks for you, making mention of you in our prayers...that
the eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you
may know what is the hope of His calling, and what the riches
of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and what is the
exceeding greatness of His power to us-ward who believe...”
(Ephesians 1:15-19)

Agape, Nan, Debbie & Pastor Dave

          The King’s High Way Staff and Volunteers

    2        The King’s High Way Quarterly

I  n the Old Testament book of Numbers, chapter 21, Moses tells us the
   story of the Israelites and their continuing journey to the “promised
land.” God’s people had become very discouraged and downtrodden
because the way had proven to be so difficult. When they finally made it
to the border of Moab, they sent messengers to the king of the Amorites
requesting, “Let us pass through your land. We will not turn into the
fields or the vineyards, nor drink of your wells, but we will go along The
King’s High Way.”

The Amorites, however, were not impressed. They not only said, “No,
you cannot pass,” they amassed their army and proceeded to attack
Israel. God, however, gave His people grace and they were able to defeat
the enemy, possess the land and dwell in their cities and villages.

How appropriate this story is for us today. We are sojourners in a foreign
land, just as Israel was. We, too, belong to another land, another king and
another time for our fulfillment, just as Israel did. And yet God has made
a way for us, like Israel, to pass through this foreign land. It’s called The
King’s High Way and if we stay on His ‘narrow’ road, not looking to the
right or the left, we, too, will be able to defeat our enemies, possess the
land and, like Israel, dwell in its cities and villages.
The King’s High Way is a ministry dedicated to encouraging and
teaching Christians how to “walk out” their faith. Our passion is to
focus on the practical application of Biblical principles. Learning how
to really love as Jesus loved; how to renew our minds so our lives can
genuinely be transformed; and how to develop authentic, unshakable
faith throughout our night seasons.
We have hundreds of Bible colleges, theological universities, and
Christian schools teaching us Biblical “knowledge,” but where does
one go to learn the practical application of these truths–and really be
changed into Christ’s likeness? We have more “head knowledge” now
than ever before because of the internet, TV, radio, tapes, videos, etc.; and
yet the body of Christ continues to weaken. We have more emotionally-
destroyed Christians, more divorces, more severed relationships and
more splintered churches now than any time in history. In order to
survive the coming perilous times, we need to get all our head knowledge
down into our Christian walk. Our lives need to be examples of what we
say! Non-believers need to see a genuine Christ-likeness in us before
they will want what we have.

The King’s High Way Ministries, Inc. was created to address this
problem and to point the way to the King’s high way. Our goal, our
vision and our purpose is to “cast up the high way, gather out the stones,
and lift up the standard of Christ.” (Isaiah 62:10)

                  This is a free quarterly publication.

        The King’s High Way Quarterly                                  3
                 Too Busy for God

In our last King’s Highincident that propelled my 13story of
  a near-death airplane
                        Way Quarterly, I related the
back to the Lord. I had neglected Him for nearly
but that awful night I promised with all my heart to give
Him full control of the rest of my life if He would only save
us. He did! He saved us from crashing! Consequently, I
determined to keep my end of the bargain.
Let me back up now and give you a little history as to how
we got to this point in our lives...
Blind Date
Chuck and I met on a blind date in 1956. We were set up
by my best friend, Shar, who happened to be Chuck’s niece.
When Shar and I were kids, she used to say to me, Nancy,
I want you to meet my uncle. I thought to myself, uncle?
He must be an old man with a cane! So I said, no, thanks
anyway, Shar. However later on in high school, Shar once
again said, Nancy, my uncle is now in the Naval Academy.
How about getting together with him? I thought to myself,
whoa, Annapolis! A young man! So I said, sure, Shar, I’d
love to meet your uncle!
Well, I met Shar’s uncle, fell in love with him (the Naval
Academy uniform might have had something to do with
it!), and married him. So my dearest friend in all the world
became my niece! And her mom, who was my mom’s best
friend, became my sister-in-law. (Chuck’s half-brother and
my grandfather used to meet every week at Rotary, spending
hours trying to figure out how on earth they were related. I
don’t think they ever figured it out!)
Throughout our courtship, Chuck would lovingly share
about his Jesus and all the wonderful things He had done
for him. He had been a believer since he was 10; I was
raised a Christian Scientist. During this time, he also
wrote me hundreds of romantic love letters, calling me his
“Proverbs 31 Lady.”
As Chuck shared more and more with me about Jesus and I
began to read my own Bible, I realized for the first time that
Christ had died for me personally. He died so that I could
be saved from the many ways that I had offended Him and
from all the scars of my past. How could I not receive this
incredible gift of Life? It was mine for the asking. So in
May of 1957, I made the biggest decision of my life: I chose

  4       The King’s High Way Quarterly
to give my heart to the Lord and asked Him to come into my
life as my Savior.1 And He did.
Our Marriage
Three months after this commitment, Chuck and I were
married. At the time, we were absolutely convinced that
God had a fantastic plan for our lives together, because
of the wonderful spiritual foundation He had already laid.
But let me tell you, many times in those first 20 years of
our marriage as I saw that beautiful vision for our future
shattered, I’d go to God and ask, “What have You done?
Putting us together is a horrible mistake! We are so opposite
and so mismatched!”
(In looking back, I now understand God’s ways a little more
clearly. He wanted to do a miracle in us and through us even
in the middle of our most painful circumstances and our
marriage was the way He had chosen to accomplish this.)
Shortly after Chuck and I were married, we moved to
Colorado and began attending a church there. This
particular denomination, however, lacked in-depth Bible
studies, fellowship and prayer. So, without our realizing
it, the excellent foundation we started with slowly began to
erode away. We were able to hang on to God for awhile. But
without daily reading from God’s Word, a consistent prayer
life, and loving encouragement from other true believers, we
fell away.
Someone recently said, If you’re not moving forward with
God, you’re not standing still, you’re going backward!
And, of course, that’s exactly what happened to us.
Too Busy for Church
Over the next few years, in our avid pursuit of Chuck’s
career, our enthusiasm and our love for the Lord seemed to
get preempted by other “important” things and we became
too busy for church, fellowship or reading of the Word. So,
the Lord allowed us to be shelved and set aside for 13 years
until that airplane incident over the Rocky Mountains that
jolted me right back into God’s arms.
The following year (1970), Chuck happened to pick up a little
book called The Late Great Planet Earth, by Hal Lindsey,
which completely set Chuck back on fire. The prophecies
that Chuck had so long ago studied and taught at the Naval
Academy were all right there in this book. And what excited
Chuck the most was that so many of those prophecies, still
future in 1956 when he taught them, were now beginning to
happen right before his eyes!
I so vividly remember the night that Chuck called from
New York and said, “Nan, don’t do a thing till I get home!
I’ve got news that will absolutely change our lives. I am

       The King’s High Way Quarterly                    5
convinced the Lord is coming back soon! I know it sounds
wild and I know it sounds preposterous, but it’s true and it’s
all happening just as the Bible predicted.”
Yes, the knowledge that Jesus would soon return was going
to change our lives drastically. God had certainly gotten our
attention now!
Giving Our Lives Away
So, in May of 1970, one year after the plane incident, Chuck
and I and our two boys, Chip and Mark, re-committed our
lives to the Lord and began fellowshiping at a wonderful,
love-filled, Bible-teaching church. We made many precious
friends, and attended many Bible studies and prayer groups.
Our enthusiasm was intense.
In those early days after our re-commitment, I continually
told God how excited I was to be living for Him again
and how much I loved Him. I told Him He could now do
whatever He needed to do in me, to make me the woman of
God that He desired. And, of course, I meant this prayer
with all my heart. However, I had no idea what I was really
praying or how much God would require of me in order to
answer my prayer.
So the next five to eight years of my life would turn out
to be a series of unbelievable trials and tribulations, God’s
cornerings in my life that I was in no way prepared or ready
Whitewashed Tombs
Had you seen Chuck and me in those days, on the outside
we might have looked like a fairy-tale couple. We had been
married for almost 20 years and had four gorgeous and
healthy children—two boys, Chip and Mark, and two girls,
Lisa and Michelle. Chuck had become a highly successful
business executive and so we lived very lavishly in a
beautiful, sprawling ranch house with a pool and stables.
Again, on the outside we looked like the perfect Christian
family who had everything anyone could ever want. But
on the inside, we were like so many people you see today:
completely empty, unfulfilled and experiencing no love,
meaning or purpose in their lives.
We were what the Bible calls whitewashed tombs, which
look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside are full
of dead men’s bones and everything unclean. The Bible
goes on to say that on the outside you appear to people
as righteous and loving, but on the inside you are full of
hypocrisy. (Matthew 23:27-28) This is exactly what we

  6        The King’s High Way Quarterly
About this time, the Los Angeles Times carried an article
that described our marriage perfectly: Marriage is a quiet
hell for about 50% of American couples. Four out of 12
end in divorce, and another 50% are loveless, utilitarian
relationships to protect the children. The statistics now, of
course, are much higher.
This loveless relationship is exactly what Chuck and I had
come to. We had what I like to call a professional marriage;
that’s a marriage where two people are just co-existing
for the purpose of convenience, show, security or, as the
newspaper article implies, to protect the children.
Loveless Relationship
But, what makes our story so sad is that we were Christians
at this time. Not backsliding Christians, but ones who really
emotionally loved God. After the airplane incident in my
life and Chuck’s similar re-awakening, we began faithfully
going to church, praying and even began teaching Bible
studies in our home.
Again, what’s so tragic is that even though both of us
were teaching others that Christ was the answer to all their
problems (and in our hearts we knew this to be true), in our
own private lives, behind closed doors, it wasn’t true at all.
Our lives had become that quiet hell, that loveless and empty
relationship that the Los Angeles Times had talked about.
The whole reason Jesus came was to give us His Life. He
tells us so in John 10:10, I am come that [you] might have
life, and that [you] might have it more abundantly. Abundant
Life is simply experiencing His Life (His Love) through us.
The question in our minds at that time, however, was how
to get this kind of Love, and, more importantly, how to
appropriate it into our struggling marriage?
It grieves me that I see this same frustrated and despairing
state of mind in so many Christians today. Such deep
sadness behind smiling, plastic masks; and I know, I know
so well, what they are feeling because I’ve been there. Next
issue, I’ll continue my story and share some of the specific
marriage trials that we faced. If you want to peek ahead,
you’ll find the full story in Why Should I Be the First to
Change? and then the answers God gave us in The Way of
     Acts 4:12; John 3:3-7

                                       Nancy Missler

        The King’s High Way Quarterly                    7
The Lord Gave the Word . . .
                  (Psalm 68:11)

                                        Caricature of Cindy Scinto
                                               by Linda Schneider

               GOSPEL GLOSSARY
“Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall
be saved: for thou art my praise.” Jeremiah 17:14

“But only say the word, and my servant shall be healed.”
Matthew 8:8b
 heal·ing Pronunciation: ‘hE-li[ng] Function: noun 1 : the act
or process of curing or of restoring to health 2 : the process of
getting well

A   few years ago, after being chronically ill with life
    threatening heart disease, I found myself again pleading
with the Lord for healing. But I prayed with an agenda, wanting
the healing to come in my own way and my own timing. I had
grown up in a traditional church where one of the standard
responses was “only say the words and I shall be healed.” Each
time I spoke those words, I would wait for God to heal me of
childhood diabetes; not truly knowing God, I was dismayed at
not being healed.

One day, as I cried out to God, “Lord, why haven’t You healed
me?” He gently spoke these words to me, “I cannot heal you
until you are ready to accept how I choose to heal you. And I
am not finished yet.” I can still feel the power of His response
and after He spoke these words to me, I began to see all the
ways He was answering prayer.

Divine healing cannot be defined by Webster’s dictionary nor
can it be forced by our will. The answer for healing may not
happen until God’s appointed time. Or, the healing may be so
different then what we thought or prayed for that we might not
recognize it as a healing. God’s purpose for healing can not
be limited by our personal desires. The strength we gain by
trusting Him to take us through many trials sets an example for
others who may be suffering and in need of encouragement.

    8       The King’s High Way Quarterly
In his book, “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23,” Phillip Keller
uses his firsthand experience as a sheep rancher to take a
unique look at Psalm 23. He emphasizes the encouragement to
Christians when they accept the “Shepherd’s” provision as they
“walk through the valley of the shadow of death.”

“It is a most reassuring and reenforcing experience to the child
of God to discover that there is, even in the dark valley, a source
of strength and courage to be found in God. Storms may break
about me, predators may attack, the rivers of reverses may
threaten to inundate me. But because He is in the situation
with me, I shall not fear. The person with a powerful confidence
in Christ; the one who has proved by past experience that God
is with him in adversity; the one who walks through life’s dark
valleys without fear, his head held high, is the one who in
turn is a tower of strength and a source of inspiration to his

Healing, or “the process of getting well,” comes when we
realize God has a specific purpose for each of our lives. When
we accept how He chooses to heal us, we then gain new
strength not only for ourselves but for those whom God puts
in our path.

                                       Cindy Scinto
                                             KHW Editor
The headings for each article are based on the following scrip-

• The Word of Life - Philippians 2:16
• The Word of the Gospel - Acts 15:7
• The Word of Promise - Romans 9:9
• The Word of Faith - Romans 10:8
• The Word of Wisdom - 1 Corinthians 12:8
• The Word of Reconciliation - 2 Corinthians 5:19
• The Word of Truth - 2 Corinthians 6:7; Ephesians 1:13
  “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those
              that published it.” Psalm 68:11
  If you or a friend would like to be added to our list for this
 newsletter, please call or email us with the name and address.

      This newsletter is also available on our website.

                Contact Information
              The King’s High Way Ministries, Inc.
            P.O. Box 3111, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816

        The King’s High Way Quarterly                          9
                 THE PASTOR’S NOTE
                       Who’s at fault?

Wcouldtensionexplosive veryforquickly. onesession, I situations
     hen the couple returned
                               the second
                between them. It was       of those
                                                     could see
                                       After praying, each of
them started to tell their side of the story and the tension grew.
They explained that they had lost their home, job, and were
struggling just to survive. He had never worked so hard in all
his life and for so little in return. She wanted to have children,
but feared the pain it would bring especially if there were twins.
My first thought was they must have been living extremely well
until the rug had been pulled out from under them.
As their story continued to unfold, the explosion that I dreaded
came to pass. The tears started to flow as she looked right at
him and said, “You are the one who was supposed to protect
me. You should have defended me, but no, you blamed me as
if you had nothing to do with it. Now look at us, everything is
ruined.” With a shocked look on his face, he replied, “What did
you expect me to do? It was your fault.”
I knew that if I didn’t get them calmed down quickly the session
would be a disaster. So I interrupted and asked him to explain
what happened. Adam, the husband, told me about being in the
garden with God and how wonderful that was. He had a great
deal to say about how wonderful he thought Eve was when
God made her. Then he explained how the serpent came and
deceived Eve and they ate the fruit. Eve jumped in and added
that they tried to cover themselves, but when that didn’t work,
they hid. Adam said they quickly realized they couldn’t hide
from God. Petrified with fear, they stood before God as He
asked them “Who told you that you were naked? Have you
eaten from the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?”
Eve jumped in again and said you won’t believe his answer. He
blamed me! He told God, “The woman whom Thou gavest to
be with me, she gave me from the tree and I ate.” Adam replied
with “Well, what was I suppose to do?”
Let’s be honest here. I have never counseled Adam and Eve. I
have also stretched the story just a little, but just like them we
tend to push the blame on others when we are called on the
carpet for our sin. If you read Genesis 3:12, it is obvious to
see that Adam is blaming Eve, but read what he said carefully.
There is also a subtle shifting of blame going towards God, as if
it was God’s fault because He gave Eve to him.
Satan must have enjoyed watching this interaction. After all,
the picture we see of him throughout Scripture is of one who
causes division by accusation. We would benefit from keeping
this in mind when we argue and fight with our spouses. The
enemy wants to destroy the marital relationship. I might add
that with over a 50% divorce rate in the Church he is obviously
having a measure of success. It is a constant battle to remind
people to stop and recognize the larger picture. It’s not just

  10         The King’s High Way Quarterly
about the husband and wife, the marital relationship affects the
children, the Church and the culture in which we live.
The above question that Adam asked, “What was I supposed to
do?” is a valid one. What did God expect from Adam? After all
Eve did eat the fruit and give it to him. I think the answer can
be found by looking at the second Adam, that is, Christ Jesus.
Philippians 2:5-8 holds some incredible insight for us: “Have
this attitude in yourselves…He humbled Himself by becoming
obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.” The
example Jesus gives is that of humility and obedience.
Think it through with me. God comes in the flesh in the form of
Jesus, lives an innocent life and then dies on the cross for our sins.
Should we not follow His example and suffer wrong for the sake
of restoring a relationship? Even if Adam was innocent, which I
don’t believe he was, he should have been humble enough to take
responsibility for his actions rather than blaming Eve. Likewise,
Eve should have been humble enough to take responsibility for
her actions rather than blaming the serpent.
The next time tempers flair between you and your spouse, boss,
co-worker or anyone else, try taking a new approach. Rather
than blaming or pointing out what the other person has done,
take a look at yourself, confess any wrongdoing and ask for
forgiveness. I have found in counseling, and in my own personal
life, that God blesses the humble but opposes the proud.
There are several things to watch for if you try doing this. First,
the sinful nature leaves us with a natural tendency to protect
“self” by blaming or pointing out someone else’s flaws. Because
of this, many people don’t know how to react when someone
humbles himself in our presence. Sometimes it puts them on
the spot and they react even more. At other times they quickly
respond in like manner. Do your own part, get rid of your
expectations, and allow God to move freely in the situation.
Second, there may be an element of truth in your defense. There
was with Adam and Eve. She did eat the fruit and gave some to
Adam. However, that does not justify avoiding responsibility
for our actions. God knew exactly what had happened before He
even asked. God asked so they could see what they had done.
Third, by being humble we are more pleasing to God, less
reactionary to others, and set the stage for reconciliation
rather than allowing the enemy to cause division. Watch for
opportunities to have spiritual conversations with people and
opportunities to love them during this time, because the Word
does tell us, above all, that we are ministers of reconciliation.
                                                                      Rev. David M. Smuin
                                                                   KHW Pastor & Counselor
Bio Note: Pastor Dave was first licensed to preach in 1991 and then Ordained in 1994. Since 1991 he has
served as a short-term missionary, pastored, and been on staff at several churches. He holds a BA in Theology
and a MA in Clinical Christian Counseling. He is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor with the National
Christian Counselors Association. He is the founder of Faith Counseling and Training. He also serves in
pastoral covering for The King’s Place.

             The King’s High Way Quarterly                                                          11
           Are You ‘A Sweet Aroma?’

“I am full, having received of Epaphroditus the things
[which were sent] from you, an odour of a sweet
smell, a sacrifice acceptable, wellpleasing to God.”
Philippians 4:18

“we were especially delighted to see how happy Titus
was, because his spirit has been refreshed by all of you.”
2 Corinthians 7:13b

E    very morning at The King’s High Way Ministries,
     we gather together to start the day off with prayer.
Not only do we pray for all that the Lord has laid on our
hearts, but we pray that we would show forth God’s Love
to whomever we come in contact with. Whether it’s with
someone on the phone or answering email or holding the
hand of a precious one needing assistance, we want to
refresh, encourage, and be a sweet aroma to all those that
the Lord brings across our paths for that day.

As I meditated and pondered the above Scriptures, I asked
myself the question, “Am I refreshing to be around? Am
I a sweet aroma of the Lord? When people come into the
ministry needing prayer, do they feel God’s Love and are
they refreshed and encouraged by it? When I take phone
call after phone call, do the people I speak with feel the
love of Jesus?”

Quite honestly, there are moments when it’s hard to
minister and encourage people. Especially, when you feel
like you are being pulled in several different directions.
When these moments come, however, I take a deep breath,
set my own feelings aside and say, “Not my will, but thy
will, Jesus. Help me to get out of the way, so You can
speak and love that other person through me.” I’d like
to give you an example of one of our new employees who
beautifully demonstrated this principle.
 12       The King’s High Way Quarterly
Recently, we hired Erica to work part time in our production
area and in the mailroom. Everyone absolutely loves and
adores her. Not only is she physically beautiful, but she
is spiritually beautiful as well. Her bubbly personality
is contagious to be around. One morning, a couple of
weeks ago, she came into the ministry looking very tired
and worn out. Her beautiful smile and sparkly eyes were
hidden behind deep sadness. You see, her husband, who
has made poor choices in the past, has been in jail for the
last several months and Erica is raising their three small
children by herself. Even though Erica walks in God’s
Agape Love, it was one of those mornings that she needed
to be encouraged and loved.

That same morning we had a precious lady, (I’ll call
her Susan), come into our ministry needing financial
assistance. Because I am in charge of the benevolence
fund, I’m the one who speaks to everyone needing
monetary help. I always get details about each situation,
so we not only deal with the immediate needs but,
also, we try and follow through with some aftercare by
praying, ministering, teaching, etc... As Susan was telling
me her heartache, the Lord dropped into my spirit to ask
Erica to minister and pray with Susan. Knowing that
Erica was having a hard day, I hesitated for a moment,
but I knew that God wanted to use her. Susan’s story
of heartache was similar to Erica’s story. Her husband
was in jail and she was raising a daughter alone. She
was struggling financially and really had no idea of how
she was going to survive. If anyone could relate to her, it
would be Erica. As Erica was listening to Susan’s story, I
saw her eyes light up and her Jesus smile return. God was
filling Erica up and giving her His Love, His Wisdom, and
His Knowledge so that she could be that vessel through
which God could love Susan. The more Erica ministered
and encouraged Susan, the more I visibly saw Erica’s
countenance and demeanor change.

I left the room and Erica stayed with Susan for over an
hour. Because she was obedient to minister to Susan, even

       The King’s High Way Quarterly                   13
though she didn’t feel like it, the Lord used her mightily.
Not only did Susan get blessed, but Erica was blessed as
well. Isn’t that like our God? She was not only a sweet
smelling aroma to Susan, but she also pleased the Lord.
When we step outside of our feelings and our emotions
and be an emptied vessel for Him, He will pour His living
water through us. Not only will it refresh the person we
are ministering to, but we will get blessed, also.

God is looking for willing vessels that He can love
through. God’s timing is often not our own, because
usually He asks us at a time when we feel the least capable
of ministering. The question is: Are you willing to be a
sweet aroma and to refresh someone’s spirit today?

Lord, my flesh is weak, but my spirit is willing. Use me
today, Father.

                                         His bondservant,

                              Debbie Holland
                                           KHW Manager

 14       The King’s High Way Quarterly
Understanding God’s Love
     The Story...
                        This is the personal story of
                        Chuck and Nan’s volatile
                        marriage and the way in
                        which God turned it around.
                        It’s an easy read and a great
                        encouragement for both men
                        and women in struggling

                                   The How to...

This is the practical ap-
plication of ‘how’ God
changed Chuck and
Nan’s      marriage—It
teaches us a ‘new’
way of loving—a way
that’s totally opposite
from the way the world
teaches. It’s the King’s
‘High’ way.

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            Singles’ Fellowship

I f you are presently single, enjoy your freedom! It’s a
  gift from God. “These things I have spoken to you, that
My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full.”
John 15:11

God created us for fellowship and He knows our inherent
desire to be in a relationship with another person. But
until God brings us that person, we need to enjoy
fellowshiping with other singles. As a single person, we
have the incredible freedom to pick up at the last minute
and do whatever we want: go for a hike, a bike ride,
bowling, fishing, dinner or a movie.

If you are interested in finding other singles to fellowship
with, a good resource is singles’ groups. Find the one
that suits your interests and needs. Some singles join
a group solely for companionship—doing activities
like camping, hiking, bike riding, skiing, etc. Yet other
singles join Christian groups because they want to grow
in their relationship with Jesus. Don’t be fooled, however,
into joining a group just because they call themselves
Christian. Check it out first.
There are a lot of Christian singles’ groups that can meet
your needs, but you first have to do a little research.
One of the best ways to check out a group is to learn
about their activities. Look to see what the focus of the
group is. “Fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having
the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.”
Philippians 2:2 Do they value a relationship with Jesus?
Do they pray? Do they have Bible Studies? Is the focus
on finding joy through Jesus or finding joy through dating
and relationships?

I made a mistake and joined a Christian singles’ group
before doing any research. I was shocked when the
leader kept pressuring me to participate in an activity
called “speed dating.” It was a popular monthly activity
which would have required me to pay a fee in order to
participate (which was in addition to the joining fee I
already paid). “Speed dating” involves an equal number
of males to females where you interview each member of
the opposite sex with a predetermined set of questions. If

 16        The King’s High Way Quarterly
you find someone interesting, you write down their name
and your name and number. If you both write down each
other’s name and number, you get to contact each other.
If only one of you is interested, no contact is made.

I didn’t feel comfortable participating in this activity. But
it did give me an idea of the group and their focus. They
were not focused on finding joy in a relationship with
Jesus, but instead in finding joy through a relationship
with someone. “You will show me the path of life; In
Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are
pleasures forevermore.” (Psalm 16:11) Without Jesus as
the foundation, you’ll be unable to find joy in being in a
relationship with another person. What makes us think that
if we are not happy being single, that we will be “happy” in
a relationship? What happens when you bring two people
together who aren’t happy in themselves is that you get a
recipe for disaster. It would be better to stay single.

If God does bring someone into your life, ask yourself
these questions: Does this person love Jesus? Is this
person obeying God and the Bible? Is my relationship
with Jesus enhanced or hampered by this person?

If God doesn’t bring you someone into your life, that
means He is still working out His will in each of your lives
before He brings you together. In the meantime, enjoy
the simplicity of being single and have fun fellowshiping
with others.
Being single means:

• Making your own decisions
• Travelling where you want
• Doing what you want
• Staying as long as you want
• Hanging out with friends
• Having quiet time with God

“Yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me.”
John 16:32

                           Sandi Livingston
                              KHW Graphics & Design

       The King’s High Way Quarterly                    17
                   It’s Not About Me!

G    reetings, in the majestic name of Jesus Christ!
     This is the second article I have written for “The
King’s High Way Quarterly,” focusing on the topic of
“Worship.” Specifically, how a Christian (or follower of
Jesus Christ) worships. In the last publication, we looked
at several passages from the Bible that either “direct” or
“provide” an example of worshiping a Holy God. We
know that God does not limit “Worship” to an “event”
that takes place on a specific day, place or time. Rather,
He desires that our worship should be “purposed and
continuous.” That in all things, we bring glory and honor
to Him. To that end, I have titled this issue’s article, “It’s
Not About Me.”

A favorite verse of mine is Psalm 95:6. It states, “Come,
let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD
our Maker.” (NIV) This verse may seem simple in form,
yet sums up the essence of what our Father desires.
… “Coming to Him in complete submitted reverence.” I
wonder if we would be found guilty of rewriting part of
that psalm. How about, … “Come, let us bow down in
worship, let us kneel before the MIRROR the LORD our
Maker.” Although that may seem extreme or sarcastic, I
submit to you that there are times when it appears that we
work very hard to please ourselves, rather than God. For
example, have you ever attended a church service or Bible
study and found yourself thinking something like….

If the pastor was good, he would teach the Bible “verse by
verse.” Or, “if this church was alive, we wouldn’t have to
sing hymns.” Or “why do I have to work in the children’s
ministry twice a month?”

Okay, if you have not experienced any of the above,
then Hallelujah! Praise be to God! However, if some

 18         The King’s High Way Quarterly
of you are saying “amen” right now, then consider the
following. Do you believe that comments or thoughts
like that demonstrate an example of the “inward” pleasure
seeker (i.e., the mirror)? If so, perhaps we need a time of
refreshing. An evaluation of our spiritual condition may
reveal some places that need attention. Noted theologian
A.W. Tozer wrote,“ worship is wholly pleasing to
God until there is nothing in me displeasing to God.”
This leads me to ponder a few pointed questions. Such
as: how much time have I devoted to personal Bible
study/reading? Or how much time have I spent in prayer?
What about my lifestyle – Am I living a holy life? If after
thinking about these few questions you conclude that you
need to take some action, then I encourage you to take a
moment and pray right now… “Lord, Father God. You
alone are worthy of my worship. You deserve all praise
and honor. By the power of Your Holy Spirit, may You
work within my life to change me from looking at myself
to looking to You. Refresh me, Lord so that I would be
effective for Your glory. – In the name of Jesus, I pray.”

Note: Please believe that when I started this article I
had not planned on including a section on prayer. I
trust God that His desire was to include it, so by His
divine intervention someone reading it may once again
experience the love of God.

Finally, when I think of the life of Jesus Christ on earth,
I see a passion to please God the Father. I also see a
compassion for people. Jesus’ focus was not about what
was in it for Him; He purposed to please His Father. His
life was a model of true worship and an example for all
of us to follow.

Remember, “It’s not about me…”

                                                       John Scinto
                                                KHW Worship Leader
Bio note: Since receiving Jesus Christ as his savior in 1988, John’s desire has
been to glorify and honor Him through the gift of music. He has participated
in a variety of musical venues from large-scale outreaches, youth revivals,
community theater productions, worship conferences, to small home group
worship services. He has led worship services in a variety of churches and
is currently serving as the worship leader for the King’s High Way Ministries,
         The King’s High Way Quarterly                                  19
           I Surrender All

A    bout 4 years ago, I developed a life-threatening heart condition
     that has tried to kill me countless times. How my soul aches
to be healthy, thin, athletic and vibrant again! Now all I can do
is be grateful I make it through each day. After chasing cures,
treatments, experimental programs and hopes of one day getting
better, I am left to face the reality that I am physically disabled at a
young age of 44. I have no strength and am weighed down by more
than 25 daily prescriptions. I fight with every ounce of will I have
to keep living this way, always reminding myself it could be worse.
Thoughts of dying selfishly invade my mind, but I try to remain
focused on others, not myself. The hardest part in all of this is the
realization that God wants me to “surrender all” in my life. What
does it mean to surrender all? This is a concept easily mistaken.

A friend recently dealt with several heart-breaking trials. Her mom
had been diagnosed with a fast-moving cancer. Her niece, only
days after being married, had to say goodbye to her new husband
as he was deployed to Iraq. Another niece just had a baby girl who
was born with Downs syndrome. This friend called me after her
birthday and shared how she retreated to her bedroom when her
husband tried to surprise her with birthday festivities. “I just didn’t
want to celebrate after all that was happening around me. I wanted
to be alone, so I stayed in my bedroom and cried.” She told me after
always giving so much, she now reached a point where she could
no longer give. Her only escape was to lock out everyone and take
the time to cry and mourn. Even Jesus took time away when He
needed to be alone. I truly believe that when we come to this point
of brokenness, we must learn from our pain that all God wants is
for us to surrender.

The word surrender is a word commonly understood as meaning
to give up possession of something into the power of another, or to
relinquish control completely. It’s usually thought of in a cowardly
or feeble context.

In an excerpt taken from Nancy Missler’s book, Private Worship,
The Key to Joy, Nancy describes why surrender is necessary to
grow closer to God. “Years ago, in one of David Wilkerson’s
newsletters, there was an article entitled, ‘The Making of a Man
of God.’ I’ve never forgotten that intriguing title because, in a
nutshell, this is what God is trying to do in all of our lives - make
us men and women of God. If we really want to know how one
becomes a ‘man of God,’ we have only to look at Jesus. This means
that, at some point in our walk with the Lord, we too will experience
rejection, confusion and loneliness just as Jesus did. Each of these
situations will provide us with a greater opportunity to die a little

  20          The King’s High Way Quarterly
more to our self and to grow a little more in grace and the image
of God.

John 12:24 validates this principle. Total surrender and
relinquishment seem to be the cost of ‘becoming a man of God.’
Surrender Is Key: When God calls us to surrender all to Him, He
is simply asking us to give back the life that He granted us in the
first place. In other words, we’re not being forced to lay our lives
down, it’s a choice that we are making out of our own free will and
out of our love for Him.

“When all is said and done, I truly believe we will not only be
judged by what we did for Him, but by how much we surrendered to
Him, how much we loved Him and how much our hearts and lives
were totally yielded to Him.”

Kenneth W. Osbeck, in his book “Amazing Grace, 366 Inspiring
Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions,” writes this about surrender based
on the hymn, “I Surrender All,” written by Judson Van De Venter:
“The Bible teaches us that brokenness is a prerequisite to blessing
and usefulness. No one ever achieves spiritual greatness until he
has fully surrendered himself to God. Victorious living comes
only as we abandon ourselves to the Lordship of Christ, becoming
His loving bond slave. God’s best for our lives is not the result of
struggle. Rather, it is simply the acceptance of His perfect will and
the recognition of His authority in every area of our lives.”

Victorious living is the result of painfully enduring a full
surrendering of ourselves to God. We may look at people we know
suffering in many ways, even our own suffering, and ask, “Where
is this victorious living? I have suffered so much pain and gone
through so many trials and yet I still cannot see any hope of victory.
When will it come?” It will come when we freely surrender all,
knowing this life is temporary.

Since my illness, I have gained a new understanding of surrender. I
have learned that surrendering all is something we have to determine
to do every day. Knowing that my life hangs loosely here on earth,
I have learned to surrender my husband, my son, my family and
friends, my goals and desires, and my very life. Yet when I think
I have truly given all my ambitions over to God, another tragedy
strikes and I find I’ve taken back some of what I surrendered.
Unlike sacrifice, which puts the attention on our efforts to please
God, obedience hurts. Obedience requires us to tear off pieces of
ourselves as we surrender all to the Lord. And in Deuteronomy 4:4,
the Lord promises to keep safe those who cleave to Him, “But all of
you who held fast to the LORD your God are still alive today.”

In closing, what we “think” will bring us happiness, God may take
away to bring us closer to Him and teach us to keep our eyes on the
divine and not the carnal. Heaven awaits you—surrender all to
Jesus and in Him keep your hope.
                                          Cindy KHW Editor

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