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Sr.                                        No. of
                Department                                 Day & Date               Time
No.                                      Candidates
 1    Haemato-Pathology                      8        15.02.2007, Thursday        02.30 pm

 2    Transfusion Medicine (SR+JR)         1+3=4      16.02.2007, Friday          02.30 pm

 3    General Medicine                       2        16.02.2007, Friday          04.00 pm

 4    General OPD                                     19.02.2007, Monday          11.00 am
      Anaesthesiology, Critical Care &
 5                                           5        19.02.2007, Monday          02.30 pm
 6    Radio-Diagnosis                        1        20.02.2007, Tuesday         02.15 pm

 7    Medical Oncology                       7        20.02.2007, Tuesday         02.45 pm
                                                                              MCQ Test - 11.00
 8    Radiation Oncology                     21       23.02.2007, Friday
                                                                             am & Inteview 02.30
 9    Surgical Pathology                     18       26.02.2007, Monday         02.30 pm

           Department            Name of the Candidates         Time      Day &   Date
                              1. Dr. Parimal S. Sarda
                              2. Dr. (Ms) Ritu Singla
                              3. Dr. Sachin Shantilal Parhe
                              4. Dr. (Ms) Bhulaxmi P. Madur                Thursday,
 1     Haemato-Pathology                                       02.30 pm
                              5. Dr. Santosh D. Gaikwad                    15.02.2007

                              6. Dr. (Ms) Paromita Roy
                              7. Dr. (Ms) C.M. Bhosale
                              8. Dr. Nikhil V. Patkar
                              1. Dr. Santosh D. Gaikwad
                              2. Dr. (Ms) Sheetal M. Thakur
 2    Transfusion Medicine                                     02.30 pm
                              3. Dr. (Ms) Smita Anil Patil                   Friday,
                              4. Dr. (Ms) Preeti M. Patil                  16.02.2007

                              1. Dr. (Ms) Smita Datta
 3      General Medicine                                       04.00 pm
                              2. Dr. T.L. Karmata
                              1. Dr. (Ms) Shabina Ansari
                              2. Dr. (Ms) Nupur Sawant
 4        General OPD         3. Dr. (Ms) K.N. Makwana         11.00 am
                              4. Dr. (Ms) Sabari Majumder
                              5. Dr. (Ms) Preeti C. Waghmare                Monday,
                              1. Dr. (Ms) Dipti Saxena                     19.02.2007
                              2. Dr. (Ms) Anjana Raina Misri
        Anaesthesiology,      3. Dr. Srujal M. Patel
 5                                                             02.30 pm
       Critical Care & Pain
                              4. Dr. Mangesh Suresh Gore
                              5. Dr. Jerial George Kurien

 6      Radio-Diagnosis       1. Dr. Kushal Gehlot             02.15 pm

                              1. Dr. Lal Mohan Soy
                              2. Dr. Damodar Das
                              3. Dr. Sanjaya Kumar Mishra                   Tuesday,
 7      Medical Oncology      4. Dr. Ranajit Kar               02.45 pm
                              5. Dr. (Ms) Nivedita Kamath
                              6. Dr. (Ms) Lucy Pattanayak
                              7. Dr. Anuj Kumar Bansal
                         1. Dr. R.C. Apsani
                         2. Dr.(Ms) A. Srivastava
                         3. Dr. Manish Siddha
                         4. Dr. Chendil V.
                         5. Dr. M.S. Tiwana
                         6. Dr. G.N. Bedre
                         7. Dr. Pranav Chadha
                         8. Dr.(Ms) S. Vyas
                         9. Dr. Gaurav Bahl          MCQ Test -
                                                      11.00 am
                         10. Dr. (Ms) D. Shukla                   Thursday,
8   Radiation Oncology                                    &
                         11. Dr. Sajal Kakkar         Inteview
                                                      02.30 pm
                         12. Dr. (Ms) Lee H. Ni
                         13. Dr. R.P. Singh
                         14. Dr. Kiran Kumar K.
                         15. Dr. N.D. Mahale
                         16. Dr. N.V. Raut
                         17. Dr. Vikas Kumar
                         18. Dr. (Ms) V.S. More
                         19. Dr. Puneet Pareek
                         20. Dr. (Ms) R. Bhutani

                         1. Dr.(Ms) Paromita Roy
                         2. Dr. B.V. Khedkar
                         3. Dr.(Ms) R. Goregaonkar
                         4. Dr. R.V. Bhalara
                         5. Dr. B.R. Vadgama
                         6. Dr.(Ms) S.M. George
                         7. Dr. S.S. Parhe
                         8. Dr.(Ms) Ritu Singla
                         9. Dr. M.K. Divatia                       Monday,
9   Surgical Pathology                                02.30 pm
                         10. Dr. (Ms) Chetna Jain                 26.02.2007

                         11. Dr. Nitin Dayal
                         12. Dr. K.B. Thorat
                         13. Dr. R.N. Wahane
                         14. Dr. Amit R. Rathod
                         15. Dr.(Ms) C.M. Bhosale
                         16. Dr.(Ms) Arti Karpate
                         17. Dr. Rajiv Kumar
                         18. Dr. Pravin Mahajan
Candidates are requested to appear for interview before Selection Committee on the
above date and time half an hour before schedule time at H.R.D. Dept. 2nd Floor, Service
Block Bldg., Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai-400 012. Call letters of interview have been
despatched by post / courier. However, if the same is not received by the candidates they are
allowed to appear for interview. They have to follow the instructions as under:

  a)   He/She is requested to bring at the time of interview original certificates of qualifications / age /
       previous experience etc. and also the original certificates issued by the Competent Authority
       regarding caste in case he/she belong to Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe / Other Backward

  b)   He must produce documentary evidence (e.g. Certificate from Dean of the Institution or
       Supplementary PG registration certificate from the State MCI branch) that the post graduate
       degree is recognised by the Medical Council of India.
  c)   No travelling allowance is admissible for attending the interview.

  d)   Please note that we are not in any way responsible nor do we take any liability towards any
       candidate who does not receive the call letter or any other communication in the matter in time due
       to postal or any other such delays.

  e)   Date fixed for interview cannot be postponed.

  f)   Canvassing in any form will be a disqualification.

P.S. : It appears, from his/her papers / application available with us that his/her P.G. Qualification (e.g.
DM / MD etc.) is not recognized by the MCI. He/She is reminded that in the absence of such proven
certification, he/she may not be interviewed.

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