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									Executive Summary

Date and Contact Information
Date the Executive Summary as it will evolve over time. Give contact information for the team leader. This will make it easy for
supporters to know who to call.

Write a paragraph that describes your project in three sentences. “This summary proposes that a once a week local growers
market be established for downtown Allentown and be located at PPL Plaza on Hamilton St. between 8th and 9th Streets.”

Team and Supporters
Identify yourself as the team leader and describe who else is working on this project with you. If you have received conceptual
endorsements of support from any organizations, they should be mentioned.

Project Need and Background
Describe the need for the project and how it has developed to this point.

Sources and Uses
Briefly describe how funds will be used using a Sources and Uses format. Sources should match uses. Example:

          Sources: ABC Grant                      $

                    Private Donations             $

                    In Kind Contributions         $__________

                               Total              $

          Uses:     Supplies                      $

                    Advertising                   $

                    Administrative                $_________

                               Total              $

Community Significance of Project
Briefly describe the benefits that you expect to come from this project, especially related to community and economic
development in Allentown, the Lehigh Valley and Pennsylvania.

Name of report                                                                                                                    1
Next Steps
Briefly describe what needs to happen next and who has agreed to drive what tasks for the project to move forward.

If this summary is being used to gain additional financial or community support, identify what you would like the person reading
the summary to do. “This summary recommends the XYZ organization consider donating $10,000 for marketing expense to
move this project forward.” Or, “This summary recommends that interested members of the public should attend the meeting of
XYZ group taking place at the Allentown Public Library to discuss possible next steps.”

Name of report                                                                                                                 2

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