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                               This web-based program can be accessed wherever and whenever internet
                               service is provided.
                               Our interactive, Y2Y™ (Youth-To-Youth) program is designed to fit the needs
                               of your students. It is filled with interactive learning exercises and safety
                               content that keep participants engaged in OSHA regulations and standards.
                               OSHA CREDENTIALED:
                               Once a user successfully completes the CareerSafe® Online course along
                               with either the OSHA 10-Hour General Industry or the OSHA 10-Hour
                               Construction Industry course, they will receive an OSHA 10-Hour Card.
                               We are committed to delivering the CareerSafe® Online OSHA 10-Hour
                               programs at a reasonable cost – A 10-Hour OSHA course, one year of access,
                               and an OSHA 10-Hour Card for only $18 per student.
                               Perkins funds may be used!

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry                   OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry
          $18.00                                             $18.00
•   Introduction to OSHA                            •   Introduction to OSHA
•   Flammable & Combustible Liquids                 •   Crane Operations
•   Hand & Power Tools                              •   Materials Handling
•   Materials Handling                              •   Electrical Safety
•   Walking Working Surfaces                        •   Welding & Cutting
•   Stairways & Ladders                             •   Hand & Power Tools
•   Disaster Preparedness                           •   Scaffolds
•   Welding & Cutting                               •   Walking Working Surfaces
•   Electrical Safety                               •   Excavations
•   Safety & Health Programs                        •   Stairways & Ladders
•   StartSafe StaySafe                              •   Fall Prevention and Protection
•   Preventing Falls                                •   StartSafe StaySafe
•   Personal Protective Equipment                   •   Preventing Falls
•   Bloodborne Pathogens                            •   Personal Protective Equipment
•   Electrical Safety                               •   Bloodborne Pathogens
•   Machine Guarding                                •   Electrical Safety
•   Hazardous Communications                        •   Machine Guarding
•   Ergonomics                                      •   Hazardous Communications
•   Preventing Workplace Violence                   •   Ergonomics
•   Emergency Action                                •   Preventing Workplace Violence
                                                    •   Emergency Action

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