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									                                          GROSS TO NET
                                 SALARY OVERPAYMENT WORKSHEET
                                      PRIOR CALENDAR YEAR
Employee Information:
Employee ID:                                                    Year Overpaid:
Name:                                                              Term Date:
Department:                                                  Medicare Eligible?            YES        NO              Occup Code:
Retirement Plan (check one):
  PERS Tier I/II/III- A/C/E/M           JRS Tier I/II/III- R           PERS Tier 4 - DCR              TRS Tier I/II

  PERS Tier I/II/III- P/F               JRS Tier I/II/III- J           TRS Tier 3 - DCR               Not Eligible
Net Overpayment Calculation:

Overpaid Gross Wages                                               $        -             Verify SBS & Retirement accounts w/R&B for terms

            less: PY Collected Gross Overpayment                   $        -             Retirement available?         Yes          No

Remaining Overpaid Gross Wages                                     $        -                     SBS available?        Yes          No

            less: Employee Retirement Contribution                 $        -         0.00%                Date R&B contacted:

            less: Employee SBS Contribution                        $        -         6.13%         SBS max verified? (B4 screen)

Total Net Overpayment Due from Employee                            $        -     V061 High Limit - check B6 Accum to Limit

Prepared by:                                                     Contact #
                                ***DOF USE ONLY          -     AKPAY AJ Warrant            -     DOF USE ONLY***

  Code            Amount             Base             CC               PGM                 LC

  E119        $             -

  E500        $             -

              $             -

  V800        $             -    $      -           6.13%

              $             -    $      -           0.00%

              $             -    $      -           0.00%

              $             -    $      -           0.00%

              $             -    $      -           0.00%                                                                           SBS ok

  V060        $             -                                                                                                       A7 setup

   Revised 7/10/07

    Calculate the gross overpayment; evaluate all warrants paid prior to calendar year end. PP 01 warrants are
    considered current year since they are paid in the next year.

Worksheet Entry
   Enter employee information at the top of form. Enter termination date if separated.
   Enter the total gross overpayment calculated into Overpaid Gross Wages field.
   Enter any gross amount collected in the prior year as a negative (-) amount.
   SBS and Retirement will be automatically calculated based on the Occup code and Retirement Plan entered on
   the worksheet.

    Check B4 screen to determine if employee has maxed out on SBS during the year. If maxed out, complete
    Overpayment SBS calculation worksheet to determine if SBS is applicable. If SBS is not applicable, enter 0 in
    SBS % and make a note in the comment section. Check the box on worksheet to indicate SBS max was verified.
    Include any comments on worksheet such as cashin (no PERS), etc.
    Shaded section at bottom of form is for DOF use only!

Separated employees
    Overpayments for separated employees must be taken care of immediately. Their SBS and Retirement account
    funds must be available to reduce the overpayment. TSG's/Agencies should contact Retirement & Benefits
    before notice is given to the employee. If SBS and/or Retirement accounts have been paid out to the employee,
    do not reduce the overpayment by these amounts. Enter 0 in the Retirement and/or SBS % on the worksheet.
    Check appropriate box on the worksheet whether Retirement and SBS is available. Include the date R&B was

V061 Set Up
    Once the final net amount is determined, set up a V061 deduction on the A73 screen with a positive (+) payment
    amount and a positive (+) high limit from the worksheet.
    If the employee has a prior V061 set up, check the B6 screen for V061 Accum to Limit amount and add to the
    current V061 high limit. Overpayment will not take correctly if amounts are not combined!
    If the employee repays the overpayment by personal check, end date the V061 bucket and notify DOF.

Ledger Code Set Up
    Notify the department fiscal office to set up a ledger code - 50xxxxxx (xxxxxx = employee ID # from 12 screen ).
    A ledger code must be set up in AKSAS prior to the payroll interfacing to AKSAS (usually day after down day)
    after the first deduction is taken or after DOF records the overpayment.

DOF Notification
   Immediately email the gross to net worksheet along with the audit worksheet to the DOF Overpayment desk.
   DOF will process AKPAY transactions to record the overpayment.

Complete overpayment instructions are available in the Payroll Procedures Manual, Section 13 on the DOF
Payroll web site: http://fin.admin.state.ak.us/dof/payroll_procedures_manual/ppm_toc.jsp

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