Template to Guide Curriculum Design and Course Outlines Waterloo

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					                   Template to Guide Curriculum Design and Course Outlines
                           Waterloo Community Unit School District

Grade level: ___________________ Content Area: ________________________

Part 1: What do you want the students to know and be able to do?

What is the Learning Objective / Benchmark?

 It should match one of the state benchmarks found under a State Goal in the Illinois Learning Standards.
Statement should be in the form of “The students will be able to (insert skill here) after (insert learning task here).
Don’t forget to put in the “AFTER….” part.

What State Goal are you addressing?                        Illinois Learning Standard:
                                                           Write the Illinois learning standard(s) here. You
Include Goal number and write out goal. Example:           may spell the words out, or use the appropriate # such as
Illinois State Goal 25: Know the language of the arts.     1.A.1a

Part 2: How will you know if they understood what they were supposed to be

Pre-assessment (pre-test)

•   What will you do as a pre-assessment to determine what the individual students already know about your
    essential understandings and content and skills before you start teaching? List the pre-assessment activity(s)
Performance Based Assessment:

•   What will the student DO to show what they learned? This is the final assessment for the lesson/unit you are
•   The assessment SHOULD NOT BE A WORKSHEET.
•   Be sure to include a copy of your scoring guide/rubric at the end of this document.

Part 3: What learning activities will you use to teach the objective? (What are the daily
lesson plans you will use? Be sure they increase in levels of Blooms Taxonomy and
are not all at the knowledge/comprehension level.)

Learning Activities:
Knowledge/Comprehension Level:                      Differentiation:                     Assessment:

Application/Analysis Level:                         Differentiation:                     Assessment:
                                                                                         Scoring guide (be sure to
Synthesis/Evaluation Level:                         Differentiation:                     Assessment:
                                                                                         Scoring Guide(be sure to
                          Adapted from Understanding by Design, Wiggins and McTighe, 2005

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