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					M.Sc. in HRM Learning Goals
1. Advanced HR knowledge and skills
2. Skills to manage HR with professional ethics and
   Social responsibilities
3. Knowledge and skill in research methodology
4. Global HR perspective
Human Resource Management                                                                                                 36


The 18-month part-time program            HRM Orientation
is designed for participants who          Management Residential
wish to pursue their careers at           Fundamentals of Management for HRM Practices I
the advanced level as senior              (Strategic Management and Marketing)
HR managers, consultants and
                                          Module 1       • Human Resource Management
researchers. The program consists
                                                         • Organization Behavior
of 18 required courses. This program      Module 2       • Compensation and Management of Performance Appraisal
is unique because it covers much                         • Communication Skills for Managers
more than the traditional fields of       Module 3       • Labor Relations
personnel management such as                             • Human Resource Management Information Systems
recruitment and selection, training,                     • Staffing
evaluation, and rewarding and             Module 4       • Human Resource Development
benefits. The curriculum includes                        • Organization Development and Change
interdisciplinary concepts drawn                         • Seminar in HRM
from accounting, finance, marketing,      Module 5       • Qualitative Research Techniques for Studying HRM
and operations management.                               • Quantitative Research Techniques for Studying HRM
                                          Module 6       • Human Resource Management Auditing
This track goes beyond the Graduate                      • Managing Human Capital in a Global Context/Corporate
Diploma in HRM and provides a greater                      Social Responsibility
depth of understanding of issues          Module 7       • Fundamentals of Management for HRM Practices II
involved in strategic management of HR                     (Accounting, Finance and Operation Management)
and its contribution to the competitive   Module 8       • Strategic Issues in Managing Human Capital
advantage of the firm in a changing                        International HRM Conference
environment. The participants of                         • A Management Research Study
the program will be able to:                 Total                                                           52 credits

  • acquire advanced HR knowledge         The degree is co-signed by the Society for Human Resource Management and Sasin.
    and skills that they can put to use
    immediately in their career
  • develop understanding of necessary
    business principles and management
    techniques to manage human
    capital with professional ethics
    and social responsibility
  • develop knowledge and skills in
    research methodology in identifying
    research problems, applying proven
    research methods, and planning
    for HR implementation based on
  • broaden HR perspectives and
    formulate professional networks at
    the local and international level

The intensive teaching curriculum            International HR Conference
operates on five-week “modules.”             Towards the end of the program,
The program consists of eight                all participants will take MORS 42
modules, a Management Residential            Strategic Issues in Managing Human
Program and a one-week live-in               Capital. This course will normally be
session to attend an International           organized in the United States
HR Conference abroad. Normally,              so that the participants will have
HRM participants take two-to-three           an opportunity to spend one week
courses each module. Participants            attending an International HR
are also required to conduct a thesis        conference such as SHRM Annual
or a 6-credit research project in            Conference, Global SHRM
HRM to meet the total program                Conference, or other conference as
requirement of 52 credits. A thesis or       viewed appropriate by the Sasin
research project must be submitted           HRM Academic Development
and accepted by the Research                 Committee and SHRM. Other guest
Supervisory Committee in order               lectures may be provided in addition
to fulfill the requirements for              to the presentations in the conference.
the Master’s Degree.                         A participant’s absence from
                                             the conference without acceptable
Management Residential                       cause may disqualify him/her
HRM graduate diploma and degree              from graduation.
students participate together in
the Management Residential. It is
a 3-day fun-filled trip held early in each
new academic year which highlights
opportunities for significant business
and management development
as well as providing networking
opportunities for HRM students
through leadership and team-building
                                                                                  “I am a repeat customer of Sasin. My
                                                                                  impression as a member of the HRM 2000
                                                                                  graduate diploma course convinced me to
                                                                                  come back for the Master of Science in
                                                                     HRM. Being self-sponsored, I made sure I invested my
                                                                     time and money at the right institute. The courses were
                                                                     aligned and well designed throughout the curriculum.
                                                                     I would say the program was tough but fun, made me
                                                                     more resourceful, brought me good friends and added
                                                                     value to my professionalism. In a nutshell: excellent
                                                                     return on my investment.”
                                                                     Potchanart Seebungkerd
                                                                     Graduate Diploma in HRM Class of 2000, M.Sc. Class of 2002,
                                                                     Senior Trainer/Senior Coach, APM Group,
                                                                     President, Human Capital Club Thailand
Human Resource Management                                                                                                38

DESCRIPTION OF COURSES                     IR 40 Human Resource                     and function of finance and
                                           Management (3.0)                         accounting. Participants will
IR 33 Staffing (1.5)                       This course provides an overview         develop an understanding of
This course develops the entire            of the basic functions of human          financial statements and financial
framework of human resource                resource management (manpower            ratios and their implications for
planning and recruitment. The course       planning, recruitment and selection,     HRM budgeting. The course will
deals with personnel and performance       job analysis and design, performance     also examine cost-benefit analysis
testing (including procedures              management and appraisal, training       and its application to HRM.
and data for personnel decisions)          and development, compensation
and recruitment decision strategies.       and rewards). This course analyzes       MGMT 33 Communication Skills for
This course also covers selection          the evolution of human resource          Managers (3.0)
criteria for staffing multinational        management (HRM) and the                 This course focuses on building skills
companies and overseas assignments.        development of HRM objectives            in communication and interpersonal
                                           and HRM policies.                        interactions within a management
IR 35 Human Resource Management                                                     context. Various activities give students
Auditing (3.0)                             IR 42 Labor Management Relations (3.0)   practical experience in applying
Audits of an organization’s human          This course focuses on labor             the communication concepts to
resource processes – including             legislation, including an overview       their oral and written presentations.
recruitment and selection, training        of Thai labor laws, labor unions
and development, and performance           in Thailand, collective bargaining       MGMT 41 Human Resource
appraisal – are a vital part of creating   and employee health and safety           Management Information Systems (1.5)
a cutting-edge HRM system.                 regulations. Participants analyze        This course covers the impact of trends
This course reviews measures and           real-life cases in labor management      in information technology systems
information typically used in HRM          and develop an understanding of          and technologies on human resource
audits, cost/benefit approaches to         effective tactics for different labor    information management. Participants
HRM evaluation, and analysis and           management situations.                   learn how to employ information
utilization of audit findings.                                                      technology to leverage their business
                                           MGMT 31 Fundamentals of                  and make strategic human resource
IR 36 Compensation and Management          Management for Human Resource            management decisions.
of Performance Appraisal (3.0)             Management Practices 1 (3.0)
This course covers the development         This course covers the fundamental       MGMT 68 Corporate Social
and application of appraisal programs,     concepts of management decision          Responsibility
including establishing performance         making, organization and control,        This course focuses on the issue of
standards, developing evaluation           strategic planning and marketing.        “Corporate Social Responsibility
methods and designing effective            This course examines how analysis        and the Law” observing concepts
reward systems. Participants learn         of marketing opportunities and           ranging from command and control
how to implement (and interpret)           customer insights drive business         regulation to self-regulation with
wage and salary surveys, determine         strategies and organizational            market-based approaches. This is
pay rates, adjust pay structures,          structures.                              a practical course, and will walk
and develop remuneration systems                                                    the students through practical
(merit-pay, skill-based pay, pay for       MGMT 32 Fundamentals of                  processes of these following critical
performance, etc.). The course also        Management for Human Resource            activities: identification of social
covers the impact of government            Management Practices 2 (3.0)             issues to support, selection of
regulation on incentive plans.             This course explores the implications    initiatives to support the social issues,
                                           of finance, accounting and operations    development of integrated and
                                           management for HRM. The course           strategic implementation plans, and
                                           offers an overview of the role           measurement and report outcomes.

MORS 30 Organization Behavior (3.0)         the complexities involved in leading        topic, selection of research methods
This course deals with motivation,          and managing people across borders          and a research strategy, and the
individual and group decision making,       cannot be underestimated. This class        implementation of different research
conflict, power and politics, leadership,   will have a clear focus on global issues,   techniques. It aims to explore the
job design, performance maintenance,        and will revolve around the five            concepts, data collection procedures,
the organizational environment,             domains of Global Human Capital:            and analyses of the qualitative
organization structure and design,          Strategic HR Management, Global             approach.
and emerging trends and challenges.         Talent Acquisition and Mobility,
                                            Global Compensation and Benefits,           MORS 41 Quantitative Research
MORS 35 Organization Development            Organizational Effectiveness and            Techniques for Studying Human
and Change (2.0)                            Talent Development, and Workforce           Resource Management (3.0)
This course is designed to explore          Relations and Risk Management.              This course focuses on the statistical
the organizational conditions that          Although Thai practices will be             techniques and data analysis
may impact change management                referenced, the focus will be on            methods appropriate for quantitative
effectiveness. Topics include definition    cross-border issues, particularly           human resource management
of organization development and of          some of the more frequent business          research projects. Participants learn
change management, organization             destinations in the world: The EU,          the importance of reliability,
diagnosis, the major steps in change        The U.S.A., China, India, The U.K.,         validity, and accurate measurement,
management, and managing                    and Canada.                                 and how to conduct reliable and valid
resistance to change. Several change                                                    research projects.
methods, reflecting different depths        MORS 39 Strategic Issues in Managing
of intervention will be presented.          Human Capital (4.0)                         MORS 42 Human Resource
                                            This course focuses on developing           Management Research Study (6.0)
MORS 37 Human Resource                      an understanding of the current global      Each participant is supervised by
Development (2.0)                           business environment and its impacts        the Research Supervisory Committee
This course discusses current trends        on human resource management                in developing a reliable and valid
in employee development. The course         practices. Participants participate, with   research project on a specific HR topic
focuses on the role of training in          other human resource management             of his or her interest. The course
developing employees’ knowledge and         professionals, in a major human resource    sharpens participants’ skills in
skills. This includes job analysis, needs   management seminar (in Thailand or          conducting HR research to meet
assessment, management development          abroad). This will allow participants to    the demands of the business community
program design, inventorying, training      better understand the critical domains      and to contribute to the body of
media and methods, training evaluation,     of human resource management                knowledge surrounding HRM practice.
marketing human resource development        and how HR “aligns” with other
programs, and organization entry            functional areas, and with corporate        MORS 50 Seminar in HRM (2.0)
and career development.                     strategy. The course will develop           This course is seminar-based.
                                            participants’ proficiency in assessing      Participants develop updated
MORS 38 Managing Human Capital              the impact of an organization’s strategy    knowledge of specific topics in HR
in a Global Context                         on the design of HR philosophies            including HR and a High Technology
This course will be an advanced             and programs.                               Firm, HR and Downsizing, and other
seminar on the management of human                                                      topics to be selected by the candidate
capital in global business. Frequently      MORS 40 Qualitative Research                in conjunction with a supervising
the single largest line-item investment     Techniques for Studying Human               committee. Each participant will
which enterprises make is people.           Resource Management (3.0)                   prepare a detailed literature review,
While home country socio-economic           This course covers the entire qualitative   and an analysis of his or her topic based
and political situations and laws may       research project planning process,          on published secondary sources and
be easily handled by most companies,        including development of a research         interviews with Thai-based HR experts.
Human Resource Management                                                                                                      40

The Teaching Learning Experience

All courses emphasize learning from practical experience as well as from business theories.

TEACHING STYLE                            ATTENDING CLASSES                              WORKING AS A TEAM

All courses emphasize learning from       Classes are normally scheduled                 Teamwork is an important part of
practical experience as well as from      Wednesday 18.00 - 21.15 and Saturday           the course and participants spend
business theories. Teaching methods       8.30 - 16.30. Make-up classes may              most of the time together in study,
include lectures, case studies, field     occasionally be held at other times.           social and extra-curricular activities.
studies and guest lectures. Much of the   Regular class attendance is                    Many class projects are assigned to
teaching involves case discussions or     required – participants are expected to        groups of participants, rather than to
experiential activities where students    attend all sessions of courses for which       individuals, and require significant
express their own experiences and         they are registered and will be allowed        TEAMWORK. HRM participants
opinions.                                 to take examinations only if they satisfy      typically form groups of five to seven
                                          an 80% attendance requirement.                 members with diverse academic
Case studies provide students with                                                       and/or professional backgrounds.
real-life business problems to analyze    In addition, participants should expect        Through the program, participants
and discuss in class. Teamwork,           to spend at least 15 hours per week in         learn how to work effectively with
group assignments, and participation      out-of-class study. Study groups and           others, enhance their skills in working
in class discussions are strong           teamwork are essential to the HRM              as part of a team, and develop
features of the Sasin HRM.                experience. Participants can expect            personal friendships and life-long
                                          informal group meeting once or twice           networking.
                                          a week to work on case studies.
                                          Individual assignments are also required.

                                                                                      “Sasin has diligently provided me with
                                                                                    knowledge, comparative experience and
                                                                                    tools with which I feel better equipped
                                                                                    to face the respective challenges
                                                                     awaiting in the future. Our class has grown to
                                                                     capitalize on opportunities, better be able to respond
                                                                     to difficulties, and understand the perceptions of
                                                                     Jo han Arvling
                                                                     Graduate Diploma HRM Class of 2002,
                                                                     Research Officer, United Nations

FACULTY                              GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS                       CAREER OPPORTUNITIES

The Graduate Diploma and Master      To be qualified to complete the               At a practical level, graduates with
of Science in Human Resource         Graduate Diploma in HRM Program,              a Diploma in HRM can pursue
Management programs are taught       students have to achieve an average           a wide variety of positions in both
by Sasin faculty members, visiting   grade of at least 2.0.                        public and private sectors such as
professors and HR experts and                                                      a generalist human resource,
practitioners recommended by         For the Master of Science in HRM              recruitment officer, training officer,
the Society for Human Resource       Program, to qualify for graduation,           compensation officer, organization
Management. They are scholars        students have to achieve an average           development officer, etc.
well-know for their work on human    grade of at least 3.0, complete
resource development and labor       the research project, and attend              Graduates with the Master’s degree
economics in Thailand and            the International HRM Seminar as              in HRM are qualified for a wide
the region. See Faculty section      required by the course MORS 39                range of positions including
page 60.                             Strategic Issues in Managing                  specialist or senior professional
                                     Human Capital.                                in any of HR functions, HR policy
                                                                                   analysts for government sector, and
                                     The symbols A, B, C, D and F are              academic positions in universities.
                                     used at Sasin to indicate the quality         Alternatively, graduates can advance
                                     of academic achievement. Students             to positions that are even broader
                                     must make up any F grade by                   in scope and no longer associated
                                     registering for that same course              specifically with HRM, such as
                                     whenever it is next offered.                  organizational consultant or general
                                     The grade F will be recorded as such          manager.
                                     on the permanent record card.

                                                        “Sharing and learning are positively correlated in
                                                       the Sasin environment. What you learn is usable
                                                       in the workplace-course ambience is a balance of
                                                       practical business sense and academic theory.
                                         A bond among classmates and faculty members develops
                                         naturally throughout the program and the relationships do not
                                         end with the curriculum.”
                                         Patchara Po paitoo n
                                         M.Sc. Class of 2002
Human Resource Management                                                                                                                                                                      42

Meet Your HRM Class

The program brings together experienced HR managers and professionals who wish to further
develop their HRM knowledge and enhance their current capabilities, and managers from a variety
of other business areas whose career growth requires that they become firmly grounded in all
aspects of HRM. They come from an impressive array of private and public companies as well as
state agencies and state enterprises.

PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS                                                  • Combined Insurance (Thailand) Ltd.                                            • Nestle (Thailand) Ltd.

                                                                             • Diethelm Travel (Thailand) Ltd.                                               • Nidec Copal (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • ACE Insurance Ltd.                                                       • Effem Foods (Thailand)                                                        • Nippon Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Adecco Recruitment Ltd.                                                  • Fabrinet Co., Ltd.                                                            • Petronas Retail (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Alcon Laboratories (Thailand)                                            • Finnair                                                                       • Prudential TS Life Assurance
    Co., Ltd.                                                                • Government Pension Fund                                                       • SGS (Thailand) Ltd.
  • Anit Group Co., Ltd.                                                     • Kenwood Electronics (Thailand)                                                • Siam Commercial Bank Pcl.
  • Ansell (Thailand) Ltd.                                                     Co., Ltd.                                                                     • Siam Motors Co., Ltd.
  • Bangkok Hospital                                                         • Mattel Bangkok Ltd.                                                           • Siam Samsung Life Insurance
  • Bank of Ayudhaya Pcl.                                                    • Millward Brown Firefly Co., Ltd.                                                Co., Ltd.
  • Bank of Thailand                                                         • Ministry of Finance Malaysia                                                  • Thaan Aoan Co., Ltd.
  • Berli Jucker Pcl.                                                        • Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd.                                                    • Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Capsugel (Thailand)                                                      • NDC Global Services (Thailand)                                                • The Minor Food Group Pcl.
  • Citibank, N.A.                                                             Co., Ltd.                                                                     • The Oriental Bangkok Hotel
  • CLP Power (Thailand) Ltd.                                                • Ness Pro (Thailand) Co., Ltd.                                                 • Wall Street Institute

                                                                                                                   “In HRM class, I have learned not only
                                                                                                                   how to run HR jobs more strategically,
                                                                                                                   but also how to understand and work
                                                                                                                   with others better. Outside the class,
                                                                                                    Sasin gave me a great oportunity to network with
                                                                                                    others, such as MBA and EMBA students, through
                                                                                                    lots of fun and meaningful activities.”
                                                                                                    Supatra Jongthiengtrong
                                                                                                    Graduate Diploma in HRM Class of 2001,
                                                                                                    Senior Internal OD Consultant, APM Group

                “Sasin’s M.Sc. program has made me
                realize that we as HR practitioners must
                understand the strategic role of human
                capital management and how it affects
  the way we recruit, retain and develop talent within
  an organization today”
  Suvit Chansrichawla
  Graduate Diploma in HRM Class of 1998, M.Sc. Class of 2002,
  AVP, HRIS Project Manager,
  Siam Commercial Bank Public Co., Ltd.


54% Male
46% Female
46% Students with advanced degree
    Average age 36
    Average years of work
    experience 12

                                    Type of
Undergraduate Major                 Represented                       Management Level                Financial Support

    8% Accounting                                                        8% Entrepreneur
    8% Business Studies                  23% Consulting
                                                                         23% Upper-middle to Senior
   15% Economic
                                         15% Financial Institutions
   15% Engineering                                                                                       92% Self-supported
                                          8% Government
    8% Science & Technology
                                         15% Manufacturing
                                                                         54% Middle
                                          8% Research

   46% Social Sciences
       & Humanities                      23% Services

                                                                         15% First-line                   8% Organization
                                          8% Trading
Human Resource Management                                                                                                  44


ELIGIBILITY                                    English Proficiency Test/TOEFL           Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
                                               Proficiency in reading, listening,       All M.Sc. applicants must take the
Applications from graduates of                 and speaking English is necessary.       GRE general test. The GRE General
all fields who have at least three years       Classes and group work require           Test measures skills that are acquired
of work experience after receiving             strong language skills. All non-native   over a long period of time and are not
their first degree are welcomes.               English speaking applicants are          related to any specific field of study.
Assessment of international degrees            required to take the English             The skills measured are in three
is based on the characteristics of             Proficiency Test which is scheduled      areas: verbal reasoning, quantitative
the national system of education,              in March at Sasin. (See details on       reasoning, critical thinking and
the type of institution attended,              key dates) Applicants may submit         analytical writing. All three sections
and the level of studies completed.            the scores report on TOEFL iBT           are delivered in a computer adaptive
                                               (Internet-based Testing) or TOEFL CBT    format. GRE scores are valid for five
ADMISSIONS CRITERIA                            (Computer-based Testing) and be          years. Applicants must arrange to
                                               exempted from the Sasin English          have their GRE results reported
Selection is based on the Admissions           Proficiency Test.                        directly to the Sasin Admissions
Committee’s careful evaluation of the                                                   Office by Educational Testing Service
applicant’s academic history, English          The ITP TOEFL test evaluates             (ETS). Sasin’s school code is 9318.
Proficiency Test results or TOEFL,             students’ knowledge of English           It is suggested that the GRE be
GRE test scores (M.Sc. applicants only),       at the intermediate to advanced          taken early in the year. The test is
recommendations, work experience,              levels of English language studies.      administered throughout the year,
interviews and commitment to                   The questions in each section are        locally, at IIE, and at locations
complete the program.                          in multiple-choice format with four      throughout the world. For more
                                               possible answers per question.           details, please visit www.gre.org.
In the selection process, the Admissions       There are three sections in the test:
Committee evaluates the applicant’s            Listening Comprehension, Structure       To register for the GRE examination,
academic ability, personal character,          and Written Expression, and Reading      please contact Regional Registration
motivation, leadership ability,                Comprehension.                           Center (RRC) in Kuala Lumpur,
interpersonal skills, work experience                                                   Malaysia at www.prometric.com.
and management potential by                                                             The local test center is at
carefully appraising the following:                                                     PROMETRIC Testing Center,
                                                                                        6th Floor, Maneeya Center North,
                                                                                        518/3 Ploenchit Road, Bangkok 10330,
                                                                                        Thailand Tel.: +66 2652 0653
                                                                                        or iiethai@bkk.iie.org.

                    “I really enjoyed my precious time at Sasin, especially
                                                                                        The GRE test must be taken no later
                    with professors and friends from HR, EMBA and MBA.
                    The knowledge I gained from Sasin is the tremendous asset           than January 31 to be eligible for
                    supporting my working life. As the winner of the costume            invitation to an admission interview
    competition on Halloween Day 2001, we were proud to join many exciting              in March.
    activities all year round.”
    Kanokwan Limcharoen
    Graduate Diploma in HRM Class of 2001, M.Sc. Class of 2003,
    Human Resources Coordinator, ACROHELIPRO Global Services Inc.

Interviews                               The written application is carefully      Letter of Corporate Sponsorship
Interviews are required for admission    examined by the Admissions                A written approval for attendance in
to the Graduate Diploma and              Committee. Each part of the               HRM program as well as confirmation
the Master of Science program.           application should be carefully,          of sponsorship from the sponsoring
Interviews, conducted by the Sasin       thoroughly and honestly completed         organization is required of those who
Admissions Committee (made up of         by the applicant. Applications that       will receive support.
Sasin Faculty and Sasin HRM alumni),     are incomplete cannot be evaluated.
are normally scheduled at Sasin          While the Admissions Office will          Timing and Application Deadline
in March. The interview is used to       attempt to inform applicants if           The Sasin Admissions Committee
provide additional insight into          information is missing, it is up to       begins reviewing applications
the applicant’s ability and desire       each applicant to ensure that his or      for May admission in January.
to complete the HRM program.             her application is complete.              All completed applications must be
Interviews also provide an opportunity                                             received by February 28 each year to
for applicants to discuss the HRM        Academic Transcripts                      be ready for the Sasin Admissions
program and raise questions of           An official transcript from each          Committee’s review. However,
concern to them. Interviews will be      college/university or professional        applicants are strongly urged to
arranged and conducted only after        school previously attended is required.   submit their applications before
the application and all supporting       Transcripts must be in English and        the deadline.
documents have been submitted to         prepared by the issuing institution.
the Admissions Office.                   If the institution will not provide       Notification
                                         a translation, translations from          Notification of admission decisions
THE APPLICATION                          the embassy or consulate of               are normally mailed to the applicants
                                         the institution’s country or its          by March 28.
An application form for the Graduate     designated agent are acceptable.
Diploma and Master of Science            Copies of transcript and degree           VISITING SASIN
programs, together with the program      certificate are required of all
bulletin, can be obtained throughout     applicants prior to the admission         Prospective students are encouraged
the year from the Admissions Office,     interview.                                to visit Sasin at any time throughout
or online as a PDF document                                                        the year. Each year Sasin hosts HRM
(www.sasin.edu/programs/hrm).            Letters of Recommendation                 Information Sessions for interested
                                         Two letters of recommendation             individuals to learn more about
Each completed application must be       are required, from peers and/or           the Sasin HRM programs.
accompanied by:                          supervisors who know the applicant        Please see the dates on Sasin website
                                         well, preferably from someone within      at www.sasin.edu or contact the
  • Academic transcript and copies of    the applicant’s current/or previous       Admissions Office for more details at
    degree certificates                  organization. The most helpful            +66 2218 3851, +66 2218 3857,
  • GRE (M.Sc. applicants only)          recommendations demonstrate               or admissions@sasin.edu.
  • Two letters of recommendation        an awareness of the applicant’s
  • Letter of corporate sponsorship,     management potential.
    if not self-financed
  • Honor Code Covenant
  • Non-refundable application fee of
    Baht 1,200

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