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					November 18, 2010

Kishwaukee College is seeking proposals from qualified Construction Managers to provide pre-
construction, construction, and occupancy phase services for their Campus-Wide Expansion Program.

        In November 2010, the voters of Community College District 523 approved a bond referendum in
        the amount of $52.6M to expand and renovate the College’s facilities on its main campus in
        Malta, Illinois.

        2        PROJECT DESCRIPTION
        In order to respond to the educational needs of the community in accordance with the College’s
        Master Plan, Kishwaukee College intends to implement the following projects:

        Project                                Construction Cost      Begin Const.      Complete Const.
        Student Services Center                   $22.5M              June 2011         December 2012
        Campus Operations Building                $ 7.0M              June 2011         June 2012
        Renovations to Existing Buildings         $17.8M              January 2013      December 2013
        Site Infrastructure Work                   $11.0M             April 2011        August 2012

        In order to sequence the overall scope of work in a manner which will allow the College to
        continue to serve the educational needs of the community throughout the construction process, the
        above projects will be implemented in a phased approach as indicated above. A preliminary
        phasing plan has been developed; however, review and confirmation by the CM will be required.

        Additionally, it is the College’s goal to design the Student Services Center to minimum LEED
        Silver certification standards and to obtain LEED certification from the USGBC. The CM will be
        expected to work with the A/E team throughout the entire process to assist in achieving this goal.

        3       RFP PROCESS

        3.1     Pre-proposal Conference
                A pre-proposal conference will be held at 9:30 am on December 1, 2010 in Room A225
                at the Main Campus in Malta. A brief presentation will be made by Kishwaukee College
                and the Architect to outline the project scope followed by an opportunity to ask questions
                related to the project.

        3.2     RFP submission requirements
                Respondents to this proposal shall submit ten (10) copies of their submittal containing all
                requested information. Responses must be received by no later than 3:00 PM, local
                time, December 13, 2010, to Room B200d at Kishwaukee College, 21193 Malta Road,
                Malta, Illinois 60150.     Attention: Rob Galick, Vice President of Finance &

       3.3      Anticipated project schedule
                ∞       Issue RFQ                                     November 18, 2010
                ∞       Pre-Proposal Conference                       December 1, 2010
                ∞       Proposal Submission Date                      December 13, 2010
                ∞       Notification of Shortlisted Firms             December 17, 2010
                ∞       Interview Dates                               January 3-4, 2011
                ∞       Award of Contract                             January 11, 2011

       3.4      No communication clause

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                   With the exception of the pre-proposal conference, communication regarding this RFQ
                   with any Kishwaukee College employee, consultant or contractor is prohibited. Attempts
                   at communications could be grounds for disqualification.

          The Construction Manager’s scope of work shall include all or part of the following list of
          services. Prior to awarding a contract for these services, the College reserves the right to modify
          this scope of work in order to adequately address their needs.

    4.3    Pre-construction Phase Services

              4.3.1        Administration
                       The Construction Manager shall participate in a Kick-Off Meeting to understand the
                       goals and objectives of the entire program as well as the working relationship and
                       responsibilities of each team member (Owner, A/E, CM). The CM shall attend and
                       participate in all design phase team meetings. The CM shall prepare a site logistics
                       and utilization plan for review by the Owner.

              4.3.2        Estimating
                       The Construction Manager shall provide detailed project estimates at the following
                       stages of document completion:
              ∞        100% Schematic Document (Renovation Work Only)
              ∞        100% Design Document (Renovation Work Only)
              ∞        50% Construction Documents (All Projects)
              ∞        90% Construction Documents (All Projects)
                       Estimates should provide quantities and unit prices for each item of work where

              4.3.3        Scheduling
                       Develop a detailed CPM master project schedule in cooperation with Kishwaukee
                       College and the A/E immediately upon award. This schedule should be developed
                       using a nationally recognized computerized scheduling program. The schedule
                       should be updated at minimum one-month intervals during the pre-construction

              4.3.4        Value Engineering/Constructability Reviews
                       Provide value engineering and constructability reviews in conjunction with the above
                       project estimates and make recommendations including relative cost implications of
                       each facet of design, suggestions regarding alternative products and construction
                       methods, and economic comparisons to ensure the cost effectiveness of each
                       component of the project.

              4.3.5       Safety
                       Develop a project specific safety plan to be incorporated into all bidding documents.

              4.3.6        Purchasing
                       In conjunction with the College, the CM shall prepare, develop and distribute all bid
                       packages including project specific general and supplementary conditions items. It is
                       presently envisioned that the CM will not hold the trade contracts. The CM will
                       conduct pre and post bid meetings with trade contractors to ensure that all bids are
                       complete and fully responsive. The CM will receive and analyze contractor bids and
                       make award recommendations to owner. The CM will award contracts and purchase
                       orders as approved by the owner. Coordinate the identification and ordering of long
                       lead items to be incorporated into the project.

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4.4 Construction Phase Services

       4.4.1        General Administration
               Maintain a competent and sufficient number of full-time field staff to administer the
               work of each project and coordinate and supervise the work. The CM shall conduct
               weekly meetings with the project team and all trade contractors. Prepare and
               distribute meeting minutes to all parties.

       4.4.2        Trade Contractor Supervision/Coordination
               Supervise and coordinate the efforts of all trade contractors and suppliers to ensure
               that cost, quality, safety and all other goals of the project are met or exceeded.

       4.4.3       Schedule
               Solicit and incorporate trade contractor input into the project schedule. Manage all
               trade contractors to ensure milestone and final completion dates are met. Develop
               recovery schedules when critical path or milestone dates are or may be negatively
               impacted. Update the overall schedule monthly for incorporation into monthly

       4.4.4       Quality Control
               Inspect all materials and installations to ensure that the plans, specifications and
               quality control goals of the project are being met or exceeded. Maintain a Quality
               Control Log to track quality issues as they are identified. Log should track dates
               items are identified, corrected and trade contractor responsibility.

       4.4.5       Safety
               Monitor and enforce project Safety Program. Ensure compliance with all local, state
               and federal safety regulations. Incorporate appropriate information into monthly

       4.4.6       Reporting/Communication
               On monthly basis prepare a detailed project report updating owner with pertinent
               cost, schedule, safety, quality and other pertinent project facts. Maintain a daily log
               of all construction activities and a photographic log of the project’s progress.
               Develop and maintain computerized information management systems to monitor
               costs, requests for information, change order status, submittals and all other project

       4.4.7       Project Accounting
               On monthly basis, gather all trade contractor and supplier invoices and summarize
               into overall project billing in a format acceptable to the Owner. Make
               recommendations for payments to trade contractors and suppliers. Review, negotiate
               and recommend action regarding all trade contractor change order requests prior to
               submission to architect and owner for review. Continuously incorporate changes into
               overall project budget to maintain an accurate estimate of total project costs. Obtain
               appropriate insurance certificates from all trade contractors and suppliers.

       4.4.8       Requests for Information/Submittals
               Review and forward to Architect and/or Owner all trade contractor requests for
               information and submittals. Maintain a date sensitive computerized log of all such
               documents indicating current status of each item.

       4.4.9       General Conditions

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                    The Construction Manager shall be responsible for the performance and
                    administration of all general conditions work on the project.

         4.4.10         Permits/Inspections
                    Coordinate all necessary local, state and federal permits, inspections and certificates
                    of occupancy for the new facility.

         4.4.11        Self Performance
                    The Construction Manager will not be allowed to self perform any portion of the

4.5 Occupancy Services

         4.5.1         Punchlist
                    Coordinate the final punchlist incorporating items from the Architect and Owner.
                    Administer completion of all items therein with responsible trade contractors.

         4.5.2          O&M Manuals/As-Builts
                    Prepare and turn over to Owner O&M manuals for all equipment. Throughout the
                    project maintain an accurate set of as-built documents for the owner incorporating all
                    aspects of the construction.

         4.5.3          Training/Start up
                    Coordinate equipment training for appropriate owner staff to ensure smooth
                    transition of building operation. Administer start up and testing of all equipment by
                    manufacturer’s representatives.

         4.5.4          Warranty
                    Obtain appropriate guarantees and warranties from all applicable trade contractors
                    and suppliers. Provide copies of same to owner. Enforce provisions of warranties and
                    guarantees with appropriate parties.


   5.3       The Construction Manager shall provide minimum project staffing according to the

            5.3.1       Project Executive (part time) - Individual should have at least 15 years of
                        management experience having been Project Executive on a minimum of 5
                        projects of similar complexity.

            5.3.2       Project Manager (full time) – Individual should have at least 15 years of
                        project management experience with projects of similar complexity.

            5.3.3       Superintendent(s) (full time) - Individuals should have at least 15 years of
                        management experience with projects of similar complexity.

            5.3.4       Project Engineer(s) (full time) - Individual should have at least 5 years of
                        management experience with projects of similar complexity.

            5.3.5       Sustainable Specialist (part time) – Individual must be a LEED Accredited
                        Professional (as recognized by the USGBC) with experience working as a
                        Sustainable Specialist on at least three projects.

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                5.3.6    Other staff as necessary to administer purchasing, accounting, clerical and other
                         duties as required.

        The proposer shall submit the following information in the order and format indicated below.

        6.3      COVER LETTER - Two page maximum
                 Provide a cover letter introducing your firm and proposal.

        6.4      COMPANY OVERVIEW - Two page maximum
                 Provide an overview of the company detailing the total number of professional staff, the
                 history of the company, a list of available services, the percentage of work completed as a
                 construction manager, the ownership structure and the office responsible for this project
                 at a minimum.

        6.5      CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE - Twelve page maximum
                 Provide examples of project types which you feel best represent your firm’s ability to
                 adequately provide CM services for the projects proposed by Kishwaukee College.
                 Include project size and description, type of construction management used, design phase
                 involvement and all other pertinent project facts. Include the client, architectural and
                 engineering firms associated with each of these projects as a reference. (provide five
                 examples minimum).

        6.6      KEY PROJECT PERSONNEL - Ten page maximum
                 Provide resumes and references for project staff to be assigned to this project. At a
                 minimum include those persons listed in Section 5 above and include an organizational
                 diagram depicting the relationship between the staff ,the Owner, and the Architect.

        6.7      MANAGEMENT APPROACH
                 Provide your approach to the management of the following CM services as well as the
                 advantages of including these services within the CM’s scope of services.
                6.7.1    Cost Control/Value Engineering - Two pages maximum
                6.7.2    Constructability Review - One page maximum
                6.7.3    Schedule - Two page maximum
                6.7.4    Site Logistics – One page maximum
                6.7.5    Quality Control - One page maximum
                6.7.6    Safety - One page maximum.
                6.7.7    Partnering/Teamwork - One page maximum
                6.7.8    Communications Management - Two page maximum
                6.7.9    Purchasing - One page maximum
                6.7.10 Sustainable Design Integration/LEED Certification – One page maximum

        6.8      INSURANCE & BONDING - One page maximum
                 Provide insurance information and limit. Indicate limit of bonding capacity as well as
                 instances of bonding company utilization by client in the past five years.

        6.9      OTHER PERTINENT INFORMATION - Two pages maximum
                 Include all other pertinent information that the proposer would like Kishwaukee College
                 to consider. The proposal contents should be limited to the information included in items
                 6.1 through 6.6

Thank you for interest in Kishwaukee College.

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