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                                                   Enterprise GIS Solutions for Government
                                                   Government agencies have spent years capturing massive amounts of geospatial data for such diverse uses as tax
                                                   mapping, zoning, crime analysis, demographic studies, routing and dispatching, and land use planning.
                                                   However, most of this data is in a variety of information systems that are not integrated, making it difficult to
                                                   access. Critical government services that affect all of us increasingly depend on having “geospatial data on

                                                                                       Data Management and the Information Infrastructure
                                                                                       Over the last few years, enterprises of all kinds have radically shift-
                                                                                       ed the focus of their information management technologies. For
                                                                                       • They are collecting data at an awesome and ever-accelerating
                                                                                       rate, largely a result of deploying increasingly powerful electronic
                                                                                       acquisition equipment.
                                                                                       • They need to store and retrieve this data efficiently, and make it
                                                                                       accessible to all users, enterprise-wide.
                                                                                       • They must distribute data across multiple databases and hard-
                                                                                       ware platforms, in both multiuser and client/server networked
              GIS is fast becoming an integral part of the IT infrastructure           • They must maintain data integrity and security.
              at all levels of government—federal, state, city, and county.            • Because both GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and MIS
                                                                                       (Management Information Systems) applications need to share
              The benefits of bringing spatial information into the open sys-          data, enterprises can no longer define data in proprietary data
              tems world are enormous: Distributed, multi-user access.                 structures or strand it on application-specific islands; it needs to
                                                                                       be integrated and shared.
              Portable performance. Data integrity. Back-up and recovery.

              Security access control. Standard query language. Agencies               Any Client, Any Server, Any Data, Anywhere
                                                                                       As the information superhighway illustrates the promise of deliv-
              will be able to share spatial databases, minimizing costs and
                                                                                       ering new types of information to the desktop, database manage-
              fostering a generation of repeatable solutions.                          ment systems can no longer focus only on structured data. Text,
                                                                                       sound, image, and video are all part of the information landscape.
                                                                                       Storing complex data like spatial data will allow us to solve prob-
                                                                                       lems that were previously overwhelming.

                                                                                       In fact, many users are demanding a single database repository
                                                                                       that can handle all types of data with the same query capacities.
                                                                                       They want to model spatial data in the same way as attribute data,
                                                                                       independent of how the data is processed. They want a flexible
                                                                                       data structure, and a simple way to make changes to the data
                                                                                       model. This data structure would not need to segregate spatial
                                                                                       and attribute data due to constraints in indexing or access mecha-

K        Enabling the Information Age   ™

                                                                                       The ideal solution is an enterprise-wide information infrastructure
0                                                                                      that includes a single database system for managing spatial data,
                                                                                       with a data structure that is independent of the application.
         Enabling the Information Age   ™

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Enterprise GIS Solutions for Government Open Systems Benefits

Bringing Spatial Data to the Enterprise                               Development Productivity
Oracle Universal Server allows government agencies to cost-effec-     Oracle Designer/2000, Developer/2000, & Discoverer/2000
tively manage all types of information—tabular, text, image,          provide the most complete set of development and end-user tools
video, audio, and geospatial—in a standard relational database.       for rapid application design, development and deployment. Oracle
Traditional GIS users gain access to full-function spatial informa-   WebSystem makes it possible to develop secure database-enabled
tion systems based on industry standards with an open interface to    World Wide Web applications that produce dynamic Web pages.
their data. Government agencies can spatially-enable their familiar   With these tools, systems that traditionally took months or years
database applications. Organizations using GIS and MIS technolo-      to implement now can be deployed in days or weeks.
gy can merge their data stores—delivering applications that meet
the increasingly demanding analysis and reporting needs of a                                         nnnnnnnnnnnnn

growing geospatial user community.                                                                         nnnnnnnnnnnnn


Single Database Repository
Oracle Spatial Data Option (SDO), a powerful extension to the                  Applications          Code                                  Design
Oracle Universal Server, breaks new ground in managing spatial
data. By using SDO alone or in combination with third-party           High Availability
middleware, Oracle provides an elegant methodology to operate on      Oracle Universal Server allows database instances to run on
and maintain spatial data. Spatial Data Option solves two critical    multiple nodes. If one node becomes unavailable, users on the
problems: how to efficiently and simply store, access, and manage     remaining nodes can continue to work while users on the failed
different types of data in a single database, and how to improve      node can switch to another node and continue processing. The
performance for very large spatial databases holding gigabytes of     remaining nodes automatically recover committed work on the
data. This reduces processing overhead and eliminates the com-        failed node without intervention from the database administrator,
plexity of synchronizing disparate data stores.                       minimizing downtime for users and ensuring the integrity of
                                                                      mission-critical data.
          Visualization &                 Middleware
          Analysis Tools

         Spatial and Attribute Data   Spatial Data Option

Exploiting All Architectures
"Any data, any time, anywhere" means you shouldn't have to
wonder if your computing platform will be supported. Oracle
software runs on machines from the desktop to the data center,        Systems Management
from the palmtop to the teraflop.                                     Offering the most manageable database for the heterogeneous
                                                                      enterprise, Oracle Enterprise Manager is a family of next genera-
                                                                      tion tools for managing systems, databases, networks and applica-
                                                                      tions. The client/server architecture, both scalable and light-

  PC     Workgroup          SMP       Cluster    MPP Mainframe
weight, consists of a centralized Console, common services, and        Data Warehousing
intelligent Agents that trigger necessary events when predefined       The Oracle Warehouse gives you everything you need to turn data into
threshold levels are met.                                              a strategic resource, including advanced parallel database technology, a
                                                                       broad selection of data warehouse tools, packaged warehousing applica-
                                                                       tions, consulting services, and the widest choice of hardware and third-
                                                                       party tools available. The Oracle Warehouse breaks the barriers of
                                                                       existing data warehouse offerings by enabling access to all information,
                                                                       on any scale, in any form, wherever it exists.


     Secure — Install — Configure — Track — Tune

Collaborative Computing                                                                                                                               Analysis (OLAP)
Oracle InterOffice Suite is a breakthrough software product that       Multimedia
puts universal data at the fingertips of every user. Tightly           The Oracle Video Server Option enables interactive training,
integrating multimedia data, World Wide Web access, and the            kiosks, multimedia catalogs, and other powerful video-based
latest messaging, workflow and document management                     applications. The Oracle Video Server stores, manages, and
technology, Oracle InterOffice Suite enables companies to cost-        delivers high-resolution, full-screen video and high-fidelity audio
effectively deploy next generation mission-critical applications       from a server to a client over a network. You can develop dynamic
across thousands of networked database servers without having a        applications that incorporate rich multimedia data using a variety
systems administrator at every site.                                   of Oracle and third party development tools.
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                                                                            nnnnnnnnnnnnnj jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
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                                                                                                                                               Text       Video    Spatial
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                                                                                    jjjjjjjjjjjjjj          jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
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                                                                       Distributed Computing
              Workflow — Document Management                           Today's government worker lives in a distributed computing
                                                                       world. Oracle technology includes Oracle Mobile Agents for
Large Scale Transaction Processing                                     disconnected "nomadic" computing, as well as naming,
Only Oracle has the technology today to deliver systems that support   authentication, gateways, and replication technology.
tens of thousands of users and hundreds of transactions per second.
Oracle continues to set the pace with industry-leading online
transaction processing (OLTP) benchmarks, improved resource
efficiency such as memory utilization, code path optimizations,
and compiled triggers & parallel server enhancements.

                                                                       Naming, Authentication, Gateways, Replication, Nomadic Computing
Enterprise GIS Solutions for Government Real World Solutions

Nassau County: Access From All Levels Of Government                              Utah Transit Authority: Optimizing Public Transportation
Oracle is at the heart of one of the largest and most comprehensive              The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) provides a sophisticated bus
GIS systems used by a local government in the U.S. For Nassau                    system to a five county area of Utah, including Salt Lake, Davis,
County, NY, ESRI (Redlands, CA) will deploy its software along                   and Utah County. The Planning and Training Departments have
with Oracle’s powerful database management system to provide                     been using MapInfo (Troy, NY) exclusively for many years for the
the necessary data access, replication, security, data distribution,             planning and maintenance of their routing to ensure that cus-
efficiency, and disaster recovery services to meet the needs of coun-            tomers have bus stops within walking distance of their homes.
ty workers at all levels. 340 users in Eight County departments,                 Oracle is being integrated across the enterprise with the MapInfo-
including the County Executive Office, Assessment, Fire                          based routing system to enable integration of disparate data stores
Commission, General Services, Health, Planning, Police and                       and to optimize public bus transportation as the need for bus
Public Works, will have GIS at their fingertips in the initial                   routes increases.

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                                          USA                                               To offer our customers the most complete and effective information
                                                                                            management solutions, Oracle Corporation offers its products along
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                                          3 Bethesda Metro Center, Suite 1400               in more than 90 countries.
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