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									Utilities Council of IFMA
Spring Meeting, Roundtable
Facilitator – Jean Sayles, OPPD

Q. Ken Scott, Westar Energy – Business Recovery Plans, What expectations do you
establish for your Business Units?
     Diane Covert, Austin Power - just beginning theirs
     Jean Sayles, OPPD - has a plan (suggestions include breakdowns in small
        incremental timeframes 2 hours, etc. Determine, what do you need to do to get
        FM and IS functional to support infrastructure in other organizations). Local Fire
        Department should be part of the drills.
     Jackie Parks, TVA – also has a plan
     Steve Day, PacifiCorp -- Selected a single location w/125 seats, seats assigned
        based on of level priority.
     Frank Baca, Duke Energy – uses a “BIA” or Business Impact Analysis Tool –
        Business assessment tool includes risk assessment of what are the real impacts.
        This criteria is then given to FM for implementation plan to be developed that
        meets the identified need. Also consider impacts of disasters for individual areas
        – mail, cafeteria, etc. for isolated incidents
     Curtis Slife, FM Solutions – Mock trial included Local Fire Department. Fire
        Department identified the following:
            o MSDS Sheets for the building should be available outside the building
            o Only drawing they were concerned about was the Structural
     Rick Carrithers, DTE Energy -- Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan
            o Provided plans on disc to the local Fire Departments, also provides the
                MSDS sheets and plans and performs annual walk-downs.
     John Crawford, WE Energies -- Emergency priorities identified through a review
        of the Operating Groups via questionnaire. The questionnaire solicits information
        from organizations regarding resources needed 0-2 days, 2-10 days, and beyond.

Q. Rick Book, Mid American Energy Company -- Who has their Business Continuity
plans accessible through their companies IntraNet? (Approximately 5)
     Approximately 5 companies indicated that their company does provide access to
       the Business Continuity plan through the IntraNet

Q. Diane Covert, Austin Energy, Do you have outsourced contracts to support
construction services in the face of Disaster Recovery?
    Alan Urda, TECO has blanket contract agreements for pre-qualified contractors
       for all services
    Vesna Nickolich, Nevada Power Company– Contact list for leasing Property
       Management Groups
    Jean Sayles, OPPD – Hotel across the street and Real Estate Companies
           o List of contract/vendor list for quick reference on phone numbers, etc.
           o Checklist is critical
    Frank Baca, Duke Energy – When developing disaster recovery plan, suggests
       that you require that your vendors have a business continuity plan. Needs to be a
       quick and easy reference for anyone to enact vs based on an individual’s position.

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3/7/2011 and 4/19/2005
Utilities Council of IFMA
Spring Meeting, Roundtable
Facilitator – Jean Sayles, OPPD

Q. John Crawford, WE Energies -- How many have a full time Business Continuity
    14 out of 27 Companies responded that they do have a full time Business
      Continuity Coordinator.
    Duke has 2 Full time

Q. Ken Beler, Entergy Inc., Who has a set of definitions for Facilities Assessments
    Curtis Slife, FM Solutions has a defined priority system
          o Suggested definitions from TVA Facilities Assets Preservation (FAP)
              Program, and
          o Software called Builder, for estimating. Software was developed from
              Civil Engineers and cost about $500 (includes, Roofer, Paver, etc.)
    Jackie Parks, TVA – The TVA (FAP Program) Facilities Asset Preservation
      Program is managed and funded at Valley Wide Level for all Strategic Business
      Units and is organized into 5 Major Categories (Building Envelop, Architectural
      Systems, Building Systems, Coatings, Roads/Parking/Grounds). Priority by
      Category is established using criteria established and involves discussion across
      Strategic Business Units. Criteria established provides for evaluation of 1)
      Priority of Importance of the Asset (Mission critical, safety, regulatory, public
      image), 2) Functionality of the Asset (“wear & tear” assessment), and 3) Risk or
      Impact of Failure (Health & Safety, Business Operations, Productivity,
      Environmental, Image). More detailed definitions can be shared.
    Chuck Hanson, NIPSCO – Building Type, Number of People, Mission Critical
    Frank Baca, Duke Energy Corporation – Program identifies budgeting for priority
      projects 1-12.
          o Presents identified projects in budget year with risk assessment and
              documented budgeting process.
          o They act as a trusted advisory in the budgetary process and provide full
              risk assessment to those approving budget. They also require decision
              makers to be accountable through documentation and signature on risk
              assessments provided.
          o List of projects is projected for approximately 5 years that has allowed for
              moving ahead with projects when additional funding was made available
              by other operating groups.
    Steve Day, PacifiCorp -- List of projects (dynamic) Steering committee
      comprised of members of the Business Units.
          o Every month, evaluated by the Steering committee and review anything
              over $20,000.
          o The process has facilitated support in protecting and acquiring funding.
    Lenny Kimball, Queststar Gas -- Uses NPV of the Real Estate to help make
      decision on if best option is to repair or sale/buy new.
    Rick Carrithers, DTE Energy -- Operational VP reviews to decide priority.
    Curtis Slife, FCI (Facilities Condition Index) becomes a good tool to determine
      next approach and priority.

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3/7/2011 and 4/19/2005
Utilities Council of IFMA
Spring Meeting, Roundtable
Facilitator – Jean Sayles, OPPD

Q. Rick Book, Mid American Energy Company -- How many Companies have set their
compliance for NERC Cyber 1200 Standards NERC Standards?
    Few responded
    Ken Scott, Westar – A team included Facilities, IT Security, Security, Sponsoring
       VP. They have certified documentation and appropriate badging. Standards
       require maintenance and upkeep of records for those certified. Southwest Power
       Pool has provided support and guidance.
    Frank Baca, Duke Energy Corporation -- Nuclear departments did not want to
       outsource their Facilities. Has access control and has implemented pieces of the
    Jean Sayles, OPPD -- has gone through certification for NERC Compliance on
       Janitorial Staff.

Q. How many companies are using NFPA 70E Flash Protection/Flash Potential – PPE
(Personal Protective Equipment) over 110, NEC and OSHA references?
     Terry Shields – Alliant Energy, Some equipment has been identified. Estimate
       for Arc Analysis for a building with about 30 panels $40K.

Q. What companies have Outsourced the FM Functions?
    John Bartel, Xcel Energy -- Whole FM Group was outsourced, now they have
     out-tasked and staff augmenting. Colorada, Texas, and New Mexico is
     outsourced and others such as the Dakota’s is Union and in-house. Must create
     clear separation with staff augmented and in-house. Outsourced Call Center.
    Brian Riley, Tolin/Xcel -- Colorado Outsourcer for Xcel, provided expertise on
     staff as a shared resource to many owners and not fully dedicated vs. a 2080 Hour
    Ken Beler, FM outsourced, Help Desk outsourced all through Cushman
     Wakefield - Real Estate in House.
    Tom Plauche, Entergy – Outsourcing was not a money savings venture (initially
     remained flat, maybe some money saved in benefits). O&M Capital Renovation
     Cost remain same. Greatest gain is Flexibility in staffing. Lessons Learned –
     Must treat the employees as part of the family.
    Scott Leadbetter, Idaho Power Company -- Concern in using staff and treating
     like a Company employees -- IRS 20 Rules for Co-employment.
    Curtis Slife, FM Solutions – Suggested recognizing noticeable distinction
     between Co-Sourcing and Out-Sourcing. Entergy Corporation is more of a Co-
     source partnership. Outsourcing does not have the same level of dedication and
     ownership to the owner. Better vested interest in Co-sourcing.
    Steve Day – PacifiCorp, When Outsourcing employees, recommends distinct
     transition to a Service Provider versus potential of maintaining an attitude of a
     past disgruntled employee.

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3/7/2011 and 4/19/2005
Utilities Council of IFMA
Spring Meeting, Roundtable
Facilitator – Jean Sayles, OPPD

Q. Lenny Kimball, Questar Gas – Currently staff of 30 over the age of 41 and will be
faced with Craft positions that will need to be supplemented.
     Tom Plauche, Entergy Corporation, Recommends Out-tasking for Craft type of

Q. Jean Sayles, OPPD – Do you outsource all of your Janitorial? OPPD has found that
with NERC requirements more difficult to attain. Has anyone put together a Business
Case for maintaining in-house Janitorial?

      Rick Carrithers, DTE – Sunshine Company (pays more; however, with in
       processing cost still lower cost). Also provides for support at Nuclear.
      Lenny Kimball, Questar Gas – Outsourced out (3 different companies), Outlying
       Sites by one company sources to local Mom & Pop shops.
      Ken Scott, Westar Energy – Can work during the day with escort and still comply
       with NERC. Contract requires that the company will stipulate the personnel and
       sets the wage with a cost/plus.
      Frank Baca, Duke Energy – Outsourced Partner released a contract recently for
       Janitorial across the company, services will remain the same and initial benefits.
      Curtis Slife, FM Solutions – Recommends that the Custodial Services for cleaning
       carpet is better as a separate specialty service.
      Vesna – Also has a separate carpet cleaning service.

Day 2 Roundtable
Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Q. Jean Sayes, OPPD -- Looking for Styrofoam recycling vendor
    Barb Schmidt – Looking for Styrofoam recycling for kitchen equipment. Dart
       Machine, Provide recycling compacting and then take back for recycling.
    Barb Luna, FBG Services Corp – USBGC may have a contact

Q. Ken Scott, Westar Energy – Does your company pay for recycling?
    Jean Sayles, OPPD - Cardboard pays, Paper doesn’t pay – Community Service
      recognition, Flourescent tubes paid for recycling, Styrofoam – recycling was
      competitive but then lost support with Dart

Q. Curtis Slife, FM Solutions – Does your company require recycling in Construction
Contracts? LEED requires large percentage, FM Solutions looking for a specification.
    Terry Shields, Alliant Energy does have terms in their construction contracts
    Jackie Parks, TVA does have terms in their construction contracts
    Tom Plauche, Entergy -- carpet recycling, spec requires
    Jackie Parks, TVA -- carpet recycling, spec requires that new vendor take all
       material types back for recycling

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3/7/2011 and 4/19/2005
Utilities Council of IFMA
Spring Meeting, Roundtable
Facilitator – Jean Sayles, OPPD

Q. Jean Sayles, OPPD -- Does your incident bases for Disaster Recovery use Malls and
do you have problems with traffic for the Operations Trucks –
     Alan Urda, TECO uses Malls, Dog Tracks and old Sports Arena. Has had success
       in using the malls. Fairgrounds, too, although bad for not having paved parking.
       For instance, at the Sports Arena “Orange Dome” spent approx $38,000 in repairs
       of grounds.
     Curtis Slife, FM Solutions – Churches are also used
     Frank Baca, DUKE – Kmarts, Walmarts vacant stores and easy access
     Tom Plauche, Entergy - Baseball Stadiums are used

Q. Steve Day, PacifiCorp – Is your company totally Outsourced? And, would you have
a good quality RFP to share? Steve has totally Outsourced and is the Contract Manager
over a contract that is $60M over 5 Years.
     Tom Plauche, Entergy – yes and has a $100M over 5 years
     Frank Baca, Duke Entergy – Lessons learned are vague interpretations have
        resulted in a lot of Change Orders.
     Curtis Slife, FM Solutions – may have some direction to offer from past SRP and
        from current practice as a Service Provider. USAA (Insurance Company) best
        contract that he has seen.
     Barb Luna, FBG Services Corp – Recommends developing an RFI first with basic
        requirements to pre-screen. Also has an RFP template if interested.

Q. Jean Sayles, OPPD -- Would anyone be interested in extending a day to develop and
work on developing base requirements for an Outsourcing RFP or RFI?
    Many were interested in pursuing.
    Suggestion that Steve Day, PacifiCorp present his status at Fall Meeting.

Q. Julie Hallet, Wisconsin Public Service -- How do people store/inventory their
furniture; in-house, furniture vendor, etc?
     Alan Urda, TECO -- their vendor stores everything. They do not purchase
        anything in advance. Everyone waits and deals with the lead time. Vendor wasn’t
        bar coding and tracking originally, but they worked through it. Took 5 years to
        refine it. They bar code using SnapTracker. Costs $2500/month for storage. Uses
        TECO Foundation to dispose of furniture.
     Curtis Slife – FM Solutions; Bid furniture, bid warehouse, bid sale back; 10%
        reduction/year on warehouse size. If they don’t do that, there is a reduction in
        warehouse fee. Can reserve a product, can take it off of reserve if project gets
        cancelled. Took 5 months to get it up to speed. Why do you keep inventory in
        stock, it’s most likely to handle emergencies. Normal lead times would cost 60%
        off list; emergency stock cost 30% off list. They found that the clients were
        willing to wait. The emergency stock was never used.
     Ken Scott, Westar Energy – Keeps 20 ergo chairs in stock; have a design firm that
        works every Thursday to complete miscellaneous jobs. Used to track and
        inventory but it’s expensive to store and inventory furniture. It’s cheaper to sell it,

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3/7/2011 and 4/19/2005
Utilities Council of IFMA
Spring Meeting, Roundtable
Facilitator – Jean Sayles, OPPD

       donate it, trash it and buy new. Contacted United Way and they picked up all of
       their surplus furniture.
      Frank Baca, DUKE Energy Corporation – Looked into putting all of their
       furniture into inventory. It would have cost $100,000 to inventory all the
       furniture. It wasn’t approved. In 3 years, they probably spent $300,000 to re-count
      Vesna Nickolich, Nevada Power Company – Sells furniture on internet; covers
       the legal aspect by stating that Nevada Power has no liability associated with
      Tom Plauche, Entergy Corporation – Use furniture vendor to do everything;
       ordering, storing, everything…
      Jean Sayles, OPPD – Dispenses of unused furniture via auctioned; or uses their
       Purchasing group to photo items, put on the web page; and sells.

Q. Tom Plauche, Entergy Corporation – Has a kitchen facility, run by Marriott, that is
costing money because of the downsizing of the employee size in that facility. How are
people handling these situations?
     Alan Urda, TECO -- Has to pay electricity and gas. Pay $1500/month to lease
       facility. They have exclusive rights in the TECO facility. Wedding receptions on
       weekends, revenue on food catering goes to food vendor. Has liquor license.
       Nominal fee for room use. TECO just wants to cover their costs. He would like to
       look at making a profit.
     Rick Book, Mid American Energy Company – Used to have own staff, now
       outsourcing it to a local grocery chain. Vendor gets base source, utility gets a
       percentage of profit. Market was too small. Now opened to the public.
     Vesna Nikolich, Nevada Power Company -- Tried to outsource; 3 companies
       didn’t work. Now has in-house and subsidizes to be successful.
     Curtis Slife, FM Solutions – One of his clients uses various food vendors to come
       in on a different day; Boston Market, KFC, etc.
     Frank Baca, Duke Energy Corporation– Using Eurest, does not subsidize, up to
       food vendor to keep the customers coming back, has 1300 potential customers.
       Wants to be consistent throughout all of the facilities of Duke.
     Lenny Kimball, Questar Gas – Subsidizes the food program in the site office;
       keeps employees on site; managers are happy.
     Jean Sayles, OPPD – Uses Sudexho (Marriott); does not subsidize.
     Jim Armistead, Ameren – Uses Eurest; incentive was to increase participation by
       5% and vendor would get a bonus. Contract includes incentive, regular survey of
       participants, and price increase could not exceed CPI.

Q. Rick Carrithers, DTE Energy – Does anyone have a policy on covered parking for
    Frank Baca, Duke Energy Corporation – Has covered parking near the elevator
       banks in all of their facilities. That is part of their lease when working with leased

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3/7/2011 and 4/19/2005
Utilities Council of IFMA
Spring Meeting, Roundtable
Facilitator – Jean Sayles, OPPD

Q. Terry Shields, Alliant Energy – What are the total costs of operations, global and
individual building measures?
     Rick Carrithers, DTE Energy – Total cost of operating per building – operating
       budget report.
     Curtis Slife, FM Solutions – Use UC’s benchmarking numbers as the measures to
     Alan Urda, TECO – Activity codes tracks costs of each particular function to
       maintain the facility.
     Steve Day, PacifiCorp – Uses Accounts Payable to police the invoices and will
       not pay a building project without the approval of the facilities management
       group. This ensures that all charges going to building maintenance are truly
       building maintenance.

Q. Can you recommend a software to track service requests?
    Clarify
    ServiceCenter

Q. Curtis Slife, FM Solutions – How many utilities allow employees to bring their
company vehicle home?
    5 utilities allow it
    Entergy used to allow it, recently did a study, and changed that. Will no longer
      allow it.
    Alan Urda, TECO – employees park the company vehicles in the substation
      property near their home and keep their personal vehicles there during the day.

Q. Do you find it to be a trend to do a sale and lease back, have a contractor build to suit
and lease it back to the utility?
    Entergy – Helps if there is a problem with capital dollars; allows flexibility
       depending upon changes in the market.

Q. Ken Scott – How do companies outsource their help desk; how is website working?
    Frank Baca, Duke Energy Corporation – 24/7 Call Center is outsourced. Clarify is
      software program used which populates all of the data at time of request. Goes
      directly to the person that will be doing the work. The outsourced contract is
      based on amount of sq/ft managed. 40% of the technicians work had not been
      going into the system prior to this. The workforce carries business cards to hand
      out to those folks who stop the technicians in the hall. Educated heavy users on
      putting shortcut on their desktop.
    Steve Day, PacifiCorp – Calls IT help desk; automatically gets forwarded to the
      FM help desk. The caller doesn’t even realize that it’s going to an outsourced
    Entergy – Puts sticker on phone with FM help desk number; also has tri-fold
      brochure to educate customers.

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3/7/2011 and 4/19/2005

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