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									                    Proving God Great – 2008
              The Miracles Performed for Pastor Rick Kielley

Malachi 3:10…prove me now herewith, saith the lord of hosts, if I will not
open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there
shall not be room enough to receive it.

Did you know that heaven has windows? God sees everything and wants to
pour out a blessing through those same windows.

In the fall of 2007 I began praying for our churches 2008 vision. I felt God
chose “Proving God Great – 2008.” Little did I know He would start with

God has blessed me in so many wonderful ways. One of those blessings was
my health. Did you see the word heal, in the word health? I can’t remember
the last headache, sickness, or even aspirin I’ve taken. Everything was about
to change.

In July of 2007 while vacationing in Crandon, WI I had a kidney stone.
This was the most pain I had ever experienced. I have major medical
insurance with a $2500.00 deductible that I had hoped I’d never use. I used
it up in July and decided to have my first colonoscopy before my 57th

On Wednesday, December 19th, I had the colonoscopy done in Milwaukee.
One polyp was found and the doctor thought it could be cancerous. He was
not overly concerned because he thought a surgeon could remove it. Since
my deductible was paid and because we were approaching the end of the
year, I wanted to save another deductible with a quick surgery before
December 31st.

On Friday, December 21st, my life changed. I met the surgeon and he told
me “If you had waited one more year or 2 at the most, there would be
nothing we could do for you.” He also said this was so serious that if he
removed it right now; I would wear “a bag” for the rest of my life! He said I
would need chemotherapy and radiation therapy to shrink the tumor and then
he would remove it, provided no other cancer was found. A PET scan was

I was crushed. My father died of cancer at 59 and I was fearful for my life.
I cried in the office. My brother, Steve, and the doctor tried to comfort me.
What could I say to my wife, my family and friends, the church? My
brother vowed a vow (which he kept) to be with me and help me through
this. My mind and my heart were racing and out of control for several days.

When the church was told – they rallied! The Pastoral Staff took all my
responsibilities, the Trustee Board said they’d handle the finances and
everyone supported my wife and I. This was a great comfort. I want to
thank the Pastoral Staff, the Trustee Board, the many members of Abundant
Life, all the supporting ministers and their churches, and the many family
and friends, for their prayers, love, and support. Calls and cards of comfort
came almost daily, but my thoughts and emotions (head and heart) were my
biggest obstacles, for I had no physical pain yet.

On Sunday, December 30th, I brought 2 handkerchiefs to the pulpit. I asked
the men to pray over one for my head, and the ladies to pray over another for
my heart. This brought me great comfort every night and sometimes during
the day. Later these and 3 other handkerchiefs went to surgery with me. I
will keep them as a memorial.

The PET scan (December 26th) revealed only the tumor, and a 5-millimeter
kidney stone in my left kidney. The stone of July had never passed. The
kidney was swollen and would have to be surgically removed before my
treatments and major surgery. Doctors were amazed that I could urinate and
I didn’t have great pain. God knew what I couldn’t handle and he spared me
even then. The kidney surgery was January 2nd, and it took a week to

On Monday, December 31st, I met with the oncologist to set up chemo and
radiation appointments. He hesitated as he spoke because I believe God was
speaking to, and through him. “I’m not comfortable giving you chemo and
radiation, I suggest you get a second opinion.” He set up an appointment
with a colo-rectal specialist at the UW hospital in Madison. He made no
promises that the results could be different.
On January 10th, I went to the UW Clinic for my appointment. Preparing for
the worst, hoping for the best. If I could just leave that office knowing I
didn’t have to have chemo and radiation, I would be elated! Praise God he
answered that prayer as well! The surgery was scheduled for January 30 th.
Prep work would be January 28th, (all the things I could expect). A final
ultra sound was scheduled for the day before surgery – January 29th.

I was told this surgery would require 5-7 hours and up to one week in the
hospital. You’ll wear a bag for 8 weeks and then another surgery will be
done to reconnect your plumbing. Then you will recover for another 4
weeks. It may be a year before you are normal again.

Then another major blow – a financial one. My insurance company said
UW was out of the network; I would have to pay two deductibles and 25%
of the overall bill. Just the doctors and the first hospital stay was to be
$25,000.00 out of pocket. I appealed their decision and asked them to
reconsider. We prayed but felt another great pressure. Malachi 3:10 Bring
ye all the tithes into the storehouse…and “prove me now”. On Thursday,
January 24th, at 5p.m., the insurance company reversed their own decision
and granted us an out of network waiver. We only had to pay the one
$2,500.00 deductible which is a tithe of the $25,000.00 others paid for even
the $2,500.00 that remained. We still believe in tithing and God is still
proving himself.

Monday, January 28th, we went to the clinic to be prepped for what we could
expect as far as surgery, hospital stay and recovery. This was a little
overwhelming. Tuesday, January 29th, the final exam took place. His exam
was rough and long. Following the exam, I asked the doctor if he believed
in God. He said he did and I said, “Good because He believes in you, and
thousands are praying not just for me but for you.” Again the doctor
hesitated, as I believe God spoke to him. “You may have another option.”
This may be a T1 instead of a T2 lesion.” He explained that there could be a
lesser surgery with a microscope inserted, taking approximately 2-3 hours
and an overnight stay in the hospital. If he was right, and the surrounding
area was not cancerous, I could be spared of the major surgery. If he was
wrong, I would have to have the second surgery after a recovery time of 6-8
weeks. So now I had two choices. He also said his associate would call
within 15 minutes after they had a chance to talk. So we asked for a few
minutes to decide.
My superintendent, Bro. Putnam, called during the exam and I returned his
call. I told him what I was facing and without hesitation, he believed the
option was an answer to prayer. The doctor called and said, “The surgeon
who suggested this option is the finest we have. If it was my father, I would
want him to do the surgery.”

We chose the lesser surgery for January 30th. The surgery lasted only one
hour and the surgeon found the tumor lower than he thought, so the use of
the microscope was not needed. We then waited for the results of the
pathology report.

On Friday, February 1st, at 9a.m. the doctor called with the results of the
pathology report. The tumor removal was successful and the area examined
all around revealed no cancer remained.

I am rejoicing and recovering as I document this miracle.

The doctor said I was one of the “lucky ones” and then corrected himself –
no, you ought to thank God.”

Time after time, after time, God proved himself at the last minute. “The
King still has a move.” My Fear is Fake – My Faith is real.

Each time the news was better. God has taken us each step of the way and
we are praising Him for the miracles.

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