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									Paris Municipal Center
Commission Chambers
Paris, Kentucky
December 8, 2009

A regular meeting of the Paris City Commission was called to order at 9 AM by Mayor
Mike Thornton followed with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present:       Mayor Thornton; Commissioners Wallis Brooks, Mike Fryman,
 Stan Galbraith and Bart Horne; City Manager Michael Nagy; City Clerk Cheryl Dryden
and Attorney Charles Cole.

Approve Agenda

The following addition was made to the agenda:

   XII. Other Business         c. Police Department Budget

Galbraith moved, Fryman seconded and motion unanimously carried to approve the
agenda as amended.

Approve Minutes

Motion was made by Fryman, seconded by Brooks and unanimously carried to approve
the minutes of the November 24, 2009 regular session as presented.

Public Comment

Charles Sanders of 127 E 4th Street thanked the officers of the Paris Police Department
for their response to an incident at his location. He stated he was not in favor of limiting
the use of police vehicles citing several examples of how home fleet was a deterrent to
crime and traffic violations. He asked if something could be done about the sanitation
trucks leaving trails of liquid garbage runoff throughout town.


The following Communications were received:

              Departmental activity reports – November
              2009 Dare graduation thank you – Gordon Wilson/Overly & Johnson
              Press release on public hearing for flood plain ordinance

Galbraith moved, Brooks seconded and motion unanimously carried to accept and file the

Consent Agenda

Galbraith moved, Horne seconded and motion unanimously carried to adopt a resolution
endorsing the filing for a Renaissance on Main Street grant application with Department
for Local Government.

Galbraith moved and Brooks seconded to approve Commonwealth of Kentucky lease
renewal agreement for one year to June 30, 2011 at the current rate of $8.75 per SF. On
call of vote, Brooks, Fryman, Galbraith, Horne and Thornton voted yes. Motion carried.

Outstanding or Unfinished Business

Brooks moved and Fryman seconded to approve purchase/lease agreement of a digger-
derrick truck from Terex on an 84 month lease term, with semi-annual payments of
$18,599.63 and a $1.00 buyout at end of term. On call of vote, Brooks, Fryman,
Galbraith, Horne and Thornton voted yes. Motion carried. Nagy advised the lease could
be paid off early.

Fryman moved and Brooks seconded to approve extending the tree trimming contract
with Triple J Tree Trimming to December 31, 2009. On call of vote, Brooks, Fryman,
Galbraith, Horne and Thornton voted yes. Motion carried.

Mark Askin and Seth Winslow of Strand Engineers came before the commission to
further discuss the proposed flood damage prevention ordinance. Melinda Hinkle
questioned the omission of protection of property in the objectives of the ordinance; not
addressing water quality and the clause authorizing the Floodplain Administrator to
render interpretations of the ordinance. Askin requested Ms. Hinkle address her concerns
and comments to him in writing. Mary Clay addressed water quality citing parking lot
runoff into streams. She also commented that development should not be allowed in the
floodplain citing a market analysis that indicated 80 years of residential land either zoned
or developed, 35 years of industrial land either zoned or developed and 50,000 SF of
excess retail space. Consensus was to move forward with the current time frame.

 Jeff Thompson gave an update on health insurance renewals providing quotes from
Bluegrass Family Health and Humana. He reported Anthem and United Healthcare
declined to quote. Thompson suggested using a local bank as facilitator for the health
saving accounts. Galbraith moved, Horne seconded and motion unanimously carried to
extend the current contract with Humana to June 30, 2010 at 9.33% rate increase in
premium to be split evenly between the city and employee.

In further discussion of the Harrison County Water Association contract, Attorney
Charles Cole recommended the board designate a member to work with him or Bryan
Beauman and the city manager on the proposed contract. Fryman moved, Brooks
seconded and motion unanimously carried for Commissioner Galbraith to work with the
city manager, water department personnel and attorney on coming up with proposed
terms of contract.

New Business

The commission welcomed the new City Engineering Services Director, Michael Asalon.

Galbraith moved and Brooks seconded to authorize purchase of 2010 Ford F-150 pickup
truck for use by the Water Department with a 4 year lease through Leasing One
Corporation with an annual payment of $7,153.83 and $1.00 buyout at term end. On call
of vote, Brooks, Fryman, Galbraith, Horne and Thornton voted yes. Motion carried.

Financial Business

Galbraith moved, Brooks seconded and motion unanimously carried to approve October
financials for Combined Utilities and the following bills as presented.

 BILLS FOR APPROVAL                   12/8/09      GENERAL FUND

 Sturgill Turner Barker &
 Moloney                         $ 1,111.50        Billing thru October - Foreclosure matter
 Strand Engineers                $ 2,240.95        Professional services thru October
 At&T                            $ 3,364.83        Essx
 AT&T                            $     89.15       Narcotic service
 Blackwell & Associates          $    922.50       Replacement router, switch - Fire Dept
 CCP Industries                  $     55.10       Disinfectant - PMC
 Payroll Account                 $ 152,145.22      Payroll due 11/25/09

Dell                           $     155.97        Toner cartridges - Office
Hillyard                       $     479.12        Towels (PMC), trash can liners (downtown)
Hinkle Contracting Corp.       $     106.60        Surface material - Street
Kleem Inc                      $     959.42        Sign material
Office Depot                   $      36.66        Ink cartridges - Fire Dept
Old Dominion Brush             $     358.40        Nozzle, release clamp - Street
Orion                          $     193.59        Safety vests - Street, Sanitation
Sprint                         $   1,030.56        Cellular service
Walmart                        $     535.97        Cleaning supplies, printers, cartridges - All Depts
Wornall Locksmith              $     260.50        Re-key cylinders, repairs - PMC
BOA                            $     145.00        November meeting
Bio-Key                        $   1,782.00        Mobile cop maintenance to 11/30/10
Bluegrass Kesco                $     200.00        Water treatment products - PMC
Bluegrass Uniforms             $   2,746.51        Uniforms - Police
Bourbon County Citizen         $     211.00        Ads
Bourbon Co Fiscal Court        $   30,445.36       P&Z & DES billing for FY 2008-2009
CCP Industries                 $     158.51        56 Gal trash bags - PMC
Dan Cummins                    $     250.00        Use of two vehicles for month of November
Eads Hardware                  $     312.84        Construction material, UPS
Fleetone                       $   7,988.90        Fuel
Galls                          $     703.80        Work boots ( Fire), 5 flashlights & batteries (Police)
Kauffman Tire                  $     767.04        8 tires - Police
KY Motors of Paris             $     689.34        Parts - Police, Street
Kentucky Uniforms              $     347.85        Footwear, job shirts - Fire
Sprint                         $   1,352.67        Connection cards - Police
Sprint                         $     163.96        Connection cards - Fire
Mastins Auto Service           $     654.00        Repairs - Police, Street
Officemax                      $     422.94        Office supplies - Police
Partsmaster                    $     149.01        Drill, screw, etc. - PMC
Pioneer Products               $     332.79        Wash & wax product - Fire
Smits Greenhouse               $      45.00        Funeral flowers
South Main BP                  $      49.18        Fuel - Street
Vehicle Systems                $     125.00        Perfomring air sampling test - Fire
Don Beheler                    $     125.00        December
Paris Bo Co EMS                $   16,000.00       Contribution - December
Paris Bo Co E911               $   10,000.00       Contribution - December
Kentucky League of Cities      $   16,379.02       Liability insurance
Columbia Gas                   $     973.16        Service
Bourbon Circuit Clerk          $      34.25        CDL renewal (Purcell) - Street
Michael Smith                  $      34.25        Reimburse for CDL license - Street
                                                   Roof replacement on Hydraulic storage bldg -
Davis & Davis                  $      925.00       Street
Martin's Sanitation            $      425.00       Toilet rentals - November

Bills for Approval             Combined Utilities         December 8, 2009

Ray King                           $   250.00         Safety Training
Triple J Tree Service              $ 9,282.00         Tree Trimming
City of Paris-Payroll              $ 67,352.34        Payroll Dated 11/13/09
CNH Capital One                    $ 1,290.29         Backhoe Lease Payment
Thomas Brierly                     $   800.00         Clean-up at Compactor-Push Trash
Customer Deposits                  $ 5,067.20         Applied & Refunded
A T & T Mobility                   $     30.04        On Call Phone for Water Dept
Brenntag Mid South                 $ 1,752.00         Treatment Chemicals
Central KY Mechanical Svcs         $   936.10         Trash Truck Repairs
Community Action                   $     54.00        Refund Pymnt not for City of Paris
Kevin Crump                        $     35.83        Reimb Meals
Custom Metalworks                  $   329.40         Repair Baler Rec Ctr, Sleeve Carbon Feeder-WP
Robbie Jackson                     $     19.84        Reimb Meals
JCI Jones Chemicals                $   798.60         Treatment Chemicals
William Davis                      $     17.14        Reimb Meals
Kentucky Service Co                $ 3,512.79         Low Flow Pump Repair-WWTP
Laboratory Products                $   762.67         Lab Supplies
Lexington Water Conditioning       $   130.00         Filter Exchange-WP
Mark Mayes                         $     19.05        Reimb Meals

Partsmaster                    $   195.46     Brazing Rods-WWTP
Premier Products               $ 3,472.40     Disinfectants, Deodorizers, Gloves-WWTP
Rawdon Myers                   $ 1,529.45     Install DP Cell-Turbidity Monitor
Reynolds Inc                   $ 3,936.00     Annual Pump Inspection-19th St Pump Repair
Richard's Electric             $     72.03    Conduit Strap
Rumpke                         $   116.63     Contaminated Dirt Removal
R W Beck                       $   290.27     Consulting Fees
Turner Seed Co                 $   118.00     Grass Seed Mats
Univar                         $ 2,850.00     Treatment Chemicals
City of Paris-Payroll          $ 64,891.93    Payroll Dated 11/25/09
Columbia Gas                   $     74.49    Utility Acct-WWTP
CCP Industries                 $   217.71     Disinfecting Cleaner, Trash Bags, Hand Sanitizer
Farwest Line Specialties       $   202.91     Flame Retardant Coveralls-Elec
Florence Winwater Works        $   227.60     Mounting Brackets, Metering Supplies-Water
Galls                          $   299.99     Strobe Lights-Trash Trucks
Hach                           $   653.89     Lab Supplies
David Kershaw                  $   724.00     Turbidity Display Board
Kentucky Infrastructure Auth   $194,373.79    Semi-Annual Loan Pymnt
Kleem Inc                      $   359.75     Sign Materials
Pro Chem                       $   149.27     Air Sanitizer-Power Plant
Purity Chemicals               $   264.00     Chemical Coating Paint-WWTP
Triple J Tree Service          $ 9,520.00     Tree Trimming
USA Bluebook                   $   286.10     Sludge Judge-WWTP
Fleet One                      $ 4,565.15     Gasoline & Diesel
Triple J Tree Service          $ 3,570.00     Tree Trimming
Eads Hardware                  $   288.55     Misc Hardware, UPS shipping
First Federal Credit Control   $   207.71     Collection Service
Kentucky Motors                $   312.36     Misc Truck Parts, Oil, Antifreeze
Kentucky Utilities             $ 6,789.82     Multiple Utility Accts
Linville Electric              $     54.51    Small Transformer-Rec Ctr
Nextel Communications          $   163.96     Internet Cards-Laptops
U S Dept of Energy             $ 6,346.83     Power Purchase
Allied Electronics             $   132.44     Relay for Filter Controls-WP
American Dev Corp              $ 5,432.50     Treatment Chemicals
Atlas Electric Motor Svc       $ 6,462.53     Rebuild Eliz St Lift Station Pump
Brownstown Electric Supply     $   306.00     Anchor Bolts
Central Ky Landfill            $ 41,005.59    Trash & Sludge Monthly Haul-Heavy Trash Mth
Central KY Mechanical Svcs     $   840.01     Radiator Repair-WP Fuel Gauge Repair-Elec
C I Thornburg                  $ 2,555.98     Fire Hydrants
Cloud Concrete                 $   707.00     Concrete Manhole
Delaney & Assoc                $   326.00     Mechanical Sealsfor Pista Grit-WWTP
Delta Mobile Testing           $ 2,102.50     Test Electric Dept Hotsticks & Rubber Goods
                                              Keyed Transformer Locks, Lights, Ballasts,
Electrical Sales               $   3,570.84   Insulators
Environmental Products &
Access                         $    804.00    Root Cutter for Sewer Machine
Farwest Line Specialties       $    791.25    Flame Retardant Coveralls, Rain Gear-Elec
Dr Ferrell & Allison PSC       $    180.00    Drug Screens
Florence Winwater Works        $   3,211.46   Water Meter Fittings, Parts, Antenna Brackets
Galeton Gloves                 $    206.34    Safety Glasses & Work Gloves
Galls                          $    288.98    Mini Light Bar-Water Dept
Gemplers                       $      24.80   Replacement Wind Socks
Global Environmental Svcs      $    293.00    E-Waste Removal-TV's, Monitors Etc
Grainger                       $    141.76    Pump Motor
Hach                           $    587.80    Lab Supplies
H D Supply                     $    384.50    Bolts, Washers, Fittings-Water Dept
Kimball Midwest                $    170.26    Bolts, Washers, Terminals, Etc-Elec Dept
Luthan Elec Meter Testing      $   4,641.25   Existing Installations & Load Testing-Elec Dept
Neptune Equipment              $   5,964.00   Radio Read Water Meters
Northern Safety & Industrial
Supply                         $     79.21    Rotary Barrell Pump-Water Dept
Radio Shack                    $      3.99    Toggle Switch
Rawdon Myers                   $    595.82    Repair Filter Control Sys-WP
Remel                          $    364.96    Lab Supplies
Richard's Electric             $    495.00    Infra Red Heaters-WWTP
Scott Gross Co Inc             $     17.98    Cylinder Rental
Spiegal & McDiarmid            $    166.68    Consulting Fees
Star Electrical Repair         $    468.00    Fan Shaft Repair-WP #5 Generator Repair-Power

Stuart Irby                       $ 5,530.24         Spool Wire, Safety Blankets & Gloves, Clamps Etc
The Rock Group                    $ 1,653.58         Stock Pile Rock-WWTP & Water
Tractor Supply Co                 $     50.99        Lawnmower Tire-WWTP
West Lite Supply Co               $   149.06         Everyday Lights-Water Plant
Wesco                             $ 5,043.79         Hot Line Clamps, Rubber Sleeves, Svc Drop Wire
Ziegler Tire                      $   122.87         Dismount & Mount Recaps on Trash Truck
Triple J Tree Service             $ 3,570.00         Tree Trimming
Gen Fund Allocation               $ 48,586.20        October Allocation to Gen fund
City of Paris-Advances            $ 18,112.30        October Reimbursement
Kentucky Utilities                $169,904.45        Power Purchase

Other Business

Nagy presented a generalized analysis regarding stationed and home fleet police cars
showing the economics and the pros and cons of each. In summary, he stated an asset
analysis would be a major key in determining the city’s assets in the bank or fund
balances versus the value of the fleet; adding that if fund balances were somewhat on the
low side, then logic would be to have less hard assets (vehicles) and more cash in the

Police Chief Rick Elkins reported in his experience stationed cars which only lasts about
two years receive more wear and tear than a take home car stating it was not the mileage,
but wear on the engine; reported majority of the department’s cars are ten years old;
stated the analysis for 14 “stationed” cars at $289,646 would need to be times two in a
decade because of the need to replace the entire fleet one to three times depending on
how long they last; reported with insurance the difference over ten years between 25 cars
and 10 cars is $7,500 per year or $75,000 over a decade but the department is still
saving over $200,000 over ten years with home fleet program; stated in the long term a
home fleet program has an effect on the quality of officers the city attracts as well as a
morale factor for existing officers with the main factor being to stay on par with other

Thornton reported there was an overwhelming response from the public in favor of the
commission analyzing the effectiveness and cost of a home fleet program citing the
overall economic climate. He requested Elkins draft an analysis showing a true “apples
to apples” comparison of what a home fleet costs and posed the question of what was
more important to an officer, a car or more on his/her paycheck. Elkins responded most
of the younger officers would prefer a car.

Nagy stated he would look at every option of the police department operation, discover
efficiencies and highlight redundancies in preparation for a new chief.

The board agreed to further discuss take home police cars at December 22nd meeting after
receiving information for comparison.

In discussion of the police department budget, consensus was to discuss at the December
22nd meeting.

Reports of Staff

Nagy reported scheduling a meeting with proposed members of the blighted properties
board; apprising Asalon on the high grass issues; scheduling a meeting with the ABC
administrator to address recent questions; Andy Roe as acting fire chief was making a
new push to reduce overtime; police chief interviews were scheduled for December 11th
with Sheriff Mark Matthews, Commissioner Brooks, Commissioner Fryman and Patty
Carpenter serving on the interview panel.

Galbraith requested an accounting on herbie curbies. He reported in the future elected
officials that serve on various committees will report on their respective committees each

Brooks requested looking into the installation of a right lane turn signal on US 460 at the

Mark Wright of Oracle Design Group requested a support letter for their proposed
development from the highest elected official in order to commission a market study and
as a threshold requirement for application to Kentucky Housing Corporation. Wright
reported affordable housing is 60 % or lower median income and can be in the form of
single family, multi-family or duplex housing. The support letter to include meeting all
local and state zones was scheduled for approval at the December 22nd meeting.

Thornton advised Henry Norris and family had requested permission to give away toys,
candy and fruit on Christmas Eve at the intersection of 8th and Main which they had been
doing for many years. The request would be on the agenda for approval at the December
22nd meeting.


Galbraith moved, Fryman seconded and motion unanimously carried to adjourn at
12:15 PM.



City Clerk


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