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					                             NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

Minute of Executive Policy Group - 31 July 2006

Present :     CC Tomkins; ACC Dickinson; DCS Peebles; DHR Thickett; CC’s PA Anderson

Apologies :   DCC Halpin; ACC Richardson; ChSupt Taylor; ChInsp Duncan

Background papers to items :     5(i); 6(i); 6(ii); 8(i); 8(ii); 8(iii); 8(iv); 9(i); 9(ii).

Author :      M Anderson, PA to CC

 Agenda item                               Result / Decision / Action

      2          Minutes of previous meeting : were not yet available

      3          Matters arising : none

      4          CC - no items

      5          DCC -
                 (i) ICT Road Map / Convergence Scoping
                 Recommendations agreed. Set aside £100K. Projects will report through
                 strategic lead (Ian Ross, George Bird, Fiona Taylor).

      6          ACC Dickinson -
                 (i) Funding for Police Officers - George Street
                 Preference for arguing that Council have accepted need for additional
                 policing - lobby for decision on how to recover/offset costs for this.

                 (ii) Secure Access Control
                 Supportive - need to do this and commit resources but can’t judge
                 affordability or confirm funds / timescale until other demands are known in
                 September forecast.

      7          ACC Richardson - no items

      8          DCS Peebles -
                 (i) Force HQ Project
                 DCS to revise report for Policy & Best Value Sub-Committee adjusting to
                 include new option 3 - ‘make do and mend’ at Fettes and extend timescale
                 for new build. Include explicit mention of 1½% efficiency savings going to
                 cash pot which stays with L+B for this project, unless there is extreme
                 operational contingency.
                 Action: DCS to revise report for P&BV

                           NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

     (ii) Implementation of ACPO/ACPOS Guidance on Management of Police
     Information and National Intelligence Model Project
     Project Brief and PID approved.
     Staffing - why Sergeant and PC ? Why not either ex-officers if police skills
     are needed, or excellent support staff with analytical skills; or 30+ scheme.
     Efficiencies / benefits should be highlighted - DCS to add this in.
     Funding - should have a ‘brainstorm’ on this outwith EPG meeting.
     Numerous cases like this now arising, with bids for 1/2 staff - need to bring
     these together.
     Action: DCS to ensure mention of efficiencies/benefits included in PID.

     (iii) Finance Report - June 2006
     No immediate causes for concern but will keep watching. Noted.

     (iv) Internal Audit Report on Risk Management Maturity Assessment -
     Lothian and Borders Police
     A good, above average report. All forces do this but we are considered to
     be ahead of the game as our risk management already extends to Divisions.
     Feeds into the corporate planning process.
     CC - noted - grateful for the work done.

9    DHR Thickett -
     (i) Force Training Co-ordination Review
     Good report - rationalises requirements and identifies training needs. Will
     set and monitor levels / abstractions / priorities / get divisions to check
     rigorously actual requirements. A balancing exercise - ensure we have
     strategic skill capability in appropriate spread across divisions; therefore
     divisions’ responsibility to ensure appropriate officers are trained. CDB
     already working at succession planning for key posts - will highlight training
     needs, also in respect of PNAC.
     CC - an excellent piece of work - extend appreciation to Wendy

     (ii) Police Recruitment
     Already been discussed at Business/Finance Managers meeting - have
     been asked to work on this. Wait and see what their assessment is -
     fluctuations will smooth out in time and any requirement to review will be
     apparent in half-year budget review, around early October.
     CC - there is an issue of strategic consistency which must be considered.
     DHR - will pursue direct through DHRMU.       (Action - DHR)

10   Chief Supt Taylor - no items

11   Chief Inspector Duncan - no items

12   Date of next meeting -
     0930 hours - Tuesday 29 August 2006.


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