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                                                                Activities                                                                       extension

                                                                Write 'Industrial' and
                                                                'Revolution' on the board
                                                                and brain storm words that
                                                                go with each (pupils should
                                                                recall revolution from last
                                                                year). Pupils then write a
                                                                definition of Industrial         Pupils will see the                             For middle ability
                                                                Revolution in their books        changes between the                             there is a
                                                                based on the mind map.           dates were enormous                             questions sheet
                                                                Pupils work in pairs and look    and they will be able                           that focusses the
                                                                at pages 2-7 of Peace and        look critically at the                          pupils on the
                                                                                                                                                                      Links with
                                        To understand the       War. They then fill in a chart   changes and prioritise                          major changes. It
                                        changes that            noting the major changes in      them. They will then be       Peace and War     still involves
       Changes         How did life                                                                                                                                   work on
                                        happened between        each category (they are only     able to justify this choice   p2-7. A3 sheets   paired work and
1+2    between 1750-   change between                                                                                                                                 revolution,
                                        1750 and 1900 and       allowed to choose two and        to the rest of the class      with a labelled   prioritiseing
       1900            1750 and 1900?                                                                                                                                 categorisatio
                                        select and prioritise   no more). Pupils feedback        to support their ideas.       grid.             changes and
                                                                                                                                                                      n and
                                        the most important.     their findings to the class      They will see that it is a                      assessign their
                                                                and discuss why they chose       matter of debate which                          significance.
                                                                the chaanges as most             one is most important                           Lower ability can
                                                                important. They are then         and having a supported                          use the Peace
                                                                asked to discuss in pairs        opinion is what is                              and War support
                                                                what the biggest change          important.                                      pack sheets.
                                                                overall was and they must
                                                                write this down with three
                                                                reasons why. They then
                                                                feed this back to the class
                                                                and give reasons. The class
                                                                debate the findings.

                                                        Brainstorm: What causes a
                                                        change in population?          Pupils will understand
                                                        Pupils read through p8-9 of    the reasons why
                                                        book and discuss the           population rises and                       Core and
                                   To understand the
                  How did                               sources to see what reasons    falls. They will also                      foundation books.
                                   change in population
                  population                            are put forward for a          understand the             Britain 1750-   Find out what
3   Population                     and the causes and                                                                                                Geography
                  change between                        population increase. (Use      limitations of the records 1900 p8-9.      'crop rotation' is
                                   effects of these
                  1750 and 1900?                        the no hands rule). Follow     kept and the reasons we                    before next
                                                        up with pupils answering the   must treat the                             lesson.
                                                        questions on p9 to reinforce   information from them
                                                        knowledge and                  with care.

                                   To understand what                                                                             sentence stem
                  What was the
                                   changed in                                                                                     answer sheet to
4   Agriculture   Agricultural
                                   agriculture and why                                                                            go with Britain
                                   it had to change.                                                                              1750-1900
                                                                                                                                  foundation book.

                                                 Think of a big
                                                 company.Where did it start?
                                                 How did it get so big? (an
                                                 example could be Marks
                                                 and Spencers starting from
                                                                                                             Peace and War
                                                 Mr Marks selling stuff for a    Pupils will see how the
                                                                                                             p8-9, video        Pupils can watch
                                                 penny on a street corner in     market, production and
                                                                                                             'Industrial        the video to
                            To understand how Leeds). Look at the pictures       investment are all linked
                                                                                                             Revelations' 15    reinforce
                            the terms inestment, on p8. How would the man        and how business men
               Why did                                                                                       mins               knowledge if      Work
                            production and       go from an ice cream cart to    used this in the
5   Business   businesses                                                                                    (Wedgwood).        there is time and related
                            market and see how a nig company like walls Ice      industrial revolution.
               grow?                                                                                         Sheet also         gifted and        learning
                            they combine to      cream? Discuss the              They will also be able to
                                                                                                             available for      talented could do
                            cuase growth.        questions in the yellow box.    take an idea and apply it
                                                                                                             lower ability on   the tasks in
                                                 Draw a circle diagram on the    to a particular situation
                                                                                                             'Why businesses    yellow box on p9.
                                                 board to show how one           (Wedgwood).
                                                 follows on from the other.
                                                 Adapt the diagram to show
                                                 how Josiah Wedgwood built
                                                 up his business. Draw this in

                                                             Watch animation of a blast
                                                             furnace from
                                                             bbc.co.uk/history and draw
                                                             a quick flow diagram to
                                                             show how iron is made .
                                                                                                                                            Lower ability
                                                             Read through p10-11 of the
                                                                                                                                            pupils can use
                                                             book and complete another
                                                                                               Pupils will see that the                     sheets from the
                                                             circle diagram to show how
                                                                                               principles outlined last                     Peace and War
                                                             market, production and                                      Peace and War
                                                                                               lesson also apply to the                     support pack to
                                    To understand why        investment made the                                         p10-11. Video
                                                                                               Darbys. They will also                       produce and
                                    the Darbys were          business grow. Watch the                                    'Industrial
                                                                                               see the power of                             investment
                                    able to be so            video 'Industrial Revelations -                             Revelations -
                   Why was                                                                     advertising (Darby's iron                    booklet.
                                    successful and also       Iron' to reinforce knowledge                               Iron' (20 mins).
6+7   The Darbys   Coalbrookdale                                                               bridge) and the way that                     Diagrams of a     ICT
                                    to acknowledge the       asking the pupils to consider                               Animation of a
                   so successful?                                                              iron is made. They will                      blast furnace to
                                    importance of iron       what advertising the Darbys                                 blast furnace at
                                                                                               select this information                      label and colour
                                    production in the        used? Using                                                 bbc.co.uk/history.
                                                                                               from a number of                             are available and
                                    industrial revolution.   bbc.co.uk/history show the                                   (Britain 1750-
                                                                                               sources including                            foundation book
                                                             pupils a virtual tour of Iron                               1900 p20-21).
                                                                                               written, a website and                       Britain 1750-1900
                                                             Bridge to reinforce
                                                                                               video.                                       p20-21 which
                                                             knowledge. Pupils then
                                                                                                                                            covers similar
                                                             complete the activity in the
                                                             blue box on p11. The
                                                             plenary takes the form of
                                                             asking what parallels the
                                                             pupils can draw between the
                                                             Darbys and Wedgwood.

                                                            How many items of clothing
                                                            are you wearing made of
                                                            cotton. List them and
                                                                                                                                            Core and
                                                            discuss the importance of                                  Peace and War
                                                                                                                                            foundation books
                                                            cotton. Pupils read through                                p12-13.
                                                                                              Pupils will understand                        'Britain 1750-
                                                            p12-13 of book and draw a                                  www.bbc.co.uk/hi
                                                                                              the new inventions and                        1900'. Sheets
                                     To understand why      timeline for the period 1730-                              story has a
                                                                                              how they changed the                          from the Peace
                                     Arkwright was able     1800 showing all the major                                 game 'Cotton
                                                                                              manufacture of cotton                         and War support
                  What made          to be so successful inventions and changes.                                       Millionaire' for
                                                                                              and made it cheaper.                          pack for lower      ICT, Work
                  Richard            and also to            The pupils then watch video                                extension task in
8+9   Arkwright                                                                               They will appreciate the                      ability. Gifted and related
                  Arkwright so       acknowledge the        'Industrial Revelations -                                  a computer
                                                                                              importance of cotton                          Talented could      learning.
                  successful?        importance of cotton pants for everyone' and                                      room. 'Arkwright -
                                                                                              then and today and                            research the
                                     production in the      consider the question what                                  Who wants to
                                                                                              identify ways that                            three
                                     industrial revolution. was Arkwright most worried                                 be a millionaire'
                                                                                              business could grow but                       entrepreneurs
                                                            about?. Pupils once again                                  also available.
                                                                                              also could fail.                              ready to embark
                                                            draw a circle diagram for the                              (Britain 1750-
                                                                                                                                            on a project next
                                                            development of Arkwright's                                 1900 p18-19).
                                                            business. They now have 3
                                                            of these diagrams for three

                                                            Watch 10 mins of 'Worst
                                                            Jobs in History' and list as
                                                                                                                                            Core and
                                                            many of the things that
                                                                                                                         The Early          foundation books.
                                                            would be horrible about
                                                                                                                         Modern World       Horrible Histories
                                                            being a scavenger. Feed
                                                                                              Pupils will identify and   p116-118. Video    picture of a mill
                                                            back this to the class and
                                                                                              prioritise the problems    - 'Worst Jobs in   can be used to
                                                            discuss which on eis the
                                     To understand that                                       and conditions faced by    History' 10        look at factory
                  What were                                 most horrible. Read through                                                                        Work
                                     life was hard in the                                     workers in the mills and   mins.(Britain      conditions in
10    The Mills   conditions like in                        p116-118 of books using                                                                            related
                                     mills and identify the                                   be able to put this over   1750-1900 new      conjunction with a
                  the mills?                                role play to read out the                                                                          learning
                                     reaons why.                                              to the rest of the class   edition p44-45 -   sentence stem
                                                            sources. Complete the
                                                                                              by supporting their        core and           question sheet.
                                                            questions on p118. Pupils
                                                                                              arguments.                 foundation         Various support
                                                            discuss whether they have
                                                                                                                         covers same        sheets are
                                                            found anything even worse
                                                                                                                         ground).           avialable for
                                                            then the things they
                                                                                                                                            lower ability.
                                                            identified for the starter as a

                                                            Can you think of any
                                                                                            Pupils will see causes
                                                            famous detectives? Why
                                                                                            are always interlinked
                                                            are they successful at their
                                                                                            and sometimes 'red
                                                            jobs? Split the class into
                                                                                            herrings' can lead you in
                                                            groups of 4. The groups are
                                                                                            the wrong direction. This
                                                            given envelopes with
                                    To understand                                           is why sources must be
                                                            evidence cards inside which
                                    causes are                                              evaluated. Pupils will      Mysteries'          Mixed ability
                     Why did Thomas                         they must use to solve the
                                    interlinked and the                                     also see these 'dead        sheets              groups are used       Thinking
11   Child workers   and John run                           mystery. The pupils are then
                                    effect on child                                         ends' and discuss them      (instruction and    to give a chance      Skills
                     away?                                  told the story of John and
                                    workers of these                                        both inter-group and        resource sheets).   to all to interact.
                                                            Thomas and the activity gets
                                    conditions.                                             intra-group to reach a
                                                            underway. (A full lesson plan
                                                                                            conclusion. The pupils
                                                            and resource sheet are
                                                                                            will be encouraged to
                                                            available). Plenary consists
                                                                                            think and they will
                                                            of asking the pupils what
                                                                                            hopefully enjoy the
                                                            they had learned about
                                                            investigating history.

                                                                                                                                              Core and
                                                                                                                                              foundation sheets
                                                                                                                                              (with a writing
                                                                                                                                              frame) and
                                                                  Pupils watch the video
                                                                                                                                              books. Lower
                                                                  'Factory Conditions' making
                                                                                                                                              ability may have
                                                                  notes based on two
                                                                                                                                              a choice of
                                                                  questions 1. Why did
                                                                  different people see the
                                                                                                   Pupils will be able to                     activity in an
                                          Pupils will build on    factories differently and                                   The Early
                                                                                                   identify bias and use                      attempt to tap
                                          previous knowledge why? 2. Did everyone want                                        Modern World
                                                                                                   this to evaluate sources                   into their different
                                          and form a picture of the factories to change?                                      p116-118. Video
                                                                                                   and use this to inform                     intelligences (e.g
                                          life in the mills based Pupils then bring these                                     'Factory
                     Were conditions                                                               their conclusion. They                     acting out a role
                                          on written and video ideas togther and discuss                                      Conditions' 20
12+13   Assessment   in the textile mills                                                          will also be able to                       play showing         Literacy
                                          evidence. They will     different opinions in the form                              mins. Support
                     really that bad?                                                              select and deploy                          both sides of the
                                          also be able to         of a table. This can be used                                sheets from
                                                                                                   information from                           argument, design
                                          evaluate sources        later. They are then given                                  Early Modern
                                                                                                   previous lessons and                       a mind map, a
                                          critically to reach a   sheets from the 'Early                                      World support
                                                                                                   sources to inform their                    newspaper report
                                          conclusion.             Modern World' support pack                                  pack.
                                                                                                   work.                                      on two figures
                                                                  to provide further evidence
                                                                                                                                              arguing about
                                                                  to use. The pupils then
                                                                  complete a written
                                                                                                                                              conditions) -
                                                                  assessment based on the
                                                                                                                                              bearing in mind
                                                                  outline on the sheets.
                                                                                                                                              the afl target
                                                                                                                                              outlines in the

                                                    How do we use coal today?
                                                    Pupils watch firs 15 mins of
                                                                                                                              Core and
                                                    Industrial Revelations 'coal'
                                                                                                                              foundation books
                                                    considering the key              Pupils will understand
                                                                                                                              'Britain 1750-
                                                    question. This is discussed      the importance of coal
                                                                                                                              1900'. Sheets
                             To identify the ways   in a mini-plenary. Pupils        to the development of
                                                                                                                              also available
                             coal was used and      then read through p22-23 of      industry and that life   Britain 1750-
                                                                                                                              from support
            Why was coal so where the coalfields    book filling in a map of         was hard for the miners. 1900 p22-23. A4
                                                                                                                              pack. Higher
            important to the are in Britain. To     Britain showing the              They will also           map of Britain.
14   Coal                                                                                                                     ability could      Geography
            Industrial       understand the         coalfields. They will use this   appreciate the changes Video 'Industrial
                                                                                                                              investigate the
            Revolution?      changes to coal        map later when we move on        that occurred to make it Revelations -
                                                                                                                              question further
                             mining practise and    to transport. Pupils then        safer and that coal was coal (15mins).
                                                                                                                              using a
                             the reasons why.       answer the questions on          both a cause and a
                                                                                                                              homework sheet
                                                    p23. Pupils discuss q3 first     catalyst for cahnge in
                                                                                                                              from the Early
                                                    considering whether the          other areas.
                                                                                                                              Modern World
                                                    changes in coal mining were
                                                                                                                              support pack.
                                                    causes or effects of the
                                                    Industrial Revolution.

                                                  What three types of power
                                                  were used in Britain before
                                                  the industrial revolution?
                                                  List their shortcomings.
                                                  Watch 'Industrial
                                                                                                                             Core and
                                                  Revelations - power'
                                                                                 Pupils will understand                      foundation books.
                                                  considering the questions 1.                             Britain 1750-
                                                                                 the key developments in                     Extension work
                                                  Who invented steam power?                                1900 p16-17.
                           To understand how                                     steam power and its                         could be to
                                                  2. How did Boulton and Watt                              Copy of an
                           power generation                                      advantages over                             research how
                                                  improve on this design?                                  outline drawing
             Why were      changed throughout                                    previous methods. They                      some people felt
                                                  Pupils then read through                                 of a Boulton and
             Boulton and   the industrial                                        will also see the                           about losing their Science and
15   Power                                        p16-17 of books and answer                               Watt steam
             Watt so       revolution and how                                    governer and the wheel                      jobs to new        engineering
                                                  the questions and label a                                engine.
             important?    Boulton and Watt's                                    the beam drove on                           machines
                                                  diagram of Boulton and                                   bbc.co.uk/history
                           invention made later                                  Boulton and Watts                           powered by
                                                  Watts steam engine. Before                               animation of a
                           advances possible.                                    machine as crucial in                       Boulton and
                                                  answering q3 show the                                    beam engine
                                                                                 allowing the engine to                      Watts steam
                                                  pupils an animation from                                 working.
                                                                                 operate machinery.                          engine (the
                                                  bbc.co.uk/history of the
                                                  beam engine operating.
                                                  Plenary - What has Boulton
                                                  and Watts engine got that
                                                  the beam engine has not?
                                                  Why is this important?

                                                     How many of you have a
                                                     computer at home? Inform
                                                     the class that work from
                                                     now on will only be
                                                     accepted from pupils who
                                                     do it on a computer. How do                                                  Pupils are chosen
                                                     the ones without a computer                                                  to read according
                                                     feel? Is this fair? (hopefully                                               to their abilities
                                                     a debate will be generated                                 Play sheets       so a range can
                                                     considering that it is unfair                              'Men and          be involved.
                                 To understand the                                    Pupils will understand
                                                     and the quality of work is                                 Machines - A      Pupils can follow
                                 frustrations                                         the motivations behind
                                                     not necessarily better on a                                Play about        this up by
                                 experienced by                                       the Luddites and that
                                                     computer). Pupils will do a                                Luddites'.        designing a
                                 weavers and                                          their actions were
                What did the                         role play and the characters                               Additional        newspaper front
16   Luddites                    spinners put out of                                  extreme because they                                           empathy
                Luddites want?                       are allocated to individuals                               sheets on the     page about the
                                 work and understand                                  were desperate. Pupils
                                                     in the class. The pupils will                              sentences given   attack on
                                 the impact on                                        will also understand that
                                                     be asked to try to answer                                  to members of     Cartwright's mill.
                                 communities in                                       not all 'progress' is
                                                     three questions after having                               the Luddites      (Higher ability
                                 Yorkshire.                                           necessarily good for all.
                                                     read the play 1. Who were                                  invloved in the   pupils can take a
                                                     the Luddites? 2. What did                                  violence.         range of biased
                                                     they want? 3. Should they                                                    positions to
                                                     have done what they did?                                                     generate the
                                                     the questions are discussed                                                  article).
                                                     and then the real outcome is
                                                     read to the pupils including
                                                     the executuion of George
                                                     Mellor. Does this change
                                                     their opinion?

                                                                                       The pupils will
                                                                                       understand that stage                     Core and
                                                       Show a photograph of a
                                                                                       coaches and horses                        foundation books
                                                       track? What is the problem
                                                                                       cannot use bad roads                      and sheets from
                               To understand the       with this? Pupils read
                                                                                       as they will get stuck.                   the support
                               state of the roads in   through p28-19 of text
                                                                                       They will also identify    Britain 1750-  packs. Extension
              Why did roads    the early 1700's and    books. They draw a cross
                                                                                       the people who helped      1900 p28-29.   work could be to
17   Roads    need to get      why improvement         section of a road before                                                                   Geography
                                                                                       build better roads and     (Peace and War use the
              better?          was needed to help      improvement and after to
                                                                                       why this helped farmers    p32-33)        document on
                               industry and            highlight the difference.
                                                                                       and biusinessmen.                         p120 of Early
                               communication.          Discuss what source 2 can
                                                                                       Pupils will also                          Modern world and
                                                       tell us. Then answer the
                                                                                       understand new terms                      answer questions
                                                       questions on p29.
                                                                                       such as turnpike trust,                   on p121.
                                                                                       toll gate and merchants.

                                                       Recap why are roads not
                                                       good for transporting
                                                       goods? Why are rivers not
                                                       ideal for transporting heavy
                                                       goods? Think of three           The pupils will
                                                       reasons in pairs. Share this    understand that canals
                               To understand the       with the class. Watch video     provided a slow but        Britain 1750-
                                                                                                                                      Core and
                               application and use     'Industrial Revelations -       reliable transport         1900 p30-31,
              What                                                                                                                    foundation books
                               of canals to            canals' considering the key     machanism that could       video 'Industrial
              advantages did                                                                                                          and sheets from
18   Canals                    transport goods for     question. Read though p30-      carry much heavier         Revelations -                          Geography
              canals offer                                                                                                            Peace and War
                               entrepreneurs such      31 of book and on the map       loads than by road. This   canals' (20
              businessmen?                                                                                                            support pack for
                               as Wedgwood and         of Britain we used to show      was particularly useful    mins). (Peace
                                                                                                                                      lower ability.
                               Arkwright.              coalfields draw on as many      to Wedgwood because        and War p34-35)
                                                       canals as you can as            it was also smooth
                                                       accurately as possible.         preventing breakage.
                                                       Answer the questions on
                                                       p31. Plenary - would anyone
                                                       object to the construction of
                                                       canals and why?

                                                          Can you think of three ways
                                                          that railways would be
                                                                                         Pupils will understand
                                                          better than canals? What
                                                                                         that railways are faster
                                                          could be a disdvantage?
                                                                                         and can carry more than
                                                          Pupils watch the video
                                                                                         the canals but they use
                                                          'Industrial Revelations -
                                                                                         up land and pollute the
                                                          railways' considering the
                                                                                         atmosphere. They will
                                    To understand the     questions 1. What invention                                                    Core and
                                                                                         also see that Trevithick
                                    advantages that       was needed to allow the                                                        foundation books.
                                                                                         invented the locomotive       Britain 1750-
                                    railways offered to   development of                                                                 Lower ability
                                                                                         (only after the               1900 p32-33.
                   What             business and          locomotives? 2. Was                                                            pupils can
                                                                                         development of the use        Video 'Industrial
                   advantages did   ordinary people but Stephenson the 'father of                                                        complete the
                                                                                         of high pressure steam)       Revelations -
19-20   Railways   railways have    also that not all     the railways'? Read through                                                    'Steam Dream'     Local history
                                                                                         but Stephenson gave it        railways'
                   over roads and   people wanted them. p32-33 of books. Mark on                                                         sheet and all
                                                                                         the popularity and            (15mins).
                   canals?          Also to appreciate    your map of Britain the                                                        could attempt the
                                                                                         versatility which justifies   (Peace and War
                                    the role of the       Stockton to Darlington                                                         'Was the railways
                                                                                         his position as 'father of    p36-39).
                                    railway in the growth railways and the Manchester                                                    a success?' sheet
                                                                                         the railways'. They will
                                    of Bridlington.       Liverpool railway. Look at                                                     for homework.
                                                                                         also understand that
                                                          the animation of 'inside the
                                                                                         tourism was boosted by
                                                          rocket' on bbc.co.uk/history
                                                                                         the railways which is
                                                          before attempting the
                                                                                         why Bridlington grew
                                                          questions. Plenary - how did
                                                                                         throughout the 19th
                                                          the railways help with the
                                                          growth and development of

                                                          Divide the class into groups
                                                          of four. Issue each group
                                                          with 16 pictures in an
                                                          envelope. The pupils must
                                                          sort these on a large piece
                                                          of paper. Up the side of the
                                                          paper is a timeline going      Pupils will see that the
                                                          from 1750 to 1900. The         connections between
                   How did           To understand the
                                                          pupils must place the          events and changes is
                   population,       idea that causes and
                                                          pictures on the diagram in     complex and every           A1 sheet of       Mixed ability
                   farming, industry effect are
                                                          the correct place. They must   event or change can be      coloured paper,   groups are used       Thinking
21   Connections   and transport     interrelated and
                                                          then attempt to draw a         connected in some way       enveloped with    to give a chance      skills.
                   work together to causes work
                                                          connecting line between the    with another - it is very   pictures.         to all to interact.
                   make Britain      together to produce
                                                          pictures they feel are         subjective but what is
                   industrialised?   an outcome.
                                                          connected and write on the     important is the reasons
                                                          line why they are connected.   why they are connected.
                                                          Lines can go between any
                                                          two pictures. One
                                                          representative of each group
                                                          is then asked to explain
                                                          some of their connections to
                                                          the class.

                                                                 Look at source 1 on p130-
                                                                 131 in the books. How
                                                                 manyindustries can you
                                                                 see? Note down three that         Pupils will be able to
                                                                 you have not heard of             use sources (written and
                                          To understand what before. Use these as a                pictorial) to support their                     Core and
                                          historians regard as debate these in class to see        findings and realise that                       Foundation
                                          industrialised and to if the pupils can work them        people felt different         The Early         books. Gifted and
                         How              see how                out. Using the sources 1-7,       ways about                    Modern World      talented can be
                         industrialised   industrialisation      in pairs, the pupils complete     industrialisation but it      p131-133.         given time to
22   Industrialisation                                                                                                                                               ICT
                         was Britain by   affected many          question on p133. Pupils          affected almost               www.spartacus.s research the area
                         1850?            different fields. Also can also use the website to       everyone. Pupils will         choolnet.co.uk/in they have chosen
                                          to demonstrate this support opinions. The pupils         also be able to state         dustry.html       beforehand to
                                          understanding to the then offer their opinions to        their findings orally to                        add to their
                                          class.                 the class supporting the          the class coming to a                           understanding.
                                                                 area they have chosen             substantiated
                                                                 making sure they have             conclusion.
                                                                 eveidence to support their
                                                                 reasons. Bring out these
                                                                 research skills in the plenary.

                                                   Try and think of three
                                                   reasons why you would
                                                   want to take over a
                                                   country? What is the most
                                                   important reason? Why did
                                                                                                                                Core and
                                                   Britain take over lots of
                                                                                                                                foundation books.
                                                   countries? Pupils look at the
                                                                                                                                Foundation pupils
                                                   maps on p52 of book and
                                                                                                                                can have less
                                                   pick out the differences.
                                                                                                                                trade goods to
                                                   Pupils then are given an A4
                                                                                                                                sort including
                                                   map of the world and they        Pupils will understand
                                                                                                                                sugar and tea.
                               To understand the   are invited to fill in the       that trade was the most
                                                                                                                                This will facilitate
                               basis of the empire countries that are part of the   important motivation
                                                                                                                                a debate about
                               and how much of the empire in 1900 using the         and basis to build the
                                                                                                              Britain 1750-     how much they
                               world Britain       same key as the maps use.        empire and trade goods                                           Geography,
              How did Britain                                                                                 1900 p54-55       consume of this
23   Empire                    controlled by 1900. Pupils then read through         came from all over the                                           Food
              build an empire?                                                                                (new edition), A4 every week and
                               To also understand p53 of the books. Tell the        world. Pupils will also                                          technology
                                                                                                              map of the world. could form the
                               where the           pupils that trade began to       understand how life
                                                                                                                                basis of a
                               commonwealth        change Britain. Pairs of         changed in Britain due
                               came from.          pupils are then given cards      to these new trade
                                                                                                                                homework in the
                                                   with trade goods on them.        goods.
                                                                                                                                form of a diary.
                                                   They then place these cards
                                                                                                                                Higher ability
                                                   on the map where they think
                                                                                                                                could research
                                                   Britain got that commodity
                                                                                                                                three mre trade
                                                   from. This is discussed on
                                                                                                                                goods and where
                                                   the board and the puils then
                                                                                                                                they came from.
                                                   fill in the trade routes as
                                                   they go. Plenary - revise
                                                   starter question to see if
                                                   they have changed their

                                                           Look at a plan of a slave
                                                                                          This is an attempt to link
                                                           ship. What does it show?
                                                                                          slavery to the empire of
                                                           How does it make you feel?
                                                                                          trade to put it in context.
                                                           Read through p62 and copy
                                                                                          Pupils will understand
                                                           the diagram of the triangle
                                   To research the                                        how the slave trade
                                                           on an A5 map of the
                                   beginnings of the                                      started and work                                 Core and
                                                           atlantic. Read through p63
                                   slave trade and see                                    collaboratively to reach      Britain 1750-      foundation books.
                                                           of book and write down an
                     How did the   how it was part of                                     an answer using               1900 (new          Collaboration
                                                           answer to the key question.
24   The Slave Trade Slave trade   the bigger trade                                       assessment for learning       edition) p62-63.   promotes          Geography
                                                           Select pupils to read out
                     begin?        empire the British                                     techniques. This will         A5 map of the      inclusion and
                                                           their answers and then after
                                   were running and                                       help build up an              atlantic           confidence in
                                                           a number of responses ask
                                   put in the context of                                  environment of                                   sharing opinions.
                                                           the pupils to add two more
                                   empire.                                                confidence in stating
                                                           sentences to their answers
                                                                                          opinions and teamwork
                                                           to improve them using what
                                                                                          and encourage review
                                                           they have heard. They may
                                                                                          and amending of
                                                           rewrite their answer if they
                                                                                          previous work.

                                                     Brainstorm what words the
                                                     class associate with slvery.
                                                     Write these on the board
                                                     and generate a sentence or                                                      Core and
                                                     paragraph to define what a                                                      foundation books.
                                                     slave is. (What does a slave     Pupils will understand                         Gifted and
                                                     not have that we do?). Read      that slaves enjoy no                           talented can use
                                                     through p4-5 of the books        freedom and that it is a                       this website and
                              Pupils will            and complete the questions       very old tradition that is   Into the          others to do
               What does it   understand what        on p5. Read the story of Bok     prevelant today. Pupils      Twentieth         further research  Geography,
25   Slavery   mean to be a   being a slave means and ask the pupils to name          will understand also that    Century p4-5.     on slavery in an  ICT,
               slave?         and that it is still a the year they think that story   it is an ongoing problem     www.iabolish.co   attempt to reach citizenship.
                              problem today.         is from. It is actually 1996.    and understanding the        m.                a deeper
                                                     Then show the class a flash      relevance of studying it                       definition and
                                                     presentation of the story on     is obvious in our attempt                      undertake one of
                                                     www.iabolish.com/slavery_to      to stop it.                                    the projects to
                                                     day.htm. Finish off with                                                        help campaign
                                                     asking them one at a time to                                                    against slavery.
                                                     guess how many people are
                                                     enslaved in the world today -
                                                     answer 23 million!

                                                                Look at source 5 on p13.
                                                                What is going on? Who is in
                                                                charge here? Watch the           Pupils will understand
                                                                video 'Black Peoples of          the contribution African
                                                                America' episode 1. Pupils       leaders had in collecting
                                       To understand the
                                                                are asked to watch the video     and trading slaves. They    Into the           Core and
                                       effects of the slave
                                                                and list as many effects on      will also appreciate the    Twentieth          Foundation
                                       trade on Africa and
                      What were the                             Africa as they can on a          advanced society that       Century p13-14,    books. Open
                                       understand the
     The Effects on   effects of the                            spider diagram using the         was present in Africa       Video 'The Black   questioning and
26                                     extent to which                                                                                                               Geography
     Africa           slave trade on                            video. The class feeds back      and the trade of guns       Peoples of         written work
                                       African kings
                      Africa?                                   this information on the          spread the bad effects      America            allows
                                       themselves utilised
                                                                board. Pupils then read p14      of ther trade. There        Episode 1 (25      differentiation by
                                       the trade to make
                                                                and complete questions 1-2.      were some good results      mins).             outcome.
                                                                Plenary takes the form of        (new crops) but they
                                                                asking the class if they         were outweighed by the
                                                                agree with source 6. (Were       bad things.
                                                                the Africans the architects of
                                                                their own destruction?).

                                                               Look at source 1. Think of
                                                               three words that decribe
                                                               what it would be like to be a
                                                               slave on this ship. Read
                                                                                                                                             Pupils can
                                                               through p16 and then watch
                                                                                                                                             produce either a
                                                               Roots (1 hr approx). Pupils      Pupils will identify and
                                                                                                                                             poster asking to
                                                               are asked to add to their list   empathise with the
                                                                                                                                             ban slavery using
                                                               of words during the DVD          harsh conditions
                                                                                                                           Into the          the information
                                        To understand the      adding more about the            endured by the slaves.
                                                                                                                           Twentieth         they have
                     What was the       conditions on board    journey and the slave sale.      Pupils will also
                                                                                                                           Century p15-18.   collected during
                     journey and        the slave ships and    Pupils look at source 2.         empathise with the                                               Human
        The Middle                                                                                                         Peace and War     the lessons or the
27+28                arrival in         the treatment that     Does this support what you       slaves feelings at the                                           rights (RE,
        Passage                                                                                                            p70-71. Roots     more able could
                     America like for   they received at the   have seen in the DVD?            slave auction. Pupils                                            PSHE)
                                                                                                                           DVD (episode 1    write a speech
                     the slaves?        slave markets in       How? Now read the story of       will also understand how
                                                                                                                           and 2) (1 hr      that could have
                                        America.               the 'Zong' slave ship p70 of     powerful some of the
                                                                                                                           approx).          been made by an
                                                               Peace and War. Does this         images that were used
                                                                                                                                             abolitionist lawyer
                                                               support the 'Roots' DVD?         by abolitionists and why
                                                                                                                                             arguing against
                                                               What does this tell us about     they were selected.
                                                                                                                                             the atlantic slave
                                                               the attitude of the slave
                                                               traders to their 'cargo'?
                                                               (Sources 1-5 could also be
                                                               used to answer this

                                                              Put up the 'Slave
                                                              Resistance - What Would
                                                              You Do?' Sheet on the
                                                              projector and invite the
                                                              pupils to answer a, b or c to
                                                              the five questions (they must
                                                                                                 Pupils will understand
                                                              be honest). They then total
                                                                                                 and empathise with the
                                                              up their answers and see
                                                                                                 types of people slaves
                                                              what type of slave they
                                                                                                 were and what
                                                              would be. It is the first type -
                                                                                                 motivated some to
                                                              the ones that will have
                                                                                                 rebel. They will also         Into The
                                                              freedom at any cost that we                                                          Extension work
                                                                                                 understand the                Twentieth
                                         To understand the    shall look at. Pupils then                                                           could be to
                                                                                                 contribution made by          Century p21-23.
                                         types of resistance  watch the video 'Black                                                               research William
                                                                                                 the three leaders and         'Black Peoples
                                         and the stories of   Peoples of America' ep 2                                                             Wilberforce the
                                                                                                 debate who made the           of America'
                                         three famous people and are asked to look out for                                                         Hull MP. This
                                                                                                 biggest contribution.         Episode 2 (25
29+30+3                 Who resisted the who fought back.     certain key words that are                                                           could take the
        Fighting Back                                                                            (Was it L'Overture            mins), Amistad                           Local History
1                       slave owners?    Also to judge wand   put on the board at the start                                                        form of an
                                                                                                 because he was first,         Video (from the
                                         prioritise who       of the lesson (maroon, Saint                                                         obituary, a
                                                                                                 Tubman because she            beginning until
                                         contributed the most Domingue, Toussaint                                                                  presentation for
                                                                                                 freed 300 or Cinque           where the first
                                         to freedom of the    L'Overture, Cinque and                                                               the gifted and
                                                                                                 because of the court          jury is dismissed
                                         slaves.              Wilberforce), they will have                                                         talented or a wall
                                                                                                 case? Whose                   by the President)
                                                              to define them afterwards.                                                           display.
                                                                                                 contribution outlasted        (25 mins approx).
                                                              Pupils then complete the
                                                                                                 them?). Video helps
                                                              worksheet on the projector.
                                                                                                 with the empathy and
                                                              Pupils then read through
                                                                                                 the difficulties the slaves
                                                              p21 and define what Harriet
                                                                                                 faced in gaining their
                                                              Tubman, Toussaint
                                                              L'Overture and Cinque did.
                                                              They then have to work in
                                                              pairs to discuss Questions 1
                                                              and 2 p23. This is then
                                                              debated. Pupils then watch
                                                              Amistad .

                                                                Play the pupils 'Buffalo
                                                                Soldier' by Bob Marley and
                                                                place the lyrics up on the
                                                                projector. Pupils are asked
                                                                to listen to this and
                                                                comment about what it is
                                                                about. They can then come
                                                                and highlight pertinent
                                                                lyrics. Pupils look at p24-25
                                                                and pupils are picked to
                                                                read out a northern              Pupils will understand                         Core and
                                                                argument. Another pupil          the different attitudes in                     foundation books.
                                                                then is picked to use a          the North and South and                         More able pupils
                                                                southern argument to             how the south felt the                         can investigate
                                                                counter it. This is done for     North was favoured by                          the emancipation
                                       To understand the
                                                                each northern argument.          the president. They will     Into The          proclamation and
                                       different beliefs held
                                                                Pupils the fill in and label a   also see that Lincoln did    Twentieth         find out why
                                       by people in the
                    Was the war                                 map of the American states       not rule out keeping         Century p24-30. Lincoln waited
                                       northern ststes and
32+33   Civil War   fought to free the                          showing slave holding            slavery to keep the          Video 'Glory' (30 until 1863 to     Geography
                                       the southern states
                    slaves?                                     states. Pupils then work in      union together. Slavery      mins approx),     make this
                                       and how the
                                                                pairs. Each pair is given a      was not the most             Outline map of    proclamation.
                                       southern economy
                                                                number 1-4 and this              important factor in the      America c.1865. What was his
                                       was built on slavery.
                                                                corresponds with each of         war. Pupils may also                           motivation. Lower
                                                                the yellow boxes. The pairs      form an opinion about                          ability can
                                                                then have to summarise           why some people think                          investigate what
                                                                each box in a spider             it was. This can lead to                       emancipation
                                                                diagram to diplay on the         futher extension work.                         means.
                                                                board. This is then brought
                                                                together on the board and
                                                                the pupils copy all 4 into
                                                                books. Pupils are then
                                                                invited to the board to
                                                                highlight problems to do with
                                                                slavery. Plenary: Is slavery
                                                                the most important reason?
                                                                Pupils then watch the first
                                                                30 minutes of 'Glory'.

                                                                                                                                 Core and
                                                                                   To know the meaning of
                                                                                                                                 foundation books.
                                                       Show a photograph of a      these specific historical
                                                                                                                                 Pupils can
                                 To understand that    lynching and ask the pupils terms and to see how
                                 freedom and equality to comment on what they      people tried to control
                                                                                                               Into The          subject specific
                                 are two different     see. Pupils read through    the issues related to
                                                                                                               Twentieth         words once again
                                 things. There were    p31 and 32 of books and     black people. To also
                                                                                                               Century p31-34.   or look up
                How free were    groups that acted for define Jim Crow Laws,       understand that black
34   Freedom?                                                                                                  Picture of a      important          Citizenship
                black people ?   and against black     Marcus Garvey and the Ku    people still had a long
                                                                                                               lynching,         characters we will
                                 people to gain real   Klux Klan. Why were these way to go to achieve
                                                                                                               (Optional video   develop in further
                                 freedom (KKK,         people and laws brought in? equality despite the fact
                                                                                                               on the KKK).      lessons (W.E.B
                                 Marcus Garvey, Jim How did they attempt to        they had freedom from
                                                                                                                                 Du Bois, Booker
                                 Crow Laws).           solve the problems black    slavery. This leads into
                                                                                                                                 T Washington,
                                                       people were experiencing?   the next lesson on
                                                                                                                                 Martin Luther
                                                                                                                                 King, Malcolm X).

                                                                     display a picture of
                                                                     segregated water fountains                                                      Opportunities for
                                                                     and a 'whites only' coke                                                        extension work
                                                                     machine. Ask the students                                                       are many. Pupils
                                                                     to write down three                                                             could produce an
                                                                     questions they would like to                                                    obituary of MLK
                                                                     ask about what they see?                                                        based on their
                                                                     Pupils read through p35 and      Pupils will understand                         knowledge.
                                                                     look t sources 1 and 2 and       how segregation                                Pupils could Look
                                                                     comment on them. Pupils          affected people. Also to                       at the policies of
                                                                     then watch an excerpt from       understand the principle                       Malcolm X and
                                                                     the 'Peoples Century' video      of non-violence and the                        MLK and
                                                                     about Little Rock High           importance of the media      Into the          compare the
                                                                     School, 'Freedom Riders'         in getting support for the   Twentieth         advantages and
                                                                     and 'sit-in' protesters. Again   civil rights movement.       Century p36-40. disadvantages of
                                               To understand the     pupils feed back their           Further pupils will          Videos 'Peoples both. Lower
                                               qualities of          thoughts. They then read         identify the                 Century',         ability could
                           Did the Civil
                                               leadership exhibited through p37-38 and                characteristics of a good    'Interview with   produce a poster
                                               by the leaders of the complete questions 1 and 2.      leader and make this         Martin Luther     showing why non-
35+36+3 The Civil Rights   Movement bring                                                                                                                                Citizenship,
                                               movement and to       Pupils then are asked to         link to traits MLK           king' and 'Days   violence is a
7       Movement           freedom and                                                                                                                                   art, ICT
                                               see how non-          write three things on a          exhibited and also           That Shook The good way to
                           equality to black
                                               violence worked to    spider diagram that makes a      identify the differences     World 'Death of protest picking
                                               unite people behind good leader. This is fed           between him and              MLK'. Pictures of one of the major
                                               the cause.            back to generate a class         Malcolm X. Finally they      segregated        events (bus
                                                                     diagram. Pupils then watch       will also understand the     water fountains boycott, little rock
                                                                     the 'Interview of Martin         outrage felt by people       and coke          high school etc).
                                                                     Luther King' (15mins) and        on MLK's murder and          machine.          Lower ability
                                                                     the pupils mark off any of       the repercussions of his                       could also design
                                                                     the traits on their diagram      ability to get people                          a snakes and
                                                                     that MLK shows or talks          together and how this                          ladders game
                                                                     about. This is then              led the the fight carrying                     based on the
                                                                     discussed. Pupils then look      on after his death.                            struggle for
                                                                     at source 6 (p39) and are                                                       equality goinf
                                                                     then asked in pairs to                                                          right back to
                                                                     comment on what the                                                             slavery up to civil
                                                                     leaders are thinking. They                                                      rights movement
                                                                     then read through Sources 4                                                     (template in filing
                                                                     + 5 and complete questions                                                      cabinet).
                                                                     p40. Pupils then watch the

                                                                                                                                          could be done in
                                                                                                                                          a multitude of
                                                                                                                                          ways to favour
                                                                                                                       Sheets from the
                                                                                                                       'Into the
                                                                                                                                          intelligences or
                                        To explain in          Pupils are given a writing   Pupils will be able to                        the lower ability
                                                                                                                       Century' support
                                        extended writing how   frame from the 'Into the     examine the progress                          (e.g An annotated
                                                                                                                       pack, the text
                                        society has changed    Twentieth Century' support   made in gaining equality                      mind map using
                      How equal is                                                                                     books and
38   Assessment                         in America and to      pack along with the books    but the fact that there is                    visual or textual  Literacy
                      America today?                                                                                   support sheets
                                        examine whether        (p41) and they answer the    still some problems                           prompts building
                                                                                                                       using sources
                                        black people have      questions using full         black people have in                          on the snakes
                                        equality today.        sentences and paragraphs.    modern America.                               and ladders
                                                                                                                       segregation and
                                                                                                                                          game). Pupils
                                                                                                                       the KKK (in filing
                                                                                                                                          could also
                                                                                                                                          produce a
                                                                                                                                          presentation or a
                                                                                                                                          newspaper article.

                                                            Pupils are shown the first 2    Pupils will undertand
                                                            minutes of 'Louis Theroux       that racism is still
                                                            meets the Nazis'.(The           around in America and
                                                            woman is designing a            many of the same
                                      To understand that    swatika on the floor for her    arguments used in the
                                      people still have the children to dance around).      past are being used by                       All pupils will be
                                      same beliefs as the Pupils are invited to             racists today. Pupils will                   able to access
                                                                                                                       Video 'Louis
                    Is racism still   KKK or the slave      comment. Pupils then watch      be able to argue against                     the video and
39   Modern America                                                                                                    Theroux Meets                        Citizenship
                    alive in America? traders and that they the rest of the video. The      these points and be able                     argue against the
                                                                                                                       the Nazis'
                                      still attempt to      video is stopped                to apply their knowledge                     characters in the
                                      impose their views    intermittently and pupils are   and understanding.                           video
                                      on others.            asked to counter the            They will also see the
                                                            argument used by the            mindset of the kind of
                                                            racists in the video using      people who enslaved
                                                            their understanding of past     orginally and the
                                                            'black' issues.                 members of the KKK.

                                                               Pupils form groups of 4 or 5.
                                                                                               Pupils will understand
                                                               They then brainstorm what
                                                                                               that there have been
                                                               they believe war to be. This
                                                                                               many wars other than
                                                               is done on a sheet of suger
                                                                                               the world wars and that
                                                               paper and this is brought
                                                                                               soldiers and civilians
                                                               out to the front by a
                                         To understand the                                     have suffered greatly
                                                               representative and fed                                     Source sheets     Pupils will be put
                                         suffering caused by                                   (civilians more so)
                                                               back. Pupils are then given                                (possibly         into mixed ability
                                         war but also the                                      during these wars.                                                Literacy,
                                                               a number sources on a                                      stickers to       groups with roles
     Conflict in the   What are the      benefits and                                          Pupils will also realise                                          Work
40                                                             sheet and asked to read                                    assign roles      assigned
     20th Century      effects of war?   challenge the                                         that good things have                                             Related
                                                               them and do the same                                       within groups),   according to
                                         misconceptions that                                   arisen from war e.g                                               Learning.
                                                               again. This is also fed back                               sugar paper,      ability to ensure
                                         the pupils hold                                       womens' rights and an
                                                               to the class and any                                       pens.             full involvement.
                                         regarding war.                                        end to Nazi rule. This
                                                               misconceptions are
                                                                                               will challenge many
                                                               highlighted and discussed.
                                                                                               misconceptions and
                                                               Plenary is asking the pupils
                                                                                               broaden the pupils
                                                               to define 'war' between them
                                                                                               knowledge of war and
                                                               as best they can based on
                                                                                               its consequences.
                                                               what they have learned.

                                                                   Play the excerpt from
                                                                   Blackadder goes forth
                                                                   where Baldrick asks how
                                                                   the war started?(text is in
                                                                   20th Century World p8).
                                                                                                                              Peace and War
                                                                   The pupils are asked to
                                                                                                                              p110-113, The
                                                                   explain what they have
                                                                   heard. They make a note of
                                                                                                                              Century p8-9,
                                                                   this because they will do the
                                                                   same at the end of the
                                                                   lesson. Pupils read through
                                                                                                                              goes forth' ep 6,
                                                                   p110-111 and make a table        To understand that the
                                                                                                                              Video 'History's
                                                                   including the information in     Great Powers were                             Core and
                                           To understand the                                                                  Turning Points -
                                                                   sources 1 and 3. Then            building up to war                            foundation text
                                           causes of the                                                                      The Shot that
                        What were the                              source 4 is discussed and        regardless and that they                      books (The
                                           conflict and to                                                                    Started the
        Causes of World causes and                                 added to the table to give       all have to accept some                       Twentieth          Geography,
41+42                                      appreciate views of                                                                Great War' (30
        War One         results of World                           relative power in 1918.          responsibility for the                        Century World),    Film Studies
                                           who was to blame                                                                   mins), Outline
                        War One?                                   Pupils then comment on           war. Pupils will also use                     Peace and War
                                           and why the war                                                                    map of Europe
                                                                   their findings. They the         'Blackadder goes forth'                       resource support
                                           started.                                                                           1914. Into the
                                                                   complete a map of Eurtope        in a critical manner to                       booklet.
                                                                   labelling the alliances          assess opinion.
                                                                                                                              Century p114-
                                                                   (p113). Pupils then watch
                                                                                                                              115. Online
                                                                   'History's Turning Points-
                                                                                                                              lesson at
                                                                   The Shot That Started the
                                                                   Great War'. Whilst watching
                                                                                                                              y.co.uk for long
                                                                   pupils must attempt to
                                                                                                                              and short term
                                                                   assign blame for starting the
                                                                   war. This is then fed back. In
                                                                   a plenary pupils must now
                                                                   reinterpret what Baldrick
                                                                   said and what Blackadder
                                                                   also said. Do they agree?

                                                              Pupils look at 'The Harvest
                                                              of Battle' and comment on
                                                                                                                                           Pupils can be
                                                              the feelings of the person
                                                                                                                                           assigned pictures
                                                              who painted it. Pupils are
                                                                                                                                           according to
                                                              given a sheet with sources
                                                                                                                                           ability although
                                                              once more and are asked to
                                                                                                                                           working in pairs
                                                              comment on what they can          To understand the effect
                                                                                                                                           will aid peer
                                                              tell us about the First World     of new technologies
                                                                                                                                           learning. Lower
                                                              War. (Higher ability can also     (aeroplanes, tanks,
                                                                                                                                           ability groups can
                                                              be asked to evaluate the          guns, poison gas,         Source Sheet,
                                                                                                                                           use a picture
                                         To understand the    sources too). Pupils work in      machine guns) and         Peace and War
                                                                                                                                           from 'horrible
                                         impact of new        pairs on two of the sources       empathise with the        p114-115, (The
                     What was it like                                                                                                      histories' with
     A New Kind of                       tachnologies on the (Each pair are assigned            suffering of the soldiers Twentieth                            ICT,
43                   to fight in World                                                                                                     accompanying
     Warfare                             battlefield and the  'their' own sources). Their       (highlighted by the       Century p12-25),                     Empathy
                     War One?                                                                                                              sentence stem
                                         suffering endured by analysis is then fed back to      reading of 'Dulce         Into the
                                                                                                                                           sheet in filing
                                         the soldiers.        the class whilst the sources      Decorum Est' if time      Twentieth
                                                                                                                                           cabinet. An open
                                                              are displayed on the data         allows). Pupils will also Century p105-6.
                                                                                                                                           ended homework
                                                              projector. Pupils then read       be able to use sources
                                                                                                                                           give higher ability
                                                              through p114-115 and start        critically to understand
                                                                                                                                           a chance to
                                                              the activity on p115 (Design      the war and its impact.
                                                              a leaflet to stop future wars).
                                                                                                                                           themselves by
                                                              They must comment on new
                                                                                                                                           using ICT, picture
                                                              technologies, the suffering
                                                                                                                                           simported from
                                                              of the soldiers and how to
                                                                                                                                           the internet etc.
                                                              avoid future wars. Pupils will
                                                              finish this for homework.

                                                       Brainstorm: What would you        To understand the
                                                       do with Germany based on          terms the allies imposed
                                                       your ideas about who was          on Germany and how
                                                       to blame for the war last         upset they were. Higher                        Core and
                                                       lesson? Pupils look at p26-       ability pupils could also                      foundation books.
                                   To understand the   27 and label on their own         rank the terms to see                          Pupils can carry
                                   reactions of the    outline map the territories       which one was most                             on and complete
                                   allies at the Peace lost. They also add any           difficult to accept (war                       their speeches for
                                   Conference and to   other sanctions the allies        guilt and reparations).                        homework ready
                                                                                                                      The Twentieth
                                   understand the      applied. Pupils then attempt      Hopefully pupils will                          for next lesson
     The Peace   What was the                                                                                         Century p26-27,
44                                 sanctions exacted   the actvities on p27 (q1-2).      apply knowledge from                           and higher ability Geography
     Treaties    price of peace?                                                                                      outline map of
                                   on Germany. Also to They are then sked to look        previous lessons to                            could even
                                                                                                                      Europe 1918.
                                   see how this made   at Source A and interpret it      assert that it was not                         generate their
                                   them unhappy and    in stages. (This is more for      Germany's fault and                            own political
                                   how they would want the higher ability). Pupils are   others were to blame                           cartoon from
                                   revenge.            then asked to write a short       too. Pupils will also                          either the Allied
                                                       speech (one half of the class     attempt to interpret a                         or German
                                                       from an allied point of view      political cartoon possibly                     viewpoint.
                                                       and oner half from a german       critically laying the
                                                       point of view) about the          foundation for work at
                                                       terms of the treaty.              KS4.

                                                           Brainstorm the meaning of
                                                           'appeasement'. Think of an
                                                           example of a time you have
                                                           appeased someone. Pupils                                                       Core and
                                                                                             To understand the
                                                           watch video on                                                                 foundation text
                                                                                             meaning of
                                                           appeasement (20 mins) and                                                      books. Extension
                                                                                             appeasement and the
                                                           see if they can identify as                                                    tasks can be to
                                                                                             motives behind Britain
                                                           many reasons as possible                                                       investigate
                                       To understand why                                     and France appeasing
                                                           for why we appeased Hitler.                                                    whether it was
                                       Hitler was appeased                                   Hitler. Pupils will also     The Twentieth
                       Was                                 Pupils read p36-37 and                                                         wrong to appease Geography,
                                       and what the                                          form an opinion of why       Century p36-37,
45   Appeasement       appeasement a                       complete the activities.                                                       in a piece of      thinking
                                       advantages and                                        we appeased Hitler and       (Peace and War
                       mistake?                            Pupils must decide on the                                                      extended writing. skills.
                                       disadvatages of the                                   whether it was the           p132-135),
                                                           most important reason for                                                      Political cartoons
                                       policy.                                               wrong thing to do. This
                                                           appeasement and explain                                                        could also be
                                                                                             may challenge the
                                                           their choice. Plenary: Was                                                     used as a
                                                                                             misconception of
                                                           appeasement wrong?                                                             homework task to
                                                                                             Chamberlain as a
                                                           Higher ability pupils can use                                                  build on their use
                                                                                             gullible coward.
                                                           Peace and War p132-135                                                         last lesson.
                                                           for a more in depth study of
                                                           appeasement with more
                                                           detailed tasks.

                                                              Look at Source A p38.
                                                              Which caption next to it is
                                                                                             Pupils will understand                         Core and
                                                              correct? Discuss it with the
                                                                                             why Hitler wanted to                           Foundation
                                                              person next to you. Pupils
                                                                                             invade Poland and link                         books. Pupils
                                                              read through p38-39. The
                                                                                             this back to the Treaty                        could investigate
                                                              pupils then look at the
                                                                                             of Versailles. Pupils will                     what Stalin's
                                                              political cartoon on p138 of
                                                                                             also see why Hitler          The Twentieth     motives were for
                                                              Peace and War
                                       To understand why                                     formed a pact with           Century p38-39,   making a pact
                                                              'Rendezvous'. What does it
                       How did the     Britain and France                                    Stalin and this gave him     Peace and War     with the Nazis to
     The Collapse of                                          mean? How does this affect
46                     Second World    declared war and                                      the confidence to invade     p138, 'Nazis a    more roundly      Geography
     Peace                                                    the outbreak of war?
                       War start?      why Hitler invaded                                    Poland. Pupils may also      Warning From      develop their
                                                              Plenary: Why did Hitler
                                       Poland.                                               form the opinion that it     History - The     knowledge.
                                                              invade Poland? Why did we
                                                                                             was a surprise to Hitler     Wrong War'        (websites to use
                                                              declare war? (Pupils could
                                                                                             that we did declare war                        include
                                                              watch excerpt form 'Nazis a
                                                                                             and war in 1939 was far                        www.schoolhistory
                                                              Warning from history - The
                                                                                             from inevitable as                             .co.uk,
                                                              Wrong War' to reinforce the
                                                                                             appeasement was still                          www.spartacus.sc
                                                              idea that Britain declaring
                                                                                             in the equation.                               hoolnet.co.uk).
                                                              war was a surprise - last 5
                                                              minutes is useful too).

                                                              Look at Source A (p52).
                                                              What is happening? In pairs
                                                                                              Pupils will be able to                       Core and
                                                              write three sentences to
                                                                                              define 'blitzkrieg' and                      foundation books.
                                                              expalin the events you can
                                                                                              appreciate the massive                       Support sheets
                                                              see. Pupils read through
                                        To understand the                                     effect that tanks                            from text book
                                                              p52-53. The class discuss
                                        concept of Blitzkrieg                                 aeroplanes and new          The Twentieth    support packs. A
                                                              questions 4 and 5 (p53)
                                        and the way it was                                    tactics had on the          Century World    lot of scope for
                      How were the                            before attempting to answer
                                        applied to France in                                  battlefield and the swift   p52-53. (Peace   extension work
     War in Wastern   Germans able to                         them in their books. This                                                                       Geography,
47                                      1940. Also to                                         defeat of France. They      and War 158-     (e.g diary of a
     Europe           defeat the Allies                       brings in reliability and                                                                       German
                                        understand the                                        will also appreciate the    163). Optional   person at
                      so quickly?                             interpretation. Plenary: What
                                        reason the Luftwaffe                                  difficulties and            video if time    Dunkirk,
                                                              technology was used by the
                                        called off their air                                  dtermination of the         'Dunkirk'.       contrasting
                                                              two sides in the events we
                                        war over Britain.                                     Allies to evacuate so                        newspaper front
                                                              have been reading about?
                                                                                              many at Dunkirk and                          pages of Dunkirk -
                                                              What effect did it have on
                                                                                              fight so hard in the                          Victory or
                                                              the course of the war? How
                                                                                              Battle of Britain.                           Defeat?)
                                                              does this compare with the
                                                              First World War?

                                                                    Project a map of Eastern
                                                                    Europe on the board with
                                                                    oilfields, farming land
                                                                    coalfields and industry
                                                                    marked on it. Pupils must
                                                                    think of as many reasons
                                                                    why Hitler would have            Pupils will be able to
                                            To understand the       invaded the Soviet Union.        form an opinion why
                                            enormity of the         Pupils then are given two        Hitler decided to invade
                                            battle and the          terms - 'lebensraum' and         the USSR and
                                            suffering of the        'untermenschen'. These are       understand subject
                                            soldiers and            defined and the pupils.          specific terms. Pupils        The Twentieth
                                            civilians. To           Pupils then read through         will also be able to draw     Century World    Core and
        The German        Was the invasion understand the           p54-55 of the text books.        conclusions from the          p54-55. (Peace   foundation books.
48+49   Invasion of the   of the USSR by attitude of the            They are then asked to           DVD to counter Hitler's       and War 172-     Support sheets
        USSR.             Hitler a mistake? Germans to the          watch a the DVD 'World at        assertions and find           175). DVD        from text book
                                            Russians and that it War - Stalingrad' and find          evidence to support           World at War     support packs.
                                            was a battle of         evidence to contadict Hitler's   their opinions. Pupils will   'Stalingrad'.
                                            annihilation. To see assertion that Russians             also identify Russian
                                            that it was a turning were subhuman. Pupils then         civilians as the group
                                            point of the war and discuss the meaning of              that suffered most in the
                                            for Hitler's ambitions. source C (p55) and               war on the eastern front
                                                                    complete the questions.          (20 million dead).
                                                                    Plenary: Why did the
                                                                    Russians defeat the
                                                                    Germans? Did technology
                                                                    help? Who suffered the
                                                                    most in the invasion of the

                                                                        Watch 10 mins or so of
                                                                                                        Pupils will understand
                                                                        'Pearl Harbor' that show the
                                                                                                        the need for raw
                                                                        attack. What are the
                                                                                                        materials and a desire
                                                                        Japanese attacking and                                                       Core and
                                                                                                        to get Europeans out of
                                                To understand why       why? This is then fed back                                                   foundation books
                                                                                                        Asia led to the attack as   Peace and War
                                                Japan attacked          to the class. Pupils read                                                    for The Twentieth
                           Why did the                                                                  the USA's navy could        180-181, ('The
                                                Pearl Harbor and        through p180 and in pairs do                                                 Century. Support Geography,
50      War in the Pacific Japanese bomb                                                                potentially have stopped    Twentieth
                                                that the Japanese       the activity. With time                                                      sheets from text  group work
                           Pearl Harbor?                                                                the Japanese. Pupils        Century World
                                                had many easy           permitting this can be                                                       book support
                                                                                                        will also appreciate the    p60-61).
                                                victories up to 1942.   snowballed into larger                                                       packs for lower
                                                                                                        scale of the defeats for
                                                                        groups of 4 to further refine                                                ability.
                                                                                                        the allies up to 1942 and
                                                                        choices and share
                                                                                                        seehow difficult the war
                                                                        reasoning. This is then fad
                                                                                                        was against Japan.
                                                                        back to the class.

                                                                                                        Pupils will understand
                                                                       The pupils will watch DVD
                                                                                                        the fear of the soldiers
                                                                       'Saving Private Ryan'. They                                                   Differentiated by
                                                                                                        on both sides and the
                                                                       will be expected to write a                                                   outcome. Pupils
                                                                                                        desperate nature of the
                                                To understand the      diary entry continuing the                                                    will be able to
                                                                                                        fighting. They will be
                                                hardships and fears soldiers journey towards                                                         research further
                                                                                                        able to empathise with
                            What was it like    of the soldiers        Germany and the end of the                                                    their diary entry
        Allied Victory in                                                                               this and put it into their DVD 'Saving                          Literacy,
51+52                       to fight at D-Day   landing on D-day       war. They must try and                                                        by going to
        the West                                                                                        own words in the form of Private Ryan'                          empathy
                            and beyond?         and the desperate      make it as authentic as                                                       www.bbc.co.uk
                                                                                                        a diary entry
                                                nature of the fighting possible mentioning the                                                       and looking at the
                                                                                                        incorporating their prior
                                                on both sides.         technology of war and how it                                                  excellent
                                                                                                        knowledge of the
                                                                       was used bringing together                                                    resources
                                                                                                        technology of war and
                                                                       the knowledge and                                                             available here.
                                                                                                        the level of suffering the
                                                                       understanding so far.
                                                                                                        civilians had to endure.

                                                                Pupils watch the pilot of
                                                                Enola Gay talking about his
                                                                experiences on the World at                                                 Core and
                                                                War DVD 'Bomb'. Do you                                                      foundations
                                                                think he thought it was                                                     books. Pupils can
                                                                                               Pupils will understand
                                                                justified? Pupils then read                                                 use support
                                                                                               the motives behind the
                                                                through p198-199 and                                       Peace and War sheets with
                                                                                               dropping of the bomb
                                                                answer the questions. Pupils                               p198-201. DVD sentences stems
                                                                                               and be able to form an
                                                                then form groups of four or                                'World at War -  in the filing
                                                                                               opinion of whther it was
                                                                five and look at p200-201                                  Bomb', video     cabinet. For
                                           To understand the                                   justified or not. They will
                                                                and group the sources                                      'Days That       extension work
                                           arguments for and                                   be able to do this from
                         Was the                                together according to the                                  Shook the World pupils can write
        Victory in the                     against dropping the                                written and pictorial                                          Group work,
53+54                    dropping of the                        activity on p201 (The                                      - Atomic Bomb' their feelings on
        Pacific                            bomb and make a                                     sources and ICT. They                                          empathy
                         bomb justified?                        sources can be on                                          (The Twentieth   whether the
                                           judgement based on                                  will be able to share
                                                                laminated cards to make the                                Century p64-65), bomb was
                                           this.                                               these opinions with
                                                                process easier). They then                                 (Into the        justified in
                                                                                               others and refine their
                                                                feed back the answers to                                   Twentieth        extended writing
                                                                                               conclusions with the
                                                                the class. After plenary, if                               Century p122-    form or the form
                                                                                               addition of further
                                                                time allows, pupils can                                    126).            of a poster
                                                                                               opinions from others or
                                                                watch an excerpt of 'days                                                   making their
                                                                                               from further information.
                                                                that shook the world -                                                      opinions clear
                                                                atomic bomb' to reinforce                                                   and their
                                                                the consequences of the                                                     reasoning.
                                                                explosion. Does this affect
                                                                their opinions?

                                                             Pupils look at a picture of       Pupils will understand
                                                             two Jewish pupils being           that death was not the
                                                             humilated in a classroom in       first resort. Jews were
                                                             the 1930's. How do these          increasingly persecuted
                                                                                                                           The Twentieth
                                                             pupils feel? How do you feel      during the 1930's in
                                                                                                                           Century p66-67,
                                                             about this? Pupils read           order to get them to
                                                                                                                           (Peace and War       Core and
                                                             through p66-67 and                leave (and comparisons
                                    To understand the                                                                      p186-188)            foundation books,
                                                             construct a timeline of           can be drawn to earlier
                                    nature of anti-                                                                        picture of Jewish    support
                                                             events leading up to              work between the
                                    semitism in                                                                            children in a        worksheets with
                 How did the                                 'Kristallnacht' in their books.   segregation of black
55   Holocaust                      Germany in the                                                                         German               sentence stem     PSHE, RE
                 persecution start?                          The timeline could be shown       people in America). It
                                    1930's and the                                                                         classroom, video     answer sheets
                                                             as a series of steps going        was a gradual process
                                    motive sof Hitler in                                                                   'Days That           and
                                                             up. Pupils then watch the         and Hitler got away with
                                    promoting this.                                                                        Shook The            wordsearches for
                                                             'Days That Shook the World        more and more and the
                                                                                                                           World -              lower ability.
                                                             - Kristallnacht' (30 mins).       German people allowed
                                                                                                                           Kristallnacht' (30
                                                             Whilst they are watching          him to do this and he
                                                             they must think about the         cleverly sidestepped the
                                                             questions 'how did Hitler get     issue on Kristallnacht by
                                                             away with it?' and this will be   handing over to
                                                             the subject of the plenary.       Goebbels.

                                                             Pupils watch the excerpt of
                                                             German women being                                            DVD ''World War
                                                             shown around a                    Pupils will understand      Two in colour',
                                    To understand what
                                                             concentration camp in 'The        the horror of the camps     The Twentieth
                                    happened to the                                                                                             Core and
                                                             Second World War in               and the terrible            Century p68-69,
                                    Jews as the war                                                                                             foundation books,
                                                             Colour'. (note these images       conditions and jobs the     (Peace and War
                                    went on and to see                                                                                          support
                                                             are disturbing). Why was          inmates had to endure       p189-193), video
                                    the technology used                                                                                         worksheets with
     The Final   What was the                                this done? Pupils read            and the anger they and      'World at War -
56                                  to kill these people.                                                                                       sentence stem     PSHE, RE
     Solution    final solution?                             through p68-69. Pupils then       the allies felt when the    Final solution',
                                    Also to understand                                                                                          answer sheets
                                                             watch 15 mins of video            full horror of the camps    Powerpoint
                                    that it was not only                                                                                        and
                                                             'World at War - Final             was finally revealed.       presentation on
                                    the Jews that                                                                                               wordsearches for
                                                             solution' for the descriptions    They will identify this     the holocaust
                                    suffered in the final                                                                                       lower ability.
                                                             of some of the inmates of         from personal testimony     from
                                                             the camps. Pupils can then        and pictures and film.      www.schoolhistor
                                                             complete the questions on                                     y.co.uk.

                                                                                                      Pupils will understand                          Support
                                              To understand why       Pupils watch the film           that it is filmed in the                        worksheets are
                                              the film was made       'Schindler's List' and are      way it was to give more                         available with
                                              and why it was          asked to make notes on the      impact and give the                             sentences stem
                           Why is             filmed the way it       following questions 1. How      pupils a feeling they are                       answer sheets
                           Schindler's List   was. To see how         did Schindler try to help and   there. They will also       Video               and
57+58   Schindler's List                                                                                                                                                Studies,
                           such an            accurate it is and to   why? How did the                identify the conflict       'Schindler's List'. wordsearches.
                           important film?    see how some            commandant of the camp          inside the main                                 Pupils can
                                              attempted to help       justify his actions? Why did    characters and the                              complete the
                                              the Jews in their       Spielberg make this film the    confusion and                                   answer to the key
                                              desperation.            way he did?                     desperation of the                              question as a
                                                                                                      inmates.                                        homework.

                                                                      Is a diary a good historical
                                                                      source? Why? Pupils are
                                                                      introduced to the story of
                                                                      Anne Frank using a
                                                                      powerpoint presentation ot
                                                                                                      Pupils will identify the    annefrank.com
                                              To understand why       the text books. Pupils use                                                     Pupils can carry
                                                                                                      key events of the           (this has a
                                              the diary has           the computer suites to work                                                    on with the
                                                                                                      Holocaust and see the       scrapbook of her
                           Why is the Anne    captured the            individually or in pairs to                                                    project for
                                                                                                      events from a personal      life as a                             ICT. Art,
59+60   Anne Frank         Frank story so     imagination and         generate a scrapbook of the                                                    homework and
                                                                                                      perspective and how         demonstration),                       Empathy
                           popular?           empathise with the      holocaust charting a story of                                                  make it as
                                                                                                      these events affected       powerpoint
                                              events of the           the events from the time                                                       comprehensive
                                                                                                      ordinary people like        presentation,
                                              Holocaust               Hitler came to power to the                                                    as they like
                                                                                                      Anne Frank                  Into the
                                                                      end of the war using key
                                                                      events and characters. It
                                                                                                                                  Century p162
                                                                      must show feelings of
                                                                      people and be in the first

                                                                                              Pupils will be able to
                                                                                              examine the causes of
                                                              Pupils are given a writing
                                                                                              the holocaust and reach
                                                              frame from the 'Into the
                                                                                              a conclusion about why
                                       To explain in          Twentieth Century' support                                      Into the
                                                                                              the holocaust
                       Why did the     extended writing the   pack (if needed) along with                                     Twentieth       Support
                                                                                              happened. More able
61      Assessment     Holocaust       causes and reasons     the books (p146-167 and in                                      Century p146-   worksheets are   Literacy
                                                                                              pupils will be able to
                       happen?         why the holocaust      particular p175) and they                                       167. (Peace and available.
                                                                                              plan their essay, the
                                       happened.              answer the questions using                                      War p186-193).
                                                                                              less able will be able to
                                                              full sentences and
                                                                                              do this using a
                                                                                              framework to structure
                                                                                              their ideas.

                                                              What do the words 'Iron
                                                              Curtain' suggest to you?
                                                              Write down three words that     Pupils will understand
                                                                                                                                              Core and
                                                              you think when you see          the subject specific
                                                                                                                                              foundation books,
                                                              these words. This can           terms 'communist',
                                                              further be explored by a        'capitalist', 'Iron Curtain'.
                                                                                                                                              worksheets with
                                                              mind map focussing on the       Pupils will also identify
                                                                                                                                              sentence stem
                                      To identify the way     two words . Pupils read         the reasons for the
                                                                                                                                              answer sheets
                                      Europe was divided      through p124-125 and            tensions between the            Into the
                       How was Europe                                                                                                         and
                                      and understand the      define the terms 'communist'    superpowers (making             Twentieth
62+63   The Cold War   divided after                                                                                                          wordsearches for Geography
                                      tensions of the two     and 'capitalist'. Pupils then   reference to prior              Century p124-
                       World War Two?                                                                                                         lower ability.
                                      superpowers after       complete the activities p126.   knowledge of the atom           128.
                                                                                                                                              Sheets and
                                      the war.                Pupils also fill in a map of    bomb) and be able to
                                                              Europe after the Second         identify the countries
                                                              World War labelling the two     that came under Soviet
                                                                                                                                              available on
                                                              spheres of influence. Pupils    influence. Pupils can
                                                              can also move on to p128        then attempt to define
                                                              and complete activities as      the term 'Cold War'.
                                                              an extension task or a

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